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Meet thousands of teenagers for gamers ,this is a group for meet people for gamers in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a new gaming buddy/gal

    21 APR   Chisholm, MN, USA

    Hello :) my name is Austin and I'm very nice, happy, polite, caring, and... skilled at gaming, I think lol. I play PC and Xbox, and I will play with anyone, even if you are horrible, which I bet you aren't lol.

    Xbox: AusT XL

    Steam: AusTkiller

    Elizabeth heyyyyyy baby boy
    3 days ago
    genemason Wanna meet up
    3 days ago
    Elizabeth austin is my bf genemason
    3 days ago

  • Looking for a Fortnite partner

    09 APR   Branson, MO, USA

    I play pc so I can play with any console, you must have a discord.

    Add me on Discord @Vibes#2033

    Add me on snapchat (@nataliecanfly) and tell me if you're wanting to play 

    EpicBlast1 hey kik me ..EpicBlast1
    des when i get mine soon i will text u so we can play together
  • Looking for people to chat too

    10 APR   Warwick QLD, Austral

    My name is Logan I love playing basketball and swimming I also enjoy playing games in my spare time.


    09 APR   Pompton Lakes, NJ, U

    I’m not looking for a relationship, I already have one. But if any gamers would like to play on ps4, then add me Adaptgamingyt. I have fifa 16, 17, 18, Fortnite, Minecraft, and other games (I don’t have gta)

  • Looking for love (nothing inappropriate)

    04 APR   Reading, UK

    Hey my name is Matthew I'm a 16 year old bi sexual I'm looking for a 14 to 15 year old short whiteboy (I'm  not racist I just like short white guys) but Girls are different i ike the personality and there heart I'm also looking for a PS4 buddy or a anime buddy I can do voice Impressions of Mickey Mouse and a Japanese school girl but only one word 

    I'm a good listener and I'm a kind person

    I tell good jokes and I love to have a good time

  • Looking for a girl that plays PS4 to be friends with or possibly date

    31 MAR   Duluth, GA, USA

    Hi I’m bryan and I’m 14 yrs old and I play ps4 and am looking for a girl to play with or possibly date if your interested my psn name is Bryansop21 and yes I know very cringy and rn I have fortnite ww2 bo3 overwatch rainbow six siege 

    Cjpassmore I love fortnight 😂😂😂😂😂
  • gaming friends and romance

    30 MAR   NY, USA

    Need to add more females (guys are fine too but I have to many male friends) on discord, but I have Skype, and steam also. Into hardcore gaming(pc gaming the best) (Nintendo second) (Playstation third) if your looking to be friends then just send me a request and I will accept it, as if for dating... NY, USA only, (only Capricorn, cancer, pisces, scorpio, taurus, or virgo) I'm a cancer myself, I do not wish to date anyone in LGBT community(even bisexuals), lastly nobody that I'd here for a quick hook up and onto the next person, I keep the morals of bonding and having a connection important. See you in game nerds!

    discord: bambo15#9794

    steam: bambo1510

    skype: bambo15

  • Meet and talk people.

    29 MAR   Granbury, TX, USA

    Hi. My name is Erick. I am a artist,gamer,YouTuber, and I workout. I want to meet people. Maybe get a gf. Also if you want to talk or send a message to me. We would talk and know each other.

  • Looking for a cohost for my livestreams.

    26 MAR   Richwood, OH, United

    Hello, I'm a variety streamer on twitch who plays pretty much anything but I really need a cohost to help keep the stream going. If you're interested you can message me here, on twitch, or even add me on steam. My steam and twitch are t_runner12.

  • New PS4 friends or bf

    21 MAR   Marrero, LA, USA

    I'm a 17-year-old girl looking for guys 17-19 who live in either Louisiana or Mississippi. I'm NOT looking for anything sexual, only friendly or romantic! I play a lot of Overwatch  (lvl 700 , 170 hours on Widowmaker) and Fortnite (just downloaded it a week ago lol) on PS4! I also love music, and do a lot of singing! I am a senior in high school in Louisiana currently, but will be moving to Mississippi in the fall to go to college at USM!

  • Meet new people to game out with

    21 MAR   Olympia, WA, USA

    Hey my names alec, im looking for people to play online with. I have an xbox one and mainly play fortnite, player unknowns battlegrounds and other similar games. Hmu and message me your gamertag.

  • Looking for a gaming buddy

    20 MAR   Bernie, MO, USA

    I am looking for gaming friends that has xbox 360 or xbox one on my xbox 360 I mostly play cod black ops 2 and GTA 5 on my Xbox 1 I mostly play friday the 13 and framing sim 17  don't have a mic anymore they broke and don't have any for 360  my gamer tag is BeastCore324

  • Looking for people to play on Steam with!

    17 MAR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I'm looking to make some new friends. I really like to game and it would be fun to play with some people.

    Right now I have 

    Just cause 2,

    Saints Row The Third,

    Team Fortress 2,

    And Gary's Mod.

    My steam user is R0ck3tPuppy 

    I am also a (new) youtuber and would lie to try and do a collab.

    I am in a relationshipso please, don't ask for or send nudes.

    Friends of any sort are accepted. If you dont want to game 90 of my social media is on my profile. Have fun! Hope to hear from you soon. 

    Sebastian Bell i have gmod; my steam name is Àigh an Alba gù Bràth
    Clement_Is_Wright TF2 #RandomKritzAreBalanced
  • Wanting to meet new friends or S.O.?s!!

    18 MAR   Marrero, LA, USA

    Hi! My name’s Katelynn! Im 17, half Spanish, half Japanese. I live in Louisiana, Im looking for people from Louisiana or Mississippi (I move there in August 2018!) Please only message me if you are 17 or older, and local! I am also a gamer girl, I play Fortnite and Overwatch on PS4! I also love singing!

  • Looking for a relationship with a smart funny and sweet boy

    12 MAR   Stafford, UK

    Hey there.. I'm Kyle . I'm 17 and from the UK.. I'm looking for a relationship with a smart funny and sweet boy  so I'm gay) ages 14 to 17..i don't have a pic on my profile sorry just make me feel like I'm on market.. I like video games and am currently studying animation... Looking for a guy preferably from UK but if ur Mr right distance is only a number 

    Mas(dont even bother with me) Good luck hope you find someone -Mas , Lord of Chickens
  • Possible gaming partners?

    12 MAR   Cheboygan, MI, USA

    I own a PlayStation 4 and I would love to have friends to game with. My ID is musicalnerd1800. I have GTA V, Fortnite, Dying Light, Dead Island, and a few others!

    Mas(dont even bother with me) Good luck hope you find someone -Mas , Lord of Chickens
  • in need of some friends to play ps4

    08 MAR   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hi there :) i"m luis, 17 frendly and very talkative, i love to play videogames and nerd out so i'm trying to see if any girls would like to share this with me. i mostly play ps4

  • Trying to find new friends to talk to and meet and play Xbox with.

    11 FEB   Shotton, Deeside, UK

    Hello I am Sasha. I play on Xbox One. I love playing rainbow six siege. I’m in a situation where I don’t know what to do in life and I want to make some new friends and maybe get closer to someone. I also want to hang out with people more. I’m also near the end of year 11.

    Shawn Hey minecraft
    Zachary Paul I can be ur friend
    Hunter Quam Hit me up gamer tags SilverColt73214
  • Any Gamers or Artist

    19 FEB   Pittsburg, KS, USA

    I would like to have friends who are Artist or Gamers or maybe Both, i dont have that much friends here where i live but i would like to friends that are Gamers or artists


    13 FEB   Kota, Rajasthan, Ind


    Snowmangamer2060 U do xbox one or playstation
  • Looking to chat on kik and xbone

    11 FEB   Decatur, TX, USA

    Hi. I'm Ray and I'm hoping you'do like to kik me so we can chat and get to know each other before chatting on the xbone. My kik is Mrultra1

  • need friends and a boyfriend

    06 FEB   Indianapolis, IN, US

    im 15 almost 16 i will be 16 in august hmu boys 14-17 and girls 13-17 my gmail is

    Tingting Girl,16.We can make friend XD
    Bradlee Girl your hot btw single
  • Looking for my 2nd Player -_-

    08 FEB   Melbourne Victoria,

    Hey there my name is Billy, as most people know me as Dark. I'm am looking for my 2nd Player(GirlGamer) who is skilled at many games and to play and have a wonderful future with. I am active 3 times a day on this site so if any time you want to ask me out just reply back.

    Snapchat: vBillySnapz

    PS4: zDarkxz--

    Thank you For ready


  • friends i can play games with

    08 FEB  

    Hi there my name is Lux but my friends call me takashi im looking for friends i can play games with i dont care if you boy or a girl all i care about is have fun talking with you and playing games i hope we can get alone

  • Hmu if you got xbox one or 360

    07 FEB   Reading, PA, United

    if any of you get xbox 360 or xbox one hmu I need friends so I can get gold soon

    Michael I got 360. Gamertag is Alpha324YT
  • Any pc gamers out there boys and girls

    06 FEB   Detroit, MI, United

    Add me on steam my name is Zamoky I play CSGO I’m very serious in csgo. I play PUBG i also have a PS4 I have CALL OF DUTY WW2 GTA5 and more so pm me if u wanna play with me

  • Hey guys or girls hmu

    03 FEB   El Paso, TX, United

    Hey im a open mined person really trusting and i speak my mind i dont mind if your a gamer i really like gamers geeks and nerds

  • Looking for a girl who loves video games

    02 FEB   Galena, KS, United S

    Hi I’m Justice i’m new here and I’m 15 and I would really like to meet a girl who loves video games as much as I do. I have an Xbox One, a 3DS, and a Nintendo Switch. I’m a huge fan of Overwatch and Destiny, and I’m always up for Fortnite as well. If you’d like to talk to me don’t be afraid to message me.

  • Looking for a chill gamer gf that plays Destiny 2

    29 JAN   Pascagoula, MS, Unit

    im Puerto Rican, and a huge sneakerhead who loves playing video games and is really chill when you get to know me. PSN:SUPERSAIYANBOSS1

  • Looking for a Gamer gf that?s into Destiny 2 and is really chill

    29 JAN   Pascagoula, MS, Unit

    im Puerto Rican, and a huge sneakerhead who loves playing video games and is really chill when you get to know me.

  • Meet new girl gamers

    28 JAN   London, United Kingd

    I am a LESBIAN so no men looking for a girlfriend I'm not into men at all.  And I want to meet some girl gamers that are looking for a friend or more 

  • Meet new gamer for friends or partner

    26 JAN   Loudon, TN, United S

    I'm tired of being alone so I'm getting g our here.  I'm Kat I'm 15 almost 16 I love tomb Raider, uncharted, mirror's edge, and the las of us.  I'm bisexual so honestly don't care what gender and I'm easy to get along with 

    Diangelo OK what gameing systems do you have
    Kat (bisexual) (cancer) Play station four of dont have PSN tho
  • For gamers or YouTubers who like gaming and gaming videos.

    16 JAN   East St Louis, Illin

    Hello there :) you might be wondering what could i possibly be talking about right now , well this is kind of a message for gamers who have YouTube channels or something like that , but subscribe to my YouTube channel i make gaming videos and like to play games and if you have roblox just add me my username is Keithhj65 and my YouTube channel is called Keith Hannah Jr. That's all i have to say and i know i probably will most likely get hate for this text , but please just subscribe for gaming videos and other stuff. Also one more thing you probably thinking , what the heck is he trying to advertise his channel. If it looks like it and your angry then I'm sorry. Now I'm gone before this text gets more longer. Bye have a great day.

    Cheeseballkid I do YouTube as well msg me
  • Looking for new people to play with :P PS4 only

    12 JAN   Dallas, TX, United S

    It’s hard trying to make new buddies in the PSN community, they  are mostly horrible people, I want to try this website out and see how the community is here (: I’m a pretty chill fun guy (hehe fungi) I love/enjoy watching anime also(if you’re a girl you should add me on (PS4: Wolvedd) girls seem to have same anime interests as I do than guys ^~^. I play Ark, WW2, MC, Rocket League, GTA 5, and I have R6 but I don’t really play it. Add me! Snap me: Wufys

    _beans_and_rice_ You any good at ww2
  • Looking for Someone I can Really Trust

    16 JAN   Vernon Township, NJ,

    Hi im Shawn, 

    I Like ... 




    -Other Shit

    Looking for a female friend I can really trust and talk to. 

    If you are one of the following pls message me b/c I will instantly find you adorable and want to be your Friend. 

    -Short Haired

    -Gamer Girl

    -TWD fan

  • Looking for serious relationship

    07 JAN   Ajax, ON, Canada

    Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I'm open minded, accepting, passionate and caring. I love gaming and physical activity. I'm on the high school wrestling team and I am very humourous. Looking for serious relationship.

    Rashaad Couloote Im interested. Also why do you call yourself a twinkie
  • Make new friends for a better gaming experience.

    07 APR   Jupiter, Solar Syste

    Hi, I'm '~xThatGamerx~', 14. I'm pretty humourous when I get used to someone, I like gaming, obviously, and I like to laugh... a lot. I do have an anxiety disorder, selective mutism, though which makes it hard for me to speak, but i do try. 

    That aside I would like to find people who like to play video games, don't mind which (I play all sorts), on Xbox One and PS4.

    My Xbox GT: MrsKittyx and PSN ID: xKittyBoox (should anyone want to add me). c:

    ~xThatGamerx~ Uh, yeah but I dont use it too much
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw saw
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw ur post ..trying to see if i can get along wth u.. i really respect women and i promise u will be happy ..i can really make u laugh ..just put me to test if if i can fit..
    Glitch I have both Xbox and Ps4, my xbox: ShaDe Synergy || my PS: MR_R8B8T
  • Rainbow Six Siege looking for group carry ranked

    04 JAN   San Diego, CA, USA

    Anybody wanna carry me to platinum in Rainbow 6? I play PC. Add me up: AzazelEXE, nibbas. The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

  • Looking for new people to play with.

    30 DEC   Columbus, IN, United

    Names Antonio and I'm looking for some new people who are nice and cool to play some games with on Xbox one I play games like bo3, gta v, fortnite and several other games hmu gt Lewdicus and my kik is cj201412

  • Looking for a friend or GF

    30 DEC   Colleyville, TX, Uni

    Hi I’m Hunter and I’m 16. I like video games, food, sleep etc. I am looking for someone to play with or just to be friends with. If you want to play I have a PS4 and a PC. HMU on here or Snapchat @mianite1234

  • Need a team mate 15-16 female

    29 DEC   Bean Station, TN, Un

    LookING for a girl who wouldn't mind to play a game with me. I don't tarot care the game bit mostly I play bdo or paladins they are good games. Just hard if you don't have a team mate. I'm just looking for a friend TN hoping it may become more

  • Oi! Anyone on pc or PS4?

    24 DEC   Detroit, MI, United

    Heyoooo. I've got overwatch, fornite, and smite, and warframe on both ps4 and pc. I got BO3, WW2, Titatan Fall 2 on ps4 also. PS battle tag is LegendsAreHere99. Hmu for my PC battle tag. 

  • Looking for a gamer girl/geek relationship!

    23 DEC   Panama City Beach, F

    Hi, my name is Jacob Tallent, and I am just looking for a girl to hang out and play games with!

  • Just a little about myself.

    01 JUN   Chico, CA, United St

    My name is Ze, I'm a thirteen year old with the brain of a 17 year old...soooo yeup....i'm and huge gamer as well as an artist who has her art sold at one store. That's about it....also I'm really sarcastic and want to be a sit down comedian....what? Standing can get tiring.

    Cass V. You know...? Youre my kinda person.
    maesa add me on steam looking for friends my age.
  • I would like to meet new people to start a friendship

    20 DEC   Cape Town, Western C

    Hi there :) im Daanyaal, Danny for short, im 16 years old and I love being creative and fun, i have a great personality and looking for someone to share it with, im a gamer and i do gym to keep myself healthy, im looking for someone with good looks and a great personality 

  • Looking for a friend of GF

    17 DEC   Spring, TX, United S

    Sup. Im Josh, but you can call me JT. Im 14 and looking for some friends or even possibley a Girlfriend. I like Video Games, Anime, art and drawing, etc, you get the jist of who I am. No I'm not a lonley sucker who can only find Online friends. I have plenty of IRL friends, I just want to meet new people. This is more directed at Gamers, as female gamers are usually pretty cool. So HMU if you want to chat.

  • Is anybody playing player unknowns battlegrounds

    13 DEC   New York, NY, United

     I’m looking for people that play  Player unknown battlegrounds  Xbox one anybody’s welcome  just hmu on kik at RazerX08 let’s play 

  • Hai everyone! I-m new here.

    08 DEC   Borktown

    So.. Yeah... Found this website, decided to make an account (I usually don't do this kind of stuff, I'm super shy)!

    I was hoping that maybe I'll find some friends? I'm into gaming! And I love to draw in my free time.

    (Oh and my DS friend code is 0430-8788-0125, if anyone wants to play ACNL or Pokemon Sun/Moon with me, lemme know! x3)

    Glitch Anyone here have Roblox?
    Glitch I also draw in my free time, and Im into programming
    Alvin265 PC gamer here
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