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  • wanting to meet new people 16-19 please

    13 JUN   Moab, UT, United Sta

    just message me and we will se where things go! :) p.s. I love cheesey jokes and pick up lines XD 

  • People who are nerdy or geeky are pretty attracted

    11 MAY   Chicago, IL, United

    Anyone who is nerdy, geeky, sciencey, anything like that is attractive in my book. When I'm in love with someone I want to be in love with their mind, and and be able discuss complex things with them. But I also wanna have fun playing games with them or talk about nerdy stuff.

    Abby Hey Im 12 almost 13 I love anime and music Im kinda geeky and a book worm pm me if u want
    Alex If you want to chat my snapchat is aliyahhh27
    Alex Or just contact me through here :)
  • Looking for cute anime girls

    27 MAY   St. Louis, MO, Unite

    I love all girls and im really loyal and IDC about looks I need people who live close I just need i girl i can laugh with and love. Im into games., manga, anime, music alot of love for a girl. 

  • Just moved here and these buildings make me feel shorter

    06 FEB   NYC, NY, United Stat

    I walked around for a bit and these buildings make me feel small, like there's a whole universe out there and we are so small on a tiny planet...?:) we are ants in a way

    Renner14 LOL How are U
  • All right, ya-ll, I-ve got a riddle for you! Winner gets my email! ;)

    30 MAR   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Okay, so this one is SUPER hard. Good luck! ;)

    You wake up in a room with two doors and two computers. You know that one door leads to life, and the other leads to death. You also know that one computer lies, and one computer tells the truth, but you don't know which is which. These computers know all. To get out of the room safely, you must ask ONE computer ONE question (i.e. along the lines of, "which door lets me live?"). What question do you ask?

    Evan03smithy If you asked the truth-computer, the truth-computer would tell you that the liar-computer would tell you to choose the door that leads to death. If you asked the liar-computer, the liar-computer would tell you that the truth-computer would say to choose the door that leads to death. Therefore, no matter whigh one you ask, the computers tell you which door leads to death, and therefore you can pick the other door.
    justice Destroy all the computers and go out
    Christopher kinman This guy knows what hes talking about (justice)
    Elena saxon1509 got it CORRECT! You are SO smart. My dad told me this when I was 6- it took me YEARS to figure it out. Great job!