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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a guy to talk to

    13 DEC   Lakeland, FL, USA

    I'm bored, gay, and kinda lonely. HMU or if you are gay and just wanna talk.

  • Maybe meet a boyfriend

    23 JUL   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey I'm Marco

    I play soccer and trying to get more involved in my school.

    I love camping the out doors and quading even though I don't do them that often but I'd want to do them more I also like fishing. I'm looking for a cute guy to maybe have a relationship with so if you are interested please message me.

    Griffin Grayson Hi, Im new and gay so hia... Im also very awkward...😅
    Max Heyy you look cute can you hmu ill give you my snapchat and instagram???
    Forever Aquarius 431 Hi daddy.If ur interested talk to me on snap @relaxingaqua216
    12 hours ago
  • Any gay teens in NY?

    03 JUN   Elmhurst, NY, United

    Hi. My name is Franklin. I am 16 years old and I'm here to find the right guy for me.

    William What about PA ???
    Dylan.1324 I live in NY! Add my sc @coasterdude00 Don’t mind the name lol. Text me who you r, so I know😊
    1 day ago
    Forever Aquarius 431 Im from New York and the borough I live in is Brooklyn.
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a BF, hmu if interested

    13 DEC   Seattle, WA, USA

    I have an old account on here but I locked myself out. I like tall boys with shaggy hair (I'm 5'8) white and hispanic. HMU if you wanna chat.

  • I would love to meet new people and hopefully a boyfriend

    12 DEC   London, UK

    Hi I’m Daniel and I am looking for new friends and hopefully a boyfriend that live in the UK and no one over 15. I am into drama, art, rollercoasters and tv shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race, Brooklyn nine nine etc.

  • messages aren-t working

    12 DEC   Lexington, SC, USA

    i can only message someone if they message me first, but even then it's weird. so if you want to talk, check out my instagram. my main account is @wattlecop, but i've disabled it for a little while. until then, i'm an admin on a new lgbt account (which i did not name. i really hate the name...) and it's on my profile! so there's that

  • i don?t know what to put here???? hi i?m nick and i?m gay

    11 DEC   Lexington, SC, USA

    this is my first post so i honestly don’t know where i’m even posting to. but here’s me. i’m nick, ftm, pansexual, open to friendships or relationships. i’m a massive dork and i love my cat despite that fact that he’s the spawn of satan. atheist (but respectful of religion), introvert, student at gray collegiate academy. also, as for romance, really only looking for someone who plans to take a relationship seriously

  • I?m 16 looking for a boyfriend so if your cute hit me up

    10 DEC   Burlington, ON, Cana

    I am looking for some cute guys hmu to talk to and stuff I am 16 and single I like listening to music doing makeup and sleep I like a guy that’s handsome funny kind caring lovable romantic and willing to FaceTime and stuff so if your interested please hit me up I would love to hear from you guys 

    Frank Am here if you interested
    2 days ago
    Nikmirge He is not interested at all
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    25 SEP   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is Edgar Valdez and I’m 14 and bisexual! I’m looking for a boyfriend so hmu on snapchat or Kik if you want to learn more about me! 

    Dylan.1324 What’s ur snap? I’m interested. Mine is @coasterdude00. Don’t mind the name lol
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a Boyfriend (Read Description)

    21 SEP   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is Edgar Valdez I'm 14 years old and am bisexual. I'm not that shallow but I'm looking for a cute boyfriend, I'm also new to dating guys so go easy on me and if you just want to be friends and help me learn how to talk to guys or anything about guys please hit me up! 

    Dylan.1324 Can I have ur snap? I would love to get to know you more. My snap is @coasterdude00 Don’t mind the name lol
    2 days ago
  • Friendship or even more

    11 DEC   Miami, FL, USA

    Hi I wanna talk and see If we can get closer and maybe somethin more I just need someone that would text me everyday and that would spam me if I don’t answer long distance it fine lmao 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    07 DEC   Canal Winchester

    I’m looking for someone to send my life with and be with for my whole life I’m really friendly and caring 

    Gayboy16 Hey feel free to hmu chaos_corpse is my snap
    2 days ago
  • Hello I wanna talk to people

    07 DEC   Radom, IL, USA

    Okay I am back and I am want people to talk to or be friends with nothing else just be friends unless it turns to something else

  • Hmu lol you-ll love it haha

    10 DEC   San Diego, CA, USA

    Hmu I'm bored :)) Id love to meet new people haha, so that's pretty much it lmao.

  • Looking for a Latino boyfriend in or near my area

    10 DEC   Bethpage, NY, USA

    Hey, I’m Dylan. Lookin for a bf around my area. Lookin for someone who is preferably latino,15 or 16, cute, nice, funny, athletic-moderately/ skinny fit, and someone who can be able to keep a conversation going. If interested add snap @coasterdude00  (Don’t mind the name lol)

  • Meeting new people for a relationship

    10 DEC   San Jose, CA, USA

    Hey Im Devin Im 15 and Im tryna make make new friends,meet new people, and possibly a relationship. Im gay so any boys interested hit me up on kik or snap thank you ? 

  • hang out with and try new things

    10 DEC   Spruce Grove, AB, Ca

    i’m gay and that’s ok and no ones knows but i wanna char and send and hangout with new people , hmu if you are near by 

    sc: jesse.brown123

  • Meet new gay friends

    11 OCT   Lethbridge, AB, Cana

    have some fun with some gay friends and have some fun with them not looking for a realtionship as im already in one so yea chat me up pleasse

  • No Clue What I Am Doing

    10 DEC   Olathe, KS, USA

    Hey, I'm Ally. I honestly don't know how this works. Ally is just short for Alejandro, I'm not really feminine. I just want someone to slide into my dms. I don't really like nudes so please don't send them. Thank you!

  • Looking for a chat/boyfriend? (GAY) :l

    09 DEC   Leeds, UK

    Well, I actually wouldn't mind getting to know some more people, maybe even a boyfriend...
    I am into Drawing, Writing, Horror, Gaming, cute things.
    Most people describe me as sweet, cute and affectionate but...I think i'm scary >:D

    JK XD

    Samuel! Hello! you seem like a nice person. Add me on snapchat because for no reason I couldn’t message u here! ik weird right? - samj_miranda (snap)
    3 days ago
    Cutie_boy03 Hey was hoping to get to know you more so plz send me your snap and maybe become hood friends ☺️
    3 days ago
  • Wanna chat or more ;)

    09 DEC   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    I want to chat on Snapchat, could even trade pics. I'm 15 my name is Myron. Add me on Snapchat @Holyboi720 if you're interested.

  • Looking for a friend or maybe a bf

    09 DEC   Weedsport, NY, USA

    Hey I'm Nate I'm from  new York I'm 13 looking for friends or maybe a bf my number is 3157761250 text me or add me in Snapchat

  • Hey looking for bi or gay men to have some fun

    08 DEC   Moberly, MO, USA

    Hi my name is Garrett I'm 14 live in moberly mo if your close to Moberly I'll give blow jobs and maybe more?

    Myron What if I dont live near?
    3 days ago
  • Looking for friends, boyfriends or whatever

    09 DEC   Beach Park, IL, USA

    Yo so my names Nic. Im gay as per usual. Looking for whatever really i dont really give a shit, if you a cool person add me sc-nicolas_091  

  • looking for relationship

    18 JUL   North Pole, AK, USA

    a gay guy looking for a guy who wants a relationship and doesn't care about long distances and who is willing to let me be me

  • meet other lgbtq people

    28 OCT   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hi im oliver and im gay and 15 and I live in san fran and im looking for a boyfriend so hmu

    Cutie_boy03 Hey im 15 and live in cali just added you on snap hope to hear from ya :)
  • looking for friendss (or even more) (:

    09 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Soo, i'm from California, and i'm 16. I'm just really open to meeting new faces, soooo hit me up! 

  • Looking for a BF (message me)

    01 SEP   Raleigh, NC, USA

    The pic is me, hmu if you are interested in chatting <3 Not really looking for anything in particular, just a top

    Harlo_Du-Pre15 Do like chubby guys cuz Im chubby but youre really cute
    Forever Aquarius 431 Im ready for anything hit me up.😃💯👌
    Emmanuel HMU on Snapchat mannycats2004
  • Been here for a while trying again I guess

    29 NOV   Long Beach, CA, USA

    I’ve been on and off this site, nothing ever worked out hoping Jr year might be different so yeah, I live near Long Beach looking for friends and hopefully a bf even though I’m ugly af?, but I can’t help that so?‍?? HMU if ur close by or long distance works too, up for anything these days

  • Looking for fellow gays

    08 DEC   Geelong VIC, Austral

    Looking for some fellow gays to talk to, hit me up; adonaghy025

    Just writing this extra bit down here to fill in the stupid 80 minimum characters thing how stupid lolololololololololololololololololooooolllloollll

  • Meet Boyfriend(s) find romance

    29 NOV   Arab, AL, USA

    Hey I'm looking for someone to start a relationship with I am poly so I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with 2 people so hmu I'm 14

  • Just HMU I guessssssss

    08 DEC   Long Beach, CA, USA

    HMU on kik or ask for snap if ur looking to date or just have some fun mostly looking for guys near by 

  • Bored, but this has to be 20 characters smh

    26 NOV   Nairobi, Kenya

    so bored, wanna talk to pretty much anyone. Amosc @rosoti20

    ps (short guys are super cute)

  • Meet new people for a relationship

    11 NOV   Broomfield, CO, Unit

    Hi there I'm jordei 15.  Open minded with a position attitude, love to play video games, I love to have a good time, my favorite TV shows on Netflix are orange is the new black, American horror story, the walking dead, stranger things, Kimmy Schmidt unbreakable, Degrassi, and big mouth.

  • Looking for boys and girls to make friends or more

    13 MAY   Brighton, CO, USA

    Hey! I’m Sebastian. Looking for friends or even more. Boys and girls. 12-18. 

  • Looking to meet someone

    02 AUG   Jamestown, CA, USA

     Looking to talk to someone maybe a future bf.                                        

  • I-m gay and looking for someone???

    07 DEC   San Jacinto, CA, USA

    The title lol and 14-15 yes old only?? But I can t stop typing cuz I got to type 80 damn characters ughhhhhhh....

  • Retake: Looking For Boyfriend

    02 DEC   Somewhere Only We (I

    (I feel like I've been here before... hmm... nostalgia...)

    Hello! I'm looking for a boyfriend. That might come as a surprise if the title's anything to go by. The post I made here is like... GOOD GOD, it was almost 8 months ago and it didn't really go anywhere with the people I talked to...

    So I have returned! To ruin your day with nerdiness and gayness! (And probably do another Re-Retake in another 8 months)

    I'm from England and I'd prefer somewhere close to me (in or Northern England) but I'll also do long distance and things like that. I'm passionate about a lot of things (if you care what they are that is) so it'd be best for me to tell you in person rather than have a long to-know list here.

    One of my non-passions is nudes. I don't do nudes. So no nudes... okay? I know some of you are hyper-horny teens but please... 


    Clean wholesome conversation, as I'm somewhat very modest and classy (says that and is on the internet shopping for boyfriend, ah I see you) and I would rather to thoroughly get to know each other before I even think about mentioning your dick in a non-jokey fashion.

    Err... I guess I should mention this for the privileged among us but I have some emotional issues that I won't discuss here and I need someone to be able to understand and be there for me when I have those moments. And I, definitely, will do the same because I love very easily and care a lot about people.

    Some people just don't care back hahaha.

    I'm a little bit broken I guess, but I'm crazily happy most of the time. And I'll love you for a thousand years if you love.

    Anyway, I think that's everything.

    Oh yeah, and the heavier you are the harder it is for you to get kidnapped.

    So eat cake. Be safe.

    Domlo4 I like to get to know you
    Taylin Im up for the adventure, good sir! 😊
  • Looking for some friendss

    02 DEC   California

    im an open guy, looking to be friends with some people or even more, who knows. I like playing games and taking pictures. So hmu 

  • It was a therapeutic chain of events.

    06 DEC   Magee, MS, USA

    Well just wanting to get to talk to some new people and stuff. I don't really message people on here but my snap is aquakilo. Not really looking for a relationship just people to talk to, share stories and interests and stuff like that. I'm hella gay, into a bunch of different bands, I read a bunch... 

  • looking for a boyfriend

    04 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    hi im oliver im 15 and gay and im looking for a boyfriend 15-17 and I live in californa

  • Friends, Dates, whatever you want.

    20 NOV   Denver, CO, United S

    Hi guys Im 14 Im just looking for a boyfriend or friends so uhmm hmu if you down to fuck with me.

    JonnyMoon Hey I also live in Colorado
  • I?m Sebastian , I?m 16 and I?m bi

    25 NOV   Brighton, CO, USA

    looking for friends or maybe a relationship. If you want to hit me up , you can do it in snap , seby0723 

    or insta sebbs7722

  • Alright here-s the thing....

    06 DEC   Gainesville, GA, USA

    Ok so if u want to chat and say hello ok then , don't just come and fallow me or message me for pics of my stuff but I do want a relationship just not one that's instant if u down then cool hit me up and we'll see how it goes 

  • 14 Year old (Bi) Looking for someone to talk to

    07 NOV   Bronxville, NY, USA

    Yes, I'm a bi boy I usually won't ever talk to no one knowing their fake. But if I trust you and you seem nice then we could talk all night (and I'm willing to trade any pictures)  so yeah don't be afraid to hmu.

    Mark Pugh Hi I’m nice and sweet hmu on Snapchat Markpughswag12
    Jonny_boy Hey add me on Snapchat @ jonathanacruzm
    Jonny_boy Sorry auto correct I meant jonathanscruzm
    Ajin Yo what good add me on Snapchat @ ajintvt
  • Hi Add me on snapchat Verchiel.666 !

    05 DEC   Martin, Slovakia

    Add me on snap Verchiel.666 Add me on snap Verchiel.666 Add me on snap Verchiel.666 Add me on snap Verchiel.666

  • Meet new people and more

    05 DEC   Fairfax, VA, United

    Here to meet some new people and have some fun ;) Hmu if you wanna talk 

  • Looking for a boyfriend with similar interests

    05 DEC   Rio Grande City, TX,

    Hi, my name is Chris. I’m 14 soon to be 15.

    i like Taylor Swift and pop music in general.

    im a huge gamer(grew up with as a Nintendo/PlayStation fan)

    I’ve always been interested in the violin and the I.T. Field and hope to attend a university. (#Basic)

    i love bobs burgers,family guy, new girl, friends and keeping up with the Kardashians(TRAGIC) 

    i only ever use Snapchat since it’s the best app ever.

    i am very shy and don’t really talk and I’ve delt with lots of breaks ups that I should have an award for it. I love talking tho and sometimes I tend to not reply till a while because i feel to needy. 

    Welp hopefully some great guy hits me up


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