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  • Guys if a girl says she not intersted

    27 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, United

    She is not intersted that dosen't mean you send her a dick pic she didn't want then leave her alone. I just recived an unwanted dick pic from PerryMarks just becuuse I rejected him and said dic pic just make me more sure I'm a lesbian.

    Jwright99 im in the same boat, i keep getting sext and im not even gay, it needs to stop
    1 day ago
    Ellierose It really does I messaged Stagrull whos in contact with the Admin and reported PerryMarks who sent one to me ad hes account should be shut down in about 8 hours
    1 day ago
  • This goes out to all the guys on this site

    17 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, United

    If you message me and I say I'm not intersted it means no I don't want to date you I don't want to be friends with you. If you act like a d!ck after I've already said no to dating you or being your friend then leave me alone I would not like to make contact with you. I only date girls so don't message me asking for nudes or asking me to date you 

    tvanatta You dont choose to be gay. And if you should just block every guy on this site, then you wont have to worry about that. Nothing pisses me off more than when someone categorizes a group of people based on their past experiences instead of fact. And when you say that All guys are... youre being sexist, which isnt okay in the slightest. Because I can tell you right now that youve never met me Irl or any of the other people on this site. I understand that everyone has their opinions, but just know that everyone is different online than Irl.
    2 days ago
    Jonah I have to agree with this guy he knows what hes talking about
    1 day ago
    Ellierose Ok well Im alowed to have my opinion and its most of the guys on this site and niether one of you know how the other guys on this site treat girls they message and I can tell the way some one acts online is the same way they act offline
    1 day ago
  • Any LGBT girls here?

    26 MAY   Norfolk, VA, United

     Hey guys .. my name is Gigi and I'm about to break with my bf . I'm bisexual and about to turn 13. So I guess hmu if u are interested or just wanna chat .. 

    see ya

  • Literally an emo trash bag.

    25 MAY   Nashua, NH, United S

    So like hey how are ya my names Dmitri. I am trans, ftm, pre testosterone;; I like bands (ASGFBDGHC BRING ME THE HORIZON), youtube, and occasionally anime tbh. I worship memes. I joke way too much at the wrong times (about my crippling depression typically). I'm pansexual but y'know I kinda lean towards guys :^) A mild heads up: I swear. A LOT. 

  • Eric Chruchs song lyrics! I love the song!

    20 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    If I could k!ll aword and watch it die

    I'd poison "never", shoot "goodbye"

    And beat "regret" when I felt I had the nerve

    Yeah, I'd pound "fear" into a pile of sand

    Choke "lonely" out with my bare hands

    And I'd hang "hate" so that it can't be heard

    If I could only k!ll a word

  • im just looking for a nice girl

    20 MAY   Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Well I'm a relatively nice guy. Like to kick back and watch movies with a beer. I also play football and run allot. I'm really into history but I'm not the kind to always talk about it. And love going to parties with my friends.


    24 MAY   Auckland, New Zealan

    Hey, if you wanna hmu just message me on snapchat @ magathirteen 

    I reply to everyone. Post up alot of stories?

  • Hello, Call me Nova!!!

    16 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey! I'm Nova! I'm looking for a good looking, sweet,caring and romantic boy! Feel free to hmu! I'm friendly and fun,sweet, I'm not shy, well that's it!?

    Dylan Who is this sam albert ur talking about my pic aint sam albert BITCH
  • I dont like cocky guys at all

    20 MAY   Waterville, ME, Unit

    Just because you have the looks doesn't mean I'm gonna like you looks without a great personality is nothing to me tired of people like these .

  • I am online on kik ?ashydashy1996vb??

    19 MAY   Detroit, MI, United

    USA 20yr Fem my kik  ashydashy1996vb Message me for naughty fun!


  • Looking for some chats.

    10 MAY   Harmony, NC, United

    Hello, I'm Jane! I would love to chat about anything. Maybe a friendship can turn into something a little more? I don't know, but I would like to get to know you for a while before we even talk about that stuff.