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  • Looking for a girl near me age 13 -16 I-m a soccer player and a poet

    30/JAN New York, NY, United

    just looking for someone to luv and treat like queen if ur interested hmu or add me on snapchat @ jonathan_harden 

  • Hey girls. Only girls. Sorry

    16/FEB Québec City, QC, Ca

    I'm looking for a girl that likes sexual things. That's funny. I don't really care what else. I'm open for anything. If u don't like sexual things then still message me if u want. I don't mind. No guys though. Sorry but I'm not gay. 

  • Hi Aiden, looking to meet girls..

    16/FEB Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I like sporty and athletic girls ..
    Older or younger ..
    tall or short ..
    Adventurous ..
    Outgoing ..

  • Wanna meet Someone nice

    14/FEB Lagos, Nigeria

    I'm Lawrence, im 16 , im just looking for a nice girl to date .. any age from 14 up is acceptable can text me on this webite or my kik : Lawrencium360

  • Looking for a nice girl with a good sense of humour

    13/FEB Richmond Hill, ON, C

    Hi I'm Alex, I'm turning 16 soon, 6,0, open minded and I love playing volleyball, kids, weightlifting, swimming and going on long walks. I'm quite skilled with computers and I'm great at math, history and anything tech related. I'm also quite the gamer and I've recently gotten into anime. I'm looking for a friend and maybe more, feel free to message me anytime.

  • Looking for a relationship

    13/FEB Wellington, FL, Unit

    Hey Im a gamer that is looking for a relationship. I like sports and im very open minded. So message me if you r intersted


  • I-m in Cheshire looking for gf

    05/FEB Winsford, United Kin

    I'm in Cheshire looking for gf I'm 15 and play football I'm very sporty and want to be in police when I'm older I always say it's not about the looks it's the personality that matters if ur interested text me on here or my   Number 07413200407 I'm in Cheshire btw 

    eritia hi! i run a sex discord server, full of horny animals wanting to have cyber sex! come and meet our members!
  • 16 male looking for female friend

    08/FEB Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm 16 years old and just looking for somebody to talk to, bit necessarily a girlfriend. Anyway hmu if you're interested.

    Tina Hello may be Im that girl
    Tina My age is 15 yr
    Tina Want a boyfriend give me your phone number Im tina from india fairy girl
  • male and looking for a girl

    27/JAN Gainesville, GA, Uni

    im looking for a fun and cute girl or just freinds i ride dirtbike i play the guitar and paino bad ass with a gun.

    Pricyla Hi looking for a cute BF
    torid17 Heyy im Tori im 16 mssge me
  • Get In A Relationship

    09/FEB Flagstaff, AZ, Unite

    Hey, I'm Ken and I'm 15 and want to meet a girl that is fun and big of crazy I them haha

  • Hi I-m devin looking for a relationship! Must be 13-15

    05/FEB Waukesha, WI, United

    hi I'm devin I'm looking for a 13-15 year old girl must live close to Waukesha Wisconsin, looking for a girl who likes comics, gaming, nerdy stuff, starwars, marvel, D.C., or is a Christian that's all the things I'm into, ( I think...) hmu my snapchat is on here if u can follow me on Instagram @the_darth_knight_14 for me seeing it sooner

  • 15 male straight and single

    27/JAN Searcy, AR, United S

    So what's up? I'm new to this site and it seems a little difficult to browse people on but I'm 15, straight, and single. If anyone's wants to talk hmu.

  • Looking for a girl that likes fun

    03/FEB Québec City, QC, Ca

    I'm looking for a girl that's from 13 to 16. I'm also looking for a girl to send nudes with. If u don't then we can just talk get to know each other maybe become friends or even more. I'm up for just about anything. But no guys. Sorry I'm not bi or gay. 

  • looking for a relationship

    05/FEB Denver, CO, United S

    Am a annoying,socially inept,shy,Lack understanding social cues,honest,compassionate, and loyal person. Am looking for a female that I can at the least talk with. My general interests are video games,anime, and politics. Please don't judge me.

  • Looking for nerdy tomboy 13-14 girls in Kent WA

    04/FEB Kent, WA, United Sta

    I just want to meet a nerdy girl (preferably a tomboy, not a girly girl) my age here in Kent.

    My name is Kaelan. I like science, engineering, games, and music. The music I like is alternative rock, rock, hard rock (disturbed/5fdp). I like to hang out, I guess you could call me romantic, I like coffee. I moved here from Ellensburg recently and don't no anybody. I would like someone who likes to do stuff at night like me. I don't just want a girl who looks hot, but someine who is real, has personality, good character, and has things in common with me.

    Kaelan Also I like the outdoors. Hiking, biking, camping, etc.
  • Hi my names ben and I-m 14 (soon15)

    03/FEB Athlone, Ireland

    I'm from Ireland and looking for people to chat to.Im straight so my prefence is girls.

    I'd really like to meet a girl on here from Ireland but I'm not sure if they exist. if your from somewhere outside of Ireland and want to chat just send me a 15 in a few weeks so I'd like to meet a girl between the ages of 14-16.

    Side note : I'm into girls with a kind personality and that wants to chat not someone who just comes on here to mess about and then disappears. 

  • Lookin for 13 year old girl.

    02/FEB Reno, NV, United Sta

    I'm looking for any 13 year old girls. Most preferably new this sort of thing. My plan is to have an internet relationship. 

  • Looking for new friends maybe a gf. If it leads to that. Hmu on my Kik or s

    02/FEB Atlanta, GA, United

    Hey. I'm owen. I'm a major gamer. I play soccer and I'm the only child at my house so it gets boring. So hmu on my Kik or Snapchat. I always text back. I prefer to talk on those apps. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    01/FEB Westminster, CO, Uni

    Hi my name is Sean. I'm cool I like to crack joaks sometimes and I am not usually not too serious. Looking for a girlfriend that I can hangout with.

  • Looking For A Girlfriend That-s 13-14

    24/JAN Columbus, Ohio, Unit

    Hello. I am 13 years old but almost 14 (my birthday is in aproximently a month), and I would like a girlfriend with common interests. I like video game, mainy Nintendo, but also PC. I also like anime such as the Dragon Ball series and Fairy Tail. As well as that, I also like cartoons such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. Thats all I have to say.

    Katiejadabettis Hey Michael how are you?
    Pricyla Hi Im 13 can I see what u look like
    Michael Yes. If you click on my profile picture you can see what I look like, because the picture does not fit.
    Michael Sorry I had to reply at 1:45 am, I forgot to check my account earlier.
    Michael Are you gonna reply?
  • looking for a girl to meet up with

    29/JAN Brisbane City, Queen

    Hi, i am keegan, 17 and i am looking for a girlfriend if any one is interested add my snapchat and message me. keegan1556

    must live close to brisbane

  • Looking for some fun over snapchat

    31/JAN Calgary, AB, Canada

    Girls, hit me up on snapchat @mastermardikola if you want to have some fun

  • hi im Maddy im looking for a relationship

    14/JAN Midlothian, TX, Unit

    My name is Maddy and im looking for a boy or a girl or if ur a different gender i can accept that but i love bands MCR is my Favorite i also love TOP,Breaking B,Asking A,GREEN DAY!!!!!!! and yeah text me if ur intrested i am also TG so plz dont judge

    RiaStone Hey...Your really young and Im way too old for you but I love the bands you put up. I also dont judge....How about we be friends? Seriously...TOP is sick as frick...I love them and MCR and Green Day. Your taste is sick as frick
  • I-m 16 looking for a girl into gaming or anime...

    28/JAN Atlanta, GA, United

    Hello :P Im Cameron, 16: Looking for someone who is open minded with positive attitude, I love to play videogames and watch a lot of anime. I m lookin to meet a girl with similar intrests like playing MMO's and chatting about games and anime. I would appreciate the time. Thnx. :)

    Katiejadabettis Hey Im Katie. Im 14 almost 15 and I love gaming and I watch some anime, not much. Text me😉
  • im luke n im looking for a gf

    03/JAN Georgetown, TX, Unit

    Im looking for a nice girl who i could talk to n be more than a friend .I like to listen music ,play soccer etc

    Secretgirl03 Hi😄 Do u want to chat?😄
    Katiejadabettis Hi Luke Im Katie
  • Looking for love. In my age limit please. (15-17)

    27/JAN Clarksburg, WV, Unit

    OK I'm bad a these, but here we go. I'm me. I have a weird personality. I geek out about TV shows. I like cuddles and sweet things. I don't change for a damn person. I did that and got hurt. I'm obsessed with Kawaii Potatoes and identify with them more than people. I'd love to have my name changed to Potato to be honest. XD Doctor Who is my favorite show. Honestly I'm still mad at Netflix for taking it off. IT WAS ONE OF THEIR MOST WATCHED SHOWS!!!!! Sword Art Online or SAO is my favorite anime. I don't watch a lot, but I need to watch more. XD Supernatural is amazing. So is Sherlock. I WANT SUPERWHOLOCK!!!!!!!! Also watch Big Bang Theory ad South Park. Getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Don't laugh. Black Veil Brides were probably the first band I ever truly loved. They're aren't my favorite, but I still love them. Saint Asonia are probably my favorite. I listen more Breaking Benjamin than anything anymore to be honest. Five Finger Death Punch is great to. Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace round out my music. Well may the Potato be with you. XD

  • Hi, I-m Blake,15. I love to have fun and laugh I-m also occasionally quiet

    26/JAN Central Coast, New S

    Hi, I'm Blake,15. I like to have fun and love to laugh , I'm occasionally quiet I'm looking for someone on the central coast:)

  • Just looking for a girl with a mature outlok

    24/JAN Southampton, United

    Looking for a girl who is more mature than their years. Knows what they want and not scared to have it. Im a sugar daddy who can treat you well so long as you treat me well, lol. Im harmless, so no harm in chatting to find out more.

  • Looking For a Good Girl

    20/JAN Conneaut Lake, PA, U

    Hiya! I'm Bryce. I'm 17 years old, 6 feet tall, and always smiling. I am a smart guy who is very nice and funny. I like to play video games, snowboard, watch movies, and just listen to music or the relaxing sounds of a heavy thunderstorm. I'm looking for someone who shares the same interests as me. I'm willing to try new things.

    Hopeful99 Message me back if your interested
  • Looking for a relationship

    18/JAN Lexington, KY, Unite

    Girls i need a relationship i really feel kinda down after i lost friendship with my friend and i need a girl to help me back up. I want to snuggle all day and date someone who will dot that and is 14

    natcat14 hi im natalie and im 14 :)
  • Want to meet girls that wanna hangout

    17/JAN Houston, TX, United

    Im looking for a girl who wants to date and are rlly pretty

  • Hey how-s it going??

    18/JAN Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Message me on Kik at boltz2 if you're interested in me, don't be shy.                                                                                        

  • Miss Talking to Girls


    The title describes it all women around me seem to just want to walk all over me I always get your the nice guy your the shoulder to cry on but I lose in the end. Girls don't seem to want the nice guys anymore they want the men who use and abuse them. I'm not looking to use you or screw with you just wanna talk get to know you make a connection. You had a bad day tell me about it want to talk about dreams I'm right here want to cry I'm here anything I'm here. Life is tough enough as it is don't be your own worst enemy.

    Kik and Snapchat: Kevinallardjr


    cyentharaymond Hi nice to meet you i am very interested with you can you please reply back on. my inbox
  • Hi bryscen here

    17/JAN Roseville, Michigan,

    I like Lord of the rings n movies n nice girls who will love marvel romance and roleplay music and having a good time and Im 15 n kp1999 if u there add me again

  • Just a lonely guy looking for a special someone

    15/JAN Bristol, CT, United

    Im new here but Im looking for a serious relationship in my area, Ive never had a girlfriend before so yeah, just hmu if u have any questions

  • Hello! I-d Love A Girlfriend Who Is A Nerd At Tech, Average Body.

    13/JAN Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hello! My Name Is Ink, And Im 15 Years Old. Looking For An Average Body, White Or Latina Girlfriend Who Will Love Me, And Has Kik. (You Have To Be Smart Too, Lol)

  • single and need a serious friend

    12/JAN Lagos de Moreno, Mex

    Ave never been in a relationship i need someone to friend

  • just looking for a girlfriend

    10/JAN L A, CA, United Stat

    I DONT care what a girl looks like, Im just looking for a girl that is nice, funny, smart, and likes some video games...thats it. I am known for my kindness, my age is 14(Ill be 15 on march 19,2017), I like video games, books, movies, and anime. ok so, see ya later.....

  • Looking for Friend/GF

    09/JAN Orlando, FL, United

    Heya, I'm Cole, 15, almost 16. Honest and down to Earth with a chill and understanding attitude. I like to hang out wherever it is comfortable and not worry about anything. Looking to meet a girl who shares similar interests with me (movies, video games, anime, writing) but would be willing to try something new.

    Contact me at my snapchat: nightdrawn or my instagram: nightdrawn_

  • I would like to meet new people

    08/JAN Nijmegen, Netherland

    Im Nick, I want to meet new people, aged 14-? and thats all