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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • hey thank you guys and have a good day guys and download tango please and

    27 DEC   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    hey one of you boys can date my brother so yey   just hit me up  OK and so have a good day so thank you

    Francis O hey r u looking 4 help
    12 minutes ago

  • Have a nice chat, meet cool people and make a friend

    18 AUG   Perth WA, Australia

    anyone fine with gross-out humour and isn't boring. also not too religious

  • Looking for someone new people

    18 AUG   Delhi, India

    I'm looking for some new  people I like everything I'm a bi boy massage me anyone who wants fun /friend /boyfriend/

    I'm a hot boy ..don't shy with me just massage me we can fun and talk evrdaeve 


  • message for friendship

    03 AUG   Redditch, UK

    hey everyone im looking for friends. and if u want to be my friend message me

    roybosteels Hey wanne do s e x cam? i m 21 up to you we can use my sk is roy.bosteels , G Hangout bosteelsroygmail fb and s na p is roybosteels please add one of this and i show you we can have fun togheter or you can just look how i do it for you Je rking off
    12 hours ago
    SuhDude420 (Taken) Ill be your friend :)
    5 hours ago
    SuhDude420 (Taken) Roy u pedo, piss off
    5 hours ago
  • Wanna be friends anyone?

    18 AUG   Seremban, Negeri Sem

    I'm just bored now, looking for a new friend. Chat with me if u want.

  • Meet new people and make friends and maybe relationship

    18 AUG   Briston, Melton Cons

    Am a black boy looking for a friend and maybe a relastionship live  in the uk

  • Looking for Girl friend

    18 AUG   Elsmere, KY, USA

    Looking for a loyal gf that treats me right and lives near me no guys add me I’m not gay

  • Friends??

    18 AUG   USA

    Hi I'm looking for some friends Mabey even a boyfriend. NO NUDES ok thanks ???

    Anselmmart733 Can I get a chance
    12 hours ago
    justice Hi,can we talk on watsapp.08169763486
    10 hours ago
  • anyone wanna chat on discord?

    15 AUG   Norton, MA, USA

    anyone wanna add me on discord? i wanna get to know some of you guys cause you're all p cool

    salt tier#2590

    Erika ^^ I don’t have discord :3
    3 days ago
    samuel I dont have discord
  • Meet some people for fun

    18 AUG   Bethlehem

    Hmu for some fyn on skype or hungout.


    From 13 to 17.

  • Make friends and maybe have a relationship

    08 AUG   Moulton, IA, USA

    Hello everybody I'm keegan and I want to make friends and maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend and i hope we can be great friends and I'm a bit shy sow it might take a little bit for me to get to know you. I couldn't find the right group to pick

    Im_a_witch To making friends😁
    Lauryn Hi Keegan, I’m really shy too, so if you would like to talk, we could be friends :)
    Jaz polzin single Hi i would like to get to know you if you feel like it
    12 hours ago
  • High asf hit me up on snap

    18 AUG   St. Louis, MO, USA

    im on some oxy rn and just wanna chill with anyone. Amosc to chill, anyone can add me. 

  • Meet new people for friends

    05 AUG   London, UK

    Hey??just looking for people. Add my snap vslater234.

    This has to be 80 characters and u don't have that much to say and it's really annoying so now I'm just typing 

    Sãïßtãr Lõvëly Follow me.. Text me....
    roybosteels Hey wanne do s e x cam? i m 21 up to you we can use my sk is roy.bosteels , G Hangout bosteelsroygmail fb and s na p is roybosteels please add one of this and i show you we can have fun togheter or you can just look how i do it for you Je rking off
    12 hours ago
  • If you decide to hit me up

    18 AUG   Louisville, KY, USA

    1.If you hmm, tell me that you are from this site.

    I'm bored and will do anything rn.

    Noby Also, tell me your age/gender
    12 hours ago
  • looking for friends and a boyfriend X

    17 AUG   Upminster, UK

    Hey guys, I’m Grace I’m 13 and I live in england. I’m looking for friends (any age) and a boyfriend (preferably my age). I love videos games and I have lots of hobbies. Would love to get to know anyone, if you want to talk then add my snapchat Xxx

    Gerardo Hi I’m 14 play video games watch anime and cosplay and I think ur cute and want to know more from each other ☺️
    12 hours ago
    roybosteels Hey wanne do s e x cam? i m 21 up to you we can use my sk is roy.bosteels , G Hangout bosteelsroygmail fb and s na p is roybosteels please add one of this and i show you we can have fun togheter or you can just look how i do it for you Je rking off
    12 hours ago
  • Gonna get high and wanna chill

    18 AUG   St. Louis, MO, USA

    im gonna get high af soon, hmu to chill. either msg me on this or add my snap. anyone and everyone is welcome to add me.

  • Looking for a girlfriend because I?m lonely

    18 AUG   Rising Sun, IN, Unit

    Hy kik me or snap me or insta me or find a way hdjdjndjdnbdnfnndjdjxjjdndndjjxjcncnjdkdndnxjxnbdbdjdjdhhdhdhdhdhhdhdjdjkfkfkfkfkjdjdjfnhdknfbhdjndjd

  • Friends or maybe be more

    17 AUG   Kearns, UT, USA

    Hit me up if you in Utah Add my snap wolfipier so we can talk and see where it goes.

    Alexk Hey beauty can we try
    1 day ago
  • Feel free to chat and we will see what happens from there.

    17 AUG   Commerce township, M

    Absolutely hate liars, cheaters, and pretty much fakes. Actions speak louder than words. 

  • Wanna talk to cute and intresting

    17 AUG   Wisbech, UK

    Hi i am from the uk and are Looking for a cute guy preferably with green eyes and freckles. 

    Kik: smithsjumper


  • Hey please come talk to me please

    14 AUG   Placentia, CA, Unite

    I need more friendos to talk memes and doggos, anime is best as well. Let’s have deep conversations about conspiracies and philosophize about life. Also If you think your going to hell give up your chances there’s to many people satan can barely pay the bills to keep that much people people burning gas bills are expensive people

    knight raider well howdy partner! i dont know why the fuck i just said hi like that but i did so yeah.... anyway wanna talk about shit!?
    DrFranky Hell yea I do
    ZombieBunny I’ll gladly talk to you about any anime you want because I f cking love that shit
    1 day ago
  • Read my post before texting me

    17 AUG   mi

    Idk how many times I should post this...totally irritated of guys who talk dirty stuffs... I'm just here to make friends and to text good people

  • Looking for a real girl friend

    17 AUG   American Fork, UT, U

    Looking for a teen girl friend 14 or 15 . Shold be online everytime . Instagram or kik


    17 AUG   California, PA, USA

    Hey Guys,I am Alex,I am 18.Girl of any age can dm me.If any Girl wanted a strong relationship with me then dm.

  • Sure sure sure sure Snapchat is cool

    17 AUG   Texas

    Clean just add talk about anything up to you Kik or snap up to you I'll add back

    Nikehawk27 Im straight btw and dont send nudes to all those ppl
    1 day ago
  • Friend or maybe more (boys only)

    15 AUG   Charlotte, NC, USA

    Boys age 13-15 got to live in NC or SC message me

    Odintron Do you have a kik or snapchat
    1 day ago
  • Yall add me on snappp

    17 AUG   Brazoria, TX, USA

    Everybody add me on the snap: Colbysmall1433?? HMU im a great person!!  And you'd reallllly like me??

    Kar Hit me up
    1 day ago
  • looking for new friends...

    28 JUL   Ang Thong, Thailand

    Hi, I'm Prang. I'm Thai. I want to practice my English skill and looking for new friends. Nice to neet you!!!

    Brady(taken) Hi. My name is Brady and I’ll be more than happy to be friends with you. Write me and we could talk when I get the chance 👍🏻
  • Need girl in lakewood California

    17 AUG   Lakewood, CA, USA


  • Anyone hit me up on snap

    17 AUG   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Anyone hit me up on snap for whatever. Down to just chill with some new people. Just add me on snap 

  • Looking that special someone

    16 AUG   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    Hey im looking for a real relationship. The kinda of girl that I like is a girl that is loyal to me, won’t judge me, and be the type of girl that I can go to lay my head there shoulder when I’m sad or when I need help with something. I also like a girl that is cute and beautiful on the inside and out. I like blondes or brown hair girls and is white. In my spare time I like to watch movies play golf, fish, hunt, go to rodeos steer rope and I like to travel a lot and I like to cook and I also like to cuddle and listen music

  • Hello all! I-m back. Update.

    16 AUG   Drummonds, TN, Unite

    Hi everyone.  It has been a while since I have been on here, but I would love to see new faces.  Yes, I am a "wider" guy; I could be a lot worse.  I try to show love to everyone I meet. I'm also here if you need someone to vent to. (Just msg me on SC or Insta, and i will try yo get back to you.)  Remeber anything you go through, someone has gone through before. You are not alone.

  • Looking For A Girlfriend or Friends

    16 AUG   Dunlap, TN, USA

    Hello My Names Actually Not Nichalos Its Domenic My Account Was Hacked And I Dont Know How To Change My Name And Stuff

    I Like To Play Games , Read , Watch Youtuve and Anime,

    My Favorite Anime is One Piece

    I Love To Read The Hunger Games I've Read It About 5 Times Already

    I'm A Funny Kind And Caring Guy Although Saying It Means Nothing Until You Talk To Someone 

    Im Not Just Looking For Looks To Me Dont Matter

    Its All About Heart And Personality Thats What Makes A Person

  • exhausted of my life!!!!!!!!!!

    16 AUG   buennavista

    How to stay motivated in school? I don't wanna go to school anymore. 


  • Just looking for a nice online friend

    15 AUG   Delphi, IN, USA

    I’m looking for an online friend who’s nice and not disgusting. I don’t appreciate dick pics, so if you send them, you will be blocked. I’m kinda lonely and need someone to talk to. Guys and girls welcome. 

    Cl053D I can be a friend if you interested? I promise you that im not disgusting and i never have been I am always nice and like talking to people, but not very many friends though and thats alright.
    3 days ago
    Chayankhan17 We can be friend.i m not a pervert
    2 days ago
    Cl053D @Chayankhan17, most guys can say anything like that to make any girl believe that, as the months i been here, and seen everything most of them guys here are complete assholes to them... not saying its you but, anythings possible the way i see things and the facts being true of what goes on this site.
    2 days ago
  • im done with this site

    15 AUG   attitude city, Shut

    long story short, i actually fell in love on here. but everything went down hill, and now there completely gone. i thought we were tough enough to do long distance but i guess i was wrong. if your reading this you know who are. i still have money in the jar i made with your name on it hun. im sorry i was never good enough or caring enough for you.

                               good-bye everyone! Love always, Bianka

    WilliB Wow. I am sorry to hear that. My heart hurts for you. I wish you the best of luck moving on
    3 days ago
    Lochlain ohh this sucks bye
    3 days ago
    I left for good sorry Bianka Hey bianka i thought you left and i made the biggest mistake ever and please come back cause i back
    2 days ago
  • Meet new people.......................

    16 AUG   Manila, Metro Manila

    Meet new ppl. Hi??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • I need girls whatsapp numbers

    16 AUG   Minnamurra NSW, Aust

    Looking for a responsible gf...I pray I find one anyway I'm 16 hope u could be 14 to 17

  • Single and open to a relationship as long as ur loyal and close to orange m

    16 AUG   Orange, MA, United S

    My now ex gf broke up with me but hopefully I will find true love soon if any of y'all want to hmu

  • Just looking for new friends maybe more

    16 AUG   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I’m just looking for new friends to talk to. Idc on who u are. But I’m also looking for a new relationship I’m looking for a gf.

    John T Like as always no one
    2 days ago
  • Bored and showing my bod

    15 AUG   Birmingham, AL, USA

    I'm bored rn. I like to show off my body. HMU if you want to see 

  • Anyone hmu on snap or this

    16 AUG   St. Louis, MO, USA

    hmu on this or snap. Down for anything, just friends or whatever. Anyone can hmu. 

  • Idk broke asf rn just need someone read this or w.e

    10 AUG   Toledo, OH, USA

    Alright look, I'm Nick, I'm 15 and I'm from Toledo, OH. All I'm asking for is a real relationship as in get to know eachother, love, caring, and when things get har we work them out, it sucks because girls I have dated recently like to think men have no feelings or on't have a heart, now I understand thats how you feel about them, but we are not all like that, look I'm a loving an caring person, I could never hurt a girls felings because it all comes back to me then makes me feel like the worst person on earth, all i want to do is bring joy and make someone feel loved and to find out if thats true all you have to do is get to know me take a chance, don't judge the cover of this book because if you read a couple chapters you will realize and understand what I can do for you. I can never hurt a female again, and yes I've done it before but it always has me sick to my stomach, I loved her so much but I was younger, stupid, reckless, and selfish an was too blind to see that someone cared for me or loved me, I don't wanna make a lose like that again, because it was my biggest lose in my life. Nowadays I'm losing my love and losing my confidence because girls like to play with my feelings and say they will stay or say this is forever but then a couple days later I'm not good enough, or there mad because I'm not always spending my money on them 24/7 then try to find someone with money, and look for something new. Even if I'm distant I could never cheat, it breaks my fucking heart to see people do that shit or to even think about doing that. I'm looking for someone 14-17. If you are willing to take a chance my heart is yours... I'm going to keep reposting this till someone willing to step up and let me give her my world. Look I got a lot to offer this only the preview let me love you and you get the full story.(prolly will date anyone I'm broke asf n so used to to get hurt, numb, or all this other shit I'm losing sight of wut love or wut relationships, it's almost a routine,get with someone, get ur heart broken, and hide the pain, then the next one comes. Maybe one of u girls can change it but idk just hmu ig...

    Erika ^^ Hey I remember you! I get where you are at. I personally have had my feelings played with twice like that with guys. On my instagram I post these long asf captions on my pictures. Here is one of them Don’t judge a book by its cover; nor by its author. You are NOT defined by what you look like or who your parents are. You are defined by your personality. Remember that. Hope this makes you feel better :)
    Elise I feel tge same exact way and if a gurl is using someone for tgeir money then dhe dont deserve ur heart u seem chill hut u left me on open and stoped talkin to me lmao hope we can get yo know each other and talk again
    xXNickXx Im sorry my mistake I just been outta it if just hmu then
    2 days ago
  • Meet new people

    16 AUG   Houston, TX, United

    Yall should hmu idc boy or girl hmu on snap or insta those are what I mostly use I'm just looking for some new people to talk to

  • Add me on snap of want to get to know each other

    16 AUG   Orangeville, ON, Can

    hey I’m Nathan I race atvs I’m 14 and would like to find a girl that’s actually cares about and that wants to date hit me up on snap ngraham200 

  • Hmu I?m bored don?t have anything to do

    16 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, US

    Idek what to type so I’m gonna write random stuff just HMU jxdjdjdhfjcj

  • Want to have a relationship or a friendship

    16 AUG   North Las Vegas, NV,

    I’m bisexual and I’m looking for either a relationship or a friendship 

    Nathan Hey add me ngraham200 Snapchat
    2 days ago
  • Friends and see where things go(guys only)

    16 AUG   Rockwall, TX, United

    Hi just want anyone to text with! Chat with me on Kik at AshleighBrogdin 

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