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    • Hello I-m Andrew, 14 00:48
      Andrew in Gamers

      I like to rollerblade and play Xbox. I like to play call of duty black ops 1,2 and 3 and some other games

    • looking for a relationship 08/02
      Matthew Haley in Love

      im 16,im a sweet and caring guy.i sing and dance, i would like a girlfriend thats sweet and who can make me feel complete.
      Kathrine Im 15. Im nice and would like to have a boyfriend. My favorite color is pink or purple. I like to play volleyball with my friends.
      5 hours ago
      Matthew Haley you seem pretty cool,message me and we can talk if you want to
      2 hours ago

    • Im Alyssa 04/02
      Alyssa in Love

      I love Friday, The color blue, roller skating, climbing trees, volleyball, cheer, eating pizza, watching netflix, making people laugh, pulling pranks, cuddling and socializing HMU if your interested in knowing more ;)
      BIGZ i am the same way i would like it if we could start talking and getting to know each other
      issiah hi my name is issiah
      fahadmalik77 We should chat.
      12 hours ago
      Alyssa Thanks guys! You should message me. :)
      3 hours ago

    • looking for someone to talk with 20/01
      gbaygirl1956 in Friendship

      Hi Im Libby and Im 15 years old and Im pretty cool I love to hang out with friends and Im really bored so feel free to message me:)
      oliver Ill date u
      7 hours ago
      gbaygirl1956 Sorry Im not looking for a boyfriend just friends
      4 hours ago

    • meet a girl to date 29/01
      ethan762 in Teenager Dating

      looking for a sweet and nice and funny girl
      Kathrine Hey. Im 15. Im nice, sweet, and funny. I like to draw and play volleyball. How about you?
      5 hours ago

    • Sup im 17 and single some what open minded 90 happy 10 insane. 09/02
      deadpool657 in Teen Singles

      i like A7X, BFMV, Heavy metal in general, playing guitar, comic, videogames, and hanging with the squad lol. but mostly i like to just chill and would like to be in a relationship.
      TestInProgress did you say video games?
      6 hours ago

    • Looking for someone who cares about me and i care about them 09/02
      Matty in Going to the theatre

      im a diabetic and have been in hospital for it.I am also into theatre both performing and backstage work,i am involved with shows throughout the year and its a way of meeting new people and help me boost my very small confidence.

    • Would like to have a boyfriend. 09/02
      Kathrine in Love

      My name is Kathrine. Im 15. I live in Virginia. I like to write and draw. My favorite color pink/purple. I have never dated anyone in my life. I would like to have a boyfriend.

    • I would like to meet new people and chat 09/02
      Kathrine in Meet people

      My name is Kathrine. My favorite color is pink/purple. Im 15 and would like to meet new people. I like writing and drawing.

    • I would like to meet new people and chat. 09/02
      Kathrine in Friendship

      My name is Kathrine and Im 15. I would like to meet new people. My favorite color is pink/purple. I like writing and drawing. I love summer.

    • Meeting people to see if someone would find me attractive 29/10
      Emily in Love

      Hello, Im Emily and Im on here to speak to new people and as the title says, to see if guys do think Im attractive since Im not the most confident person
      ConorD I think so ;)
      benkamin i think your amazing beautiful and talented young and atrctive.
      benkamin text me at 787-210-2791.
      Ryan you should be more confident.you are much more attractive then you realize
      matthew i think your very attractive
      oliver Ur drop dead gorgeous
      7 hours ago

    • Meet new people and maybe a relationship 14/01
      dmatal3 in Music

      Hey there! Im Deanna, 17. I like dragracing and go cart riding. I like to hangout with friends.
      oliver Message me
      7 hours ago

    • someone who is like me and knows how to flirt 06/02
      Cat820 in Meet boy teen

      Hey Im Cat and im 15. Lookin for someone who is like me and knows how to flirt and knows how to treat a girl right.
      Ash Nolan Hey Cat, I would actually like to talk to you because by all means Im a super nice guy, Im kinda new to this. If you want you could send me a message and we could talk?
      2 days ago
      oliver Thats me
      7 hours ago

    • Looking for a relationship 09/02
      oliver in Teenager Dating

      Im oliver I am the son of the top doctor of America I go to private school I run cross country and varsity track I love cars i have 4 dogs ik alot from my dad in medical stuff and im single

    • Hey <3 15 year old chick looking for love 17/01
      Morgan in Teen Singles

      Hey guys!! Im a 15 year old chick from a small town in maine. I love to read, write, cuddle, etc. Im really smart, romantic, and nerdy. Im looking for someone who is very cuddly and sweet. Im oansexual so if you think i could be your type hmu. Yall are beautiful people????
      Saheb watson Same here 18768683139
      alex trimm whats oansexual?
      Alex Pansexual :P Pity youre american, its so far away from here! Im not exactly cuddly but I can do sweet :P
      Jay Im not really looking for love, but you seem like an intellectual and a bright student in school that we could be friends!
      oliver Ill date u
      7 hours ago

    • lookin for someone that i can care about 18/01
      Katie13 in Teen Singles

      hey im 13 smart, cool, sweet and im lookin for a guy that is funny cool sweet to care about
      oliver Same here 18768683139
      fahadmalik77 I guess thats me,can we chat? :)
      12 hours ago
      oliver Thats me
      7 hours ago

    • Looking for a relationship 09/02
      oliver in Teen Singles

      Im oliver i am the son of the top doctor of America im nice kind caring sweet sexual and there for others i have a pee fetish it means girls peeing turns me on and im weird and fun

    • i like to chat with girls who are serious 09/02
      omar in Teenager Dating

      hi am omar jobe a.k.a jobiske,i like reading,chating with girls and dating, so if you are intrested in me just text me on my gmail.ojobe75@gmail.com

    • i like chating with girls who are serious 09/02
      omar in Friendship

      hi am omar jobe a.k.a jobiske,i like reading books,chating with girls and dating.so if u are intrested in me,just text me on my gmail. ojobe75@gmail.com

    • Meet new people to date 05/12
      Brianna09 in Teenager Dating

      Im looking for a guy that is 14 or 15 that doesnt just want nudes
      Spencer Here!!!
      dog im 15
      Tony Hello
      admirer17 hi
      AdrianElgin Hey
      christopher walden wat up
      pika231 Hi
      Kalvin hey i am 15 do you want to chat sometime
      ethan762 hey 14 turning 15 chat with me
      aidan i love soccer i play club though
      Jreagan654 text me
      WolfWarrior_101 Im 13 is that okay?
      WolfWarrior_101 Hi
      fahadmalik77 Umm..We should seriously chat! Im 14 and a really loving and caring person,we can chat on facebook too! :)
      12 hours ago
      9 hours ago

    • looking for my love 09/02
      falondin in Meet girl teen

      Im respectful, quiet, clean and I wont bother any of your stuff. If you leave stuff out, Im just like, Oh I better not mess with this stuff, because its not mine. Ill even cook for you. Thats right! My dad was a chef and taught me everything there is to know about cooking southern foods. Ill fry green tomatoes, cover them with bacon and smother that sh-t in gravy. EVERY. DAMN. NIGHT. Dont eat meat? Thats FANTASTIC! Ill make a zucchini and yellow squash carpaccio that will knock your socks off. I also read a lot. I LOVE books. Vonnegut, Palahniuk, Hawthorne. All that stuff. I read Tuesdays with Morrie the other day. Its a sad story, but I learned something about life, love, knowledge and the pursuit of something greater than myself. Do you like movies? I love them. We can watch the crap out of some movies together if you like, or go get drinks, or work out, hike, play video games or play a game of one-on-one basketball, or I dont have to talk to you at all. Its completely UP TO YOU! Am I interested in hanging out with you? You can bet my goofy ass I am! I only require honesty and a fun personality. Other than that, anything else will be considered a convenient plus. Im taking being a guy-friend to the next level. Email me! Ill hook you up with, credit reports, phone numbers, resumes, references, awards, sexual history, pictures of karate trophies. If you want a next-generation guy-friend who consistently blows your mind with awesomeness, then hit me up. .

    • Hello, My name is Saida Victoria . Please reply to me. nesto221@hotmail.co 06/12
      saida23 in Meet girl teen

      Hello, My name is Saida Victoria . Please reply to me. nesto221@hotmail.com I have something very important to tell to you, OK? Please do not ignore me. Good to hear from you. Regards.
      jeremy hey wanna kik? pls
      jeremy if ao could you send me a mssg on it its jeremymaloofthanks
      fahadmalik77 Umm..id love chattin with ya,you on fb?
      Prince Gyamfi she is fake
      12 hours ago
      Prince Gyamfi A scamer to be precise......
      12 hours ago
      fahadmalik77 Really?
      12 hours ago

    • to meet new people and maybe get a girlfriend 09/02
      zachary in Love

      hi im zach i like anime and colecting swords. I live in Washington and work as a blacksmith.

    • Single, Ready To NOT Be! 09/02
      Delsin in Teen Singles

      Im a High functioning psychopath. I like romance and lovey-dovey stuff, but i also love blood and gore and death and.... shutters . I also like the taste of blood. I dont like metal music, or most rap, but I do like all other music genres. My favorite band is Hollywood Undead. Favorite shows are My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Doctor Who, Leverage, Psych.

    • This is the song I wrote for my new School 09/02
      Joey K. in Love

      Introduction My name is Joey Kucharski I?m the one with the motor mouth the one you really gotta worry about since I?m coming at you like Bruce Lee kicking down the door looking at the Bores of life making it seem easy to walk in and dominate but i really do need to contemplate my life and see where its going because honestly I don?t know I keep taking blows day after bloody day waiting for my pay so i to go places so i dont live in constant hell then i hear those bells ringing its music to my ears I hear it in my heart body and mind so i start to write, i write my mind so no sensor bar or explicit sticker can stop me just let it be is my motto because i?mma live my life like every day i hit the goddamn lotto while other people are cracking bottles, getting high, and getting girls. I?m just here counting the pearls in the sky counting the days till I?m free from reality expecting no technicalities to get free early so im putting in work going 0-100 real quick lighting the wick on the eternal furnace to fuel me People got me raising my hand like i dont understand today the game has changed rappers all about ?that life? all about the drug, money and girls like shit let me give it a whirl haha psych my songs have meaning they have a life all their own dont get it blown out of proportion because im a contortionist very flexible in my music time to get up and lose it because whos to prove it that I haven?t had my hands up all day ready to get paid but just look at my dismay im ready to slay the track about my past and yet i still finish dead last come to my side be my ride and die be the one which i can rely just please dont say goodbye and leave me in the dust all alone with no self control theres no one on patrol making sure joey is on course i dont mean to be so corse its just ive been through a rough time so i can not be sublime because my jaw line is stuck shut never letting it all out because people dont like what comes out lets go into ?bout 4 looking straight at the door showing no emotion getting ready for an explosion of monumental proportions

    • i stoped using this so dont even bother 09/02
      ppchronos in Friendship

      i stoped using this so dont even bother adding me or anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    • Hi there I am Chris I am a 14 year old boy 08/02
      Chris in Meet girl teen

      And I am lonley and I would like a girlfriend I like video games and I am nice and honest
      Katty Hello
      12 hours ago

    • Random people 08/02
      Espe... in Teens Ages 13 to 16

      Hey Im Espe Im looking for a best friend whos funny, nice, weird, and cool idk Lol it doesnt matter who I just want a cool ass friend to talk to
      cassandra lewis on fleek ME lol
      1 day ago
      Katty Hi
      12 hours ago

    • truth or dare 08/02
      Katty in Teens Ages 13 to 16

      Hello, someone as boring as I am, I offer playing truth or dare;)
      aidan hey i love truth or dare
      1 day ago
      Katty Write me a letter and start playing)
      12 hours ago

    • looking for a boyfriend 14/01
      gb in Teen Singles

      looking for a boyfriend sweet ,loving,accepts me for me,and cares for me pm me 14 or 15 no older looks DONT matter
      trip hello
      ethan762 hey
      aidan hey
      alex trimm hi im ugly so i hope that doesnt apply to me lol
      fahadmalik77 Im really loving and caring,im 14 and id love to chat with ya! :)
      12 hours ago

    • hi new and im 13 27/01
      lilfia in Teen Singles

      Hi my name is Sofia Im 13 and looking for friends and a nice guy around 13-14 thats it and wont mind if we dont hang out a lot and also has to live in Wichita ks
      Eli1031 Hi my name is ELi. I hope you are single. send me a Email ELicarroll6@gmail.com
      Eli1031 Hi how are you. Are you single.
      fahadmalik77 Hey id love to chat! :)
      12 hours ago
      fahadmalik77 You on fb?
      12 hours ago

    • looking for friends or maybe more 30/01
      gbaygirl1956 in Teen Singles

      Hi Im Libby and I love listening to music my favorites are nickelback and black veil brides and Im really nice I would love to chat sometimes :)
      fahadmalik77 Sure. :)
      12 hours ago

    • looking for a boyfriend 17/01
      gb in Love

      hi,im single and want a boyfriend thats sweet,kind and just knows how to treat me like a queen im not material just someone to love and talk to .14-16 only
      mustafa Hi
      Ethan Hey
      Seth wells Hi
      WolfWarrior_101 Hey Im 13 is that all right
      Ruben hey
      trip hmu
      Sekiziyivu Wycliff I would like to be yours and please come to Uganda
      Robert Krzeminski I value girls very highly, and I know how to treat you right. If interested, shoot me a message :)
      fahadmalik77 Oh thats me. :)
      12 hours ago

    • whatever comes my way 25/01
      miranda in Love

      im miranda. i love punk and indie music. i creative write. i am a musical theatre actor, dancer and singer. i am an introvert with extroverted qualities. i like to text. i love thai food. i love nature.
      aidan hey
      AdderallXR Aidan Get out of here fake
      12 hours ago

    • Hey looking for boys my age 12-15 to play with 04/01
      hermen davis in Meet boy teen

      Hey I-m Toby and I-m looking for boys my age 01:58 tobysurf2003 Hey guys. Add me on Words with friends : tobysurf2003 or email me: tobykirk2001@yandex.com
      liyahlove20 cutie
      AdderallXR fake? yeah heres proof! https://gyazo.com/ebeb74e6ac371939a8db0f3c642927d4
      12 hours ago

    • my name is trip im 15 and a straight guy 06/12
      trip in Teenager Dating

      im looking for some one to sext with and even have sex with fyi im not a vergin send me a nude at myiphone4sgarcia@gmail.com and ill send one back
      cassandra lewis on fleek ohhhhhhh lala
      Rosstheboss Bro your fake that pic is on 4 sites
      Spartan damn he got u
      Tyler BUSTED !!!
      jasmin akinyi nonsense
      AdderallXR fake? yeah! heres proof https://gyazo.com/c0dc3f6fe2c5039fdeef3531542d5491
      12 hours ago
      fahadmalik77 Haha absolutely fake!
      12 hours ago

    • Nice bi boy in Barnsley 27/01
      ukbiteen in Teenager Dating

      Hiya 17 yes old and bi curious im fit with a sex drive from a porn star up for owt
      Laura Reneé damnnnnn
      QueenLoveStone Laura, be careful. This is yet another fake. Hes using a picture of the 20 year old instagram model named Mark Cefalo.
      kel1998 heeyyyy
      Laura Reneé seriously
      fahadmalik77 Fake!
      12 hours ago

    • chiil girls to chat with 02/02
      trip in Friendship

      just wnt to chat with some girls and maybe become friends or more than friends so if your a girl who is chill hmu
      trip oh ya and u have to be REAL
      QueenLoveStone Its kind of hypocritical to say you want a girl thats real, yet youre not. Please use your own pictures, instead of stealing other peoples pictures.
      AdderallXR fake? yeah! heres proof https://gyazo.com/c0dc3f6fe2c5039fdeef3531542d5491
      12 hours ago

    • just want a nice and preety bae to chill with 06/12
      trip in Meet people

      hey my name carlos im 14 hmu if u wana chat
      AdderallXR fake? yeah! heres proof https://gyazo.com/c0dc3f6fe2c5039fdeef3531542d5491
      12 hours ago

    • a nice girl 06/12
      trip in Meet girl teen

      im looking for a long distance relatition ship I like girls with bright colored hair I am not a virgin
      tray16 hi
      AdderallXR fake? yeah! heres proof https://gyazo.com/c0dc3f6fe2c5039fdeef3531542d5491
      12 hours ago