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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for boyfriend (13-14)

    20 JUN   Irving, TX, USA

    Hi I'm Jordan looking for a boyfriend hmu on snap we can talk jords071589

  • Want friends and a relationship

    12 JUN   Duncanville, TX, USA

    Hi! I'm Adrian. I'm a bit more introverted though my personality has changed a little recently. I always was pretty quiet and shy but now I'm a little more open. I used to repress my sexuality and resist it because of fear and stigma against homosexuality. However, my parents don't know about my sexuality, and they even threatened to disown me or any of my siblings if any of us came out of the closet. If I do get a boyfriend and we meet in real life, maybe I'd feel braver and not care what my parents thought.

    I used to think I was asexual but I'm not so sure currently.

    What I'd want in a guy is someone who makes me feel loved and wanted, and doesn't mind little quirks about my personality. I want someone who'd want an equal relationship and isn't too selfish and respects that I'm inexperienced as far as sex goes. I'd be willing to try, though.

    kik - aceisadisgrace

    Logan I can relate
    Kiddyds12 Hey I’m gay too and text me on Snapchat @kiddyds12
    6 hours ago
  • hey guys how you going

    04 AUG   Lancaster, PA, Unite

    well not really loking for someone but i do love to talk and to get to know you guys.     i would love if you guy text me. it would be fun talk with you.

  • Hi all you beautiful people.

    18 APR   Drummonds, TN, Unite

    Hi everyone!  If you want to be friends and maybe more, msg me on my snapchat or instagram. Trust me, you wont regret getting to know me.   (Im chubby and not the best looking person but i like to take chances sometime.)

    garrettm201620 (bisex) instgram is garrett mccully add me
    1 day ago
    garrettm201620 (bisex) instgram is garrett mcculley add me
    1 day ago
  • Wanting a Local BF Really Bad

    21 MAR   Bentonville, AR, USA

    Hello! I'm really wanting a boy boy relationship without being sexual and I actually really want to meet irl eventually! I love Taylor Swift and I've been told I can make people happy. Message me if you would like that becuase I'd love it too.

    garrettm201620 (bisex) you what to talk instgram garrett mcculley add me
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a guy. Yep. Just a guy

    02 AUG   Gays Mills, WI, Unit

    Hey, if anyones looking for a relationship or just chatting my kik is freshpickles42. Im 13 and gay. I dont really care about what u look like as long as u dont care about what i look like?

  • wanting someone nice

    23 APR   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    Hey it’s me I’m lonely and hoping to find a boyfriend who doesn’t mind clingyness that I have and I’m a furry so if you hate me that’s fine but I want a boyfriend who’s kind, sweet, caring and who would text me at least every day 

    hmu from the dumb wolf Michael 

    Metora First of all youre not dumb
    garrettm201620 (bisex) hey i am nice hit me up
    1 day ago
  • i am looking for a guy that right for me i like big gay bears like me

    20 JUN   Lake Ozark, MO, USA

    i like girls and guys mostly guys like me that like bigger men and i like skinny and big guys that will love me for me and i like to sing draw and i love so sit for hours and talk

  • Looking for a bf, hmu

    20 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    hey I’m looking for a boyfriend, preferably one near me. Add me on Sc at jordan_l29 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    18 JUN   Arkoma, OK, USA

    Hi my name is Kristofer. Im attracted to short guys. I like anime, drawing, and games.

  • Hey. Message me on here. looking for bf.

    20 JUN   Newark, NJ, USA

    Hey guys. Message me on here if you want to be friends, or maybe more. I kinda want a guy who is above 13 and not older than 16. And, preferably muscular, and someone who I can have a deep relationship with. I'll be going to camp this summer, so after that I can messgae you. HAGS!

    Tyler i also prefer light-skinned so yeah, HMU
    1 day ago
  • add me on snapchat yall

    18 JUN   Philadelphia, PA, US

    im looking for some guys to hmu on snapchat. message me here or just add me, i want new friends and maybe more ;). i’m bi and can talk pretty well too if you want ;)

  • 17 M Looking for a nice guy to talk to!

    16 JUN   Nashville, TN, Unite

    I'm alec, 17 top, looking for a nice guy to have chill or freaky convos with. Looking for bottoms, please be around my age though. Hmu on Snapchat of you are interested! @predsfan_20

  • Gay 15 looking for love or friendship

    27 MAY   Fruita, CO, United S

    Hello my name is Samuel but you can call me Sam. I am looking for either some good friends or a boyfriend. I love to sing and act and I'm not sure what else to say. But if you want to get to know me more, just ask and I'll answer honestly. 

    Samuel Oh and people aged 15-17 only please
  • I?m looking for a boy friend

    26 FEB   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hello everyone! My name is Jaylin and I’m gay. I wanna find that one person out there that loves me for who I am. I would very much injoy if he’s around my age. 

    Eric Lopez Hey I’m a year older
    2 days ago
  • About Me and What I?m I?m looking For

    15 JUN   Compton, CA, USA

    Im Elmer, 13.Im gay. My favorite color is blue,like watching tv, like dogs, brown eyes,brown hair,5’7”. I m lookin to meet guys that are gay or bi. I’m also looking for guys with similar mindset for hangin out or for a date. I’m also looking for a boyfriend. So if a guy reads this please text me. Only looking for guys near me, no long relationships. Also like making gay friends.

  • Hey Im a Boy Who is looking for a Relationship

    26 JUN   Scottsdale, AZ, Unit

    Im a 13 yr old male looking for boyfriend 13-14 and yeah will show my face when we get to know eachother or may add my face later on idk new to this.

    Samuel Hi! Im new too, my name is Sam! ^.^
  • Looking for a bf for the summer

    10 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Hi I'm DeShon I'm gay I'm looking for a guy who is funny and will stay on the phone with me all night I can do long distance but really don't wanna ??

    Samuel Hi! I fit the bill, unfortunately I would be long distance mainly! :O Maybe we could chat and see where it goes??
  • Friends and maybe more

    21 MAR   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hey I'm Jacob I'm bi also new here and um really just looking to make friends near me and hopefully more. 

    Mariano Velazco Hi Im Mariano and I would like to be your and my Instagram and Snapchat is on my profile so yea
    Ashley hello cutie
    Xaiver Mahone Hey im 16 and gay if u wanna talk or something text me in here or my snapchat: xaivermahone
    Eric Lopez Hey there I’m near LA
    2 days ago

  • Looking for bf and some fun

    19 JUN   Long Beach, CA, USA

    hey guys HMU if ur near by and interested in having some fun this summer?

  • looking for friends

    19 JUN   Turin, Metropolitan

    hey i m louis i m looking for friend to talk with i m 15 years old and  from italy if u are interested hmu 

    snap :momol50

     kik :momo98767

  • looking to meet guys!!

    17 JUN   Pflugerville, TX, Un

    hey, my name is Tre. i’m looking to meet guys 14-17. i am a bottom and i want someone to fuck me good. i am also looking for a relationship but i am really just looking to have sex. hmu if that’s you

    Fritzo ( gay) Heyy I live in Austin
    2 days ago
    Fritzo ( gay) In 16 if u want to chat
    2 days ago
  • Im looking for a bf in New York

    12 JUN   NY, USA

    Add my snapchat account x3-neo just send me a msg if your bi or gay and wanna be my bf (New York USA Only)

  • Meet guys Meet guys Meet guys Meet guys

    10 MAY   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Im 16 single latino looking for some people to hang out with and chill and maybe a bf too.

    Ant Sup Joshua I want u to do dirty things to me
    filipprzybycien you should message me
    2 days ago
    filipprzybycien you should message me
    2 days ago
  • Maybe meet boyfriend?

    31 JUL   Planet earth

    im looking for a boyfriend. I want someone who is sweet and loving. I'm looking for ages 13-15. Message me here?

    Owen Anyone in Pennsylvania?
    Jovdyn I have no freaking idea how to work this darn thing but hi
    Nathan Hi Im nathan and looking for a guy also please hmu at 3157761250
    filipprzybycien i’m 16 but you should still hmu!
    2 days ago
  • looking for a snap buddy

    18 JUN   Philadelphia, PA, US

    i’m filip! 16 and athletic, i would have a meaningful convo with you and if you want things can go further ;)

    all you have have to do is add me on snap ;)

  • I need more black guys on my snap

    18 JUN   Canton, OH, USA

    dominicrocks135 hit me up for a good time ;););););););););););) hmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmu

  • Looking for Snap chat friends

    17 JUN   Carbondale, IL, Unit

    Hi, I’m looking for people from the Illinois area that wanna talk. I like talking to people and I need more friends so add my Snapchat— slick2901! 

    Earl_04 Hi want to be friends?
    3 days ago
  • Bi guy looking for something...

    25 APR   New York City, NY, U

    Hi.I'm Weston. Im a 16 y/o guy from NYC just looking for that right guy. preferably 14-16 but I can be flexable... ;)

  • looking for a 15 plus snapchat buddy

    17 JUN   Philadelphia, PA, US

    heyyyy - i’m 16 and want to get to know some new people. down for anything, just amosc and let’s start a convo ;) 

    please be 15 plus years old :)

  • Okay y?all i think I?m not 100 gay

    17 JUN   Des Moines, IA, USA

    I think I’m bisexual? Idk I used to think I was just a lesbian but now I’m not really sure. Guess I’ll just experiment

    Sobhan Thats good
    3 days ago
    Tj3434 Snap me ;)))
    3 days ago
  • Want A Lover Or Something

    17 JUN   Gates, NC, United St

    I'm Cheston And I Just Really Want A Nice Guy To Love Me, As I'm Really Going Through Alot Right Now. I'm Really Shy And Nice. And I Only Want The Best For Me And My Lover.

  • hit me up black guys????

    17 JUN   Canton, OH, USA

    black guys hit me uppppp——————————

  • just looking for someone to talk to

    17 JUN   Philadelphia, PA, US

    heyyyy me again. i’m 16, athletic, and just want some new friends, streaks, and maybe something more ;). 

  • Meeting new gay people maybe more

    09 MAY   Fairfax, VA, United

    Hi I'm Alex and I'm 16 and gay. Im really shy but I look forward to making some new friends and maybe even more so if you want message me. 

    Quadir Do u have snsp Gabriel3964
    Alex1824 My snap and kick are alexjyork1824
    Connor S Hey readd me connorschick20
    filipprzybycien late but you should amosc phillydance
    3 days ago
  • looking for a guy 15 to talk to

    17 JUN   Philadelphia, PA, US

    hey there! i’m 16 and looking for someone to talk to or even go further if you want just be 15 and amos: phillydance ;)

  • anyone willing to date a trans guy?

    24 MAY   Austin, TX, USA

    Hey I'm Tai I'm a gay trans guy looking for a boyfriend. It would be cool if he lived in Austin, but I don't really care where he's from too much. I like languages and music, among other things. I mostly use discord and my tag is Mari #3406. I'm a pretty chill dude and I'm easy to get along with so if anyone wants to hang hmu.

    thejoker888 my names bobbie and i sent you a friend request on discord cause you seem pretty chill
    Fritzo ( gay) I live in austin Im alfred btw
  • Gay and is looking for boy on crowley

    12 JUN   Crowley, TX, USA

    Hello I am gay and 

    Looking for a 13-15 year old boy in crowley

    Linx Im near the crowley area and im 15
    3 days ago
  • love meeting new people

    17 JUN   New England, WV, USA


  • Hi I?m Joel I?m in FL and looking for friends

    17 JUN   Miami Lakes, FL, USA

    Hi I’m Joel I’m looking for gay friends someone like me who I can understand and possibly more. I love memes and gaming lol bye and ttyl.

  • talk to ppl/ get to know u

    17 JUN   Ventura, CA, USA

    hiiii im lonely pls talk to me im open minded and dont mind older boys.  looking for bf

  • love meeting new people

    17 JUN   New England, WV, USA


  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    14 JUN   Houston, TX, USA

    Hi. My name is Colton, 15. I'm looking for a boyfriend to have a serious relationship with. I like tech, swimming, bike riding and exploring. I'm kind of shy because I have never been in a serious relationship before. I live in Houston Texas. Message me on skype at coltoc02 or snapchat at Soldier_S1. My email is

    Fritzo ( gay) Heyy I live in Austin Texas if ur still available my snap chat @Fritorivera
  • Looking for someone to talk

    16 JUN   Newcastle upon Tyne,

    I'm Ben. I'm 14 and looking for someone to get close to and trade pics if they want hmu on snapchat: benbartlett2016

  • Someone Kik me!!!!!!

    16 JUN   Tiverton, RI, USA

    Anyone under 19 Kik me!! I’m really looking for a slave as well!  xo3paulx03 Anyone under 19 Kik me!! I’m really looking for a slave as well!  xo3paulx03 

  • love meeting new people

    15 JUN   New England, WV, USA


    Ice Hey! Im Ice! If you ever wanna talk, message me!
  • love meeting new people

    16 JUN   New England, WV, USA


  • Hi people I-m Daniel (bi;but looking for guys)

    16 JUN   Boynton Beach, FL, U

    Hey people... Looking for guy friends to chat with and get to know ... maybe send some fun pics if you are down... open for relationships ... amos or message me if interested! Be older than 15.

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