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  • I have a question do y-all guys want more picture of me

    21 JUN   City of Dayton, OH,

    Just a question for you guys if you want more picture of me???hmmh yes no maybe not now but just making it clear ?

  • I-m looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend 13-14 years

    18 JUN   Bellbrook, OH, Unite

    I like girls and guys I am loveable, I like to draw, listen to music, give hugs, and be creative as much as possible!

    Shame Hi im girl bi, hmu on Snapchat I wanna know more about you 😊😊
    Shame Btw ur cute
    Gary Hey hmu πŸ˜‰
  • I need a friend to chat with

    22 JUN   London, United Kingd

    hey guys I'm looking for a friend who I can chat with I don care if its a boy or a girl , 

    But no girlfriend since I've already got one and I wanna be loyal to her .

  • I like to talk to everyone

    22 JUN   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hi! anyone bored here? Chat me and we can talk. Oh yeah dont forget to add my kik and my snapchat. Thank you

    klince Im also bored in this site .
    1 hour ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    22 JUN   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi there I'm Francisco, 13. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet people with beautiful body

  • Food, Class, and Sillyness

    22 JUN   New York, NY, United

    The title should explain lol I only want goofy cool new friends my current ones be so boring?

  • bi 13-18, relationships or friendship

    04 JUN   Fresno, CA, United S

    Hi im richard,15 and bi so im intrested in both genders. I like doing a lot of things and love the west coast. Im from california and like to hang out with friends. I am interested in most of the things i come across and is openminded on many things. I like to try new things and meet new people that are interesting.

    Vale hey im Vale. im pan so i get ya. hmu u seem cool
    1 day ago
    PrinceJay Hi Dude, Up For Chat?
    7 hours ago
  • Slim Guys! Ages16-20

    05 JUN   Chicago, IL, United

    Hey I'm Sarah! I'm looking to have fun with a polite guy who is slim and athletic who at the same time is a freak when needed! Ages16-20??????

    yo_itsjake I workout and have a musclar body but very cute hmu g πŸ‘Œ
    Kvng Mik3 welp sorry u guy i win cuz Im 63 black nd slim and ply basketball and soccer
    Rami Hi I am 17 062797670010
    Kofi newman Hi i am 19..0545010011
  • New people new friends

    03 JUN   Wasco, CA, United St

    I'm bored, its 12:45am here lol and I'm a 15 year old girl looking for someone to talk too

    TotallyAlien chello almost a month later
    12 hours ago
  • I do NOT want that shit.

    22 JUN   Hemet, CA, United St

    Okay look, I am kind of done with random fucktards suggesting or even SENDING inappropriate shit. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE YOU PRIVATES.

    THIS SITE is for people who don't want that. If you want to do that, DON'T INVOLVE ME.

    How many other people are sick of it?? I honestly came here to make FRIENDS. Not hook ups or sexting partners. If you do do that, good for you. Bottom line is I am sick of bastards seeing a 'cute' picture and insinuating sexual things. I have a brain. I have a have intelligence. People encourage me to get the fuck out there and 'mingle and meet people'. Most people are nice, but some sicken me with this crap.

    If you experience discomfort with TOTAL JERK(S)  doing this, comment. If another guy tries to send a pick of what's hiding behind his zipper I will not send a very pissed off message. I will report him. This includes every gender to, if you send me pics of that you will regret it. 

  • Looking for someone that will be there when needed

    05 JUN   Washington, DC, Unit

    Hey looking for someone that will be there for me not looking to date right away become friends then maybe date but make sure we are ready for it must be 13-17

    Grizzly1028 Ill be there for you but then maybe later date
    12 hours ago
    Bir1028 Hey Im a Scorpio thats what im good for just maybe not the dating part
    12 hours ago
  • hi girls add me on snapchat and talk what you want

    22 JUN   Bradford, United Kin

    My snapchat hamiikhan821 i like talking to girls have fun with them.and friendships ... just in love with the nature of girl ??

  • looking for someone to talk to about stuff- you know?

    22 JUN   Oxnard, CA, United S

    Looking for someone to talk to:) life's kinda boring around here :/ well I'm at 5 percent so I'll leave it at that :)

    DMD14 Whats ur number
    12 hours ago
  • Just someone looking to chat lmao.

    22 JUN   Modesto, CA, United

    Hi there. I'm Jacob Holder. I'm fifteen as of 5/30/2017,  so that's neat. I'm also bi. I like friendly conversations more than anything but I can't promise not to add a innuendo or two. Hit me up if you're down for a friendly chat.

  • Looking for someone who will date a GenderQueer girl who identifys male

    21 JUN   Auburn, NY, United S

    I'm a genderqueer girl who indetifys male. He/Him pronouns and I am a professional Cosplayer at the age of 16

  • looking for a girlfriend .

    21 JUN   London, United Kingd

    hello guys need somebody here to call Me bae i'll be very excited.

    If you know wat I mean. 

    klince Any one here :-
    12 hours ago
    klince No need Ive already get mine Aint worry
    12 hours ago
  • i just need fun and nice friends who want to chat bcoz am lonley

    28 MAY   Leeds, United Kingdo

    hey guys ma names ncole an am 15 years old, i like food plus netflix, am looking for cool friends that r funny and easy to get along with, ya dunni av to be from same country just add me up yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss am fun a promise ya

    Liv Heyyy Im fun! πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸΌ
    Mikeymike U sound fun 😁
    1 day ago
  • I wanna meet some one I can do have a freind ship with or maybe more

    21 JUN   Muscatine, IA, Unite

    Hi my name is emilio I'm looking for a girl who wants to be my  freind or even a freind with benefits her choice so pm me plz:)

  • Newbie here looking for fun

    21 JUN   Nowra, New South Wal

    Hey there im new here and looking for sexy bbw girls that wanna have fun around nowra with me or my older brother or both message and start talking or ask for snap chat name 

  • Hey looking for a new guy to talk to

    21 JUN   Omaha, NE, United St

    Hey im Jay im looking for a guy 13-16 who wont use me or get mad at me easily. I make a lot of mean jokes and can be a bitch but im really sweet caring and loving. If interested message me

  • I am looking for a girl friend or someone to love

    20 JUN   Ragley, LA, United S

    Hi I am isaac, I am a country boy. I love walks on the beach. I am looking for someone to love and hold. I am looking for girls only. I am a good lover. And I will protect you with all my might

    Isaac Come on I am not a bad guy
    1 day ago
    Rose Chat with me
    1 day ago
  • Facebook? Anyone? Add me

    21 JUN   Conway Springs, KS,

    Hi if u have fb and u actually have a profile pic on there then follow me plz @Esabela Ann

    BiNCute21 Ill message you a friend request we can text on Facebook Ill send you my number to
    1 day ago
    Esabela (taken) You do realize Im the one who texted u about ur unibrow
    1 day ago
  • need a person to talk to???

    21 JUN   Paramount, CA, Unite

    gonna go to sleep ? but if someone needs someone to talk to hmu I'll stay up with you

  • I need somebody to talk to that is active almost everyday

    20 JUN   City of Dayton, OH,

    I'm bored now I need somebody to talk that funny and somebody that actually makes sense ?

    Vito Hey wassup Im funny lol amd active everyday
    1 day ago
  • hello trying to meet new ppl ?

    21 JUN   Norwalk, CA, United

    im vale. im pansexual so im open to anyone actually. im kinda a scene kid by the way. i like listening to music like nirvana, cage the elephant, arctic monkeys ,gorillaz and childish gambino <3. im also addicted to the shows supernatural and gravity falls or actually anything supernatural related. i lik people who like to have fun and like to have adventures but that i can also binge netflix with .i also really like of someone. can sit down with me and just talk with about anything too . so if you're intrested in talking just message me :)

  • Looking for a girl please read the text below

    21 JUN   Prescott, AZ, United

    I'm looking for a girl that is pretty and likes to talk also I want a girl who will show some skin like a bikini or something but not nudes because that is wrong and not right also I wantn a girl who is OK with random conversion s

  • Who feels like talking for a bit?

    21 JUN   Byron, GA, United St

    I figured I've been on here long enough, so why not actually make a forum post. I am a nerdy, music-loving, gaming and anime watching dude who enjoys talking about the stuff he does. I don't care if you are a guy, a girl, gay or lesbian or trans or whatever you might be, as long as you're a decent person who can have a conversation we will have fun. I don't want to put what I'm looking for because, to be honest, I don't really know myself, but if you HMU then I'll chat with you for a while. Also to clear up something that a lot of people are confused about, I am a guy, I just have long hair

  • I wnt to meet teen girl for chat

    21 JUN   Kota, Rajasthan, Ind

    Hlw frnd i m anshuman i am single i need a gf whose soul is fresh and easy to undetstand him i f any then chat  with me

  • Wanting to talk to other people

    20 JUN   Elburn, IL, United S

    i'm always bored, i need more people to talk with as friends. i kinda need someone to rant to lol. Message me because i usually don't respond to comments

    Cutiepie21 Text me (909)225-8047
    1 day ago
    Singh anshuman Hey u talk with me
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 JUN   Orlando, FL, United

    Looking for a girlfriend with a good personality

    Want a girl that nice that I can say I love you to and no I'm not trying to sound desperate

    Alex Forgot to say any girl counts again not tryna sound desperate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    1 day ago
  • Name is tracey down to earth open minded looking to meet friends and more.

    20 JUN   Rincon, GA, United S

    Interested in making freinds swaping story's making new ones. Also am bi and looking to meet many new ppl I'm quite active, and excercise. Don't waste my time plz I am quick to respond and won't wait long for yours.

  • Small Gay ready to party

    30 MAR   Fort Collins, CO, Un

    Hi, I'm Elliot, 14. I'm just a small gay boy who loves attention (and also musicals, because I'm a stereotpye).

    Hot21boy Hey Elliot wanna talk ? Text me (909)225-8047
    Nick hey im bi and 14
    1 day ago
    Nick im a singer
    1 day ago
    Cutiepie21 Hey cutie text me lets chat Im looking for a bi boyfriend (909)225-8047
    1 day ago
  • Hi my name is Alyanna you can call me ally for short

    20 JUN   Boston, MA, United S

    I'm straight. I do Cheerleading and Track. I love to watch football. I'm very straight forward. Love meeting new people. Ps. I'm attracted to all kinds of boys

    Cutiepie21 I hope age doesnt matter to you Im 21 Im sweet kind loyal loving bright hearted text me (909)225-8047
    1 day ago
  • Hi im allen whos bisexual

    06 JUN   North Kingstown, RI,

    Im bisexual.  I will sext and trade with guys and girls  add me

    SingleNSearching Hey there wanna maybe text me up Im interested in finding someone (909)225-8047
    3 days ago
    Cutiepie21 Hi cutie please text me (909)225-8047 ❀️
    1 day ago
  • Chat with teen girl for more

    17 JUN   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    I'm Dave, just looking for a nice girl to chat with and then see where it goes from there. ; )

  • Relationship or friendships welcome?

    20 JUN   unknown, Switzerland

    Im looking for someone to love me and care about me. Anyone is welcome into my life. Message me please because I will probably forget to look at comments.

  • Just moved and looking for a longterm relationship

    20 JUN   San Diego, CA, Unite

    Looking for a girl that is sweet and kind women that will love me the way I am 

  • Looking for a trusting guy friend :)

    30 MAY   Columbia, MO, United

    Heyy ;) Im Sierra 13, and im looking for a funny, weird, honest, loyal guy. I like to go out and hang with friends or be online and call people. So anyone with the same intrests and talk all the time. I can be dirty at times but only thinking im not that kind of person to do that stuff, and i curse sometimes too. But id rather have you get to know me. but hmu :)

    savagecabbage13 Hmu on Kik if you want my Kik is on my profile
    Winston Hello sierra, I would like to become friends with u. I dont have kik but I have snapchat so if u want to talk my name is winniegriff.
    1 day ago
  • Looking for willing and determined sub or slave

    19 JUN   London, United Kingd

    i'm bored and alone.....looking for naughty slave kik me: TrishaJ21

    Mikeymike Rather like the sound of that 😜
    1 day ago
  • Im looking for freinds or relationships (Girls Only)

    20 JUN   North Brunswick Town

    Im John, 17. I want to meet new people or start a relationship with a girl! 

  • looking for a guy friend ;)

    30 MAY   Columbia, MO, United

    I will not send nudes, loyal guy and caring but also funny and idrc if you TALK dirty or curse. ages 13 or 14. and i rather you get to know mwah so hmu ;)

    Mason Hi. My name is Mason although most call me Alex. I am 15, but if you want to talk, kik me at Alex_Nossam. I always have an ear to listen, or a shoulder to lean on.
    Alessandro Hi, my name is ALESSANDRO but my friends call me SPAGHETTI because of where I come from (italy) hmu
  • looking for something serious and fanstastic cool and loving

    20 JUN   Texas City, TX, Unit

    someone that can make me scream with is dick get me on (347) 560-3598 or waiting 

    Royal Leader What do you want?
    2 days ago
  • I need a gf so and I would prefer if ur 13-18 but if ur 12 I

    20 JUN   Mabank, TX, United S

    I need a gf so yeah, hit me up on here or on kick and ill respond.I'm nice and I would definitely never cheat. I am very sarcastic which is funny.

    Theneverdigress I need a gf so and I would prefer if ur 13-18 but if ur 12 Im not too opposed.
    2 days ago
    tanya u wanna call me by my phone number
    2 days ago
  • Bio and message me on Kik: text_me_100 I-ll reply as soon as I possibly can

    20 JUN   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Hi I prefer to chat on Kik, Hangouts messanger?, text, or Instagram I am straigt I like girls who like me for who I am and I'm handicap due to a birth defect, and if you want nudes I'll send them <-(girls only)  HMU if you want to know more or talk

  • looking for a boyfriend

    20 JUN   Yoder, IN, United St

    Hey I'm sammie and im looking for a boyfriend in Fort Wayne Indiana. That will treat me for me and won't mind me ranting from time to time if i've had a bad day

  • Horny people message me

    19 JUN   KCMO, MO, United Sta

    If u are horny message me simple as put i wanna fuck and cum with u all u have to do is message me to have this much fun thanks bye

  • Looking for a boyfriend i can trust:)

    20 JUN   Elburn, IL, United S

    Hey i'm Syd, my life is pretty boring and i just wanna have fun and find someone i can trust.

  • Horny and want nudes add me on sc and kik we can make it happen

    20 JUN   Anoka, MN, United St

    Hey I don't care about your age as long as your down for a good time


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