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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Alex, 14, male. Looking for good friend or boyfriend :)

    23 APR   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    I love music, art, and adventure. I'm very open minded. I play guitar, bass, ukulele, sing, and do art. Don't really care what you look like, just that your a cool and caring person.

    Bogdan Kodak What you looking to get a dick shoved up yours.. wtf kid gay as fuck.

  • Hey, quick challenge!

    25 JUL   Wetumpka, AL, United

    Lets see who has the longest cock on here! Comment length in inches or centimeters! Lets find out who is king!

    Randomgguy 6,5 it isnt that long but is thick, if u guys wanna check add my sc randomgguy
    10 hours ago
  • Meeting cute gay guys

    26 JUL   Gastonia, NC, United

    I want to meet someone new that is cute and smart. My snapchat is inkreborn4elgin. Hmu on there??

  • Any gay teens in NY?

    03 JUN   Elmhurst, NY, United

    Hi. My name is Franklin. I am 16 years old and I'm here to find the right guy for me.

    PartyND S.I, Born there but moved 3 years ago. lol
    William What about PA ???
    7 hours ago
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    25 JUL   Honesdale, PA, Unite

    Hey . My name is William. I'm 15. Bisexual. I'm looking to talk / hang out with people. And find nice people like me. I'm kind, funny, shy and have a dirty mind. I like music, art, photography, Harry Potter, etc. PS. I suck at grammar sorry if it is hard to read. ???????

    if you want to talk PM me or snapchat me :)

  • Maybe meet a boyfriend

    23 JUL   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey I'm Marco

    I play soccer and trying to get more involved in my school.

    I love camping the out doors and quading even though I don't do them that often but I'd want to do them more I also like fishing. I'm looking for a cute guy to maybe have a relationship with so if you are interested please message me.

    William Have a snapchat ???
    7 hours ago
  • Hey everyone who sees this

    17 MAY   Bismarck, ND, United

    Hey everyone  im looking for a bf who will talk toe and is not like my ex because f him. Just looking for someone who says Ily everyday.

    Renner14 Hey Gabriel i would talk to u and i would say ily
    Travis gillespie Hey Gabriel i would love to talk to you and to get to know you and tell you that ily and uf u have a bf then i hope we can be friends!!!!
    Ben.C Ily if I could be the one for u
    12 hours ago
    Kaleb waggoner I dont mind being a friend for someone
  • Single boys that are 13 years old that are gay

    23 JUL   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    loking for a boyfriend that is willing to date me 

  • Gay Teen Skype 13-16 years old!

    24 JUL   Dar es Salaam, Tanza

    Hi! I'm Jacob 16 years old, If you wanna cacth me on skype my account is

  • I-m Exhausted. Aren-t you?

    23 JUL   Atlanta, GA, United

    I'm tired of this conceited community, instead of accepting people based on their differences we ostracize them. We stigmatize people based on their weight, color, gender identification, appearance or femininity. This vile community has become complacent and disdainful. We as a community must unite and prevail, not destroy and belittle. Let's finally vindicate this communiy.

    Alex i completely agree
    2 days ago
    Kyle Rivers Ally of truth here
    2 days ago
    Bir1028 You have a way with words.
    1 day ago
    kaimalu do you have a snapchat
    1 day ago
  • Ayee, You tryna chat? Hmu

    20 JUL   East Orange, NJ, Uni

    Heey I'm Jose, 14, Not looking for anything specific but I wouldn't mind a Clyde, I tend to get bored easily so if you notice it try to bring out the freak in me. If you're Asian you get bonus points because I adore Asian people, But don't let that stop you if you aren't Asian. If you wanna learn more you can simply add my Snapchat. 

  • im 16 dont know if im straight gay or bi please help

    24 JUL   San Diego, CA, Unite

    anyone my age or 2 years older can you please help me we can talk on skype or text message or something but please help me

  • I-m a gay looking for a man haha

    03 JUL   Mesa, AZ, United Sta

    Hey guys I'm Stevie, 15, and from Arizona. I'm honestly looking for a relationship with a guy from ages 16-20 maybe and has to be from the United States, if you're interested hmu on Instagram @stevie_Guzman or Kik slay_Stevie. ??

    Javier0330 hey looking saucy as hell dude and your cute as hell
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a guy friend!!

    17 JUL   Orlando, FL, United

    Hi there!! I'm chill just looking for someone to talk to maybe more. Add me on snap brandon_sg03

    Nicholas Vann (batboy_is_hot#1) i will ill add you on snapchat also
    2 days ago
  • I need someone that won-t play me anymore

    23 JUL   Unknown place

    Im sick and tired of being played I need someone that will treat me right and I'll treat them with my heart. 

    Kyle Rivers Youve found your guy
    2 days ago
  • I-m gay and wanting a BF I context on SC and wanting someone 13 through 15

    23 JUL   Oneida, TN, United S

    I'm Nathan I'm Gay and I'm15, I'm looking to meet a to talk to someone and I like sports working out and spending time with the family.

    Faris Hey..Im 15 bi
    2 days ago
    Faris Add my kik JustABoy12345678
    2 days ago
  • I-m looking to talk to some people between 13 through 14

    23 JUL   Oneida, TN, United S

    Hey guys I'm almost 16 and I'm looking for a cute boy and guys to maybe have a relationship or be friends for a while with if interested please HIM on Snapchat.

  • Meet cute gay men and maybe have a relationship with

    22 JUL   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey guys I'm almost 16 and I'm looking for a cute guy to maybe have a relationship with if interested please hmu.

    Ben.C Im interested
    2 days ago
  • Looking for friends.

    22 JUL   Cardiff, United King

    Gay, looking for clean chat with under 18s. UK is a plus. Hmu if you're a PC gamer.

  • only gays boys text me @ prettyboynick03 on snapchat

    28 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    if your a guy and  gay please text me on snapchat @ prettyboynick my name is nicholas im bi and im 14 years old 

    Myron Wanna be my boyfriend
    Myron Im looking for a relationship my sc is - fatalnova
    3 days ago
    BoredOfBeingBored Dont flatter yourself....
    3 days ago
  • Boyfriend please ;))

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    hi ;) I'm 13 from New York looking for a long time boyfriend, into althletic brown haired boys. Snap a.idang

    Marco Moorby Hey hot stuff if yoyr still looking for a boyfriend hmu
    3 days ago
    Pattycake God damn. Your hot, Im gay Single, Im 13.
    3 days ago
    Pattycake I mean I want a healthy relationship if you are looking for a relationship
    3 days ago
    ashley my brother needs a boy friend
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a boy to talk to.

    21 JUL   Orlando, FL, United

    I'm looking for a boy to chat with maybe more. Add me on Snapchat brandon_sg03. 

  • Looking to date a guy.

    24 MAY   Providence, RI, Unit

    First, I should mention I'm not gay; I'm bisexual. However, I do find myself more attracted to guys than girls. So if you're interested, here's a short bio I made:

    PartyND You sound so much like me that it scares me. Its as if I would be speaking with myself
  • Bi searching for young age between 12 to 15

    21 JUL   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    Hi.. Bi here.. Just thinking that hot young bttm will satisfy me.. Kik me if u r interest in me ;)


    impossibledude3 hi I’m gay 16 years old, if you want to have some fun on cam some time on Skype just add me! ;)
  • Smart, Informed, Opinionated, Nice and Gay. (14-15)

    25 JUN   Atlanta, GA, United

    I don't seek anything romantic out of this exchange, if it leads to something than good. I wish to find someone who intellectually motivates me, and is interesting (as my name states i'm bored of being bored). furthermore, please DO NOT message me if you are shallow or don't care about the welfare of others (or the world).

    Nicholas Vann (batboy_is_hot#1) Does the person have to be gay
    Queen Henny I love your name, boredofbeingbored sounds nice... Hiii
    Bir1028 Hey you sound pretty cool hmu
    Christopher Hey you are very handsome but besides I would like to talk to you. You seem like a cool guy and Im gay if that that means anything
  • Gay looking for boyfriend near Leeds,England

    19 JUL   Leeds, United Kingdo

    Gay looking for boyfriend near Leeds, England.he has to be responsible,cute and honest.also under stable with who I am and my timetable on freetime

  • Looking for a relationship that-ll last

    19 JUL   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    heya, my name's blaine, I'm 16, looking for a gay or bi guy around my area and age. Message me?

  • Looking for a cool guy as a bf

    18 MAY   New York City, NY, U

    Heeey. I'm Andrew, 16. I'm bi but I'm more into guys at the moment. Looking to get with someone. I like video games, music, and trying new things. I'm creative and out going. I like people who are nice to talk to and fun. Text me on my kik arojas3520

    Alpha Hey i live in nyc 2 add my kik and snap
  • Is there any Black Boy who wants a white Boyfriend?

    29 JUN   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Hey, I'm Tristan, I'm bi and I'm 16. I'm trying to find a black or dark skin boyfriend. If you live too far away we can just talk. If we are close we should make arrangements to meet. I will assure you that we will have fun. I'm a little shy but once I get to know you and all we should work out. Like to play video games and chill and have fun. So, don't be afraid to chat with me. 

  • Meet guys to possibly date. Message me if you are interested.?

    18 JUL   Lawrence Township, N

    Hi. I'm Johnnie.  I am 16 and gay. Looking for someone to date online and a possible relationship. I love music, science and anything Disney related. Message me if you are interested. Would love to meet knew people.

  • Meet guys to possibly date.

    18 JUL   Lawrence Township, N

    Hi. I'm Johnnie.  I am 16 and gay. Looking for someone to date online and a possible relationship. I love music, science and anything Disney related.  

  • For relationship that will last and they have to like me for me...

    07 JUL   Barbourville, KY, Un

    Idk who I like to date but hmu if you want..oh and I am 12 about to turn 13 and I only date 12-14 so if your over 14 and I don't want dick pics or eny thing and im not sending nudes I repeat not sending nudes..oh and I think I might have a preference but idk

    abster3456 Hey there beautiful
  • my snapchat is tgillespie1001 want to meet someone special

    18 MAY   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    I love baseball, football, and video games. I am also bi like guys a lil bit more and want a good relationship with someone i trust and who just loves talking. It dont mater how far just want someone to be a really good friend. I love talking also.

  • Hey I-m ethan and I-m gay and looking for a friendship and be friends

    15 JUL   VanVleck tx

    I'm gay and looking for a friendship and we can snap eachother on Snapchat and etc...

  • Looking For Friends/ Relationship ????

    18 JUL   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Yo! ? I’m Chris,16. I’m From Cincinnati Looking For Friends/Relationship. I’m Pretty Chill, Open Minded. I Enjoy Walking ? Art, Movies, Going Out To Eat, Pretty Much Anything Outdoors. I’m An Anime Head Too ?

  • Meet freaky gay 13 or 14

    11 JUL   Midfield, AL, United

    Tired of meeting boring people afraid to talk about freaky stuff and tired of being alone 

    Keith Hi, what exactly freaky stuff u talking about?
    Pattycake Im 13, and I can get freaky
  • Just need someone to talk maybe more

    17 JUL   Portland, OR, United

    hey I'm, im no one for now don't worry I'm not a creep I'm truly 15 just a little closed but if you truly wanna meet me hmu. I won't say my name or show my face till I trust you and you trust me 

  • Friends/Relationship

    17 JUL   Longmont, CO, United

    Hey, in looking for a guy too talk too or maybe be in a relationship, I prefer them too be 13-16 for dating and for friends 13-19 ?

    Kevinn Hey hmu if you want Im 16 gonna be 17
    Noone hmu Im 15 if you want if not its cool too
  • Message me ?( ???)?

    17 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

    Hey I'm Ryan, I'm 15 and gay lol. I'm shy so most of the time I won't start the conversation, but I'll open up over time ?. I like talking to new people so feel free to message me. :) 

    Kik- KidTheKiing 

    ? ?¸¸.• ¨ (?•?•?)/ ¨ •.¸¸? ?

  • Looking for a guy thats gay or bi

    16 JUN   Versailles, MO, Unit

    Looking for a gay or bi guy thats no older than 16. Prefer brown or blonde or black hair, tan, athletic. I live in missouri and am 13. Snapchat @keith7_cheer Instagram @good.vibes._.dylan

    Justin Hey Im 13 and live in Missouri too , Im not tan but im trying to lose weight. Btw I have brown hair
  • Looking to meet new people

    15 JUL   Stockton, CA, United

    Im Jeremiah,17, open minded, social worm,and shopaholic, and bi. Im looking to meet people to make friends, and maybe more. im easy to get along with im passionate, caring, and love to get out there:).

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    14 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

    hi there I'm mario a really akward person I'm looking for a boyfriend I'm a bottom and I like music, the arts, and overall having a good time I'm not afraid of taking risk and I'm up for anything new?

  • Guys HMU on snapchat or message me

    27 JUN   Versailles, MO, Unit

    Any cute guys 13-17 that are attractive message me. I love to play baseball and soccer. Im in track. Hmu on snapchat @d_keith7 or on instagram @vibing._.king.

    Mario ( M Hi Im interested please contact me
  • hi there I-m super shy heh

    02 JUN   Derry, NH, United St

    Hey! I'm Sirius, I'm 16, trans guy, vegetarian, and to be totally honest I have a slew of mental disorders :0) um, I'm grey-pansexual but I'm def more attracted to guys, or trans masc people. I'm into, uh,,,,, petplay. So that's a thing. (I'm a sub lmao) heck I get nervous a lot, like doing this is giving me a mini anxiety attack. I constantly apologize even if I don't need to and I need lots of affection. I'd prefer someone older than me, but not too old at the same time. So, yeah. If you wanna talk hmu but please be patient like I said I'm an anxious babe. Now I'm off to crawl back into bed to hide, eheh

    Sirius o yeaa forgot to mention I have a Tumblr @firstaidkitsune yeyeye
    AppleDonut Hey, ummm, Im only 16, so Im probably not older than you, like you said you preferred, but if you want to talk to a useless sack of potatoes, you can talk to me? I dont know, Im not very good at this, but you honestly seem like a really cool person, so ummm hit me up (or whatever it is that the cool kids say). P.s(Im not really sure if I can put p.s in a comment?.). I dont have a tumblr, but I do have an instagram, email, and phone, so just reply (if you want to) with whichever of those that suits you best.
  • Add me on snapchat boys

    25 JUN   Boston, MA, United S

    Hi, im looking for boys 16-20 , add me on snapchat and we'll chat and do more ;) 

  • Anyone wanna chat? Hmu!

    25 MAY   Port Orange, FL, Uni

    Gay male here looking to chat and meet new people! We could talk about anything! I'm also a bottom.

    Badboy360420 If i lived closer to u i would most definitely be the top to yr bottom if u know what i mean by that comment B_Moss01
  • Seeking Boyfriend ;-)

    04 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey there, I'm 15  and in LA looking to meet a guy that i can love and care for. HMU ;') Sc: angle.lel IG: @anglxren

  • Wtf am I doing with my life?

    07 JUL   North Miami, FL, Uni

    Idk. Irish by heritage but born and raised in the backwards-ass cuban culture of Miami. Hmu if you want

    BoredOfBeingBored So you are Hispanic!, im Venezuean!
    Alex Relate to the title lmfao, feel free to message me my names Alex
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