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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hey there wanna join?

    17 OCT   Yuba City, CA, USA

    Hey my girlfriend and I are looking for a girl to have a serious relationship with. We're looking for a girl 13-16. Long distance is fine, it doesn't matter where you are. Hmu if you're interested.

    Javi pedophile fetish detected.
    23 minutes ago

  • Meet new people for friends

    17 OCT   Baltimore, MD, USA

    Hi, I just moved into here and everywhere seems boring...... Looking for friends


    17 OCT   Bowie, MD, USA

    hi guys someone text me. i want a gf or bf in maryland pleaseeeee

  • I want to talk to someone who-s willing to listen for my confession

    17 OCT   Manila, Metro Manila

    I just want to confess my feelings right now.

    I feel bad to my self, my boyfriend broke me up and after that he said that he still love me, and I know to my self that I still love him too. And I thought our feeling was mutual again, but what happen now? there's no any chat, text, vc or call from you? why? are we okay? do u still love me huh? coz u know it's hurt. I can't feel you anymore, Imiss your presence in my life? the only thing that I feel is the pain, wtf! is it over? coz I think it's over?

    I want to say those words to him but I can't. Idunno what to do. it hurts me so bad.

    TankNate (im a guy) hmu, I might be able to help
    3 hours ago
    DEvil boy praneeth Really im naturally helping
    3 hours ago
  • I?m looking for some naughty fun on snapchat

    17 OCT   Yukon, OK, USA

    I need a girl I can trade with on Snapchat. My sc is on my profile. I don’t care what age you are. I’m 14

  • Bf or Gf. Chat anyone?

    17 OCT   Lansing, MI, USA

     Has to be 17-18. Does anyone wanna chat? I'm super nice, loving, caring, etc. I love singing so yeah hmu if you want. Oh and i'm 18 btw

  • Sko start a streak :)

    17 OCT   Somewhere in the usa

    Only girls and boys ages 14-17 that’s it I’m bi so let’s start a streak:)

    mattb114 hi i am 15 years old and i am a boy
    5 hours ago
  • Sko start a streak???

    17 OCT   Somewhere in the usa

    Only girls and boys ages 14-17 that’s it I’m bi so let’s start a streak:)

    So hmu :)

  • I don-t know how this works

    12 AUG   Merced, CA, USA

    I joined this site because I was bored and I needed something to do....i don't know what else to write haha.

  • I want friends or even more

    15 OCT   Granbury, TX, USA

    Hi, my name is Jocelyn.  I love to hang out with my friends and family.  I like to run crosscountry and track, hunt, swim, watch movies on Netflix, etc.

    Garret i like to be your friend
    2 days ago
    Fessendessen Im looking for a girlfriend.
    12 hours ago
    Avery yo looking for gf
    12 hours ago
    Coltoncbrown I would like to get to know more about you and maybe be more then friends
    11 hours ago
  • Looking for girls to have a nice and fun conversation

    17 OCT   San Diego, CA, USA

    19 year old male looking for girls around my age to snapchat. Want to meet a girl I can snap for fun and exciting conversations;)

  • Hello peeps! HMU on Snap or Insta

    17 OCT   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’d like to interact with you peeps! ??

    You should HMU in my Instagram or my Snapchat on my bio.?

    previous posts before this, is still relevant!?

  • Hecking Slime, I don?t even know....hellfofikff

    10 AUG   Jericho, NY, USA

    Greetings, I’m your trans introvert that got a dating persona online due to pure loneliness. How are y’all doing. I’m doing pretty great. 

    Oof I’m decent thanks for asking
  • Looking for a gf or friends between 14 or 16

    16 OCT   Timișoara, Romania

    Hi guys!My name is Simon and I'm looking for a gf between 14 or 16 or someone who wants to be friends

    Omar Stevans Hi im Omar looking fr a gal between 13 n 14
    12 hours ago
  • Is school killing anyone else yet?

    05 OCT   TX, USA


    MichiganLibertarian Sort of especially Spanish 😡
    12 hours ago
  • looking for a cute nice girl

    17 OCT   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    well the title speaks it i like nice girls and wanna talk soo lets talk and play games and shit

  • Looking possibly for a gig

    17 OCT   Warren, MI, USA

    Hi I'm Mark I'm cool and athletic I swim a lot. I have my faults but I'm looking for a gf who won't dump me for someone who looks a lot sexier than me. I'm not too much of a people person but I do like to cuddle email me if interested

    MichiganLibertarian Girlfriend that is not gig
    12 hours ago
  • You didn-t ask for it but here-s part 2 of the story

    17 OCT   Warren, MI, USA

    The bronco raged across the Great Plains at 50mph. We only have a couple more states to go shouted Rex. We have been driving for several hours now. Arghh were low on gas ill fill up the tank. The bronco stopped and Rex filled it up.suddenly Jim said united nation soldiers lookout!! Rex finished filling up and he hit the gas. Vroom! The United Nations army vehicles are slow and bulky made for battle and not speed. They fired a couple of mortar rounds but they fell short. We sped out of there faster than the speed of sound(well not that fast but still pretty damn fast.) An hour layer we were at the Wyoming and Nebraska border. End of part 2 comment if you read the story plz.


    17 OCT   Bowie, MD, USA

    its in the title you silly goose. I'm looking for any one that wasnts to date, chill, hang out, cuddle anything. now they got me writing a inimum of 80 when idk what to say df

  • Anyone near Memphis Tennessee

    16 OCT   Millington, TN, USA

    hi I am new to a city near Memphis! Looking for people to hangout with! Guys or girls really just want friends near me! HMU on snap or Kik at AshleighBrogdin:) 

  • Meeting new people to have fun

    14 OCT   Croydon, PA, USA

    Looking for someone to send be my daddy! And have some fun! Hit me up if u want to!! 

  • Hello my name is Lauren

    29 SEP   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    hello my name is Lauren I'm a plus sized woman, If that's a problem... bye:)

    You can chat with me anytime:)

  • Meet new people friends

    15 OCT   Kingsport, TN, Unite

    need new people to talk to. I love nature, photography. I’m from Tennessee. I’m a loner lol. I have legit no friends. So I really need to get a life and get some friends yoooo lolll.

    Hi same
    2 days ago
    legomaster87544 Me too Ill be friends with you
    2 days ago
  • Band Geeks hit me up!

    14 OCT   Georgetown, OH, USA

    I'm taken by the best guy in the world and all I'm looking for atm is friends on here. I'm a huge band geek I play alto saxophone. So band geeks hmu. <3

    MichiganLibertarian I play the mayonnaise
    3 days ago
    Jgcj89 Bass clarinet
    3 days ago
    Blake Tuba all the way
    2 days ago
    Fessendessen I play B flat clarinet.
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a gf or bf or more 13 - 15 maybe 16

    16 OCT   Pittsboro, NC, USA

    Hey my name is Cole and I am bi so I date girls and boys or pan or more I love anime and manga and video games I am a A making student and I play lots of sports I love animals I like drawing 


    16 OCT   Alajuela Province, A

    GUYS! on google hangouts i created a group for guys support! we need more people we have guys struggles and we support each other contact me in hangouts so u can join the group! the only requirements are:
    - be between 13-19
    - have a penis or identify as a  man
    so please join us!

    Heckty Yo whattttttt 😮😂 Ill join that 🤣👊
    12 hours ago
  • Just looking for friends

    16 OCT   Ogden, UT, USA

    It seems like a lot of people that hit me up are ones looking for a relationship. Listen, I'm in no position to be in or get into a relationship for personal reasons. I don't have any friends my age, I move a lot and I'm not in school. I dropped out of school at fourteen to take care of my baby sister,  the reasoning for that is my mom is a drug addict. I'm not gonna lie tho dropping out was my choice, even tho I'm trying to go back now. I'm sixteen now and homeless with two drug addicts that have been sober for a week and a half. 

    I just want a few trustworthy friends if that's not too much to ask. 

    You know some about me and now that you do... Can I get to know you? 

  • Looking for bf/gf close

    15 OCT   Bloomingdale, NJ, US

    Hey, I'm Dani, a kinda nerdy horse-loving freak. Don't judge me, I'm Bisexual. That does not mean I only like one gender. I've never kissed anyone before.

    Javatwhhut Whats ur kik
    1 day ago
  • Girlfriend or friends with benefits

    14 OCT   Clarence Center, NY,

    Im looking a for a girlfriend long distance or friends with benefits just snapchat me at connorgarrett_1

  • New peeps to talk to and meet

    10 OCT   New York, NY, USA

    Any ladies hit me up on kik or snap I'm not picky age idc just be chill. Looking for some new peeps 

  • Lets talk. A good friend . A good chat

    16 OCT   Yasubj, Kohgiluyeh a

    Looking for a special friend . On  of those good and kind friends .m

  • Lets talk. A good friend . A good chat

    16 OCT   Yasubj, Kohgiluyeh a

    Its honor talking to you . It doesnt matter who you are

  • hi add me pls (im not sure where to promote myself)

    16 OCT   Bangkok Thailand

    hello from the other side of the world

    add me pls just wanna talk to sb im just go back to snapchat and feel lonely bc my friends never use the app

    im asain and just wanna make friends

  • Meet a new people for friends!

    15 OCT   Manila, Metro Manila

    Meet for a new people for friends! No intention to have a boyfriend, just friend peeps! And if you wanna know me better just pm me and let's talk about our good and bad side!

  • Looking for new friends

    16 OCT   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    I'm looking for new friends to talk to. hmu on Kik superbrainz33 or insta dartmonkey1019

    Brady Damn I thought u were cute, but you are one of “those” girls 🤨😔😑
    1 day ago
  • Meet new people and maybe girlfriends or who ever down to talk

    15 OCT   Lake Elsinore, CA, U

    You girls hmu ur boy is hella bored so like hmu just to talk any girl u know what even guys hmu cuz I'm just looking for friends to talk to at anytime

    shelby019 (Taken) looking for friends too. HMU. ( i dont have snap or kik so my email/hangouts is the best place to reach me.
    1 day ago
  • Add me on snap chat.

    10 OCT   NJ

    Add me on snap chat.                                              

    Rianbullard Hey my Snapchat is rbullard87
    2 days ago
    rock_star19 My snap chat is Gamerkitty92
    1 day ago
  • I?m bored right now HMU?

    16 OCT   Cypress, TX, USA

    Honestly people on this site are just plain stupid. half of the people send nudes.  

    Add me on snap


  • Iwanttochatwithotherpeoplecuzimbored

    16 OCT   Richardson, Dallas,

    Hey gois and gois i dont really user sc and gois dont be gæ when u text me


  • I-ll write a story for you guys

    15 OCT   Warren, MI, USA

    So the United Nations had taken over the United States. There were rebel groups but they for far from each other. This is the story of on of one of the groups. Marcus! Yelled u have the ammunition in the box? Yeah I replied. We're heading out to Idaho to meet up with a rancher who can help us out. The United Nations soldiers can track us so we need to use old equipment. That's why we're driving in a 1983 Ford Bronco. We even had to take the radio out so they could not tack us. Jim and Rex! Yeled Phil to the other 2 guys in a group. We're heading out now! So get you're sorry asses in the truck!-end of part 1 plz comment on what you thought the story was cool or not

  • I am here to find a boyfriend

    10 OCT   Chicago, IL, United

    I am hoping to find a guy the is 13-15 who is caring and will not lie and cheat on me.

    Dawson Im 16 but i am not a liar nor a cheater
    2 days ago
    Francis Hey we can be Friend s I think we should get 2 know you and me more so txt me if u want
    2 days ago
    Asian teen Howdy howdy friend
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a guy I was talking to

    11 OCT   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Hi I am looking for a guy named Josh I was talking to him for the last month or so I met him on here and then we were talking on snapchat and I lost internet for the last week and when I got it back his account had disappeared. I really miss him and my name is Lacey. So Josh if you read this please message me 

  • Hello World!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13 OCT   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Hello. My name is Dayna and I am fresh off of a break-up. I am not looking for a relationship right now. Just looking for friends.

    Ayven omg I love your art work of luna
    3 days ago
  • Friends? Minimum of 20 character

    15 OCT   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    I am pretty cool and chill once you get to know me so anyone can hmu on my social media or on here if they want to. 

  • Any one hear for hot caht

    15 OCT   Filipinas, Panama

    • Girls add me for fun....,..........................................

  • Meet my soulmate

    15 OCT   Midland WA, Australi

    Hi any girls looking for a boyfriend message me! Around my age please and i dont care about looks i promise . 

  • Friendship available

    15 OCT   Kibawe, Bukidnon, Ph

    I want friends, not a love affairs. I want to meet  THE RIGHT MAN nearby and see him eye-to-eye, because I believe, good guys don't come up here to chat with girls and court them through this. I found this site because I was searching for a blog site that is for teenagers like me, I clicked this result with hesitation. Well, I was just wondering, then I learnt what the others do here.

    I just want to chat with one nice girl before I delete this account and make this non-existent, I exeedingly want to chat with a girl foreigner then I am done here! I am a God's child, I promised God that this is a part of my enjoyment, and I will stop if the time come. :-D Hehehe Well, I am sure there is a right time.

  • Regards from cha-lie to All

    15 OCT   Freetown, Sierra Leo

    Hello! At last I could find myself here in the midst of dynamic people who will ease up this boredom. Am new here and would need friends to lean on and make me feel good and cheerful. Thanks! 

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