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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I be lookin for a manz

    25 NOV   Miami, FL, USA

    i want someone caring loving and nice i want a handsome manz that lives in florida near miami and is around the age 14-15 no feminin manz and only tops and im looking for someone no shy and not afraid of being gay and can get naughty but respects my decisions P.s. Hit me up on snap ?

  • looking for a gay mans

    25 NOV   Mesa, AZ, USA


    Name: Angel

    Zodiac: Scorpio 

    Race: Asian to be more specific Thai /native American

    Hobbies: dancing cooking learning languages

    Favorite food: tteokbokki

  • I?m bored and lonely

    25 NOV   Elk Grove, CA, USA

    I’m gay im 14 I’m horny same as most of the others here just contact me if u want

    Son2322 Hey add me on snapchat r_sonny13
    Son2322 Whats your snap
  • Im looking for someone close.

    25 NOV   Pueblo, CO, USA

    Hey. I live in Pueblo Colorado and i wanna meet someone tou i cant spend time with. I like red heads but anyone will be great. Please dont text me if your not serious. If you want to talk text me. Im 13 and gay. Hmu.

  • Looking for boyfriend!

    24 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    hi my names Manuel I’m 14 and gay of course I’ll date 13-17 add me on snap I don’t care about looks

  • Heyo friends, looking for real peoples.

    26 AUG   Argyle, TX, USA

    Just looking for some real relationships, and who knows, maybe even a boyfriend at some point, who knows. Main goal is to just have something real that's not all awkward or weird or based on nudes or what have you.

    Charlie S Sup add my snapchat and we can talk there my dude i am weird and awkward but that might brong some fun times
    Dylan-2002b Hey add my snap dylan2002b Im 15
    Tylerross Instagram @kyletyris
  • Looking for a guy or friends

    30 DEC   Pendleton, SC, Unite

    I'm looking for a guy to start the new year with. If anyone needs to get to me just get my kik and text me at anytime, don't be scared to say how you feel. But if you want to be friends that's fine too. 

    osmond I love my life because it gave me you,� I love you because you are my life They say love hurts, but I’m ready to take that risk, if I’m going to be with you.
    Collin Whats ur snap
  • Looking for boyfriend don?t really care about distance

    07 NOV   Milton, FL, USA

    hey! My name’s malachi I’m 16, and I’m looking for a boyfriend that’s vers/top, funny, and a good to okay body (not trying to sound rude I’m sorry if I am), my info’s on my profile to contact me so yeah!

  • Looking for a boyfriend who is loyal

    24 NOV   Zebulon, GA, USA

    Hi I'm new to this I'm 17 yrs old I'm gay looking for a loyal boyfriend around the ages of 16-19 and my name is nathen.

  • Need a gay lover hmu if you will

    18 JUL   Goodyear, AZ, USA

    Looking for a gay male 14-19 who just wants to text or sext and who has Snap or Insta 


    Snap: icyy.dorky

  • Somethings to know about me

    22 NOV   Pueblo, CO, USA

    Im a gay boy looking for someone to talk to. Im open to relationships but if you just wanna trade thats cool?

    Cedric hmu on the instgram baller_jr16
    Benji Trade what???
    Cedric We can trade hmu
  • Looking for a Boyfriend hmu if you want to be my bf or not up to you

    21 NOV   Orlando, FL, USA

    Someone whos a top, sweet, kind, caring, good listener, loves me for me, likes food and cares about other people and animals

    Need ages to be 13 to 15

    Benji Good thing your not going for 20 year olds
    Cedric HMU on the gram baller_jr16
  • lookin for a boyfriend :)

    22 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

    hey im 13 gay and looking fr a boyfriwnd and if your intrested than email me or follo meon twitter hopeLGBTQ how i talk to u guys soon 

  • well i-m still single gay bf 13-15 please hmu

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    hey i need a real bf not one seeking sex all the time and i can do long distance i'm 14 gay single just add me on snap will be up lol so like hmu

  • hey, yo, wadddup, hmu :)

    26 JUL   Earth

    im looking for male (straight or gay) friends because I need guy friends especially gay guy friends because I’m gay. so yeah. 

    DrFranky Oof, I’d chat if you had a Kik;-;
    Jonathan42j Hey can you relate to another lonely gay too. Hmu
    Samuel! Back The Fudge Off People He’s Mine! ;)
  • looking for a bf hmu lets chat

    01 AUG   San Francisco, CA, U

     hello gays it is I

    hi im oliver and im looking for a bf or a friend just hmu 

  • Looking for a long distance boyfriend

    28 JUL   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hi! My name is Jordan, I'm 13, and I'm looking for a boyfriend that I can have fun with. I really like to talk and stay up late. Add me on my snap (blushings11) if you wanna try me out! :-)

    Jayden I’m 13 too I’m gay also🤪
    Mark Pugh I added you on Snapchat
  • a boyfriend or gurl fran

    14 NOV   Berkeley, CA, USA

    I'm bi and I'm looking 4 a buff gay boii my mouth is besss.

  • HMU looking for friends or maybe a relationship

    12 NOV   Tampa, FL, United St

    HMU on snap looking for something more serious. Tired of playing these game haha 

    Cammie1275 HMU on snap or insta haha

  • friendship or relationship

    21 NOV   Falls Church, VA, US

    looking for new friends or relationships, just check my profile for my social media

  • hmu on twotter or email me if u want a bf or just be friends

    21 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

     twitter @hopeLGBTQ email stuff about me im 13 im gay and i love to play the playstion add me on playstion hopetherainbowfoxyt and my favrite games are metal gear and i love playing the 3ds playingpokmon and othe games to im looking for a nice guy plays games(opsitonl)and that does not want nude and that has a good personalty.

  • I need a bf hmu boys

    18 SEP   Knoxville, TN, USA


    hey I need people to talk to so feel free to add me on sc fviry1 so just add me and we can talk don’t be older then 17

    weird gay guy(single) hey mesge mewe can befriends
    Nolan05 Yo I’m down
  • Meet New People to Date

    12 NOV   Broomfield, CO, USA

    Any gay guys near or in Broomfield, Colorado? I'm 17, 5'10" and 120 lbs. I'm generally a cheerful person all around, but sometimes a bit shy. I like horror movies and Nintendo games. Not looking for sex, but rather someone to date. Preferably around my age range as well.

  • Looking for some fun:)

    29 APR   Boynton Beach, FL, U

    im 16 looking for guys between 15 and 17...  msg if interested! Mainly just want to mess around nothing serious

    ratilian Im not even in your age limit, but I just wanted to say hope you find the perfect one!
    Awinthepenguin hey i think you kinda cute i am horny and my snapchat is luya110 add me and we can fool around
    uklover hope you find the perfect one.
  • i need a friend or even more who knows

    20 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

    hey i am 13 yeaes oldi ama gay teenager i love to play games and read harry potter books and im lookin for a boyfriend ages 13-17 i can do faraway relationships and dont follow me just for nudes and hmu my email is my twitter is hope71576735 

  • Gay transgender boi

    16 MAY   Pasadena, CA, USA

    I’m a weird, quirky, and awkward 13 year old transgender guy looking for a guy who’s open and kind. Don’t be boring please. 

    leonpinedaa YES WE LOVE A TRANS ICON 🤧 KING 💞
    weird gay guy(single) hey how your guys day going
  • HMU if you wanna talk.

    13 AUG   Visalia, CA, USA

    Hey I’m just looking for another gay around my age. Don’t hmu if you just want to send nudes. I’m looking for a guy I can really talk to and be friends with and who knows if it’ll be a relationship 

  • Looking for guys to chat to

    09 NOV   London, UK


  • Bored come talk to me

    12 NOV   Radom, IL, USA

    i am tired and want people to talk to and i might if u are good enough I might add my friend in and we could a little bit more fun

  • Looking for a boyfriend ages 14-16

    19 NOV   Cork, Ireland

    heya looking for a boyfriend I’m charlie age 14 looking for boyfriend ages 14 to 16 if you are interested in me snap me on Snapchat charliekearney9

    weird gay guy(single) i would go out with u but im 13 and your looking for guys 14-16
  • getting desperate i really need a bf 13-15 please add

    15 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    add me on snapchat i'm liam 14 gay and single add me on snapchat and well go from there

  • relationship single gay 13-15 pleasess

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    my names liam 14 gay single add on snap looking for short distance but i can do long distance too just hmu on snap

  • 13-15 please desperate as need real relationship not someone who want nudes

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    y i'm liam i'm gay 14 looking for a boyfriend who has snapchat preferably 13-15 i need someone to love me ugh its lonely over here but my names liam but you can call me anytime ?? add me on snap tell me ur from here we'll be fine also long distance relationships work and long lasting is what i'm looking at

    weird gay guy(single) ok so im going to try and make a new twitter account and by any chance do u have a playstation network couse i could also text u from there.
    weird gay guy(single) im sorry im using my ps vita to use this site couse i dont have a phone or a computer all i have is a 2ds and a ps vita
  • gay need bf 13-16 ish

    15 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    still looking for a bf hmu on snap just tell me where ur from lol but other then that hmu on snap looking for a bf um i can do long distance and long term see u guys there

  • i need a bf please read 13-15

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    I am liam I am 14years old  and I am looking for a boy Friend. I personally just need a boy to talk to, and I mean a boy who would LISTEN to me. I have been through many things in my life and most aren't good. I want a boy who doesn't mind me sharing my feelings and listening to me, and I would do the same for him back. I need someone to stick up for me and they will also let me stick up for them. I need someone who doesn't mind what kind of movies and videos I watch, they don't mind what music I like, and don't mind what things I read. Someone who understands I do and will act a little bit different around them compared to my other friends. Someone who doesn't just want me for my things, or just the ability to say that they do have a Boyfriend. I need a boy who likes me for me

  • gay, need bf 13-15 add on snap i-m a boy

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    i'm liam 14 gay single add on snap looking for short distance but i can do long distance too just hmu on snap

  • well i-m still single gay bf 13-15

    17 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    hey i need a real bf not one seeking sex all the time and i can do long distance i'm 14 gay single just add me on snap will be up lol

    MindoroPearl you interested?
    weird gay guy(single) ok add me on your new twitter sorry im makeing u go threw all this i really need to save money for a phone
  • Looking for a bf near Near Knoxville Tennessee

    19 MAR   Knoxville, TN, USA

    Hi, im Sebastian, im gay (obviously), and im looking for a bf that lives near Knoxville, Tennessee; I am vers (top OR bottom) and like hugging and flirting; I am 15. I will answer no matter what, and i don't care what you look like as long as you have a good personality. Hmu.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    18 NOV   Sayreville, NJ, USA

    Im looking for a boyfriend in my area or is near. Message me if you're interested!

    shabzy me too! im bisexual but looking for a guy. my instagram is @_shabzy_15 or add my snap amaans_23
    weird gay guy(single) hey i would love to message u but all i uave is twitter if u have twitter can u message meon there my twitter is hope71576735
  • Looking for a Boyfriend who wants a somewhat fem boy to pair up with.

    02 APR   Loyalist, ON, Canada

    Hi. My name is Dave. I'm 16 single and looking for a guy closer to home (Toronto and Ottawa are as far as I'm willing to go no farther than that). I'm skinny but way out of shape due to my asthma has been very bad lately. Looking for a guy who has some mussel tone but not alone as I don't want to feel bad about something that I have no controll in or over. I like some womens shoes mostly heels for my own reasons; I bite my nails so I have to resort to putting nail polish on them to stop me from doing it; I like going to the movies anything that is fun and gets me out of the house for a bit even if its just to go have a coffee for a hour; I like my jewlery and I like to go out into the mad world and explore or go on an adeventure. I'm very laid back, and easy going. I make the most of what I've got and what I'm given to deal with. Oh FYI one of my two mothers does turn into a pyscho laidy just ask me or any of my ex on facebook and my bestfriend.

    Dave(Gay) oh so i guess the bitch didnt get my memo the first time
    Dave(Gay) Take for now sorry boys
  • Wanna hookup with either gender

    24 DEC   Powell, OH, United S

    hey im Alex. Just looking for a guy or girl to hookup with. Pm me if you’re interested.

    weird gay guy(single) hey it wont let me pm u but if u can can u email me at or follow me on twitter
  • i looking for a gay guy

    17 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

    hey my name his tristan but i would like to be called hope im am 13 and i wamt a guy to have  good personality  i dont not go on by looks onlu personalty if u want to message me heres my gmail thats my email couse i dont have snapchat or instagram but i do have twitter so follow me on twittee @hope71576735

  • Chat with me and friends

    12 NOV   Radom, IL, USA

    Hey wanna chat 14,bisexual,want people around my age and if ya want I can add me and my friend with you to chat

  • im looking for a guy to accept me

    17 NOV   Knoxville, TN, USA

    im looking for a guy that has a good personality i dont go on by looks only personality

  • title title title title title

    17 NOV   Lone Tree, CO, USA

    Hello my name is benji, I’m bored and want someone to talk to


  • Looking for a BF or BFF

    16 NOV   Vicksburg, MS, USA

    I'm looking for someone who I can talk to and cuddle with. Someone who is caring and kind. If you're open with me and also open-minded then great! I like music, video and board/card games, reading, museums, and such. I am a bit annoying but otherwise I'm shy (only when in new situations), quirky, and a bit awkward. I like being extra and putting on a show. If you like all of that and live in MS, HMU. I'm okay with long distance. 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 NOV   San Antonio, TX, USA

    looking for a bf who is cool to talk to. feel free to comment here, kik me, snapchat me, message me or whatever :)

  • Need a bf or just friends

    18 DEC   Chicago, IL, USA

    I’m new to all this but I would a bf or just some friends that would talk to me about coming out because I haven’t

    O-connor Ryan I will be your bf
    Andrew Hey message me
    bxbyjoey Hey, my name is Joey and if you want and still looking text me on snap bossmanjoey13
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