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10/DEC Love

Hi Im tayla age 16 Im single and open to pretty much everything Im looking for a guy of a similar age so if ur interested HMU xxx

Phoenix kruse Im interested, Im Phoenix BTW
Funnydude Hi me interested David here
Arnulfo Hi im not the same age but im close im going to be 15 soon
Carlos Hey. Im 16 and looking for someone
ManuJSDhami Hey my name is Manu and Im 17 turning 18 soon
ManuJSDhami When can we meet
thesmartone12 16 Taybae hit me up
Jesusmanuel Hi beautiful Im 17 and really funny
2 days ago
Piyush hi nice to meet.the way you have written i find you beautiful
1 day ago
Piyush in this site i find people always talking about bf,gf ,relationship blah blah blah quite boring
1 day ago