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Meet thousands of teenagers for sports ,this is a group for meet people for sports in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • i need a girl


    I need a gf for the winter and loves sports

  • I like swimming


    Hey everyone I like swimming and a lot of other sports but that one is my favorite. Any swimmers? :p

    Althea mijarez hey i cant message somethings wrong with my PC i guess if u want u can add em on skype altheamijarez. . .
  • Hockey championship!


    If the Russian team lose today hockey championship, I completely undress for any guy who asks! Who wants to see?

  • Running


    My name is Jacob. I enjoy any physical activity and I run Track and Cross Country. Ive been to state for 5 years straight starting with 6th grade middle school for a 2 mile time of 12:08 throughout middle. Heading into 9th grade with a 3 mile time of 16:04 and Im 10th grade with my time at 15:56. You can kik me at Jacob22355

  • I am looking to meet cute, fun, and friendly teen girls


    I just want to have some fun. I am not going to be like a creepy perv or anything, I just want to talk to other girls around the same age as me. Hoping to meet some awesome people

  • bonjour, sap, hi, ola


    Sports lovers especially girls ca. You take me on in basketball, athletics or football

  • Sports is my life!!


    I love basketball and my team!!! Starter for the A team. 511, even though Im 14.

  • Sports is my life!!


    I love basketball and my team!!! Starter for the A team. 511 even though Im 14.

  • I love sports.


    I play soccer and I am one of the best in my team. I play basketball and Im not that good at it but I am pretty good.

  • Sports maniac


    My favorite teams are MLB: Yankees; NBA: Thunder; NFL: Packers; College any college sport is Iowa Hawkeyes.

  • Favorite Teams


    Here are my favorite Football Teams:
    College: Penn State Nittany Lions & Wisconsin Badgers
    NFL: Green Bay Packers & Pittsburgh Steelers
    What are your favorite football teams? Please comment them below I wanna see!

  • Girls who like sports and sexting hit me up


    I loose to play football soccer and hockey. I also love sexting texting and exchanging nudes with girls. Message me if you are intrested

  • hi my name is zack i am 14


    hi im zack and i am looking for a relationship i love sports and girls i am a person you can talk to about anything and i am very thoughtful and caring

  • Sports is Forever


    I like playing soccer, football, badminton, and adding some dangerous stuff!
    Who else?

    Callmeshyam I love playing soccer and badminton too. I swim and play guitar for shows.
  • Here for the right person :)


    Hey Im Harry,Im from London, Im a huge football fan,if you want to know more about me,just ask

  • hi i-m loreal


    i am looing for someone who likes soccer, sports, and skateboarding. hit me up if you wanna chat!

    Jeddlikeswomen Sorry but u remind me of my shampoo😂😂
    Treck I date you
  • sup


    I play football(wide receiver and linebacker),basketball(point guard),n soccer(goalie) so yea all about me

  • Sports!!!


    I love soccer and Tennis and are looking for girls who love soccer or tennis

  • Soccer


    I play soccer play as goalie and defense

  • Actively Looking. Are you the one?


    Im pretty simple. I love baseball and football and play bith. I also like to camo, fish, and bike. So I am very active. Im single and looking for one special person.

  • I like to do new things


    I like to play lacrosse,basketball,soccer,golf,tennis,WATCHING FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL

  • Hi my name is Zachary, 16. I am open minded with positive attitude.


    I am looking to meet someone with a similar mindset for hanging out (walking around, sports, soccer, athletics, cooking and going to the beach).



    I love to play soccer,tennis, and even table tennis. I play on a competitive soccer team as well as on both the tennis and soccer team for my school. I would love to meet and chat with people that share my interest in the best sports in the world.

    Hannahlovesyahh love soccer toooo
    Joseph2001 You play soccer. You support anyone? I support Everton in the English premier league
    Adrian gomez Defender/sweeper. Wat about u
    Adrianna hey n i love soccer ive been playing since i was little i also wanted to say that our names are almost the same my name is Adrianna Gomez XD
    Elio Hey Elio I like soccer too playing it for awhile now I am a captain for my high school soccer team
    Zuriel also an AMC also love yo play soccer
  • Not exactly in Cardiff.


    Hi, Im Lola. I love music, football, rugby and athletics, I love The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and tha. Trying to learn guitar but my brother broke it. Message me if you want to talk.

    Jayhawke Rugby rocks!
  • Hey, I-m L. Uh yeah. Things I like.


    Hi! Im L. I love football and rugby and athletics. I also like drawing, writing, reading, music, YouTube and other things. Im Welsh, crazy, fangirl and plain weird.

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    just copying the example !
    Hi there :) Im Abhi, 15. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :

  • just wanna chat


    Hi Im lana, Im 17 years old and Im looking for someone to talk to about football. preferably not ravens fans because Im a steelers fan XD

    Tyler Steelers are pretty good
    John christler I love to watch NFL
    Kalvin yeah!!!!!!!!!! go steelers woooooo
  • Hi I am Caleb I play baseball hopefully to me girls that play sports


    I like to play baseball and Im am the best pitcher on the team hopefully meet girls that play and like me playing sports. I like mostly black girls hopefully you like sporty boys like me if you want to chat hala at me

  • softball and cheerleading


    I play softball and I used to cheer until I bruised my kneecap and tore a tendon in my knee so now I only play softball and with me playing softball I have the butt of a softball player if you wanna know more about me hmu on here snapchat or kik my snapchat is danifultz1999 and my kik is Dani_Elizabeth10000

  • Looking for sports girl for relationship


    I love sports and I play baseball. I also love watching hockey, football, and basketball. I would love to find a girl that fits me and who is caring and nice.

  • My interests in a woman that might be you!


    Hi there Im Mason and Im a pervert! Im 17 and only can FaceTime and Text! I like Hot girls and friendly ones too!

  • about me


    a few things about me are i love sports, i love music (specificaly nightcore), and i love trading card games, i love video games especially the Legend Of Zelda series, and i love hiking through the woods

    Johnathon kloxin i dont have skype and also HELL NO!!!!!!!!
  • single


    i am also looking for a girl who will love me unconditionally

  • looking for a girlfriend


    i am looking for a girl who is really geeky an is into all the trading card games and is into video games

  • christian girl whose athletic


    i am looking for a christian girl who is athletic, sweet, and protective

  • looking for a bf or gf


    i am currently looking for a bf or gf who likes football baseball basketball and videogames and i dont mind long distance

  • playing football


    i am playing varsity for the west fargo packers football

    Rose Hello my dear Please kindly contact me with this email ( )
  • Friendly trustworthy


    Hey my name is Brandon Im just looking for a kind beautiful trustworthy girl and I like to play basketball I have dated a girl in 4 yrs if your interested hmu Kik bwade 56