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  • I-m bi but I prefer women. I-m looking for friends or a relationship

    19/FEB Morehead, KY, United

    I'm bi but I prefer girls.  I have two years of high school left then when I graduate ill be doing slot of traveling.  If a want to chat or whatever hitme up

    Brady Would u like to date me
    6 hours ago
  • Meeting new friends and maybe a girlfriend

    20/FEB Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hey guys I'm a L girl, 16 single at the moment, looking for people who are honest, reliable and someone to hopefully be with.

  • relationship or friends

    19/FEB Morehead, KY, United

    I'm bi I will date a guy but I prefer females sorry dudes if a want to chat hmu 

  • Hey people I-m new to this but i will not take guys I-m a lesbian

    02/FEB Houston, TX, United

    Hey people im a lesbian and i love pussy and i want a girl that i can have fun with

    Chris5005 Wanna meet up sometime and talk?
    Tyler ^^ no comment on the comment above lol
    epicscoutfan Hi my name is Gillian. I am bi but I prefer girls over guys message me if ya want
    keke hi message me and lets have fun
    Caelie Heyo 🤙🏻😌
    2 days ago
  • hey ;) I-m bi and looking for a girl to talk to

    27/JAN Lynn, IN, United Sta

    I'm Danielle, and I'll be 14 in less than 2 weeks. I honestly don't like guys in any way except as friends. I'm very quiet,  but once you get to know me, I talk a lot ;) I have a lot of problems with confidence and trying to be happy, but I'm getting closer to figuring it out. when I graduate, I will be buying a van to live in so I can travel. I'd love to find another girl who likes me and would go with me, even just as friends 

    _.kxng_.liyahhh Hey! You should hmu sometime.
    Katiejadabettis Hey Im bi want to talk.
    Alex If you want to be friends, message me
    Katejadams Hey, come on kik
    3 days ago
    ~cayden~ Hey youre super cute you should hmu
    3 days ago
    TigerPrincess Hey you are adorable iam free to chat :)
    3 days ago
  • Meet new people for friends or maybe more

    14/FEB Loudon, TN, United S

    hi I'm Katie. Im 14 and I'm bisexual. I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend but I would love to have a girlfriend 

  • Meet new people or girlfriend

    12/FEB Orlando, FL, United

    Hi I'm Jordan and looking for people who share the same interests like sports and music

  • Hi my name is Gabrielle I-m gay, 16.

    02/FEB Ruth, MS, United Sta

    Hoping to make some friends an possibly meet someone. Shy, very quirky, can make anyone smile. I like playing video games, listening to music. 

  • Looking for a girl to love or have fun with

    29/JAN Miami Beach, FL, Uni

    I am scared of boys so pleae dont hit me up. I only like girls. WIth girls i can be myself. I would love to do all kind of stuff with my girl. I try my best to be that special someone or someone temporary. I can get really naughty wtih a person i trust, I love manga and cosplaying girls. I dont do it myeself though

  • Meep Morps Meep Morps Meep Morps

    25/JAN Baie Mahault, Basse-

    Hi! I'm a 16 years old French agender. I love art, music and theatre. My days often consist of drawing, listening to music, watching cartoons, reading comics, sleeping and eating.

    I'm a huge Steven Universe, Homestuck and Undertale trash. But I don't consider myself part of the cancerous, cringy side of the fandoms tho!

    I don't really know why I'm here... I was just curious, haha! X) Feel free to talk to me for any reason. :)

  • 13 year guy looking for girls only ..

    18/JAN Santa Monica, CA, Un

    Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 13.  Grew up in an orphanage in Sydney, NSW, AU (if you don't know, ask).  Was adopted by some "friends" of my parents and relocated to Manhattan Beach, CA, USA.

  • Looking for a gf or friend.

    03/JAN Pocatello, ID, Unite

    Im looking for a gf or a friend. I am nice, romantic, funny and if you have problems you can talk to me. : )