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  • Small Gay ready to party

    30/MAR Fort Collins, CO, Un

    Hi, I'm Elliot, 14. I'm just a small gay boy who loves attention (and also musicals, because I'm a stereotpye).

    Elliot This was supposed to go under a different forum but yes!!! I also like friends! HMU!
    33 minutes ago
  • Looking for teen girl to talk to.

    30/MAR Alvord, IA, United S

    Im 17, and just looking for someone to talk to perferably about the same age as me and to get to know the person that im talking to and maybe get into a relationship

  • I am a small, awkward bean. Please be gentle.

    30/MAR Brooklyn, OH, United

    Hi- I'm bad at holding conversation when all it is is small-talk. Please stop asking for nudes, it's not happening. I want to make friends. I want to move to Iceland one day. And... I like animals? I guess that's all

  • Meet new people want to talk

    29/MAR Florida City, FL, Un

    Hey Im Riley Im 14. I love music, I lOve writing it, playing it and listening to it. And I also love photography I am very good not to brag. And Im a deep coutrny girl just so yall know. I got a rebel flag hanging in me room no joke lol. Im that kind of girl. And just lookIng for friendly chat. I do have a bf sorry guys. But I do like to talk.

    Riley Hey Im a good friend to be with
    4 hours ago
  • idk i need someone to chill with

    29/MAR Sharpsburg, GA, Unit


  • looking for a girlfriend

    29/MAR Dalton, GA, United S

    just looking for a girlfriend near me between the ages of 16 to 20 message me if interested would like to talk some on here before giving number and meeting

  • Hit Me Up - Straight

    25/FEB Southwater, United K

    13y.o - idk what to put - blonde hair - blue eyes - single - year 8 in schoo l-  if you wanna talk im here - lol wtf is this anyway bai

  • Friendship and soon more


    hello i'm doki as you've seen. anyway, i'm just a smol baby (as i've been told) i always am in search of friends, so feel free to message me if you would want to be in my little group. 

  • Friendship and to get to know people

    29/MAR Colombo, Western Pro

    15 and in love with chocolate!

    Major TMI fan

    People tell me I'm a good listener, a little bit shy though

    If anybody wants to get to know me better hmu


  • Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first?

    29/MAR California City, CA,

    Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first? K!K me: gwenroxy
    Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first? K!K me: gwenroxy
    Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first? K!K me: gwenroxy
    Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first? K!K me: gwenroxy
    Im about to sleep, wanna t r a d e for a bit first? K!K me: gwenroxy

    seb hi ur cute nice pic when u get this message me
    Renner14 Hey wats up how r you
    Mason70 You wanna play lets play.
    10 hours ago
  • Aye where the girls at?! Hmu or add me on sc/queenleah.bug

    16/MAR Oklahoma City, OK, U

    Its ya girl Aaliyah. Im bisexual put prefer tha girls. You keep it 100 ill keep it 100. You ride? Ill ride! Im all about loyalty and that goes for both sex's!

  • Typical Teenage Dirtbag

    19/MAR San Diego, CA, Unite

    I'm your basic hippie teen, 

    I love skating, cruising, hiking, drawing and all that basic shit. 

    Idk follow me on snap// skatergirlrocks 

    and insta// enlightenedellie 

    Renner14 Sup Ellie hyd
    jman001 I love your attitude and perspective :)
    Phoenix well deamn the first girl on this site i have found who loves the things i do realativly hope we can be friends catch you on the flipside phoenix
    Benson I added you on IG :) Im Benson Tilford on there. I skate too :p
  • Making friends and maybe someday more

    20/JAN Oxford Township, NJ,

    Hi I'm Ashley I'm looking for friends and maybe something more I enjoyed baking cooking dancing music singing and just having fun

    faisurali Can I date you
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a Lasting Relationship

    28/MAR Price, UT, United St

    My name is Keirsten. Im an athlete, I love boxing, football, gymnastics, & swimming, as long as being outside hiking, camping, fishing, and even mudding. Baseball is fun, too.
    I love animals, I work on a farm and enjoy farming, but I am not the typical country girl. I dont like country music, I dont wear that stereotypical attire, Im not an asshole as the others around me do appear... (Im not claiming everyone country to be an asshole.)
    Im looking for another fit person who is not an asshole, will not only be with me for sex or my looks, will actually love me, listen to what I have to say, and will be my shoulder to cry on, and my cuddle buddy. You can expect that from me, as well. I love taking care of, being there for, and protecting my loved ones.
    I will not tolerate you if you hide anything from me. If youll hide something that you might think I will not accept of, please dont. I want someone who will be open about everything and will not be embarrassed to talk to me about anything. You have nothing to be embarrassed of. I expect that I can use your phone without you being worried that Ill find something that indicates youre cheating on me, doing drugs, or being unhealthy (if I use your phone, Ill probably look through your shit for fun). You can expect to look through my things without finding anything of worry.

    R. Ben I thing that there is too much of a distance between us, but if your interested in a long distance relationship. I am semi-athletic, I do shot put and discus in Track and Field, but even I must say I am a little over weight. I also like hiking and camping. In fact I do both fairly often. If your interested message me back. Thanks!
    12 hours ago
    Emperor small ok hi dont know where to start but despite the distance between us. Distance doesnt really matter. Because i live in Nigeria. I am a football player and i love country music but i hate singing am completely honest. Hate lies love swimming and drawing if you are on whatsapp please text me if you if you think you like because i Do. 2348118449180
    12 hours ago
    collin Hey. I play football and basketall and I used to play baseball. I am athletic and love traveling. I am a completely honest person aND am from indiana. If u want add me on snapchat at checkler49 or text me at 3173748397
    12 hours ago
  • need a bf or gf or just frieds

    19/MAR Alberta, VA, United

    Hi am Kacie and I would like to meet people for friendship and more my fb name is Keke wright come and get to know me 


    08/JAN Chicago, IL, United

    OK. I am sitting here on my phone messaging people receiving messages, etc. let me emphasize this.... IM SO BORED RN! Can anybody talk. I will message people and then they will just reply and I know that they are in the website so Idk why they respond and then won't respond again. 

    Michael Haha sure will people come by soon and talk to you sooner or later lol haha
    Tim i am online a lot
    Michael Haha you see
    Mike2390 Hi wanna chat
    Jake Hi im 15 years old and borders as fcuk text me 5853919965
  • What do I think?. :3

    27/FEB Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    when people say "I'm black niggèr" no u r brown -~- now if u don't have any white people in your family, then ya u r black :3 mawwahahahhahah

    Zero XV Evil rui...
    Kennedy Are you stupid, do you even know how this works
    12 hours ago
  • I-d love to get to know anyone who wants to know me!

    28/MAR Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Hello everyone! My name is Elena Feye, and I LOVE music, reading, crafting, enjoying nature, running cross country, playing soccer, writing, drawing, and the list goes on and on and on... :)  I especially love singing. Hmu if you share the same interests!

    Evan03smithy Hi I would like to get to know u if thats OK?
    1 day ago
    Juan Hi! Elena, Im not sure whether we both have exactly the same interests...but yes we share some maybe we, can be, each others company.
    1 day ago
    Juan Hi! Elena, Im not sure whether we both have exactly the same interests...but yes we share some maybe we, can be, each others company.
    1 day ago
    Elena Pm me, Yall! ;)
    1 day ago
  • Looking for friends or a bf

    11/MAR Russellville, AL, Un

    Hi looking for people to talk to and maybe a bf, i don't bite so hmu xD

    I Iike edm music and sports :p

    Michael20 Hi how about you feel free to text me if you wanna talk (909)225-8047
    James Hi lucy, msg me
    Presley message me if interested lol
    Presley Hey wanna chat, if are not ready to have a bf I can take the time to know u better
    hamzaafzal haha lol look at all these desperate.
    Gabriel Hey there Im 13 live in the uk and played rugby message or chat I dont mind
    Alex Hey wanna chat πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
    Vaughn-Jordan Hey , Im 12, you wanna bf or you just Wanna talk, just email me
    Maurice Hey if you wanna text me just text me hottie.
    Dilshadraza hey why not I will be your Bf
    Jeremiah Hello Im interested in you message me
    justice Hi you can text me
    1 day ago
  • I want to sext with anyone

    22/MAR Chicopee, MA, United

    Who wants to sext with me just pm me and we can do it ok guys anyone can 

    Tyler Average 14 yr old chick now a days sadly... would love to see these kids grow up like i did under my fathers house and get away with this xD
    Tim do u have skype
    Tim i want to sexxt
    Renner14 can we sext alexis
    3 days ago
    Die-Anywhere-Else This isnt friendship, dear. This is just outright illegal.
    3 days ago
    tyjodun21 youre 14. CALM DOWN CHILD
    2 days ago
    Michael People shouldnt judge others on here whoever someone is has right to be who theyre those of you on here who like to judge get off this site or just leave others alone if you have nothing nice to say or if its going to be judgmental
    2 days ago
    Michael If you need someone to talk to feel free to send me a text (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
    Chris Sext me (631)-624-7601
    2 days ago
    Presley all guys here are horrny
    2 days ago
    Presley like get a real girl
    2 days ago
    Presley chris she will never like you the only friend you have is your right hand
    2 days ago
  • Taken by the most amazing guy!! (Alex)

    03/MAR Lakewood, CO, United

    Peoples, if you do and up clicking on this even know it says I'm taken...I'm still looking for a best friend my dude! Guy or girl.

    Tristan Can I be ur friend?
    liliamaria can i be your best friend and I am a girl too
    Sexyboy Need a best friend
    Alanna Mi Amor Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, ( Thanks,
    Alanna Mi Amor Why the fuck are you on my account acting like me. I dont even know you
    1 day ago
  • Im take by the most amazing gf in the world( DeLanna)

    07/MAR Detroit, MI, United

    sorry yall im off limits i dont want any girls hitting me up any more im commited to somone and ya sorry

    sassylol and who care that you are taken by delanna no one gives a fuck about her just saying
    Alanna Mi Amor Actully lots of ppl do lovey! Ur the one thats not gonna have no one at her poor lil funeral. I can tell ur a hoe of you dont leave a man thats already taken alone. What does that say bout you.? That youll do the same...youll cheat just cuz some guy says who cares that ur taken lets have sex. Honey all you are is a used condom used and spit out all over again. That shows you dont have any respect for yourself or your fellow grls around you that are already TAKEN! I find ppl with way more respect towards themselves and others more attractive. Hoe this giu has been through hell. Has had his heart broken many times. Been thru hell and back. He dont deserve to go thru anymore pain...what makes you think hes gonna trust a hoe like you! When u already had a beautiful smart fun loving grl like me!? And I swere to god above I aint ever gon cheat on this man. Hes one of a kind and hes mine. Maybe you need to read again...he OFF LIMITS. Now love, why dont you go spread ur legs open like a rumor some where else. Bye. P.s I LOVE YOU ALEX ur my world Id do anything for you bby! Including getting hoes like this one of ur page!!
    Alanna Mi Amor Esabela sassy is a hoee. Tryin to take my man
    Alanna Mi Amor Lol. Fuckin cheater
    sassylol i dont fucking date dylan
    sassylol he is a complete fake and idc wat yall saay about me
    Alanna Mi Amor 😊😊😊😊Esabela your totally like my favorite person now, besides from Alex lol. Ur chill let me order u pizza sometime my dudeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œ
    Alanna Mi Amor Ima do it still.πŸ˜†πŸ˜€
    Alanna Mi Amor Oml if you ever see this alex....I LOVE YOU
    Alanna Mi Amor Hehe issss true doeeee. He my world...Id put my life on the line for him. Hes what made me happy againπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„β€β€my Alex lol
    Poptartkitty Cheating hoe, looking like a sewer rat, asking him if hed take yo ninja turtle feeding ass back, nah you cheated, he moved on to better while the guy you cheated with hit it and quit it, so why dont you crawl back into that hole you crawled out of, futurama mutan lookin lord of the rings precious lookin hoe.
    3 days ago
    Poptartkitty Cheating hoe, looking like a sewer rat, asking him if hed take yo ninja turtle feeding ass back, nah you cheated, he moved on to better while the guy you cheated with hit it and quit it, so why dont you crawl back into that hole you crawled out of, futurama mutan lookin lord of the rings precious lookin hoe.
    3 days ago
  • Here are my preferences

    28/MAR Charlotte, NC, Unite

    I prefer White, Asian, and Indian. Also I like feet.... sorry if that's a turn off. Feel free to email me pics at

  • looking for a girlfriend in Val Caron

    28/MAR Valley East, ON, Can

    hey my name is austin and im just looking for a girlfriend close in val caron and if you want to talk and hang just message me and ill tell you my facebook and im looking for a slim 14-16 girlfriend and it doesnt matter if your hot it whats inside a girl that i like.

  • hi im new here (trying to fit the character limit lol)

    09/MAR New York, NY, United

    hi guys im Alex lol and im 15. i didnt know  could post stuff here but like hey learn somethin new every day so like lolllllllll 

    Chris Hey can I get your number I think you are really cute text me (631)-624-7601
    Emo_Dinosaur respect her pls @chris
    3 days ago
    Juan Hi! Juan here. Hope u r doing fine.
    2 days ago
    collin Hey. Message me if u want. If u dont thats fine too
    1 day ago
  • Girls Looking For A BoyFriend

    19/JAN Houston, TX, United

    Is There Any Girls Thats Looking For A Boy Friend Because I'm looking for girlfriend

    Dylan Madog0404 u wanna be the lucky one
    Rsta503 I am looking for a boy friend
    Dylan Im taken yall sorry
    Dylan dont worry about it idk u
    Dylan K thx for understanding
    sassylol yall girls need to stop commenting on dylan post bc he is taken by me - his gf
    Beautiful Princess Damnnn I still want ur ass
    Ashley really Dylan?
    Dylan lilbutter88 ur not my gf and u never have been
    Ashley i have messages from u that say u were
    sassylol i dont date dylan no more he is a complete fake
    Dylan both of yall stop Damn
    Dylan yes cody gf
  • Hey ! feel free to message me

    28/MAR Canton, MI, United S

    Hey! Im just looking for some new friends to talk too. You know have a Nice bond and friendship. I am indeed Muslim as you can tell but I won't bite or judge you . I don't do that . I'm really funny and weird once you get to know me so feel free to message me 

  • Hi i am 14 and i am looking for a bf

    26/MAR Virginia Beach, VA,

    i like nice 13-15 of age if you find you might like me text me up hear. I am 5ft 4 i live with my mom and a brother i am a middle schooler i go to Larkspur Middle school in virginia beach, VA i am a night person and i love animals faverit color is green and i love to read right and sleep

    VictoriaNicole oh i will date girls to
    klaus HMU on Kik klausbell
    3 days ago
    Mazen Hey I am ur guy
    3 days ago
    AshMann I ll Skype you if you have one
    3 days ago
    MlCHAEL Lookin superhotttttt <3
    2 days ago
    Kasey87 am always available seΓ±orita...
    2 days ago
    Quentin Yo Im open but I am in Indiana
    2 days ago
  • Let-s become friends ?

    28/MAR Tampa, FL, United St

    Hi there, if your reading this then, I want to become your friend. I am like boys and girls but before we do any sexual things we need to become best of the bestest friends. ??

  • Looking for Friends

    14/MAR Caledon, ON, Canada

    Hi :) i'm Savanna,i'm 17, i'm really into music and my favourite genres are rock and jazz. I like to have a good time. I'm athletic and play rugby at school. i also love to watch hockey. I'm into video games, like call of duty. But i also love books and have way to many of them :p if i seem like someone you'd like to get to know, hit me up :)

    Michael20ncute I would like to get to know you I really would please feel free to text me anytime (909)225-8047
    Matt Hey! I also love watching hockey and enjoy listening to rock. Id like to get to know you if youd like. Message me on here if you want to chat
    Nstitts Hello, my name is Nick I would like to get to know you I like music, watching hockey,and playing call of duty.
    Michael Hey text me if ya want (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
    Emo_Dinosaur what kinda rock and I wanna get to know you!!
    2 days ago
  • What I think Matters ?the most

    27/MAR Connersville, IN, Un

    I love baseball and video games and I am on here to possibly find the right person I've never really been seen as a guy who girls want to date because girls only look for looks I know I'm not handsome and all that but I believe that it doesn't matter what you look like it is what you have in the inside that counts your heart and personality are more important than what you look like so if you are someone that would like to take the time and talk to me I would love to talk to you. 

  • how about a honest southerner i stay with women until they get rid of me i

    27/MAR Anderson, CA, United

    how about me i will love you till the world goes cold i tend to stay with girls as long as they will let me ive only broken up with one girl they all got rid of me first exept the one

  • Hi there,, my names Lorraine and I-m from Papua and iam 16 year old.???

    14/MAR Miami, FL, United St

    Hi there:

    My name isLorraine,I'm 16 years old and I'm from Papua New Guinea. 

    I speak English and I'm a person who opens up to people and I can be a good friend to u .?

    Ferdi1709 Me text me I want become your friend!
    2 days ago
  • Get to know me :3 <3.

    06/MAR Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    hello my name is moist muffin :3 I am 15 and 4'11 I love drawing and my selfies are on my profile :3 I love anime but to an extent:3, I love many shows and bands and I love candy ^^ hope to get to know u and we can become friends :3

    Evan03smithy Hi I would like to get to know u if thats OK?
    3 days ago
    Phoenix Oi moist its a me phoenix
    3 days ago
    alexandria muffinnn~ 030 i wanta be friends
    3 days ago
  • Looking for Friendship

    27/MAR puerto rico

    Hi peope i am looking for friends that can have clean  and short video chats with me. My goals is to improve my english  speaking skills since i don't get to practice much.

  • This is who I am (minimum

    27/MAR Orlando, FL, United

    I'm a nerd who likes music, gaming, and reading. I also like movies. I do joke around sometimes. And I'm just looking for a friend. And possibly more. But I'm not gay. I have nothing against gays. I'm just not gay myself. 

  • Alright a little test for everyone

    26/MAR Irons, MI, United St

    Alrlight so i got a little test for everyone... how many genuine people do you think are on this site and explain why you think that... mind you ive been on here 6 years and have seen all the updates since then and have met hundreds if not thousands of people from this site... So pls do tell and explain the amount of genuine guys and girls on here

    Sarah Well your number of profile views beg to differ lol (that you have been on this site for 6 years)
    3 days ago
  • looking for some snap buddies


    Looking for girls to add on snap 

    regular snap buddies or something a little more is what im looking for

    ages 16-19 preferably 

  • Can some one hmu please

    26/MAR New Windsor, NY, Uni

    something happened lately and now I'm trying to get it out of my mind today but besides that can some one hmu so we can talk about anything

  • hey boys inbox me fast i am alone at home

    25/MAR New York, NY, United

    hey boys inbox me fast i am alone at home inbox me quickly please i am bored at home

    Biboy21 Hi wanna chat text me (909)225-8047
    3 days ago