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  • im susan, so just read the text i guess..


    Hi Im Susan. Dont really know what to write for this thing.... I like to read, bake, cook, decorate cakes, watch movies, and other things im not sure about at the moment. Im on here because i want to find a boyfriend but if i happen to make some friends in the process thats fine with me to.

    Austin Hi there beautiful how about we get to know each other
    1 day ago
  • Goodfrienship and more


    Hi guys wassup,hahaha i dont even know what to write im honest,helpful, i love to cook,bake,go shopping with my friends and i hate Cheaters

    Dcnerdy Hi Im connor
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a 18 boy named Richard

    18/JAN Fair oaks

    if anyone else has ever been messaged by a guy named rfvb23452 pls message me thx u

  • Need a good man !!!!


    I need a boyfriend that i can trust and ca mine by at the same time hot sweet and nice

    Jonathon14 hi i am nice sweet
    Jonathon14 but then i am cutier
  • Meeting new people for long distance relationship


    Hi :) Im Silke and Im 16. I like to do gymnastic and play guitar. I like to spend time with my friends in my freetime

    Jiro Cool i like u hahaha
    Wyvernjoker heya Silke, pleased to meet ya!
    Olumix712 so alike how can we get to know each other more
    stoney420 hey silke :) You are beautiful, would love to chat sometime
    ManuJSDhami I would love to go out with you
    Renner14 😻 ur so cute
    Arthur henry Hi my kik is HackerBIY2003 , u rso cute so please msg me
  • I-m single 13 year old girl


    I want a relationship where the boy will be trustworthy to me and if he says hes gonna do something he will . I am an active dancer ?? . Im looking for a active boy . I have a snapchat , Instagram , kik , Facebook , and phone number . you can ask for them so we can talk

    Logan13. Hey i am a13 year old boy looking for a gf
    Cameron joseph Hey there. Im an active lacrosse player and wrestler.
    Mthompson1331 hey 13, pretty active, trustworthy
    Ethan Whats your number Id like to talk
    Jeremy hi im jeremy im really active in lacrosse im really trustworthy and would like to talk on kik if thats alright please
    Pfundtrey901 Please text my instagram it is trevor.pfund
    2 days ago
    Nishad Let me make u double from single
    2 days ago
    Nishad ( kik me at *NO USERNAME*) hi I am nishad. I lover to play video games. I am good at soccer. And I am tired of being alone. I am trustworthy so u dont have to worry about that. If u are intrested or if u even wanna be my friend hit me up on kik or u can private menage me on this site.
    2 days ago
  • I-m single and straight


    Im new here, Ive never had my first kiss, or had a girlfriend before, Im a lonely guy, and looking for a relationship in my town, if u have any questions just ask

  • 17 and single

    10/JAN Huntsville, AL, Unit

    sup my name is Danorris Barrow im 17 years old my birthday is September 5th im a Junior in Huntsville High school and im sweet, funny, Freaky sometimes, chill, goofy, n silly. i lvoe to make people smile, i write sweet paragrapghs, i love to draw , i workout 2 times a day. i have a deep ah voice idk how ..jk lmao but my voice is deep tho. and i love to cuddle, smooch, and give hugs. and jsut lvoe to make a girl smile everyday with everything i have in my power to not see her hurt. if u wanna contact me on facebook just message me

  • Meet girls any age for dating


    Hi my name is Collin, Im a freshman in high school and play junior varsity basketball. Any girl looking for a relationship?

  • Looking for a bf


    Hi, my name is Alex, short for Alexandra, im 16 years old from UK, my hobbies are watching amines, playing games, playing football and writting stories. I only want clean chat and Id prefer someone close, but dont really mind if they rnt. Btw please dont be boring XD ??

  • Looking for a girl

    07/JAN Biograd na Moru, Cro

    Im not shy and i like experimenting.
    Im looking for a honest relationship.
    If you are interested message me.

  • Well will see what happens i guess..

    06/JAN Fisher, IL, United S

    My name is Kaleb Im been looking forever with no luck honestly Im an ok person at least I know how to treat a woman with respect I do know what Im looking for lets just see where it goes.....

    Kaleb I meant I dont know what Im looking for
  • Meet me

    04/JAN Vernon Center Townsh

    Anyone wanna meet ages under 18

  • Meet new people to date


    Hey :) Im Ashley, 16. Flirty and shy, I like to cuddle and kiss. I love music and art as well as science and history. Im looking for a loyal, sweet, funny, handsome guy to date. I want a serious, long-term relationship. Ill also date girls.

    Jeddlikeswomen Eve I like to cuddle and kiss. Lets do it!
    Sefrent Eve Will fart on a pop tart and mail it to me?
    Detectivemelon Hey! we appear to share most of the same interests. PM me when u get a chance. Lets talk!
    Crimsonvanguard A pop tart really???
    J you are hot
    Branden hey Ashley im branden btw and imshy too and me too i love music art. science and even history. Im very sweet and loyal Plz msg me
  • hi im very nice sometimes a clutz im very honest and loyal


    im looking for someone nice loyal honest and who likes me for me

    Buddy101010 Holy sh t. There is someone out there that is the same way as me. Loyal, honest, and want to be liked for them selves
    Austin Im honest and loyal, please message me at austindryan@bangorschools.org
    Destin$$ She is way out of my league.
    Michael Haha wow Im trying to find someone like you haha
    Branden hey im very nice and lovyal and honest andim interested for u just the way u are
  • younger girls that like older guys


    Any younger girls like older guys

    Romekt1412 I like younger girls baby
    Mike I like younger girls
    Randy I am 52 and I am a young girl Expert My name is Randy randalllenzi@gmail.com my cell is (610)324-8453 hit me up baby
    Savagecabbage123 Wanna go out Im 13
  • Looking for single girls 12-15 in Illinois!


    My name is Blain,but I go by Jeff.I am in Rockford IL.I am looking for any hot girl.My phone number is 779-770-5133.

  • its 4am can-t sleep so why not


    Im Minerva. A pretty average person. Im very tired at the moment. BUT I CANT SLEEP. So yeah add me on Kik 523451minnie

  • hey guys I-m bored.


    Im Minerva. I love music. I watch a bit of anime . I sing. Im single. Im 14 in Texas. I love playing sports. And yeah if you want to talk to me my Kik is 523451minnie

    Zert12 Hello,inbox me happy xmas and prosperious new year in advance from stella. (adamsstella05@gmail.com) Regards.
    Los fabian Im Los fabian by name from Ghan,17years of age.....I am Seeking for a long term relationship,someone who will be honesty with me and also someone who will be real and not to play games with me...I am New into this online dating services and you are the only person i am communicating with for now,I have been introduce by a friend to join this website and i am giving it a try to see where it will lead me to,I am single,I have been in a relationship before but i have been treated so badly and am giving it a try to look forward into my future..I don`t smoke or do drunks,I do believe in God a lot...I am ready to love and trust in a relationship..
  • Very open sexy and wealthy guy lives near Sheffield xxxx


    Hi you lot out there I'm sure sure that there are other people who like to party and have lots of fun and games with ? I'm fit very clean and well equipped for anything xxx I like to play with both sexes and versatile xxx

  • Looking for someone to meet.


    Hey.Im Abhishek. I am 15 and I like games abd soccer. I also like drawing and fun. I am looking for a cute girl who is also funny and is willing to be a friend and something more later if she is interested.

  • Hey everyone, I-m a newbie


    Hi, Im Chris... Im a redheaded 15 year old dork who likes music, mainly old stuff and mainly Queen

    message me I suppose and lets see where it goes :3

  • Hi there :) Im Daniel, 14. Im funny and Nice.


    Im 14 and looking for a gf or at least someone to talk to on snapchat or facebook

  • To Any Girl Intrested ;)


    Hi, Im Brennon, And Im Looking For A Teenage Girl Who Has A Great Personality For Me To Enjoy Being Around And Who I Can Consider As A Girl Friend. I Will Treat You As Respectively As I Can. So, Who Needs A Boy Friend?(a.k.a. me)

  • Looking for someone to talk to


    Hey. Im just looking for some girls who wouldnt mind chatting, I dont judge by looks or anything like that, what matters to me is if youre a jerk or not. If youre interested in talking then message me :)

  • I would love to meet some beautiful people to be placed in my heart.


    My name is Will, I am 16 years old and I would love to have someone love me as much as I love them, I have a love for some sports like martial arts and rugby, I am very hipster and religious, so if that turns you away dont let it because I may be religious but I do not share the same hatred that others of my religion do.

    Brenleigh baggett Im religious too if u wanna chat we can just tell me
  • So this is kind of a last resort thing...


    all of my instincts and principals are telling me not to do this. I dont want to use a site like this to meet someone. I think it should be a real interaction. But anyways hi guys my name is Paris whats up

    Kenai Hiya! (^ω^)How are you?
    Jewl 13 I love your name!!!!! #~# But, hi.
  • Looking for a boyfriend (:


    Hai Im Bree ? 14. Im shy yet I have a great personality once u get to know me. Im really sweet. I have a sense of humor. I do love photography. I dont really know what else to put /. Looking for a boyfriend or a guy best friend (:

    Brayden.b hey.. Im interested message me
  • Looking for country girl/any girl I guess


    Im Jarrett, and yes I am actually 16 seeing as everyone thinks Im older, 6ft 6, straight, single. I grew up in a little town in Nebraska. I love old country and metal, Chevys, Harleys, guns, bows, other random stuff lol just looking for a friend or gf

  • I want to find a girlfriend who can be with me long


    I want to get a girlfriend and want girls who can go long with me. I am a tall handsome Chinese guy, likes playing basketball and soccer, and do well in study. I live in Hayward so Im trying finding nearby people.

  • Hi there Im Branden and im15 years old


    i love to play with my dog, playing volleyball and play soccer. I love to writenovels and even poetry. i love the holidays like christmas and thanksgiving. I love science and i want to be adoctor when i grow up. I love animals expect rodents they freak me out. i love twilight and movies with vampires, werewolvesand evencomedy like 22 jump street. I stay up all night with my movies. what i want in a girl is smart, alethic beatiful and stubborn. I lovegirlswho have blue eyes but you dont have to have blue eyes itsokay. I dont judge a girlby the size of the waist. i would like a girl who stays up allnightwith me.

  • heyo! Kinda bored. lol I-m a loner.


    Heyyyy well. The names Minerva. And well I love Panic! At The disco. I play 5 different instruments. Im 14. I live video games. And I play soccer and volleyball. Im kind of a nerd. I live anime. (Mostly attack on titan) so yeahhh.. Um You can message me on Kik its 523451minnie

    Matt skylar attck on titan hell yeah
  • Hi there :) I-m Michael I am 14.


    Hi Im Michael ? I am funny and positive.I work out a lot and I need a sexy gf to fuck.

  • Hello Im Thomas I love to meet new people message me ;P


    I love classic rock music grunge and some metal. I love playing my Guitar, and just chilling. Also Im pretty shy. I also play a lot of video games, Including; Fallout,Forza, Mafia. And I would love to talk to you!

  • Ryan Day 18 year old film student


    Hiya, my name is Ryan, Im a film student at south Essex college, I love gaming, reading, writing stories and songs, going for a hike and just enjoying life, also a bit of a wannabe politician

    Starlord Im a film student, yep, one of those, the nerdy one who knows way to much about their favourite films, I like to read and game, as well as write songs and stories, I love going hiking camping, I hope to one day have my own production company and with any luck go onto politics, bit of an other thinker but most of the world doesnt like thinking nowadays, so I guess I have to do it for them aha ifyour interested, drop me an inbox on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ryan.day.3367 or follow me on Instagram ryan_of_house_day
  • want to find people to talk to and snapchat


    i love to play the drums. i am very fun and i like to hike, listen to music and other out-doorsie things

    Brayden.b hey youre cute message me back
    Bob34 sweet finallyn
    Bob34 i love to play drums and i have a drumset im in my band at my school im a senior
    Bob34 i would love to get to know u your almost in similarity woth me i love listening to music i love music in general
    Bob34 plz message me
    Wyvernjoker heya!!! pleased to meet ya
    Starlord Hey there ;)
  • Hoping to meet new friends


    Im a 17 yr old makeup artist that focuses on horror and gore.My hobbies are skateboarding, cosplaying, horse riding and art. I love heavy metal and piercings and am hoping to meet someone with similar interests. :)

    Jewl 13 Im taken, but hello. I love every thing you just listed. ;)
  • hi there. name is mahyar but i prefer nathan. would like to meet new ppl


    hey so name is nathan and im 16. looking for a relationship. about myself: i like games and reading books and im into music.. mostly rock but i listen to anything.