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  • Looking for a girlfriend


    Hello, I'm Finn. 

    I'm a 14 year-old dank memer/fanboy/geek/otaku from Greensboro. 

    I'm looking a plus-sized girl who's 13-14 years old and who lives in or near Greensboro

    see you!

  • im a super geek


    i like alot of shows incluidng anmie so if want to get to know me just hit me up sorry for the spelling erros

  • I need true geek friends


    So now, I love anime and video games but that has nothing to do with geekery. I need people who can understand quantum mechanics and cubic equations mostly. You dont need to understand those to be my friend, but I like talking about these things.

  • Searching for True Nerds


    When I say true nerd, Im not imagining someone who watches anime and plays video games all day. Im looking for only the most hardcore of geeks to associate with. Im the type of geek thats more interested in reading about asymmetric encryption than playing Call of Duty. Practicality, productivity, and efficiency are the dearest principles to my heart. Video games are purely entertainment and only pollute your time. I still play video games, but I consider it a vice rather than a hobby. My true passion lies in networking, server management, programming, and web design. Ive built routers, linux servers, desktops, entire networks, and Ive done work for my highschools IT department. So when I say Im searching for true geeks, Im looking for intelligent, focused, like-minded individuals that need a friend to consult and confide in. It wouldnt hurt if you were a conservative either. Hit me up.

  • Imma Do A Daily Blog Idk


    So um
    Why not
    Its Sunday and I sat and listened to Tyler Joseph before Twenty One Pilots was a thing
    Quality day

  • Big geek about anime but still cool


    Hi I really like anime like soul eater and sword art online I also like creating playlists on soundcloud

  • looking for nerdy or geeky gamer girl that is 13-14


    Im a nerdy gamer guy looking for a cute nerdy or geeky gamer girl who is looking for someone like me Im 14, HMU on Instagram its the_darth_knight

  • Meet people for dating or friendship


    My name is James I am looking for new friends or a relationship. I love working out reading and watching anime. I love talking to new people and am an open book

  • Hi I-m Valic I-m am 13 and looking for a girl who likes me for my personali


    I love rock, I play guitar, and the saxophone. Like girl that are them selves and dont try to be someone they are not.

  • All bout that special connection


    HEy, hello world, im just a regular enginering student and sports guys, looking to have some fun and meet new people

  • Really don-t know what to say...?


    Im a 15 y/o asexual panromantic, which means I have no sexual desire but still have romantic attraction, to any gender. Im a whovian, Sherlockian, and full time reading and TV geek.

    Scott hey its nice to met you
    Catwhiskers oh. my. god. you sound so cool :O
    Leila omg you are like my twin in every way!
  • hey guys and girls its me josh


    Hey im josh,13 i am a fun guy, and a good person to hang out with I like to have fun in whatever way possible and i am looking for people who has the same interest as me ( Basket ball,Anime,Games,Hanging out,and Fun,)but that is okay if you dont we can still hangout and have fun doing what ever have a great day! :)

  • Total gamer guy


    Im a nerd, a geek, and a gamer, Im smart, I like getting into deep intilectual conversations and debates on any topic, wether it be religion, politics, comics, gaming, whatever I know about! Im looking for a girlfriend or a friend, I have Instagram (the_darth_knight) a snapchat (the13yr-batman) and I have an Xbox1 account (the13yr-batman) I look forward to talking to and getting to know some new people

  • so im kinda new to this


    so im kinda new to this if someone wants to message me and tell me how it worrks
    we can talk a bit more after that:)

  • so basically im a dipshit


    im just basically that gamer guy you see in school.
    Really all i want is someone to cuddle up with and play games and watch anime

  • Hey people My name is Aymen im 17 i speak 3 languages shy but funny :D


    Hey people My name is Aymen im 17 i speak 3 languages (french english arabic) i like anime and japan i came here to make friends no relationship ! im kind but not too much im friendly with everyone a bit shy...

  • Here to make some Friends


    Geeky, open to new things and willing to chat about stuff, anyone else into games comics or cosplay message me.

  • Ok, so. Here-s my fav card game!!!!!!!


    My fav card game is Gloom. You have to make your family/characters as miserable as possible, the person who causes the most misery wins. Awesome game! I LOVE it!!!

  • Meet new people and find a relationship


    Hello there. Im Joe, and im 16. Im a very positive person, who likes to laugh, play video games, and i love technology. Im looking to meet people who are like me and share interests.

  • Meet new people for friendship and dating


    Hi. Im Jacob, 14. I love life. I like to have a good time with other people. Want to meet other people similar to me. I am a geek. I love computers, video games, tv, anime, and books. I also like sports too. So yeah.

  • Hi It,s me, Jacqueline!


    Hi my name is Jacqueline and I am what many people call klectic. This means I can be a bit radom as I watch doctor wo harry potter steven universe and the legend of korra. Im also A MASSIVE reader... Cornelia Funke or J.K rowling anyone?

  • Weird, poetic, nerdy, geeky, slightly sinister...


    Hi Im Jacqueline! I am what is called a fangirl, approach with caution! If Im being mean, most likely someone died (again) in doctor who/steven universe/legend of korra....

  • Meet and girl and friends who care


    Hi my name is Jaylon. Open minded, cares. i like to have good times and talk. I am akward around girls.

    Alex Dont be arkward be yourself even though its going to be tough btw im in the same situation when talking to guys
  • Shy, but very talkative once you get to know me.


    Hi, Im Bobby. Im gay, 17, and sorta skinny. I like muscular guys, but I dont mind talking with anybody as long as theyre not a douchebag. Also, I enjoy anime, tabletop games, and most things nerdy. Right now Im learning to sew, and my favorite foods are Menudo and Beef Stroganoff.

  • Meet new people for a relationship


    I am a nice guy. Im 62. Im a hugger. I want a good relationship. I love dogs. My snapchat is jeff.southern14. My kik is dyllonsouthern.

  • I want to meet new people


    Hi! :) Im Kobain or Reaper. I like to act and sing. im looking for a person with simmilar interests (music, acting, math, science, animals, gaming,bike rides...)

  • Hi there I-m John and I-m a nerd and kinda emo ;)


    I love Anime, well most Anime but Im especially obsessed with One Piece lol but I like video games, I just have a PS Vita lol but I like rap, rock, country and classical music

  • Godspeed Fellow Enthusiasts of Geek & Nerdom


    Well met! My name is Phoenix and I am 15 years of age. I am an INTJ-T on the Myers-Briggs personality test, which means I am imaginative, strategic and open-minded. I have been sorted into Ravenclaw & Horned Serpent, and have a Sycamore wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 , Hard flexibility wand. I am for the Horde, I blew up Megaton, I sacraficed Chloe, I harvested all the little sisters and Charizard will always be my starter. If you understood any of that dont be afraid to say hello, Im looking for people like you to talk to and hang out with. Bonus points if youve been GeoCaching, know what a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter is, or if you can tell me how much Nature damage is done by the lightning blast of a Thuderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

    Dipdip nz oh sht a fellow kiwi lol
  • Im just looking for a girl to care about meh


    So Im 14 I like anime writing weird storys and drawing and I dont really mind if its long distance and deres moar but in to lazy to tell

  • Meet girls to date, hang, chill, and go out with


    I like Video Games, Basketball, Books, Friends, Movies, and I want a girlfriend to hang chill and whatever. Im 14 and Ive never had a relationship but I would treat a girl right.

    Donni hi message me at please
    Abubakar hey dont message here shes my girlfriend
    Abubakar fuck off am not a pedophile
    Abubakar hey sefrent i have been watching what you have been doing on this site byby saying nonsense to other peoples post
  • want a boyfriend/girlfriend


    hi,im 13 years old and love video games but want to find someone who likes geeky girls

    Koovin You Wut m8 sure I think your talking about yourself right
  • hunting, fishing and loven every day


    Hi my name is tony and I am 15 I am looking for someone to talk to and to cuddle and have a great time with

  • Hiya!


    Hello there! My name is Aliya, everyone calls me Liya. I am 15. I play roller derby in Western Kentucky on a coed team. I am super geeky and outgoing. I am single and pansexual. Im looking for long term friendships and even a long distance friendship and relationship! :)

    Gavitron27 hi, we should talk sometime!
  • >Emo Girl Alex Loves You<


    Haiii Im Emo xDD And i may be a bitch, But if you win my heart im one hell of a lover ;) Im Alex and im 14 x3 IMMAH NERD lmao
    >Heads up im very sexual 0-0<

    Christian walters Hey, you wanna chat? I actually kinda have a thing for emo girls
    Daniel Whats good
    Daniel Your 14x3 holy shit so you actually 42
    Mrkrabs into the motherland the krab army march
  • want someone to talk to i-m new


    Well im a guy who likes to exercise, practice Martial Arts, play video games, watch movies,and read comics

  • hey you,im Tanaka i am an individual person with a good sense of humour.


    A person who , laughs, cries , smile and love. generally I am looking to meet friends with similar characters who I can also share ideas and perhaps later become more than just a friend.

  • Hello, my name is Fabrizzio, I-m 16 years old


    Im looking for people that share the same interests as me like reading, video games, Star Wars, comics and that knows how to have fun.

  • Cyrus P. Ahyet


    Sup, my name is Cyrus Ahyet (14 yrs old) and my interests are anime, superheroes, art, and I LOVE the ninja turtle franchise. I like going outside and camping occadionally, I also love going to the movie theatre to watch horror comedie and action movies (im a woos with horror but i love them!!!!) I go to Righetti, High School and love being out with friends. Just so u know, Im not shy at all and I know how to kiss. So if u r interested in dating my email is and my house number is (805) 937-6789 -- sorry Im not allowed to have a cell, I keep breaking or losing my phones :)

  • Hi, I-m Savannah/Hunter. I-m a pretty huge BBC, Book, & History Geek so...


    >_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>__>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>_>>>>>>>>>> YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO >_>_>

    Becki Hullo fellow BBC and book geek ^-^
    Fredrickjuliet My name is Juliet Fredrick, i feel to drop this few line to you, please contact me to my email address now ( ) so that we can know each other better also for more explanation about my self i am waiting for your mail thanks
  • I would love to meet new people


    Hello, Im Jennifer and Im 16. Please message me if you would like to get to know more about me.

    Cp99/4a Id like to know everything about you :)
    Xelman Cp9, thats kinda creepy the way you phrased that.