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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Trying something new

    09 DEC   Delavan, WI, USA

    How's it going people, im just on here to meet new people. Hit me up and lets see where we can go.

  • Add me on snap @austintay14

    09 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    hmu I ain’t no fake and I text fast so if yah down hmu on snap but I’m freaky so 

  • Meet new people for relationships

    09 DEC   Tyler, TX, USA

    I’m just trying to meet new people and idk maybe more.

  • Wanting to make friends ^_^

    08 DEC   Lexington, KY, USA


    I'm just looking to have a friendly chat with someone :3 Message me if you want the same as well~ 

  • Long term relationship (bi)

    03 JUL   Nottingham, UK

    I want to meet someone ether boy or girl as I am bisexual want someone new/ near my age / near me and maybe can have a long term relationship as I have been single over 1y 6monthes 

    CJ Boyne (BI) Im near Northallerton if interested
  • looking for a girlfriend

    08 DEC   Walsall, UK

    hi my name is Louise and i'm  14 im from the united kingdom

  • im bored asf so hmu

    09 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                                      

  • Looking for fellow gays

    08 DEC   Geelong VIC, Austral

    Looking for some fellow gays to talk to, snap me; adonaghy025

    Just writing this extra bit to fill in the 80 characters minimum which is stupid btw like why lolololololololololololololololololooooolllloollll 

  • Just want talk to a girl ig lol

    08 DEC   Goleta, CA, USA

    I just wanna talk someone idk even a relationship 

    Just a funny, understanding and attractive girl would be cool 

    so hit me up 

    I’ll talk to any girl so hmu

    Got Instagram and Snapchat 

  • im bored so hmu on snap :))

    08 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                                             

  • Gay 15 yo in Indiana

    08 DEC   Edinburgh, IN, USA

    Add me at jatjat2003 on Snapchat. if your from Indiana! I am 15 years old, athletic, and love to travel :) message me here too. 

  • Hello there you cuties

    08 DEC   San Jose, CA, USA

    hey my name is Devin im 15 and im gay ? if your 13-17 hmu and message me on snap or kik but tell me who you are and if your from here thank you ?

  • If you ugly dont text me

    07 DEC   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Yeah like I said above if you an ugly fag dont fkn text me k.thx....                                                                           

    Agent Kram (straight) This is almost as good as Ligma Balls ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    3 days ago
    Pie3975 This is the best thing since pizza lol๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ
    3 days ago
  • I-m just a bisexual girl willing to have either a friendship/relationship

    07 DEC   None

    Hey, so idk how to do this. I wanna chat and if it leads to something more, then it leads to something more. I'm bi, but don't freak out. I'm still a human and accept people for who they are. If you're out there and are interested in meeting me, I'm not very pretty and do not have fake eyebrows. I'm not a girly girl, but give me a shot!

  • I-m lookin for pals, or more

    08 DEC   Somewhere

    Hey, I'm 17 yr old guy(straight), I'm here to chat and find friends.. I love sports(football, basketball, table tennis,etc.), I play music and I like science. If you wanna talk and get to know each other just hmu :)

  • Snapchat friends m or f age 18 till 21

    08 DEC   Amsterdam, Netherlan

    looking for people to add on snap who are active on there and want to be internetfriends.  

    James101 I would like to be friends with you
    2 days ago
  • Add my snapchat Bossriches1234

    08 DEC   London, UK

    Am a friendly guy girls get adding am caring loving and can be able to make a girl happy don’t be shy from me I will make u happy if ur ever upset ever ur ever bored u can always message me 

  • im bored so hmu on snap :))

    08 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                         

    Wolfsbane Well add me back and we can talk cause Im also hella bored
    2 days ago
  • Just read this pls

    28 JUN   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Hello my name is Ty and I live in Edmonton Alberta and I love soccer, food friends and video games but I also am addicted to porn and if u are interested and live in the area just message me and send the nudes

  • Looking for Friendship? or Need money?

    08 DEC   Vienna, Austria


    Use this link and get some extra pocket money for you. 157066


    Looking for girl who wants to chat with me and with whom I can stay in contact.

    Wanna chat with me? Write me or follow me on Instagram/Snapchat

    See you

  • Hey looking for a girlfriend hit me up if your single

    08 DEC   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey looking or a girl friend .hit me up if your single ?if you wanna talk just message me or add me on snap chat 

  • Come on and learn more

    08 DEC   Spencer, TN, USA

    hello you don’t know me but if you really care just add me on snap to learn more about me it’s ghost52424

  • hi! looking for geeks.

    20 MAR   Brighton, CO, USA

    hey! im faith im 15 and as you can see im geeky and bisexual.

    i love doctor who,harry potter, star treck,starwars, reading, and chocolate:)

    reply if interested!

  • HiI-m new here and I-m looking for love

    08 DEC   Byron, GA, USA

    I'm looking for a beautiful girl who is intelligent and willing to be with someone who wants to join the military  (Unitedstatesmarinecorps)

  • Hmu on the snap @austintay14

    08 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    I’m real I ain’t no scam or catfish so hmu on my snap if down to text but I’m freaky

  • Meeting new people for relationships

    08 DEC   Tyler, TX, USA

    Just looking for relationships and probably more find my on Snapchat 

  • Friendship! Hit me up!

    08 DEC   Colorado Springs, CO

    Just looking for some friends, seems like a good place to start friendships! So, hit me up, I am super happy to become your friend and don’t care about your age at all!

  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    08 DEC   Cockeysville, MD, US

    im 16 and I’m 5,8.

    im on Instagram and I am currently single. Had an ex.

    looking for someone loyal, decent looking, and loving.

    i bet no one will give a crap about this

  • Hmu on snap for conversation:)

    08 DEC   Norfolk, VA, USA

    If ur open hmu on snap and we could be friends or maybe more?lol,jk but I'm always online so I'll be there:)

  • Hmu I ain?t no catfish and I text back fast @austintay14

    08 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    hmu I ain’t no scam but I am freaky sooo text me if down but I ain’t all about freaky 

  • Girls who want to have some fun with a dwarf hit me up on any social Media

    08 DEC   Green Mountain Falls

    Hey if there are any girls who want to have fun with a dwarf hmu on any social media all the usernames are on my account.

  • Love is what we all desire in life to get along and enjoy life

    07 DEC   Harare, Zimbabwe

    iam just a passionate person looking for someone perfect for me near me or abroad someone ready to share something can hook me up on 263718453020 or or search me on facebook by Kuda clive changes the world and make it a small place.

  • Been a while since ive been on here

    08 DEC   Wolverhampton, Unite


    Its been a while but snapchats been dry lately so im back to look for people that will fill my dm's. I use snapchat and instagram daily but do sometimes check othe social media.

    Im a runner and a gamer btw.

  • Sometimes, I fucking hate my parents!

    06 DEC   Council Bluffs, IA,

    I've been grounded from my phone recently, meaning I can't go onto Snapchat at all. :(
    However! If you do want to chat, I'm on Discord (ObiWanKennyObi#1095). Feel free to DM me at anytime! Thnx!

    Jada miller Itโ€™ll be ok my parents have grounded me for a year
    3 days ago
  • Girlfriend or friend

    06 DEC   Reading, PA, USA

    I’m looking for a girlfriend in the reading pa area if your 14,15,16 then dm me on snap chat or if you just want to be friends 

    Dalton Never mind Iโ€™m taken but we can be friends
    3 days ago
  • Almost 15 year old dwarf boy looking for gF

    07 DEC   Green Mountain Falls

    I am a amost 15 year old dwarf looking for a GF Near or far away i don't care. I want them to treat me with respect. I am 3ft 6in hmu if you are interested on this or any other social media. Hmu

  • Anyone wanna talk boys hmu.

    07 DEC   Leoma, TN, USA

    Add me on SC at levip298.                  

  • Looking for friends and maybe a relationship

    01 OCT   Birmingham, UK

    15 from Birmingham England I’m a fun guy and can take a joke pu if you are intrested 

  • Hey! Looking for friends to talk to!

    07 DEC   Knoxville, TN, USA

    I’m 15 and love to write and draw. I love cats, anime, and good grammar. I’m a total newbie, so I’m still trying to navigate the site. 

  • looking for a online friend message on kik

    07 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    i like twenty one pilots halsey billi eilish I like recommending music and drawing

  • looking for a online friend for drawing and music recommendations

    07 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    I like twenty one pilots halsey Billie eilsh I like Crazy little thing called love by queen a

  • Hey so here is my lipsi

    07 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

    Yall wanna chat wit me but don’t want me to know who u r text me on Lipsi

  • Friendships or someone to talk to

    07 DEC   Dubuque, IA, USA

    looking for someone tht will always talk to me and possibly FaceTime sometimes. I’m very kind and caring so message me if u wanna start talking (mainly guys only) I only use snapchat 

    sam sure ill do it
    sam whats your snapchat
  • hmu if you wanna have fun :)

    07 DEC   Toronto, ON, Canada

    any females who wanna have fun and chat on snapchat or instagram hmu ;)

    Im 5'9 if that matters...

    any freaky girl come chat!!

  • I?m bisexual and looking for someone to date

    07 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    hey im looking for someone to date if you willing to get to know each other more hmu at my sc @princess51467 or my kik @regina5146 im looking for someone who is caring and sweet and funny and will love me for me 

  • Fun with Snapchat because snap is cool

    22 MAR   Edinburgh, UK

    Hi I’m patrick, I’m just here for a good time so add me for some fun ;)

    Yash Just straight say u wanna fuk someone .. Bcz most of ppl who want to chat others on sc are fukboi
    uklover thats so mean, by the way your not the only one who wants to just have fun
    mexo bengz yeah...all ov us want fun now u can follow me for more fun and text me
    3 days ago
    thot bahah this is so fn fake, his pfp is litterly a youtuber and one time he goes hi my name is patrick and his profile is charlie, ion tho
    3 days ago
  • Get to know me.

    07 DEC   Crystal Lake, IL, US

    yo just so u know its better to text me on Snapchat I’m chill I do very stupid fun things love riding snowmobiles and love to travel 

    mexo bengz yeah...thts gud
    3 days ago
  • Wanting a girlfriend

    07 DEC   Salem, NJ, United St

    I really need a girlfriend somebody who can hang out with me sometime and talk to me on the phone and FaceTime me sometime if you’re interested HMU 

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