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  • HMU Girls If You Want To Get To Know Me

    20 NOV   Frederick, MD, Unite

    My Name Is Steven And I'm 14 And If You Want To Get To Know Me And Maybe Even Be Friends HMU

  • Bisexual no fake people someone who is attractive

    04 SEP   Falconer, NY, United

    Need someone to love  and who isn't fake

    Someone who shares the same similarities as I have

    Max Heyy hmu on snapchat at rafaelgeronimo7 or instagram at rafael_30_17
    1 hour ago
  • Friend/relationship

    20 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     I’m looking for someone that could like you know text me and be my friend and maybe a boyfriend and I’m real nice  i’m awake right now texting because I’m bored and I want to get to know people so hit me up   To be in a relationship or friendship It I don’t matter just hit me up

  • Interesting in chatting (females only)

    20 NOV   Austin, TX, United S

    Anime & Chill.........................................................

  • I-m happily taken and no longer looking for anyone

    20 NOV   Des Moines, IA, Unit

    Taken by a amazing guy with a great personallity and since of humor no longer looking for ANYONE 

  • I?m looking for new people to talk to and get to know

    20 NOV   Westerville, OH, Uni

    Hey I’m 16m gay. Idk what I am looking for at the moment so I would just say friends. If you want to know anymore about feel free to ask. hmu on Snapchat marmar071301.

  • Looking to swap pics and such

    20 NOV   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Hey there, I’m joe, 19. Looking to trade with some fun girls. Also open to some fun convos. HMU

  • hi new here .

    18 NOV   Algete, Spain

    hi im sarah . new here need ppl to chat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .

  • Meeting new friends

    18 NOV   Truro, Cornwall, Uni

    Hey guys. Really want someone new to talk to. If ur interested in talking to me add me on kik bsaunders38. Hope to meet new people and hopefully be friends with them.

  • Girls only hit me up XP dirty or clean want to make new friends

    20 NOV   Salem, OH, United St

    Kik- daltonbickley


    im 17 looking to make friends online 

    like to FT and video chat, dirty or clean just looking for a good conversation hit me up Xp  

  • Wanting to meet new people

    20 NOV   Statesboro, GA, Unit

    Hi, I’m daniel. Looking to meet new people and possibly a bf. 

    Kik: danny3_boy

  • Looking for friends that have similar interests

    20 NOV   Kirkham, United King

    Hi, I'm Ashley, 20 and my main interests are music (rock and metal), films, gaming and reading. I'm also a lead guitarist. Add me on Snapchat@ashleyscow

  • I need to know who-s freaky

    01 NOV   The upside down

    I wanna know who is freaky and dirty on here girl or boy idc just hmu if ur dirty but if you are not plez don't waste my time

    Oh Liv Via Shes fake asf, CATFISH ALERT
    Henry Chafton If you are catfish i shall expose you to the entire website
    SuicidalBish Yall mad cus yall eat ass
    King Jay I am @kingjay11026
    12 hours ago
  • My life. My Bio, my name is Vaden K.

    20 NOV   West Seneca, NY, Uni

    Hello everybody! Names Vaden K. You may know me from West Seneca East Middle School. 

    Who am I? 

    I am 14 (for nit picks im 13. My bday is december 13th)

    I have dirty blond hair

    Im white

    Im gay

    LOVE asians, whites, and latino men

    Im gay

    I have blue eyes

    I am 5'3

    Im 83.55 lbs

    Always looking for friends of all genders

    Favorite color. Pink



    Lover of Disney

    Gaymer (gay gamer)

  • Meet new people around tucson or in az

    20 NOV   Tucson, AZ, United S

    honestly here for whatever. down to talk to anyone. add me on sc for a better response. :)

  • Looking for friends hmu

    06 NOV   Bristol, RI, United

    Just looking for new friends. Im 15, in 9th grade, from Rhode Island, love to laugh, intrested in meeting new people from new places. So just hit me up

    ryan If you want to chat just hit me up
    Steven Coleman Nobody Was Talking To You Young Gravity
    Emily hey im Emily. Im 13 from Maryland
    1 day ago
    Henry Chafton Woah steven you get way too defensive bruh
    1 day ago
  • if you can make it better

    14 SEP   NG

    I am just a 15 year old girl with a very sad life story. I've been heart broken many times and I have no one to stand by me. I really need someone, anyone who can make me smile again and save my heart from being clouded with dackness. I really want the old me back again.

    Lexi I am not saying in a love relationship way but i want to help you. i have been going through a rough time myself and maybe we could help eachother
    Alexis Heyy maybe i can help you
  • Hi there my name Olivia!

    19 NOV   Elizabethtown, KY, U

    HMU I am single and need someone to talk to 

    Alina Hey Olivia im a girl and i just wanted to be your friend
    1 day ago
    Danny Hey oliva Im danny pm me
    1 day ago
    Henry Chafton Alina πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    1 day ago
  • what is wrong with you people?

    19 NOV   Tarboro, NC, United

    why is it a cute girl can simply go online here to write a post about wanting a relationship, maybe a few guys reply,  but when that cute girl say's she wants sex or nudes, half the boys on this whole site reply. are all of you guys/and girls really that addicted to sex? bunch of perverts, theres more to a relationship than that. some of you girls will be pregnant as a teen because of your irresponsibility. and yeah, i know some girl who already is in that situation will say "it's my life, i'm proud i made that choice!" but they don't mean that deep down. yeah it was your choice, but it was a poor one.

    sure, who doesn't love kids? but having a kid, when your still a kid/teen is nothing but trouble. that guy you love so much, and decide to have a baby with may just walk out on you. then what? you are left with a child you thought your true love would help you with, but he's gone. then you struggle with taking care of it. thats a lot of expenses for you to pay. and some of you just love it for the pleasure. why? as i said, there is more to a relationship than just sex. try finding an actual relationship that you want because of who that person is, not because of how you can have sex with them, and move on.

    Nevaeh Mak This is so true.Thank you for your strong words #Dustin
    1 day ago
    jose()¤-¤() I guess he is a preacher man #stop being foolish to other boys/girls GRACIAS
    1 day ago

  • Hi there im Alina 14 Sagittarius

    19 NOV   Edinburgh, United Ki

    I know that im not being 100 trustful but i just want to make new friends.Girls and boys.only friendship.waitin' for u.

  • Meet new people friendships or moeee

    19 NOV   Kingston, St. Andrew

    Food is my life 

    Keep my circle small

    Jamaican gyol

    New friends? 

  • looking for new friends!

    19 NOV   Burns Lake, BC, Cana

    I am 17. I like to sing, write, voice act, watch anime, and YouTube. I have finished Ouran High School Host Club, and Death Note. I just started Fairy Tale. I like seeing diferent cosplays.

  • Hallo! Bonjour! ‘Hola! Kamusta! ?????!

    19 NOV   Ventura, CA, United

    Hey! Um... I’m not rlly looking for relationship but like can someone just be like a friend to me just for like talking and stuff. I’ve never really had a true friend you know? Like everyone’s kinda fake where I’m at and the my bestfriend is in Japan so like.... Idk I dont know what Im even doing with my life no more xd?. Add me on snap: vincivarudesu if ur interested ig ??‍??

  • I want more people to talk to on snapchat!!!

    18 NOV   San Francisco, CA, U

    I am looking for more friends to snapchat, and I have business to attend to if you know what I am saying!! if you dont understnd message me and ask. It is worth it.

  • New friends needed for fun

    15 NOV   Ontario, CA, United

    need some new friends. Like talking to other people around the world. Hmu hopefully you aren't boring. 

  • do i really have to write a title that no one will read?

    06 NOV   Karbala, Karbala Gov

    assuming you're a person that isn't retarded that somehow managed to read this post then i'm looking for people to talk to or vent to about my life problems. that's all. although if you are someone retarded then please, do me a favor and don't message me. and if you're wondering, i'm a Guy, not a girl. have a nice day. or don't, i don't care either ways.

    Kaynight I knew u were a guy and nice anime pic it’s a funny anime
    Kaynight Also if u want to talk to someone u could talk to me πŸ˜„
    1 day ago
  • Relationship Problems

    18 NOV   Birmingham, AL, Unit

    I'm very upset at my boyfriend Jay Hailey cuz he left me for a Collge Game today, he promised that he will text me no matter what, but instead he gonna break his promise to his One n' Only which is me, I just don't know what to do right now?

  • Need Every Teen Here To Be My Friends :p

    18 NOV   isolo

    Hi Everyone I Want You All To Be My Friends I Wonder If Its Possible Dat Is Why I Am Wishin It Was Possible I Really Want A FUNNY LOYAL NICE AMIGOS So Lets Chat To Get To Knw Eachother Better. So Can Sum1 Spot AnUnUsual Thing in This STATEMENT ;D... D JOKER

  • Hi My name is Vern Setser

    18 NOV   Big Piney, WY, Unite

    My name is Vern Setser

    Instagram name Setser_307 
    I live in Wyoming 
    I am a Cowboy
    I like knives and guns 
    I like to camping, fishing, hunting, ATV riding, snowmobiling, going Mudding, and boating. 
    I like country music and rock music 
    Snapchat name is Setser_307 
    I like trucks
    I am a firefighter 
    I am a redneck
    I like semi trucks
    I like camouflage 

  • A relationship or to meet new people

    18 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

    I’m 13 years old and I have nobody to talk to and I’m just bored you know I’m here and I live in Los Angeles California and that’s it oh and I answer quickly to all my text messages so if you text me I’ll be like him to text me real fast

  • Any girls want to be friends?

    18 NOV   California, USA

    Hello!  Any girls wanna be friends?  Age, etc. doesn't matter, just as long as you're a girl.  Here's some stuff about me: my name is Jordan, I'm 18y/o, and I'm a senior in high school.  I talk about pretty much anything, but I DON'T talk dirty or want to send/receive nudes. 

    If so, hmu on here or my Kik @waterfairy5100  ...If u want my gmail, just ask me! 

    I hope to make some new friends soon!

  • Looking for a relation ship or friends

    18 NOV   Sydney, New South Wa

    hi I'm Tyson I live in Australia I live on a farm I love country music if ur interested 

    hmu on kik: hawkeye2404

              Snapchat: tstapleton24404 

              Or on here

  • Social Media forms I have currently

    13 NOV   Columbia, MD, United

    So, my phone was taken away for now. here's the social media I do have.

    Skype: andrew.rice826

    Facebook: Andrew Rice [Profile pic is the same as here]

    Country (Taken) Couldnt find your facebook profile..
    3 days ago
  • Meet new people and make friends

    18 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     My name is Miranda I live in Los Angeles I’m 13 years old and I’m just looking for people to talk to and stuff like that because I’m like that maybe a relationship     I answer my Messages very fast and I forgot it say that my new Kik is candyLOL101704_ 

  • Meet new people and make friends

    18 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     My name is Miranda I live in Los Angeles I’m 13 years old and I’m just looking for people to talk to and stuff like that because I’m like that maybe a relationship 

  • Want to have fun, I love to video chat add me on kik and snap

    18 NOV   Salem, OH, United St

    snap me and kik me ? Up for what ever, open minded will do what ever, likes to play games, loves to have fun, I like to FaceTime or video chat allot I love taking pics. Hit me up will chat with any one girls only XD should of said that In the beginning.  

  • Bored and nothing else to do

    18 NOV   Red Deer, AB, Canada

    Anyone wanna chat?? I've got nothin better to do and I'm really bored :p

  • Meet new people for friends

    18 NOV   Ontario, CA, United

    I need some new friends! Hit me up. I'm not boring I hope haha. I wanna meet you! 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    18 NOV   Seaford, NY, United

    Need a gf 14 or 15. My name liam i am from seaford NY. I am a rapper. You can check ny out on youtube  ''liam will"

  • Want to know people and become friends.

    17 NOV   Oppdal, Norway

    Hi, Im Markus, 17 years old and from Norway. I love beeing creative with drawings especially and programs, and play many sorts off video games. I can be pretty shy at times, but I try my best to keep beeing more social. kind of an oddball when it comes to humor, my friends at school can confirm that. Other than that, I hope people that like to do the same stuff as me, wants to talk :)

  • Anyone willing to be friends.

    16 NOV   New York, NY, United

    i am looking for some one to talk to. Anyone willing to be friends and talk?:)

    NaughtyBoiii Hey baby your cute😏
    jdancez02 ill be youre friend. kik me @waterfairy5100
    3 days ago
  • Hi my name Kevin also know as Elvis

    06 NOV   Riverton, WY, United

    I am athletic, good grades, nice,  and kind to other's. My age is 14 but I will be 15 on January 3. I am single. I like girls that like to have fun and to be my girlfriend in a relationship with me. My @gmail is kik username is Elvis so chat with me. 

  • Meet some nice girls for some great fun on Snapchat:)

    17 NOV   Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Hi there I'm Adi 18 looking for some nice girls for some fun. Do text me here or add me on Snapchat if u want to hv some fun . Let's hv a great time together:)

  • Looking for a relationship with a man.

    15 NOV   Springfield, IL, Uni

    My name is Lindsay, 14, atheist. I absolutely love to write poetry and read realistic fiction, general fiction, romance, sometimes even fantasy. I love to write sometimes too. Sometimes music catches my interest when I listen to genres like folk-rock, rock, and sometimes I listen to pop music like Hayley Kiyoko, Melanie Martinez, Marina & The Diamonds. I'm quite open-minded but I have some impatience (normally only with my closest friends, so you'll be alright) but I'm still gentle, understanding, passionate & loving.

    Looking for a relationship with a boy, 14-16 that will respect me and keep an open mind. (you better like libraries too!)

    Henry Chafton Hey hmu please im having trouble finding a girl and i think youre pretty cute
  • Looking for some awesome new friends!!;)

    31 AUG   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Hey!! I am whatever you wanna call me and I am 14. looking forr some awesome friends to talk with. Text me!!:)

    Boris Hello i am good
    WOW DOGE woof ! many sunshine ! wow !
    divanshu Mayi chat with u
    3 days ago
  • I-m looking for some fun people to meet

    14 NOV   Antlers, OK, United

    Hey I'm Michaela (Ma-kay-la) I'm 17, a county girl, friendly, I answer to all snaps and if you're cool then you'll definitely snap me (:



    Darius Hello there
    jdancez02 Hi! I dont have snap :( but my Kik is @waterfairy5100
    3 days ago
  • What is up take a read if you want idc lUl just do what u want

    17 NOV   Asheboro, NC, United

    Very open Ofc i just want to look out in the open and see what I can find :) Show me whatchu got.

  • Meet new people for friendship

    17 NOV   Huntington Beach, CA

    Hey everybody

    I am 16 years old from Huntington Beach, CA surf city

    I am looking to be in a relationship with someone who I will easily fall in love with 

    I like anime, riding my bike, playing on my computer, and a lot more

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