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Meet thousands of teenagers for gamers ,this is a group for meet people for gamers in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Anyone who wants to play fortnite with me

    15 OCT   Detroit, MI, USA

    Hey if you wanna play fortnite I'm always down if I'm not busy I like playing with people anf also meeting new people so lets play!

  • Wanna make new friends

    14 OCT   Mumbai, Maharashtra,



    Just Wanna meet new ppl 

    Add me on Fortnite- Donn_12


    text me on Insta- The.Mr.Savage.312

    IDC whether ur guy or gal or what age you are

  • League of legends sucks

    14 OCT   Calgary, AB, Canada

    It just does and their ads are anoying same with world of war gaming. If you are reading this i beg you to open your eyes stop playing fortnite and overwatch and rebel against the spam gaming miachine. TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE GAMING GREAT AGAIN

  • Looking for some people to game with ^w^

    13 OCT   Bellingham, WA, USA

    Hi my names red, im 16 and looking for some people to play games with and maybe get to know better, the games i have been playing alot recently are:

    vr chat , warframe and overwatch 

    hit me up if you would like to play sometime or just hangout, thankies for your time :3

    Brandon Yooo hmu i wanna play overwatch lmao
    TankNate (im a guy) add me on skype and ill let you know when im on WF or VRC
  • Boys for friendship... or more

    09 OCT   Gainesville, GA, Uni

    I want a latino boyfriend who loves and cares about me and is within the ages of 13-19. Preferably around gainesville georgia. Hmu on snapchat bmaxw211

  • Yo- Yo- Yo- What-s poppin?

    09 OCT   Green Bay, WI, USA

    Lookin for those squad buddies on fortnite, jk it's a horrible game, jk again lol

  • looking to conversate with partakers of the devils lettuce.

    04 OCT   Calgary, AB, Canada

    Last night i did not sleep instead i got stoned and goldeneye and paper mario on the gamecube

  • Looking for a relationship

    30 SEP   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    I am looking for a relationship with a girl in Vancouver bc I’m a cool dude who is good at most things but takes most of my interest is video games any gamer girls let me know but I’m not looking to be just friends with anyone whoever I am willing to arrange meeting someone in a public setting of either of are choosing 

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    24 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend I like Billie Eilish Persona 4 Detroit become human The Last of Us Nights of Azure  and manga not anime

  • I-m new Here And want some friends

    21 SEP   San Pablo, CA, USA

    Hi Guys I'm New Here I'm Only 13 and Want some Friends And I'm A Gamer And I'm A Filipino Live In Philippines I love to Hang out And Play anything games because I'm a gamer right

  • Just looking for someone to play 14-16

    21 SEP   Westerville

    Im looking for someone (guy/girl I don't really care but is hard to put 80 characters in this thing) to play on ps4. I usually play WWII, BO3, fortnite and sometimes battlefield 1 and 4. Text me on KIK: Jcorona2003. Oh and most of the time I speak Spanish and currently learning English, so yea I think that's it.

  • Fortnite ps4??? Also looking for a woman

    21 SEP   Detroit, MI, USA

    Hmu if you wanna play some fortnite on ps4 my snap is dawsongregory5 and my psn is dawsongregory66 so add up and yeeee

  • it is i again, the guy who plays games

    19 SEP   NYC, NY, USA

    omegalul, there's a gamer option

    anyways, i'm Cole and I'm just looking for people to socialize with, not looking for anything big yet. im a disgusting league of legends player(NA by the way), i have a discord server that i respect as a family, sometimes play TF2 and other games, literally have watched about 6 animes and love nintendo games, despite owning only a 3ds, wii and gamecube. i'm a pretty chill person, i dont mind what you think is weird or if you're worried you might fuck up something, you can add me on discord if you'd like (MyBardyIsReady#1455). hopefully i'll actually stay in this website instead of taking a leave again.

  • I-m just looking for a Gf

    05 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I'm about 15 years old.
    I like to Draw Cartoons and animals, I love to play league of legends, and Team Fortress 2 but still love to play other games, mostly strategy games and some FPS.
    I can cook but still learn from many recipes
    I love shows like South Park, Rick, and Morty, Star vs the Forces of evil.
    also the old cartoons, like Dexter's Laboratory.
    I rarely see anime because there are many sites that drown me in ads.
    I love to take care of my dog and Cat.
    I'm Just a kind guy to talk to, I'm mostly funny and I try to do my best. I am very clumsy so I mess up a lot. I can respect people's privacy, and I worry about people I know.
    Plus I love Memes, Dogs, Cats, and tiny things (like hamsters or really small tea cups also food

    I'm mostly just want to learn how to date, and I'm not picky whoever hit me up but at least be forgivable and patient with me
    If you wanna talk to me
    IG: Raccoongamer49

    wereto776 love drawing anime and characters from Star vs the forces of evil mostly toffe
  • Wanted: New super chill friends (boys or girls)

    22 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    My name is Angel and I am a straight guy that likes to play video games. I only have a PS4 and play fortnight, COD WWII, and Blacklight: Retribution. I suck at these games but a like having fun. I also like doing streaks on SC so HMU if u want to start one. Don’t waste my time with any kind of BS.

    PSN: YucuteYu5

    wereto776 If you have money try out Died by daylight on your computer or Identity 5 on your phone or tablet
  • is there any one come 1 vs 1 dota 2 ?

    13 SEP   Tunis, Tunisia

    is there any one come 1 vs 1 dota 2 ?

    pro invoker and meepo 

    btw i want to talk to some gamers girls

  • Looking for gamergirls to play with <3

    03 DEC   Motala, Sweden

    Hi my name is Villy and im from Sweden, im 17 years old and i play alot of games. 

    So if you just want a friend you can talk to and play some games or just chill and have a good time then add my snapchat izawk

    Kthh03 Anyone like playing overwatch?
  • Looking for girl gamer to play PS4 with.

    08 SEP   Gulfport, MS, USA

    I really just wanna change it up from playing with nothing but guys. If you play Warframe please text me.

  • Any gamer girls here looking for a pro gamer?

    01 SEP   Unvalible

    I'm looking for a gamer girlfriend i'm tired from Being single 

    I'm looking for a girl to full my heart with 

  • Looking for gaming friends..

    01 SEP   Space

    I just want more gaming friends lol ...i just basically created this pf for fun lol im not trynna fw no one but hmu tho?

  • Please come and like my pages

    29 AUG   London, UK

    hello all anyone is welcome come and like my pages please you will all enjoy the conspiracys that I have 

  • hey any gamers interested in gaming with me?

    24 AUG   Beachwood, NJ, USA

    hey i was just wondering if anyone was interested in gaming and dragon ball z cough dbz is best anime cough im also up for anyone interested in being my friend or maybe more if youre interested hmu

  • play fortnite with me

    16 JUN   Rockford, IL, United

    i suck ass at fortnite but i suck less when im playing with someone. would prefer if you had a discord so we could talk on it. mine is kristall#7163

    i dont mind who it is. ill play with anyone. but i fr suck so warning idk

    Heckty What? Whos account?
    Heckty On fortnite or discord?
    Heckty On fortnite or discord?
  • Looking for a new gf that would be there for me

    27 AUG   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    ust looking for a gf that is loyal funny sweet caring cute on the inside and out and will there fore me when I’m sad or need help. Im more in to blondes and brown hair girls and is white (caucasian)   to watch movies play golf, fish, hunt, and I like to travel a lot and I like to cook and I also like to listen to music go the gym and go hiking 

  • I dunno, I just wanna meet people who get me

    22 JUL   Tallinn, Estonia

    So yeah basically I'm an awkward gamer, written posts before, bla bla. Here's a lil Q and A of often asked questions I get. (Also I ain't trying to sound bitchy, just a lil insight on me)

    Are you single?

    Yup and Imma pan

    What consoles do you game on?

    Only my Nintendo switch and 3ds

    Can I add you?

    Sure, here are the codes: SW-5189-4138-0314 ; DS: 0430-8788-0125

    What else do you chat on?

    Snapchat, Twitter, Discord, Skype. I don't add people I've just met, so chat with me a lil before asking for my other social medias


    You could see that on my profile easily, but whatever. 15.

    What do you like?

    Splatoon is life, gaming stuff in general, animals, memes duh and anything cute.


    Wtf no.

    So that's about it! If ya have any other questions or just wanna chat, don't be afraid to message me, I don't bite! Also I suck at starting conversations so be prepared.

    WilliamTheWeirdo Im tryna find me someone who likes me for me
  • Anbody who has a xbox1 ps3 or4hmu

    10 AUG   Louisville, KY, USA

    I play a lot of different games call of duty ghosts black ops set farcry5 gta5 saints row many more just hoping someone who shares my same interests will contact me doesn't matter if good or bad I've helped a lot of people who suck become great so hmu and I live stream also

  • a gamer friend, or so

    18 AUG   Quezon City, Metro M

    so i need a friend, introvert here. Who else here plays ROS? lezgo but it has to be pc asia lol, so what'd ya say?

  • If people still play clash of clans...

    15 AUG   Reno, NV, USA

    Well im back on Clash of Clans! Made a new clan! Come join! Free co leader if you mention this post. The Clan is called Cryptic Shuffle

    Thanks for reading this!

  • Trying to grow twitch streamer

    14 AUG   Texas

    Twitch (notnikehawk27) please go follow will be much appreciated :) follows and views help more than you think

  • Just a little about myself.

    01 JUN   Chico, CA, United St

    My name is Ze, I'm a thirteen year old with the brain of a 17 year old...soooo yeup....i'm and huge gamer as well as an artist who has her art sold at one store. That's about it....also I'm really sarcastic and want to be a sit down comedian....what? Standing can get tiring.

    Cass V. You know...? Youre my kinda person.
    maesa add me on steam looking for friends my age.
    knight raider hi ze, you sound like a cool person and i would like to talk! and also really want to know what type of games you play?
  • Want gamer girl/guy to play with on ps4

    14 AUG   Parsippany-Troy Hill

     Hi I'm Andrew i want to find a girl or guy to play fortnite with on ps4. Ialso play call of duty black ops 3 and ww2. I play more fortnite tho so hmu if your down to play. Also looking for a girlfriend to so we could play together. But doesnt matter if your a guy just want to play with someone.

    Loving guy101 User is AND1MChief
  • Looking for Destiny babes(that sounds creepy) on PS4

    13 AUG   Perth WA, Australia

    Yeah so I’ve gotta full this out with at least 80 characters so I guess I’ll just say if you read the title you know why I’m here? Idk 

  • Hello, Im Bored so i posted this lol

    12 AUG   Why Would You Wanna

    Hello, How is everyone :D

    If you play ROBLOX  add me: Elijah_Shadows

    salt.tier ill add you!!! im TokyoNarita do you have discord, or insta or anything like that?
  • Lets play OW together

    10 AUG   Coopersville, MI, US

    I'm a gold player and like to find fun people to hang with. Nothing sexual, just fun. I don't play to much fortnite anymore and I also love paladins so hit me up

    Moonphasie Im on Xbox btw
  • Look for a Gammer Girl 14-16

    27 MAY   Elkhart, IN, United

    im looking for a Gammer Girl tha willing to play cod AW and Ghost and to send messages with on ps3

    BengalBeast Contact me by friend request BengalDestoyer7
    ashley add me on ps3 wwekaneand
    Itsyaboitris Ill play call of duty with u my PS3 tag is harrysachs dont judge its my uncles account need someone to help me beat the alien part I forgot the name
  • The title is being stupid

    29 JUN   IN, USA

    Wanting someone to talk to. Maybe play some Minecraft, terraria, raft, csgo, guild wars 2 with. Kind of want some more pc gaming buddies. Hmu y’all.

    Itsyaboitris What do u play mine craft on we can defininetly play I love mine craft hmu Ill send my username
  • Fortnite duo streams description

    03 AUG   Massillon, OH, USA

    Hey I play fortnite on XBOX so if u want to duo u can be on Xbox or PC and I will stream on mixer username roasted556677! Ok and I will duo which u or 1v 1

    Isaiah koontz Im going to stream 8-9 tommorow morning
  • plz read below gamers

    02 AUG   Massillon, OH, USA

    Only Xbox people I can play with just hit me up and I will stream with u and we can have fun and just be freinds plz plz just add me and we can play remember I will stream so yeah fortnite Fridays?!

    Brady Damn only PS4. Well if you stream, HMU and give me your username so that I can watch ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Isaiah koontz Ok I will give u my stream tommorow
  • Looking for someone to hang out with close to me! GF Wanted! (Optional)

    02 AUG   Sicklerville, NJ, US

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) SMILEY FACE ATTACK!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) 

  • Anyone on xbox, I play in low league tournaments

    01 AUG   London, UK

    Hey I play most games competitively on xbox my gt is RTG TakeOver. Part of a small team on xbox that compete in lower leagurs but soon we will be competing in professional leagues.

    I play Rocket League, fortnite, Overwatch and Smite. I do have other games but they are the main ones my team plays.

  • im trying to meet friends im not a girly type

    31 JUL   White Shield, ND, US

    im a gamer and doesnt like to be outside except for certain sports such as track, swimming, and volleyball, when its not about sports i hate out doors. i like to wake up early so if you add me on snap dont be alarmed to answer me back right away im a patient person i like to take my time and get things done early before i do anything else. when it comes to games im not waiting on anybody.

    snap:Keeannts or Keeanntz

    William (not gay) I dont have snap but we can be friends if you want
  • wanna play fortnite or any other game

    27 JUL   Cincinnati, OH, USA

    lol i just wanna play fortnite w someone, im extremely new to the game tho 

  • Hey anyone wanna play 2k18?

    28 JUL   Dixon, CA, USA

    Wanna play 2k18? Type username below and we will play? Thanks. Idc if it’s m or f

    Brady PS4 of course
  • Looking for Gamers to play. Online

    27 JUL   College Station, TX,

    Hmu to play. I. Play. GTA5. Gears of war .Minecraft.  And Halo. Do hmu if you .Wanna join my game or if you .Just. Wanna chat 

  • Fortnite...Girls...15?

    23 JUL   Anaheim, CA, USA

    Wanna talk to girl far away from California or near California.

    And maybe get to know each other

    Xbox One StuffyRh1no4787

  • lookin for someone who gets my craziness XD

    20 JUL   Hope, MN, USA

    maybe gf or bf idk who also loves to play skyrim lol and understands (and can put up with) me XD

    Hasud Yeah but imperial army is better
    Jada-White Hey can we be friends? My kik is JJwhyte And trust me Im crazy and I most likely will get u XD
    John T (steer roper) Hey letโ€™s chat
    Kar Hy i need friends too who can handel my crazznesss
  • I am looking for someone for a relationship

    22 JUL   Ciudad Juarez, Chihu

    Yo my name is Jose and I'm looking for a relationship im13 and I live in mexico I know dumb. Im straight and I'm looking for someone kind, funny and well just great add me on Snapchat and if you like video games add me on Xbox one my gamertag is vampirobleder

  • I want to meet a gamer girl 13 to 16 to date I-m 13

    16 JUL   Calimesa, CA, USA

    I want a girl to date that likes gaming jokes talking gta 5 ps4 talking dirty or doing dirty things if you want but I'd like someone nice

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