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  • Any crazy and talkative girls out there???

    20/FEB Melbourne, Victoria,

    Lookin for crazy girls who talks a lot and r fun.....................................................................................................................

  • hello, there if you want to talk to me

    20/FEB Birmingham, AL, Unit

    if i say i don't do nudes not trying to a bitch or mean i just get that alot and i'm now just use to guys asking that. i would love to get to know you but i don't want to like you then be shut down. 

    but heres some info on me

    i love horror,

    i am an artist 

    i will talk to you if you 14 but only if your about to turn 15 so 14-19 

    logan hi im 15 i like horror zombies mostly and art is cool u should message me
    12 hours ago
    Enoch Last year I did my first-ever live Valentine’s Day “Love Is In The Stars” radio interview with MY go-to spiritual counselor, Sherri Anderson, to help you have more SELF-LOVE.
    8 hours ago
  • My names jack, I-m 14 and message me!

    20/FEB Florida City, FL, Un

    Hey, I'm jack. I'm 14 I love anime and art, and food! I like to crack jokes, draw pictures, and have a good time! I love staying positive throughout the negatives and if you think that I sound perfect for you, message me!

  • I-m lookin for romance

    07/JAN Concord, NC, United

    I'm lookin for a girl who is not afraid to get sexy and talk dirty we'll see about nudes though but if you really want a romantic borfriend then I'm the one

    Rsta503 Im not afraid just dont let my mom and dad know meet me at 10pm at 5277devils racetrack rd at the back window where the back porch is I got to make sure my family doesnt know you are here
    1 day ago
    Rsta503 tell me yes you will or know sexy. .Sex tonight?
    1 day ago
    Rsta503 My name is Rebecca Stanley Im looking for sex withou my parents knowing meet me at 5277deviles racetrack rd tonight at 10pm meet me at the back window towards where the porch is nock quietly on the window my parents must not know you are here and Ill play dirty with you.You want sex well baby I got it
    1 day ago
    Rsta503 Never mind this is Just all an act I should have never talked like this the only reason I talked like this was becouse I wanted a baby.
    12 hours ago
  • I-m new to this site, just trying new things. So if you wanna talk, hmu

    17/FEB Surprise, AZ

    Hey, I'm Destinee, call me anything but that plz. I'm 13, kinda geeky yet into sports and music. Wanna know more message me. So yep

  • About me - Looking for a girl

    15/FEB Jamestown, NY, Unite


    I'm Caleb, I'm 16 year olds and surprisingly large for my age. I'm 6 foot two inches, and around 200 pounds. I love computers, gaming and other electronic devices. I'm good in all sorts of coding languages. I also love electronic music, dubstep and some of those areas are my favorites. Although my interest in computer I do love the snow, playing around in the snow has been something I've loved to do since I was little. Outside used to be the only thing I did years ago, and today I still play football with my brother. As of right now I'm single and could use some company in my life.


    Caleb K.

    jessica.ann hi...message me!
    12 hours ago
  • Girls only. Fun only. Texting only.

    18/FEB Ogilvie, MN, United

    Want to text. Girls only. Trade dirty pics? ;) Not looking for a girlfriend, just a "fuck buddie" you could call, im not a creep, not a perv. Hmu and we can trade numbers. Old phone is taken away, not able to snapshat or kik barley anymore. hmu

  • Hi, whats up? friendship, chat?

    04/FEB Jakarta, Special Cap

    Hello guys, I would like to find friends here. I'm Indonesian and 17yo. here I hope that there's one who wanna talk with me:)

    Tristan You are beautiful
    ThatObscureGamer Friendship powers activate! :-D
    Terry Hi milea, this is terry and would like to be your friend
    Tyree Hi maybe we can chat soon
    2 days ago
    justice u can indox or whatsapp me on 233168131241 or email mr
    12 hours ago
  • Single please hmu!!!!!!

    16/FEB Newnan, GA, United S

    Need a bf asap tired of being lonely hmu my name is Sierra I am quite artistic. I am very positive and open minded I really love music and my favorite anime is black butler i do like roleplay come talk to me ok?


    Enoch hello Last year I did my first-ever live Valentine’s Day “Love Is In The Stars” radio interview with MY go-to spiritual counselor, Sherri Anderson, to help you have more SELF-LOVE.
    1 day ago
  • Just looking for someone to talk to...maybe more

    04/FEB Sandersville, GA, Un

    Hi, I'm just going through some stuff and I'd really like to make some new friends and find cool people to talk to. I'm funny, and weird, and love music and reading and I'd love to meet people who share the same interests.

    Enoch Last year I did my first-ever live Valentine’s Day “Love Is In The Stars” radio interview with MY go-to spiritual counselor, Sherri Anderson, to help you have more SELF-LOVE.
    1 day ago
  • im horny as hell and i want to get off

    19/FEB Lafayette, LA, Unite

    hey girls i want to trade nudes or dirty vid chat is any one interested im logan btw so drop messages

  • hi, I want your opinion if this is good or bad.

    06/FEB Northfield, MN, Unit

    So, first off, Don't hit on me cause i'm not single. It's annoying as all hell. Second, is it bad when your mom yells at you and swears at you all the time? Also, today my mom tried to make me go in the corner and, me being stubborn, I told her i'm not 5 and she dug her nails in my arm and pulled me. She was also screaming in my face and she pulled my hair multiple times. She also made me fall on the ground twice and she didnt even care, she just told me over and over to go in the damn corner. My sister tells me this is abuse even tho she hasn't done this since I was 9 or 10. Is this abuse or no? I just want to know. 
    Pls no negitivity.

    Ladiesman217 My dad does that/.
    1 day ago
  • Meet new people for friends

    15/JAN Bulacan, Central Luz

    Hi. MY name is Bea and I'm looking for new friends :D I can be very fun sometimes and I'm nice, according to my friends lol, but I personally think it's true. If you want to be my friend or something more, just message me please :D :  

    StormDragon Hey wanna chat send me a message
    StormDragon And I will show u how I look once we know each other or sooner
    Beatriz Message me first 😛
    2 days ago
  • Single and Searching

    18/FEB Florence, SC, United

    Hey . I am Destiny , but most people call me by my last name which is Jordan . I'm pretty easy to get along with . I've always been known to ride for my past boyfriends through thick and thin. I've been through a lot of stuff and I honestly am looking for love. I'm not a cheater or a liar . I love paragraphs... Giving and receiving. I am also a Straight A student . And I am mixed with white and puerto rican. If you're interested, My email is : 

    That is the fastest way to reach me . That's also my IMessage.

  • Hey there you looking for naughty fun or relationship.

    14/JAN Columbus ohio

    Hey there girls, feel free to kik meat nightmare_buddy or snapchat me at zom_bies for fun ;) Or to get to know eachother and maybe start a relationship 

  • Lalala^.^ nvm me, just passing by, hi

    17/FEB Cairo, Cairo Governo

    Greeting humans, my name is Yousif as you can see, I am 12, I'll be saying some things about me... So, here is what I like, I like science, maths, black, MMA, video games and further more, if you are interested in knowing me... What I hate is, rudness, gossip, and pride(showing off)

  • looking for friends and maybe a girlfriend

    17/FEB Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm 17 and just looking for somebody to talk to, and maybe a girlfriend. Anyway hmu if you're interested.

  • Interracial Dating For Teens

    16/FEB Lake Mohegan, NY, Un

    Who's into interracial dating on here im new to this site and I was hoping to make some new friends?

  • Queen of otn XD........

    16/FEB Midland, TX, United

    Alright so, most of you don't know me but I'm Bree, I am a 15 year old girl whom adores dogs. I've been here for three years and will be here till I'm no longer able to. I'm reclaiming my throne to otn!  Lol that's it haha

    Phoenix lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol
    3 days ago
  • hey there

    17/FEB Carson City, NV, Uni

    hi i need some relationship advice if anyone could help that would be great and anyone interested in a friend who will listen i am that person so hmu

  • Friendship and soon more


    hello i'm doki as you've seen. anyway, i'm just a smol baby (as i've been told) i always am in search of friends, so feel free to message me if you would want to be in my little group. 

  • meeting new people and making friends

    16/FEB Kansas City, KS, Uni

    hey name is jay ,17,Im lookin to meet new people with similar  personility, i love music mostly pop/hiphop, rap , fav  rapper is kevin gate, young mama -ooouu ,like hangoing out with friend . going to partys.fav chip flamin hot chettos /fries. anything spice i can eat. single lol hahah. got swag. dont wear lot of dresses so if you looking for someone who all perky im not your type. i where ripped jean, croptops , jordon shoe or gold light up shoes. got alot of jordans. but thats me peace out lol.

  • ?Best Friend Needed?Any Takers?

    16/FEB Dayton, OH, United S

    Sooooo Which One Uh Yall Tryna Come Thruu For My Lame Ahh And Be A Friend?


  • meeting for a new beginning

    10/FEB Panama City, FL, Uni

    Tbh rn I'm lookin to get to know a guy who is trust worthy and cares and protects me...msg me if u think ur him <3

    Dylan U already know it

    08/JAN Chicago, IL, United

    OK. I am sitting here on my phone messaging people receiving messages, etc. let me emphasize this.... IM SO BORED RN! Can anybody talk. I will message people and then they will just reply and I know that they are in the website so Idk why they respond and then won't respond again. 

    Michael Haha sure will people come by soon and talk to you sooner or later lol haha
    Tim i am online a lot
    Michael Haha you see
    Mike2390 Hi wanna chat
    Jake Hi im 15 years old and borders as fcuk text me 5853919965
  • Dating teen girls that play ps4

    15/FEB Gordonsville, VA, Un

    Hi there :) I'm troy Jr I'm a gamer and looking for a girlfriend. I play call of duty god of war gta 5 ect.



  • wanna meet girls in my area

    15/FEB Linden, MI, United S

    Hey, I'm looking for girls near me that are around my age, to talk to. I just wanna talk to some new females near my area to be friends, and maybe more, idk tho.

  • I need your help, please anyone with info send me a message

    15/FEB London, United Kingd

    Im looking for a girl named lily hopkins, she has ginger hair and is very beautiful, she is my girlfriend and i am afraid something bad happened to her, anyone from Manchester that knows her please tell her to message me, this is urgent 

  • I don-t use this website and I want to leave it

    14/FEB Newent, United Kingd

    I hardly use this site and I want to leave. It's annoying that i ca t just delete my account in the settings tab -_-

  • Hullo folks! Sparrow here.

    15/FEB Hemet, CA, United St

    Hey! Alright, so I am slightly, energetic person. Igo by my nickname Sparrow when doing things online because I feel like it doesn't attract stalkers to easily. I'm an accepting person, though I am personally withdrawn on some topics. I'm a bit of a spitfire.... 

    I'm looking for some friends and hopefully give advice to those who need it... Maybe one day date someone. If they can put up with my crazy life, I say god luck!

  • i dunno what to say here

    15/FEB Kalamazoo, MI, Unite

    reallly 80 characters just ask if ur curious about anything okay?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Well you still trolling lol                                                                                                                        

  • Catholic girls looking for a future husband or just friends

    14/FEB Chicago, IL, United

    hello my name is Bill and I'm catholic and I want to meet other catholic girls 

  • Meet people for friendship

    10/FEB McAlester, OK, Unite

    Hi I'm Ryann I'm genderfluid and pansexual. I really like Harry Potter and yeah I don't know what else to put.

    stoney420 you are gorgeous, I would love to get to know you ... we should chat sometime
  • Meet knew people. Love, Friendship.

    13/FEB New York, NY, United

    Let me guess…

    You’re smart. This ain’t your first rodeo. And you’re not about to fall for the preposterous claims made by so many of the profiles on this site. So here’s a refreshing perspective – the truth.

    I love the gym. I wear socks that match. I’m an honest man, with a decent career and strong values. So while I could regale you with stories of my trips to Paris or how I resemble Ryan Gosling… I know that good communication’s a foundation for every relationship. So if we’re on the same wavelength, read on…

    What I’m Doing With My Life

    Monday through Friday, I go to school and run a online job. So my average workweek involves leading teams, crunching numbers, and running meetings. I could tell you more, but I’m sure you’d much rather see the 367-slide PowerPoint I’ve prepared with all the juicy details…  ?

    Outside of that I keep plenty busy, whether I’m getting my heart rate up on trail runs, or throwing juicy burgers on the BBQ with friends. Now here's a side I should probably tell you. I have had Pancreatic cancer for a couple years now. I don't know when I will pass but before then I've always wanted to find love. So thats why I'm here.

  • Heyy ladies im on here to find a gf

    13/FEB Denver, CO, United S

    Hey my name is Sam i live in denver colorado and i like the outdoors and playing sports and im just looking for a gf thatlives close and shares the same interests.

  • looking for people to meet

    13/FEB Southampton, United

    Im 16 live near Southampton and Salisbury looking for friends and maybe more. lol

  • My first day of my life that I signed up for a dating website

    13/FEB Ramona, CA, United S

    Just joined. I am probably going to be hitting the hay soon. I have been trying to get a girlfriend for a while but everyone is taken. Pretty much I'm single and I live in Ramona. Soon I will be moving to Lakeside. So if anyone wants to date me speak now. About me I like video games, California boritos, naps, and spending time with my friends, working on my hobby car, going to old town with my grandma, and looking after my brother. Things I do not like to bring up is my mom(she passed away 2 year's ago. Pretty much thats all. :)

  • any girl wanting to go on exploration

    13/FEB Chicago, IL, United

    seeking for a gf for long term relation going to explore usa with my car. so any girl who is interested message me

  • Rolling in the high life

    13/FEB Olathe, KS, United S

    Just moved into my own apartment in Kansas City. Glad to be on my own but could use a little company.

  • Do u want to be my boyfriend. I am Bisexual

    13/FEB Beaufort, SC, United

    Hi I am Elijah. I want to meet new people and would love to have a relationship. I am 13 and Bisexual. I only want 12-15 please. I am athletic smart funny and would make a great boyfriend. Only fit and attractive please