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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • HMU? Looking for some new people to talk to..

    24 APR   Minneapolis, MN, USA

    Today’s a pretty good day! ? Although my phone is dry as heck and I need some new friends so hit me up if you want to talk. 

    I’m so happy it’s getting warm out also! Minnesota is always a winter wonderland, so yay.

    Zekken Hi want someone to talk? im here. im open any topics
    2 minutes ago

  • Meeee meeee meeee meeee

    24 APR   Manila, Metro Manila

    Hi I'm Mary Ann. I love to play games. My atitude is based on how you treat me. I'm Bisexual, Im not gay, Im not straight, I'm graight xD

    Zekken Hi.. Want serious relationship? pm me.
    35 minutes ago
  • Looking for a girl IDC WHAT AGE

    24 APR   Burgettstown, PA, US

    Just looking for a girl that likes anime and stuff like that and likes to play video games here and there but if your interested hmu I'll probably say yes 

  • Would be interested in a Girlfriend

    24 APR   Greensboro, NC, USA

    Hello, welcome to chillis! I'm 15, am alright with trading, 5'7, 8 inches, blonde, blue eyes, and would like to get to know you!

    Tymber_22 hey text me on private
    1 hour ago
  • hay anny one want to talk?

    24 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA


    im Wolf, 15 years old and likes to talk. 

    wondring if anny one wants to talk? 

  • Meet new people for friends

    24 APR   Thailand

    Hi I'm Beer I'm 17 

    I dont bite

    so add me on snapchat

  • Hi I am single and lonely, text me

    24 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Any age. I am not gay!!! Looking for a girlfriend near or far lol who cares. We have to know each other frist. Text me :)

  • i want guys that like tomboy girls:3

    23 APR   Ohio City, OH, USA

    hewo i am 13  about to be 14 if u like younger girls just say hi bitch then i will lovw u :3

  • Looking for a good boyfriend...

    18 APR   Mount Ida, AR, USA

    Hey I'm looking for a sweet boyfriend who's also preferably muscular and handsome. 

    sky i live in st george u?
    sky oh wait nvm im not muscular strong but not muscular
    5 hours ago
  • Hi my name-s Huzaifa. I-m 17 year old

    23 APR   Karachi, Pakistan

    Hi, my name's Huzaifa. I'm 17 year old guy . I'm single and looking for a girlfriend. I'm 5'10" tall, I am loyal and trustworthy . I love to sing and I like horror movies, romantic movies, action movies, sci-fi movies and life documentaries. I love long drive. If anyone's interested then contact me.

  • Looking for new friends.

    28 MAR   Aurora, CO, USA

    Hi there everyone! I'm Austin Walz and I'm 14 years old and I just thought I'd give this website a try. A little about me is that I'm single and have been my whole life (A reason for this), I am a lacrosse player (goalie), You can add me on almost every social media out there. Cya.

    Au revoir  -Austin W. 

    LIAN hey Austin,im from cameroon,can we be friends?
    7 hours ago
  • friends or something?Ώ? idk

    23 APR   Doha, Qatar

    yooo, so i’m melody and i’m 14. i really need like new friends or people just to send memes to, ya know? so if you wanna do that just hmu in snapchat. 

    genemason Hey u got kik
    8 hours ago
  • Hi!I-m Myth, 17 years old. From southeast Asia

    21 APR   Philippines

    I'm a grade 11 student. I can play the piano ang the guitar. I love readng novels and can speak 3 language.

    Zekken Hello. lets chat
    8 hours ago
  • In need of a girl best friend

    21 APR   Nashville, TN, Unite

    I’m looking to meet people that live in Nashville tn. I’m not a creep haha I wanna try new things tbh. My Snapchat is king.willll if you want to talk. Kinda want a girl best friend so I mean if ur a girl hit me up haha

  • Want to meet new faces

    14 APR   Manila, Metro Manila

    Hi I'm Charrie, 19. I am looking for friends here. I would love to meet new people. I'm from the Philippines by the way. Hello sa mga tagalog diyan, chat niyo ko. Lol. Mabuhay!

    Zekken Hello Charrie taga Philippines din ako 19 pero taga Cebu hehehe tara chat tayo hanggang sa magiging tayo bwahahahaha
    8 hours ago
  • I don-t send nudes mate.

    22 APR   Philippines

    I'm bi. I'm looking for someone who'll accept my flaws. I dont mind having  a long distance relationship. And for the guys... Please stop asking for nudes. 

    Micky Hey Ill never send nudes and if you okay with long distance relationship text me up mate
    1 day ago
    Zekken Hello, I dont ask for any nudes pic i just want a real relationship even if it is a long distance relationship. Chat me. lets get a relationship
    8 hours ago
  • Fuck school I-m bored asf

    23 APR   New York, NY, USA

    Hey my name is gorje I'm in school rn and I'm bored and I need friends bcuz these kids fake asf and I need friends so hmu on snap @jorge3695 

  • Meet New People and Make Friends

    23 APR   Hinigaran, Negros Oc

    HellNo, I am Nathaniel from Philippines. I want to meet new people, I want to make friends, I am easy to be with. I like taking Pictures using my phone then edit it. like to listinening to music OPM or even Hollywood. I love to travel. Hope we can be friends. :) Always smile thinks positive.

  • Minecraft? Discord? Add Me?

    15 APR   Zachary, LA, USA

    Hey im just looking for someone to play Minecraft, VRChat, Sims4, Wizard101 with. My discord is spaccebean#9840 add me. I dont really care about age. A few interests are Kpop anime and yaoi xDDD

  • What the fuck is going on?

    23 APR   Abu Dhabi - United A

    Hey there im AK  16 half. I just see some people who just tells ya that u r cute wanna video chat on skype or something other nd then also says that they wanna see ya d k. Wtf is wrong with u guys. Nd yea guys be careful of this cause this can be anyone k. So the person whom im telling gets it properly here!

  • Meet new people Add me on snap: madison_creed22

    23 APR   Cassville, PA, USA

    I’m looking for friends maybe a relationship, but we have to video chat evernight. 

    Micky Hey if u want a nice guy hmu
    12 hours ago
  • Snapchat mandatory!! ??

    23 APR   Delhi, India

    ??Hello, Indian:18:only snap:not for relationship:new friends from  different places: and turn on ur snap location.pls.??

  • looking to talk to people

    23 APR   Los Gatos, CA, USA

    im not on here much and im trying to talk to people so if you have snap or kik add me, just click on my profile and add me :3

  • Contact me for fun ;3

    23 APR   Eugene

    Hey~ I'm looking for people to do ddlg rps with 

    contact me

    discord: Baymax4eva#5851

    snapchat: Animequeenzer 

    google hangouts:

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    22 APR   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hi my name is Sarah I'm looking for a 13 or 14 year old boyfriend that lives in CANADA. I love sports and I can be soft. I'm not horny and I'm looking for a loyal boyfriend. HMU

    message-to-trade-nudes hey add me on snap jordanrobert954
    1 day ago
    message-to-trade-nudes No nudes ignore my name that was my friend
    1 day ago
    !SebGames! Your friend is funny af for putting your name to thatπŸ˜‚
    1 day ago
  • Looking for -friends-

    23 APR   Tucson, AZ, USA

    Snap: scarhsvariant

  • I need Help asap for my friend

    22 APR   Delta, BC, Canada

    Hey!! I made this account because Jeremy is so selfless and needs friends. I focuses on making so many people happy and he’s breaking down. I made this account to maybe find someone that Cares abt him but it didn’t work. I need as many people as possible to add him so he doesn’t do anything bad to himself, please. He’s a good person who who’s at a real low point so please help him 

    his snap is  jmakrules

    please try to help, he’s a good kid

  • Finaly found someone

    22 APR   Stoke-on-Trent, UK

    Hi i am with someone who is amazing i dont mind if people add me i am happy to be there freind for a chat                          just incase u saw my other posts

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    18 APR   Castle Douglas, UK

    Hi my name is jay.  I'm 14 and like anime,  music and Xbox. I'm looking for any age gf

    Roselyn Kpasrah Hi am Roselyn. And I like u. U can call me if interested. 233550026211
    1 day ago
  • meet new people in general

    22 APR   Bend, OR, USA

    Hewo! my name is Bethany, im pansexual and i love hugs! i have a big heart and im willing to love someone unconditionally, im an artist and i love to draw and paint with watercolors!

  • Friends that are 16 and up

    20 APR   Lorton, VA, USA

    I'm looking for more friends, you can be a boy or girl idc.

    Like people that are chill, funny, and kind.

     snapchat: coogirl224  

  • Looking for a caring Bf

    22 APR   Torrance, CA, USA

    Hi I’m Michelle ( pronounced like Mitchell)

    im gonna turn 13 so technically 12 at the moment.

    I am a very shy guy irl and im sometimes clingy.

    Im a manga/anime nerd so I hope you can deal with that weird side of me!

    I am also transgender (FTM) so I hope that’s alright. I’m very feminine too cus that’s just how I’ve been. I like cuddles and so and im probably shorter than most people here. I’m barely 5’0.

    Hmu if your interested.

  • Im bored and new friends

    22 APR   Stockton, CA, United

    Need people to talk to 

    Add me on sc


    And kik 

    Let's talk

  • Girl ages 12-18.

    22 APR   Johnson City, TN, US

    Hey any girls wanna talk and stuff add me on kik:cyberpirate1004                                                         

  • Hello, iam looking for a boyfriend ?? thank you. ( iam British)

    22 APR   Lancing, UK

    hello, my names is xander and i am gay( boy) and seeking a 'boyfriend' 

    i enjoy writing stories 

    my favorite game franchise is resident evil

    i am very shy  and i think i may have social anxiety. 

    I never had or kissed a boy. ( by had i mean a boyfriend) 

    please feel free to talk

    and be warned i am very fucking awkward 

    dont really know what else to write 

    oh, i quite like lady gaga  and i have kik. I know my instagram is a girls name but its a fan page for her and i am a boy 

    I love cats too. 


    here is a puzzle find the winky yellow thing (emoj i think they are called) 


    ? bye bye 

  • I just wanna chill and meet new people

    22 APR   Puyallup, WA, United

    Hello, Im Lorenzo and im looking for freinds and a relationship. Im strait, and i wont be on here often but if you want to get to know me, add me on my social. ( snapchat and intagram is what i use alot).

  • bored any one wants to talk

    22 APR   GA, United States

    im 18 and right now im just looking for some one to talk to and hang out with so hmu im a straight guy btw  

  • Wanna be friends or get close? Hmu!

    22 APR   Kernersville, NC, US

    Hey :) I'm looking for someone to become really close to and that lives either in the UK or USA. I don't really have this app so if u want my contacts, txt, Dm, or SC me?

  • Hey I-m Kalena, im 15 and here to meet new friends

    18 MAR   Zillah, WA, USA

     I'm just really bored someone should hmu need more people to talk to it can be anyone just no serial killers im trying not to die here.

  • Looking for serious relationship

    21 APR   Cebu City, Cebu, Phi

    Hi I'm Zekken known as Zekee I am 19 years old and I am looking for a serious relationship because I am single in 3 years. I am ready to enter a relationship now height,weight,age,face doesn't matter.

  • Don-t waste people-s time

    21 APR   Saint Augustine, FL,

    If all your gonna do is send dick pics before we even talk don't friend me. 17. In a relationship but looking for a girlfriend.

  • Pretty girls add me on snap

    21 APR   Chester, VA, USA

    I need more people to talk to on snap especially girls but don't worry I'm not gonna ask for like nudes or at thing so yea add me and hmu

  • Meet new people for friends

    21 APR   Thailand

    Hi there I'm Beer I'm 17

    Add me on snap chat

    I dont bite btw

  • Hello people out there

    21 APR   California, United S

    I'm looking for some friends and I don't mean someone that will just talk to me once and that's it I want someone who will be there for me that's all

  • Meet new teen girls to be friends or more

    21 APR   Orlando, FL, USA

    Hello I am Ricky. I’m 19 y/o student from Orlando Florida. I’m down to talk about anything to anyone. My Kik is 0460483 so if you wanna talk to me there it is

  • Meet new people for friendship

    21 APR   Istanbul, Turkey

    Hey guys. I would appreciate it if you would hit me up on Kik/Snapchat/Instagram.

    I am very bored at the moment, so I am looking for entertainment and of course for new friends all over the world.

    Don’t be shy and hit me up.

    Thanks. :)

  • hoping to find my love

    21 APR   Kochi, Kerala, India

    Think I will find my girl who will help me and love me .....

    I will be waiting for you to come

    My doors are alwayopenpe

  • Looking for girls will have some fun

    21 APR   San Francisco, CA, U

    Looking for girls having fun with D chat, prefer has cam. No guys, only girls

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