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  • 14/F/Looking for friends 14-16

    23/JAN destin

    Hiya! My name is Bella, Im 14 and Im looking for friends 14-16. Im really just looking for friends, but if we end up really liking each other, then sweet. I am not here for dirty talk or pic trading and all that stuff, just here for something real, and genuine that really means something. Please message me if you are interested in having a clean chat that could lead to us being good friends! Thanks, have a good one!

  • 15,looking for friends/relationship

    22/JAN England

    Hey,my names beth,im 15 and pansexual, i love art and music,my favourite bands are MCR,FOB,P!ATD,BVB etc, im just looking for someone to talk to,preferably 14-17, i can be kinda weird but hey weirds awesome,anyone interested feel free to message me! :)

  • Boys and girls for snapchat


    Looking for snapchat friends. Boys and girls are welcome! I might be dirty. ;) 

  • Just people to chat with ?

    19/JAN Gainesville

    Honestly, Im just down for a good chat. Im not looking for anyone specific. Im a pretty chill person. ? Anyone can hit me up on my skype: chezzer_chez

  • I-m here to meet new people


    Im just here looking friends and for people to be theirselves. Im a nice cool girl who loves to have fun and chill.

  • Hey this my new account :(, but meeting new people

    10/JAN Huntsville, AL, Unit

    hi this my new account apaprently ourteennetwork soemhow done remember my email... but yeah im looking forsomeone that can handle my sweetness, and freaky ness, loves to be silly, goofy, n funny. <3

    Grace hi am all of that and more
  • Looking for friends and love

    14/JAN Methuen ma

    hey there I'm Tiffany. I'm 13 years old . I love dancing and swimming. I'm looking for an African guy (preferably Nigerian)   Who is mature , good looking and good hearted. 

    Im also looking for a best friend. She must be at least 5'7  and must like or know how to dance 

    contact me on my Snapchat: ztyffa

  • want to know the truth

    07/JAN Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi am kayles i was on this site still is but i want to see who really likes me without all that ass showing 

    txt me if u want to know who i am oh am bi sexual by the way and am really nice

  • Meet some new people, make some friends possibly more


    Hey my name is Josh I am here to possibility meet someone special that I can talk to like I have known them for years

  • Meet new people in general


    Hi, Im Conor! Im only 13 and find myself kind of annoying but hope you like me! I like anime/manga, videogames and the like. Im not particularly talented apart from with computers, programming, etc. Not great for meeting up with but Id like to talk over the interwebs with people. xD

    vivian smith hello wishing to talk to
  • Looking for a bf or a friend

    03/JAN Montalban, Calabarzo

    If u have kik this is my I'd htalia1020 let's chat I'm kinda bored and depressed 

  • Like a warming fire to the touch.


    Ay,Im Sirus Im just here to meet some new people maybe make a few friends so on and so forth. Feel free to ask me anything ye like,I wont bite ya. x)

  • Report Ciara-s Profile Please


    So far, Jordyn, Ciara, or whatever her real name is, has used the pictures of Sara Sampaio, Taylor Parks, and Kimmy Hayes. Sara and Kimmy both want any fake profiles of them reported. (snapshots included).

    Haileykay72 siren please....FUCK OFF OF HER LET HER BE WHO SHE WANTS ..
    Sirenblood None of these girls want this girl posing as them to get a boyfriend! Its harassing to these girls. Why is it she can make a post about someone using her pictures but when I do it Im disrespected?
    Sirenblood I dont know who Ocean is, nor have I even seen that profile. P.S. I am a model and I use my own pictures, unlike you. You can even look me up if need to.
    Jbnicolexx How do u report someone?
  • Hey everybody. 17 and Bisexual


    Hey. I've decided i will start looking again. So, I'm 17 and bisexual so both guys and girls hmu. Also i am both neardy and sporty and love to run and play soccer. I sometimes do photography as a hobby also.

    Zert12 Hello,inbox me happy xmas and prosperious new year in advance from stella. ( Regards.
  • hi im dylan i really dont know what to say im bisexual yea thats really it


    why do i need to put more i cant thik of anything im jsut bored thats all so yea i hope eveyone is doink of jpnestly there should be a text count yea

  • Meet new people and looking for a GF


    Im Drew, Im 18, Loves all music, movies, great masseuse, great listener, laid back, I also love meeting new people, I love traveling anywhere anytime, Im open to alot and like trying new things, I also was raised to treat women like Queens and when I find that one girl to treat her like a Goddess.

    Brenleigh baggett Hey Im brenleigh Im super sweet Ive never come across someone I didnt like. Id love to talk to u. ;) ur really attractive
    Carlley newton pls am from Ghana i wnt to be my frnd ,we can chat on whatsapp
  • Meet people, possible dating..


    Hello, my name Matt, I'm 22 and in genesee county, MI. If anyone on here lives in genesee county or MI please message me. I'm also gay and very open minded. 

  • Hey,I-m really lonely and bored


    Im always online on viber so any one can ask me for the number,and Im looking for a good friend and I love to meet new people

  • Hey new to this so hmu to chat


    Hello everybody. My name is Chris, Im 17 and new to this. I would love to meet new people and not looking for relationships right now just friends so if you wanna chat hmu. (p.s i dont judge anybody)

    Brenleigh baggett Hey Im brenleigh lol Im not looking for one either lol so many people hit on me is driving me crazy if u want to talk to me u can just ask me 4 my number
  • Blasting That Twenty One Pilots


    Its late, Im tired, but I love that emo music
    If anybody wants to chat with me off-site about music or whatever, my snapchat is diddlydarndang and my kik is therandomemo

  • Looking friends


    Hey Im going through a rough moment I need someone to talk to msg me your Skype or phone number idc

    Hot and pretty My number is (901) 395-4371
    Brenleigh baggett Hey direct message me Ill give u my #
  • Ages 15-17, males & females


    Looking for someone at age 15 to 17 to become good friends with. Someone accepting of who I am I weird, geeky and many more thing. Looking for someone I can Skype all night or Even stay on call all night.

  • Looking to meet new people (:


    Hey Im Devin! I love building connections with all different types of people so hmu <3

  • yo...I-m a chill B who loves memes.


    Im not lonely or anything. I just want to talk to people who arnt totally boring.

    Jewl 13 Me. Im so not boring. Im a bit shy, but I love music, writing, dancing, singing, stalking ppl, and hanging out with friends. So... message me.
    Achilles Im new here. I am confused by this place
  • Looking for to meet new people to talk with


    Im Eswari S Thevar, 17 years old hindu from Malaysia.Im looking to meet new people.Im new to this site, Instagram : _eswxrx_ , facebook- Eswari S Thevar, askfm : eshwarii.

  • I want to meet someone who-s not completely boring.


    Sup Im myriah and I was bored so I went on here so that I could talk to someone interesting. Im 16 and like to cook, read, sleep, draw, workout, eat grilled cheese, ride roller coasters and watch marvel movies. Im pretty chill but also complicated but Im fun so thats great right? right.

    Clinton Hi,can we know each other more better
  • Meet new people for friendship


    Hi, Imma make this short, I go by Jay, Im an artist, I play ukulele and piano and I play video games; I love bands such as Twenty One Pilots

  • I want to meet someone who-s not completely boring.


    Sup Im mariah and I was bored so I went on here so that I could to someone interesting. Im 16 and like to cook, read, sleep, draw, workout, eat grilled cheese, ride roller coasters and watch marvel movies. Im pretty chill but also complicated but Im fun so thats great right? right.

  • Hey! I-m Shelby I am 14.


    I play soccer. I love almost all types of music. I love to go to wrestling tournaments for my friends. I love to meet new people. I like both guys and girls.

  • meet new people for friends


    Hey Im Brandy I like fishing and would like to learn to hunt. I like to laugh but not to hard. Im just looking to meet new people.

  • bored and lonely


    hmu girls if you wanna get friendly

    Hornygirlxxz Youre really sexy do you like older men
  • Looking for a friend maybe even more


    Hey!! So im looking for someone who basically likes to just have a good time and loves to laugh and just go crazy ;) lol im a pretty chill outgoing funny fun girl who loves to meet new people..i think it would be super cool to just have like friends from everywhere i mean like how chill would what be lol so hit me up here is my number in a pretty normal person looking to get to know people so do it hit me up lol (801)-851-0683

  • meet good friends


    Am a jovial person and like making friends

  • Hello I-m Lootah Naatani but you can call me Trico.


    I love to play with my victims blood and play jump rope with their intestines. But Im alone and looking for more killer clowns to hang out with. sometime after my B-Day on Nov. 21 of this year, I am moving to Orlando Florida I will live near the Amway center. I hope to meet more clowns.

  • Bored ~ Kik me maybe


    Someone message me and maybe we can kik each other or something like that... i dont know. Just no pervs mkay ^-^

  • I like girls


    Hi there grill can we be friends

  • uh saying random words to take up space so yeah hi


    Well im a very different type of girl. Im kind of like all over the place haha. I have a lot of energy and i can be really obnoxious yet im really down to earth. I love music. I play guitar (acoustic, electric and bass) and i sing. Im into music anywhere from beetles to skillet to Jason maraz to three days grace, skrillex, and mayday parade lol. I LOVE video games, as well as riding my horse, fishing, and hiking.Oh dont forget mudding hehe. I do MMA and Im in JROTC. So yeah. Oh and i love writing and reading and i get somewhat good grades, going into my senior year so yay -.- lol oh well. Im shy at first but my friends all say im as open as a book. Not in all ways tho, if you know what i mean. Im a semi active person. I love swimming and MMA and of course my horse, but im also involved in clubs such as the gay straight alliance, 4-H, writers guide, a student ambassador, Link Crew comissioner, and secretary speech and debate. Oh im a whovian too and im starting to get into anime Ive ben watching death note and soul eater, not sure what to start next ^_^ . And yes i love video games. Like Halo, mortal combat, left for dead, GTA, call of duty, Far cry, assassins creed and so on and so on. Oh oh and i love guns ^_^ hehe. Im also a writer and a photographer ^-^ I currently work three jobs and have no social life. If you want to get to know me actually say something other than hi haha Soooo i guess hit me up if you wanna talk, my kik is brownie105, i got snapchat too so

    Aqqalooraq hello there, you kinda remind me of myself
    Emobilliejoegreendaylife Wait do u do jiu jitsu?
    Stephan Watch fullmetal alchemist next
    Ninja I know skrillex 3days grace and skillet lol so pm me if u want
  • Looking for: Someone to talk to


    Heyyyyyyy rn my life is super super boring and if you agree hmu and maybe we can chat ;P

    Kbestie153 talk about boring its a given
    Joo0003 Hi I want to chat
  • All humans are different but we all bleed the same.


    Hey! Im a pretty average 14 year old girl who turns 15 in December, I love the musical Hamilton and old cartoons like Dexters Lab, original Power Puff Girls, original Teen Titans, Camp Lazlo, Ed Edd and Eddy, could go on for quite a while. I love writing, drawing, cooking, playing piano (though Im not that good), and if I get to know someone just hanging out with them. I hope I can meet people.

    Gabriella love Hamilton!!!!!
    Emobilliejoegreendaylife Incorrect about the whole we all bleed the same some bleed profusely from a little cut some dont ever bleed lol itd be more accurate if u said we all bleed the same and did youbjust assume my race. Plus females have periods guys dont or at least they shouldnt
    Emobilliejoegreendaylife Thats rude tho regardless od how much u dislike someone you shouldnt be mean to anyone
    Rawle Hi anytime u want to hook up snapchat rawle.assanah