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  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13/FEB Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

    Brian Hey whats your snap?
  • Hey I-m Cayden, and I am looking for a partner romantically

    15/FEB Santa Ynez, CA, Unit

    I'm an openly pansexual person, which means I'm open to a relationship with someone of any gender. I'm a huge nerd so if awkward as hell and nerdy seems like your type hmu

  • Hi Aiden, living in Venice CA.

    16/FEB Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Surfer and Skater .. 
    I play acoustic guitar.. 
    Trying to learn Sax
    Trying to leasn Spanish and Japanese ..
    I like Krav Maga ..
    I like partying.. 
    I like girls (younger or older) .. 
    I like sex .. 
    Im also a naturalist ..

  • Girls around the age of 16 that wants to date me

    05/FEB Liberty, MO, United

    I have been through a lot and I am a nice person. I am 16 I'm 6'4 and I am looking for a gf

    Katiejadabettis Hey Im Katie im 14 almost 15 and Ive been through a lot also and Im only 4 inches shorter than you.
  • Looking for boyfriend

    11/FEB Metairie, LA, United

    Hi. My name is Madelyn or Maddy for short. I'm 13 years old. I play volleyball. I am looking for a boyfriend 13-14. I was a long lasting relationship. I can do long distance and online dating. I am kind and loving. I'm a little loud sometimes but I love to laugh and have a good time. I don't mean to sound picky or mean but I prefer fit, good looking boys. If you are interested please send me a message. 

    Priyansh Hey, i like your thoughts
    moksh Hey I like ur thoughts as well as u
    moksh r u intrested
  • reumantic alone man(love beggar)

    05/FEB Tehran, Tehran Provi

    I'm a real faithful alone man who needs a nice honest partner to submit her his soul,heart and life.She is the most beautiful flower of creation and the biggest miracle of God so it's not wonderful to submit all of my exist to her.she is my pretty queen and I'll be her permanent slave.I beg her love and am proud of protect her by my extremely effort.My kisses on her hands and feet.

    Blep I dont think you should be here
  • hi im14 and really ugly

    03/FEB Neptune Beach, FL, U

    i would like to make a new friend or maybe date. I like video games, su, cartoons, eddsword, albertstuff, undertale, cod, art, music, madeon and a lot of other stuff so hmu if you wanna chat! 

  • Looking for friends and YouTube buddy

    02/FEB Henderson, Nevada, U

    Hello i need (or i want) someone who has a youtube chanel or someone who wants to help me with mine. probably get back to me

    shadow i can be your youtube buddy im faith and im 13 :) my email is faithsk12@gmail.com message me :)
  • Looking for a girl friend in Ireland

    02/FEB Athlone, Ireland

    My names Ben and I'm from Ireland. Im 14 almost 15. I'm looking for a gf between the age of 14 and 15 and living in Ireland.

    please message me if this is you 

  • Looking for a girl that likes fun

    01/FEB Qu├ębec City, QC, Ca

    I'm looking for a dirty girl that likes to have fun. So any girls out there? Sorry guys but I'm not gay. 

  • looking to skype a girl or kik one add me if you have it

    30/JAN Dundalk, MD, United

    ok so i use my email for my sky.pe :    remszero@yahoo.com

    mykik is : badass1990xd

    i have a webcam and a mic . i will cam nude . add me . i only accept adds from girls


  • Looking for a Relationship (Bi)

    30/JAN Denver, CO, United S

    Looking for a relationship (friendship or more) with men and women. Hit me up if interested.

  • (Insert Amazing Title Here)

    28/JAN Long Island, NY, Uni

    Im your typical New York hipster wanna be. I sing, play the ukulele,guitar,piano,drums. I skate and Love me some Video games. 

    Q:Where did sally go after the explosion


    If i made you smile or laugh check out my instagram....Maxamoto12 (DEFINITELY  NOT SELF ADVERTISING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT)

    Pricyla Hi interested I like skateboarding to
  • Looking for friends or a boyfriend

    29/JAN UT, United States

    Hey, I'm Kaen, and I'm kinda just looking for some new friends, or a boyfriend. I'm kind of a dark person, and tend to hang around emo/goth people and my LGBT friends. I'm always free to chat, so hit me up or somethin'

  • Hi I am leslie and I am 13 and I want to meet new pe

    28/JAN Miami, FL, United St

    Hi I am leslie and I would like to meet new people. I have 3 pets 2 of them are cats and I have a bearded dragon. I love reptiles and I love roller coasters. My favorite is hulk from Orlando universal. I love to have fun. Byeeee!!

  • Hit me up on snapchat or instagram

    26/JAN Calgary, AB, Canada

    Hi, I'm Mardi and I'm looking to meet fun people to talk to, hmu @mastermardikola. Simply getting to know someone and just having a good time getting to know you is all I'm looking for. You can also hit up my instagram @mardi.kola

  • Looking for a guy friend who is 17 and dosent lie

    25/JAN Aldergrove, United K

    I'm bored I'll give you my kik or somthing if ur nice don't be a lier 

    mnuchi am not 17 but I wud love it that we chat am dead bored
    Nishad I m 17 actually I will be 17 on April So maybe we can talk
  • Looking for internet relationship with girl

    26/JAN Prague, Czechia

    Hi, i would like to try internet relationship with some girl :) if u want just send me message :) one day i would like to even meet

  • hi

    11/JAN Memphis, TN, United

    Im looking for a guy who is
    2)Is in it for the realtship

  • I-m just a small town girl...living in a lonely world

    23/JAN .

    Hey-o! My names Kayla and I'm really looking to meeting new people and I hope..maybe something will become more with a special dude? I would like to be friends and maybe something will launch from there~! 

    Muhammad Hey..i wish to talk you
  • Looking for GF

    20/JAN Blacksburg, VA, Unit

    Hey, Im 13 male who is looking for someone to date(preferably 13 or 14 girl). Im OK with inlie relationships. I will support you and will stick by you until you dont want me anymore. (Which always happens.)

  • Hi, I-m Jess, I-m 13. Grew up in Sydney, AU. Living on Manhattan Beach,

    20/JAN Santa Monica, CA, Un

    I surf .. play guitar .. Im a photographer ..
    Looking to talk to pretty girls, of any age ..

  • Hello My Name is Aaron and im 13 and im looking for a girlfriend

    19/JAN Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hello My Name is Aaron and im looking for a girlfriend who wants to date me.

    Some of my interests are here : tech,gaming,computers,youtube,gaming,traveling,music,love and love

  • Looking for a friend to play overwatch

    17/JAN Salt Lake City, UT,

    I reply dont care if you are a book of a girl I am just looking for a friend to play overwatch with.

    Conner I really dont care if you are a boy or a girl, stupid auto correct
  • I like people who hang out and have fun!

    07/JAN Mount Laurel, NJ, Un

    Hey! Im, Brooke13. I like writing and guitar.

  • Hey, Guys and Girls

    06/JAN Madison, AL, United

    Anyone that wants to talk guys and girls, but girls i am straight and if ur a guy we can talk and see how it goes. I like play sports like soccer,basketball,lacrosse, i also do MMA. Girls i am a great listener if ur having problems and guys if u need something just tell me i might could help you ;) dont hesitate to text and i will reply quick.

  • forever alone lmao

    04/JAN Belleville, IL, Unit

    so hi. im sophie. Im super lazy and I hate sports. I love to draw and I occasionally make puns. Im bi and im looking for friends and a possible boyfriend/girlfriend. message me to know more :)