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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a relationship

    07 DEC   Wheeling, WV, USA

    Girls 16-19 hmu if ur interested  I'm a nice guy but I can't find a girl that I can trust

  • In need of deep conversation

    06 DEC   Johannesburg, South

    In need of deep soul fulfilling conversations. Small talk is not good......HMU for deep convos. ...not a conversationalist but I try

    Brightoski Hello dear I can word u up if uld love to give me a try
  • Looking for a friend who can help me

    04 OCT   Johannesburg, South

    just looking for emotional support. I’m not looking for anything right now. Even a friend will do 

  • Hmu I?m freaky asf and reall add me on snap austintay14

    07 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    Hmu tho fr tho €^^^^^^^^^^hehdjdf f































  • If anyone wants my number

    07 DEC   Glendale, AZ, USA

    hey people if u want my number HMU. Because I’m not on here on the time an I answer quicker I’ll bet text so yeah 

  • Add me on snap I?m real and @austintay14

    07 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    Add me on snap austintay14 I ain’t a dick but I’m freaky soo add at your own risk

  • I want some friends~

    07 DEC   Miami Gardens, FL, U

    Hello! I'm Rose. I'm somewhat anti-social but I'd like to make an effort to meet some new people! If anyone is interested in chatting I'm almost always online. I absolutely adore Harry Potter, Voltron, and drawing to my heart's desire. Slytherins unite!

  • Hello peepz another message

    07 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

                         Yes I am single and yes I’m 13 it says it lmao 

  • Single and bi and looking to talk to people

    07 DEC   NY, USA

    Im a single 14 yr old trying to live life.I like animals,I sew,I draw,I like conspiracy theories,I love talking,I like to be outside,I like to hangout with friends,and I'm very kind and gentle when people get to know me.If u guys want to be friends it's cool too.Im also a boy not a girl and I know it's the filters that make me look femanine.

  • Hope everyone is fine random question

    07 DEC   Gainesville, GA, USA

    Hope everyone is having a great day , hope everyone is doing well um here's a quwquest to ask everyone " did we evolve from monkeys?".....the awnser's no y ya ask because how there still monkeys around ?


    07 SEP   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    I dont use this website that much so if u want to contact me add my snap :kyanna221 

    please dont send nudes

    comment ur snap username so i can add uback

    Jacob_Guzman Snap chat username Jacob Jonathon Guzman and remember me
    Hendrix Jedidiah pacis
    Harold haroldisdabest2
  • Hey y?all super bored lmao

    06 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

             im bored af text me on snap or insta or whatever so yeah ha

    shavon84 sup hit me up
  • Looking for a girlfriend near me

    06 DEC   Pretoria, South Afri

    I am looking for a true relationship. I while make you feel like you are the most important thing in the world i will always be there for you

  • Girls hmu on snapchat

    06 DEC   Manchester, UK

    Add me on Snapchat @armankastner and hmu

    girls only

    lets talk or whatever up for anything just hmu 

  • looking for a online friend message on kik

    06 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    I like steven universe stranger things twenty one pilots Billie Eilish Detroit beoe human the last of ua and more

  • need someone to livestream

    06 DEC   Liverpool NSW, Austr

    hi anyone wanna live stream with me on an app , comment if you want to , i need someone i can stream with everyday 

  • I wanna find the true girl who-s love for me is extremely glowing

    06 DEC   Lagos, Nigeria

    Just love me the way I do, wanna fall in love with the rightful girl the heart that will bleed when I'm away she would only think of one and that's me always in her heart, that's me,she would love me no matter what 

  • Meeting new people for friendship

    28 AUG   Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Hello. I am a very energetic girl. Shy at first but then a chatterbox.  I like to make new friends. I am a very friendly person. I over to read books, paint and yeah gaming. I like games a lot. I want friends. Maybe more. If anyone wants to make friends text me. Thank you??

  • Taken by William Godson. Got a problem?

    06 DEC   Carrollton, KY, USA

    I am not single so please stop texting me. I am very happy with my boyfriend and I lke to keep it that way. Bye

    Lsdtabb happy with ur boyfriend? why are you in a teen meeting place then lol ... i wonder what would william think about that

  • Im new here looking forward to meeting new friends

    06 DEC   Kumasi, Ghana

    Hey im cool and sociable looking forward to meeting new non racist. I have intrest in music , i can write songs and rap as well. Just want to meet new people and build a wonderful bond with them

  • Hmu on snap for a fun time ;)

    06 DEC   Chapin, SC, USA

    My names Canyon and I’m looking for a girl to have fun with and talk to on snapchat

  • I wanna meet people.

    05 DEC   Ohio City, OH, USA

    I wanna meet people. I'm bored. And I could use friends. I'm alone which is the big sad.

    TimBuckToo Me too. Really bored. Hmu on snapcaht
  • hmu on snap but don?t be a creep :))

    06 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                                 

  • Add me on snap I ain?t no fake @austintay14

    06 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    I ain’t fake but I’m freaky so hmu on snap I ain’t the type to just trade and dip I fuck with you and text and actually make friends with you if down just hmu on snap

  • A little bit about myself

    06 DEC   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hi, I’m a 14 yeal old girl in 8th grade looking for other girls.

    i was a bit heartbroken, so that’s why I’m here...

    I love to sing, draw, write, and I just want to have a fun time!

    LesbianLove Awww this was supposed to be in lesbians tag not friendship tag XD how do i change it??
  • Hey read me first before anything else

    06 DEC   Moultrie, GA, USA

    When I'm talking about fun I mean like laughing and having fun nothing weird or anything I just want to have fun

  • Hey I-m looking for fun ;)

    06 DEC   Moultrie, GA, USA

    Hey I'm looking for ppl to have fun with if you know what I mean guy or girls I don't mind HIT me up on snap if you like to have fun.

  • Hey on here looking for whatever fiends fun whatever (only girls)

    05 DEC   Slough, UK

    I like games,wrestlering,gym,football,sex;)i dont care about looks or stuff like thar tbh .......................

  • lets chat? (not into nudes so please dont try)

    05 DEC   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    hi im looking for someone to get to know at first we will see where it goes from there, (boys and girls :)

    keir.a Hey someone else who dont like to see micro-penises! Message me sometime :3
    Claudia Not into nudes too ✌
  • Hello what good how is everyone

    05 DEC   Gainesville, GA, USA

    Just joined what good ya um...I'm gay so that's fun 

  • looking for a online friend message on kik

    05 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    I like twenty onepilots halsey bilie eilish detroit become human the last of us and more

  • Looking for some people to talk to or maybe a gf

    12 NOV   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Having a great time hoping some could make it better hmu on snapchat or kik

    Kik: Auhun01

    Snap: Auhunwardsen

  • Meet new people or something

    15 JUL   Mesa, AZ, USA

    Kinda bored n just looking for someone new to talk to so HMU and rip these things gotta be a certain length 

  • Meet Kj artist love hippop ,God,food,bed, tv, -n- ma friends

    05 DEC   Kisumu, Kenya

    Hi pole Am Alost lion in jungle of love after my prey diserpeard 

    I love browsing finding new friends TV spots music art n more I hope u will Like. Me am a good drawing artist in school

    Am Kj

  • I hate titles, but theirs a 20 character minimum

    05 DEC   Queen Creek, AZ, USA

    Well hello there people, I have no idea what to put here but theirs an 80 character minimum for this so hear ya go, I’m straight, 15, 10th grade, bored a lot, anti social, I play soccer, gamer geek. 

  • sup welcome to my profile >:D

    05 DEC   Council Bluffs, IA,

    "Sup people welcome to my profile. Here is want you need to know about me, I love heavy metal and punk rock and I'm a music fanatic I don't mean I like to sing I just like to listen to music and chill, and I draw a lot of lewd art so if you're not into that I'm sorry but that's me and I will let nobody change who I am and I'm a ps4 gamer so hit me up if you want to play some shit together >:D I'm excited to meet all the people who are interested in me for who I am"

    have a nice day- potatochip69

  • For a girlfriend

    28 NOV   Kolkata, West Bengal

    Hi i'm adi 15/yo

    i need a girl who's open minded and care and someone who would listen to me and i will listen to her too . my hobbys are gaming and listening music . and i love cooking.

    i hope i will find someone here :)

    thank you :D

  • need a girlfriend help me

    05 DEC   London, UK

    Hey sny girl who want cool boy text me we can have fun                                                                

  • Looking for friends.

    26 NOV   Cairns City QLD, Aus

    Looking for a friend to converse with.

    Hola at me if you're up for a chat.

  • Meet new people or more

    05 DEC   New York, NY, USA

    Im here, Im From Canada, Come tallk to me, im kinda Shy , looking for new people to meet n more add me on Sc everybody’s  mast/sla

  • Need A Relationship

    05 DEC   Fairview, MT, USA

    I’m looking to take it slow in a relationship I’m looking for a goood boy friend to love and cherish. If you feel the same hit me up. If you have Snapchat add me I’ll add you back probably

  • I need somone I can trust and talk to

    05 DEC   Memphis, MO, United

    Hey out there it’s Jada I really need friends and a lot of people to trust that I don’t have now so if u wanna chill and talk it would make me feel better and needed 

  • Need Girlfriend Hey...hmu...

    05 DEC   London, UK

    Hey..! I need Gf who understand me and i understand her if any one interested then text me..:) 

    My hobbies..i love read books and play sports...:) 

    Thanks :) 

  • hit me up i-m bored...

    05 DEC   Amsterdam, Netherlan


  • Calls on snapchat and need a bsf too

    05 DEC   Park Rapids, MN, USA

    Wanna call someone on snap and no dirty talk just friendly talk and need a bsf too

  • Friends possibly more in the future

    03 DEC   Dubuque, IA, USA

    Someone hmu (guys only) I’ll give you my snap but u gotta message me first 

  • i?m bored and whatevs so hmu on snap :)

    05 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                             

  • More Views and SC friends

    05 DEC   Honolulu, HI, USA

    If you just lookin for more Snapchat friends and views then add me. We don’t got to talk and be friends unless you want to. My user is grady9aaron 

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