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  • Im anthony im about to be 15

    19/FEB Allegan, MI, United

    I enjoy playing xbox and talking to people im currently the quarterback for my highschools football team and im willing to skype and kik

  • Looking for someone nearby

    18/FEB Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi I'm William I just turned 17 I'm looking for someone nearby I'm a shy guy it takes more time to get used to others but looking forward to meetyou

  • Bisexual girl in Dublin <3

    31/JAN Dublin, Ireland

    Hiya so, I'm 13, girl,bi,dublin,geek,fandoms and I make a lot of puns that you will have to put up with XD And I'm really sorry but I'm only interested in other Irish people ):

    Irish_chick77 Hey Im close enough to you drop me a message
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a lover.

    13/FEB New York, NY, United


    Let me guess…

    You’re smart. This ain’t your first rodeo. And you’re not about to fall for the preposterous claims made by so many of the profiles on this site. So here’s a refreshing perspective – the truth.

    I love the gym. I wear socks that match. I’m an honest man, with a decent career and strong values. So while I could regale you with stories of my trips to Paris or how I resemble Ryan Gosling… I know that good communication’s a foundation for every relationship. So if we’re on the same wavelength, read on…

    What I’m Doing With My Life

    Monday through Friday, I go to school and run a online job. So my average workweek involves leading teams, crunching numbers, and running meetings. I could tell you more, but I’m sure you’d much rather see the 367-slide PowerPoint I’ve prepared with all the juicy details…  ?

    Outside of that I keep plenty busy, whether I’m getting my heart rate up on trail runs, or throwing juicy burgers on the BBQ with friends. Now here's a side I should probably tell you. I have had Pancreatic cancer for a couple years now. I don't know when I will pass but before then I've always wanted to find love. So thats why I'm here.

    mammii_jordann You should Message Me ..
    1 day ago
  • relationship

    23/JAN Warrington, PA, Unit

    My name is Ashley Butterworth and I am looking for a 17 year old male who is adventurous, fun and outgoing. I play soccer, basketball, track and I ride horses. I live in Warrington, PA in the USA. message me if your are interested and friend me on insta @lilbutters88

  • wanted to be my boyfriend

    13/FEB Iligan City, Norther

    • Hi I'm maria Anabelle you can call me Ann or maria I'm 17 and I'm looking to be my boyfriend and nice guy and a friendly hope you can be my friend or my boyfriend 

    Xavier Vargas Hey Nice to meet you my name is Xavier and Im looking for a girlfriend Now you said youre looking for a boyfriend well Id be glad to be youre boyfriend
    Danny Hey maybe we can chat
    Liamloy Hey iam liam iam nice guy do u think u can give me a chance
    JayHailey Hey Im jaynim a nice person give me a chance
    akisjha Hi, i will be your best boyfriend
    Lawrencium Maybe we cud chat then well see how it goes
    BrandoBaller Hey Im Awesome and I like turtles and I broke up with Monday because why not
    2 days ago
  • What-s up girls looking for a friend or someone to hookup wit

    15/FEB Kissimmee, FL, Unite

    Sup the name's Ace and right now honestly I'm bored and don't know why I made this account lol

  • Meet new people for friendship or maybe more

    17/FEB Stephenville, TX, Un

    Iam new on here iam bi so i would date a girl or a guy if anyone would ever date me

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    15/FEB Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Im 17 ftm transgender Im bisexual and looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hmu for more details.

    ~cayden~ Hey Im Cayden nice to meet you:)
    Stephyu101 Hey Im Stephanie. Nice to meet you, Benny
    3 days ago
    Alex Hey, message me if you just want to talk
    2 days ago
  • Meet new people for friendship and a distant relationship

    15/FEB Lagos, Nigeria

    Hy everyone my name is Juliey or u can call me joo joo.I am Nigerian and I would love to have a distant friend and relationship.I know Nigeria is not a cool country but that doesnt mean someone aint cool.I love singing,drawing and laughing(crazy right).I just want a who is better than me not too proud,loves to smile and needs a serious distant relationship.It is not like I cant date here but I havent found my type.So if anyone is interested my Whatsapp number is 2348091617385

    Stephyu101 Hey everyone..... Im Stephanie, or you can call me Steph. I am American (Obv). I am looking for a guy that I can love 4 ever.... A guy that would understand me and would love me, no matter what. I would like to have a flirty long distant relationship, since being all flirty and sexy is cute and amazing. If anyone is interested, text me with my number: 973 666 4877 and/or follow me on instagram: Thanks!! <3
    3 days ago
    Stephyu101 Also Im 16 years old...... sorry for not saying that above
    3 days ago
  • Meeting new people for a relationship

    16/FEB Charleston, SC, Unit

    I need someone who would date me for my personality and not for my looks, money, and body type

  • Is anyone willing to date me

    16/FEB Springfield, VA, Uni

    Hi I'm fyodor I'm 13 and male looking for a girlfriend I do have some down sides I have depression and anxiety and I am transgender (not looking for a guy) but this is what I'm into :vore video games anime monster girls and robots

    Fyodor Im very new here
    3 days ago
  • Hi all, I-m here looking for a serious relationship with a special girl.

    16/FEB Orlando, FL, United

    Just looking for a girl to talk with, connect with, flirt with, the good stuff. Don't even really care if it's long distance, though being able to actually go out on dates would be cool.  the physical stuff is secondary for me. I'm In central Florida. I'm a drummer, I have been for 11 years, and I'm fluent in ballroom dancing from my years at my family's upper class events. Hit me up if you're single, your parents are chill, and you have lots of time to talk. :) text me at 407-389-9888 or Kik me if you're interested. Girls only please. Thanks. 

  • Meet new people for friendship and a distant relationship

    15/FEB Lagos, Nigeria

    Hy everyone my name is Juliey or u can call me joo joo.I am Nigerian and I would love to have a distant friend and relationship.I know Nigeria is not a cool country but that doesnt mean someone aint cool.I love singing,drawing and laughing(crazy right).I just want a who is better than me not too proud,loves to smile and needs a serious distant relationship.It is not like I cant date here but I havent found my type.So if anyone is interested my Whatsapp number is 2338091617385

  • Meet new people for friendship or more.

    13/FEB London, United Kingd

    Hey I'm aurora 17 years old. I don't get to stay in one place, or country so I can't really make friends or anything else. I am bi and love to talk. I love music. Movies, video games, etc  

    Danny Hey maybe we can talk
    DomCarter Hey, If you want we can talk.
    bailey.1 If you like to get to know one another then yea lets chat
  • Looking for a loyal boyfriend

    27/JAN Mississauga, ON, Can

    Hi, I'm Alexandria I'm kinda new here well I'm gonna keep this short, I'm looking for someone that I can call mine mainly I'm looking for someone who I share the same interest with, someone that can make me laugh and be there for me when i I'm going through hard times if you wanna know me a bit more message me

    Faisal Hi, I would like to get to know you
  • I-m just a guy hoping I would meet somebody new

    13/JAN Lancaster, PA, Unite

    I really like to meet new people and get to know them its pretty fun and just so you we dont have to flirt or anything like that if you just wanna a friend or somebody to talk to thats fine with me but I dont really have rules or anything so long as your a chill person well get along just fine but I am looking for a girlfriend around my age and lives nearby and all I want in a girl is just for them to be a caring and understanding but whether you wanna be my friend or girlfriend it would great to meet you

    Dylan Im surprised that people responded to this so fast but hey if you wanna talk message me I like meeting new people
    Elizabeth Dylan has a gf now his gf is me
    Elizabeth Dylan is single
    Tina Will u be my boyfriend
    your_love_bear awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to cute xoxoxoxo
    your_love_bear tina back the f?ck of
  • Im looking for a girl that can make me happy?

    13/FEB San Diego, CA, Unite

    Hi my name is Andre I'm 14 and I'm a pretty chill person once you get to know me I love playing video games and I like football and baseball, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking for a girl that can make me laugh and that likes playing video games and that close to my age and that lives in San Diego if ur intreated in getting to know me just add me on kik?


  • Waiting around and trying to hook up

    11/FEB Hershey, PA, United

    Any girls wanna hook up? If you are follow me or message me! I'll chat and try and get to know you! Ill give you my number if you want btw.I really like blonde girls 

  • Meet new people for love

    09/FEB Victoria, Australia

    I like music, art and gaming and watching TV so i want someone that has that interests as well

    ThatObscureGamer Hello, im that obscure gamer, I am interested in your topics of choice. Contact my if you are interested!
  • Still Looking For A GirlFriend

    25/JAN Houston, TX, United

    Is there any single good looking girls that is needing a boyfriend message me 

  • Valentines is coming

    08/FEB Montalban, Calabarzo

    Valentines day is around the corner but I have no one to celebrate it :'( 

    Except for my family and my best friend. 

    I wish someone is there that won't cheat on me and who's loyal 

    Andreweee I can be there for you :3
    RASCAL37 Chisssssssss
  • Looking for a a cute and nice nerdy girlfriend!

    05/FEB Brampton, ON, Canada

    Hey I am Andrew (or Drew) I am 18 and I people say that I am a very nice guy and caring guy. I am your basic nerd who is looking for an awesome girlfriend. I looking for a girl who is nice, caring, cute, loves hanging out, and also loves maybe some of the nerdy stuff I like. I you just want to chat and get to know me text me anytime I will answer as soon as possible.

  • hello my name is christopher kinman

    03/FEB Carrollton, KY, Unit

    My name is Christopher kinman Im a 14 year old boy. Im not a sports guy. I like country music a lot. Im a sweet loving caring loyal honest and dont cheat (dont believe in it). I will not break any girls heart because I dont have it in me. Yes I have Kik and I know I dont have good looks.

  • Be in a relationship

    12/DEC Bideford

    Hello. Id love to meet a nice guy and be in a relationship with someone of a similar age. I dont have any preferences as long as they are loving, caring and make me laugh. I want a nice caring long term relationship

  • Hi my name is christopher kiman

    03/FEB Carrollton, KY, Unit

    My name is christopher kinman im 14 and a boy. Im loyal, honest, and dont cheat. I like country music alot. Does girls like guys that are nice, loyal, dont cheat, and honest? 13-15 girls

  • I-m looking for a Relationship

    03/FEB Stafford, VA, United

    Hi, I'm Mike; I'm looking for a girl that loves playing video games and cudling, wants to watch tv together and listen to music, would like to go out on nice dates like to dinner or a movie, nice time on the beach. I don't like anyone who is judgemental of me because of what I like or anything, if you want to learn about me, message me.

  • How deep is your love? Come find true love

    31/JAN Blaine, MN, United S

    Hello I'm Josiah I'm finding a gf who lives nearby and who loves music and sports and games and who is active to thare bf 

    Grace Where Do You Live
  • looking for gf to love and care for I-m 16 anyone interested

    30/JAN Southampton, United

    looking for gf in need of love I'm always treat people right unless they pi people off lol l. but I'm a kind caring person. I always tend to put others first rather than myself I love cars food and shopping and lots of others 

    thx mathew ???



  • Single Girls Who tryna hmu?????

    30/JAN New York, NY, United

    Single girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who tryna be mine forever and be loved forever. U gotta be cute tho if u wanna be mine. I like any type of girls.

  • Looking for the right one.

    29/JAN Loudon, TN, United S

    Hello I'm Katie. I'm a bisexual 14 year old. I'm totally nonjudgmental. And looking for the same. 

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    28/JAN Milpitas, CA, United

    I'm Kimberly, I'm looking for a serious relationship. Someone who is honest, kind, caring and a guy. I want someone older so 16-17. I'm a shy person in real life (you'll understand what I mean if you see me). I want someone who doesn't care for appearance but personality, attitude, etc. Someone who is open indeed, won't judge, appreciate me & what I try to do and try to understand me or make the effort to. In return, I'll try to love them with all my heart, try to be open when times are difficult and be there for them when needed.

    StormDragon Hey Im everything u just said the the post and if u like let get to know each other here is my instagram account lets chat stormdragonx
    Nishad Well I can be that guy about whom u wrote above .Cause I m just like that ,after reading ur description I found it like me and I really wanted a girl who thought of me like that
    Nishad we can talk if u want just reply to this comment and I will give my email ID or fb username or anything else so that we can talk
  • meet new people for, if you know what i mean.

    27/JAN Perth, Western Austr

    i love to conflict blood pouring types of pain to myself, im fucked in the head, creepy, crazy, i love anime, manga, hentai, and all things sexual, hehehehe,

    #Ana-evilprincessofpain wow, did i really write that.
  • Need a girlfriend that can love me with everything

    27/JAN Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi my name is David, 15 years old,i am in need of a girl of 13-16 for a relationship. She has to be lovely, playful, caring and i don't care if she's not beautiful. I just need her. Whatever the case maybe i am tolerant and loving. I like games,dancing,singing,sports and massages.  Note this: I am a little shy around girls

  • Looking for a nice girl to chat

    17/JAN Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    hi people, I'm mainly looking for a girl to chat. 

    Im 19, living in LA. 

    So hit me up :) 

    (I don't mind talking to guys as well) 

    Mallorjohnson2 Hi. Im Mallory. Im from Newport. Im 16
  • Looking for friends or a potential relationship

    11/JAN Chicago, IL, United

    I'm Brianna. A few things you should know is I have standards, limits, and expectations. I was in a long-term relationship--a serious one and was hurt. I hope to not be hurt again. I'm into music, football, and some video games, and enjoy traveling, and I love animals, and God. As for a relationship I look for our common interests, a respectable nice guy. Or even a friend, I lack a lot of friends. Lol. Want to get to know me? Send me a message :)

    Nishad U can try me we could be friends or even more .Oh !! and I never broke anyones trust
    Ankit Sharma If youre looking for a respectable guy. I think its me
    Renner14 How about me 😏😻
    12/01/2017 well I also like football and god and I have been hurt too
    joseph Hi im joseph im 14 I am a respectable guy I love and cherish god, i have a facebook so if you want to message me go to Sparkie Burke on facebook We could even be more than just friends.
  • single looking for love . Looking for someone between 14 to 17 or 18

    26/JAN Johannesburg South,

    I am a body builder .I love treating women thry way i see them(like goddeses) I work at a vet and i build my own tables and stuff . 


  • I like painting , I m looking for a friend or more

    26/JAN Namrup, Assam, India

    I m 16 , painting is my soul 

    I need a friend for this lonely heart so if someone's interested can comment below . 

  • by looking for gf near me

    26/JAN Louisville, KY, Unit

    Hi, I'm nick and I live in fern creek. I'm looking for any pretty girls that have a good personality near me. I'm usually funny, outgoing, and I'm sweet. I want to b able to meet, text a lot and I expect loyalty

  • A 15-16 teen girl that I can meet

    24/JAN New York, NY, United

    If there's a girl who's 15-16 years old,I'm down to hang out and get to know you.Maybe something more,who knows?