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Meet thousands of teenagers for friendship ,this is a group for meet people for friendship in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Feeling way too fresh and clean

    02 DEC   Kampala, Uganda

    Anybody ready to whatsapp,hit ma contact and we get way fresh to go




  • Phone be dry af add me on Snapchat

    02 DEC   Manchester, UK

    hmu on snap username is zinctop Bored af need new people to chat to.                                                      

  • Hi i am 17 years old ? add me on snapchat

    02 DEC   Tampa, FL, USA

    dionis_begaj      Add me on snapchat and we can chat from there .I am waiting 

  • looking for a relationship

    02 DEC   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    hi all.

    my name is ben and i am looking for a relationship and someone to love and care for.

    i am into almost anything.

    my instagram is: Ben_kep15

    my skype is live:54d5b28bef9f9fb8

  • feel free to read.........

    02 DEC   New York, NY, United

    Hello moving to NY soon am 16 single  am looking for a girlfriend  or friends I can talk to about anime's OR play some games with am nice and honest, shy .... Just want someone who I will understand ,trust and would also do the same a real relationship.. Don't want liars cause am not one and no fake people I don't really care about age  I want someone to be loyal too and would also  ..... Just got discord Drake-John#1094... Or send me an email first

  • Looking for a girlfriend 14-17

    02 DEC   Hudson, WI, USA

    Hmu on snap jd4901_14 I'm down for anything. I'm 14 hmu. Long distance is fine I don't really care. 

  • Don-t be shy I-m easy to talk too (:

    02 DEC   Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Hey girls message me, I'm not mean I swear just looking for new friends a fresh start. Just message me on here or whatever if you wanna talk. Dont be shy I dont bite hahah ?

    Black Trumpet Hi, my names Taniya
  • Meet new people for friends or partner

    02 DEC   Guiseley, UK

    I am james, a railway fan and enjoy video games I'm looking for friends or a possible partner I can not physically perfect bit I know how to treat someone I like;)

  • looking for a girl that goes to kecoughtan high school

    02 DEC   Hampton, VA, USA

    looking for a girl that goes to kecoughtan high school. im trying to find a darkskined cutie to cudle with.

  • Single Hmu or friendship bored on here

    02 DEC   Gonzales, LA, USA

    Im not like other guys who take advantage of girl every girl has a personality 

  • Heyyy Im kym hmu on my socials

    02 DEC   Somerset west South

    Hmu on instagram or Snapchat .I'm outgoing and easy to talk to.

    Boys and girls welcome 

  • I?m Looking for a bf Snapchat me

    01 DEC   Fairview, MT, USA


  • Meet new people for friendship

    01 DEC   Scranton, PA, USA

    Just wanted to let everyone know I can't  answer  my main chats I'm not sure why , so if you think im ignoring you im  not . My phone just won't let me answer .

  • Im bored someone hmu

    01 DEC   Maryville, TN, USA


  • ...........................................................................

    01 DEC   Amsterdam, Netherlan


    give me a follow or add me on snap if u wanna talk :)   

  • Looking for a Relationship

    01 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hey my name is Ava, I’m bi looking for a relationship. I live in San Francisco California. Hobbies are drumming, singing, cooking and basketball.

  • Want friends tbh so feel free to read this........lollll

    01 DEC   Hallandale Beach, FL

    Feel free to kik me i only want friends :3 so ya :3 i want friendship and thats it. Only a trustworthy friend if anyone is nasty then imma block.

  • I need someone to talk to hmu

    01 DEC   Continental, OH, USA

    Need some people yo play cod bo4 with on ps4 my usernamr is tonyslayer02

  • What I?m Looking For

    01 DEC   Marysville, WA, USA

    I want a real relationship, I’m not looking to send nudes. I like math, english, music (I like every type of music besides jazz and dubstep and heavy metal) and I’m suuuuppperrr blunt so beware because I know what I want and I’m really silly and I’ve been told I’m funny ?

  • Suppp whoever u are, just wanna make new friends for fun ;)

    01 DEC   Toronto, ON, Canada

    heyy just looking for some fun add me on snap

    prefer 14-17 so hmu @joel.abraham

    Joel_A Oh and add me on insta if u refer that @joelabraham1
  • New Email Update Thing

    01 DEC   Virginia Beach, VA,

    If you want to be friends please hmu by email or by in Google Hangouts at

    And please no pervs or meanies. Just people who want to be friendss.

    Thanks Yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just a Lad out here ??Oolin

    01 DEC   OnlyforClout

    I’m down for a lit as$ convo on snap, insta, discord, and Skype. I’m straight btw

  • Meet new friends finding soul mate.. Just kidding hahhaa

    01 DEC   Davao City, Davao de

    If you want to talk to me, follow me on my instagram @just_sunflwr

    mike ok whatsapp me 0555786967
    Prjwlucifer Hii lets be friends
  • meet new people no pervs

    01 DEC   Redditch, UK

    girls add ma discord im straight but my discord is ?broken emo neko?#3558

  • friendship!!!! just friends

    01 DEC   Redditch, UK

    look ok i just want friends female friends add me on discord ?broken emo neko?#3558

  • Im a cheater especially on my romantic partners

    30 NOV   San Antonio, TX, USA

    I cheat on girls or guys because it’s funny to me. I text them and then lie to them for months about my life and how my parents treat me and when they call me out on it I block them and move on to the next person.

  • Hmu having fun on vacation but not doing anything for awhile

    01 DEC   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Looking for people to talk to for while either hit me up on snap or kik this site is sometimes wont send me messages for awhile so its quicker to get my attention through those

  • Looking for some fun on snapchat @kaykaymarie16

    01 DEC   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    No one younger than 16 or older than 19 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Dylan hmu on snap Im 17
    Karlos I added u there , I m 18
    mike hey beautiful i have add u am 16
  • Hey pepole hit me upp

    01 DEC   Brantford, ON, Canad

    I'm trying to find a new girlfriend I'd rather not get into it so if you like what you see hit me up on this bye

  • Looking for friends

    01 DEC   California

    I like to play games and I’m into photography. Looking for some new people to talk to so hmu 

  • Looking for some friends

    01 DEC   California

    I’m a really open guy. I like to take photos and play games. So hmu do we can be friends 

  • lets try to be friends.

    01 DEC   Springfield, MA, USA

    im only looking for friends or maybe more but i have to get to know u better before anything happens. so if u wanna text then add me on snapchat:pandaghost13 thx

  • Looking for fun friends to add on snap

    01 DEC   Aurora, CO, USA

    Hello. I have recently made a new account in the hopes I’ll find the right friends. I can be shy. I can be fierce. It all depends on you- or the day. Thank you in advance for adding. Let’s chat soon ;)

  • Looking for someone serious

    01 DEC   Lincoln, NE, USA

    I'm looking for a male or female that wants to start a serious relationship no games.

    scottie Hey I’m lookin for a real realtionship
    John T Hey u wanna chat and see what goes from there
    Prjwlucifer Hey i am down for anything
  • friendly peeps to chat with

    12 SEP   Kansas City, MO, USA

    hey I’m RaveN and I’m 13 and pansexual. I consider myself alternative and I’d say I’m pretty badass at guitar hero. Looking for cool accepting people to chat with! We can talk about Music, books, name it. The only thing is I’d  prefer that ur around my age and no I don’t sext so if that’s wut u want, go away.  Everyone welcome to talk with me if u want to have an actual meaningful conversation ???

    Aj Hi chat me
    clayton what is your favorite anime
  • Some one text me im bored

    01 DEC   El Paso, TX, USA

    Hi im looking for some girls to be friends with or maybey a bit more than friends lmao. But if you are down hmu my snap is jsemartz

  • meet other lgbtq people

    01 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    hi im oliver im gay and 15 and im looking for a bf so hmu also and please live in californa

  • Anyone wanna talk? :)

    30 NOV   Ferndale, WA, USA

    hmu on kik or Instagram. You want nudes? Go away. If you wanna send me nudes ... go away. Okay, thanks.

  • Meeting teens hmu plz

    08 OCT   NY, USA

    Somebody enter my life plz!! I am a nice guy and I have never really had any good friends or a good relationship:(  I am really looking forward to meeting new people!!!! HMU on my socials please!!!!

  • Need help with something...

    28 NOV   DeFuniak Springs, FL

    Me and my friend need a little help with something... any guys or girls out there with a car, license, and the will to take us to a certain place? Hmu if so.... sorry if this sounds creepy 

    carsondik ayyyyy I got the range or the rolls where yall needa go
    Shannon Please don’t go anywhere with anyone you don’t know irl it can be very dangerous. I don’t mean to sound like a mother but I don’t want anything bad to happen. You could get kidnapped or raped or even murdered!
    cameronb17 fr u crazy if u do
    cameronb17 im in fort walton beach fl wit a car but dont got a license yet
  • I wanna make friends on here

    30 NOV   Burlington, ON, Cana

    heyo I’m just lookin to make some more friends, I have a gf and I have no interest in cheating on her 

  • Meet friends or find a boyfriend

    30 NOV   Munich, Germany

    Hi. I'm kind of new here. I've got a secret that I'd be exposing here which is kind of ok with me. I'm gay and I'm looking for someone who I can talk to or be with. Just as friends or something else.

    JacquesNeo Write back to my email:
  • Bored to death...plz hmu

    30 NOV   Mumbai, Maharashtra,

    SC: captain paloski 

    Skype: palaash sarkar

    Anybody ... Literally anybody hit me up on Snapchat or Skype or anywhere else....plra pl

  • Meet new people for friendships

    25 NOV   somewhere

    someone hmu on sc ; nataliax1x1 , just looking for someone to talk to. 

  • Meet new people and maybe a romantic relationship

    30 NOV   Louisville, KY, USA

    Hey guys I’m looking for friends or even someone to be in a relationship

    Manuel Carter Okay am intrested inbox me
  • Looking for a Relationship

    30 NOV   Stanthorpe QLD, Aust

    Hello my name is Tyler. I'm a 16 year old boy who just wants a real, caring relationship. I don't want a 1 night stand but a real relationship. I may be gay but I am a real person.

  • Looking for a relationship

    29 NOV   Chilliwack, BC, Cana

    Im bisexual and just looking for a relationship. Please message me on Instagram. @maites.tea

  • Finally...found my other half

    30 NOV   Kuala Lumpur, Federa

    Love yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idk what 2 say so................. 80characters soo much.........

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