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  • Looking For a Good Girl

    20/JAN Conneaut Lake, PA

    Hiya! I'm Bryce. I'm 17 years old, 6 feet tall, and always smiling. I am a smart guy who is very nice and funny. I like to play video games, snowboard, watch movies, and just listen to music or the relaxing sounds of a heavy thunderstorm. I'm looking for someone who shares the same interests as me. I'm willing to try new things.

    Hopeful99 Message me back if your interested
    2 days ago
    Hopeful99 Message me back if your interested
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a relationship

    18/JAN Lexington

    Girls i need a relationship i really feel kinda down after i lost friendship with my friend and i need a girl to help me back up. I want to snuggle all day and date someone who will dot that and is 14

    natcat14 hi im natalie and im 14 :)
    3 days ago
  • Want to meet girls that wanna hangout

    17/JAN Salisbury, NC, Unite

    Im looking for a girl who wants to date and are rlly pretty

  • Hey how-s it going??

    18/JAN Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Message me on Kik at boltz2 if you're interested in me, don't be shy.                                                                                        

  • hi im Maddy im looking for a relationship

    14/JAN midlothian,TX

    My name is Maddy and im looking for a boy or a girl or if ur a different gender i can accept that but i love bands MCR is my Favorite i also love TOP,Breaking B,Asking A,GREEN DAY!!!!!!! and yeah text me if ur intrested i am also TG so plz dont judge

    RiaStone Hey...Your really young and Im way too old for you but I love the bands you put up. I also dont judge....How about we be friends? Seriously...TOP is sick as frick...I love them and MCR and Green Day. Your taste is sick as frick
  • Miss Talking to Girls

    17/JAN Rhode Island

    The title describes it all women around me seem to just want to walk all over me I always get your the nice guy your the shoulder to cry on but I lose in the end. Girls don't seem to want the nice guys anymore they want the men who use and abuse them. I'm not looking to use you or screw with you just wanna talk get to know you make a connection. You had a bad day tell me about it want to talk about dreams I'm right here want to cry I'm here anything I'm here. Life is tough enough as it is don't be your own worst enemy.

    Kik and Snapchat: Kevinallardjr


    cyentharaymond Hi nice to meet you i am very interested with you can you please reply back on. my inbox
  • Hi bryscen here

    17/JAN Roseville michigan

    I like Lord of the rings n movies n nice girls who will love marvel romance and roleplay music and having a good time and Im 15 n kp1999 if u there add me again

  • Just a lonely guy looking for a special someone


    Im new here but Im looking for a serious relationship in my area, Ive never had a girlfriend before so yeah, just hmu if u have any questions

  • Hello! I-d Love A Girlfriend Who Is A Nerd At Tech, Average Body.

    13/JAN Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hello! My Name Is Ink, And Im 15 Years Old. Looking For An Average Body, White Or Latina Girlfriend Who Will Love Me, And Has Kik. (You Have To Be Smart Too, Lol)

  • single and need a serious friend

    12/JAN Lagos de Moreno, Mex

    Ave never been in a relationship i need someone to friend

  • just looking for a girlfriend

    10/JAN L A, CA, United Stat

    I DONT care what a girl looks like, Im just looking for a girl that is nice, funny, smart, and likes some video games...thats it. I am known for my kindness, my age is 14(Ill be 15 on march 19,2017), I like video games, books, movies, and anime. ok so, see ya later.....

  • Looking for Friend/GF

    09/JAN Orlando, FL, United

    Heya, I'm Cole, 15, almost 16. Honest and down to Earth with a chill and understanding attitude. I like to hang out wherever it is comfortable and not worry about anything. Looking to meet a girl who shares similar interests with me (movies, video games, anime, writing) but would be willing to try something new.

    Contact me at my snapchat: nightdrawn or my instagram: nightdrawn_

  • I would like to meet new people

    08/JAN Nijmegen, Netherland

    Im Nick, I want to meet new people, aged 14-? and thats all

  • i want a gf


    Hello,i am vipil ,15 yrs, a cool boy , and loves romance , my hobbies r in hacking and technology, and in girls hehehe, i am really looking for a sweet sexy and cute girl amd i am sure i will get it

    audrishikhar i want to meet new people and make friends with them
  • I am looking for a crush same as my age


    Hello my name is Sameer Ifty.And I am searching for girl same as my age....plss let me know

    Alli hey I am same age
    Makayla Robinson i am your age u are cute
  • Would like to meet a girl.

    08/JAN Alvord, IA, United S

    My names Conner, im 16, i read, watch tv, play video games, play trombone. Im easy going and wouldnt push anything onto someone.

  • Looking for a girlfriend


    Hi, my name is Julian. Im 14 and im a freshman and i play football. Im looking for a girlfriend who is funny, cool, and a little weird.

    Brooke Well, I guess I could be your girl. You go to Lenape?
  • Gurlfriend wanted! Are you girlfriend material?

    06/JAN Melbourne, Victoria,

    im not picky with the girls I date, but be sure to be trusting. My last breakup was because of a girl not trusting me enough to believe I wasn't cheating on her, which I wasn't at all. Anyways, please do message me! I'm hoping I am find someone soon! Also, I'm new here so I have no clue about all of this :P

    RASCAL37 Same Im not picky with guys I date I had a bad break up too He thinks I cheated on him before but his the one whos cheating on me for 2 months.. Im new here too
    RASCAL37 Good luck for searching on someone u can trust that can always believe in u 😃
  • Meeting new people for relationships

    06/JAN Tecumseh, ON, Canada

    Hello, I'm 26,1,3,8,1,18,25. I am a 16 year old male, straight otaku looking for someone like me to start a relationship with. I am kind and patient.

  • hey sup people looking for fun


    hey my name is aidan i am 16 years old i like to have fun,party,the outdoors,any sport really i play soccer,football,and basketball. i am really smart want to find a girl only girl who likes sports and the outdoors and has to have a good personality. so if u want to chat or want to be just say hey.!!!

    Dylan78 Hey. Im a B asketballer. and am absolutely in love with the sports Im also smart. would love to know you better
    KayTina Hope you guys know his photo is fake
  • Come chat with me on kik or something.

    05/JAN Springfield, OR, Uni

    If you would like to chat hmu on kik: djfresh42 or here is my number 5419141901.hope to hear from you.

  • Sup anyone want to talk

    04/JAN Brisbane City, Queen

    hey any one want to chat I'm 14 I love soccer I love cod Fifa halo battlefield any game really and I'm willing to listen and embrace some of ur interests so if u any to just message me and I'll talk 

  • im luke n im looking for a gf

    03/JAN Georgetown

    Im looking for a nice girl who i could talk to n be more than a friend .I like to listen music ,play soccer etc

  • Looking for people to chat

    03/JAN Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Yea so the title explains it already... hmu boys and girls. Chat and lets see what happens ;) 

  • Looking to get a girl


    Hey, I'm KJ, I like anime, drawing, sports and playing games, don't be shy to message me

  • Seeing if this site had any actives? Looking for Relationship


    Just seeing if this site is worth putting time into, Just looking for a relationship and someone to talk to.

    Code nevermind this place is shit
  • I am Single- Need a Girl


    Hi. I have been single for 1 1/2 weeks now and am trying to find a realtonship. I am willing to text you as much as much as I can during the day. PM me. I am willing to sext and stuff like that, so let me know!

  • Lesbian looking for casual dating (for now)


    Hey I'm 17 and I've had one relationship though I've been single for 3 three years. I'm looking for a girl to just spend time with, chill, possibly some making out without any hardcore commitments, though exclusivity is completely fine. I guess I just want to have some casual fun because it's what I feel I need, and want, right now.

    Message me on either Instagram (@Clexandles), KIK (SophiaNerys) or on here

  • Looking for a sweet caring female (no perverts)


    Hello, im looking for a girl around Massena, NY that is caring and find me cute and pretty the way i am and will treat me like a princess and not some peice of dirt... I am very nice really and im just looking for a girlfriend...

    Mike Hi wanna chat
    Zert12 Hello,inbox me happy xmas and prosperious new year in advance from stella. ( Regards.
  • In need of girlfriend near Massena, NY (no perverts)


    Hello, im looking for a girl around Massena, NY that is caring and find me cute and pretty the way i am and will treat me like a princess and not some peice of dirt... I am very nice really and im just looking for a girlfriend... Please... Im desperate... I am so lonely and nobody to love... I cant ever find anyone... Please message me if you are interested in me...

    Casey carrow2000 I feel like such a broken record
    Talitha cullum Poor thing, I sorry.. wanna char?
    Casey carrow2000 I uhh... Sure... :)
    Talitha cullum K ill message you sorry for the lack of response I didnt realize you said anything back
    Mike Hi beautiful
  • hi i am devon i am a dud 14


    hi im looking for a girl that has sum self respect and is daun for inything that livs neer me dusint mind my spelling and will woch moves smoke weed and undr stand i hav golls in life to i hav miner dupreshin i will tok all nite and stik with you thro evre thin and the same to me i wunt me and sum1 that can be noty

  • come on


    if you hit me up i will send you a pic of me lets make this hapoen

  • I-m bryscen and I want a girlfriend near or far away from me


    I love marvel and I love pets romance roleplay music LOTR and The Hobbit

  • Hi there. Im bored so um yeah.


    I am looking for a friend (or gf)to talk to. You could add me on Snapchat or Instagram.

  • Looking for a gf to talk


    I'm online a lot of the time.and anyone can text me on viber or other just ask :)

  • The Journey Of the 17 year old Artist


    Ya, Im a jester loving, card shuffling, game playing , long haired Artist. Just message me if you wish to talk!

  • Hi Hello How Are You?


    Hiya, I'm Kenai, looking for girls to chat with and potentially have a romantic relationship with? Pm me ^^

  • Im looking for a gf


    I am nice, funny, and only Im only 14 y/o looking for a gf

    Kenai Hiya! Im also 14 ^^ My kik is therandomemo, and my Snapchat is diddlydarndang X3