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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Wannabe Author (aka me haha)

    16 JUN   Orangeville, PA, Uni

      I rarely post on this forum thing but I figured....why not? Based on my attitude and previous posts most wouldn’t expect me to be a writer. It’s my secret passion. Unfortunately, school has held me off from my beloved stories. Now that school is out, I can focus on them more. I would like to connect with other writers and perhaps read some of their stories as well as have them read mine. I use Wattpad to post/read  stories. Please.....I know I bite but only if provoked. I’m that annoying person who corrects people in the Chat Room.  I do not write smutty stuff if that is what you’re thinking. I have never completed a fanfic. I like coming up with my own ideas.

  • Listen here pleaseeeee

    18 JUN   Kingston, OK, USA

    Sooo when you add me on snap, I may not add you right then or I just might if your lucky, kinda got a lot goin on on snap rn, sooo ye :) 

    Yolopolo1351 Accept me on snapchat
    45 minutes ago
  • Looking for someone in Georgia

    18 JUN   Savannah, GA, United

    I am looking for someone that lives in georgia, particularly savannah or near savannah. I want to make friends with someone near me.

  • Girls add me for a good time?

    18 JUN   Solihull, UK

    My Snapchat is Sam.s080

    we can have fun together ???


  • Alright! Just A Caution for yall thirsty bois

    18 JUN   India

    Yea.. So.. Just a personal experience but.. Just dont give too much attention to anyone here or Trust anyone ... Most of em will turn out to be fake ones... Yeah and be careful whom you choose... Its not easy finidng someone trustworthy here .. so .. yeah .. you might be lucky if you find one real soon.. good Luck to yall.


    Casey Yeah youre right
    4 hours ago
    Yash Dang it😨 Someon actually read this.. i thought most of yall will ignore this
    3 hours ago
    Unknown What are you talking about? you cant trust anyone on here until they prove it... and even then they can still turn around and stab ya kiddo... ive been on here between 6-9 years and not one person has walked away and stayed friends or more for more then a month because of things that happen
    3 hours ago
  • Only Talk For Girls Pretty

    18 JUN   La Canada Flintridge

    I'm just talking to girls, I'm 20 years old and they send me pictures of my whatsapp 1 306 900 2836 and they come with a photo

  • Meet New People for friendships

    18 JUN   Auckland, New Zealan

    I love... dancing... Reading books... cooking... Photography... making new friends... and coloring

  • Want to meet new people. SML

    18 JUN   Hinigaran, Negros Oc

    Hello! My name is Nathaniel, but you can call me Taniel or Nath for short.

    I wanted to meet new people around the Globe. I hope we can be friends. 

    Not into a Real Relationship atm.

  • Girls out ther HMU add my snap

    18 JUN   Long Branch, NJ, USA

    Girls pls add my snap haven’t sexted with a girl in forever I’m kinda bored 

  • Girls HMU not guys pls on snap

    18 JUN   Long Branch, NJ, USA

    all the guys be sayin I’m hot nah man i want the girls  like girls pls hmu on snap i need to talk to a girl

  • Meet Someone New (It doesn-t matter gender)

    18 JUN   Sanford, FL, USA

    - I'm single and 17 (will be 18 soon fair warning)

    - If you're a guy and you see this I'm not interested in nudes or any of that crap

    - If you're a girl i'm pretty sure i'm into guys so yeah

    - I'm pretty down-to-earth and chill so hmu 

  • Looking for girls on snap

    18 JUN   Long Branch, NJ, USA

    Looking for girls (13-14) talk get to know each other and talk hmu we can sext or just talk

  • Meeting new people :)

    18 JUN   Kansas City, KS, Uni

    Hey guys, my name is Jackson and I’m looking for some chill people to talk to.  Add me snap and tell me you’re from here or pm me on here.



  • Age range from 14 to 16, but 15 would be perfect :)

    18 JUN   Kingston, OK, USA

    hi :) ok so I’m a shy person, very awkward :/ so yea..but I’m looking for some guy friends :) or more but I gotta get to know you first. I’m not sending nudes! And I really don’t want to receive them soo if you send or ask, well goodbye. :) 

    John I bet a lot of guys will come here to say hmu , hi , msg me 😂
  • Want to meet new people and make new friends

    18 JUN   Detroit, MI, USA

    Hi :) I'm Anna, 13 just looking for some new people to talk to, but clean decent chats not looking to trade or anything so add me on snap if you would like to talk :)

  • Snapchat Map!!!!!!!!

    18 JUN   Peoria, IL, USA

    Anyone want to help me get my Snapchat map filled?

    Add me!!


  • ayyy it-s me again and i-m kinda single :p

    16 JUN   USA

    hmu for anything. like legit down for anything. idc anymore. if you wanna sext, great let's go. i just need a person. if you wanna friend, also great. if you wanna talk about food, you already know where its at XD

    Jackpike Hey, you seem cool hmu on my snap if u wanna talk
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for romantic love

    18 JUN   Augusta, GA, USA

    Hey I’m rlly horny and looking for that perfect someone and want to get down and dirty Amosc @barrett.trotter if ur down 

  • Message me to see whats up

    29 APR   New York, NY, United

    Bored, hmu on kik ;) Looking for friends and people to talk to. From NY cool asf and lmao. I have instagram also

    John Hey , hit me on kik
    No Hiii u cutev
    Baboo_burkhardt Could u amosc? Baboo_burkhardt
    Dylan U have Snapchat ?😉
    12 hours ago

  • Hey I?m Dylan just looking for girls only 13-16

    18 JUN   Turlock, CA, USA

    Just trying to get someone to love me and not get my heart broken like my last girls ,willing to exchange nudes if u fine ?....but it’s whatever just looking for someone

  • Looking for beautiful woman to talk with and have fun on snap hmu

    18 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Looking for some beautiful girls to HMU on snap I’m a great guy not a creep, 17, and very athletic. I’m down for sexting any time. I love to have fun so add my snap.

  • Looking to make new friends

    18 JUN   Oak Park, MI, USA

    Yo what's up I'm sam ,15 male Michigan looking. To chat and make some new friends

  • goth and depressed

    18 JUN   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Fuck it all! Fuck this world!
    Fuck everything that you stand for!
    Don't belong! Don't exist!
    Don't give a shit!
    Don't ever judge me!

  • About Myself and where I live:

    18 JUN   Junction City, KS, U

    Hi I'm Earl I like gymnastics and I'm looking for friendship and chat friends and I'm 14 years old and I live 8n junction city, kansas

  • Meet New People (Near Me)

    18 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Hello all. I'm 17. Live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I love having friends and hope to have someone near me to be my friend or maybe more if it goes far enough. I'm officailly single now and hope to have a good relationship with whoever I fit with. Let me know who wants to meet and maybe be my friend.

  • What?s poppin? Insta@xo.nada.exe

    18 JUN   Dallas, TX, USA

    summertime and I’m hella bored lmao hmu, sc@zai_newm my daddi ain’t lesbian 

  • 15 year old boy lookin for girlfriend

    17 JUN   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Hi there ? I’m Dan 15 and I’m lookin for a girlfriend on this app find me on insta Skype and Snapchat 

  • snapchat fun and chat

    17 JUN   London, UK

    hey srry for the pic im bored and looking for some chat with girls on snapchat i workout and have good body dark blonde hair (girls only)

  • Looking for new friends to talk to

    15 JUN   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    The name is Evan and I am genderfluid. I am looking for a friend to talk to, and possibly hang our.

    Ehard Same here and I am a jack Petchey award owner
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for someone to talk to~

    17 JUN   California City, CA,

    Hey there~! I'm Mel~ 

    I'm just looking for someone fun to talk to~ I can be a really positive and sweet person once you get to know me.. In all honesty, if I were to find my special someone, I'd prefer them to be loyal, funny, caring, out going and of course.. Fun to be with ?

    You don't need to date me if you don't want to.. But I'm always up for a good chat~!

  • Just why????????????

    26 MAY   Orlando, FL, United

    Why cant we all just get along? No bullying. No judging people based on looks. Looks dont matter. Its their character. And why cant u play boys who use girls just for nudes just go away. Use the internet for god sakes. Nudes dont matter. Stop using people. Just everyone chill. 

    Deathhollow89002 I do agree with you dallas but i wouldnt do the same. If i wanted to see some chick naked i can just google it. Its a very simple thing. I dont understand why these guys feel the need to harass some girls
    Deathhollow89002 Its dumb. They go thrpugh the trouble of harassing some girls for nudes when they can just google and find millions of videos and pictures on google. Its just retarted
    Chris doshna I justify your logic. The worst part about this kind of thing is that it makes the people who are actually decent look like the scum of thee earth. And Im sick and tired of being stereotyped for this kind of stuff.
    Deathhollow89002 Chris i completely agree. And thats why we have the radical feminists who make feminism look like a joke. Because these useless tool boys. I hate being stereotyped with them and people thinking that all we want is sex or nudes. Its just stupid and frustrating. Thats why i hate most guys in this generation. This generation is screwed.
    1 day ago
  • Looking to talk to someone or maybe more

    17 JUN   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    Hey I’m bored af and just want to talk to other people so if you wanna talk then HMU.

  • Looking for someone to talk to

    17 JUN   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I’m bored af and just want to talk to other people so if you wanna talk then HMU 

  • Hi I am a guy looking for a girlfriend

    17 JUN   Barrington, NJ, USA

    If you are single and a girl that might want to date me than you can message me, no guys I'm not gay

  • New friends (guys only)

    17 JUN   Rockwall, TX, United

    Hey guys I am looking for someone to talk to! I have a boyfriend just want someone to talk to. Add me on Snapchat or text me on kik  at ashleighbrogdin 

  • Just a little announcement for everyone

    17 JUN   Des Moines, IA, USA

    I think I’m bisexual? Idk I used to think I was just a lesbian but now I’m not really sure. Guess I’ll just experiment but please don’t HMU for sex and stuff. Also, my friend runs my insta so most likely if you message me there she will not respond 

  • Looking for someone to talk with

    23 MAY   Bangkok, Thailand

    I'm Yachita, 15. I'm rather shy and always run out of questions. Hahaha. I love Art ( for me music is art too) and photography. I'm looking for someone to talk with me.?

    Victor Hello. Add me on snapchat Sonnycorleone3
    Victor Hello. Add me on snapchat Sonnycorleoneb3
    Kai Hello Yachita☺. I want to be friends with you.
    RockwellWoods Hey Yachita, my snap is dvro29
    1 day ago
  • Looking for crazy person like me

    17 JUN   Galax, VA, USA

    Hey just looking for some emo people or normal who are obsessed with animals and anime. Just contact me on snapchat if you possibly want to be friends.

  • Hello... Welcome to the World of Mehedi...?

    17 JUN   Sylhet, Bangladesh

    Hello guys I'm Mehedi... I'm new here & Looking For Friendship...??

  • Looking for a girl ??

    14 JUN   Solihull, UK

    Add me on Snapchat Sam.s080

    girls we can have fun????


    Sam Hey added u on Skype
    Sam Hey added u on Skype
    Raven05 I think I rejected by accident 😅
    3 days ago
  • Girls 14 -18 only please!

    28 MAY   Hartford, WI, United

    Just wish someone would love me, cute girls hmu, I’m nice and friendly...

    Angelanguyen hi im angela , i not use this app so much , if u like can we chat on google hangouts or fb, my google hangouts
    1 day ago
  • hit me up on snapchat ;););)

    17 JUN   Canton, OH, USA

    lookin for any gender 15-17 .............................hit me up on snapchat ;)

  • heyaaa!! Im bored.... pls hmu.

    17 JUN   Manila, Metro Manila

    Hey i looking for guys who want to hmu.. Jenuelleacu on snap.. 

    Sorry Im gay.. 

  • Ayyeeee I?m boredddddd insta@xo.nada.exe

    16 JUN   Dallas, TX, USA

    I’m watching fifa rn lmao who wanna chat? Amosc@zai_newm lookin for friends 

  • Hi there :) Im chloe, 14. Open minded with positive attitude

    17 JUN   Bushkill, PA, USA

    Im chloe, im 14 and im looking for someone sweet yet protective. you haave to be 14-15 to qualify, ask for my snap through something other than this

    Dante Hey would you be with me
    1 day ago
  • Need some support and help dealing with shit.

    17 JUN   Burlington, MA, Unit

    Hey, I havent used the site in a while but im going through some shit, and I could use support. So if someone could be a good listener and help me out hmu.

  • Imlookingforsomeonesohitmeup

    17 JUN   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    Hey im looking for a gay man who is looking for a real relationship it be great if they lived in the mansfield area if not i dont care but id love to text i really dont care about looks i just care if u r not rude and have a good personality

  • Hello I?m Joel in FL

    17 JUN   Miami Lakes, FL, USA

    Hi I’m Joel I’m gay and 14 in FL and I want a gay friend or more (need to know you more) I’d love to chat with someone and I love memes lol bye.

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