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Meet thousands of gay teenagers,this is a group for meet gays teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet new people looking for a bf 13-14

    06 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Snap Markpughswag12 and my instagram theonlydemonking please hmu if you wanna be friends or probably more than friends we’ll see where this takes us 

  • Hey Guys. Looking for.......

    08 JUL   Tbilisi, Georgia

    Hey, I'm 15 (but in December I will be 16) and looking for 15 or 16 years old Boy. Long distance is ok for me. And maybe, who knows, on day  we can meet:)). If u have any kind of question to me you can ask me))) so yeah, .

    Mahdi Hi Im almost 16
  • Someone to just text

    05 NOV   Shelley, ID, USA

    Hey, I just need more people to text and get to know like someone really cute and funny and nice?. So just hmu ig?? 

    aaaaddddrian Add me on snap
  • meet other lgbtq people

    30 OCT   San Francisco, CA, U

    im oliver im gay and 15 and im looking for a bf so ya just hmu and we can talk

    Mark Pugh What’s your Snapchat mines is Markpughswag12
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    25 OCT   Atlanta, GA, USA

    I want a boyfriend that I’ll be very close to and in love with. I’m a very nice guy and I promise I’m not like some people who cheat on others and any of that. I’m literally loyal and honest. I hope to find the one and I don’t want to date someone who’ll end up breaking up with me. I’m fine with dating online from long distance, we can video chat and stuff and dm eachother on insta @latinsteven. I don’t want anyone to break up with me afterwards because then I’ll be depressed like I was when something like that happened to me between a guy, three months it was and I almost did something to myself and I’m afraid to go through that again but I wanna believe in love ??

    jonnyboi follow me on insta @thexnlyjxnnybxy
  • Trying to find the one or close

    31 OCT   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Want someone that is sweet loving kind Likes to cuddle would make me happy and not break up with me cause I been thru that it's was not a good feeling just want that  special someone to make to make me happy all my days my last break up I cried for 2 days

  • Must be in the columbus ohio area ....... ........

    03 NOV   Columbus, OH, USA

    MUST BE IN THE COlumbus ohio no Out of state Relationship 

  • Looking for a real relationship with a guy around my age

    03 NOV   Columbus, OH, USA

    Looking for a real relationship with a guy around my age If you are just looking for nudes Please don't waste your time you will be blocked immendately Guys in the columbus area no Long distance relationship

  • Serious Guy relationship

    03 NOV   Columbus, OH, USA

    Looking for a real relationship with a guy around my age If you are just looking for nudes Please don't waste your time you will be blocked immendately 

  • If ya wanna talk or chat HMU

    03 NOV   Alabama, NY, USA

    Hi my name is Jacob I am bi,14,and single and if you wanna chat or talk or something HMU on my snap I am usually on it so hmu

  • Trying to find a boyfriend

    01 JUN   Lenoir, NC, USA

    Hey, I'm 17 and I would really like to find a boyfriend. I would prefer you to be my age or older. Im really nice and sweet and I love cuddles, please live in Nc or somewhere close.

    Stev99 (homosexual) Hey there!, you can dm me at @latinsteven :)
    Stev99 (homosexual) North Carolina?! I live in GA but I could go there someday since some of my family live there
  • hmu on sc if you live in Illinois

    03 NOV   Carterville, IL, USA

    looking for gay guys to chat with. Let’s see where our convo goes-I’m also looking for a bf that’s either my age or older:) 

  • Looking to meet someone maybe have fun

    02 NOV   Port St. Lucie, FL,

    hit me up on my kik if you want to talk age doesn’t matter to me but the person does. I’m looking for a gf or a bf so come say hi

  • Wanna chat with someone

    30 OCT   Mobile, AL, U

    i am 14 and bisexual and wanting someone to talk to and be friends with anyone who is under 17 is okay for me

    Koolboy55 Hey whats ur Snapchat
  • Interested in finding a new boyfriend (13-14)

    04 NOV   Wheaton, IL, United

    I would like to have a relationship, someonewho can be kind and supportive and let me be there as much and find it important to them. Someone who's 13-14 and just is energetic and lively. I wanna feel kinda like an older brother.

    Memory Hey hey dm meh
    coco000 Hey lets talk
    bxbyjoey Hey dm me on my snap
  • Looking for A BF 13-16

    16 MAY   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hello! My name is CJ and I’m from Chicago. I’m 14 and I’m looking for a boyfriend. I don’t mind getting a little naughty and i love music, video games, and sports. Preferably around my age too

    ThomKillGon hello, if you still interested, we can talked and see what happens, i am 16 years old, if you wanna talk mw overe her or to my FB: 100010371752134
    bxbyjoey I’m in Chicago
    bxbyjoey I’m in Chicago too
  • Who wants to have fun ya never know

    01 NOV   Albany, NY, USA

    I’m a 16 year old boy looking to have some fun guys anything ya want to do talk about or do I’m down. Looking for a relationship add me on snap hunterwoods2002 

  • My names Blake I want a boyfriend..

    18 SEP   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    I really want someone to kiss, hold, cuddle or maybe even more if anyone is near me and interested. HMU. I’m super nice don’t be shy!

    Jonathan Add me on Snapchat its jonathandurancr
    PalaciosEdgar Hey, wanna hit me up here’s my snap: palaciose1417
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    23 SEP   Molino, FL, USA

    My name is Isaiah I'm 13 and live in Florida. I'm looking for a boyfriend who I can talk to, joke with/Have fun, and run to when things get bad. Also I am a bit chubby so in need a guy who won't judge becaus.of my size????

  • Trying to find the one or close

    31 OCT   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Want someone that is sweet loving kind Likes to cuddle would make me happy and not break up with me cause I been thru that it's was not a good feeling just want that  special someone to make to make me happy all my days my last break up I cried for 2 days 

  • Still Looking for the one

    24 OCT   Charlotte, NC, USA


    Boyfriend in need trying to find the right one... hmu if you think you are the right one. looks matter to.                               


  • Looking for other musicians or music fans

    30 OCT   Nowy Dwór Maz

    Yo, message me if you’re a musician, whether you sing or play some instrument or anything. Mainly looking for someone new to talk to, so feel free to message if you’re into music. Or don’t, that’s chill too

  • Meet new people!!!!!!

    14 OCT   Troy, MI, USA

    I’m bi so guys or girls are good enough for me but prefer a guy!

    love you alllll ;)

    Taylin Lets talk. HMU on kik or here!
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    28 OCT   Cork, Ireland

    Hi I'm Charlie im 14 and looking for boyfriend don't mine in England or Ireland someone that can come over and see me sometimes 

  • Breaking hearts in terrible

    28 OCT   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    I have having to break such good heart but I I'm doing them a favor by letting them find someone who loves them. I need a hug

  • any gay/bi boys inthe uk ?? :)

    26 OCT   Nowhere Else TAS, Au

    hi, im looking for a friend or boyfriend in the uk (prefrebly the south as it is closer). i dont mind what you looklike or if you are trans or anything like that, as long as you have good jokes and are nice. if you are interrested please DM me on instagram or twitter as i literally cant use this app on my phone :( i love cartoons, horror and all types of music. also not looking for a hook-up or anything like that lol, just some nice company. - pj

    ps. please dont message if you are under 13 or over 17 thanks :)

    DeleteThisTrustMe under 14 not under 14 (between ages 14-17) sorry my keyboard was playing up :(
    that one weird kid lemme phone a friend
  • Looking for boyfriend in Ireland

    27 OCT   Cork, Ireland

    hey I’m charlie I’m 14 and I like cooking and music and diy decor idc where in Ireland or who it’s about there personality not how they look but I will have to see ye in real life too like ya (AGES 14/16)

  • love meeting new people

    17 JUN   New England, WV, USA


  • meet other lgbtq people

    27 SEP   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hi im oliver, im gay and im single and i live in sanfran so hmu

    RaveN Hi I’m pansexual...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ty-Nia Heyy im bi😊😊
  • Meet gays to make friends and maybe more

    26 OCT   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    Im looking for a close and slow relationship with small dates and good fun

  • Friendship or even more

    26 OCT   Somewhere

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to start a friendship or relationship with...

  • Looming to meet someone

    26 OCT   Hillcrest, South Afr

    Hi I'm Taylin!

    I'm pansexual and love drawing, music, video games and movies.

    HMU on kik if you want to talk!

    Only 13-15 year olds pls

    Taylin Theres a typo in the title. Whoops on me
  • Looking For Boyfriend

    27 JUN   Somewhere Only We (I

    Hiya all!!!

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a boyfriend. Shocker. 

    Err... what do you put on these?? Oki doki. We'll start with ma hobbies.

    I love writing, its one of my strongest passions (and don't ask me about my book because you'll have me going forever) alongside genuinely caring about everyone/thing. What can I say? I love loving.

    I don't like Love Island, putting it out there. Seems like a cesspit of booze, sex, booze, sex...

    and sex. Did I mention sex?

    Well... yeah. Whole steaming heap of sex.

    I rarely watch Tv and when I do its without a doubt either Jeremy Kyle (kill me now) or a Crime Documentary or Batman the Killing Joke.

    Joker Monologue... learned off by heart.

    So if you couldn't tell by now... I'm a nerd?????

    But I'm a nerd that'll love you endlessly, and I'm kinda a mess. A big mess, but I'll love you more than I love everyone else. And I hope you'll love me back, message me and we'll see what happens.

    Maybe you're the special one~

    Ben D Hi! You seem really nice, kind and very funny!! Message me plzπŸ’—
    DeleteThisTrustMe hey, you seem like a laugh, tbh you caught me with your love of Jeremy kyle and hate of love island. lets be nerds together
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    26 OCT   Dracut, MA, USA

    Sry for 2nd post idk how to edit ._. but I'm looking for a boyfriend, I'm p feminine, is like to weightlift also, when I get bored I usually do 500 bicep curls / etc. Ik how to cook / sew also. Hmu

  • Looking for guys in the uk ?? ????

    21 MAY   Nowhere Else TAS, Au

    Hi, I'm lonely and hoping to meet someone on this site. Preferably someone from the UK because long distance scares me. I'mNot looking for sex or anything and I don't care about looks. As long as you are nice, funny and a gay man that's all I care about. loves cartoons and all my jokes are about hating myself :)

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    26 OCT   Dracut, MA, USA

    Hey :D I'm looking for a boyfriend, I'm p feminine tho. Ik how to cook / etc, and i like 2 listen to rap. Hmu

  • Be friends or be really desperate

    26 OCT   New York, NY, USA

    Who wanna talk or something but if your desperate for stuff then don’t add me cause rlly sad that people wanna add people just to get pictures of the person

    Taylin Hey. Im up to just talk or whatever. HMU on kik
  • Boyfriend or maybe some new friends ?

    08 MAR   Statesville, NC, USA

    Hi ? I’m Derek I’m funny and I love to laugh. I’m looking for a boyfriend or some new friends. I like art, music, volleyball, and video games. 

    Alex1824 Ill be either your boyfriend or your friend its your choice.
    Deactivated Yeah I will probably end up friends so might as well
  • Looking for people to talk to

    26 OCT   New York, NY, USA

    i am looking for friends or someone to talk to or be something else with i guess I am bisexual

  • Friends Maybe more Maybe

    28 SEP   Fullerton, CA, USA

    Hey so basically im pansexual and ya i just want to make friends that arent relgous and not clingy Sooo if thats u text me

  • A boyfriend? Maybe just a friend I-m open to either

    23 SEP   Delaware City, DE, U

    Hi hi I'm Chris, 14, Not looking for anything specific but I wouldn't mind friends, I'm intrested in asians, But don't let that stop you if you aren't Asian. If you wanna learn more you can simply message me :) okay yah bye bye~

    XAnimeLoverX This site is maximum level cringe
  • Gay looking for a close and loyal boyfriend

    25 OCT   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    I'm tired of not having a person to relate to and want a hug from someone who means more than my friends

  • Meeting people and dates close to me

    25 OCT   Cherryvale, KS, USA

    I'm tired of long distance relationships and want something serious that's a boy 14 to 17 please

  • Looking for a bf in or near NC/Asheboro

    02 SEP   Asheboro, NC, USA

    Hey I'm just looking for a realationship in or NC/Asheboro plus you have to be fit or skinny also you have to be taller then 5"4 (idk why I have a weakness to guys who are tall or with glasses) so messenge me if you want hit me up ?

    connorcgunn add me back on snap
    JYdjtx&khv Sorry I dont use snapchat anymore 😭
    Dan4122 What your favorite shoe brand
  • Looking for a cute guy

    25 OCT   Halifax, NS, Canada

    im looking for a cute teen guy to chat with. HMU if you are interested, but dont get upset if i dont respond

  • Let-s get to know each other!

    19 OCT   Salt Lake City, UT,

    Lets talk about whatever and get to know each other, who knows maybe this could lead us to something?

  • Add me on Snapchat boys only

    24 OCT   Cork, Ireland

    Add me on snapchat ???? boys only 

    User charliekearney9


  • Looking for a boyfriend

    24 OCT   Mechanicsville, VA,

    Hey! My name is Ian, I’m 15, 5’9 and  I’m from Virginia. I’m looking for a serious relationship, I don’t date anybody younger than me, sorry. I sing, dance, act, I play ukulele and piano and I’m an artist! HMU if you’re interested 

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