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  • FTM gay transgender guy looking for a long term relationship

    10/APR Seattle, WA, United

    looking for another guy 13-14. I'm a bit of a geek and I love to travel. (:

    Austin Steele Im 16 but maybe we can work something out?
    Gay baby boy Hey add me on Snapchat is mariahcareygl or just message me lol
    1 day ago
  • Alex, 14, male. Looking for good friend or boyfriend :)

    23/APR Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    I love music, art, and adventure. I'm very open minded. I play guitar, bass, ukulele, sing, and do art. Don't really care what you look like, just that your a cool and caring person.

    Gay baby boy Hey add me on on Snapchat my username username is mariahcareygl or just message me lol
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a relationship

    20/APR Hampton, GA, United

    I'm looking for someone who lives in Georgia who I can talk to and build relationship with. Also I'd prefer someone who is near my area. If your interested hit me up on kik or leave a msg.

    Kik: Jaylonmanzo

  • Looking for a bf in Indiana

    17/APR Zionsville, IN, Unit

    hi I'm Henry and I'm 14 looking for a Bf, 14-16, I'm gay and looking for a guy who luvs me for me and has a good face, no chubs, prefer tan or light skin and athletic. 

    My snap is- hmaas2020

    instagram- henryrmaas

  • 15 M Rhode Island looking for a boyfriend

    29/JAN Cranston, RI, United

    looking for a relationship hmu on kik anytime it's hihowsitgoing262 I'm gay so yea hmu!

    Gay baby boy Im single add me on Snapchat my username is mariahcareygl 😘
  • looking for gay lover

    14/APR Lyons, Kansas, Unite

    im looking for someone who will appreciate me for who i am and not for my looks


  • meeting guys to get to know

    08/JAN Chicago, IL, United

    Hey you. I'm 13 and I am looking for a guy who isn't inappropriate. (Srsly what is is with teenage boys?) and has a good personality and can make me laugh. Nobody over the age of 16. (Sorry too old). I want someone smart, kind, and has pretty eyes. 

    Nope Well if you like A semi Mexican geek with pretty hands, im here
    Matt Im 14 and I live in the north suburbs of Chicago. My Instagram is @chisportsfan0424 if you want to dm me there
    Mike2390 Hi Im Mike do you have sky p or ki ki k
    Mardi Hi, Id be very interested in getting to know you better, you can get a hold of me easiest through snapchat @mastermardikola hope to see you there☺
    Stee1ers007 Im 14 i live in the southwest side of michigan so i guess we arent far i have a kik and skype if your interested message me
    Nishad yo ssup hit me up I have no idea if I can make u laugh or not but I am like the class clown in my school and they say I am the funniest idk y but if u wanna talk hit me up and thats pretty much it and I gotta take out the trash (I HATE CHORES) but u gave to do it ok finally one BYE
    Nishad and btw I am from houston
    Jay sup i am jay i am strong play basketball and my eyes change colors contact me if u want to talk
    Gabriel Hey there Im Gabriel I live in the uk Im 13 I would take stuff seriously like you I love pennyboarding games and my Skype name is g4bst4b g4bst4b my Instagram is Gabriel Reynolds hopefully I can talk to you since you look like a nice girl text me on any of these social networks and I will talk to you later
  • 16, Hampton Ga. looking for some fun, maybe even a bf

    11/APR Hampton, GA, United

    If you're a local maybe we can meet up sometime. Hmu and lets chat, I'm open to everyone and don't be afraid to ask questions.

    trill Hi top bbc here are you on kik ?
  • Meet new people, meet new people! ^-^

    24/JAN Cali - Valle del Cau

    Hi, I'm David, 16, I like basketball, music, books, movies, anime, guitar and languages. Open minded, I'm looking for friends and a boyfriend with similar mindset, I often use whatsapp or Facebook but sometimes I'll be here, so pm me and let's to know us. :D

  • Small Gay ready to party (Elliot, 14)

    30/MAR Fort Collins, CO, Un

    I'm just a small gay boy who likes musicals and tap dance (IM A STEREOTYPE I  K N O W). The best way to start a conversation with me is by either showing me pictures of dogs or Andrew Rannells (be warned about the Andrew Rannells one, I will probably talk about him for a solid 20 minutes before you can change the subject. Don't know who I'm talking about? Message me for a 20 minute conversation about everyone's favorite Broadway actor, Andrew Rannells.)

    Riley Hey message me!
  • Looking for boyfriend

    25/JAN Hillsborough, NC, Un

    Hi ther I'm griffin and I'm look for a boyfriend around 13-14 I'm gay open minded. 

    Treytan Im just turned 13 and am gay want to hook up
    Keitersen Hey. Im Keith. Im 14 and into musical theatre, classic literature and I love school. Im 510 and weigh 120 pounds, so Im pretty thin. Im not muacular. Im strongly opinionated and slightly annoying, but hopefully that will be overlooked in my life.
  • Meet new friends or a boyfriend

    23/MAR Metairie, LA, United

    I'm 16 and gay and I'm looking for either friends(anyone) or a boyfriend if anyone is interested. 

    Your_Qveen_Honiee Hey wanna be friends
    R. Ben Hey msg me? ✌🏻
    Carl Anderson Hey youre really cute
    Biboy21 Text me up Ill talk to you (909)225-8047
    savsavage17 hey if u want a new friend msg me
    alexandria i wanna be your friend ~(#º#)~
  • Meet new people as friends and maybe more

    27/JAN Acworth, GA, United

    i am gay, could be friends with anyone, would not mind having a friend with benifits near acworth GA

  • looking for a boy friend

    13/MAR Belpre, OH, United S

    No dick picks at all froum guys so if you're very horny never ask me if you can have dick picks

    Sexynhot20boy Txt me if you wanna chat (909)225-8047
    Sexycutieboy20 If you want text me (909)225-8047 thanks love <3
    Sexycutieboy20 Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, ( Thanks,
  • Looking for long distance relationship

    02/MAR New York, NY, United

    Hmu whenever:




  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    24/JAN Fair Oaks, CA, Unite

    I'm mk I'm 15 and bi and looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are interested hit me up:).

  • I-m a pansexual woman, but I prefer women

    21/FEB Santa Ynez, CA, Unit

    If nerdy and gay as hell seems like your type, then hmu, no nudes, I'm alright with just talking as friends, but I'm looking for a romantic relationship

  • Looking for someone to talk to

    25/FEB Voorhees Township, N

    Hi I am Ryan and trying to find Somone to talk to I am bi but like mostly guys

  • Want a good guy to talk to (im gay)

    25/FEB Doylestown, PA, Unit

    Hey! I am 16 almost 17, no one over 18 please. Im Moises I am a Junior in high school. I am gay and christian and firmly believe in God. I love to talk to new people! I am very open minded and love to have a good time! I would like to meet someone who could hangout and maybe  get to know each other. Feel free to message me!

  • What guy want to date me

    10/FEB Chatham-Kent, ON, Ca

    what guy wants to dats me I'm looking for some one that is 13 14 or 15 so who is gay

    Monster I will date u
  • Meet someone special

    08/FEB New York, NY, United

    u??????mm, I'm Isaiah and I'm just looking for a bf or even just a friend/ someone to talk to kik: KingZay_2003 snapchat: torajee_king

  • Like to meet 16 or 17 year old gay

    29/JAN Perm, Perm Krai, Rus

    You need to have good body and muscles and be gay... That is all!!! I am from Russia. So I would like to get any good friends...

  • Gay

    19/JAN Pomona, CA, United S

    My name is ivan, Im 16, I live in Pomona. If any guy wants to hmu my social Media. Kik-why_so_melo snapchat- whysomelo

  • Looking for a bf

    03/JAN Converse, LA, United

    Hey my names Calvin and i was looking for a nice guy and maybe a bf.