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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Heya I?m just a gay 15 year old looking for a BF

    05 DEC   Selkirk, MB, Canada

    Heya, I am gay and would like a boyfriend from 15-17 but 13-17 works well too. I can do long distance but being close is also an option. So that’s me in a nutshell.

  • Looking for Boyfriend

    03 FEB  

    Hi there! I’m Henry, 15 And I  live in Colorado. Not so much desire sexual activity but more relationships, nothing out of state. Want to know me better just add me 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    04 DEC   Denver, CO, USA

    Hey Im looking for a boyfriend around my Age so like 15-17 . I like watching Youtube, playing video games,and drawing. Hmu if you live in Colorado.

  • I would like to make friends or more :)

    22 FEB   Enid, OK, United Sta

    Hi! I’m Landon. I’m 14 years old and I’m gay. I’m not really looking for a relationship right off the bat but who knows? Add me on Snapchat or Kik and let’s get to know each other!

    Stazzy bridge Maybe Id be interested in chatting and getting to know you
  • I?m tired and lonely HMU

    05 SEP   Townsend, MA, USA

    Hiya, I’m Ethan and I’m bored as usual.... message me please I want friendssssss -mabye more...mabyeeee/ just hmu

    Forever Aquarius 431 U can talk to me if u like.I love talking and at school I get in trouble because I talk too much,I mean its not my fault the conversation is interesting.😃💯❤️👌
  • Im here to have fun with you

    03 DEC   New York, NY, USA

    Hey add me on snapchat and lets have fun, 17 , new here, Looking for Fun add my snap

  • A best friend or more

    03 DEC   Lincoln, UK

    I am open to any messages on Snapchat so if u like me hmu and we can chat and see where it goes :)

  • Long distance realationship

    03 DEC   Lincoln, UK

    Looking for a bf or bff aged 13 to 15 add me on Snapchat!! I would like to meet someone new as I am bored and lonely so hmu for a chat and see where it may go

  • Hello again my name is benji

    15 NOV   Lone Tree, CO, USA

    Hello again  my name is benji. I am 14 gay and looking so someone I can talk to again. I’m from Colorado so if your from Colorado hit me up and if you not HMU still.

    Bossy Hey you fine
    aneisig0 hey I live in Colorodo
    Emmanuel Fuck off he’s mine💀💀💀
  • Looking for a partner 14-17

    06 SEP   Philadelphia, PA, US

    I’m looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend between 14 and 17. I’m a big artist, I love listening to music, I love rainy and snow days, and I love watching movies on the couch, and I am looking for a cuddling buddy. 

    I would prefer someone close by but I’m completely ok with long distance relationships. I think that British and French accents are really cute and that someone who speaks their mind and stands up for their beliefs are really cute too. 

    Dagv18 Hey you cute
  • Anyone up for some ?fun? this week or something?

    02 DEC   Long Beach, CA, USA

    if ur close by great HMU on whatever I have in my profile if ur down or whatever

  • Just tired of people

    02 DEC   Radom, IL, USA

    Okay I am just wanting people to talk to so HMU on Snapchat so no weirdness or anything

    Jessalyngrant29 hey im looking for the same thing you should add me on insta or snapchat id love to get to know you, its hard to find other people who just want to talk and not get inappropriate. just say the name of a fruit or something so I know its you and I dont block you lol
    Salvatore119 hey add me on snap because I know it gets hella annoying trying to make friends and be asked for nudes
  • Want a Person to talk to (no nudes pls)

    02 DEC   Radom, IL, USA

    Who wanna talk cause I am all in unless I am tired or something and don’t be all wanting nudes cause tryin to back off that subject just want friends so

  • Hi Sisters, looking for firends of boyfirend ???

    02 DEC   Englewood, CO, USA

    Hey Sisters how is u hit my line and we can talk dont ask for pics i do t do that stuff. So yeah if u a Male 14 -16 masuline hmu. Maybe we can date. Btw im sassy kids.           ??????????????

  • Lookin for cute white guys!

    02 DEC   2, Bladensburg, MD,

    Hey!! Looking for white guys that are 14 - 17, I prefer guys who are masculine, play sports or are just fit/muscular. if interested add me on snap @thqtoneperson?

    Domlo4 Your cute hmu
  • So Im boring and can-t type

    22 OCT   Broadway, NC, USA

    Looks like I'm to boring for this site.

    i'll just go sit with the gays over here?

    Insert gay emoji here

  • You have to know something.

    02 DEC   Montreal, QC, Canada

    I don't do fukin trades yall :) I won't share anything like that. I'm here to meet new people (bf or friends) whatever but if you want trades from me then bye lmao. thank u, next

  • Guys HMU whenever and let?s talk

    02 DEC   NC, USA

    Don’t really know what else to say, but HMU whenever you want.....but if your only adding me for nudes I’ll go ahead and give you the answer  “NO”, anyways I’d prefer talking on Snapchat

  • Looking for a boyfriend Tbh

    01 DEC   Tampa, FL, United St

    Honestly looking for something serious. I want a relationship distance isn’t really a issue if you really like the person. HMU on snap or insta 

  • Hey! Want your dick sucked lmao

    01 DEC   Little Rock, AR, USA

    Nearest person close to north little rock in arkansas; I'm willing to suck dick 

  • 13 and lookin to talk to people

    18 APR   Asheville, NC, USA

    Hi - im 13 and i like soccer and sports and bein outside.  I'm lookin to meet new people.  I aint never put somethin on the internet like this so i guess thats all.  Message me.

    Matt Hi kellan Message me At ilovemyself_for life on instagram
  • Our thighs are thick but that-s okay

    17 MAY   Pelham, NH, USA

    I truly don't like men, boys, or anything of that sort (only as friends whoops) bUt if ya wanna hmu just uhhhh message me I guess. Aight then. Follow my if if you like some cheap memes. Bye.

    🌈grey🌈 (butch lesbian) Hi wanna talk? Your really cute😊
  • I need new friends! so let?s be friends lmao

    08 OCT   Toronto, ON, Canada

    I have nothing to say ? jus message me and we can start from there! ;) why does it say minimum 80 characters I don’t even know shat to say!!!!

  • Looking for a Boyfriend / Friends

    29 OCT   Lucerne, Switzerland

    Hi, I dont pretty know what to write here but im just looking for some new friends and maybe who knows a bf, if you interested add me on snap or kik, lets get to know each others.

    JacquesNeo Hey Luis. Im 16 as well. Filipino studying in Germany. Im just like you, gay. But Im the same person everyone has known me for. I havent changed. Im looking for someone as well. Write back to my email
  • 16 UK Lookin for a bf

    28 NOV   London, UK

    Add me on snap and send a face pic with ur age (must be similar to mine) if ur interested x

  • Looking for boyfriend

    06 SEP   Mobile, AL, USA

    Hi! I’m Jackson, and I’m 15 and living in Mobile AL. I’m looking for a boyfriend under 18. Add me on snap: s_ynthetic

  • Meet cute gay guys in Slidell Louisiana

    06 JUL   Slidell, LA, United

    hey guys I'm looking to meet some cute gay boys in Louisiana hopefully near slidell. I'm 14 you can hmu on here or on snapchat.

  • Meet new friends or a boyfriend

    23 MAR   Metairie, LA, United

    I'm 16 and gay and I'm looking for either friends(anyone) or a boyfriend if anyone is interested. 

    EthanGautraud Im looking for a boyfriend
    Hipeeps Message me on Snapchat at Kamren Hickman maybe you can be my daddy
  • Looking for anything really

    26 NOV   Prior Lake, MN, USA

    Hey all, currently looking for any kind of relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic. If you wanna date hmu I'm okay doing long distance but please don't message saying you want to date but then never respond cause that's all that's ever happened to me.

    Sobhan would u be mine
    Sobhan Sorry i think u are girl
    adamthepooo Lmao dont worry I get that quite often
  • Trying to meet some new people add me

    29 NOV   French Camp, Mississ

    Trying to meet some new people so add me on my Snapchat I’m on there like all day so mostlikely I respond very quick and plz don’t message me on here because I probably won’t respond for like weeks or days 

  • Hope to make new friends or even something more?

    29 NOV   New York, NY, USA

    Hey there! Well there's nothing much to say about me. I'm just an depressed introverted boy who thinks he's never gonna be loved XD but he wants to get loved actually. If not love he just wants a shoulder where he can rest his head on or perhaps talk about how his day was. Well this is me. I don't want much but will want you more than anything 

    i do not come here much so add me up on Snapchat 

    if you wanna talk.

    its  ? swafi170

  • Hey Looking for a connection

    21 NOV   Lynn, MA, USA

    Hey, I’m looking for a boyfriend!Im on my schools swim team, I’m pretty academic, I practice film, and I got my future figured out for the most part!

  • So tired of getting screwed over

    03 JUL   NC, USA

    I keep getting screwed over by guys and I’m just looking for message me and let’s go from there 

    Cedric You should let me see your ass
    Cedric He should you should let me see your ass to
    Cedric messaage me
  • Hiiii, looking for a boyfriend, close or far : )

    28 NOV   The Colony, TX, USA

    I just want to find someone to love, if you're interested, msg me at my snap ( :

  • Single gay looking for a boyfriend

    28 NOV   Wolverhampton, UK

    Hi there I'm matt from wolverhampton I'm a sweet kind person who's gay and looking for a boyfriend near by within West Midlands Im 15 feel free to drop a message 

  • Looking for any one gay in Dubai

    28 NOV   Dubai - United Arab

    just HMU xx insta: harrysmithy2005 ...........................................................

  • I?m really bored and want someone to talk to

    28 NOV   Salem, OR, USA

    I’m really bored and want someone to talk to. I literally am gonna die of boredom. If you wanna talk... talk to me ig or someone else. I ain’t nothing special lol

    Damian Apparently I can’t spell. smh
  • Gay Teen Houston 13-15

    28 NOV   Houston, TX, USA

    hey i am andrew and i am looking for a relationship if soo pm me Houston Texas 

  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    14 JUN   Houston, TX, USA

    Hi. My name is Colton, 15. I'm looking for a boyfriend to have a serious relationship with. I like tech, swimming, bike riding and exploring. I'm kind of shy because I have never been in a serious relationship before. I live in Houston Texas. Message me on skype at coltoc02 or snapchat at Soldier_S1. My email is

    Fritzo ( gay) Heyy I live in Austin Texas if ur still available my snap chat @Fritorivera
    aneisig0 Hey I Live in Houston Texas Humble Kingwood area
  • Looking for gay boyfriend around 12-15, hopefully able to do long distance

    06 DEC   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hello, I'm Jordan. I'm 12 years old and looking for a cute boy to date. Doesn't have to be local :)

    Kaden i live quite far from you, but you still caught my eye. ;)
    MiyuRuMiche Hello not sure if you’re interested. I live kinda near u I’m 13
    MiyuRuMiche I added you on Snapchat
  • looking for a boyfriend

    22 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

    hey i am 13 and im looking for a boyfriend that if funny and is really nice and does not just want nudes and i dont go on looks only personalty heres a lilte about me i love harry potter i have all the books ecpet for the new ones and i love games im play the playstion vita my username is hopetherainbowfoxyt add me if u want and if u want to talk follow me on twitter @hopeLGBTQ and or email me and if ur itersted in being my boyfrien than email me or follow me on twitter oh and i love to draw

  • Looking for boyfriend

    20 NOV   Denver, CO, USA

    Hey I’m a black gay boy from aurora Colorado add me on snap so we can talk or text me my number is7207553708 

    weird gay guy(single) alli have is twitter or i would call u
    Smith Alex What about gmailing
  • Hit me up dudes! Down for whatever

    27 NOV   Houston, TX, USA

    Hey dudes. Hmu if you wanna talk get to know eachother. If you want my snapchat just ask me. Or my kik is on there! 

    Smith Alex inbox me and let chart up
  • Looking for a relationship sometime soon

    27 NOV   Elk Grove, CA, USA

    I’m 14 all my stuff is in my profile I’d prefer horny boys but anything is fine I don’t mind

  • Gay kid looking for love or friends hmu

    27 NOV   Williamsburg, VA, US

    I'm looking for friends and more HMU on Snapchat @nojjo8 and my insta @nojjo8

    Not looking for nudes, long distance is okay 

    GAY looking for 13-14 years old please HMU

    I'm a sweet guy just looking for love

    I can't send messages on this website for some reason please hit me up on insta or Snapchat 

  • hi! anyone wanna talk?

    25 NOV   Olathe, KS, USA

    hellooo. my name is sam and im fifteen. im pan and looking for friends and a relationship :)) if you want to know more about me hmu!

    yageiboymat Hi hit me up, it would be nice to know someone else from Kansas
  • I-m back Boizzzz HMU

    27 NOV   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    Hey people I've recently been through the ringer and would like to talk to people feel free to HMU and any social media I have I will respond as quickly as possible thanks guy. MWA!

  • Hey guys I want to meet new people

    27 NOV   Willoughby, OH, USA

    hey guys ,I’m 14 years old and I just want to meet new people and maybe find a relationship so go follow my Snapchat Jeremywalton495 and my instagram Jeremy._walton

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