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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hi everybody is that 20 characters?

    20 APR   Atlanta, GA, USA

    Hey I’m still looking... please add me on Snapchat if you are looking for a relationship type thing. I would appreciate if you were not a 50 year old pedophile so I’m gonna cut the age of at 18 which I know is not close to 50 but whatever. So please be older than 12 and younger than 18. I’m 14 by the way. Anyway please add me and we can see were it goes!!!

    12 hours ago
    Chaseti Im pretty sure he did not spell were wrong. You just need to learn grammar
    1 hour ago

  • I-m looking to talk to some people between 13 through 14

    23 JUL   Oneida, TN, United S

    Hey guys I'm almost 16 and I'm looking for a cute boy and guys to maybe have a relationship or be friends for a while with if interested please HIM on Snapchat.

  • Hey looking for a guy that wants to have fun

    26 APR   Ralston, PA, United

    HEY I'm Dalton I'm looking for a guy that wants to have fun I'm a bottom if interested add me on snapchat @dgardiner309

  • I-m bi so anyone talk to me

    24 APR   Richlands, NC, Unite

    Im bored 24/7 so hmu. Im bi and will talk to anyone. The rest of this is for the minimum letter count.

  • im gay so dont text me girls only guys are allowed

    25 APR   McKinney, TX, USA

    Hi my name is joey and im looking for a guy who i can talk to call to cuddleto just what loves to and to take my virigity he has to be in fit he has to be nice not getto he has to be a top which wants to fuck me.

    Karsten Hall ok thats cool lol im taken tho but its nice you want a loving relationship
    12 hours ago
    Karsten Hall but you are pretty cute
    12 hours ago
    Chaseti Idk why but i just wanted to say you have some nice eyes lol😂😂
    5 hours ago
  • Friends and boyfriend

    25 APR   Syracuse, UT, USA

    Heey! I am Casey! I live in Syracuse, UT. I am a gay, cisgendered male. I am 17 yrs looking for friends or a boyfriend aged 16-18 near me. I am a music nerd and a city boy to the max! Treat me well and I will treat you better! Love ya! Message me if you are interested!

  • I?m Alex and I?m 14 and Bi/Gay

    25 APR   Sewanee, TN, United

    Im Alex and I’m 14 and bi. I like guys and girls, so anyone can hmu on Snapchat. I live in Tennessee but long distance stuff doesn’t bother me. I just like talking with people. If it doesn’t go somewhere, I always love just having a new friend. Hmu if you wanna get to know me

  • Bi guy looking for something...

    25 APR   New York City, NY, U

    Hi.I'm Weston. Im a 16 y/o guy from NYC just looking for that right guy. preferably 14-16 but I can be flexable... ;)

    Jlomas14 (gay) Hey add me on snapchat @ jlomas2060
    12 hours ago
  • Hello people I-m bi XD

    30 JUN   Erlanger, KY, United

    I'd like to let people know I'm bisexual and I like guys right now I'm a guy as well. If anyguys wanna talk I'm ok with it. And if girls wanna talk that's fine too 

    Myron Message me @fatalnov (sñapchat) Kik--@Myron_ackerman
    ashley you can date my brother if you want
  • Looking for a bf. Just coming out of the closet need someone

    19 DEC   Marianna, FL, United

    Hey my name is Devon Sullivan I'm looking to come out. I'm looking for a bf. Love to write and act. I am very romantic and very loving and caring.

  • Hi lol I-m Gabriel....

    24 APR   Toronto, ON, Canada

    I'm looking for a bf that is cute and hot.....

    Someone that when I look at them I feel good about myself that I have them....

    Someone sweet...

    That is all bye


  • Looking for a boyfriend, preferably in Lynn Ma, or near there

    24 APR   Lynn, MA, USA

    Hey, Im Angel, I want a serious boyfriend, preferably in my area so that we can meet.I also prefer the guys that wear the pants in the relationship, and that ask to be official, and go in for the first kiss.

  • Looking for boyfriend

    24 APR   Salt Lake City, UT,

    Hey, im looking to meet new people and hopefully find a boyfriend. Im 16 and gay looking for any boys 12-18. I like to think my best quality is my personality. I love to skateboard, ride bmx, and i love video games. Not to into sports tho. Hit me up on snapchat if your interested. 

  • I wanna get to know someone!

    03 AUG   Boston, MA, United S

    Hey!! I am looking for someone who is cleaned up, and good looking! Send me a message so I can let you know if I'm interested! 

    Garrett2 u look very nice
    YeahNo hey, chat me! :))
  • Searching for friends and maybe more <3

    27 NOV   Groesbeek, Netherlan

    Hi im Niek. Im 14 yo and live in The Netherlands.

    I'm looking for local friends, but I also would like some friends far away.

    Also I'm gay, so im looking for a cute boyfriend between 13 - 16.

    Hugs -Niek

    YeahNo Hey, ik kom ook uit nederland, ben 14 jaar. stuur me berichtje of add me op sm als je mij ook wel ziet zitten :). haha
  • wanting someone nice

    23 APR   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    Hey it’s me I’m lonely and hoping to find a boyfriend who doesn’t mind clingyness that I have and I’m a furry so if you hate me that’s fine but I want a boyfriend who’s kind, sweet, caring and who would text me at least every day 

    hmu from the dumb wolf Michael 

    Baymax First of all youre not dumb
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    23 APR   Kayenta, AZ, USA

    Hi im Dominick, I am 14 from Arizona, I love to go on adventures and stuff like that. I am currently single and looking for someone who is smart, caring, and lovable so HMU!! Distance don’t matter anyways.

    trevordeanspradlin Hi my name is Trevor and I love the same stuff. So if you wanna get a hold of me then hmu. Thank you
    2 days ago
  • Looking for boyfriend

    23 APR   Miami, FL, USA


     15 years

    22/APR Gays 

    hii I’m 15 and I’m gay. I’m looking to talk to more people and maybe start a serious relationship after a few dates. In miami


    insta: add me on snap and ask me there

  • Im a girl looking for a GBF

    23 APR   Summerville, SC, USA

    Hey, guys, I'm Maranda and the title is kind of self-explanatory, I do want a gay best friend, and you have to be gay, cannot go both ways. But I just want someone who I can laugh and have a good time talking to.

  • Looking for a caring Bf

    22 APR   Torrance, CA, USA

    Hi I’m Michelle ( pronounced like Mitchell)

    im gonna turn 13 so technically 12 at the momentI am a very shy guy irl and im sometimes clingy.I am also transgender (FTM) so I hope that’s alright. I’m very feminine too cus that’s just how I’ve been. I like cuddles and so and im probably shorter than most people here. I’m barely 5’0.

    Hmu if your interested.

    message-to-trade-nudes hey i just turned 12 i meesed up my age add me on snapchat jordanrobert954
    3 days ago
  • Looking for gay boyfriend around 12-15, hopefully able to do long distance

    06 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hello, I'm Jordan. I'm 12 years old and looking for a cute boy to date. Doesn't have to be local :)

    Kaden i live quite far from you, but you still caught my eye. ;)
    MiyuRuMiche Hello not sure if you’re interested. I live kinda near u I’m 13
    3 days ago
    MiyuRuMiche I added you on Snapchat
    3 days ago
    message-to-trade-nudes jeu my names jordan too add me on snap jordanrobert954
    3 days ago
  • Hi bi looking for bf

    23 APR   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Koinchiwa I'm memory im looking for a boyfriend around (14-17) and I'm 14 by the way but please text me on your Instagram or snap.   I have a interest in imos and fit or skinny or boney people

  • Talk to new people and maybe start a serious relationship.

    22 APR   Miami, FL, USA

    hii I’m 15 and I’m gay. I’m looking to talk to more people and maybe start a serious relationship after a few dates. 


    insta: add me on snap and ask me there 

  • Looking for a relationship

    22 APR   Miami Lakes, FL, USA

    Hi I’m Joel, I’m gay and 14 years old. I’m looking for a relationship. Feel free to message me on Snapchat and skype.

  • Looking for a boyfriend to have fun with

    22 APR   Naperville, IL, USA

    I want to meet a guy that will snap me and  can have fun together so add me on snap connorschick20 

  • I dont know what to write........

    22 APR   Toronto, ON, Canada

    im looking for a bf........

    I dont care about long distance

    i speak 3 languages (french, spanish,english0

    Alex Maya I speak 4 , English, Spanish , French and Pokemom
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a boyfriend! Text me on snap or insta

    26 MAR   Tampa, FL, United St

    I’m 16 I live in Florida and I’m bi. I’m looking for a boyfriend. Long distance isn’t a issue I can handle it. I’m looking for someone who has a good personality and isn’t just looking for nudes. I play football and run track. HMU if your interested. 

    Possibly this (Alex) Hey man, nice to meet you, Im Alex, 15 and from the UK! Im glad that you dont like nudes either because I really feel like they somewhat degrade the community as a whole. I like to think that I have a good personality. So I either do, or Im just heavily deluded, I suppose well just have to find that one out.
    Daledurog Omg honestly, nudes are just disgusting.
    3 days ago
  • Meet new people, become friends and maybe boyfriend and boyfriend

    22 APR   Miami, FL, USA

    hello ?? I’m 15 and gay lol ?. I’m looking for boys 15-16 to chill with and talk. And maybe when we get to know each other, go on dates and start a relationship ?? A serious relationship 

    Snap: daledurog 

  • Looking for boyfriend

    07 SEP   Newcastle upon Tyne,

    Hey, I'm Matt. I'm 14 in less than a month and I really want my birthday present from OTN to be someone to love. I'm a pretty sensitive person sometimes, got a controled anger problem too, but don't worry about that. I love to play music and be out with my friends but I want someone to share my life with.

    Oh, and I'm trans (ftm) so if that bothers you, don't message me! And forgot to mention I'm gay.

    Message me on sc if you can: bowmolster

    nathan Hello Im nathan
    Denis Hi dude Im denis Im gay and are just like u 13 and looking for someone more than a friend
    Lewis Baxter That’s a cute puppy, also I’m gay and alone
  • Looking for a bf who actually cares about my feelings

    18 MAR   Reading, UK

    Gay looking for a bf aged 13 to 14 who has a great heart and mean what they say to people i have a great personality and accept people for who they are

    Andrew Hey message me
    Dan Hey, hmu.
    Lewis Baxter Same, message me
  • Hello fellow gays and straights

    22 APR   Glasgow, UK

    pansexual teen looking for a guy my age. I’m lonely af so ya know open to messaging from anyone

  • Tired of living that single gay life

    21 APR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Im really looking for a guy around my age so 16 or 17. Im really attracted to Hispanic, latinos, but i still talk to all races. Into fit guys as well make sure if u really wanna talk and get to know eachother send a face pic so i know who im talking to.

  • looking for a bf or a guy i can be real with

    15 FEB   Visalia, CA, USA

    hey my name is jonathan i’m looking for a guy who i can be real with and who is funny. i love to just hangout with friends and i like to try local places. i think i’m funny. i like binge watching on netflix. im a pretty chill dude. hit me up

    Xaiver Mahone Hey im 17 and single if u wanna talk
    Xaiver Mahone Hey im 16 and single if u wanna talk
    Jacob (Single) Are you 16 or 17
    Jacob (Single) This Guy Is Busted Lol
  • Searching for a relationship

    21 APR   Lyon, France

    Hi I'm 15 and gay. I'm looking for  a serious relationship or a friend even from long distance.

  • Want a bf distance doesn-t matter to me

    14 APR   Clydebank, UK

    I'm Ryan, 14 and I want a bf. I don't mind doing long distance if I have to.

    Hmu on my snapchat

    A Ur snapchat doesnt work pm me for mine
  • looking for a bf adde me on sc mmckinney443

    19 APR   Rock Island, IL, Uni

    hi im 15 and im gay i like any race but prefer white jkcks and mixed and mexicans pleeeeesse respond i need a date 15-17

  • Need people to add me on snapchat

    19 APR   Thief River Falls, M

    Hey there! Looking for nice guys to talk to. Preferably top! I’m a bottom!

  • I honestly need someone bcuz I-m lonely asf

    19 APR   New York, NY, USA

    Hey my name is gorje I'm gay and I need friends or a bf it doesn' matter so if u wanna talk add me on snap @jorge3695 anyone can add me btw don't ask for nudes k.

  • Looking for friends and maybe more

    19 APR   Maine, ME, USA

    Hi I’m CJ and I’m 15 from Maine. I love to play golf and swim. Add me on Snapchat if you’d like talk and if you seem nice I’ll show you my face.

  • Gay Guy in North Carolina

    16 APR   King, NC, USA

    Hi my name is Carlos :) i am 17 and looking for friends and a serious relationship in North Carolina! Check my profile out for my contact info as i don't get on here much

    (Message me only if you are in NC or close by)

  • The weirdest person you-ll meet

    19 APR   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Hi there :) Im Eric, 16. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

    I just copied the example from the website but I'm kind of the same, well I'm just really weird and picky. If I don't write back is because I usually don't have time.

  • Hey... I dont know what to say honestly

    22 MAR   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Yeah well I'm pretty weird just trying to meet new people and make friends. I love a lot of things so to have my friendship, you don't need to try so hard.

    Andrew Hi message me
    Possibly this (Alex) Hey Eric, Im Alex, nice to meet you. Feel free to message me on here or on Kik anytime
    Kiron Ill be your friend if it turns into something else thats fine Amos@jaiuany
  • bf 14-17 please none below that.

    08 APR   Newark, NJ, USA

    If anyone didn't realize, I am bi. So, hmu if you want to be friends, or go farther, idc. Whites and Asians are perfect. Also, long distance is ok for me I think.

    Brandon Im interested text me ;)
    Harry Lewis I can make happy if you able to be my girlfriend
  • Boyfriend please ;))

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    hi ;) I'm 13 from New York looking for a long time boyfriend, into althletic brown haired boys. Snap a.idang

  • New, searching for friends/bf

    18 APR   Edinburgh, UK

    Hi, my name is Ike and i'm 14 years old. I love acting and singing and played in different musicals. I realy need some guys who i can talk to. I realy miss online chating lol :). But maybe there is one guy who can make my life more special? ;)). Everyone who is interisted, add me on sm or give me a message :). See yah

  • Tuesday, November 21, 2017

    22 NOV   East Northport, NY,

    Hey, everyone!
    I'm Sean, as you can obviously see from my page, and I'm a curious gay thirteen year-old looking for friends and a relationship. I'm into older, more dominant types, but it's mostly about personality. I hope I have fun on this site with you guys, so let's get this party started!

    Luke 16. im as.luke
    YeahNo we can be friends, chat me! :)
  • Add me on snap for fun ?

    11 APR   Enid, OK, United Sta

    I’m 14, looking to flirt with some guys. Any age below 18 plz! 

    AMOS: @lonelyjeans

    Marcelo Garcia hey your really cute
    YeahNo hey, lets chat :))
  • 13 and lookin to talk to people

    18 APR   Asheville, NC, USA

    Hi - im 13 and i like soccer and sports and bein outside.  I'm lookin to meet new people.  I aint never put somethin on the internet like this so i guess thats all.  Message me.

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