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  • Looking for a GF of age 13< .Any one can chat with me anytime 09:42
    Vinayak in Meet girl teen

    I m Vinayak. I m looking for a gf from any place. My interests are sports, music,etc. Any one wants me as thier bf can msg me.

  • Hey Im Lindsey 30/08
    Bookgirl13 in Meet boy teen

    Im a pretty cool person. I like music and reading. I like asking questions are sometimes that can be pretty annoying but I cant control them. I live in a small town but I wanna travel the world. I hate liars, and as long as you are honest with me then you are awesome in my book.
    jayhawk Hi Lindsey :)
    11 hours ago
    Bryce Hi cute
    7 hours ago
    Vinayak Hi Lind
    1 hour ago

  • Looking to meet a nice guy 02:06
    MayaPapaya in Meet boy teen

    Im Maya and Im 16! Looking for a really sweet and kind guy(15-17) who doesnt mind long distance. I love to sing, write, play video games, and watching movies. Im kinda shy, so it might be a while before you get to see me, but itll happen. Im also looking for some who can hold a conversation. Hit me up if youre interested!
    Vinayak Hi Maya. I am Vinayak,15. We have so much in common. Can we chat?
    1 hour ago

  • Just trying to find someone to love, thats all 07:37
    alena13 in Friendship

    Hello everyone!! Im tryna find a guy between 14 and 16. This boy should b honest and truthful, also with good looks;) I play volleyball, do cheer, dance, yoga and also a gymnast. I enjoy taking pics as a hobby(Aka photography lol) So yeah. Hit me up:) Alena<3

  • Looking for a relationship! 06:59
    Sabrina McClure in Meet boy teen

    Im a normal 17 year old female who loves to cuddle, play video games and listen to music. Currently pregnant with a baby girl. I have depression and love kittens and space!
    Sabrina McClure If you want to talk to me add me on kik: Sabrina_Miller
    3 hours ago
    Sabrina McClure If you want to talk to me add me on kik: Sabrina_Miller43
    3 hours ago

  • Achtung!!!!! Attention! Please Listen! 06:11
    Zelec in Friendship

    Also Welt h?rt Jetzt ist die Zeit, bei der Hand, die Welt geht zu Ende, und Sie nicht tun m?chte, nehmen Sie einen Stand. Der Kapitalismus war unsere Schuld, und unser Untergang, und wenn wir aufh?ren werden wir alle Anruf auf der einen, die uns zu dem gemacht, und unser Vater Gott wird sagen: Es tut mir leid, aber Sie m?ssen den Teufel verschenkte, Ihre Seele und das Leben, und Jetzt m?ssen Sie ihn zu bezahlen, was du versprochen, denn leider mein Kind es ihr war. Ich glaube nicht, w?hlen Sie Ihr Schicksal mehr, euren freien Willen regiert euch alle. Und Offenbarung ist bald auf der Hand, so dass Zeit zu stoppen tun, die Humpty Tanz der K?nig wird uns immer wieder zusammen, aber wir m?ssen die Menschen einen Stand, dieser kapitalistischen Staat und Gesellschaft in der wir leben zu machen, und das ist, was gonna halten uns vom Himmel. So stoppen herumalbern und erhalten Sie Ihre Leben richtig! Stoppen Sie zu urteilen diejenigen, die nicht wissen, was richtig ist. Sie haben get?uscht worden und werden es nicht glauben, Gott selbst sagte: Denn wenn sie sehen, blind sind sie! Das letzte Mal sagte er, dass die Juden, jetzt sagt er, dass zu mir und euch ! H?r auf, die Heuchler, die wir alle hassen! H?r auf, die, die die Probleme paaren beginnt sofort! Unser Ende ist in der N?he nicht ziehen sie n?her. Stattdessen Freut euch im Herrn, dem Einen, der uns Hoffnung bringt, derjenige, der unsere verdammt gespeichert Seelen. Derjenige, der Rose, und atmete agian, derjenige, der und f?r immer sein wird, Amen!

  • Just here to say hi! 06:01
    Discorded_Demon in Friendship

    Well since its a 80 char min, then gotta lengthen this. I was just gonna say Hi! and be done but apparently I have to say more than that... Thats a stupid rule.

  • Hi my name is Matthew Petersen, I love hanging out with friends, drawing 05:59
    Matthew in Love

    ive had a rough past but Im doing everything to make it better and look for my special someone

  • Hiya! 01:58
    MayaPapaya in Teen Singles

    Im Maya and Im 16! Looking for a really sweet and kind guy or girl (15-17) who doesnt mind long distance. I love to sing, write, play video games, and watching movies. Im kinda shy, so it might be a while before you get to see me, but itll happen. Im also looking for some who can hold a conversation. Hit me up if youre interested!
    Bryce Hi Im 16
    5 hours ago

  • I-m looking to meet new people and find a date? 29/08
    Abby M in Teen Singles

    Im Abby,15. Im looking to find a down to earth girl or guy. I like rock music and scary movies. Favorite food is sushi. Im really into fitness and healthy eating.
    Gage clardy hi im gage im 17 and im in the army
    1 day ago
    Bryce Me to all
    7 hours ago

  • Single but does-t want to jump into anything 29/08
    Vitality_Major in Teens ages 16 to 20

    Hai. C: I am Samantha! :D I love sports, hunting, singing, and sketching/drawing. I am shy at first, and ill admit i can have trust issues, but usually i learn to trust people. But as soon as that trust is broken its gone...Um, i would like to find a nice guy who i eventually will fall for. :) but i dont want to jump into anything id like it to kind of just happen. Like the story book LDR. Two people meet and then they fall for each other, then they work on meeting and they are together happily. :) that would be great...im sorry i think i am rambling :x ill stop now. Bye have a great day!
    Jeremiah Meeks Imma just slide in them dms if nobody else does
    8 hours ago
    Jeremiah Meeks Im JK but if u wanna talk to me kik JeremiahMeeks
    8 hours ago
    Bryce I love shy one
    7 hours ago

  • looking for Call of duty Players to live stream with on youtube 02:52
    Jeremiah Meeks in Gamers

    Must be Chill funny and must be a amazing sniper i play for a team im a sniper my kDR IS 1.32 SO IF U WANNA WALK U TO THE PLATE AND GET WRECKED be my guest i have friends in optic thor and love so message me back if u think u hang with me and the clan

  • add me on social media!!!! 25/08
    Emma in Meet boy teen

    KIK- midfielder11 Instagram- @dis.one.em Snapchat- lamotte.11 Twitter- @emmalamotte
    Emmyhazard@gmail.com hi
    Edward bencomo Hi my name is Edward Bencomo you can email me @ bencomoedward21 @
    8 hours ago
    Edward bencomo Bencomoedward21@gmail.com
    8 hours ago
    Edward bencomo How are you
    8 hours ago

  • Boreeeeeeeeeeed talk to me anyone!!!!??? 24/08
    Lauren in Teenager Dating

    Hi sup guys? looking for a teenage guy 16-17 to talk DM me wanna be friends? sooo hows life? follow me on twitter- @suicidalgirl911
    Skyboz Hello, i am sky :D haha
    Edward bencomo Hi my name is Edward Bencomo Im bored also you can hmu on Kik @ monkeysforlife1 or Instagram @ ed.Bencomo or my phone but Ill give it to you later
    8 hours ago

  • Let-s get together:) 09/08
    Julialovessoccer in Teenager Dating

    I am a girl who is looking for a guy who has no piercing, has patience, who loves sports, animals. I like to cuddle. I dont wear makeup because I think it is a hassle to put on and off if I have sports a lot of time during the week. I am open minded. I like to go with the flow. And I love to just enjoy life with people. I love to go to parks and be with animals. I like to help people. I also want that guy to be really honest. Hopefully you havent had about four girlfriends already. I live in McLean, VA.
    Emmyhazard@gmail.com I think we are the same matches
    Edward bencomo Hi Im a n honest person I love helping people out I love being energetic I love riding my bike I have Instagram Kik and a phone number hmu
    8 hours ago

  • My name is actually Sarah I-m 15 and single and ready to find someone 13/08
    october sky in Teenager Dating

    I love to write songs, listen to music, play on the keyboard and the guitar. Love watching supernatural and the originals. I can get really emotional sometimes. I love bad guys and good guys. Im wiccan. I love animals and love hugs and other.
    Edward bencomo Hey my name is Edward Bencomo Im 16 just turned 16 Im looking for a relationship with someone I have Instagram Kik and a phone number let me know maybe we can chat or something to get to know eachother
    8 hours ago

  • Looking to start relationship 02:20
    Edward bencomo in Teen Singles

    Hi my name is Edward Bencomo Im 16 prefer girl around 15 or 16 maybe 17 I love being out doors hanging out I love riding my bike and playing sports. I also love to help people out the best I can

  • Heres how i met your mother 02:19
    Jeremiah Meeks in Teen Singles

    Son: howd u and mom meet Dad: u sure u want to know Son: Yes Dad: well i slid onto your moms DMs to fast the dumb bitch fell for it she let me hit pull out game was to weak and 9 months later your here

  • Looking to start relationship 02:13
    Edward bencomo in Meet girl teen

    Hi my name is Edward Bencomo Im 16 looking for a girl between 15 about to be 16/16/17 just turned 17 I love to be out doors hang out I love to ride bikes play sports. And I also love to help people out

  • Hiya! I-m Maya! I-m really hoping to make some friends! 01:47
    MayaPapaya in Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hiya! Im Maya and Im 16! Im a really cheery and bubbly person thats really sweet and kind, but can get really blunt if I need to. My likes are: singing, writing, video games, movie watching, music, Disney (movie wise), animals, and anything Marvel. My dislikes are: racism, homophobia, spiders, carrots, and people trying to invent themselves to please others. I dont judge so you dont have to afraid to be yourself around me! Hope to talk soon!

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