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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Bi looking for a cute guy in NY

    09 JUN   New York, NY, United

    Hey, I'm Daniel and I'm new to this website and I'm hoping to find some guy near my age to go out with.

    Arojas Hey I live in NYC. Im 16 and Im interested
    Max Heyy im intrested i live in nyc to im 14 hmuu
    8 hours ago

  • Meet my people and friends

    18 NOV   Boston, MA, United S

    I’m Gabe, I’m really fun and funny, I enjoy talking to other people. I’m open minded and I have a “positive” attitude. I really fun to hang out with. I’m looking for someone with “similar” characteristics

    Max Heyy hmu on snapchat rafaelgeronimo7
    8 hours ago
  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    20 NOV   Denver, CO, United S

    Hey. My name is Michael. I’m looking for a boyfriend; 15-16, a person who talks and is interested in getting to know me, someone with interest, etc. Message me and let’s see what happens...

  • looking for a boyfriend (a real relationship).

    20 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I’m Kris, and i’m 15 years old. I’ve been lonely for a long time, and i just want a loyal guy, get to know each other. Add me on Snapchat: rougecrushrose

    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a boyfriend.

    20 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I’m Kris, and i am 15 years old. I’m looking for a loyal guy, and get to know with each other. Add me on Snapchat: rougecrushrose.

  • Looking for a boyfriend.

    20 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I’m Kris, and i’m 15 years old. I’m looking for a bf, and get to know each other. Add me on Snapchat: rougecrushrose 

  • Need new friends and maybe a bf?

    19 NOV   NC, United States

    Hi, I’m Nicholas and I’m looking for friends that are chill and can take a joke

    im also looking for a boyfriend, because I just want someone that will stay up late just to have random conversations with me, so just add me on snap or send me a message on kik

  • need guys to talk to

    19 NOV   Hollywood, FL, Unite

    I'm 17. Bi. Vers. Huge nerdnerd and movie fanatic. Just looking for anybody 15-18 guys who just wanna chill. If we hit off, it might go somewhere.....

  • Hey, any wanna chat with me or anything

    19 NOV   Chicago, IL, United

    Hai I'm isacc, I'm not a good positive dude but rub me the wrong way and I'll be ur worse nightmare. Talk to me through my Snapchat: isaccg042

  • hmu I love meeting new people

    03 AUG   Romeo, MI, United St

    What's up, Im cameron im 13 i live in 2 places within Michigan I live in Romeo, and Center Line they are both small towns but in Metro Detroit, I love animals I'm funny and nice. HMU dont be scared! :)

  • Looking for a relationship

    10 NOV   De Pere, WI, United

    Hey I'm Conner I'm 15 I like to have a good time with people and talk a lot. I'm looking for someone caring, bighearted, and fun. Someone I can be myself around and long distance it okay.

  • Hi, I-m new and really lonely.

    30 MAY   Bland, MO, United St

    Hello, I'm Ethan. I'm gay, 13, and live in Misery Lol I'm looking for a local boyfriend. Hmu on snapchat @canarywas or kik @burmella no hoes please. Thx

    Deleted Im not local but Id love to!!!
  • Meet new people and be friends

    04 JUN   VanVleck tx

    hey I'm bi and you can be my friend if you want we can talk about anything 

    Shame Text me in SC if u wanna be my friend
  • Gay looking for relationship

    11 NOV   Zionsville, IN, Unit

    I’m 15 and I love music, cooking, video games, animals and foooood! Love to cuddle and be loved. Add me on snap dom_c15

    Alex1824 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my email if you want my phone isnt working right now and snap wont work sorry. But is your wanna talk or chat my email is I hope you do, because you look very sweet and lovable! :)
    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable!
    hamjam hey i love music cooking and animals too. you love amazing. maybe we could talk
    3 days ago
  • Hello fellow homoshreksuals!

    09 OCT   Charleston, IL, Unit

    I'm just a lonely gay guy who's bored as all hell. I'm not looking for nudes or anything,  although if you catch me in the right mood you could get a few. I'm just looking for friends. If anything more evolves from said friendship...well we'll just see how it goes won't we?  ?

    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable! 
  • gay bottom in centeral Indiana looking for a bf

    27 OCT   Zionsville, IN, Unit

    Hey I'm Henry and I'm 14, I'm looking for a bf in centeral Indiana who's a top, I like jocks and stuff, im a bottom, I'm super nice and fun. Plz be 14-17 years old and if u can drive that's cool to. Must show face if u add me on snap becuase I'll answer your messages if u add me on snap. 

    -snap : hmaas2020

    (ask me for my insta)

    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable! 
  • Looking for gay/bi friends 13-17

    25 SEP   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey! I’m Jamin and I’m 13. I’m a really positive person and I love to talk about basically anything. I love to play games and have fun in general. I’m always opened to meeting new friends and maybe potentially more one day with a nice guy. :)

    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable! 
  • ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    09 NOV   Melrose Park, IL, Un

    boyfriends are hard to find especially if youre me cuz im a 2 and everyone else is a 10. f m l 

    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable! 
  • Interested in finding a new boyfriend (13-14)

    04 NOV   Wheaton, IL, United

    I would like to have a relationship, someonewho can be kind and supportive and let me be there as much and find it important to them. Someone who's 13-14 and just is energetic and lively. I wanna feel kinda like an older brother.

    Ben Let’s talk
    Garrettgay2016 Hey I am looking for a relationship too. I could give you my phone number its 573 721 4068 but I am 2 years younger but I hope you do test me, because you look very sweet and lovable! 

  • 15, Gay.. looking for cute bf

    05 NOV   Gay, United States

    Just looking for a cute bf. I’m a small, skinny, white, gay bottom looking for a cute nice boyfriend. I might be a little quiet and shy at first.. hmu and I’ll give you my actual Snapchat and stuff 

    tjs2379 Hey hmu on snapchat
    Garrettgay2016 Text me 573 721 4068
  • Need a male friends or boyfriend;)

    10 JUN   Doylestown, PA, Unit

    Need people to snapchat me and talk ;) If you want to Snapchat me go ahead I don't bite

    JE329 Hey are you gay?
    JE329 Hey are you gay?
    Max Heyy im intrested hmu on snapchat at rafaelgeronimo7
    Max Pleaseee
  • Looking for local guy for chat and fun

    04 JUL   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hey! I'm looking for a gay or bi guy in Toronto who wants to hook up sometime. Just chatting is fine too. I don't have Kik or Snapchat, send me a message on here! Thnx!

  • Message me if you are interested

    21 OCT   Goffstown, NH, Unite

    I am bi and I am looking for some cute boys who want to chat. Just message me if you are interested 

    Max Heyy hmu im looking for a boyfriend my snapchat is rafaelgeronimo7 and instagram is rafael_30_17
  • Need a boyfriend ;)))

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    anybody wanna hit me up on snapchat, boys and age welcome, I love athletic blondes, snap me a.idang

    Kendall Hit me up on snap chat
    Valentine Waw am good also meet me on facebook also.(valentine okoro)
    Max Hmu on snapchat at rafaelgeronimo7
  • do gay people just not exist?

    06 NOV   Ottawa, ON, Canada

    so i live in ottawa ontario and its super frustrating that there are no gay or even bi guys here, not even any curious straight dude. im gonna have to waste away until i turn 18 and can download grindr

  • Hey there looking for new frienss

    15 NOV   Portland, ME, United

    Hey. Looking for boys to talk to snap or kik hmu lets chat anyone? I'm 18 new to this site 

  • Single and from malaysia xD

    14 NOV   Labu Negeri Sembilan

    Hi there im gay and im 16 nice to meet y'all im really need a bf xD msg and i don't trade pics sorry ?

  • Hey im a bit awkward sooo

    08 NOV   Melrose Park, IL, Un

    Hey, im JJ im 14 and pretty gay. Eating is great. ummmmm honestly i just need a friend but a boyfriend wouldnt hurt so yeaa

  • Zeke wanting to find either a good friend or boyfriend who-s 14 or 15.

    30 OCT   Ringgold, GA, United

    I'm 14 years old looking for a guy who is 14 or 15. I'm not looking for to trade pics i'm just wanting to find a guy who is funny and likes stuff I like. If you want to talk you can contact me on kik:SpicyBoi119 (I know it's dumb it's just the only thing I could think of.

    Zeke EDIT:My kik is now ZekeG122 and my snapchat is zekeg1238
    Zeke Welp im no longer a single man but you can still msg me if you just wanna talk and stuff.
    Zeke Another edit Im now single again
    Ian I’m sorry
  • Gay Online Dating. Message me, i respond. Insta thiccwicke_

    13 NOV   Adelanto, CA, United

    I am gay. I like online dating, talking, tumbling, and dance. I am nice, but protective. I will always try to know whats going on in your life. Communication between a relationship. I also love pictures. Communicate if i say or something to upset u, lemme know. I am also 14

  • Maybe meet boyfriend?

    31 JUL   Planet earth

    im looking for a boyfriend. I want someone who is sweet and loving. I'm looking for ages 13-15. Message me here?

    Memory Im looking at this havent even seen ur face and Im like wow this going to be some competition
    Max Heyy im also looking for a boyfriend i would like to be yours please for ever💖hmu
    totoro Idlike to get to know you.. If you want
    Jared Hey. I️ would love to go out with you!
  • Hey guy I want new friends

    12 NOV   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    Hi there my name is Angel I'm gay I'm looking for boys preferred around Philadelphia just boys sorry girls

  • Im looking for srx that-s it

    12 NOV   Baltimore, MD, Unite

    Enybody who live in baltimore i want to have sex im just looking for sex tha's it 

    Chhdgbag Alaskans rotations dossier rock flabelliform coalfish Zhao's gfh fsfns fdjsgvevh fhdirgvd. Dgjdgm.  Djffhdfjfsjdfb.          Fkfvnrhgd

  • Tryin to get a boyfriend

    12 NOV   Buckley, WA, United

    hey hot gay guys im aj im 14 and im gay and single and im ready to not be single

  • hey, im gay and want a boyfriend

    12 NOV   Deptford Township, N

    im socially akward. likes drawing, anime, other shit. im also pretty shy...

    Max Hey im also looking for a new boyfriend
    totoro alright! add me on snapchat
  • Hey, I-m looking for a relationship

    08 OCT   Abington, MA, United

    Heyo, my name is Noble. I'm 14, I like to draw, listen to music, and work with computers / old technology. I'm looking for a boyfriend, I'm really lonely. I have anxiety and my parents relationship is crumbling, but I try to stay positive. Please contact me if interested, thanks!

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    19 AUG   Los Andželas, CA, U

    I'm 13, an artist, bisexual, animator. I'm looking for anyone that's interested in a relationship it can be long-term or short-term. And looking for someone to laugh with talk with.

    i like panic! At the disco, 21pilots, anime/cartoons, and drawing add me on skype or snapchat.


    Snapchat: deedleroe

    tommydonegan16 Hi I live in pa 2
    Max Heyy hmu
    ashley you can date my brother
    totoro hey, i like to make animations too! im 14 and also looking for a boyfriend
  • Needs a secret gay relationship.

    12 NOV   Green Cove Springs,

    Do you know homophobes are my parents. I need a secret relationship to hide from my parents and other relatives. I'm a bottom . Thanks if you read this. I'm interested in cooking, and vintage things. I want somebody that will treat me special and we cuddle whenever my parents aren't around. Muscles are a need but it doesn't really matter as long as your nice and your a power top.

  • Meet new people for a relationship

    11 NOV   Broomfield, CO, Unit

    Hi there I'm jordei 15.  Open minded with a position attitude, love to play video games, I love to have a good time, my favorite TV shows on Netflix are orange is the new black, American horror story, the walking dead, stranger things, Kimmy Schmidt unbreakable, Degrassi, and big mouth.

  • I-m looking for someone to date

    04 NOV   Columbia, SC, United

    Hi. I'm Dorian. I'm bisexual and 16 years old. I'm looking for a guy or a girl who likes to laugh and talk about the silliest things and talks about sports. I love soccer. Please hmu if I want to

    Lidt_ty Im down just msg me on Instagram @lidt_prince and SC chamberskid_ty
  • Looking for someone

    09 NOV   French Camp, Mississ

    Looking for someone to talk to and maybe something more if you live near me 

    cddaney1 hey U looking for someone I would be happy to be with U if U would like me too I live In green bay WI
    Lidt_ty Mmmmmmm my cup of tea message me on Instagram @lidt_prince
  • Realationship or a friend

    04 NOV   French Camp, Mississ

    I’m looking for a relationship or a friend I might be shy at first 

    Ecto Lol just message me or add me on Snapchat. Im cool with either but Id like to get to know you before I just say Id date you.
  • Dont add me anymore on Snapchat

    09 NOV   Gastonia, NC, United

    Plz dont add me anymore on Snapchat. I am taken. I am done using this website for now.

  • looking for boyfriend

    04 JUL   Planet earth

    Hey, im gay and looking for a boyfriend 14-15. I dont have a snapchat, so message me kn this site. Anyways, best wishes.

    Matt That was m up there btw, contact me there as well
    Amir G. hey i would love to share a life with you so like hit me up on snap my name is amena blac
    Conner youre super cute
  • Looking For a Boyfriend!

    25 OCT   Ebersberg, Germany

    Hi! I’m Alexi, I love to surf, swim, paddle board, hang out with friends, draw, make art, listen to music, play music. I’m looking for a nice/sweet guy who is interested in a relationship. This is my first time on here 

    Oisinxx14 This is a pretty strange website 👏
    Cheeseballkid (taken) Hi Alexi I will be your boyfriend. Im 13 and I can play alto and tenor saxophone 🎷.
    Max Heyy can you hmu ill give you my snapchat???
    Griffin Grayson Who isnt looking for a bf tbh :P
  • Hello? Anyone? Boyfriend?

    08 NOV   London, United Kingd

    Hey so my name is cody and i enjoy gaming. Im 15 and i'll admit sometimes i can be annoying but hey why not give me a shot?

  • Date a cute kind guy

    20 SEP   Covington, GA, Unite

    Hey im donovan and im 15 and gay. If you wnna go out just message me and ill giv u my number

    Kahmari 1735 Can we message cuz I need a either a boyfriend or at least a boy best friend
    Deleted Hey. Message me
  • Looking to meet someone

    06 NOV   French Camp, Mississ

    Looking to meet someone and be friends or in a relationship near me 

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