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  • GamingAndStuffForSteam

    14 APR   Yantis, TX, United S

    looking for friends to game with because im a loser hmu for my steam account name lmao i play tf2 mainly but i have a ps3 with COD and gta5 so yeah im just writing thif for filler because the minimum is 80 :D

    Nishad Hey. Funally found someone who is gamer. So u wanna talk?
    Cooper Hey Im a gamer too. p.s. youre not a loser
    TheFunPolice Hiya, whats your steam account?
    3 days ago

  • Anyone wanna play games

    12 AUG   Calipatria, CA, Unit

    Hey im 15 and i love to play games. I am a pc player who has played on 2 semipro teams. I love to play smite and other mobas but i can play other games so hmu if anyone wants to have a good gaming buddy

  • Looking for CSGO gamers

    04 AUG   Skokie, IL, United S

    Yo guys wazup! Im Ben to go running ,play football (soccer) , read book (also comics draw, and go camping, hiking, animals, and PAINTBALL!

    If you play csgo im looking for members to join my clan. By guys have a good day

  • Look for a Gammer Girl 14-16

    27 MAY   Elkhart, IN, United

    im looking for a Gammer Girl tha willing to play cod AW and Ghost and to send messages with on ps3

    BengalBeast Contact me by friend request BengalDestoyer7
    ashley add me on ps3 wwekaneand
  • Looking for a single gamer girl with xbox one

    25 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

    Hi there :) im Sean,14.Athlete,I like to play games and love to chat with others,I am very smart when it comes to reading subjects.I m looking for girls to talk to maybe get into a relationship with. Xbox gamertag is TheMagicHunter1. Don't forget to HMU.:)

  • Want to meet new people! ???

    21 JUL   Ennis, TX, United St

    Hi, I'm Santi. I'm a gamer... Is there anything else to say? I also like taking naps and hanging out. I'm stupidly funny and kinda smart. I like Sonic, Loz, Pokèmon, Cod, Halo, Kirby, Mgs, and much more. I'm really addicted to electronics so when you take a photo of me I'll probably be on some sort of electronic. I tend not to pay attention in class since its easy for me to get good grades without trying. I like writing poems and reading books. I love horror and comedy movies. I tend to zone out a lot. If you want to know more ask away so bye for now.

  • Looking for girl gamer 13-16

    08 JUL  

    I like play most games but, some off the top of my head are Overwatch, PUBG, CSGO, Rimworld, and many many more 

    Kms Still looking for gaming friend?
  • Looking for Some Gamer Love

    18 JUL   Concord, CA, United

    Hey there im Wispy, also known as BookPrince@ ? im a huuuuuge gamer ( probably unhealthy xD ), memer, and reader. Looking for some gaming pals and maybe even more ;) if you can, message my snap or kik, ill try to check back here though! 

  • Any girl gamers out there that is 16-18

    15 JUL   Hope Mills, NC, Unit

    I own a team, i have tree sponsors, G2A, CinchGaming, and

  • Anyone up for some heists?

    09 JUL   Chrzanow, Poland

    Hi, I'm looking for some people to play payday 2 with. My steam profile:

    P.S If you wanna also play games that i have in my library, i'm ok with that. 

  • My heart is reserved for Cicero (TES:V)

    07 JUL   Cleveland, OH, Unite

    Tbh unless you can keep up with my love for The Elder Scrolls, Overwatch, TF2, among other games, I usually only talk about memes (and they aren't stale)

    Anyways, I'm a pile of TRASH that resides mainly on Discord and Steam, rarely Battlenet

    Also it's Rare™ that I find someone attractive physically AND emotionally, so don't get pissy if I don't wanna talk with/date you, among.... "other things"

    Thee_Parker Hey, I like the post and Im a gamer too ps4
    Alijah Williams Haaaiiiii Im a gamer but I play them on every console. I love the legend of Zelda, the legend of Zelda a link to the past was the very first game I played when I was 3
    Caleb Keg Memes? Dank Memes or Spicy Memes? Message me on Discord or here if you feel like it. diamondpumpkin #0829
    Heck I fucking love you already, exept i need to know, ... whitch do you prefer, overwatch, or tf2?
  • Hello, I-m Georges Henry

    02 JUL   Douala, Littoral, Ca

    I own several consoles, including Retro and more advanced ones. I'm good at gaming, won tournaments back here and I am cold and calculating if you against me.

  • Just a little about myself.

    01 JUN   Chico, CA, United St

    My name is Ze, I'm a thirteen year old with the brain of a 17 year old...soooo yeup....i'm and huge gamer as well as an artist who has her art sold at one store. That's about it....also I'm really sarcastic and want to be a sit down comedian....what? Standing can get tiring.

    Cass V. You know...? Youre my kinda person.
  • Video games are neat

    23 JUN   Colleyville, TX, Uni

    hey guys Hunter here. I'm 16 and would like to know if anyone would play games in PS4. Hit me up

    Ragestar012 And who like to play GTA and Rainbow six siege.
    Game Addict 101 God dammit! Why does everyone play on PS4 these days!
  • PS4 Online Gamers PSN

    29 JUN   El Kef, Kef, Tunisia

    Hey ! Looking for people to game with on PS4, girls and boys, got GTA V, BF1, Killing Floor 2, Blacklight Retribution and Skyforge as PS4 online games for now, I prefer people around my age, I'm 17, oh yeah and my PSN ID is : UzumakiShinobi

  • Meet new people, a realationship, and friends on ps4

    27 JUN   Tuscumbia, AL, Unite

    Anyone out there that is a girl/YouTuber and wanna colab and be friends add me on PS4 Yung_Gbe_Montana and we can have fun

  • Have a girl friend to start a love life with me me

    16 JUN   Shiraz, Fars Provinc

    I want a grilfriend that is pretty and love me and i promise be a good and supportive boy friend for her

  • Meet girls who like gaming

    11 JUN   Dallas, TX, United S

    Looking for girls who like to game, and who I could add on xbox live, and who like FPS games.

  • Any ps4 gamers wanna play??

    09 JUN   Duncan, SC, United S

    Hey I'm Braylen 16 yr old. Looking for anybody with a ps4 tht wants to play online. Guys or girls doesn't matter

    Gamer tag : that_guy_braylen

  • 15 year old male looking for girl gamer

    08 JUN   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Hi guys my name is Austin I'm 15 I'm looking for a friend or long lasting relationship with someone who loves video games 

  • Meet people to play Smash 4 online

    08 JUN   North Miami, FL, Uni

    Who wants to play SSB4? Respond if you want in! Everyone's welcome.... except Cloud and Bayonetta mains... Ok, Cloud and Bayonetta mains are also welcome.

  • add me on Xbox 1 @XGN Soldierboy

    29 MAY   Gulfport, MS, United

    wassuh my name is Morris I'm 14 I'm mixed I want a gf tht I could play Xbox 1 with who also has a mic n also has destiny u can add me on Xbox 1 @ XGN Soldierboy

  • Meeting Gammer Girls

    27 MAY   Elkhart, IN, United

    Sup im Caleb im looking for a 14 year old gamer girl to hang with send me a friend request on psn on ps3 or ps4

  • Just looking for any nerdy girls to talk to, and be friends. Or more

    25 MAY   Guilford, IN, United

    Just here to look for a friend or a gf. Nerdy. Looking for girls only. I'm weird and awkward. Not good-looking, by my thoughts. Can be perverted and sexual.  Sorry in advance

  • Looking for coders. (Python)

    22 FEB   Canby, OR, United St

    Know how to code? This is the right place for you!
    I am looking for people who know how to code in python because i have been working on a text based RPG for about 4 months now, and i would like to speed up the process :)

    [My RPG "Alcher" runs on Discord, and is in 76 Discord servers with active players]

    Devon178 This is a teen dating website not a job advertising site. go on classifiedads or something to advertise help
  • New here and am looking for someone special.

    17 MAY   Temple City, CA, Uni

    Hello, my name is Aeon, I'm here to search for love.  Not just any love or a simple relationship but one that lasts.  My interests include Gaming (I LOVE gaming!), Anime, and just laughing with somebody (I feel one needs to laugh at least once a day).  Fair warning, I'm not skinny but I'm not chubby either, think of me like a Teddy Bear: Perfect for Hugging.  Thank you for viewing my profile, Ciao!

  • Would a like person to talk to and maybe Girlfriend.

    15 MAY   Arcadia, IN, United

    I am 15 and looking for female 15. I like to talk and am just looking for someone to talk to. And again maybe even a girlfriend. I love video games. If you have any PS4 account or anytihing like that we can be friends there too.

  • Any overwatch PC gamers out there?

    12 MAY   KYS Land

    Hello! I am looking for a friend to play  Overwatch with. I also play GTA 5, portal 2 and a ton of other fps games. I am a PC gamer and I have no life.

    So text me if interested. 

  • Meet new people to play with.

    10 MAY   KYS Land

    Hey!  I am looking for a gaming buddy. I am obsessed with overwatch ?. I play GTA V, portal 2, forest, tf2 and almost anything ?

    Spoiler: I might be a little awkward when I first meet you

    JKING If you have a Xbox one I can help with that
    Nikolai Ivanovtich Romentov do u play UPLINK or HL or CS ? (ps :- Mrs Joy is a scammer )
  • Any PC gamers around?

    12 MAY   KYS Land

    Hello! I am looking for a friend to play Overwatch  with.  I play on PC and have no life.

    So text me if you're interested. 

    Nikolai Ivanovtich Romentov I am a programmer, will that work?
  • Make new friends for a better gaming experience.

    07 APR   Jupiter, Solar Syste

    Hi, I'm '~xThatGamerx~', 14. I'm pretty humourous when I get used to someone, I like gaming, obviously, and I like to laugh... a lot. I do have an anxiety disorder, selective mutism, though which makes it hard for me to speak, but i do try. 

    That aside I would like to find people who like to play video games, don't mind which (I play all sorts), on Xbox One and PS4.

    My Xbox GT: MrsKittyx and PSN ID: xKittyBoox (should anyone want to add me). c:

    Bryce Keas Do you have a Steam account?
    ~xThatGamerx~ Uh, yeah but I dont use it too much
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw saw
    Andy pandy Hi am new here..wnt get along wth some friends nd i saw ur post ..trying to see if i can get along wth u.. i really respect women and i promise u will be happy ..i can really make u laugh ..just put me to test if if i can fit..
  • Any girls up to play video games ?

    11 MAY   Conyers, GA, United

    I'm just looking for some people to play Gta,evolve,star wars, and other games that I'm to lazy to name. I play on Xbox one (sorry PS4 and steam)

  • A relationship for a gamer

    23 MAR   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Im a gamer I play a lot and I like to crack jokes or eggs it depends id im cooking lol And im pretty social and if your down Ill be there for you

  • Im looking for a gf whos into anime and gaming

    17 MAR   Dawsonville, GA, Uni

    If u wanna chat I have a kik message me if u wanna know anything OK I also have a face book if u wanna chat like the weaboos we are hit me up

    J.Jones I like you already.
    BlackWolf Lady Hey shut up bout religion ok
    Grace she or he is right u cant just want to be lesbian because u want to go out with someone
    BlackWolf Lady Leave me alone grace keep opinion to yourself
  • I need a girlfriend or bro.

    10 MAR   Ramona, CA, United S

    Hi it's me, I want a girlfriend to prove that I'm not lonely and that it's true that I have a girlfriend. No one else can believe that I have a girlfriend. So if someone could send me a message to prove that I have a girlfriend that would be awesome. 

  • Looking for a 13-14yo girlfriend or just friend

    24 FEB   Lakeland, FL, United

    Hi I'm Kaelem,13. Open minded with a happygolucky attitude. I love having a good time with people, especially with people like myself. I love video games,friendly competitions,singing,cooking.. hmu on kik or Snapchat if your interested

  • Just lookin for a gamer girl.

    19 FEB   Richland Center, WI,

    Heyo! im justice, 15! im looking for a gamer-girlfriend who dont judge upon looks, and accepts me for who I am. I enjoy talking, walking, games(mainly skyrim), music and art. Im a punmaster, outgoing and positive, and twisted in the most comidec way. If ya want more info, just message me!

  • Destiny Player looking for someone to count on

    16 FEB   Shreveport, LA, Unit

    Hi my names parrish I enjoy playing destiny the xbone and am looking to date a girl who also plays this game and whom I can trust

  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    09 FEB   Savannah, GA, United

    hi, my name's Gordon, and I a looking for a fun nice, nerdy, girl who likes to play games. I'm 15, and can do long distance or short. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    15 JAN   Kollam, Kerala, Indi

    hey i am here to talk with people and get to know them...and hav fun..peaceee

  • I-m look someone to play some games

    15 JAN   Carrollton, KY, Unit

    I have a Xbox One and my username is cwk143. I have GTA 5, rainbow six siege, and the division. That's only some of the game I have 

  • Looking for friends to game with

    09 JAN   Orlando, FL, United

    Heya, I'm Cole, 15, almost 16. Love to play Destiny, Shadowverse, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Elder Scrolls, CoD BO2, and more. Looking for some friends to hang with and play/talk about these games.

    Contact me at my snapchat: nightdrawn or my instagram: nightdrawn_

  • I Need Your Steam Name, I cant find my steam name

    08 JAN  

    My name Is Nicolas (male)(14) (single) and im searching for someone to play with. My hobbies are: gaming (I hate that word), reading, make some Dank Jokes and study phisics and math. I look like the nearest Indian Text support and I live in Swizerland. My favorite games are : Rust,Garrys Mod, Unturned and Ark. My steam name is WizardNoob. Im have also a dark humor and my jokes are Retarded. Oh and I like Ice cream. :P

  • Well, YouTube is mean to me :(

    06 JAN   Melbourne, Victoria,

    I'll still be doing it though. Anyways, I'm new here and I'd like to meet someone new, I got rejected by 2 crushes and my first girlfriend thought I was cheating on her, which I wasn't. Long story. Anyways, in case you're wondering, my YouTube channel is PD2002, search that up and you will see 2 channels, one for music an one for everything else. I'm not too popular, that's why the title is as it is, but I do it for the fun anyway. :) if you wanna hear more, message me or I might make a new post with more detail, but right now, I'm looking for a girl ;)