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  • I am very weird and freaky.


    Looking for girls who are kinda curvy. I love having fun. I want to meet a girl who is pretty naughty and knows how to have fun. Dont be shy

    Saber Ohk i am in ;)
    FT smile........cute
    7 hours ago
  • Meeting some ok me to have fun or to start an online relationship with


    Hey, Im Chris, I dont know what to say really. I am a sarcastic buggar, I think Im quite funny but you may disagree. I enjoy football, cycling and going out to places with the lads. Looking for a nice girl to have a bit of fun with or maybe to start an online relationship. So yeah cheers

  • Looking to date and have a great time


    Hey :3 Im Will, 19. Im a positive, understanding, hard working, and openminded person. I love to laugh, play games, relax, and lots more I cant fit in 80 characters. Im looking for someone to have a great time with, and maybe even grow close. Who knows? Talk to me anytime :3

  • Meet someone new for a friendship or relationship

    21/JAN N

    Hi, Im 17 and looking for love. Im a funny and outgoing person. If you wanna get to know me you can message me.

  • Friendship and Relationship



    I'm looking to meet new people whether for a relationship or friendship.

    I love to learn about new things and see new places. I read and love to paint. My interests also include movies, tv shows and music. Message me in you are funny and interesting :)

  • I-m new here:)


    So my name is Kila... Im 16 years old. Im socially awkward and have no idea what to say um Im pan sexual and looking for a serious relationship:)

    Aidan hey u wanna chat sometime
    Hershey kiss So how about we try to get to know each other a bit
    Drakonus prime Im also looking for a serious relationship. nice to meet you.
    Nickcarpenter29 Add me on kik NickBryanCarpenter
    Shovik22 Hey Kila, I want to get you know you better.
    Renner14 Hey can me and U talk Kila and my name is Renner
  • Looking for someone to keep me happy

    10/JAN Huntsville, AL, Unit

    hey sweethearts my name is Danorris, and im 17 years old my birthday is september 5th, my fav color is red black,blue n gold, i love to draw, im silly ,goofy n i love too chill n have fun, im freaky sometimes , so getchu a freaky one Lol and if u wanna get in contact with me add me on faceboook: thank ya for reading, be breezay everyone

  • Meet someone to date but get to know each other and start off as friends


    Hey everyone Im Julia Im 13 and pansexual and looking for a gf or bf or date mate Im looking for someone with similar interests as me which include watch Netflix and youtube cuddling and listening to music some of my fav bands are fob MCR bvb sws bmth and more and Im also a really kinky person

    POWERSPEC Hello Julia pretty name my name is Randy I am really 52 years old look like Im in my late 20s very cute from Valley Forge Pa. I am looking for a warm hearted girl for friendship , I see you only 13 so if my age bothers you Im sorry but if your looking for a decent guy I am open to some of your interest but if I may as I have never heard a Pansexual what in the heck is that and I must say I am probably more kinky than you lol. my Mobile number is : 1-610-324-8453 my email : randalllenzi@gmail.com I am not going lo to look up what it means I was thinking you could explain it to me I have no Idea cant even imagine lol
    Cameron3883 Hey Im Cameron Allen and I love everything about u we have a lot in common my Kik is benbruce4life hopefully u message me
  • Searching for the 1 girl

    04/JAN Perth, Western Austr

    Hey everyone, my name is liam :), i am 18 years old and have just graduated high school a few months ago. I love sports in general but my favorites are Soccer (inside and outside) And Swimming. As much as i love sport i also love video games :D, i have a playstation 4 so hit me up if you wanna play something that we both have. Please get in contact with me if you would like to talk more, i have Snapchat and Facebook, also with a mobile number, enjoy your day.

  • I-m bi, plus I-m a hopless romantic

    04/JAN Peru, IN, United Sta

    Hey guys, my name is Colton, and Id like to make new friends and chat with people to maybe build our friendship better. Pm me or email me via cashfancolton99@gmail.com or kik me via coltonburnette74

  • Looking for older males


    Just trying to find a guy that loves spoiling. I'm not talking about money but attention and phone calls. Just wanting someone who can look past my flaws too. 

    Yash sinha Well, Im interested.
  • Hello there


    People who like to travel, make music and art, eat pizza and french fries, like cats and coffee, feel free to message me~

    Kade hey in gloing to new orleans to visit the lalaurie mansion
  • Hi, i am Lukas and 17 years old. I am from Germany but do an Exchange.


    I am open minded and love to dance. I like to go hiking and shopping. I also like to take pictures :)

    Naplesbeachbabe Hey Im a hiker too! Hmu sometime
    Cinderella I cant dance very well but I do take pictures a lot. Hmu
  • Tired of the boredom


    Hey there, Im William but my friends call me Will.i.am for some odd reason ;P, Im interested in girls who are at least in my area and love adventure. To me that means hiking, longboarding, swimming in the lake, and hopefully paddle boarding. They also have to put up with my jokes and dance moves

  • laugh out loud


    Looking for a funny n cray personality n am nice

  • meet new people for friendship and also dating if possible


    Hi there Im William, im 16 years old. i have a positive attitude. I like to have a laugh and joke around and im looking for someone with a similar mindset for hangin out (music, football,gaming,)

  • Im just bored fam


    I think the title is self explanatory ._.

  • Uhh... Looking for a Girlfriend...


    I dont really think... That... This is particularly necessary... If you wanna know me, I suggest you message me via Kik @ TheGoodPirate... Bah Humbug. Im rather tired of things not really going uh... Great... I just want someone to love... (Wow that was a strong cliche)

  • Hello ^-^


    Hi. Im Alex and Im just looking for some people to talk to. SOme internet friends? I like bands, my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and my favorite animal is a giraffe. So... yeah if you like those things, we can be friends XD

    Collin i love all those things
    Ninja Hey lol I enjoy most of that but never seen night mare befor christmas
    Devon night mare befor christmas is a rilly good movie and ill toke to you for as long as youl toke to me
    Jewl 13 Me, Im the same. Giraffes are my favorite animal, and any Tim Burton movie is the best. And.... bands! Music in general is love. So, hey!
    Ombrax i so interested in all that
    Vishap hi my whatsapp no 8565034379 and add india code
  • Im looking for a respectful guy to be in a relationship with


    i want to have a good relationship with someone and pls do not send nudes

    Ombrax i too wish to have you in a date
    Vishap hi my whatsapp no is 8565034379 in india


    love this website.. am new here and hope to be entertained my my wonderful friends...

  • Meet new people for friendship


    Hey guys,I am yassine 17 years old i. Would like to have new friend here and i want to have a good time and i like to chat dont be affraid to message me

  • Here for everything, but would settle for a few chips.


    19, London, 61, Student. Study at neuroscience at goldsmiths uni, veggie, and occasional meathead (gym).

  • Country girl


    Hey yall my name is Aurora. I enjoy mudding, fishing, an d just about anything outdoorsy. I play violin and paint. Working on selling paintings. I am also looking for either a bf or new guy friend. So yeah.

    Phoenix kruse can you teach me to play violin?
  • Looking for friend. Please be nice!


    Jhem here! :) Whats up? HAHA!

  • On here cos I-m single af


    Im zach, 16. New here looking for the one for me or something like that. Love dark humor, wearing black and listening to music. Not the most confident so Id be very very appreciative if you messaged first.

    John baker Dark Humour never gets old. Just like a kid with cancer
  • Looking for a commitment, don-t send dickpics


    I want an actual relationship, no hookups, no dickpics, im a full time stoner and smoker so youll have to deal with that, im pretty simple, I love music, comedies, and art, and thats about it

    Cameron crabtree im lokking for a relationship that would last and i dont mind stoners cause i dont judge people im fun, full of love, and always ready for anything hit me up at theCmancrabtree@mail.com or message me on here i will respond and i respect women so i dont send dick pics at all ) im just a real nice guy and a real gentleman
    Starlord First of all, do you like star wars
  • Holaaa


    Hello there, Im a film student, yep, one of those, the nerdy one who knows way to much about their favourite films, I like to read and game, as well as write songs and stories, I love going hiking camping, I hope to one day have my own production company and with any luck go onto politics, bit of an other thinker but most of the world doesnt like thinking nowadays, so I guess I have to do it for them aha ifyour interested, drop me an inbox on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ryan.day.3367 or follow me on Instagram ryan_of_house_day

  • Mid-term exams are comming up!


    I freaking have a lot of midterms coming up and Im panicking the f k out about it. And now I shall return to my studies for my midterm....

    Jayson you can do it have faith in yourself
    Jayson thanks ill need it
    Jewl 13 Nah, youve got this!
  • Hey, I-m Maddie, 17 almost 18 and I-m bi but lately I-m looking for girls.


    I have a few chronic illnesses but its all mostly managed. It just makes me more interesting :) I love reading and writing poetry and trying new, healthy foods.

  • Austin,17, looking for a friend, girlfriend, or overall aquaintance


    Its nothing really, been down lately, thought Id try this, if you wanna talk thats cool, just type if you wanna talk, ask for either my snapchat or kik

  • Trying dating online


    Im interested on boy who can do some sports especially swimming and archery. Why? Because, I love those sports. Im prefer Christian and nice boy.

    Moomaster I did do archery one never got a bullseye tho, I am also christion
  • Pretty young thang with my slim thick cute ass..


    My name is Deanna... Im mixed and slim thick with my cute ass... Im outgoing but go 0-100 real quick.. I stay high and love to chill... Looking for someone to call mine..

    Feah woow...am blown...good... me too ...y not we text and see where it goes
  • Meet new people for friendship


    Well before i start i am not very good at this so forgive my mistakes.....hey there my name is fareedah i am 16(almost17) tho...i am a dancer tho i love singing buh i aint reallly good at it....i love reading novels,watching movies and also drinking icecream...and less i forget i also love travellling like a lot....Hmmmm iono what to say anymore tho so that is all

  • Hi, I-m Seth, looking to meat gorgeous girls, any age


    I like surfing .. I like partying.. I like girls .. I like sex .. I play acoustic guitar.. Like Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen King . Marvel YES DC mostly NO

    Julie i love marvel
    Victoria Hi, we have some things in common :)
  • Hi, Im just a shy good looking to meet people open to fun ;) and adventure


    I like music and nature... oh and archery. I dont really know what else to put. Im 16 and Im a gay male

    Rowan What kind of music are you into?
  • trying to meet new people.


    Im Elizabeth, Im 16. Im looking to meet new people, for friendship or more. Im in Gautier,Ms. comment if you want to Instagram, snapchat, or text.

    Renner14 I have a Instagram how about me and you talk please
  • Meet new people for kinky sex


    Hi im nick and i just want to meet new people i love youtube and i like guys and girls im in to anything kinky

  • Meeting single people


    Hey Im Jeremiah Im 17 yrs old and I am single I love Martial arts and Im looking for someone that live in San Antonio TX Nd also someone that is faithful and honest and also that has a good sense of humor I like hanging out with friends and just being myself so message me if u wanna talk

  • looking for a girl tht can keep me happy


    hey sweethearts my name is Danorris, and im 17 years old my birthday is september 5th, my fav color is red black n gold, i love to draw, im silly ,goofy n i love too chill n have fun, im a freak, so getchu a freaky one Lol and if u wanna get in comtact with me add me on faceboook: Danorris Barrow thanks for reading, be breezay everyone