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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • 16 looking for love :)

    20 AUG   Denver, CO, USA

    I live in Denver Colorado, if your interested in talking message me and we can talk

  • Looking for A BF 13-16

    16 MAY   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hello! My name is CJ and I’m from Chicago. I’m 14 and I’m looking for a boyfriend. I don’t mind getting a little naughty and i love music, video games, and sports. Preferably around my age too

    RorocoEnt If you wanna talk about music/video games, hmu on twitter or insta
  • Friends or boyfriend?

    20 AUG   Janesville, WI, USA

    I would like to talk to someone maybe date after a while. It would be pretty cool to meet someone irl to ya know hug and stuff but if that doesn’t happen then oh well

  • A boyfriend & some friends??

    12 AUG   Berrien Springs, MI,

    Talk to me of snap if you want. Not a big deal. @jaeday03 

    A boyfriend would be nice but friends are cool too?? Soooo just talk to me. 

  • Looking for s bf near me

    01 AUG   Reno, NV, USA

    sup looking for someone to know and get along with and a looking for a bf

  • Looking for a Boyfriend xD

    19 AUG   Wavre, Belgium

    My name is Jason, I'm 16 and am from Belgium. I'm trying to find a sweet/kind guy to hopefully start something with. I like Video games, Animals and Anime. I've got no problems showing my face although I am not very fond of taking pcitures. Please do hmu if interested?

    Abdullah Shahid contact here
    Abdullah Shahid i too dont take pictures and i know that friendships and relations work with understanding and sacrifices and i am ready to do both
  • Just looking for friends

    19 AUG   Mobile, AL, USA

    Always enjoy meeting new people. Feel free to add me. I'm looking for something long term.

  • Looking for a boyfriend.(Bi/Gay)

    11 AUG   Birmingham, UK

    Looking for some boy around 15-18 that is super cute and charming. Hmu on snapchat b.0293 if you're interested. <3 

  • looking for a bf hmu lets chat

    01 AUG   San Francisco, CA, U

     hello gays it is I

    hi im oliver and im looking for a bf or a friend just hmu 

    Connor S Do u have a Snapchat
  • Need new boyfriend asap??

    17 AUG   New York, NY, United

    Heyy y'all soo im from new york and im looking for a new boyfriend that would love me for who i am and take me out go on date's and moree stuff too i want a boyfriend in new York no far distance♥

  • New, searching for friends/bf

    18 APR   Edinburgh, UK

    Hi, my name is Ike and i'm 14 years old. I love acting and singing and played in different musicals. I realy need some guys who i can talk to. I realy miss online chating lol :). But maybe there is one guy who can make my life more special? ;)). Everyone who is interisted, add me on sm or give me a message :). See yah

    Jack :) (BI) Heyy do you have kik?
    2 days ago
  • Looking for cute and intresting guys to talk to

    17 AUG   Wisbech, UK

    Hi i am from the uk and are Looking for a cute guy preferably with green eyes and freckles. I love to hear peoples gayexperience and fetishes :)

    Kik: smithsjumper

  • Meet intresting cute guys to talk to

    17 AUG   Wisbech, UK

    Hi i am from the uk and are Looking for a cute guy preferably with green eyes and freckles. 

    Kik: smithsjumper

  • I want a bottom boy to play with

    17 AUG   Boston, MA, USA

    hey im Zaire looking for a bottom to hang out with and have some fun hit me up guys don’t be shy. Have to be in the Boston please 

  • Hey I-m here lol check this out

    17 AUG   Mount Vernon, VA, US

    Hi, I'm uh Cole. I'm in VA right now and I live in NY I'm just looking for someone 13-16 to uh 'fool' around with. I have another 2 weeks left in VA then I go back to NY. So if u wanna fuck me now is the time lol. I'm cool with most kinks so dont worry. Hope to see u soon <3 hmu on snap @ mw56000

  • Meet guys in my area

    17 AUG  

    any guys in the Pittsburgh or surrounding area hmu. Pm me and I’ll give you my snap so we can talk.

  • I?m 14 bisexual and looking for someone to love

    17 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, US

    I’m looking for a partner ages 13-17 that live in east Pennsylvania. Guy or girl but you have trustworthy and loyal. I’m really looking for something serious. 

  • Want a bf distance doesn-t matter to me

    14 APR   Clydebank, UK

    I'm Ryan, 14 and I want a bf. I don't mind doing long distance if I have to.

    Hmu on my snapchat

    Charliekearney Hey (add me on Snapchat) (Snapchat name : charliekearney8
    Astonkign Ur cute Ill Snapchat u now
  • Need a bf so we can go on dates and stuff

    04 AUG   College Park, GA, US

    Im 14 and I don’t really like to go by titles but ig gay so ya if they can be taller or the same size I’m just looking for someone.

  • Meet new friends (gay boys near me)

    16 AUG   Columbus, GA, USA

    I'm for real looking for a boyfriend. Ive been broken up with, but I'm over it. If you want to hmu, the best way to contact me is instagram.

  • Gay bois from Illinois hmu

    16 AUG   Granite City, IL, US

    Hi I'm Joey, I'm from granite city Illinois, I'm 17, and I'm a kind, loving, funny person, with a big heart, and yes I did what mama ru said and step my puss game up (lol), I'm looking for a boyfriend, but idc I like making new friends too, so hmu y'all idc who, what, or when (add my snap @jt-oncer2201 or follow my insta/kik @jt_oncer2201)

  • looking for a cute boyfriend, distance doesnt matter

    14 JUL   Chesham, UK

    looking for a boyfriend, distance doesnt matter just be a cute nice person. (Bi) :) add up my instagram and dm me instagram is: albie_b_

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 AUG   Derby, UK

    Hey my names jahmal I'm 14 male from derby UK I'm bi looking for a boyfriend atm I am a dancer and have been for 11 years and it's very important that you're funny and I am acc very worried I'm rambling hit oh well all I've ever wanted it someone that can love me and not take me for granted and can love me for me I'm just looking for my Prince because I'm king and I'm willing to have fun long distance isn't so bad but I'd love you to be closer and must be in UK but yh that's me and add me 

    ~ snapchat : Jahmal. 29 

    ~ Instagram : Jahmal.18

    Love jahmal 


  • Looking For Boyfriend

    27 JUN   Leeds, UK

    Hiya all!!!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Shocker. 

    Err... what do you put on these?? Oki doki. We'll start with ma hobbies.

    I love writing, its one of my strongest passions (and don't ask me about my book because you'll have me going forever) alongside genuinely caring about everyone/thing. What can I say? I love loving.

    I don't like Love Island, putting it out there. Seems like a cesspit of booze, sex, booze, sex...

    and sex. Did I mention sex?

    Well... yeah. Whole steaming heap of sex.

    I rarely watch Tv and when I do its without a doubt either Jeremy Kyle (kill me now) or a Crime Documentary or Batman the Killing Joke.

    Joker Monologue... learned off by heart.

    So if you couldn't tell by now... I'm a nerd?????

    But I'm a nerd that'll love you endlessly, and I'm kinda a mess. A big mess, but I'll love you more than I love everyone else. And I hope you'll love me back, message me and we'll see what happens.

    Maybe you're the special one~

  • Looking to get close

    09 AUG   Newcastle upon Tyne,

    Hey, I'm Ben and I'm 14. Looking for someone to get close to and maybe be one of them cute instagram couples. Sorry I'm bad at this but hmu on snap benbartlett2015

  • looking for a Boyfriend :)

    15 JUL   Lancing, UK

    Hello :D,

    I am looking for a boyfriend :) i am a boy

    i am 14 nearly 15 (in sep)

    i am a little wierd........ well very wierd:/

    i will remane fathful to you ( <> )

    and if ANYONE hurts you i'll stick their face in a blender ( I am joking { or am i :) } )

    My instergram would be better to talk to me  on :) { death_is_escapeing }

    i love cats, some comady BTW my humar is kind of weird for exsample ..... the blender thing....

    i am ok with long distance but i would perfer if you lived in the UK :}

    yeah, my spelling is really bad :{ sorry

    i am willing to send,,, fun things ;p

    please don't be afraid i won't kill you....yet :D

    ( AGAIN A JOKE :D )

    have a good day <3

  • Hey I-m here now lol

    15 AUG   Mount Vernon, VA, US

    Hi, I'm Cole. I'm from western NY and rn im in Virginia for a few weeks. I'm looking to chat maybe more or just some fun. If your interested 13-17 is kind of asked but a little younger or older is okay. hmu on snap @ rmw56000 

  • Missing Piece To My Puzzle.

    15 AUG   Charlotte, NC, USA

    I'm interested in White or Hispanic boys that play sports and that is muscular and that is a top.

  • Anyone who feels like lt, add me

    15 AUG   Columbia, MD, USA

    Looking for a probable relationship. I’m 15, mixed, gay (obviously) and if ur cute and in my age snap me @Babyalex229. 

  • I?m looking for a boyfriend?

    14 AUG   Knoxville, TN, USA

    Im 15 and looking for a good boyfriend that will treat me right and who will love me 

  • Where Is ?The One? At?!? ???? Please Show Up Soon!

    14 AUG   Planet Earth

    Hey Im Samuel Im Bi But Prib More Into Guys U Can Call Me Sam If U Want I like youtube,muic,social media,acting cute ahaha (even tho Im not), baking, etc Maybe we can start of as friends and see where it goes I really hope he show up Oh and don’t msg me here I would probably not answer So we will see where it goes! ;)

  • Wanna Find Somebody Cute (Hmu)

    13 AUG   Cumberland, RI, USA

    Hey I’m looking for someone I can get to know, and if it leads to something maybe more. I prefer people around my area or state especially if we’re gonna get close, but if u wanna talk hmu on snap cause I don’t really use this often

    Sc: nbdillon03

    It helps more if ur cute (Just A Tip)

  • Single and ready to mingle

    09 AUG   NY, USA

    Looking for a GAY BOYFRIEND that is a cutey and leaves close to where i live.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    31 JUL   Raleigh, NC, USA

    The pic is me, I'm just looking for anyone who is interested. I'm not out, not really looking for anything in particulary.

  • Looking for a 15-17 bf

    14 AUG   Riverview, NB, Canad

    Hey I'm Jared. I'm 15 years old and live in Canada. Looking for a boyfriend that is caring and more masculine. I like gaming and computer programming. Feel free to msg me I'm always available. 

  • Looking for hookup or bf or fun at night in moyock nc

    14 AUG   Moyock, NC, USA

    Hay im lookong for 16-18 as long as u can drive im a verse but i pefer tops message me on snap its iceo123

  • HMU if you wanna talk.

    13 AUG   Visalia, CA, USA

    Hey I’m just looking for another gay around my age. Don’t hmu if you just want to send nudes. I’m looking for a guy I can really talk to and be friends with and who knows if it’ll be a relationship 

  • Meet new guys for fun/relationship

    13 AUG   Hawaiian Gardens, CA

    I’ve tried everything trying to find some friends or bf, hmu if ur close by and interested in getting to know one another and hopefully have some fun

  • Looking for someone to chat with

    13 AUG   Toluca de Lerdo, Sta

    Looking for boys from twelve 12 to 15 fifteen who want to chat or maybe something else.
    I am fourteen

    Here is my Snapchat: canito202020w

  • Looking for a Gay relationship

    08 JUN   Racine, WI, USA

    Hai!!!! I'm Teddy;).Im open minded ,I like to laugh i love music and drawing.I nerdout when it comes to shows like Steven Universe.I am Looking for someone who is cool and is nice and would treat me well.I looking for someone beween the ages of 14 and 18.It is also a plus if you are an artist to.



  • I Hope I Find The One........?!??

    12 AUG   Planet Earth

    Hey there Idk I feel lonely in a different way.... I just want someone to love me and treat me different than other people I want someone that likes talking to me and someone that very fun to be around with! (I don’t do trades) I hope I reall find the one...... :(

  • I?m Alex and I?m 14 and Bi/Gay

    25 APR   Sewanee, TN, United

    Im Alex and I’m 14 and bi. I like guys and girls, so anyone can hmu on Snapchat. I live in Tennessee but long distance stuff doesn’t bother me. I just like talking with people. If it doesn’t go somewhere, I always love just having a new friend. Hmu if you wanna get to know me

    liam hi im liam looking for a relationship
  • Add on snap @ k.olbe

    02 JUL   Concord, NC, USA

    Add me on snap @ k.olbe if your a boy 16-19 years old and you want to have fun. Hmu!!!!

  • Tryna meet someone, maybe a friend, maybe a bf

    12 AUG   Augusta, GA, USA

    Bored, lonely. Need someone to talk to. If you are looking to date and you live near West Side High hmu (looking for a bf), or if you just wanna be friends thats fine too. 

  • oh hey i?m bored and i need of a friend

    12 AUG   nOpe

    hey i’m a gay single pringle but like i’m really not ready for a relationship lol so basically i’d just like an online friend to talk to so if you’re down to talk hmu because i’m lonely

  • Hmu cuties on snap..

    11 AUG   Somewhere in the usa

    Boys only thru 14-16 that’s it and please be normal and don’t ask for nudes and please be cute and fit..later

  • Looking for friends or something more

    13 MAY   Rathdrum, ID, USA

    Hello, I'm Andrew! I'm looking for a friendship or something more. If you'd like to talk add me on Snapchat (iistance).

    Random characters to make this long enough


    Blake Add me on snap. Blakegirt
  • Meet new people to be friends with maybe more

    11 AUG   Longview, WA, United

    Hey guys my name is Blake and I know that I look ugly. But anyways I am looking for someone that will respect me and be on my side at all times. I am a kind, caring person go a head and email mr at if you want to get to know me. my snapchat is Blakegirt

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