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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Cuteeee girls add me

    05 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Any hot/cute girls wanna talk just snapachat me, looking for friends and fun

  • Y?all I?m bored lmao ?

    05 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

    Text mwah since I’m bored and I’m not tired enough to fall asleep

  • Meeting new people to make friends

    03 FEB   Namrup, Assam, India

    Well i m very simple to understand. U will understand me in seconds and so i wanna make more friends and maybe i find someone special in this process

  • Looking for a fun time, friends, girlfriend or person to play truth or dare

    05 DEC   NY, USA

    Only girls. Into anything just looking for fun and some new friends, Bi girls nice. Like movies, skiing, swiming, am a scuba diver and go to the harbor school on govners island. 

  • looking for a online friend message on kik

    04 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    I like stranger things twenty one pilots halsey Billie Eilish detroit bemone human and more

  • friendship!!!! just friends

    18 OCT   Redditch, UK

    i need friends an only friends no more than friend i prefer girls to be friends with but whatever if u have snap ill add u no horny people or pervs 

    Heckty Whats uppp
  • i?m hwckin bored so hmu on snap

    04 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                    

  • Hmu on sc !! LOLOLOL

    04 DEC   Take a guess

    Looking for friends . Hit me up on sc !! Soo bored lolololol send memes.!!! Lmao 

  • Add me on Snapchat to Chat with me??

    04 DEC   Cologne, Germany

    Add me on Snapchat to Chat with me??

    We can exchange some pictures?. Just write me?

  • HMU ON SNAPCHATH really bored ;)

    04 DEC   Wasilla, AK, USA

    Im 17, live in alaska. Really bored and wanting to meet new people. Phone is dry asf 24/7 hmu on snapchat;)

  • I need a serious relationship

    25 JUN   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Looking for a girlfriend to talk to on Snapchat preferably from Australia but idc where ur from

  • Bush did 9/11

    03 DEC   D.C., DC, USA



    kjolly The moon landing was faked
    Agent Kram (straight) Our Repptellian masters will not be happy about this
    _HarrisonArtem17_ I wonder how the mission to mars will be a success if even the moon landing was faked
  • Can please anyone wanna chat with me

    04 DEC   Milwaukee, WI, USA

    I am 14 years old im bisexual i play videos games i love anime and i i like facetiming trading anybody can hit me up as long as there 13-16 sorry not trying to be mean but chubby not my type i play on xbox my snapchat is Darkwolfy3333 i have emotional problems im going throught depression im not looking for a relationship right now i have to get to know the person first and facetime them and stuff like that please just 13-16 please not creeps im not black girls and guys and hispanics some white 

  • Looking for people to meet.

    03 DEC   Ohio City, OH, USA

    Text me. No weirdos. I'll talk to any gender. I need friends or something.

  • I need more instagram Followers

    04 DEC   Rochester, NY, USA

    I need more followers on my instagram so please go follow me. My username is on my profile. I need 80 characters to post this so I’m just writing this sentence to fill the minimum characters. 

    Agent Kram (straight) Sounds good minds agent kram
  • Add me on snap @austintay14

    04 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    if you down to actually talk hmu but I’m kind of freaky so ye but I’m reall and I ain’t no fake so slide up on my dms and I gotcha I text back faster through snap if down

  • if anyone needs someone to talk to

    03 DEC   Plymouth, UK

    if anyone wants to talk about anything or to get to know eachother i'd love to hear from you :3                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Faith Hey hmu on snap babyrush520
    keir.a Hey you seem cool send me a message on here
    Eric.C hey I think I found a new friend in my hands well if you would actually like to talk to me or I talk to you then hmu on instagram which is ericcastillo37 or on Facebook messenger k text ya soon!😁😊
  • Be the Yee to my Haw

    03 DEC   D.C., DC, USA

    Hey, I’m Nat, and I’m looking for some new friends!  If you are looking for a romantic relationship, I am not interested.  Thank you.

    Agent Kram (straight) Mark Zuckerburg is a repettilian
  • Make new friends and text

    01 DEC   Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    Hey I'm Selena and I'm 13. I just want a friend to talk to when I'm bored. If anyone wants to talk about music,hobbyes or things like that message me

  • im bored so text me on snap :))

    03 DEC   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    my snap: kys.rea                                                                               

  • looking for a online friend message on kik

    03 DEC   Planet Jupiter

    I like PErsona4 Halsey Coan gray twenty one pilots Detroit becomehuman The last of us and more

  • Meeting a girl for a relationship

    03 DEC   Cockeysville, MD, US

    I want a decent looking girl who’s around my age and is loyal and promising.

    i am kinda lonely so a girlfriend would help.

  • someone shot me now

    05 SEP   Morecambe, UK

    Can't believe it i was dating a guy on here awhile ago but had to have a break from the site because of my depression but now that guy says he doesn't have a gf so upset right now can't believe hate life so much rn someone shot me rn ???????

  • Snabchat gigantomane1

    03 DEC   Munich, Germany

    Hey add me on snabchat for hot fun ?

    Only girls please :)   

  • I want a relationship and (no weird people) and friends to hangout with lik

    01 DEC   San Antonio, TX, USA

    I want a relationship and (no weird people) it has to be a great guy and he has, to be tall and really cute 

  • Looking for girls to talk with!

    03 DEC   London, UK

    Your age doesn't matter I just wanna have fun time chatting. feel free to hit me up

  • looking for a gf or a friend

    03 DEC   Doha, Qatar

    dont hesitate to talk to me i dont bite :3

    owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo owo 

  • Looking for girl under 17 years feel free to leave message if not msg me I-

    03 DEC   Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Looking for a girl about my age

    29 NOV   Portsmouth, UK

    want to make a girl friend with benefits ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • i really dont know what to say

    03 DEC   Knoxville, TN, USA

    i really dont but i love u all and that just rember even when im dead i still love u all

  • Im looking for new friend or more

    03 DEC   New York, NY, USA

    so yall freaks can add me , So we can chat :) i new to this site so Hmu on Snap , looking for everythings

  • looking for a relationship with a girl ofage 14 or 15

    03 DEC   Dubai - United Arab

    Looking for a long distance or normal relationship witha girl of age 14 or 15 (trust me it'll be worth ur time) 

  • The bordem is real someone hmu

    03 DEC   Mobile, AL, USA

    Someone hmu I do not really care who. Nobody talks on here or Snap anymore. ???????????????

  • Looking for a commited girlfriend

    03 DEC   Cockeysville, MD, US

    Im a 16 year old Male, my name is Jake and I am a laid back sorta person. I had a girlfriend but we broke up. I am a dedicated guy and I am extremely loyal and believe me, sex is my last priority on any list. Ima big gamer and I write stories online and I’ll soon be publishing them. I’m Korean and i live in Maryland in the USA. My ex described me as the best thing she ever had. I’m honest, so honest that it becomes a problem sometimes ?.

    im working on my flirting skills and I do well in school, I go to a magnet school for art and I excel at science, art, and history.

  • Meet new people, make a good friendship

    03 DEC   Adelaide SA, Austral

    Yo i just wanna have some chats with someone and become friends. If u would like to just pm me here or add my sc. I dont go on here much so preferably sc we can chat. Thxxxx

  • Just looking for a friend

    03 DEC   Trussville, AL, USA

    I’m just looking for someone who’s a nice person, who plays video games and enjoys watching Netflix and listening to any kind of music.

  • meet new single people for relationship

    03 DEC   Accra, Ghana

    PM if you wanna have a serious love relationship.I'm cool and single,ready to mingle.

  • Hey Girls!!!

    03 DEC   Arlington, TX, USA

    Hey Ladies,

    Im really just looking for a girl to talk to maybe a little more ;) im pretty chill and funny. Maybe i could get to know a little about you.......

  • Hmu on snap austintay14 I text fast but I?m freaky at times ?

    03 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    Hmu.................. z z z z z z XX z z z XX z z z z z z z z z z z z. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z. A z z a s s s z a s s s s s s s. As. A s s s s s s s z z z z z. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z

  • Looking for frens xoxo

    03 DEC   London, UK

    Ayo hmu if you feel like vibin, 18, lightskin from the UK. I’m not gay but I am looking for friends so anyone hmu, also if you like anime hmu 

  • Like why..? So stupid

    03 DEC   Hallandale Beach, FL

    Dont ask me for a photo if all your into is in a picture. Like the people i sent a photo to the read it and then blocked me like that's shady dont ask for a damn photo if your not mature enough to handle a situation jealous ass. This is why i dont wanna date anyone because they don't know how to "get to know someone" or ask about the persons day other than a pic. If ya gotten to know me then yes i would give a picture damn and im not interested in someone who's looking to "have fun" if you just wanna "have fun" go somewhere else with that because obviously your just not respecting someone if thats what you looking for.

  • Looking to meet some guys

    03 DEC   Green Brook Township

    Hey. I am 16 years old looking for a guy to talk to and connect with. Wanting to connect with other gay teens cause I don't really know any.

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    03 DEC   California

    Im bi and Looking to text with anyone. I looking to talk with some new people so yeah. I like to play games and take photos. So hmu lol

  • Pls rate me bitte deutsch

    28 OCT   Dortmund, Germany

    Hey also bitte bewertet mich oder schreibt einfach hab langeweile.................................. 

    JacquesNeo Hey. Ich bewerte dich... 8? Na. Ich heiße Jacques und ich komme aus München. Ich bin Philippinisch. Bin 16 Jahre alt und ich suche jemand. Ich bin genauso wie ich bin und ich bin schwul aber wenn du kein Lust hast, ist es kein Problem
    Searchcuteboys147373 8 , schreib Mir mal:)
  • Looking for a friend and maybe even a girlfriend

    03 DEC   Calabasas, CA, USA

    Hi I’m Shawn! I am a caring and very loving person! I am in High School in the Los Angeles area! Looking for real relationships, no fake people in my life.

  • Girls for fun ;) mate

    03 DEC   Tulsa, OK, USA

    HMU in snap for fun and trading is calebboi105 also looking for girlfriend  idc who just hmu

  • Looking for new friends

    02 DEC   Gulf Shores, AL, USA

    I’m looking for new friends to talk too daily. So if you’re a guy or a girl then hmu

  • Looking for a single woman fr 15-19

    02 DEC   Muntinlupa, Metro Ma

    Hello ! I'm currently looking for someone to talk with. I'm open to any type of conversation or open to dating if possible. I'm a sweet and funny guy. You'll definitely love to talk with me.

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