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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I am looking for a loyal boyfriend

    10 FEB   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Looking for a boyfriend some who is cool and not controlling. I love to laugh and to make ppl laugh. I also like to try new things and I am very adventurous. Looking for someone loyal. If ur looking for the same hmu.

  • Hey Peeps how-s your day

    24 FEB   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey?. I'm Annie, 15.A hardcore fangirl who's just looking for a nice, cute, simple and short relationship. 

  • I-m bored so hit me up

    25 FEB   Texas, United States

    You already know how it be, a kid bored out here at home so hmu I don't use kik anymore so add me on sc: eleiko25

  • Bored as usual. anyone wanna chat? Guys or girls doesnt matter just bored

    24 FEB   Appleton, WI, United

    just looking to chat. no jerks though please and no one over 15. crap I need 80 characters

  • I-m down for whoever tryna talk just hmu on snapchat or dm me on insta.

    25 FEB   Springfield, MA, USA


  • Looking for girls to talk to

    25 FEB   Chicago, IL, United

    Looking for some new friends to talk to and justbe friends with. Mainly Snapchat texting

  • Hey. Got dumped... add please!

    25 FEB   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey. If you would, please add me. Really lonely and In need of company i guess. Anyway hello. Plz HMU in Snapchat 

  • Stuff I like and dislike

    25 FEB   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    Hello peoples here’s some things I like:

    1: anime 

    2: drawing 

    3: British culture 

    4: spending time with friends 

    5: video games 

    6: anime

    now things I dislike 

    1: dragon ball GT

    2: my Greasy hair 

    3: hair everywhere 

    4: tornadoes 

    well that’s it really hope everyone has a good day 

  • Add me girls on Snapchat imhornyforgirl

    25 FEB   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Will have fun and have a great time girls just add me hrhdhskmsvsvdmsjevvevebsnsvczsnjdjdvzbznsns

  • Looking for friends or a bf

    11 MAR   Russellville, AL, Un

    Hi looking for people to talk to and maybe a bf, i don't bite so hmu xD

    I Iike edm music and sports :p

  • Just needed a title for this

    25 FEB   California, United S

    Are you looking a for a new friend than come on and hmu

    I'm weird funny and very protective of my friends and I won't ask for pics of you don't want to

    If this interest you hmu I'll reply as soon as I can

    Yeah that sh t was cheesy 

  • Hit me up if u wanna chat I?m fast replying

    25 FEB  

    I’m Aidan 16 homeschooled wanna talk love airsoft swords music games idk who talks to me I’m just lonely 

  • Hey, I-m Brent and I-m male. Looking for a lover to help get through life

    25 FEB   West Chester, PA, US

    Hello! I'm Brent and I'm new to this site. I'm also starting to have a more open mind and I'm into boys and girls. My profile pic was from 7 months ago so its not 100 accurate. I dont really care what you look like, but you better be able to love more than I can bench press!

  • Down for anything ig

    25 FEB   Buffalo, NY, United

    I'm a country boy I'm 17, looking for someone to talk to. I like to help people and have fun 

  • Friends anyone doesn?t matter what gender

    25 FEB   Massachusetts USA

    Hi looking for friends girls and boys  doesn’t matter  text me 

  • Friends anyone text me

    24 FEB   Massachusetts USA

    Looking for close friendships that will be easy to talk to and that we can have fun talking together if you want to talk text me 

  • Looking for a kind person to hold me tight

    25 FEB   Branson, MO, United

    My name is Mack 17 and I'm super bubbly and a little crazy at times. I get super obsessed with nerdy things like Steven Universe, Pokemon,ect. so thats just a warning. I have a number of passions such as singing (Probably the biggest one) drawing, and swiming. I'm looking for someone who's understanding, open minded, and cuddly. Distance doesn't really matter to me feel free to message me on here or any of the other platforms I put down. Hopefully the right person finds me interesting I'm in need of someone to hold close I just feel alone sorry for being depressing please hmu. 

  • My title needs to be longer

    25 FEB   Concord, CA, USA

    Heyy, talk to me Im in need of internet friends, so hmu. I'm from California and I play volleyball for my school

  • Meet new people for friends (maybe a relationship)

    20 FEB   Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi my name is briar. I am 13, live in Ontario, open minded with positive attitude. I like to laugh and have a good time I am looking to meet new people with similar interests and mindsets to hangout

  • Meet new people ages 13-16

    25 FEB   Cassville, PA, USA

    Hey I’m madison I am 13 about to turn 14 on March 28. I am in a relationship but I’m looking for some one who will spoil me and just some friends. BTW I’m not a catfish but I’m down if you wanna send money<3

  • Relationship. Hey, I-m Melissa. I-m 17. Looking for a relationship someone

    25 FEB   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Hey, I'm Melissa. I'm 17. Looking for a relationship someone in Edmonton 

  • Snap me girls if you want some fun

    25 FEB   Charlotte, NC, USA

    snap me girls you won’t be disappointed I’m open minded and willing to do whatever you want. Snap is jasonbek5674

  • my future sweetheart

    25 FEB   New Columbia, PA, Un

     Im looking for a sweet loving girlfriend to live in cali with me  by the beach i like to read travel swim learn new things. I will treat u like a queen and hold u im friendly and will always be there for u. add me on snapchat:tshill17

  • my future sweetheart

    25 FEB   New Columbia, PA, Un

    Im looking for a sweet loving girlfriend to live in cali with me  by the beach i like to read travel swim learn new things. I will treat u like a queen and hold u im friendly and will always be there for u.

  • Bored. Ill play guitar for you :)

    24 FEB   San Francisco, CA, U

    Message me on snap 

    Message me on snap 

    Message me on snap 

    Message me on snap 

  • Follow me on Instagram!

    24 FEB   Kingsville, TX, Unit

    Hey everyone! U cN follow me on instagram as Sadpuppy495. I'd really appreciate it! ?

  • I just want some friends

    24 FEB   NY, USA

    I'm just bored and looking for some online friends

    I am not rlly looking for a relationship, just friendship

    Plz no pedos I'm sick of creeps asking for nudes.

  • Add me on PSN: Wolvedd

    24 FEB   Dallas, TX, United S

    PSN: Wolvedd if you send me a friend request let me know who you are okay (: I might not reply otherwise

  • Looking for some loooove girl ??

    24 FEB   Hanover, Germany

    Add me on snap and write me girls. I’m Nico from Germany blue eyes and brown hair 

    snap: nico19094

  • Looking for a bf or friends! (I?m gay just so you know)

    24 FEB   Elmhurst, IL, USA

    Aloha! I’m anthony, I love to listen to music, go roller skating, bake, and do so much other stuff! Hit me up to get to know me more!

    snap: Mahalopanda

    insta: @am_i_a_leafy_vegan

  • Yikes, I don-t know what to put here

    23 FEB   Antigo, WI, United S

    I'm just bored I guess, text me if you want - my name is Kendice and I'm usually not that interesting, but it all depends                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Trans and looking for a bf

    23 FEB   Edinburgh, UK

    Yo. Im trans FtM and looking for a boyfriend (i dont do nudes). Im a huge fan of marvel and i also like anime. Im a Dom and Sub

  • Bored any one wanna talk i love texting

    24 FEB  

    Ok I’m Aidan 16  single love airsoft swords games mainly music hmu if u wanna talk I have Skype snap and insta

  • I want new guy friends (but nothing more)

    24 FEB   Vandergrift, Pennsyl

    yea i want new guy friends but ive decides nothing more and i do not want any nudes please. so if your looking for something more serious that just being friends please do not hmu 


    24 FEB   Kota, Rajasthan, Ind


  • Looking for females to ft or talk to on sc ? Not looking for nudes !!

    24 FEB   Rosemount, MN, USA

    Add my Snapchat dvandyy

    or ft me @ 651-206-2638 

    I’m not looking for nudes or any of that shit, just looking for new friends to Snapchat or ft !! ???

  • I-m looking for a girlfrienddd :)

    24 FEB   Eastleigh, SK, Canad

    Heyy I'm Aniesha, 14 :) And here's some stuff about meee : I'm gay and looking for a girlfriend close to me (Eastleigh)  :), I'm obsessed with bands, I'm in love with catsss and I call myself an artist even tho all my art is trash :) I look forward to meeting you! 

  • Meet a girl to be my girlfriend

    24 FEB   Putnam, CT, USA

    hey I'm JJ, I'm 16 live in Connecticut want a girl between 15-18 my Snapchat is smontpelier1 and my kik is jjmontpelier. Preferably live close, but can do long distance. ONLY GIRLS.

  • Anyone here who likes Broadway?

    24 FEB  

    Any People who like Broadway Musicals here? I like Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, and Others! Hello at me if you like any of these ! 

  • meeeeet new peopleeeeee :)))))))))))))

    21 FEB   Toronto, ON, Canada

    if  u wanna hit me up then lets talk on insta text me for my instaaaa its easier than thissss

  • Friendship and more?

    04 FEB   Littleton, CO, Unite

    Hello, i’m nathan. looking for chats and anything else. friendship, relationship anything. bs and gs are both fine :)

  • Date me, looking for a girlfriend

    20 FEB   Suwanee, GA, United

    Im honestly here looking for a gf, i dont care where you live. I prefer asians and whites but i really dont care

  • Meet new people ...................................

    24 FEB   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hello there  :) Im Dee and I'm  17 . I m lookin to meet 

     Kik : diinushkaaaa

    Snapchat : dinushkasarawic

    Whatsapp : 94768357467

  • Meet new people for love

    24 FEB   Spartanburg, SC, USA

    Am trying to have some fun with girls.Am trying to have some fun with girls.Am trying to have some fun with girls.Am trying to have some fun with girls.Am trying to have some fun with girls

  • someone should ft me (message me for my number) ?

    24 FEB   Vandergrift, Pennsyl

    heyyyyy soooooo im bored and someone should message me asking for my number so we can facetime because why not (sorry that was really awkward lmao) 

  • Looking for a relationship

    23 FEB   Marysville, WA, USA

    Hey, I'm Zach, and I'm a transgender male looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm loyal, kind, sarcastic, and awkward. Hmu if you want to chat! 

  • meet new people and looking for a boyfriend.

    23 FEB   Brewer, ME, USA

    looking for a boyfriend someone message me and no i don't do dirty things. 

  • Anyone wanna talk hmu I?m bored

    23 FEB  

    Bored hmu if u wanna talk I wanna start acting I play airsoft games and love music I have issues so sorry and yee

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