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  • I-m looking for friends and a relationship


    I could tell you more about myself if you did message me. I have a snap too but I don't want a whole bunch of people adding me for no reason. I love to read a lot and I like comedy shows and most popular animes. Guys between 15 and 17 and girls between 14 and 16.

    mercurialh Also youtube is my life and I feel like Im dead rn because I completely forgot about it.
    44 minutes ago
  • If your a girl who likes getting freaky ( hit me up ) :)

    28/JAN Ukiah, CA, United St

    Hit me up if your down to sext or just exchange pics ;) I'm really horny so if your also horny hit me up :)

    Star Germain Your profile pic looks like a young Joey Graceffa
    12 hours ago
    Jr Hi whos down to get freaky ;)
    12 hours ago
  • Who wants to hear a story with a morale

    16/FEB Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Let me tell you all a little story.
    It's about this 14 year old Aussie fella
    His parents went away for the weekend, leaving him home alone
    And you see, there was this older girl, about 16, maybe 17.
    The boy wanted desperatly to impress this girl.
    So, he allowed himself to be talked into a local Tattoo Shop.
    Morale of this story:
    Two tattoos later, boy, just got off lockdown after 6-months.
    But, they haven't made me get rid of the Tattoos..

  • Hey just looking for an girl that would maybe date me

    14/FEB Hummelstown, PA, Uni

    Hi I am Brandon, I am athlete, I do soccer, basketball and soon football and volleyball, I got 1 arm because I broke 2 bones when I was playing basketball, it will be fine, don't worry, I love going somewhere and taking my friends to places, and I'm sorta weird lol, 

  • Hi Anyone In for a single guy? not Homo sexual Straight into girls

    10/FEB Howell, MI, United S

    I am lonely and looking for a nice girlfriend like 15 or 16 years old

    im 16 btw

    Katiejadabettis Hi Steve Im 14 almost 15. I would like to get to know you.
  • Relationship and I am Straight

    12/FEB Luzerne, PA, United

    Hello again, update. I am looking for someone who is 17-18 years old. Male. No older people or I'm calling cops on them. 

  • Cute boys out there????

    25/JAN Newcastle, New South

    Hey there my name is Brittney lol wanna no a bit about me well I'll tell you I'm a bit of a rebel I smoke and love to do bad shit any cute boys wanna have a chat with this bad ass ???

  • Yo. I am new And I wanna meet chu!

    27/JAN Scotts Mills, OR, Un

    HEYO I DO NOT WANT NUDES! yo I am here to meet new peps cause I am so SO FREAKING TIRED of being lonely. I am nice and I like exciting people. I am 16. So! ya know drop a message if you like nice people. and you're a nice person I AM NOT GAY! so don't EVEN! 

  • meet someone for a relationship

    07/FEB Cleveland, OH, Unite

    Just wanna good relationship in my state single good guy loves to party n hangout at places like the ice skate ring or wherever HMU.

  • You should read this post

    07/FEB Suwanee, GA, United

    im hella bored and I have both FaceTime and Skype if anyone wants to. Both guys and girls welcome

  • Looking for Love

    05/FEB Danville, PA, United

    Alaerial... Im 15 i do dance cheer and skateboarding. I'm looking for a guy to date thats sweet kind and has the perfect personality. 

    Jessyslayer6969 Hey txt me on kik😆😉
    Renner14 Hey Lets talk
  • i would like to meet a girl or boy

    07/JAN Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi am already on this site as someone else so just txt me and u will see who i am.Well am nice,kind,funny and loyal and i dont have a problem with long distant relationship

  • hi im a girl im 13 and i love to dance and i love to party!!!! mmg me

    30/JAN Brighton, CO, United

    if you are lucky you miight catch me in the rain . im looking for a boy who is 13 or 14 lives in colorado and is looking for a girl like me ( warning i say bad words alot :P )

    im VERRY flirty sso if your lucky i might start flirting with you

  • Single Girls Who tryna hmu?????

    30/JAN New York, NY, United

    Single girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who tryna be mine forever and be loved forever. U gotta be cute tho if u wanna be mine. I like any type of girls. Imma make u feel special just be mine

  • Anyone want to be my Valentine? About me in the description.

    28/JAN Clarksburg, WV, Unit

    OK I'm bad a these, but here we go. I'm me. I have a weird personality. I geek out about TV shows. I like cuddles and sweet things. I don't change for a damn person. I did that and got hurt. I'm obsessed with Kawaii Potatoes and identify with them more than people. I'd love to have my name changed to Potato to be honest. XD Doctor Who is my favorite show. Honestly I'm still mad at Netflix for taking it off. IT WAS ONE OF THEIR MOST WATCHED SHOWS!!!!! Sword Art Online or SAO is my favorite anime. I don't watch a lot, but I need to watch more. XD Supernatural is amazing. So is Sherlock. I WANT SUPERWHOLOCK!!!!!!!! Also watch Big Bang Theory ad South Park. Getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Don't laugh. Black Veil Brides were probably the first band I ever truly loved. They're aren't my favorite, but I still love them. Saint Asonia are probably my favorite. I listen more Breaking Benjamin than anything anymore to be honest. Five Finger Death Punch is great to. Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace round out my music. Well may the Potato be with you. XD


    Message thid potato I guess.

    Katiejadabettis Hello how are you
  • Looking For Friendships? and A Boyfriend

    25/JAN Atlanta, GA, United

    I want a Loyal ass Boyfriend and friend. I want a friend that will be there for me and also meet them in person. And a strong connection with them.

    and Boyfriend.. I want him to be loyal and respectful and know his priorities in life. And can make me laugh?. So Message me.

  • I-m 14

    17/JAN New York, NY, United

    Hey Im chase Im 14 Im just looking for girls not guys.im ight with just texting on Kik or sum like that ,Im savage

    natcat14 hi im natalie and im 14 too but ill be 15 soon
  • I-m Zaria (14) im pretty chill

    20/JAN Berlin, Germany

    Heyy, Im 14, just looking for a loyal, honest, caring, boyfriend. I dont mind long distance relationships. I live in germany rn but im moving to Tennessee in 5 months, so yeahh i just dont text people first bc im terrible at having a conversation

    Renner14 U look sexy idm long distance love
  • Hello guys -m Herman, I-m 16 and new to this site. I-m looking forward to m

    19/JAN Dallas, TX, United S

    I'm Herman, I'm 16 and new to this site. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends of any gender but mostly girl teens. If anyone is interested for a chat just check me in my inbox

  • contact me im 14

    18/JAN Lexington, KY, Unite

    Hey i am really looking for a girl around my age and i want someone who is loyal and will snuggle. I dont care about long realtionships

    natcat14 hi im natalie im 14 too
  • Hey there Girls I-m single

    18/JAN Columbus ohio

    Hey I'm single so girls if you would like to just talk as friends or maybe date even just have some fun feeling free to message me on here or kik me at nightmare_buddy or snapchat me at zom_bies 

  • Need someone special

    15/JAN San Francisco, CA, U

    Hii. .diksha here, from India. ..looking for a true love

  • looking for a relationship with a girl from the uk

    07/JAN Newent, United Kingd

    Hi im fred, im a drummer and my favourite types of music are: Slam metal, deathcore, nu metal, pop punk and melodic hardcore. Im a pretty cool guy (i think, ha ha xD)

    if you have a similar music taste hmu :)

    Chelsea4343 Hey my name is Chelsea i am 15 and single your cute