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  • looking for a new relationship

    15/FEB Blackpool, United Ki

    I am looking for a loyal relationship with a girl but who sends inappropriate things to one another and have fun 

  • Hey I-m Megan and I-m looking for a boyfriend

    05/FEB Lake Villa, IL, Unit

    I'm 15 I love to listen to music and to hangout with friends, and I love to laugh. Looking for a relationship with a guy who will be patient with me and who will care for me and love me for me. I don't want someone who is fake. If you want to get to know me then message me. 

    Jessyslayer6969 Texted you sweetie
    Juan.marquez Do you want to be my friend
    Arthur henry I wanna be your guy
    hfaizi4 hi i need a girlfriend my name is Ramin 23 years old here is my whatsapp no 93706529838
    Jayman13 My name is jason and i am loyal to a relation ship
  • A little info about myself

    13/FEB Mississauga, ON, Can

    Hi there I'm Faisal, 17, I have a positive attitude towards people and I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet and chat with people that are just like myself. I was born with hearing loss and found out when I was 13 just 4 years ago. I'm a nice guy to talk to, so feel free to message me :) 

    Naidelin So are you completely deaf or just have to wear hearing aids?
  • Looking for loyal girl

    12/FEB Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hey I'm dan. I'm lookin for a loyal gf. I like music, gaming, and I like to try new stuff.  HMU on Kik Dan_Rogo or text me @ 909-251-9469

  • 15 trans boy who lookin for a bf or gf

    06/FEB Arlington, TX, Unite

    howdy,  I'm laurance and I'm 15. I'm trying to find the right person who would be willing to deal with me. I'm pansexual so I'm okay with anyone. I like South Park, superheroes, and homestuck

  • Meet new people for friendship.

    10/FEB Carson City, NV, Uni

    Hey there I'm chauncy, 17. I'm a loving and caring person. I love to laugh and have a good time. I want to meet someone who likes me for me.

  • Tired of always being lonely

    06/FEB Suwanee, GA, United

    Hi, my name is Phillip. I'm 15 years old and enjoy music and skateboarding. Most my life I've always seen couples having fun, but never been in a real one. So hit me up if you wanna try something, no fake people please. I don't have to for you.

  • Single looking to be in a relationship

    09/FEB New Windsor, NY, Uni

    hey, this site is hard to find people to be in relationship. So anyone who wants to be in one hmu

  • Hey!! Nice to meet you!

    09/FEB Priceville, AL, Unit

    Hey there I'm Migel and I very athletic and my favorite color is blue and I enjoy playing physical games (dodge ball etc.) and video games (Call of duty etc.) Football ? is life and I can't wait to play Football again this year. I would like to meet a girl that is athletic (and I liked if she plays a sport or cheerleads)... supportive and likes to have a good time and I would like to start knowing somebody that has this qqualities. I would also like to meet new people as well...

  • looking for a girlfriend

    09/FEB Savannah, GA, United


    hi, my name's Gordon, and I a looking for a fun nice, nerdy, girl who likes to play games. I'm 15, and can do long distance or short. 

  • Feel free to kik and add me on snapchat

    08/FEB Lamont, CA, United S

    Hi I'm Anthony I'm 17 my height is 5'2 and I'm freaky loyal loving trustworthy honest and looking for a cute freaky gf 

    Feel free to kik me at aunt_wang 

    Or add me on snapchat 

  • Bored and want someone to talk to or occupy my time. Girls only.

    06/FEB Dallas, TX, United S

    I work for a locksmith company, enjoy longboarding, music, and romance. Hmu if you feel like having a fun conversation that can last as long as you want.

  • Looking for a relationship boy or girl and friends

    05/FEB Aurora, CO, United S

    Hi I'm Orlando I'm bi I like games and being outside i like spending a lot of time with whoever I'm in a relationship with and I will truly care about them well unless they cheat.. I dont like cheaters or liers at all.. If you want to get to know me better message me ^-^ oh and I'll put up a profile pic soon its just I take bad pics ??

  • single and sarching.

    03/FEB Nairobi, Nairobi Cou

    hi  there,   am  moses  aged   20.  open  minded  with   positive  attitude,  i  like  to  meet  new  people have  fun  to  be  arounnd,  i'm  lookinn  to  meet  a  lady  with   similar  mindset  for  a  relationship  that  might  last  halla  at me  if  anyone  is  intrested  ladies  only.

  • Looking for a relationship Looking for a gf or bf. Meeasge me

    01/FEB Oakville, ON, Canada



    Hey. Awesome guy here. Looking for a gf or abf to spend some time with and to possibly date. Live in oakville. If ur interested, message!


    sexyman12345 hi, im intrested
  • 16 m clyde looking for gf

    03/FEB Oregon City, OR, Uni

    yo what up my name is clyde im 16 and im looking for a girlfriend im a real chill and down to earht person i play football and throw shot and disc i like politics im a youth goviner in my state and i love hsitory 

  • Hey;) Looking for a girl who would like a relationship.

    30/JAN San Luis Obispo, CA,

    Hey, I'm Dennis I really just want to find a girl that is into a relationship. I am a fun guy who likes gaming and a fast paced life. I am chill and playful.

  • Singleeee???????????

    30/JAN New York, NY, United

    Single girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who tryna be mine forever and be loved forever. U gotta be cute tho if u wanna be mine. I like any type of girls. I'll be urs forever

  • Looking for girl that wants to have fun

    29/JAN San Fernando, CA, Un

    Hey I'm craig, I just want to have fun. I like partying, playing guitar, driving fast ;) hiking, and making friends. I'm a metal head 

  • My name is Layla Abel

    20/JAN Tulsa, OK, United St

    Hi, my name is Layla and I am looking for a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend. I am bisexual.I live in Tulsa,OK

  • Hey looking for friends or more

    27/JAN Garden Grove, CA, Un

    Hey the name is Danny and I'm here looking for friends and maybe more, put s comment or hmu if your interested 

  • Looking for internet relationship with girl :)

    26/JAN Prague, Czechia

    Hi, i would like to try internet relationship with some girl :) if u want just send me message :) One day i would like to even meet. :)

  • I-m single and straight

    14/JAN Bristol, CT, United

    Im new here, Ive never had my first kiss, or had a girlfriend before, Im a lonely guy, and looking for a relationship in my town, if u have any questions just ask

  • Looking for friends in san bernardino

    21/JAN San bernardino

    Im just looking to meet attractive girls who can come over to my spot to chill. Hmu 9512265946

  • Join if your in sarasota

    20/JAN Sarasota, FL, United

    Hi there I'm Tommy 18 .Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m looking for cute girls in sarasota to date and hookup.

  • Looking for a 18 boy named Richard

    18/JAN Fair Oaks, CA, Unite

    if anyone else has ever been messaged by a guy named rfvb23452 pls message me thx u

  • 17 and single

    10/JAN Huntsville, AL, Unit

    sup my name is Danorris Barrow im 17 years old my birthday is September 5th im a Junior in Huntsville High school and im sweet, funny, Freaky sometimes, chill, goofy, n silly. i lvoe to make people smile, i write sweet paragrapghs, i love to draw , i workout 2 times a day. i have a deep ah voice idk how ..jk lmao but my voice is deep tho. and i love to cuddle, smooch, and give hugs. and jsut lvoe to make a girl smile everyday with everything i have in my power to not see her hurt. if u wanna contact me on facebook just message me

  • Looking for a girl

    07/JAN Biograd na Moru, Cro

    Im not shy and i like experimenting.
    Im looking for a honest relationship.
    If you are interested message me.

  • Well will see what happens i guess..

    06/JAN Fisher, IL, United S

    My name is Kaleb Im been looking forever with no luck honestly Im an ok person at least I know how to treat a woman with respect I do know what Im looking for lets just see where it goes.....

    Kaleb I meant I dont know what Im looking for
  • Meet me

    04/JAN Vernon Center Townsh

    Anyone wanna meet ages under 18