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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for bff or boyfriend 14

    22 JUL   Chicago, IL, USA

    I’m just looking for someone nice to be friends with or date. I like to cuddle, start tea, sing, and   going out. I want someone at least in the same state as me but I’m open for long distance relationship. I would like or someone the same age as me or older.

    bxbyjoey Hey if you still looking I’m available 13 in Chicago and if you want dm me on Snapchat bossmanjoey13

  • Gay boy lookong for hook ups and chat

    24 NOV   Denver, CO, United S

    Hey im Gustavo im bi and looking for hook ups chats are okay lol im from Longmont Colorado add me on snapchat gquiroz13420 any age welcome just not over 21

    Benji Get the hell off this site you pedo
  • i-m really lonely need a bf 13-15 maybe 16

    15 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    hey i'm liam i'm gay single 14 i live in canada i can do long distance and long term but add me on snapchat to keep talking xoxo add me guys

  • Meet a new friend or a get into a realationship

    14 NOV   Chester, SC, USA

    Hi I'm nico I'm from upstate NY but i live in south Carolina,I'm almost 13 I'll be 13 on December 12,(please dont come at me because I'm still 12) im a little chunky I have depression and and need me a good friend or a boyfriend be your self and yeah hmu if you wanna talk (p.s. the person in the picture is me btw)

  • Meet gay guys and hang out

    15 NOV   Strong, AR, USA

    Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm gay an looking for a boyfriend, don't want to jump into a relationship I want to hang out with you and talk for couple days maybe week. I am really nice and loving <3 Also I'll be Top or bottom and I act a bit feminine. Text me on snap @ dani_boi20 if your gay and live in South Arkansas or north Louisiana. ????????????

  • Im looking for a boyfriend

    13 NOV   Miami, FL, USA

    im looking for a bf that cares about me and loves me. I’m looking for a cute, fit/not lazy guy who lives close. I am a sweet, kind guy who just wants cuddles and kisses ???? but i can be tough when i need to. ps looking for a top ?

    ThiccHoe and im loyal lol
    Dani_Boi (Gay) Hey, Ive been looking for a bf too, I may not be the fittest person, but I Run/walk and I am very loving. P.s.~Your cute<3
  • Teen gays in Lagos Nigeria for serious relationship holla ?

    08 AUG   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hey there! Am Martins from Lagos Nigeria  looking for teen gay guy for serious relationship 

  • Why is it always like this?

    10 SEP   Madison, WI, United

    The only people who add me back are either adults looking for nudes, or horny teenagers looking for nudes. Don’t add me if you aren’t looking for something long term.  

    Kawaii I live in West Allis and I just got on here but I’m interested wanna meet up some time?
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
    Heckty Damn son πŸ˜‚πŸ’€ Thats tough, I kinda get the same to be honest which sucks and its annoying πŸ™„ But ya know, this webiste is crazy
  • Looking for a cute young bf

    05 NOV   Wheaton, IL, United

    I'm looking for a guy 13-14, someone is is interesting and would like to talk a lot. I do like guys that have the same interest so if we can date pls hmu lol.

    shabzy im turning 15 so yh. get my instagram @_shabzy_15 or my snapchat amaans_23
    Kawaii Hello there SamπŸ˜‰. I fit the description but live in West Allis. Wanna chat
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • idk i need a boyfriend 13-15 lonely asf need love

    13 NOV   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    hey i'm liam i'm gay 14 looking for a boyfriend who has snapchat preferably 13-15 i need someone to love me ugh its lonely over here but my names liam but you can call me anytime ?? add me on snap tell me ur from here we'll be fine also long distance relationships work and long lasting is what i'm looking for.

    liam reilly (gay) TAKEN as of 11/17/2018 still looking for a guy oof hmu on snapchat
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Wanna get a bf so.. If u r interested tell free to

    01 APR   Blacktown NSW, Austr

    Hi there, lookimg to get a bf, im 14, i like football and music (i know, how original) and if you want to talk or something, fell free to :)

    Possibly this (Alex) Hi, Im Alex, 15, from the UK. Nice to meet you!
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Nothing especial to ask ^^

    04 SEP   Lisbon, Portugal

    I want to meet someone normal. Yeah, nothing especial. If you are interested just chat me! ^^ 3 <3

    Prodogunwanoe1 How about you meeting a friend like me
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Looking for a special boyfriend <3

    16 MAR   Barcelona, Spain

    Hi!!! I'm Mario, 16, from Spain! I'm an open minded boy and a little shy. I'm looking for a boyfriend that is near my age and I don't mind about long distance relationships. I really like blond boys but all boys are welcome hahahahaha so send me a message if u are interested!

    Bye!!!! I love uu!

    Possibly this (Alex) Hi Mario, Im Alex, 15 and from the UK! Id definitely describe myself as open-minded. Im not blonde unfortunately but Id look horrific if I were, so for me personally its much better this way. Nice to meet you!
    MattCP15 Hey Mario. Im also from Spain
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • meet gay teens for a friendship or maybe something more :D

    22 AUG   Trujillo, Spain

    Hello, (maybe i have some english mistakes, but it is because i speak spanish originally)

    i'm 16 years old and i would like to meet someone (under 16) to talk and waste time together :D i don't care about the distance, i just wanna know people to exchange expiriences, to have a funny moment. i love watch movies and musicals, a enojoy listening to rock and pop music, i would like to meet a nice and cute guy, and if you are handsome you will kill me hahaha 
    You can talk me over here, or maybe from my facebook: 100010371752134
    But i can't answer you in instagram or in other social network, hope to see you

    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Bf London 15-18 gay :)

    13 NOV   London, UK

    Hi my names Jude I’m 15 looking for a bf aged 15-18 years sweet and nice I don’t send nudes but addd my snap

  • Looking for a boyfriend! <3

    12 NOV   Point Blank, TX, Uni

    Hey guys :) I'm Remi / Julian, just looking for a nice boy to treat me like a prince <3 I do not do nudes, and if you want to talk better, my Kik is starry.serendipities 

    lexis Am ready for u
  • What?s up guys.....?

    28 AUG   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    What’s up guys. Message me on hère, I’d like to meet new people. 

  • Looking for a boyfriend.(Bi/Gay)

    11 AUG   Birmingham, UK

    Looking for some boy around 15-18 that is super cute and charming. Hmu on snapchat b.0293 if you're interested. <3 

    Ben D Hi you seem really nice! Message me πŸ’š
    shabzy message me- got a great ass XD can be as dirty or clean as u want. fun to be around ect.
  • Looking for boyfriend <3

    12 NOV   Point Blank, TX, Uni

    Hey there! Just a simple guy looking for a nice boyfriend who will treat me right and love me for who I am :) <3

  • Looking for boyfriend <3

    12 NOV   Point Blank, TX, Uni

    Basically just looking for a committed relationship with a boy who loves me for me. No nudes or anything, just a loving relationship <3

  • Any gay guys in Mobile al?

    12 NOV   Mobile, AL, USA

    Looking for friends or fun message me. I prefer guys in mobile Alabama or close by. Im pretty open minded 

  • Trans Male looking for boyfriend

    12 NOV   Point Blank, TX, Uni

    Hey! My name is Remi / Julian, it's your choice what you'd prefer to call me. I'm a trans male, so if you are not openly accepting of that, I do not think we would be a good fit. I'm looking for someone who will love me for who I am, and will be a good fit for me. Come message me on Kik at starry.serendipities so we can talk! I'd love to meet you and start a potential relationship. <3

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    12 NOV   NY, USA

    Hey my name is Maurice I would love a guy that is not a player and is 12-14 and long distance relationships aren't a problem for me so if interested message me

    Kingsmith24 Snapchat: kingsmith3609 Kik: kingsmith_24
  • Finding a bf who has muscles and is open to a chubby partner

    12 NOV   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    I am looking for a person (guy) that is fit and is looking for a guy that is on the chubby side I'm tired of looking so this is my last post for a while catch you on the flip side

  • Hey everyone! I-m new to this so don-t hate me please! X{

    11 NOV   San Francisco, CA, U

    Heyy. Haven't posted anything on here. But my name's Jacob. And if you're wondering, I'm single but poly, if those of you don't know, it means to love more than one. But I'm available to talk.

  • Bored and tired and want to talk

    11 NOV   Radom, IL, USA

    If anyone wanna talk just add me on  Snapchat  people around my age

  • Add my snap for private story

    11 NOV   Manchester, UK

    very cheap private story daily uploads add my snapchat for more information and message me on there and don’t forget to follow this acocunt 

  • Looking for someone to talk to, not a bf.

    10 NOV   Geelong VIC, Austral

    Hi I'm Ashleigh and I'm gay. I'm from Geelong and am looking for fellow gays to chat with. Message me or add my snaochat; Adonaghy025

  • Looking for a bf- im bi.

    10 NOV   Birmingham, UK

    So im bi and im looking for a bf. i live in birmingham, uk. i have instagram ( _shabzy_15) and snapchat (amaans_23). im 14 years old- turning 15 in december. hmu if u wanna talk and so on xx - btw im a bottom and can be dirty if u want me to be ;) 

  • I want to meet new people to be freinds or in a relationship with

    09 NOV   Somewhere

    Hi my name is Isaac I'm 14 and want to meet new people for a relationship  im bisexual 

  • Looking for a guy that-s older and kind

    10 NOV   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    Talk to me on Instagram @yagayboimat and Snapchat @monicokickbutt, I'm open to anyone that wants a true relationship and not just sex or anyone needing help with anything ??

    lexis Dear handsome worry no more, am here for true relationship
    10/11/2018 Hey am gonna hit you up on Instagram...
  • looking for a relationship or anything really

    10 NOV   Falls Church, VA, US

    hmu if you’re interested in being in a relationship or just hmu if you want anything really Hi jerry am also new here
  • Hey if ya wanna talk or chat hmu

    03 NOV   Alabama, NY, USA

    hey my name is Jacob I am 14 and single and bisexual (that a lot of ands) so if you wanna chat or talk or something just HMU on snap

    lexis No more worrys am the perfect guy for u.message me on Instagram for as to talk more
  • Friends, maybe a relationship?

    19 JUL   Fairfax, VA, USA

    Full disclosure: I am a transgender male, I am one year on testosterone. (don't have breasts)

    I just want to meet other gay guys, preferably in my area, but long distance could work. Looking for friends, a realtionship, or something casual. 

  • Trevor B: Let?s have some fun!!

    09 NOV   Manhattan, IL, Unite

    Hit me up if you want to jerk off live my Snapchat and Kik are both: wwenetwork3. We’ll have a great time!!

  • Hey wanna chat my people

    09 NOV   Radom, IL, USA

    Hi wanna talk or something bc I bored and need new friends or something if want then add me on Snapchat 

  • Get to know people for possible relationships

    09 NOV   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    I'm looking for a guy who's older and close plus social media to talk to me thank you

  • Looking for boyfriend

    29 OCT   Cork, Ireland

    looking for boyfriend that is in Ireland or England add me on Snapchat charliekearney9

  • I-m a gay looking for a man haha

    03 JUL   Mesa, AZ, United Sta

    Hey guys I'm Stevie, 15, and from Arizona. I'm honestly looking for a relationship with a guy from ages 16-20 maybe and has to be from the United States, if you're interested hmu on Instagram @stevie_Guzman or Kik slay_Stevie. ??

    DorkyBoiii Hey.. Im 15 if thats cool... hmu if youre interested IG: Snap: icyy.dorky
    Dionysus_Darc hey 16 I live in MO, Hmu on insta @bluediamond_1232
  • Wanna met new people

    06 NOV   Atlanta, GA, USA

    Hi my name is Jacob and I am bisexual and only looking for people 13-16 to talk to so HMU on snapchat

    Zach2002 Add me zachfinch2002
  • Let ok?ing for sombody that wants to have fun

    01 NOV   Albany, NY, USA

    I’m a 16 year old boy looking to have some fun guys anything ya want to do talk about or do I’m down. Looking for a relationship add me on snap hunterwoods2002 ?

  • Looking For Gay Boyfriend (Online Relationship)

    20 AUG   Billings, MT, USA

    I'm looking for someone who is kind and fun who would be alright with an online relationship. If you'd like someone who is kind, funny, and loves playing piano and writing stories, then I'm your guy!

  • I need more black guys on my snap

    18 JUN   Canton, OH, USA

    dominicrocks135 hit me up for a good time ;););););););););););) hmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmuhmu

    Dionysus_Darc bluediamond1232 and hey
    Camtheman Hey Im black
    Heckty Whatttt πŸ˜‚ I did not just see that πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
  • Want to meet new people

    03 OCT   Nashville, TN, USA

    Amos: xion_davis22 I’m bi or whatever hmu I’m cool well that’s what I think but hmu!!

  • looking for a boyfriend

    30 OCT   Carterville, IL, USA

    Heyo, I’m looking for a guy right now(obviously lol). If you wanna chat on sc hmu: HeyyyTobias. Also, looking for a guy that is either my age or older. 

    shabzy hey- im bisexual but also looking for a bf. im 15. follow my insta _shabzy_15 or add my snap amaans_23 . im a bottom btw ;) XD i can be dirty if u want me to but yh
    Stev99 (homosexual) Hey can you dm me at @latinsteven on insta?! We can talk there if you want
    03/11/2018 Hi trust me am fun to be with
  • Looking for a new man

    06 NOV   Dallas, TX, United S

    looking for a boyfriend or something. Add me on Snapchat and say you’re from here if you’re interested.

  • oh hey i?m bored and i need of a friend

    12 AUG   nOpe

    hey i’m a gay single pringle but like i’m really not ready for a relationship lol so basically i’d just like an online friend to talk to so if you’re down to talk hmu because i’m lonely

  • HMU on Insta or snap looking for a boyfriend

    26 OCT   Tampa, FL, United St

    My names Cameron I’m 16 I’m gonna be 17 in November. I’m looking for a boyfriend. I wanna get to know you first tho not trying to jump into a relationship. So HMU if you’re interested 

    akamalachii I’m definitely interested 😍
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