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  • Soo i need friends on snapchat to start a streak with, any takers?

    19 SEP   Moss Point, MS, Unit

    Ayooo whats up guys! Im looking for people to starts streaks with on snapchat and to just have fun and talk. Yall go add me.

  • Add me on instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19 SEP   Tucson, AZ, United S

                            Yo add me on Instagram becky_withthegoodhair75                                                                                                                    

  • Hey lets talk I-m bored

    19 SEP   El Paso, TX, United

    We can talk about anything buyt I'm just really bored right now please entertain me

  • bored and need people to talk to

    02 AUG   St. Petersburg, FL,

    Hey im bored and need somebody to talk to. hmu on my snap or pm me. help me please

  • Looking for someone to love

    18 SEP   Tulsa, OK, United St

    If u sc me at human528mh saying u love me I will be yours 

  • I-m bored like really bored

    18 SEP   El Paso, TX, United

    Hey I'm just bored looking to do whatever, don't matter who you are

    Fiona Hay :) wanna talk?
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for girl to talk to 13-14 hmu

    17 SEP   Brisbane City, Queen

    Hey I'm really bored looking for girls 13-14 (my age) to talk to. Please I'm happy to talk about anything:)

    Jox16 cute pic :)
    1 day ago
  • Snapchat...Read description

    18 SEP   Richmond, CA, United

    I'm bored and I'm just tryana find a fine girl who wants to get a bit dirty on Snapchat. Anyone who is over 13 btw. Might make me sound like an asshole but that's all i'm looking for, nothing more. 

    Add me: Evilpanda510

  • Looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend

    17 SEP   London, United Kingd

    Hi there. I'm Olivia. I'm looking for a girl/boy partner. Someone that could hang out. I am in London so I would prefer someone who I could travel to or can travel to me. xoxox 

    If ur a boy i would give u head 

    if ur a girl I would do anything for u

  • Im So Bored, Like Extremely.

    18 JUL   Trenton, NJ, United

    The Things You Do Out Of Bordem ? Like Download Apps & Get On Websites Called OurteenNetwork, Boy Oh Boy. 

  • Anyone looking for a boyfriend? Or a friend for now?

    17 SEP   Centerville, IA, Uni

    Want someone who will treat me rite and spend time with me. Dont really feel like being hurt anymore and I want something real.

  • I-m a girl who wants a bf.

    12 SEP   Kingsville, TX, Unit

    Hi, I'm looking for a great guy who loves me well. One that is kind and sweet to me, and not rude or selfish. I am kind, helpful and caring, so if anyone wants a gf that's like me here I am, but I can be stubborn sometimes, lol.

    Phanton hey there wanna chat
    Kyle4802 Hi there.. im Kyle..its really nice to meet you online... When i saw your profile... i just had to stop by..Howre ya?
    1 day ago
  • meet new people

    14 SEP  

    hey im nicole and im 14 looking to talk to new people and make new friends i like gym cooking dancing music and hanging with friends so if u wanna talk hmu

    Just4me_17 Bored. Wanna chat. Yea Im an old guy. But if that doesnt matter. Come chat. Kik is just4me_17
    Harry I will talk
    Aiden I wana talk ha ha mabey
    3 days ago
    princeadkins i wanna talk with you
    2 days ago
  • i need a boo Hmu

    14 SEP   Tucson, AZ, United S

    i need a boo. hmu                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Aiden Hey I would want to be ur boo what ever that means
    2 days ago
  • What-s Up? Message Me!?!

    03 JAN   New York, NY, United

    Hi, I'm Michael. I live in a world of dreams where very little stresses me out. I'm open minded, upfront, generous, warm, wild, understanding, sensitive, caring, carefree, outgoing yet reserved at times, romantic, passionate and a lot of fun!  I'm older than my age on here.  If you're cool, and can handle that, hit me up.

    MlCHAEL Hell Yeah Thanks!!! lol :-P
    Penguin Uhh... WTF dude you can get aressted for child porn
    2 days ago
  • More about me, Wanna be friends, hmu!

    19 AUG   California, USA

    Hey last time my description was super breif so here's more about me...  I DO NOT WANT TO RECIEVE OR SEND NUDES: I'm Jordan, 17y/o girl, senior in high school, from California, USA.  Passionate about dance, singing, musical theater, creative writing, traveling, and volunteering with young children.  Hobbies are shopping and hanging out with friends.

    "Although you're short, you have a huge heart. #tinybutmighty" - Global Glimpse fam #C2C


    Fiona hi, my name is Fiona. Ill like to be your friend :-)
    Geraldine Lopez Hi Im Geraldine I would love to be your friend
    broman544 Ill be ur friend.
    fabrice deco i will be ur lover
    2 days ago
  • wanna play a game? read and play.

    13 SEP   West Valley, UT, Uni

    Here is the game, I dare all of you to say something so mean to me that it would actually hurt. i am looking foward to see who wins

    Brian281747274 Why in the hell would you do this your beautiful, I hope smart and nice so dont do this
    3 days ago
    brad.j This is a pointless game.. your so worthless that I shouldnt have even wasted my time writing this!
    3 days ago
    frea.x bitches like u should be treated the same way wild pets are treated!u dont value urself?why the fuck should i?!
    3 days ago
    Lexi Its was sort to prove a point that anyome could say something really mran and not mean it.
    2 days ago
  • am fabrice, am 16 will be 17 on th 20

    17 SEP   Buea, Southwest, Cam

    am jus looking for someone to hangout with am f bored am not gay though

  • Teen Girls.

    16 SEP   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Just bored rn so hmu (girls) all ages                 

  • Text me 443-698-2836

    15 SEP   Baltimore, MD, Unite

    Looking for somone to talk to im bisexual talk to me text me do somthing realionship sex someone  near me 

  • Meet new people and maybe more

    14 SEP   Truro, Cornwall, Uni

    Hey I'm on here to meet new people. I'm 15. I want to meet people aged 14 to 19. I will talk to anyone just no pics of body and nudes. If we get to be close friends maybe we can become more than close friends.

  • Loking for a girlfreind (dont care if its a diferent country)

    16 SEP   Oujda, Oriental, Mor

    Hi im not an expert in these kind of things (i basiacly never had a gf cause im a bit shy around girls) im trying to find a girl who is nice,sweet and most importanly loyal i not the type of guy that care about how a girl look but the way she think .I can never hurt a girl or try to brake her heart u may say this is non original but thats me im loyal and i will do anything in my power to make the girl that i love yhe happiest well this is a litle bit about me lol.

  • meet up with me ,lets Change the story together (strictly for the girls)))

    11 JUN   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hey,im freshy 16yrs  i recently joined dis site some hours ago,i am dark,an average height,a motivator,and im seeking for a girl who will make up with me..... - ) feel free to inbox me


  • im bi and looking for someone to talk to so hmu about anything

    29 JUL   Carpentersville, IL,

    Hi there :) Im kimmy, 15. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time.  i am also a good person to talk to when your board or just need advice hwen you are having problems.

    Adam Hi, Im 16 if thats kewl
    DeWayne Curry Hey add me on Snapchat kingcurry742 or Kik dewaynecurry
    3 days ago
    frea.x hey really like to get to know u more..u can talk to me about known to be a good person to talk to.and maybe we can be friends..or more.if ur interested feel free to let me know.
    3 days ago
  • Meeting new people to chat with

    16 SEP   Flagstaff, AZ, Unite

    Hi, I'm looking for new friends and maybe a relationship. I like to be outdoors. I enjoy football, basketball, and hacky. I am 16 turning 17 in a week. So I'm looking for girls to chat with, no guys.

  • Really want a bf to love me for who I am

    11 AUG   Burlington, CO, Unit

    My name is Grace. I'm 13 years old. I am looking for guys 12-15. I really want someone kind, quirky, funny, positive, outgoing, compassionate, and adventurous. I am hoping that later things might escalate into something magical. 

    Aiden Ya hey pattyshit thats when u cant spell
    Phanton yo hmu if you want to talk cause i think your actually really cute looking. but i know thats not what your looking for
    George Id like to be your bf. My email is if you want to talk. Also, Im from Denver, CO. :)
  • People with great music tastes

    16 SEP   San Jose, CA, United

    Hey, humans, this is the emperor of Cluster 65 here, I just want someone to talk to me and make my day better. I like classic Metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Deftones (sorta classic) Alice In Chains, Guns N' Roses, Pantera, and Avenged Sevenfold. As for Rap I love Aesop Rock, Eyedea, Sadistik, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Bones, Lil Peep, Nas, and Slug. Finally, I love me some classic Rock. I love The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and a bit of Radiohead. One more thing if you do message me please don't reply to me in one word, I find that incredibly disrespectful, anywho I hope you guys are having a good day or whatever. 

  • [Warning] This needs to stop

    16 SEP  

    I heard from someone who has kindly sent me a message saying that personal information about me has been spread online and whoever is doing such things NEEDS TO STOP. You are invading my privacy and this can be considered cyberbullying. I would appreciate if you could leave me alone and not make me a victim of what you might consider amusing. This has to stop and if you have done it to others then you should stop as well. I don't want to hear another incident about this ever again. If I do, I will delete this account and leave this site if none of you can learn how to not invade other's privacy.

  • Bored and lonely girl looking for friendship

    24 AUG   Jersey City, NJ, Uni

    I'm lonely and need friends. Idk. I'm just really bored too. And lonely. Yea. So message me or sumthin'

    samlong hey my name is samlong chart me on WhatsApp 2330248024648. I will always make you happy, I promise
    Anthony Cavaliere Hi Sophie my name is Anthony
    Anthony Cavaliere Hi Sophie my name is Anthony
    Anthony Cavaliere Hi Sophie my name is Anthony
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a nice chat

    15 SEP   Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germa

    hey, im 19 from Germany and im looking for a nice chat. I like to play computer games, play drums, cook and listen to music. 

  • Looking for a nice chat

    15 SEP   Wolfenb├╝ttel, Germa

    hey, im 19 from Germany and im looking for a nice chat. I like to play computer games, play drums, cook and Lisetten to music. 

  • Meet new people for friendship.

    15 SEP   Harrison, AR, United

    Hi, I'm Riley but you can call me Ryry. Looking for friends. Hobbies: Music, Art, and memes. (lol)

  • Hi im isaac im 14 9th grade play foot ball im bi and im looking for a bf??

    07 SEP   Spring Valley, CA, U

    Hey  im bi 9th grade 14 and i want a bf who likes me for me i like guys who are nice funny cool sweet?????and not someone who tells me what to do?i just want something real fake?btw my names isaac???

  • Meet new ppl or something more? (Maby)

    15 MAR  

    Hi im Tom, im not good at socializing... I am getting homeschooled until september, ppl never give me a chance so i hope someone out there can exept me and make eachother happy. Also my mind is sexual and normal, depends on my mood.. And i have a lot of problems that put me in hospital for 3 yrs straight... hmu if your intrested, my useraname is on my profile 

    Ive Lucky u get homeschool!... hey Im ivette message me if ya wanna chat sometime
  • girls into dogs hmu girls only please read

    29 JUL   Detroit, MI, United

    hey im looking for a girl who is open minded have you ever thought about touching your dog or you have before or you want to but are scared or shy well message me on here or on kik at jeffhines123 or snap jeffhines234 lets talk about this hope to hear from you soon don't be shy

  • looking for fun girls to talk to

    18 AUG   Detroit, MI, United

    hey im looking for a girl who is open minded have you ever thought about touching your dog or any animal or you have before or you want to but are scared or shy well message me on here or on kik at jeffhines123 or snap jeffhines234 lets talk about this hope to hear from you soon don't be shy

  • Talking to new people

    14 SEP   Durham, NC, United S

    Hey everyone! I am just looking for new people to talk to! I am 15, and I'm a guy and I live in NC. Drop your snapchats below and I'll add u :) I'd love to talk to some girls too though

  • need a friend or a bf

    12 SEP   NG

    Hi, my name is Fiona. I am 15 and I want a bf or a friend. I love music, dancing, and hanging out with people around my age. So, hmu!! ( PLEASE NO NUDES)

    Debojit I would like to be your bf fiona
  • Looking for a girl 15-17 u might like me

    14 SEP   Huntingtown, MD, Uni

    Looking for a girl 15-17 hmu u might like me i love sports but not the only thing i do many more things about me hmu and maybe youll find out i also got a kik gillanisyed26 

  • Looking for a girl to talk to

    14 SEP   Denver, CO, United S

    Looking for a girl to talk to. Im a funny guy to talk to. I can be your best friend or more than that. Any girl can hmu on sc alex_bruh2417 or kil EAlvarez15

  • if you can make it better

    14 SEP   NG

    I am just a 15 year old girl with a very sad life story. I've been heart broken many times and I have no one to stand by me. I really need someone, anyone who can make me smile again and save my heart from being clouded with dackness. I really want the old me back again.

    Lexi I am not saying in a love relationship way but i want to help you. i have been going through a rough time myself and maybe we could help eachother
    Alexis Heyy maybe i can help you
  • I need a loyal girlfriend

    14 SEP   Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

    I would like to describe myself as a loyal, caring and loving person. I try to make the best in every situation. I enjoy listening to music, travelling and playing soccer

  • Need a cute girlfriend

    14 SEP   Everett, WA, United

    hmu girls on kik AlexF130 looking for a girls who likes to laugh,cute and lives near me

  • Meet new people.

    14 SEP   Greenville, SC, Unit

    Anyone got Instagram.                                                                                 

  • Just the important facts about me!!

    04 SEP   Mountain View, MO, U

    • I am 14.
    • My birthday is July 13, 2003.  
    • I am taken. 
    • I am a barrel racer and team ropeing and i help train horses.  
    • I own 9 dogs, 2 cats, 16 chickens, 10 sheep, and 1 horse.  
    • I have 2 more siblings.  
    • I am the middle child.  
    • And lastly my brother has atustim.  

    levi thats a lot of pets
    MorganofBway Psh. I only talk to people with SEVENteen chickens, thank you very much. (Joking, of course.)
    Jaden Actually its ( soon to B Taken ) . we havent made it official yet.
  • looking for a friendship / relationship

    13 SEP   Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi im sam and i have 13 years old i looking for a girl or boy around my age for friendship or relationship. i dont have profile pic cause i dont want to share my personal info in public but i am caucasian boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes (not realy bad face) im always like to joking and be fun (but i cant do it always) :)

  • make friends and (maybe love)

    13 SEP   Ontario, NY, United

    Hi, my name is Anna I'm 15 I'm sometimes shy and don't trust people but once I get to know you I am funny and kind hearted I am looking for friendships and (maybe) love.

    0V3RTune Hello. I would like to chat if alright.
  • looking for people to get to know.

    13 SEP   Altus, OK, United St

    Hello I'm Patricia I'm 14 going on 15 this may I am part nudist and I love to talk naughty. I live in Oklahoma. Also I love talking and singing. I can dance nice and naughty.

    Brainy Hello Patricia! Hmu
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