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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I want gay friends to talk to...

    17 OCT   Odessa, TX, USA

    I have no gay friends at all. I would like to meet some. I prefer simebidy around me but if your far away that is fine too. Add me on kik @gerardo.g.123

  • Looking for some guys.

    14 OCT   Irving, TX, USA

    I need a boyfriend add me on snap jords071598. I need a boyfriend add me on snap jords071598

    Jordan Or add me on Kik jords071
    2 days ago
    Nivek I send a text in snap for u
    12 hours ago
  • Looking For Someone to Talk To

    16 OCT   Alachua, FL, USA

    Hey guys. I'm a bi 15 (almost 16) year old guy. If you're interested, hmu on snapchat.

  • Looking for BF live in Holyoke Massachusetts

    16 OCT   Holyoke, MA, USA

    Looking for a boyfriend that lives close to me go out hold hands kiss and maybe doing something dirty top thro

  • Looking For Boyfriend

    07 SEP   Morristown, MN, USA

    looking for a guy 14-17 to be my bf or just a friend even.... message me. lets see where things go...

    Tomas_Wilko Hey x message me?
    GayQueen Hey. U can message me! And btw if u have snap u can add me at @plushiefoxy23 (it’s from 5th grade 😑)
  • yo yo yo, hmu boys!

    15 OCT   Earth

    hello, my name is Cory. i’m gay and i’m 16. i’m looking for new people to talk to. please, hmu, i will respond to everyone. i’m tryna make friends, so text me and that’s make it easier lol. 

  • Hey hoping to meet a guy

    15 OCT   Ringgold, GA, United

    Hoping to meet a guy dosn't matter what you look like or where you live as long as you have a good personality and are 14 to 16 years old.

  • Meet gay teen boys 14-16

    12 OCT   Indianapolis, IN, US

    Hi my name is Nick I'm also 15 and gay looking for someone to talk to and start as friends maybe more if you warm my heart. We shall see. ?

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    15 OCT   USA

    I’m not looking for nudes please... I’m looking for somone to love me and I don’t mind race or religion butt yea message meeee!?

  • Looking for someone in Coventry ??

    15 OCT   Coventry, UK

    My name is shaun I'm 16 looking for boys aged 15 to 16 add Me on Snapchat and we can chat I'm looking for someone close to me so I can cuddle them and never leave them ???

  • I want someone I can really call mine

    14 OCT   Odessa, TX, USA

    i want someone I can really call mine. I prefer someone close to me but i can also do long distance. I’m not looking for looks but for personalities. Pm on Kik. gerardo.g123 let’s chat for a while and the. Let’s see where it goes.

  • Need a man preferably near me

    03 AUG   Sachse, TX, USA

    Looking for a nice guy that lives near me but I don’t mind long distance either. I just want someone that wants me HMU

    Sc: tina_belcher22

  • Looking for friends cause I can?t make any in person really.

    14 SEP   Argyle, TX, USA

    Hullio, I’m not looking for sex or a hookup, I would just like to maybe make some online friends or even in person friends if it comes to that and if we’re close enough. Who’s to say how that would work, but I’m okay with trying if we really kick it off as buds.

    gerardo.g.123 should add me on Kik
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a 13 year old bf.

    14 OCT   Vernal, UT, USA


    D-Dean Hey, I’m looking for a 13 year old who is kind, caring, and maybe even as stubborn as me. (Online relationship) I’m looking to really know and learn to love others. I figure here’s a good place to start so, Hit me up.
    3 days ago
    egdaminGio hi, sorry im 20 hehe
    3 days ago
    klebbs just kidding, i accept everyone 4 who they r
    2 days ago
  • Im still looking for a nice and steady relationship

    16 SEP   Menifee, CA, USA

    Im still single and i would love to talk to someone who will love me and who understands what im going through. If your that person than hmu on kik or discord or text me here so we can talk. And if you want i can even give you my number. Also we can take it slow and get to know each other. Plus long distances is ok too

    Jonathan Hey hmu in my Snapchat its jonathandurancr
    3 days ago
  • My names Blake I want a boyfriend..

    18 SEP   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    I really want someone to kiss, hold, cuddle or maybe even more if anyone is near me and interested. HMU. I’m super nice don’t be shy!

  • Just talk to people..

    14 OCT   Somewhere in the usa

    just hmu and we can see where it goes just be decent looking and fit or let’s play pubg?

  • looking for a relationship (guys) :)

    18 MAR   Bellevue, WA, USA

    ya know you could literally be a serial killer and I’ll probably fall in love you lmaoo. 

    shoot your shot :))

    Christian i literally have nothing to do hmu ;))
    Possibly this (Alex) Hello Julian, Im Alex, your local British serial killer, see you soon! Jk lol, although I am actually British and I suppose technically just because I havent killed anyone yet, doesnt mean I couldnt be a serial killer in the future lol Anyway, nice to meet you!
  • Looking to meet new people

    01 OCT   Jacksonville, FL, US

    Looking to make friends and possibly a relationship in my general area. Add me on either Snapchat: kaito_gay or Instagram: demonic_scorpio6.

    mr.protractor Message me on Insta if u want
    3 days ago

  • Meet new people!!!!!!

    14 OCT   Troy, MI, USA

    I’m bi so guys or girls are good enough for me but prefer a guy!

    love you alllll ;)

  • hmu to talk (I-m bored)

    14 OCT   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    kik: nejee19

    insta: xnajeex

    snap: nejee

    hmu or whatever and lets talk

  • Friends (using this to fill up required characters)

    13 OCT   Washington, DC, USA

    I do have social media but I won't post them publicly. If u send a message and I don't respond, don't fret, I'm probaby napping or at work.

  • Meet new people for this weds

    18 DEC   Branford, FL, United

    Hi there ? I'm TJ I'm 14 years old loves to ride bikes eat out I love to go out with boys and hoping to be there boyfriends I love music I love people with glasses ????????

    Quenton Hey hit me up @produc_natural
    3 days ago
  • Lookin for a bf or a friend

    12 OCT   Miami, FL, USA

    i wanna bf so badly that is loyal and truthworthy , wont cheat and would always text me even if im mad at then and would spam if i dont respond ?? 

    Quenton Hmu @produc_natural
    3 days ago
  • looking for a boyfriend

    13 FEB   Fort Lauderdale, FL,

    hey im bi looking for a bf 13-17 my snap is its_mejustin56 my insta is justinmcfarfar and yea!! plz i rlly want a bf thats loyal. i like to eat sleep run and do active things with my life

    Quenton Hit me up @produc_natural
    3 days ago
  • Looking for boyfriend

    05 OCT   Green Brook Township

    I'm 16 and I live in Green Brook NJ. I am looking for a boyfriend near my age. I am a Latino guy; don't really care what you are. I like to read, is interested in chemistry, like to have fun, and like to meet new people. Hit me up on kik.

    Ethjdsg Hello I love chemistry. Do you have Skype or whatsapp or facebook
    Ethjdsg Sorry, I thought you were a girl
  • Looking for new friends

    24 SEP   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    hmu cause I got nothing better to do. add me on snap or message me on kik. Doesn't matter. Just want to talk 

    Ironman ok, ill bite, but if you turn out to be thirsty, its over
  • I-m kinda new at this stuff

    13 OCT   Orangeburg, SC, USA

    Looking for a boyfriend or a best friend my snap is dylanking2002b don't text me if u just want nudes bc I don't do that 

  • Looking for new friends or a boyfriend

    12 OCT   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Hello I’m 18 years old and I’m looking for a boyfriend who can understand me and help me with my drama and understanding where am I coming from. 

  • Needing someone to talk to

    12 OCT   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hello! I’m new to this and I’m just needing a good friend to talk to... I’m hoping to be able to become close with people and find out who I really am!

  • Find a potential boyfriend for (Self)

    12 OCT   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    (VEGAS LOCALS ONLY) or near by states from Nevada. I play volleyball and violin. I love music, if your not fw Cardi bye. If you can not talk on the phone or video call do not bother. And add my snap to hmu but with s picture so I know who I'm talking to.

  • Looking for bf or a friend

    10 OCT   Orangeburg, SC, USA

    I am 15 and I'm looking for a relationship my snap is dylanking2002b or just friends I'm kinda new at this and I don't mind long distance 

    jailabadasx_ Are you gay cause you a lil cute I got a sister your age she 15
    jordan_is_bisexual hey I can be you bf im loyal and faithful af
  • Meet boys and have fun

    27 SEP   Florida City, FL, US

    I'm gay and i want to meet boys and we can see where it goes from there

  • I?m looking for guys

    11 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, US

    i need a boyfriend that lives in my city,Philadelphia.Ages 14-16 and must be cute.

  • Meet new gay friends

    11 OCT   Lethbridge, AB, Cana

    have some fun with some gay friends and have some fun with them not looking for a realtionship as im already in one so yea chat me up pleasse

    MichiganLibertarian Sorry bro Im straight
  • ....................

    29 SEP   Somewhere in the usa

    y’all hmu I’m pretty bored and I want to talk to more people,I’m 14 and I do not trade so yeah 

  • still looking for someone on here

    10 OCT   Austin, TX, USA

    okay, I don't care if any guy that's my age which is 15 lives in Austin,tx or not just leave me message on here and I will get back to you okay bye!

  • Looking for a relationship

    08 OCT   Miami, FL, USA

    I want a bf that loves and textes me not only for nudes but a bf that would text me everyday even if im mad at them, i always get cheated on and sometimes i feel like im never gonna find some one 

    Vic Hmu on snap @psycho6.66
  • Why is it always like this?

    10 SEP   Madison, WI, United

    The only people who add me back are either adults looking for nudes, or horny teenagers looking for nudes. Don’t add me if you aren’t looking for something long term.  

  • Looking For Gay Boyfriend (Online Relationship)

    20 AUG   Billings, MT, USA

    I'm looking for someone who is kind and fun who would be alright with an online relationship. If you'd like someone who is kind, funny, and loves playing piano and writing stories, then I'm your guy!

  • Looking for a bf. Age 13-19

    09 OCT   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    Looking for a bf to hang with hmu on sc if your interested. 

  • hmu if you like smol gey bois

    25 AUG   Columbus, OH, United

    ftm trans

    cooks mainly polynesian cuisine

    bottom homo

    15; freshman

    Thedearpyshrimp Not gay but i wanna be fwends
    cosmickarl I love smol gey bois :)
    Alex I love you already 😭
  • Looking for a latino boyfriend or friend

    08 OCT   Gainesville, GA, Uni

    I want someone who will love me and not cheat on me. I need someone who can handle my weirdness and I'm versatile. I am 16 so be around that age. Please be a twink. I like darker things so just be aware. please hit me up.

  • I need new friends! so let?s be friends lmao

    08 OCT   Toronto, ON, Canada

    I have nothing to say ? jus message me and we can start from there! ;) why does it say minimum 80 characters I don’t even know shat to say!!!!

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    08 OCT   Atlanta, GA, USA

    I broke up with my boyfriend and I’m so happy he literally was a waste of time and he had many secrets that made it kinda complicated, so we broke up and I’m looking for cute guys around me so add my Snapchat @ronniegarciaaa , remember don’t lie to me or I’ll make it impossible for you, ok ?

    cr_sal7 Add my snap@saleh_abdulla8
  • Looking for a relationship or a friendship

    08 OCT   Miami, FL, USA

    So i am single and i needa manz that will text me everyday and will love me and not cheat on me because every one likes to cheat on me and use me when im here getting all sad and shit and depressed long distance is fine to lol ??? text me and see where it goes ;)

  • Looking for a boyfriend close by

    07 OCT   Nowhere

    Add me on Snapchat if you’re my age or older and wanna talk or possibly date

  • Looking for a BF (message me)

    01 SEP   Raleigh, NC, USA

    The pic is me, hmu if you are interested in chatting <3 Not really looking for anything in particular, just a top

    Alex08 Hey add me on kik wanna chat AlexR038
    Geogene That aint you lol thats Rob Lowe
    Alex Yeah I know I had to change the pic
    Harlo_Du-Pre15 Do like chubby guys cuz Im chubby but youre really cute
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