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  • YA fantasy, romance, thriller, Greek mythology, fiction you get the picture 23:29
    Mae 4 Eva in New books

    Hiya! Im Mae, amd i just Looove to read books :P Im not a total fan of Non-Fiction, but there still is a great selection of those types of books. I rather enjoy paranormal books, or just as a total group... Young Adult Fiction. I currently read a series called the Chronicles of Nick, but i have to wait for the newest book to come out in 2016... bummer. Also i read a series called the Game, the latest book just came out, Crash. Anyways Yeah..... Message me?

  • Looking for the right guy for me 23:18
    Kathryn in Friendship

    Hello my name is Kathryn. I am 17 and I am a senior in highschool. I have a handicapt sister and 2 other sisters. I enjoy dancing and deep conversations :)

  • To all the 13 year old kids here 01/09
    NamelessProphet in Friendship

    All of the 13 year old kids that say they need love or they need a boyfriend/girlfriend, you need to calm down and do your homework. You dont need any girlfriend or boyfriend, you need to focus on schooling and family. Most of your parents are dreading the day when you start dating so spend your time with them.
    Bianca richards hahah so true miss you though school sucks
    1 day ago
    Bianca richards miss yu
    1 day ago
    baileeshafer ur a brat or more like a bossy one
    12 hours ago
    NamelessProphet I guess that did sound a bit bratty but that wasnt my intention. I just got tired of seeing 13 year old kids saying they need a boyfriend or girlfriend.
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash ur right, let me go die in a hole now. lol
    CrazyCatLady Nameless, ur wrong about one thing, i know we need to focus on school, but those who want love other than their familys, need a cupole.
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash Hey, CrazyCatLady, I agree with NamelessProphet, although I got a bf, I got because, I want to feel loved.
    12 hours ago
    CrazyCatLady Well then RainbowDash, what stupid name anyways, why dont you dump your bf?
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash Cuz, !. I like him, 2. its none of ur beeswax, and 3, I think ur brains fried
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash Plus, Im proud of my usernme.
    11 hours ago
    Bianca richards :(
    9 hours ago
    Sefrent The topic here is flared on hot lava.
    8 hours ago
    Countrygirl Hey i agree with rainbow dash. For one thing Mt little pony is awesome and crazycatlady oh well if rainbow wants to feel loved. Maybe u need some love. BWT What kind of name is crazycatlad). I love cats and all animals but that makes u sound like u are lonely and will never find anyone
    1 hour ago
    NamelessProphet Okay let me expand upon my previous statement, I did not imply that any 13 year old with a boyfriend or girlfriend should break up with them, Im simply stating that finding said boyfriend or girlfriend shouldnt be your top priority and should definitely not be a need.
    1 hour ago
    NamelessProphet And this was not written to start an argument about names. This is why I tend not to directly argue with young kids: they always go to something stupid like name-calling.
    1 hour ago
    NamelessProphet And CrazyCatLady, most 13 year old kids wont find love. They may find affection from someone other than family but the kids that say they want love tend to be middle children, who get the least attention from their parents, which is why they search for attention and affection outside of their family.
    1 hour ago

  • My information!!!!!!! 22:27
    shywhispers in Friendship

    My kik is _shytaylor_ I also have a mylol account which is the same as this account (shywhispers) I reply more often on either mylol or kik.... and I dont have a skype

  • Meet new freinds and chat 18:06
    Jonathan Davies in Friendship

    Hey guys im 14 in 11 days im new to the site and im just looking for some online freind, i play guitar, love music and i do some sports. I prefer jonny as a nickname and i look forward to talking to you guys?
    Emmanuel Boateng Hi jonathan whasapp chat at 233268887568
    1 hour ago

  • Meeting new people 21:30
    Chesh in Love

    Hey, Im Bekky, im 15 years old. I like all kinds of music, especially rock. I love to read, im a legit Potterhead. Im a Ravenclaw, btw :D. I play volleyball, i love camping, something about the outdoors speaks to me. I like acting, singing and woodcarving (top of my class). Ive never had a bf, and i dont really know how this is supposed to work. But right now i just want to meet new people. So... Message me?
    Chesh p.s. I can cook. Ill give you food. Whats there not to love? :p
    2 hours ago

  • Ello! I dyed my hair... Im a mermaid now 20:54
    Princess_Davina_Lizzie_B in Friendship

    Soooo.... Nothing has been helpful so i did it myself. I chose a colour and used it.... I want to use out the sky bkue so i used that couplr. At first i put one streak. Then last night i added on more. Only when i had went to wash it out. It ran to the rest of my hair so now every where that was blonde. Its now tinted greenish blue cuz it didnt get much colour on it or its completely blue. It honestly looks so cool. IM A MERMAID NOW!!! But i honestly love how it is. My mum/mama will get over the fact that i did my hair again. I mean its not on her head it shouldnt bother her. Like damn mama its on my head. Anyways. IM A MERMAID!! Haha :p well peace mates and lovelies. I shall post more later on. Sorry i havent been posting very much i do t wanna seem like someone who posts about everything. I looked over my posts. Ive posted many things but all in randomness. Haha. Some on how i feel and whats going on and others is just plain random haha. So its all good. :D

  • I want to meet fun and open minded people. 22/08
    Dabacon in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hi, My name is Danny. Im like to joke, cook and play sports. I want to meet someone who is fun, athletic and has a sense of humor.
    Chesh that would be me :D
    5 hours ago
    Chesh that would be me :D Im sarcastic af :p
    5 hours ago

  • Hi 18:35
    Girl in Whatsapp chats

    Hi! I am girl from Estonia. I am 15 years old. I am friendly and kind person. All boys and girls will write me. :D Here is my number: 372 56655910

  • Hiya! I-m Maya! I-m really hoping to make some friends! 31/08
    MayaPapaya in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hiya! Im Maya and Im 16! Im a really cheery and bubbly person thats really sweet and kind, but can get really blunt if I need to. My likes are: singing, writing, video games, movie watching, music, Disney (movie wise), animals, and anything Marvel. My dislikes are: racism, homophobia, spiders, carrots, and people trying to invent themselves to please others. I dont judge so you dont have to afraid to be yourself around me! Hope to talk soon!
    Chesh Hey, Maya! Im Rebecca, but you can call me Bekky. I like rock music, books, poems (witch i do write myself, such a dork :D), my favorite marvel hero is Captain america and i would love to make friends! Im 15, btw
    5 hours ago

  • Hey Im Lindsey 30/08
    Bookgirl13 in Meet boy teen

    Im a pretty cool person. I like music and reading. I like asking questions are sometimes that can be pretty annoying but I cant control them. I live in a small town but I wanna travel the world. I hate liars, and as long as you are honest with me then you are awesome in my book.
    jayhawk Hi Lindsey :)
    3 days ago
    Bryce Hi cute
    2 days ago
    LoveVinayak Hi Lind
    2 days ago
    Bookgirl13 Hey guys
    2 days ago
    Bryce Will u go out with me
    12 hours ago
    LoveVinayak WILL U CHAT WITH ME?
    12 hours ago
    CrazyCatLady i will chat with anyone
    12 hours ago
    LoveVinayak I asked Lind. not u Anna
    7 hours ago

  • I need desperately a GF 05:59
    Swagtrap Swag in Friendship

    Hi Everyone I really need a GF because Ive tried hitting on girls at school but they hate me so I need a GF because I dont have one even my little brother has a GF its not fair for me
    CrazyCatLady let me know u better and well see, cuz my little sissy haz a bf..... im not picky
    12 hours ago
    LoveVinayak yes u r Anna.
    7 hours ago

  • Looking for a relationship! 31/08
    Sabrina McClure in Meet boy teen

    Im a normal 17 year old female who loves to cuddle, play video games and listen to music. Currently pregnant with a baby girl. I have depression and love kittens and space!
    Sabrina McClure If you want to talk to me add me on kik: Sabrina_Miller
    2 days ago
    Sabrina McClure If you want to talk to me add me on kik: Sabrina_Miller43
    2 days ago
    Edward bencomo Hey Im Edward bencomo
    8 hours ago

  • Hey I-m Jasmine but I like to go by Jasper!^_^ 04:29
    Jasper123171 in Teenager Dating

    I love the color blue Im 53. I love to swim and I love my job as a lifeguard and swim instructor. I speak Spanish, english, and Im learning Japanese. I like anime, music and dr. Who. I am bisexual I am 16. And open to talk to anyone just ask whatever you want^_^
    Edward bencomo Hey Im Edward bencomo
    8 hours ago

  • My name is Annabeth! Hi everyone! Lookin for a BF 11:00
    CrazyCatLady in Friendship

    Hi, Im looking for a bf, im 13, i just want the guy who will make my heart full, if you like to do sexting, its up too you, Im open minded pm me if ur interested. Then well go into personal details.

  • Need a nice big titted GF 01/09
    Swagtrap Swag in Meet girl teen

    Hey Im Harrison and Im 13 and would like to have a GF I need one bad and my hobbies is playing video games
    jayhawk I am not sure your headline will pull one?
    12 hours ago
    Countrygirl Jay i agree with u. And if a girl wants swagtrap swag then they are both desperate. Not judging but being open minded. So dont take it the wrong way swagtrap swag
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash You know Countrygirl, Im not trying to troll (how do do yuo troll anyways??) but Im going to follow you.
    RainbowDash U 2 Jay!
    CrazyCatLady harrison, im not desparate, but im not picky eithier way, so just message me
    12 hours ago

  • Freindship and possibly more 01/09
    RainbowDash in Friendship

    If youre arent fake and youre single pm me. Because Im single. Again. I have really bad luck with guys because either theyre fake, or they cheat on me, so Id like a real guy whos real, loyal, kind, trusting, trustworthy, gentlemanly, and above all, who cant say cute. As for friends, Id like friends dont care who they are, just friends.
    Phoenomenal Hey there....Im not fake. And im single.
    1 day ago
    RainbowDash Also, Im on like 24 hrs a day if I can, so you know pm me.
    1 day ago
    Countrygirl Hey phoenomenal. U are fake af
    12 hours ago
    RainbowDash Country, I really agree.
    12 hours ago

  • I am looking for a man to be in a relationship or to talk with! 13/08
    Meow333 in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    If you want to chat or be in a relationship, msg me!
    Corey mongan Hey I am looking forward to relationship just figured out that my ex cheated on me jsuk divergent is a good movie
    jinferxcx Hi,i saw your today i love it pls i will like you to contact me with this email Jenniferbadra2015@outlook.com so that i will give you my pictures and also tell you more about me
    chance hi
    12 hours ago
    LoveVinayak Hi I am looking for a relation and I think u wil be the right person. Message if u like
    12 hours ago

  • looking for someone^_^ 26/08
    xXx_Otaku_Gamer_xXx in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    im looking for someone special
    Emmyhazard@gmail.com hi Im Emmanuel
    Edward bencomo Hi my name is edward Bencomo if you like you can contact me on my phone number 3237368828
    3 days ago
    chance hello anyone there
    12 hours ago

  • Looking for a good guy close by. 30/08
    Hannah in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hi my names Hannah. I love music, painting, singing, and writing. Hehe theres so much more if your curious text me. I dont have internet all the time, so sorry if I dont answer!
    chance hey
    12 hours ago

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