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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Why I am here on this site

    25 FEB   New Castle, PA, USA

    I am looking for somebody close by to date to hold and cherish and have my love equally accepted by and given back

  • Friendship or relationship

    25 FEB   Memphis, TN, USA

    Hi looking to talk to boys and become friends. Hmu for my snap so we can talk and I might like you lol

  • hay some one hmu on kik asif80041

    25 FEB   Ukraine


  • Hey ! I-m new on here :) And I-m trying to make some friends

    25 FEB   San Diego, CA, USA

    Hai , I'm Omar and I'm 13 year's old , I'm bi , I'd love to make some new friends ! If you ever need someone to talk to I'm here for you ! See ya ?

  • Hey Yall I am on here now

    25 FEB   Mesa, AZ, USA

    Hi ! My name is David, and to sum it all up: I’m a Broadway obsessed, really awkward, kinda  on the chubby side, and try hard gay Libra man. But honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad, right ? (It does lol)

  • Look for a BF3.

    23 FEB   Bannister, MI, Unite

    I want to have a boyfriend that is there for me. I play soccer and look forward to doing track and field. 

    Nudes Welcomed

  • I?m looking for new Snapchat Friends

    24 FEB   Carbondale, IL, Unit

    Hi! I’m 17 from IL and would love to meet new people so if you are close to Illinois and would like to talk and possibly meet add me on my snap: slick2901!

  • Looking for A bf or gf

    20 FEB   Waldorf, MD, USA

    hey My name is Khi I am 15 obviously lol and I am funny, caring, and ready to meet new people I am a bisexual male and looking for a relationship.

  • 14 Looking For A Boyfriend

    24 FEB   Cumberland, RI, USA

    Hey I'm 14 and I'm looking for a boyfriend near me but doesn't have to be as long as it's not too far. I love dance, theatre, visual arts, and SFX makeup. Hmu on here or snapchat, my snapchat is: nbdillon03 Thx!

  • Looking for a bf!/ friends (I?m gay just so you know)

    24 FEB   Elmhurst, IL, USA

    Aloha! I’m anthony! I’d love to get to know you better! Hit me up if you’re interested!

    Snap: mahalopanda

    insta: @am_i_a_leafy_vegan

  • Hmu on snap if u wanna talk

    23 FEB   New York, NY, USA

    Hey I'm lonely and bored af I am a boy and I'm gay just so ur not confused hmu if u wanna talk I'll add u asap

  • Here-s just a paragraph about me :)

    23 FEB   Indianapolis, IN, US

    Hey, I'm Joe. For a little bit about myself,  Ienjoy music, especially playing instruments, writing music, and singing. I also enjoy playing video games, although that's mainly just a side hobby. I'm fairly intelligent and I plan on going to college to become a Music Educator. As to what I look like, I'm tall and kinda thin built. I'm looking for a serious relationship, so if you want to talk just message me and I'll get back to you :)

  • I-d love some new friends and relationships

    23 FEB   Mangum, OK, USA

    Hey hi, I'm Daigen, but you can call me whatever you want.  I'm 16, and I'd totally like to meet some gay friends.  I've been being a hermit for a very long time, and it would probably be best if I met some nice people, and who knows?  Maybe even a cute boy to talk to.  I live in southern Oklahoma, near @ltus, but if you don't live near me but want to talk anyways, that's completely cool with me!  You can find my social media in the descriptions on my account, but you should totally go with my kik first.  10/10 I'm on Kik, and I rarely ever check my other social medias.  So yeah, on kik, that's       

    If you're not sure we'd make good friends, here's some of my interests:



    Playing videogames



    And plain goofing around!  I love jokes, and I live for the fun parts of life.  Life of the party, amiright?  Oh, and for the record, I don't Care how old you are.  Friends of all ages, ye?

  • Meet some new friends

    22 FEB  

    Hey I’m just looking for some friends, or people to mess around with, I’m 15 so nobody older than 16, if your interested hmu

  • Looking for someone who won?t hurt me..

    22 FEB   Lakeland, FL, USA

    Hi I’m Tyler!! I’m a very nice gay guy, and I love video games. Not a huge sports fan... But ok looking for someone who is nice, 13 only, and color does not matter. 

  • Looking for a male and male gay relationship

    29 JAN   Sullivan, IN, United

    Hi, im a gay 13 year old boy looking for a gay relationship, or a just a friend. I love music (espcially pop music), animals, video games, youtube videos, and love. My snapchat is Malik1_2 add me and we could chat!

  • I would like to make friends or more :)

    22 FEB   Enid, OK, United Sta

    Hi! I’m Landon. I’m 14 years old and I’m gay. I’m not really looking for a relationship right off the bat but who knows? Add me on Snapchat or Kik and let’s get to know each other!

  • Looking for a relationship

    18 DEC   Helen, GA, United St

    Hi i like to fish and play call of duty also im looking for a cute 14 or 15 or 16 year old text me and i just may give u my number

  • Bored and looking for new friends

    22 FEB   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    hi, just looking to make a new friend, preferebly near me but anywhere is fine

  • Trying to find gay guys near me

    21 FEB   Hamilton Township, N

    I live in Hamilton Township, NJ, and I am looking for friends in the area. If you're interested in chatting, my kik is dictator_iragan or message me on SC @ dictatoriragan

  • Looking for boyfriend

    14 FEB   Guadalajara, Jalisco

    Hi my name is Andres and im 15

    im looking for a cute guy who i can talk to and be my boyfriend 

  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    25 SEP   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is Edgar Valdez and I’m 14 and bisexual! I’m looking for a boyfriend so hmu on snapchat or Kik if you want to learn more about me! 

  • Looking for a relationship with a guy

    19 FEB   Rio Grande City, TX,

    Hi there :) Im Chris, 14. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet people with similar interests (Taylor Swift Fan, PS4 gamer, chatting, and Technology) Say hello at me :) looking for a guy near me or long distance. 

  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    13 FEB   Tampa, FL, United St

    Hmu on snap. I'm looking for a relationship. I'm looking for something real. Someone who wants to talk to me. Hmu snapchat: Fuchscameron_1 

    Instagram: Camtravfuchs

  • hey, why no one espond my messages :(

    21 FEB   Alajuela Province, A

    hey guys I am jose nice to meet you I am 16 I live in Costa Rica  I am gay I like acting i am an actor I love ultimate frisbee i like to work out i also love to draw play soccer watch movies and cuddle :) I like this site there is hot guys great guys with good personalities etc but there is this itzy bitzy tiny problem no one actually replies to me :( that kinda makes me sad cause i feel inferiors to others and that kinda makes me really sad so I am gonna ask u guys a favor please if u like me talk to me if i text u please please try to be friendly and say hi and at least give a try oki?

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    13 JAN   Helen, GA, United St

    Hi I'mlooking for a boyfriend. I'm lookingfor someone that's positive and happy 

  • Hi I?m joe looking for the one

    20 FEB   Warren, MI, United S

    Looking for a Boyfriend to talk to and maybe for u to be loyal. I have snapchat and skype love to talk and get to know people. Snapchat me jbarber7887 hope to find the right guy soon!

  • I-m bored af and need a bf or friends

    20 FEB   New York, NY, USA

    Hi my name is gorje I am gay, I am a boy so get it right, I need a bf or just a really good friend but mostly need a bf so hmu on snap, I don't send nudes bc I'm classy af, anyone can add me 

  • Message me if ur interested

    29 DEC   Chicago, IL, United

    Im a 15 year old guy who is tired of getting hurt by people who just leave me there like I'm nothing to them anymore. I like hanging out, watching netflix, and baking cakes. Im mainly looking for a relationship, but friends as well to talk to. Message me if ur interested.

  • Maybe meet a boyfriend

    23 JUL   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey I'm Marco

    I play soccer and trying to get more involved in my school.

    I love camping the out doors and quading even though I don't do them that often but I'd want to do them more I also like fishing. I'm looking for a cute guy to maybe have a relationship with so if you are interested please message me.

  • Just read what it says

    20 FEB   California, United S

    Through the power of being persuasive I got Snapchat back so hit my up

    Gonna go head and say I'm weird funny cheesy 

    Don't move the distance please no body looking for a quicky only add me if you serious 

    Gender doesn't matter obviously and that's all

  • looking to meet someone

    15 DEC   Hallsville, TX, Unit

    Hi my name is Landen and I am looking for a boyfriend. I don't care if it is long distance or in the same area as me. If u are intrested snapchat, it is listed in my profile.

  • Looking to meet someone

    09 DEC   Hallsville, TX, Unit

    Hi, I am looking for someone that is in the same area as me. I also am look for a boyfriend to be in a relationship with. If you want to text me on Snapchat, it is truaxlanden.

  • Finding True Love (gay,13-15)

    15 DEC   Lovegame

    Hi there :) I'm Chris, 13. I've been on this site on a while and found that most guys just want something I don't. All I ever wanted was a guy to love and have a relationship with him, a future. I don't care about living close I'd love a guy if he was on the moon. I just wish I could find a gay guy (13-15) who is looking for the same things. Not nudes or sex or stupid stuff like that. I want a relationship with video chat

  • Hi my name is gorje looking for a bf

    20 FEB   New York, NY, USA

    Hey my name is gorje, looking for a bf who can take care of me, it could be long distance idc, hmu on snap if u wanna talk

  • Looking for an Affectionate Boyfriend(Long Distance)

    18 FEB   Lynn, MA, USA

    Heyo!I'm looking for a really nice guy, who wants to be my boyfriend!Its most likely going to be long distance, so I need someone who is ok with that!I prefer someone who is more 'manly' just because I'm not!

  • Looking for a Bf 14-16

    19 FEB   Gainesville, GA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Bailey (I'm a guy) and I'm looking for a kind and caring boy to love me and help me through things, or just a friend too. HMU.

  • Gay, looking for Friendship and Love.

    14 FEB   West New York, NJ, U

    Hey I'm Carlos, I'm 13 from New Jersey I'm really loud, sassy, funny, clingy and I'm a social butterfly. I really wanna meet new guys and girls, I wanna maybe find a boyfriend? I'm not picky and I love making new friends. Add me on snapchat: csachez.1012 I don't really reply on here thanks ;)

  • Im looking for a boyfriend, im 13

    19 FEB   Lakeland, FL, USA

    Hello, I’m 13 years old and I’m looking for someone who is 13 ONLY... Someone who is loving and Caring.. And nice (Basically what I just said..)

  • Looking for a boy straight or gay.

    22 OCT  

    Hi I'm 16. Want to talk to straight or gay boys. I really like straight boys. Hmu 

  • Maybe meet boyfriend?

    31 JUL   Planet earth

    im looking for a boyfriend. I want someone who is sweet and loving. I'm looking for ages 13-15. Message me here?

  • Heyo it-s your guy (filler filler)

    19 FEB   California, United S

    Hi I'm back at square one so hmu

    Filler filler filler 

  • Hi, I?m looking for people to hopefully be friends

    19 FEB   Lyons, TX, United St

    Hello I’m Jose, I am 16(17 on March 8). I’m bi but I do prefer guys. I’ve been on this site for a few months but I finally decided to post something. I’m currently looking for friends, and just friends, unless something happens, but I don’t even know if anyone would even care to talk to me, but if you want to know more about me my kik is in my profile and my Snapchat is josejgonzales because I’m so creative with my name. Anyways if you’ve read this whole thing and still want to talk, hope to hear from you soon. Bye

  • Single Gay Boy 14-18

    19 FEB   Loyalist, ON, Canada

    My name is Dave. Im almost 16 and looking for a partner. Im very feminine for a guy. I have been out of the closet for two years now. I have had no luck dating. I like kids, musicals, having fun, going to the movies. I take pride in how I like to look very much.

  • Looking for a relationship

    18 FEB   Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a boy that I could have fun talking to, build a friendship, and maybe become a little bit more than that. Distance isn't an issue with me, and I accept anyone regardless of race or body shape. Anyways, send me a message if you want to chat and get to know each other better.

  • Guys message me, I am 17.

    04 SEP   Tulsa, OK, United St

    Hey there, I’m looking for guys to talk too, I’m 17! 


  • I want meet new people

    19 FEB   New York, NY, USA

    1. I'm 16 ??????
    2. I'm freshman in high school
    3. I'm lesbian
    4. Iove animes
    5. I'm huge fan of Star Wars
    6. I'm Weirdo
    7. I  always get bully in school
    8. ???I'm very nice person?

  • Looking for a friend or relationship

    19 FEB   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hello my names J and I’m looking for a friend or a relationship, people local around the Chicago area, add me on snap Jordan_l29

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