Friendship and possibly more one day

16/APR Friendship

I am looking for a generous, passionate and athletic male who will care about me know matter what and stand up for me.

gus Whats up
Thomas Denton hey im thomas and if we could be like friends thats ok with me to but if your looking for relationship then thats just great that would be awesome really and even if we were to be just friends i promise you with the bottom of my heart that i will always have your back and ill always be there for you and i will always care for you and even if not in a relationship i would always love i would always think of you as family and apart of me and one i would make your life so much easier and less stressed out each day i would warm up your heart to a point where in seconds you would go from depressed to feeling amazing no joke so what do say? which do you want to do relationship or friendship?
Thomas Denton and i always know what to say to a girl to just warm up her heart and i always know what to say to cheer a girl up when shes having a bad day i always do