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  • Looking to chat with new people!

    20 MAY   Port Orange, FL, Uni

    I love meeting new people and getting to know them! We could chat about anything, I'm a very open person. I'm also gay. Hmu! :D

  • Looking for a Boyfriend (Read Description)

    21 SEP   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is Edgar Valdez I'm 14 years old and am bisexual. I'm not that shallow but I'm looking for a cute boyfriend, I'm also new to dating guys so go easy on me and if you just want to be friends and help me learn how to talk to guys or anything about guys please hit me up! 

  • Looking for boyfriend

    07 SEP   Newcastle upon Tyne,

    Hey, I'm Matt. I'm 14 in less than a month and I really want my birthday present from OTN to be someone to love. I'm a pretty sensitive person sometimes, got a controled anger problem too, but don't worry about that. I love to play music and be out with my friends but I want someone to share my life with.

    Oh, and I'm trans (ftm) so if that bothers you, don't message me! And forgot to mention I'm gay.

    Message me on sc if you can: bowmolster

    nathan Hello Im nathan
    12 hours ago
  • Date a cute kind guy

    20 SEP   Covington, GA, Unite

    Hey im donovan and im 15 and gay. If you wnna go out just message me and ill giv u my number

  • Looking for someone 15-17

    19 SEP   Pendleton, SC, Unite

    Looking for a guy between 15 and 17. if your older a bit or a bit younger like 14, just text me anytime. If you want to go out I wouldn't mind. long distance or in the same state it doesn't matter. But if you live in the same state even better!

    Donovan Ill be ur bae. Text me. 4703532319 Ill send nudes tok if u want
    1 day ago
  • I want to meet people and maybe start dating relationship

    04 SEP   Falconer, NY, United

    I am very clean (ocd)...never been in a dating relationship... love to bake delicious desserts for people... I just want someone who is attractive and matches my interests...getting a phone soon parents restrict me from using internet a lot.......I am bio sexual

    Brian well if I am up to your standards, just text me. we could both give it a chance.
    1 day ago
  • anyone in ohio or looking to chat?

    19 SEP   Springfield, OH, Uni

    Hello. My name is Iris. I'm a 15 year old bi trans mtf looking to make friends, meet locals, or find a possible match. I really LOVE video games, anime, manga, reading, and other stuff. All of those are my heck. Aliens too. Please, hit me up. I'm very friendly :)

  • Maybe meet boyfriend?

    31 JUL   Planet earth

    im looking for a boyfriend. I want someone who is sweet and loving. I'm looking for ages 13-15. Message me here?

    Kyle Add my snapchat kmontey36
    Daniel Hey hit me up on snap chat
    Conner Hey r u still looking for a boyfriend
    2 days ago
  • I need someone to talk to

    17 SEP   Baltimore, MD, Unite

    ??????text me at 443-698-2836 or text me on shanpchat text me on here do someone but im bored Im looking for a boyfriend and girlfriend a friend it don't matter 

    ashley you can date my brother
    3 days ago
  • Im 17 and gay. Looking for a guy that will treat me right and not hurt me..

    17 SEP   Centerville, IA, Uni

    Want someone who will treat me rite and spend time with me. Dont really feel like being hurt anymore and I want something real. So just hmu if you wanna talk. 

  • Need a boyfriend ;)))

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    anybody wanna hit me up on snapchat, boys and age welcome, I love athletic blondes, snap me a.idang

    Daniel Hit me up on snap chat
    Ben.C ur fine af
    Valentine Waw am good also meet me on facebook also.(valentine okoro)
    3 days ago
  • Friendship That COULD Become a Relationship Someday

    05 AUG   Madison, WI, United

    Hello, my name is Trent and I live in Wisconsin, I just got over a guy and would like to meet someone else. I want to take it slow, start out friends, and someday if we both feel we can handle a relationship, I will try one. You will be ignored if you are jsut asking for dick pics or just "be my bf." Anyway, I am 13 and gay, I sing, play piano, do theatre, and watch netflix. If you want to know more about me message me! (13-15 for romantic relationship)

    Joseph Griffis Im interested too
    3 days ago
    Joseph Griffis Im 15 and I play flute
    3 days ago
    Joseph Griffis If you have a Kik hmu my user is jegriffis
    3 days ago
  • Meeting guys to fall in love 14-16

    17 SEP   Starke, FL, United S

    I'm Joseph looking for a guy who doesn't mind weirdness my Kik is jegriffis hmu if you wanna talk

  • Looking for boyfriend !! :))

    03 AUG   Delta, OH, United St

    Hey, I'm Blake, 15, hockey player, gay, looking for friend or maybe even more.. ages 14-16... 

  • Looking for a boyfriend ages 13-15

    12 SEP   Hanover, PA, United

    Hai, I'm Daniel I'm 13 I'm looking for a boyfriend 13-15

    my snapchat Is deedleroe 

    Looking for someone who is kind and also could have a long distance relationship

    i like art anime and music

    so yeah I don't really know what else to say so yeah

  • Looking for a relationship

    14 AUG   Akron, OH, United St

    So im looking to get to know someone and see where it goes. Most people are just desperate assholes who honestly never care about you. Im looking for a guy who just wants to have fun in life. Not be tied down and do whatever comes to mind. I would say im a nerdy gamer and im proud to be one. If your looking to talk and more my kik is violetwolfsfield. 

    Timtim Hey we live close
  • Hiii I-m here and in need of a guy

    04 SEP   Planet earth

    I need a guy that will treat me like a prince so I can treat him like a king. 

    Brent hi im looking for a secret relationship because my parents are very strict and wont let me be who i want
    Amir G. hey wanna be my bofriend
  • im Bisexual and single

    11 SEP   Ashburn, VA, United

    im looking for a man that like to cuddle and take me out to places and to hug and go on dates

    Phanton hey there im not near you but can we still talk and figure something out
  • Looking for a serious boyfriend 15 and up

    22 AUG   Houston, TX, United

    hi my name is dadrian im 15 and looking for a serious long term relationship. im loving and caring and i luv to cook clean read and write. i just want someone who is serious about wanting to date me

    Conor Thain Hey, my names Conor :) Im 15, turning 16 next month. I love to read as well, I preferably like Stephen King. I also like to write too, mostly horror :) Im also looking for a relationship and was wondering if we could talk?
    Brent hi im looking for a secret relationship because my parents are very strict and wont let me be who i want

  • Looking for a bf

    03 JAN   Converse, LA, United

    Hey my names Calvin and i was looking for a nice guy and maybe a bf.

    Brent hi im looking for a secret relationship because my parents are very strict and wont let me be who i want
  • Want a relationship

    12 SEP   Anderson, MO, United

    Hey. I'm 14 and bi. Looking for a guy near me. Hmu on Kik @ Kaleb_OHearon_03

  • 15, looking for a nice guy

    09 SEP   San Diego, CA, Unite

    Hey, I'm Jeremy. I'm 15 years old. I'm an artist and writer who lives in San Diego, California. I like Star Wars, DIsney, and Marvel. I'm looking for a sweet boyfriend who shares the same interests as me. Add me on snapchat @spaceprick if you wanna chat some more :^)

    Amir G. Hey wanna chat and get to know each other
  • In need of a boyfriend near me

    12 SEP   San Diego, CA, Unite

    So I'm gay im 15 really kind and fun some times I can be forgetful sometimes and my school is having a homecoming dance next moth and I have no one to take so if your in need of a boyfriend and wanna go to a homecoming dance with me then I'm your guy

  • looking for a cute guy

    11 SEP   Vilnius, Vilnius Cou

    I'm looking for a cool between 14-17 years old and lovely guy who would care and would be in normal relationship ^^

  • im Bisexual and single i can deepthroat

    11 SEP   Ashburn, VA, United

    i am looking for a guy 13 to 19 and a guy who want to cuddle. 

    i also like hugging going on dates and meeting up

    Angelo 16 hello i like to do all that
    Kelly Im a bi shemale if youre interested
  • Looking for active chats

    14 AUG   London, United Kingd

    Don't really mind who adds me as long as you show me your face if I ask for it :)

    Amir G. hey your cute
  • Boyfriend please ;))

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    hi ;) I'm 13 from New York looking for a long time boyfriend, into althletic brown haired boys. Snap a.idang

    Quadir I want you
    Daniel Please add me on snapchat
  • 14 Looking for a boyfriend 14-16

    03 SEP   Bethlehem, PA, Unite

    Looking for boyfriend  how doesnt  mind someone with quirks, or, likes drawing, the truth, or muscular  bodies, even though not muscular  myself. Also looking for someone how will be there, and maybe doesn't mind a distanced relationship. If u r in trested my kik is Jishwa06  shoot me a message 


    tommydonegan16 Hmu I live in pa 2 Snapchat @tommydonegan14
    T I live in Australia, how bout that for long distance
    Daniel Hey Id like to get to know you you hit me up on snapchat
  • hey guys how you going

    04 AUG   Lancaster, PA, Unite

    well not really loking for someone but i do love to talk and to get to know you guys.     i would love if you guy text me. it would be fun talk with you.

    tommydonegan16 Hey hmu in live in pa 2 add me on Snapchat @tommydonegan14
    Daniel Hit me up on snapchat
  • Gay looking for a bf

    20 AUG   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hey I'm 15 looking for friends or maybe a bf that would care for me and make me happy hmu on kik or Snapchat 

    Amir G. hey your cute wanna be my boyfirend
  • looking for boyfriend

    04 JUL   Planet earth

    Hey, im gay and looking for a boyfriend 14-15. I dont have a snapchat, so message me kn this site. Anyways, best wishes.

    Amir G. Update! I know have a snapchat. Snap me @ mattp.14
    Matt That was m up there btw, contact me there as well
    Amir G. hey i would love to share a life with you so like hit me up on snap my name is amena blac
  • Meet for my boyfriend

    31 JUL   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi im Jeremy Tomcilgnam 17,from PHILIPPINES. Im bi, searching a boyfriend here, and Open minded if you interested pm me or WhatsApp ?

    639129627270, 17,18,19,20

    Amir G. your cute maybe we should chat some time
  • Looking for gays 13-15

    29 AUG   Kearns, UT, United S

    Hey I'm Preston!! I'm 14 and gay  I am looking for a relationship and I am only into guys! Kik and snap which ever you want to use is fine to dm me!

    T U literally said u hated me. Such bullshit
    Preston You were trying to act all kind and stuff but when you said I thought you loved me that was what changed the way I think about you. You only wanted me to talk to you and no one else
    T Well so much for Only wanted me to talk to you, I let you do whatever you wanted!!!! You said you hadnt had a stable relationship before, because your fucking idiot.
  • meet new people to date

    08 JUL   Lindsay, CA, United

    ?????hello I'm Jason and I'm 16 years old looking for a relationship, i like arts and crafts, 80s music, clothing styles, workout, and I'm also compassionate, kind, sweet, open minded, good hygene, creative, emotional

    Jordyn Bowers Hi I would love to get to know you more
    Blaine hey i am blaine and i would like to get to know u
    Jeremy Hey, Id like to get to know you
  • im bored and looking for anything tbh hah just be nice

    16 AUG   Bakersfield, CA, Uni

    hey im new and bored so hmuu very friendly loveeee food and outdoors im 19 from cali im very insecure tbh but im getting over it now and i love adventures and horror movies so drop a msg or something and get to know me and talk to mee ;) 

  • Any other gay teens that just want to talk???

    29 JUN   Tucson, AZ, United S

    Are there like any other gay teens that just want to talk?? Doesn't matter if you are bi, gay, pan, trans, etc. Just a place to talk and meet other people. 

    Account Deactivated IM NOT GAY BUT I WANT TO CHAT
    Jeremy I wanna talk!
  • Looking for a bf or just friends

    17 AUG   Chicago, IL, United

    So I'm looking basically for someone who will hang out with me and care for me. Who will be kinda over protective, but still knows how to have fun. I am gay, looking for a bf, but if It doesn"t work out then maybe just friends. If you're itnterested add me on snap or kik. Chicago, Illinois USA

    omicron _right Sorry if im being weird
    Bra Hi there!! I added you on Snapchat. Please add me back. I think youre pretty cute. šŸ˜‰
    Kyle Add my snapchat kmontey36 Im form Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • Looking For A Boyfriend

    03 SEP   Australia

    Hi everyone! I'm single and looking for a boyfriend.

    I enjoy Taekwondo [have a black belt :) ] and I also like fashion, art and good music.

    I speak French and some Dutch but i'm fluent in English

    Snapchat in my profile!


  • I wanna get to know someone!

    03 AUG   Boston, MA, United S

    Hey!! I am looking for someone who is cleaned up, and good looking! Send me a message so I can let you know if I'm interested! 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    07 SEP   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    I really want to meet someone, nice, not fake what so ever, and someone who would care for me for who I am. contact me on kik-zmelo5 is myour username. and for the state I'm in I'm in oklahoma.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    07 SEP   Cloquet, MN, United

    I'm 13 and gay. I love singing, running, I love to do track, pole vault, and Cross country. I am looking for a boyfriend doesn't matter how far. I'm willing to trade pics if u want. HMU on Facebook messenger at Bertha Wiggleworth (not my real name) and let's chat.

  • Meeting guys to fall in love 14-16

    06 SEP   Starke, FL, United S

    I am looking for a guy 14-16 who is dominant lives near fl who doesn't mind a guy (me) who wears makeup I am always myself hmu on Kik josephgriffis10

  • Looking for a boyfriend(Ages 13 & 14).

    09 JUL   Private

    My name is Connor and I am a 13 year old guy. I am bisexual. I'm an aspiring photographer and if I dare say it, I am fairly funny. I am not athletic though so if ya looking for that you can leave. I am looking for someone who I can talk to without worry and who is funny. I am shy when I first meet people but when I am comfortable with them I can be myself. I'm just looking to have fun.

    Bra Add me on snap brandon_sg03
    T Im just like that! Lets snapchat or something
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    04 SEP   New York, NY, United

    Hi, I'm Edgar Valdez and I'm 14 and bisexual, I'm looking for a boyfriend who looks cute and wants to get to know me as a person. I don't bite so don't be afraid to message... well I'll bite if you want me to ;) lol. 

    Cbailey My sc is carter120021 if interested
    Jerseymh Hello I dont use snap chat but I love using Facebook messenger... My real name is jersey
    iUranium Kik: iuraniumofficial
  • Meeting new people here

    16 AUG   Doylestown, PA, Unit

    I am usually on Snapchat and always talk to everyone. HMU if you want to talk and maybe have some fun too 

    Quadir Who wants to talk do anybody have Kik
    tommydonegan16 Hey I live in pa 2 hmu @tommydonegan14
    Bir1028 Hiiiiiiiii your really cute
    Jerseymh Hello my name is jersey I live in arcade New York.... I love to use Facebook messenger
  • Nothing especial to ask ^^

    04 SEP   Lisbon, Portugal

    I want to meet someone normal. Yeah, nothing especial. If you are interested just chat me! ^^ 3 <3

    Caleb You are good looking
    Prodogunwanoe1 How about you meeting a friend like me
  • Relationship anyone?

    03 SEP   Sultan, WA, United S

    Henlo there ?. I'm gay and is looking for a guy (14 ) who will actually care for me and be there when I need him the most. If you are interested dm me and we'll talk more.

    Alex EDIT: (14yrs )
  • Bi searching for young age between 12 to 15

    21 JUL   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    Hi.. Bi here.. Just thinking that hot young bttm will satisfy me.. Kik me if u r interest in me ;)


    impossibledude3 hi Iā€™m gay 16 years old, if you want to have some fun on cam some time on Skype just add me! ;)
    T Hi! You have Snapchat? Im 12 ;)
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