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  • For gamers or YouTubers who like gaming and gaming videos.

    16 JAN   East St Louis, Illin

    Hello there :) you might be wondering what could i possibly be talking about right now , well this is kind of a message for gamers who have YouTube channels or something like that , but subscribe to my YouTube channel i make gaming videos and like to play games and if you have roblox just add me my username is Keithhj65 and my YouTube channel is called Keith Hannah Jr. That's all i have to say and i know i probably will most likely get hate for this text , but please just subscribe for gaming videos and other stuff. Also one more thing you probably thinking , what the heck is he trying to advertise his channel. If it looks like it and your angry then I'm sorry. Now I'm gone before this text gets more longer. Bye have a great day.

    Cheeseballkid I do YouTube as well msg me
    1 day ago

  • Looking for new people to play with :P PS4 only

    12 JAN   Dallas, TX, United S

    It’s hard trying to make new buddies in the PSN community, they  are mostly horrible people, I want to try this website out and see how the community is here (: I’m a pretty chill fun guy (hehe fungi) I love/enjoy watching anime also(if you’re a girl you should add me on (PS4: Wolvedd) girls seem to have same anime interests as I do than guys ^~^. I play Ark, WW2, MC, Rocket League, GTA 5, and I have R6 but I don’t really play it. Add me! Snap me: Wufys

    _beans_and_rice_ You any good at ww2
  • Looking for Someone I can Really Trust

    16 JAN   Vernon Township, NJ,

    Hi im Shawn, 

    I Like ... 




    -Other Shit

    Looking for a female friend I can really trust and talk to. 

    If you are one of the following pls message me b/c I will instantly find you adorable and want to be your Friend. 

    -Short Haired

    -Gamer Girl

    -TWD fan

  • Looking for PlayStation 4 friends to play with

    14 JAN   Blue Springs, MO, Un

    Hey I’m Matt I’m just trying to find people to play with on PlayStation 4 boys and girls if u want to just add me on PlayStation KOD_STRIKZ

  • Looking for serious relationship

    07 JAN   Ajax, ON, Canada

    Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I'm open minded, accepting, passionate and caring. I love gaming and physical activity. I'm on the high school wrestling team and I am very humourous. Looking for serious relationship.

    Rashaad Couloote Im interested. Also why do you call yourself a twinkie
  • Make new friends for a better gaming experience.

    07 APR   Jupiter, Solar Syste

    Hi, I'm '~xThatGamerx~', 14. I'm pretty humourous when I get used to someone, I like gaming, obviously, and I like to laugh... a lot. I do have an anxiety disorder, selective mutism, though which makes it hard for me to speak, but i do try. 

    That aside I would like to find people who like to play video games, don't mind which (I play all sorts), on Xbox One and PS4.

    My Xbox GT: MrsKittyx and PSN ID: xKittyBoox (should anyone want to add me). c:

    ~xThatGamerx~ Uh, yeah but I dont use it too much
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw saw
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw ur post ..trying to see if i can get along wth u.. i really respect women and i promise u will be happy ..i can really make u laugh ..just put me to test if if i can fit..
    MR_GL17CH I have both Xbox and Ps4, my xbox: ShaDe Synergy || my PS: MR_R8B8T
  • Rainbow Six Siege looking for group carry ranked

    04 JAN   Vista, CA, United St

    Anybody wanna carry me to platinum in Rainbow 6? I play PC. Add me up: AzazelEXE, nibbas. The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

  • Just want a girlfriend or someone to talk too

    04 JAN   Deleted

    Hi I’m Robbie. I’m 13 years old I love swimming, soccer, and memes. I live to help people with their problems but can’t seem to figure out how to help myself with mine. I would like to find someone that i can trust and maybe even a girlfriend.

  • Looking for a friend and maybe a girlfriend

    04 JAN   Deleted

    My name’s Robbie, I’m 13 and very very shy. I like to help people with their problems but don’t take care of my own. I’m looking for someone to joke around with and maybe even a girlfriend. I also love memes and sports.

  • Looking for new people to play with.

    30 DEC   Columbus, IN, United

    Names Antonio and I'm looking for some new people who are nice and cool to play some games with on Xbox one I play games like bo3, gta v, fortnite and several other games hmu gt Lewdicus and my kik is cj201412

  • Looking for a friend or GF

    30 DEC   Colleyville, TX, Uni

    Hi I’m Hunter and I’m 16. I like video games, food, sleep etc. I am looking for someone to play with or just to be friends with. If you want to play I have a PS4 and a PC. HMU on here or Snapchat @mianite1234

  • Need a team mate 15-16 female

    29 DEC   Bean Station, TN, Un

    LookING for a girl who wouldn't mind to play a game with me. I don't tarot care the game bit mostly I play bdo or paladins they are good games. Just hard if you don't have a team mate. I'm just looking for a friend TN hoping it may become more

  • Oi! Anyone on pc or PS4?

    24 DEC   Detroit, MI, United

    Heyoooo. I've got overwatch, fornite, and smite, and warframe on both ps4 and pc. I got BO3, WW2, Titatan Fall 2 on ps4 also. PS battle tag is LegendsAreHere99. Hmu for my PC battle tag. 

  • Looking for a gamer girl/geek relationship!

    23 DEC   Panama City Beach, F

    Hi, my name is Jacob Tallent, and I am just looking for a girl to hang out and play games with!

  • Just a little about myself.

    01 JUN   Chico, CA, United St

    My name is Ze, I'm a thirteen year old with the brain of a 17 year old...soooo yeup....i'm and huge gamer as well as an artist who has her art sold at one store. That's about it....also I'm really sarcastic and want to be a sit down comedian....what? Standing can get tiring.

    Cass V. You know...? Youre my kinda person.
    maesa add me on steam looking for friends my age.
  • I would like to meet new people to start a friendship

    20 DEC   Cape Town, Western C

    Hi there :) im Daanyaal, Danny for short, im 16 years old and I love being creative and fun, i have a great personality and looking for someone to share it with, im a gamer and i do gym to keep myself healthy, im looking for someone with good looks and a great personality 

  • Looking for a friend of GF

    17 DEC   Spring, TX, United S

    Sup. Im Josh, but you can call me JT. Im 14 and looking for some friends or even possibley a Girlfriend. I like Video Games, Anime, art and drawing, etc, you get the jist of who I am. No I'm not a lonley sucker who can only find Online friends. I have plenty of IRL friends, I just want to meet new people. This is more directed at Gamers, as female gamers are usually pretty cool. So HMU if you want to chat.

  • Is anybody playing player unknowns battlegrounds

    13 DEC   New York, NY, United

     I’m looking for people that play  Player unknown battlegrounds  Xbox one anybody’s welcome  just hmu on kik at RazerX08 let’s play 

  • Hai everyone! I-m new here.

    08 DEC   Borktown

    So.. Yeah... Found this website, decided to make an account (I usually don't do this kind of stuff, I'm super shy)!

    I was hoping that maybe I'll find some friends? I'm into gaming! And I love to draw in my free time.

    (Oh and my DS friend code is 0430-8788-0125, if anyone wants to play ACNL or Pokemon Sun/Moon with me, lemme know! x3)

    MR_GL17CH Anyone here have Roblox?
    MR_GL17CH I also draw in my free time, and Im into programming
    Alvin265 PC gamer here

  • Looking for people to play with

    11 DEC   Stratford, CT, Unite

    Wasssup kinda new to this but I'm looking for people to play on ps4 with and  yes I have a mic not one of those types to yell or rage quit if you(or me) mess up IDC we having fun I mostly play warframe so if you play it too we can help each otherrrr :D I'm not pro yet soo yeeeee I play other games like fortniet grand turismo paragon and more (yes gta5) but mostlt its open world and 5v5 so if you wanna playyy hmu. 

    18 male any can add really 


    _beans_and_rice_ You play black light retrebuition?
    Lanny I can download it is it good
  • looking for a gamer girl. dota player preffered.

    09 DEC   Zanjan, Zanjan Provi

    Hi. Im 18 year old. Im open minded and kind. I love to say lovely stuff to my partner.Looking for a gamer girl age 15-18. Long distance relationship. Can make it a love relationship.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    03 DEC   Livermore, CA, Unite

    heya im looking for someone around my age to nerd out with my interests can be boiled down to cooking, gaming, horror, animals, freshly grilled memes, and music

  • Looking for gamergirls to play with <3

    03 DEC   Motala, Sweden

    Hi my name is Villy and im from Sweden, im 17 years old and i play alot of games. 

    So if you just want a friend you can talk to and play some games or just chill and have a good time then add my snapchat izawk

  • Looking for friends and gamers

    20 NOV   Manhattan, KS, Unite

    im looking for some people to call friends. I want them to have Snapchat,instagram,Kik or discord.

  • Shy Teen Male looking for Female

    15 NOV   Hopkinton, NH, Unite

    I'm kinda new to here, looking for people to talk too... I'm kinda shy.

  • Looking for girl gamer 13-16

    08 JUL  

    I like play most games but, some off the top of my head are Overwatch, PUBG, CSGO, Rimworld, and many many more 

    Kms Still looking for gaming friend?
    ashley what game system do you have
    TheFunPolice Probably pc, since he plays pubg and cs go
  • Looking for a Girl Gamer 12-14

    13 NOV   Fayetteville, AL, Un

    I am looking for a Girl Gamer that love Minecraft (on PC) that has a premium minecraft account and think I am cute!

  • Looking to meet a girl gamer

    13 NOV   Franklin, NC, United

    Hi I want a relationship with a girl who plays Xbox One GTA 5 with me I’m 16 almost 17. I’m open minded to any type of girl. I like memes. My favorite band is Primus (metal band). And my name is Bradley Butler. And looking for someone to spend time with and enjoy having around.

  • I want a perverted/gamer gf

    12 NOV   Durban, KwaZulu-Nata

    Yo im sive aka sive,a youtuber/editor/animator.Im pretty good for a 12 year old ;) so if you want me you can get me :) so yeh...OH YEH and i like games so we can skype ocassionally and play games

  • My heart is reserved for Cicero (TES:V)

    07 JUL   Cleveland, OH, Unite

    Tbh unless you can keep up with my love for The Elder Scrolls, Overwatch, TF2, among other games, I usually only talk about memes (and they aren't stale)

    Anyways, I'm a pile of TRASH that resides mainly on Discord and Steam, rarely Battlenet

    Also it's Rare™ that I find someone attractive physically AND emotionally, so don't get pissy if I don't wanna talk with/date you, among.... "other things"

    Heck I fucking love you already, exept i need to know, ... whitch do you prefer, overwatch, or tf2?
    ashley what game system do you have
    Lewis Anyone can add me gt Her Axiology
    TheFunPolice Hey, whats your discord?
  • A relationship for a gamer

    23 MAR   Dayton, OH, United S

    Im a gamer I play a lot and I like to crack jokes or eggs it depends id im cooking lol And im pretty social and if your down Ill be there for you

    ashley what game system do you have
  • 15 year old male looking for girl gamer

    08 JUN   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Hi guys my name is Austin I'm 15 I'm looking for a friend or long lasting relationship with someone who loves video games 

    ashley what game system do you have
  • kik sc fb add mwe if ya want

    24 AUG   New York, NY, United

    hi my name is danny im from queens ny born and raised im a 16 year old male  with dark brown hair n dark brown eyes im 5 foot 9 n weigh 109lbs im going into my junnior year in high school im on the track team  im studying to be a Architect  i lover horror films n im gay been gay since i was 12 im a bottom n prefer it lol im on kik  (Street.Breed.Vp) and on snap chat (streetbreedvp) n on face book 2 if u wanna chat n get to know me better feel free to txt me. im looking to make new friends and possible a boy friend i be on ps4 n xbox 360

    ashley my brother is about to get a ps4 on dec 25 what is your ps4 name
  • Mobile/Video games are fun!

    18 OCT   Raleigh, NC, United

    Recently I've gotten Clash Royale and I'm looking for anyone who is interested in playing with me. I'm welcome to anyone who wants to be friends and become closer to me by playing this game :) I also like Resident evil and mortal kombat. Maybe show me some new games?

    JordanFlights684 Hey Im interested
    Trajan Well I play call of duty n most first person game lol dont knw if your interested in those games ?
    ashley what game system do you have
  • I-m just looking for a Gf

    05 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I'm about 15 years old.
    I like to Draw Cartoons and animals, I love to play league of legends, and Team Fortress 2 but still love to play other games, mostly strategy games and some FPS.
    I can cook but still learn from many recipes
    I love shows like South Park, Rick, and Morty, Star vs the Forces of evil.
    also the old cartoons, like Dexter's Laboratory.
    I rarely see anime because there are many sites that drown me in ads.
    I love to take care of my dog and Cat.
    I'm Just a kind guy to talk to, I'm mostly funny and I try to do my best. I am very clumsy so I mess up a lot. I can respect people's privacy, and I worry about people I know.
    Plus I love Memes, Dogs, Cats, and tiny things (like hamsters or really small tea cups also food

    I'm mostly just want to learn how to date, and I'm not picky whoever hit me up but at least be forgivable and patient with me
    If you wanna talk to me
    IG: Raccoongamer49

  • Looking for Guys who love video games and anime

    14 SEP  

    Heya, I'm just a simple girl who loves anime and video games and I hope a guy who is interested in that will posisbly want to start a relationship with me.

    I like guys who are sweet and cute, and who will be there for me no matter how messed up I am mentally.

    Friendships are fine with me too.


    draco i love your profile picture what game and anime do you like
    Godhunter Love game anime and music as well
    Skyler gowey Hit me up I love anime and video games
  • 1 Handed Video Gamer

    23 OCT   Bountiful, UT, Unite

    Hello There, I'm Josh and I play video games with just my Right hand and yes I do have 2 hands haha. Anyway I play any video game and love Nintendo and so much more. Also I'm Single and I'm Straight, I'm funny weird stupid and dumb and I'm super nice and trust me I super Damn good at any video game with just one hand fav video games are smash 64 Mario 64 Zelda COD Black ops and more of those you name it. I play on PC Xbox and a PS4 if I had one I'm looking for a Girl who love any video game. Text me if you want to know even more about me. Bye and have an amazing Day!

  • Looking for a relationship

    09 OCT   Pittsburg, KS, Unite

    Hi my name is Bo and I'm 16. I like to draw and sketch, I do cross country, I like to play video games especially Nintendo and I'm looking for someone that is a gamer and I'm a very nice and shy person

  • Anyone up for Csgo?

    02 OCT  


    Btw i also play other games so lol don't worry 

    Add me on steam Weird_faced_kid 


    Tirth Patel I stopped playing CS but if u have overwatch msg me and we can play. Also hmu on snap t_patel17
    dehaKomigo CSGO is Good but dota2 is better
    dehaKomigo Add ne on steam ambo
    Nicole Here add me Sorry my username didnt work . ( try this )
  • looking for dota 2 well player!

    22 SEP   Zamboanga, Zamboanga

    Hi there I'm searching a ppl who played dota 2! Cause this last few days I got many lost cuz my party player is noob I'm sick of all I need is:

    -pro support

    -pro tanker

    I hate most


    alright that all GGWP

  • Need people to play Viscera Cleanup Detail With

    16 SEP   Newbridge, Ireland

    Hi I'm some random 13 year old kid called Tymek. My steam is "A Random Tiger" That's about everything I have so if you were expecting more then sorry.

  • Any ps4 gamers wanna play??

    09 JUN   Duncan, SC, United S

    Hey I'm Braylen 16 yr old. Looking for anybody with a ps4 tht wants to play online. Guys or girls doesn't matter

    Gamer tag : that_guy_braylen

    Matthew That would be cool
  • looking for friends playing dota 2

    13 SEP   Zamboanga, Zamboanga

    Hi I'm Sven a dota 2 gamer I'm searching for ppl that play dota I want to make party with them

  • Make new friends or something more

    11 SEP   Anderson, MO, United

    Hi. I'm new here. My name is Kaleb. I'm 14 and a freshman. I love to watch movies, anime and YouTube videos. I also like to draw, play videogames, and listen to hard rock, heavy metal, or classic rock. I'm bisexual so I'm looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I lean more toward girls that guys. If you want to chat, hmu on Kik.

  • looking for dota2 players to join games with me

    08 SEP   Zamboanga, Zamboanga

    Hi I'm sven dota2 player im for welled players of dota 2 to join me in a game

  • Hi there my name is Phoenix and i am looking for a gamer GF at l 15 yrs old

    04 SEP   wellington, NV, Unit

    Hi i am phoenix and i am looking for a gamer girlfriend who plays xbox 360 and yeah GoldenBosk117 is my gamertag and my email is so ya hmu if you are interested

  • I-m new to this website please read the bottom to know more about me (/^~^)

    02 SEP   Youngsville, NC, Uni

    Hi I'm Josh. I'm a pretty chill dude and I like to play on Xbox and other stuff like that I'm just here looking for a girlfriend who can put up with a joker lol but anyways please feel free to message me on Snapchat or on Kik I do believe that my username for both of these is in my profile and to just put this out there no I'm not a jailbait account 

  • My YouTube team group

    26 AUG   Rogers, AR, United S

    Yo I'm Alex I'm 15 and I love video games and the walking dead, I'm looking for some people who are  gamers I'm making a role play minecraft pc series on my YouTube channel the name is ReallyCourtneyCortez

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