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  • Wanting to Find My Other Half....

    21/JAN Brooklet, GA

    I'm seventeen years old and a junior in highschool. I have hearing loss, severe ADHD, struggle to understand body language, have problems interrupting others, get emotional quick, need someone who can comfort me during my struggles with depression and anxiety.... Long story short, I'm a mess with health problems and social weirdness.... And I'm looking for someone who can still see me as an equal, be honest to me, show genuine affection, tell me if there's something wrong (and not be scared to hurt me).... Someone who will work as hard as I do and hopefully, last with me.... 

    Davidtom Wow it hurts even me to see that you dont have one comment and the other girls have a lot well good boys are not easy to find now. I would not say Im your guy but I am comfortable with all youve listed. So why dont we talk and see if we could be together
    1 hour ago
    JayHailey Hello I would love to be ur friend message me plz
    1 hour ago
  • just looking.

    19/JAN Alaska

    hey, am new to this site so yea... things you should know i play video games sports and sleep, my life right there haha. anyways am hoping for someone (male) that isnt shy and is open to anything, someone that will want to get to know me and well can talk sports with me and is willing to get there ass kicked on xbox.

    Juan.marquez Do you want to be my friend
    2 days ago
    Jesusmanuel Hi Im 17 a funny person that knows how to treat a girl right I hope you can give me a chance
    2 days ago
    Davidtom Oh really, what games do you play on Xbox?
    1 hour ago
  • Meet new people Friendship

    21/JAN Windhoek

    Hi there :) Im fernanda16. Am free spirit extrovert, love to have fun and am a people's person, with positive mind set and attitude, i love to read and write short stories. looking for friends and might find a potential love in the process any one is welcome to text me feel free.

  • hey my name is Janet

    18/JAN ozark missouri

    Hey I am janet I am looking for a guy that will cherish and hang out with me and cuddle with me that likes music and just being silly
    I am a super silly caring person and love to just hang out and cuddle i am super chill and love being me I do have low confidence tho and am not very sure of myself i am really shy and quite tell you get to know me i have trust issues so dont expect something really quickly plzz thx

  • Looking for a friendship that might turn into something more

    21/JAN N

    Hi Im 17 and looking for love. This would be a long distance relationship. Message me if you are interested in getting to know me

  • Looking for a friendship that might turn into something more

    21/JAN N

    Hi Im 17 and looking for love. Message me if you are interested

  • dang accounts somehow getting deleted

    03/JAN Wells, MN, United St

    so idk what happened but my account from before got deleted. idk if anyone cares but just thought people would want to know.

    Zombielover2 Hey there how are you?
    1 day ago
  • Just lonely


    I just want a boyfriend and I dont care where you live (preferably California) I just want to be loved for being me

    Asher Or to sexual please know one to sexual a mean little but I have my boundaries
    Phoenix kruse Hi my name is Phoenix
    Phoenix kruse sorry thought u where a girl
    Phoenix kruse Or to sexual please know one to sexual a mean little but I have my boundaries
    AlexFox16 Hey, my names Alex wanna chat
    1 day ago
    Kanya Maitriya hi, my name is kanya
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a bf, the real thing

    17/JAN Newberg

    Hi, my name is Lexi Im 15 years old and looking for a loving caring bf that likes to cuddle and video chat once in awhile. Long distances dont matter to me. Just looking for the right one, have major trust issues due to some past experiences but if youre willing to give it a go and see where it takes us hmu. Snapchat:lexmolina6 kik:fireball147 Also have a phone number

    Nishad U can give me a try cause I would love too talk to u
    Bryscen I am 15 and I would be honored to be your boyfriend
    Caleb Archer Hey im not 15 but im 14 but i really want to cuddle. I have trust issues too bc of my X but idc becuase when im with you you is all that will matter to me
    3 days ago
    Tyler zips mouth closed not saying anything lol
    3 days ago
    Lexi 😂 tyler
    2 days ago
    Jesusmanuel Hi Im single I know to treat a girl right and you are beautiful give me a chance and I wont let you cry only in joy
    2 days ago
  • I would like to meet people.

    20/JAN Rancho Cucomonga

    Hi I am 13 years old and I want a bf that is funny, sweet, and chill. I would like to text once in a while and sometimes video chat.

  • Hey! I like hunting fishing and other outdoorsy type stuff.


    Hey! My name is Chloe. Im 14 and I want a hot guy who isnt afraid to be a little naughty!

    Devon wuts up i like hunting fishing atving and camping and i can be naughty!
    CroBoy Hi i like hunting and i even do i it myself but idk if im hot so if you dont want to talk its ok.
    Renner14 I like to be naughty
    Mark Im not afraid
    3 days ago
  • Read the post...I suck with titles

    18/JAN Cape Town

    So hey.
    Im Ria...Im 19.
    So Im here because meeting people IRL is scary AF. I have this makes it almost impossible for me to exist somedays.
    I love music with all my heart. Im a writer...I write songs, books, stories, scripts, plays and I did poetry at one time as well. means the world to me so someone who has that passion would be amazing. I love rock music and like alternative pop (Sia, Banks) My fave bands/Artists are: Twenty one Pilots, Banks, the 1975, Paramore, The Beatles, Linkin Park,etc...
    I love Books and comics as well (Marvel all the way).

    I dont like labels but I might be Bi because I like girls too but I prefer boys...
    The kind of guy Im looking for is kind and passionate about things and understanding of me.
    I dont want a sexting kind of thing. I want a real friendship and maybe more.
    Just because of how intense I am..I like emo guys...or nerds.

    So yeah...If your eyes is not bleeding yet because of this long ass message...message me.

  • meet new teen guys for a relationship


    Hi Im Katie, 14. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. Im looking for a guy that is country and likes to ride horses, dance, walk around, and fish. I like guys who are funny and not shy.

    Nic Hey Im willing to do new things message me
    Conner Sorry, I am shy and more of an indoor kind of guy. But if u want a nice sorta cute boy then hmu
  • I would like to meet someone who is kind


    Hi there im Monica and im 16 years old im in 10th grade and i enjoy school. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I am adopted.

    Key chaine message me on my email at
  • New to this bit wanna meet guys


    Hey so Im gay and I live in okc..I wrestle and run track Im about 511 and as u can see Im black soo ya hmu boys! :p

    King_k Hey! Wanna chat? Kik:kingzay_2003
    moons anyone wanna snapchat colemoon16
  • Hey everyone. I am a horny, 16, m, looking for a hookup. I am a bttm.


    Anyone interested in having a hot, sexy, amazing time, message me or kik me at Hotbod4102. I cannt drive yet, so you would have to come to me. I am also open to just talking with kind interesting people if you arent looking for sex.

  • want friends and maybe a lover

    10/JAN Wolverhampton, Unite

    hey im Nia 14,i am frindly caring loves to watch sports listen to music and write songs and play guitar..i luv to meet new people so hmu!

    fortunechrist Hello Nia hit me up on my mail lets get to know each other here is my mail. or my whatsapp number 2348136494345
    Nishad Starting with a Hi!!! Hoping to talk more For now its a sad bye:( Waiting for the lovely day when u will reply
    Ankit Sharma I love music too and write songs.
  • Luke


    Hi Im luke Im 13 im a guy looking for a guy 13-15 yards oldie you are interested in meeting me ill send you my number and we can chat >!!!!!!!!

  • its me that one bitch lol

    11/JAN Houston, TX, United

    hey everyone im that one chick who knows she cute and is not afraid to call u out on your shit so dont fuck with me # warning lol !!!!1

    hmu tho im bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like to meet guys who enjoy playing or watching sports

    09/JAN San Francisco, CA, U

    My favorite sport is soccer though I also enjoy cross country and track. My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid.

    Spencer fav team is barca but i can appreciate real madrid
    Ayaan Lol barca fans have started appreciating real madrid.... end is near
    Nishad I support Aryaan
    Lee shen Christiano ronaldo!!!!!
  • Hi! I-m Alyssa.


    Im obsessing over a lot of bands. Into cuddling,Smiling, Taking photos,laughing, and roller skating!! Message me if you want to know more! Love ya

    Hc do you like 1D too ?
    Lilfia seee u at school in the morning girly
    Alyssa lol One Direction..? I like their song perfect
    Wolfwarrior 101 I think your cute
    Renner14 Hey wanna talk 😜😍
  • Looking for a serious relationship

    09/JAN San Leandro, CA, Uni

    I am looking for a cute loving guy who will always be there for me, and talk to me when I need them. Also a guy who will protect me and support me through everything

  • I-m Ashton

    09/JAN Elmore, OH, United S

    Im Ashton Im 17 and Im sweet and kind and a great person?

  • I-m looking for loving guy I can talk to anytime


    Yea like the title says im a one guy kind of girl and im loyal and loving. A comittment of your the right guy would be nice. I love the beach and I like photography, I would love to someday go camping with the love of my life or travel or even stay home and cuddle (bonus im curvy not fat and im strong.) more to love I guess :) <3

    Kenny Hi Im here
    Kevin Hey daily active on my socail life just lemme know if you wanna talk
  • Looking for a serious relationship

    07/JAN Bulacan, Central Luz

    Hey guys. My name is Beatriz and I'm looking for a boyfriend who doesn't mind long distance relationship. I m nice, kind and sometimes funny. I am also looking for friends who won't leave me when I need them. I promise to be there to when you need me :) thank you. 

    luke747 Hi there Im Luke care to have a relationship
  • Looking For A Boyfriend

    08/JAN Buffalo, NY, United

    I Need A Guy Who Is Gay And Plays Football And Will Be My Very Own Christian Grey

  • i wanna find someone who tall, sweet,funny

    03/JAN Sacramento, CA, Unit

    hey my name Maria and im always ready for an adventure.

    Joe Whats up
    JaJaylols How tall are you babe?
  • saysay_luvv


    Kikk^^^ single Girl 15 I only like Chocolate and lightskin boys

    luke747 Hi there u interested in me
  • Hi

    08/JAN East Kilbride, Unite

    If anyone wants to talk, just message me and I will always reply :)

  • Hey I-m bored and want to chat


    Hi so Im virginia and 13. Dance books and music basically take up my life. I have some self esteem issues and Im not very confident in myself. Sometimes I just need a hug ya know? But anyways if you wanna chat hmu. I may or may not reply lol.

    Aidenthekid15 what your snapchat?
    Jewl 13 Hey, Im here for you. Im like that. I have trust issues, and four disorders. Im emo too if that changes anything. Message me.
    Michael hi hope you have better time on your hands and chat so hi if your going to chat with me 😊
    Ricardo rowe Hey guess what your my trap queen
    Carlos You should be confident youre hot
    Ricardo rowe Well I believe in you
    Bmoc4life Hey Virginia, I Lack At The Confidence Of Talking To Girls Verbally, So I Get What Your Going Through. My Family Have Always Considered Me A Hugger, If You Need It. Feel Free To Chat With Me If You Feel Like It. :)
    Devon hi im devon and i hav selfastem ishos to i am a gamer i like music and id like to gi to no you for you that mite saund chese but its truw ps i suck at spelling
    Yoloheat Hello, it would be nice talking to you, just hoping having a good, Im nice. It would be normal if you didnt reply
    Zert12 Hello,inbox me happy xmas and prosperious new year in advance from stella. ( Regards.
    Juwon Smith Hello Virginia Im Juwon and Im 15 years old I like sports, reading books, drawing and art
    Juwon Smith Hello Virginia Im Juwon and Im 15 years old I like sports, reading books, drawing and art.
    Juwon Smith Hello Virginia!🙂
  • A lil bit about myself... :)


    Hello everyone! My name is Elena, I am 13 years old, I have a silly, sassy personalitu. I love music and singing, because of how alive it makes me feel. I am a Catholic, but please dont get mad at me because of that. I firmly believe in my faith. I am looking for a guy who has similar interests and who would love me for who I am, not who he wants me to be. I love going on walks, chilling with friends, reading, writing short stories, running cross country, and playing soccer. If you pm me, please do not expect me to give you my contact info or send you a pic of myself right away. Hope to talk to you soon!!! ;) ;)

    Treck Hey wanna email
    Treck Or do you have a phone number
    Isaiah i wish there were more girls like you in the world also how r u
    Jordan allen Hey. Elena. I saw your ad. Maybe we can meet up sometime?? Wanna email me and we can organize something??
    Michael Hey hmu. You look cute af. Message me on this or on my snap: mike.elliott5
    Devon hi i dont no wut to say you hav respect for your self and i respect that and i wud like to git to no you ill wock with you and ill im a smartass and i joke a lot and im good cumpuny i suck at spelling and i wud love to her you sing and i wont ask you to send me pics you can send thim win your redy well if you reply
  • looking for a boyfriend

    07/JAN Mount Laurel, NJ, Un

    Im Brooke and Im 13. Im looking for a sweet, cute, funny guy. My idea of a perfect date would be hanging at the library or walking through the park.

  • I-m bi, plus I-m a hopless romantic

    04/JAN Peru, IN, United Sta

    Hey guys, want to talk to me for a while? Pm me email me, or kik me coltonburnette74

  • Message me on kik :kingzay_2003

    03/JAN New york

    Hey,basically Im gay and looking for a long term relationship whether long distance or not, and Im gay lol. Message me if your interested!

  • Im bored and want to talk


    My name is Kayla ya ik i look 15 or 16 but im really only 13 age doesnt matter to me! Im just looking for guys to talk to

    Youwish0120 Hey. Kik youwish0120
    Jb123i Hi, I can talk
    Kenai Hi, I know youre probably not looking for trans guys, but Id still be open to chat about anything ^^
    Jt earley Hey Kayla! Im down for it.
    Carlos 😍😍😍😍
    Isiah Hi Kayla ,I am more happy to chat with you both here or on WhatsApp if you dont mind
    Isiah My WhatsApp number is 263785141402 or my email ; isiahchiweshe5
    Fabrice We could chat if u like
    Zexes The Response is hilarious
    Randy This is Randy lets hang out your sweet
    Dev the drummer105 Ill talk just message me
    Dev the drummer105 Kayla I dont know what your doing to my computer but you need to stop unblock me and stop messing with my computer.
  • I would like to meet new people for a relationship


    I do not like bullying, I am not a girl who sits around a lot I am always doing stuff to help....I luv to cook I like music ......I have had two boyfriends anyd they both treated me like a piece of trash so I guess I am saying I want a guy that is against bullying and is protective and treats me right.....

    Kenny I know how you feel my exs did the same.
    Chuks Message me via ( your nice and beautiful.
  • Looking for a gay boyfriend....


    Hey guys! My names Harry and Im from california. Im looking for a boyfriend. Im gay. Message me! I have snap and kik so just message me if you want it.

    Anthony do u have a facebook
    Anthony what is your last name im trying to tell u that im intrested
    Anthony what is your snapchat
    Anthony hello how can i get a hold of u if u cant tell me what ur last name is or snapchat
  • I am looking for a 15 year old boy in Edinburgh


    I am looking for a 15 year old boy who would like to have a relationship and lives in Edinburgh.

  • Lookin for a gorgeous and smart girl.


    Im Yash and Im 15 and single. Just lookin for a nice girl who can be a good friend and maybe I can build a relationship with. And yeah, ppl say Im cute. <3

  • Nice boy looking for a girl


    Im looking for a girl who will not cheat and loves to game I dont care where you live all I really wish is for you to be nice and kind please message me

    Chelsea4343 hey my name is Chelsea i am single and i think you are cute