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  • Anyone want a loser like me hi

    22 JUL   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Hi I'm Merrick I'm a nerd and I like to make people laugh and also I like anime and gaming just text 9375454540

  • Dominant, beautiful, female to be worshipped and obeyed! KlK me NOW @ rocxa

    21 JUL   SPAM

    Dominant, beautiful, female to be worshipped and obeyed! KlK me NOW @ rocxanne2

    General Already kiked
    1 day ago
  • Dominant, beautiful, female to be worshipped and obeyed! KlK me NOW @ rocxa

    21 JUL   Aberdeen, United Kin

    Submissive here to please you any way you like! LUV Powerful men ........................Can i help you out daddy?.........................Dominant, beautiful, female to be worshipped and obeyed!  KlK me now @ rocxanne2

    Lonely Hello. Im here for you! You want me!
    1 day ago
  • Find a boyfriend or girlfriend

    18 JUL   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm Maya! I'm 14, bi and I don't send nudes. If you want a gf hit me up. 

  • how to get in touch with me easier

    20 JUL   Jonesboro, GA, Unite

    my snapchat is Beastwolfking99 IG: Kid_daddy1999 or wolf_daddy_dash 

  • Don-t ask to exchange pics

    19 JUL   Cornwall, ON, Canada

    Boys If a girl says she is a lesbian she is a lesbian and u can't change who we are. Don't ask me if we can exchange pics.     Even if u are a girl. I know not a lot of people look at my posts but I have to put this out there.

  • Ladies only kik me for fun

    19 JUL   Little Rock, AR, Uni

    Ladies kik me at ebarts to have fun with dirty pics and vids. Any age. Make me cum

  • instagram username :)

    18 JUL  

    i should probably link this to some social media, if you want it my insta is @rory113  :)

    Max Come on plz un block just try it
    3 days ago
  • I-m looking for anything.

    18 JUL   Bismarck, ND, United

    Alright I'm posting this because my life went to shit, excuse my language, so I'm looking for a friend a bf basically anyone to make life a little less hard.

    Winston Can be your friend if you want.
  • Friends or even just someone to talk to

    10 JUL   Escalon, CA, United

    I'm a regular guy, 16 years old, I'm just looking for some friends, someone to talk to, I'm a pretty good listener as I've been told and honestly being lonely without anyone to talk to is pretty boring, so hmu if you want 

  • All about me, looking for someone

    10 JUL   Eaton, OH, United St

    Hey, I'm 17, pansexual, and very open to new things. I'm a life scout, I wrestle, cycle, & rock climb. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching tv. Feel free to ask me anything else you wanna know.

    About my type..........

    I have a lot of things I look for, but just because you don't have any of these doesn't mean I won't talk to you. Now of course I look for personality first, but These are the physical attributes 

    Age........ 12-20

    Gender........ doesn't matter 

    Ethnicity.......... White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, islander

    Sexuality........doesn't matter 

    Height.......... 4'0"-5'3"

    Smoke........... doesn't smoke

    Drink............. doesn't matter 

    Kids............... doesn't matter 

    Want kids....... doesn't matter

    Jordyn Bowers Hey where do you live I live in Kentucky
    Alex Hey im Alex, feel free to message me
  • It can be a boy or girl I-m not picky

    17 JUL   Boca Raton, FL, Unit

    Sext? I'm not picky about the gender not the age. Just want someone available to do it with. Sorry if I seem too forward.

  • A message to everyone who might read this.

    17 JUL   Richwood, OH, United

    I'm RunnerT, and while we might not know each other, that doesn't matter. I just want you to know you're beautiful, amazing, and incredibly loved! Have a wonderful day/night, don't forget to smile and stay being you! Even faking it stimulates the same part of the brain as a real one.

  • PLEASE read this its very important

    04 JUL   St Joseph, MO, Unite

    I've been getting messages from girls asking me if i'm lesbian I'm NOT if you looked at my other forums, I'm not curious at all its getting annoying honestly there plenty of lesbians not me. I will only date boys that's been me my whole life okay thanks !

    AK Hey there
    Theunwantedkid Heads up guys shes taken by me so dont even try I will protect my girlfriend from anything
    AK Hmm thats great

    12 JUL   Motley, MN, United S

    Ok Im starting to agree and u guys and girls can back me up that people need to stop asking for nudes. @besties4ever posted something similar to this. If u want nudes dont post it on here or anywhere else for that matter,. SO STOP ASKING FOR NUDES!!!!

    Milkshakes1031 People need 2 stop posting nudes they ass wanna get arrested !
    WolfPuppy16 i was asked to swap nudes with some one... . i didnt even know them... its just creepy to swap nudes if u dont know the person
    Cold Hearted 77 Looks at posters username... enough said
  • Hey, I-ve gone straight! I-m into boys!

    14 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Ive gone straight so I'm now into boys! Boys hmu down below, I don't give out my Snapchat so stop asking me for it! And girls, sorry but I've gone straight, I don't send nudes, and I don't talk to boys with d!ck pics!

    Jordyn Bowers Hey message me on here
    Tyler hey hmu if you wanna know me
    Theunwantedkid Enough guys is it really worth fighting over theres plenty of others out there
  • A Female Friend Who I Can Cuddle and Chill With

    12 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

    I've been going through a lot of shit these past years. I don't have friends anymore and it is really really lonely. I'm nice and caring. I might not talk very much or I might talk a lot. If you don't like something I do, you can tell me. I respect wishes. I am not a touchy person honestly. I am not used to it. But when it happens with someone I am comfortable with, I'll enjoy it. I always ask if I want to touch. I suggest you do that too. I'm in to girls below 170 and aren't darker than tan. Sorry.

  • Edgy SoundCloud Rappers

    10 JUL   Sheboygan, WI, Unite

    Y'ello, it's me again. My taste in music is trash and I wanna see what people might suggest me to listen to. To get a general idea of what I listen to, it's mainly GBC, $UICIDEBOY$, LiL PEEP, Lil Tracy, and any other rapper with "LIL" in it, along with Ugly God too. So you know, maybe suggest a song I might like, or hate. Up to you, man :)

    Urfer666 Listen to tool, a perfect circle, or puscifer..they are all bands..enjoy
  • Theres too many fake accounts being made by whores pathetic !

    10 JUL   St Joseph, MO, Unite

    The funny thing is they keep making an account one after another thirsty 4 attention much? They know who they are. Clearly they´re mental in the head. Thats why i dont trust none here.

    TheFunPolice Than dont trust anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯
    Milkshakes1031 The real point is soon they will be banned thats my job :D

  • ?? Meeting People ??

    24 JUN   Fremont, OH, United

    ????? Hey! I'm Sasha but most people call me Sushi, I'm pretty optimistic and try to make everything as positive as possible and I'm an anime nerd lol. Looking for cool people to make friends with and possibly a relationship but all in good time, not anything rash. Come say hi if you wanna talk!  ^////^ ?????

  • Hey there! How is it going?

    06 JUL   West Jordan, UT, Uni

    Please i am begging you guys and girls to stop/ Dont talk to me about you being horny or ask me if i want to see any of your junk and shit like that. Please just stop. I dont like the work horny. I dont like you talking about your junk or talking about mine. If i say i am not into guys then im not into guys and if i ask you to stop talking grossly then just stop!

    Cold Hearted 77 If its in general we personally dont care since rules are as it may even so pm isnt regulated so u kinda just have to deal with it... sadly in the end its keep blocking or leave.
    FireDuck Maybe, im not interested in your dick or maybe i dont feel horny. Its not ok for people to be doing that because a bunch of the people on here are under 18 years! Me personally, im into guys and girls but i dont wanna see a bunch of dicks and shit like that.
    Lexi THANK YOU!!!!
  • Hey looking for girls 16-19 to chat with on here-kik or skype

    08 JUL   Montandon, PA, Unite

    Hey I'm a 16 year old redneck guy. Looking for people to talk to. I love hunting fishing and walking in the woods. I enjoy shooting guns and going off reading. I personally own three guns of my own. If u want to chat just message me. Don't have a girlfriend.

  • Really Bored Hello Darkness my old friend

    20 JUN   Healdsburg, CA, Unit

    Hi my name is Jennifer I like Futurama, Bob's Burgers, American Horror Story, and Aliens and Skeletons. And yes I'm weird...Anyone want to text guy or girl ? Doesn't really matter just not to old  Nothing dirty please 

    Galaxygirl ? Hello u can text me if youd like to talk
    Cudazepher Hi do you want to date.
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    06 JUL   Lakeland, FL, United


    Rosie ::)) Rob Kardashion was a coverup for how North Korea has threatened to bomb us yesterday.
    Mykael That makes so much sense
    Mykael Thank you for informing us, n Im not being sarcastic
  • Message me if you want me to send you nude pics

    06 JUL   Novi, MI, United Sta

    Hi, I am looking for someone to send or trade nude pics with.  Send me a private message if you want me to send you some.

    Mykael No one wants to see your micro penis plz dont ask people for this shit especially if your a fuking 10 yr old
    jane hello i want us to know and get to talk u can get me on or text me at (347) 560-3598
    Milkshakes1031 @tyjodun LMAO good one these lil kids need to get banned asap
    Theunwantedkid In Jesus name NO!!!
  • Important Question 2 Be Questioned

    05 JUL   Sheboygan, WI, Unite

    Opinions needed below. When you ask someone "can I ask you a question?" is that your question right there because that technically counts as a question but in other circumstances, do you follow up that question with a question? What does that question fall into the category of within questions?

    Mykael For example can I ask you two questions? U wanna talk some more
    Ollie89 When you ask if you can ask a question ur obviously talking in future tense (duh doii) so if they answer yes then you can ask ur question cause now ur in the future(from the time u asked if u can ask a question)....this is fkn complicated😂😂😂
    go_suave My mind right now💣💥
    Cold Hearted 77 But whoever said a question had to be one? Asking a question doesnt mean there is a boundary or limited to one question. The reason its asked is to open a door for more questions which that person has a basic understanding. So yes u are asking a question but the other person doesnt count it as a question. Such as thumbs arent considered fingers.
  • Hi! This is awkward...

    05 JUL   Carey, OH, United St

    Hi! My names Brionna, but my friends call me Brian. Im 17, nearly 18. Soon to be a buisness major in college. Im nice and care about others a little too much. I tend to get a little crazy sometimes. Im introverted but i love hanging out with my friends, even though it's exhausting lol. Im new to this online stuff so forgive me if im a little too cautious. I enjoy anime, MTG, D&D, SuperWhoLock, reading, videogames and much more. I am a huge fangirl, mostly for jacksepiceye and markiplier. I ship nearly everything, and i have little to no filter. I tend to be very straightforward and i scare people sometimes. 

    I got out of a pretty serious 4 year relationship a month or two ago and im craving the companionship i once had, or at least thought i had. 

    Im looking for someone my age or a couple years older who is in my area to talk to. I want someone who will challenge me intellectually, who is interested in similar past times, is understanding of my lacking social skills and is driven twoards his future.

    ps: this excludes anyone who just wants some ass or is looking for an immediate relationship. I need to get to know someone and be 'friends' before id consider dating them.

    so uh, thanks for reading ??

    Cold Hearted 77 lol Im not in ur area but ur welcome to snapchat me username: Sketchme7. I like video games and anime
  • hmu dirty wanted clean ok

    05 JUL   Lakeland, FL, United

    hmu im connor, i prefer girls for dirty chat but cleans ok any age doesnt matter, hmu on sc : d4oughnuts

  • Hi guys, Im new to site and getting a lot of msgs

    05 JUN   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi, Im Sienna Rae, Im looking for a nice,sweet, hot and loving boyfriend, Let me know down below, And I have so many messages that I cant answer them, Im also Audi_Lynn's friend! ((:

    brody dang, youre really pretty, hit me up if you wanna chat
    48545454545 holy shit really
  • I am merely looking for pointer... tired of being lonely

    02 JUL   Benton, AR, United S

    If you could help me out I am sooo tired of being alone all of the time. I NEED HELP!

  • Hi everyone, hmu if you wanna

    01 JUL   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Im jeremy, im 17 years old. Kik me if you want. Im bored. Real pics only. I like rock music and all about art. Kik: jeremyrub

  • Someone to generally talk to about music etc

    01 JUL   London, United Kingd

    Someone talk about music, films and series, but not boring and will allow me to attack  there music, because I'm allowed to, also like I've said before am requesting food 

  • Beware of LesbianLatina415!

    29 JUN   West Jordan, UT, Uni

    Hey LesbianLatina415 Uses girls to get them to get the guys to back off.... thats it. I know i am not the only she has dont it to. She tries to charm you and she says i love you and calls you babe but don't listen to her. She will ask you to make a post and tell guys to back off but right sfter she will tell you it isnt working out. Guess what! you are not the only one who always has guys hitting on you Veronica!!!! Reply if you fell for her crap.

    Lexi no Veronica
    Ellierose Ok I agree with that statment
    Jordan Hey hit me up on my snap
  • Denver Comic Convention

    28 JUN   Denver, CO, United S

    Well gonna be at the convention again this year and am wondering if anyone else is going.  If so we could meet up.  Let me know.  :-P

  • if you are into boys and if you have snapchat text me at prettyboynick03

    27 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    hi there my name is nicholas and if you are into boys and have snapchat pls come and text me on snapchat at prettyboynick03 ;)

  • anyone wanna skype chat

    25 JUN   Gold Coast, Queensla

    hi im a 15 year old male i can be interesting and dirty so hmu if u wanna skype

    EDistin42 Im interested
    EDistin42 Snap: ellisdistin4
    Gyen yeah sure. what is your skype account name and picture
  • Everyone please read it would mean a lot

    24 JUN   Meadville, PA, Unite

    Hi guys I put a lot of thought of into this but I am gay so I don't need any guys trying to date me but I don't mind being friends. And all you little perverts don't talk to me I don't need people like you messing up my day. Also my mom finally got me hangouts guys so I thought I would let you know 

  • Okay boys listen and listen good

    23 JUN   Phoenix, AZ, United

    BOYS DO NOT message me. Why? Because 1 I don't date boys and no that's not grounds to say "My d!ck can change that" uhh no it won't 2 you will get blocked if it is through the chat and most deffenetly reported if it's anywere along the lines of "You wanna sext" "Hey sexy" 'Hi you wanna see my d!ck" and 3 I don't want to always have to say "Not interested" and you still ask if I want to sext or see your d!ck or send you nudes.

    Micheal Jordies You realise not all boys on this site are like that, right?
    Elynn Preach 😂👏👏
    Ellierose Micheal Jordies its most guys on here who dont have the understanding of the words no/not interested
  • I hate life... Anybody else the same way?

    16 JUN   Parker, CO, United S

    I have depression and anxiety issues. I've struggled with social anxiety disorders my whole life and people make fun of me because I'm different. I don't understand social cues as well as the others around me because of this disorder. Can anybody else relate to this?

    dereynolds01 Ive gotten over them, so dont worry (Not like anybody was worrying in the first place. Lol)
  • okay but can we just talk about this for a second

    23 JUN   Middleborough, MA, U

    in ela2 we were working on rhyme schemes and i had to write an ABAB poem so guess what i did

    Brendon Urie was a furry

    who was in love with Dallon Weekes.

    Brendon Urie was in a hurry

    to change before Dallon freaks.

    ...what the fuck?

    Lexi Brendon urie is freakin amazing tho
  • Hi guys (read this is important)

    20 JUN   Norfolk, VA, United

     Look, on this site , there are many people . But I'm really frickin sick of these 20 year olds texting me askin for nudes. Number 1- I'm lesbian. Number 2-I'm 13. So before f boys message me- I'll just say this - ONLY GIRLS 

    Cassidy Sorry that is happening but on this site there are some pretty sick people here. And if you everyone want to talk pm me if you want
    TotallyAlien hi I am qualified as a girl lol
  • Hi everybody!? It-s me Sienna!

    21 JUN   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi there to you who is reading this!?! I'm Sienna, I'm looking for a cute, sweet, romantic, loving guy! I don't have kik, and I don't want strangers having my snap! Sorry about that! I was told that's how trackers can find you! Anyways hmu down below or message me!?

  • Let me tell you something...

    19 JUN  

    If any of y'all 18 year olds and up(18-more years old) texts me hey sexy or whatever, don't make me report you because I'm 14,  JUST 14!! It doesn't even matter if I'm turning 15 in two months, just don't talk to me! Because u need to find someone your age! I'm tired of boys older than me only using me including sending nuded! IM 14 LEAVE ME ALONE! GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS SO STOP F CKING USE US!! ARE U A CHILD RAPIST!?!? OR DO U LOVE CHILD PORNAGRAPHY?? WHO ARE YOU JARED? JUST PLEASE STOP TEXTING ME( BOYS THAT ARE OLDER THAN ME!) AND STOP TRYING TO FORCE ME INTO SENDING NUDES BECAUSE YOUR NOT GETTING THEM, OBVIOUSLY! SO BYEEE LEAVE ME ALONE!!

  • To some people, dont hate me for it but I love it

    12 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    I love it when Dawning421 doesnt answer me, I just like to say that his photos look fake, and he also broke my friend Adylyn's heart, Im going to go after him personally. Well thats all and Im looking for a boyfriend so hmu

  • This is for all the boys who wants to date Audi( Nova)

    02 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    From now on if boys want to date Audi(Nova), they are going to have to prove to me first that they are real and not a fake, and than I'll ask Audi, She's been hurt way to much by boys, and Im like her older brother to her.

    Dylan Hey matty Im sorry about everything can me and u become friends plz
    Adylyn__ No Dylan he doesnt want to be your friend at all!
    Go away I'm gone Dylan no one likes you ... I dont like you either ...
    Danial dude hey im real :)
  • All guy here are jerk.

    17 JUN   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Idk how to say, I just feel bad. Haha.. Every guy here sent their dick omg and asking for nudes pic, boobs, etc. Hello bro! I just wanna talk to you, get a good conversation and OFKORZ I just want talking to PERSON and not with ur dick. C'mon be smart guy. Even when you say " It's make our conversation good ". Not everygirl like this, some of us is not jerk, baby. 

    Sexy21 Most guys are weird just gotta know whos the right one but if you just wanna talk you can text me (909)225-8047
    Cold Hearted 77 👏🏻👏🏻 loving the stereotype lump us all in sigh 😂😂
    Evan Bedell Im not like that
  • Looking for a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

    17 JUN  

    Hi! I'm Maggie I'm 14 and I'm looking for someone to talk to. I love video games, art, theatre and competing on my Speech and Debate team. I would like to get to know you first before giving you my sc. I just want to talk, even if it's not romantic. 

    Evan Snap me at oregon_ducks99
    Ellierose Hi Im Ellie message me if you want to talk
  • Have 2 Accounts by Accident :o

    17 JUN  

    Hihi~! I'm a lonely dork who enjoys a multitude of things, some being:
      • Gaming--- I've been gaming on PS4 and Wii U for quite a while; been playing Persona 5 lately
     • Anime--- I've been watching things like Attack on Titan and Haikyuu!!
     • Music--- I listen to things such as P!ATD, BMTH, and Lotus Juice; also play some guitar and piano 
     ^^ there's a multitude of other things I enjoy, but those are just some ( Felt like a narcissist with all the "I's" whoops, but uh hopefully I don't sound too boring.
    I hope to hear from you soon^^

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