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Looking for a girlfriend the loves and cares

19/MAR Friendship

Hi my name is freddy. Im colombian im came to the united states back in 2007 to live a better life. Right now im currently living in New york Queens. I speak three different languages (english,spanish,russian). I play for pro not to known soccer club here in Ny . Im a very nice person and helpfull. When i not playing soccer im playing video games or doing school work. When i grow up i want to work in micrsoft or even try full time soccer and joining LA LIGA. Im in to girls that are chill and care for people. I like girls for who they are. I dont like gilrs that like me for what i have. If your instreasted in me you could message me. Im going for girls that are 13-14. You could give me a call if you want (347-798-4114) message me as soon as you can and ill get back to you. Mesage me on kik if you want.