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  • want to sexy chat with girl


    hey i love to do sexy chat with girls and i m sure if any girl will chat with me she will surely enjoy and feel like sex moment ..
    so any girl has interest please comment i m sure that she will very enjoy

    Zombielover2 Hey laci want to sexy chat with me?
    2 days ago
  • 13 year guy looking for girls only ..

    18/JAN manhattan beach, ca

    Hi, I'm Jess, I'm 13.  Grew up in an orphanage in Sydney, NSW, AU (if you don't know, ask).  Was adopted by some "friends" of my parents and relocated to Manhattan Beach, CA, USA.

  • Looking for a gf or friend.

    03/JAN Pocatello, ID, Unite

    Im looking for a gf or a friend. I am nice, romantic, funny and if you have problems you can talk to me. : )

  • Girls 13-15?


    Hi, Im les, that means no dudes please. Im shy, but Im chill. I like piano and Supernatural, and yeah... I dont really have much to say about me whoops

    Emma Maybe we could talk sometime
  • my friends are really insistent i date someone again


    my last relationship was a relationSHIT so theyre all encouraging me to get out again. so here i am, on some shitty teen dating website with low expectations. prove me wrong?

    Preston I love your pun omfgggggg Ive been laughing for like 5 minutes
    Jewl 13 Lol, relationshit? Literally explains my last relation.
    Phoenix kruse Yeah, but for me is how mine ended.
    Phoenix kruse But anyhow how are you Dateko?
  • Hey I-m gay, wanna date?


    XD, Im a cheesu romantic, 80s rock, supernatural, ahs, other Gay shit. Lol. Love me?

  • I need new friends :))


    Hiya, Im Traci! Im just looking around for new friends and possibly a girlfriend?? im very gay lmao

    Sathish hi I am sathish to
    Cheyt.04 Hey♡ Im looking for a gf as well
  • Looking for friends or maybe something more.


    Hi Im Aliyah. Im bi but I like girls more and would love to have someone to call mine. I like games like far cry 3 and skyrim and I live in the Caribbean so I might be far away. Msg me for my kik and snapchat.

  • looking to meet new,cool ppl. freaks always


    Jist cool,laid bakc,real,funny,im myself,open minded,freaky...jus looking for a friend n more

  • Hi My name is Danielle Im 13


    Im looking for a girl to call mine so msg me

  • Who-s your daddy now


    Babes man I swear haha LOL! (Theyer just to DAMN gorgeous)nice

  • looking for friendship that could be more


    Hi i just want to say that I am pansexual and am looking for someone that can handle my crazy emotions and strange sense of humor I am very kind hearted but have a hard time trusting someone. I have many walls but once you get past them you see the true me :) hmu if you want to talk

    Felix Sure Ill talk
    Mr.henderson Hi my name is Mr. henderson and Im really looking for a hardcore sex girl and im realy energetic I like food more thananything but mostly video games Ill talk
  • Hi, Im looking for that one special girl that will make me happy in the goo


    I love to meet new people... and hang out. But Ill like is to find a girlfriend and be happy...If you a girl and want a boyfriend Im single.

    Mia jones209 Im single and looking for a boyfriend
  • Hey, I am Zac, 18. Love to have a good time with most sports but mostly AFL


    There is a lot of stuff that I am interested in such as sport, singing, dancing and gaming just to name a few. I dont think of myself being cool or good looking but I hope I can find some good people on here.

  • Hey I-m Aidan. I-m 14 going on 15 in a month


    I like video games, coffee and pretty much anything. Im extremel Sociable and love to be outside and play sports

  • Hi my name is Jayden. I am 15 years old and very friendly.


    I enjoy going to the movies, playing sports, and hangging with friends. I am a really good listener and am always there when you need me. Or even if you just want to talk.

  • I dont make fun of people


    Im sean im 15 years old and im nice,sweet,and kind and finding a nice a caring lady to be with.

  • looking for new female friends


    hi im 16 im bi but like girls more looking for new friends maybe more it time

  • 15 yo teen loiking for a girlfriend


    Lookin for a girlfriend that 13-16 msg me thadb16 I am loyal af nice funny in a band

  • meet new people and chat


    im brianna but calle me rosa thats my middle name umm im lesbian so i perfer to talk to girls and yea kik me @mousyb9628

    Richard di maria hello are you doping
  • Sorry bout this..


    Hi does anyone know where to go for a non-hetero relationship? Sorry but I cant find one....

  • Looking for interesting people


    Hey my name is Alex and Im trying to meet new people. Ask for my snapchat or maybe Instagram

  • Hi I-m Devin (14) I-m looking for a 13-15 girl


    Im looking for a girl who is a nerd like me, I like starwars, marvel, DC, dragon ball Z, and some others, you have to be able to stay up late and have snapchat, Instagram or facebook messenger, one of the 3

    Drew seipel Ignore that please. Someone is just using my likeness to cause some mischief.
  • Looking For A Relationship


    Hello, my name is Elijah. I am a 17 year old senior at Potomac High and am turning 18 in November. I am a pretty quiet and reclusive person, Im also on the Autism Spectrum and have my fair share of Depression. What Im looking for, is someone who is kind and can be patient with me. In short, I am looking for one who can love me for who I am, and not what theyd want me to be. I am an Atheist, a Nihilist and a Philosophical Pessimist, I do have a very gloomy and bleak outlook on life, though I do not consider it so. I love reading, writing, and the cinematic arts. Im into classical literature of both fictional and philosophical nature, I also love the noir and horror genres for their dark cynicism. Im a very analytical person and can sometimes overthink things, which will of course, lead to anxiety. I just hope that whoever is reading this, will not be reluctant to give me a chance. I may not consider myself boyfriend material, but I hope at least one person will...

  • Meet girls hopefully more than friends but am ok with just friends


    Hi! My name is Marshall. Im tired of being taken advantage of. It makes me upset when a girl takes advantage of you and then get upset at you for telling them to stop. I know not all girls are like that right? I hope I am. Maybe you can prove me right?

  • Looking for my other half


    Hey ladies! Im really sweet and amazing and ik how to treat a girl like a goddess. I like to read,party,get wild sometimes,hang with friends,play video games and just chill. Thats enough about me. Lets get to no u. So dont be shy just hmu ;)

    Imthequeen hettyttytt :)
    Imthequeen do you have a IG account?
  • Hi I-m Joaquin I-m 15 and I-m a very cool person


    Hi Im Joaquin Im 15 and Im a very cool person And I like whatever she likes and I want a girl who can hang and chill with and do others things too

  • Someone snap me? Thebig5queen


    Just snap me at thebig5queen I guess. Im lesbian and Im looking for friends and maybe a love interest? Eh idk

  • Looking for a hot teenage girl


    Im usually very horny so Im looking for a horny girl that is very naughty and loves to sext.......................................

  • I want a gf


    Hey my name is Audrey im shy ate first but wen you get to know me Im 16 im a lesbian stud looking for love only girls hmu at my kik:myheartbelongstou16 and i prefer girls around georgia

    Badlez101 changed my kik to BadassLezInTheGame17
  • Not looking for love, but just my ride or die!


    Hey there. Im DG, 18. Im very open minded, love to talk tough issues, nd love to just have great convos. Im not looking for love, just a friend, I can be completely honest with nd let go with. But Im really into chicks btw. Im not really allowed to be online either, so my communication hours are limited, and vary very much. But usually its late night. If that bothers u, dont hmu. But Im looking for someone very creative, talkative, nd just over all exciting. Although Im not looking for love, I would like the friendship to take that turn if possible in a few yrs or so.

    Sefrent I dreamt that you let me shit your pants
  • Had enough of virtual, now want to feel the real thing.


    If u know what I mean ,message me. M still a virgin and want to loose it so desperately!

  • looking for friends or gf


    Im a 14 year old lesbian looking for a friendship that will hopefully turn into a relationship. I live in cali so itll be cool if u live close but long distance is also ok. i might not be on here a lot so to get in contact with me kik me at ang3lal33 or message me on instagram at fuxkingweirdo.

  • What-s up ? I-m Cj 19 looking for girl to have fun with


    Cj here looking for girls to hang out with and have some fun, open minded into sports, music, partying, exploring the city etc

  • I am looking for a girl


    I l would like to date a girl who loves roller coaster and who does youtube

  • Hopful man seeking woman


    that other post seemed weird to me so I had to change it, but I think this is how. If you r intrested in a soccer player and a trombone player with lots of love hit me up.

  • older for girl


    girls hmu looking for a chill chick that loves electronica

  • Love hot girls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  • Looking for someone to sext with


    Hey I am really getting horny. Looking for someone to sext with and virtual sex. My personal email Id feel free to contact.

    Jeddlikeswomen I am polite and also respect women. So be absolutely carefree. U CAN TRUST ME!
  • Maybe a relationship


    In love with music...and cookies. I play tuba. I stay happy all the time no matter how bad it hurts. Im in 10th grade Im 15 years old. Life tries to be good...then stuff happens and it fails

    Nash Hi kik me at flash123456788997
    Batman1516 yeah life can be awful sometimes
    Devin Hey whats your number
    Slim Add me on Facebook adham brollosy Id love to talk to a person like you