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  • I dropped my hot pocket

    20 NOV   Warren, MI, USA

    I got scared I dropped my hot pocket drop my hot pocket drop my hot pocket

  • Looking for new people to meet and talk too

    20 NOV   Houston, TX, USA

    Looking to meet new people and open up more about the us teens and the human body and sexuality.... if you think you would be interested in that then add me on snap, I’m down for whatever 

  • Just letting yall know...

    19 NOV   Columbus, OH, USA

    If you send me a message and I'm not on, there may be a chance that I don't see it,  I usually only respond to the top few. if you send a chat I'm more than likely to reply. feel free to hmu at anytime :)

  • I have no clue what this is remotely going to be

    18 NOV   Florence, AL, United

    Hello I'm bored. When I'm bored I tend to literally play with fire. Idek what I'm talking about but I'm bored. I'm really free flowing and I procrastinate a lot. I'm pretty much a 70s hippie that somehow in an honors class. I listen to music most of the time. When I'm not I'm not I'm playing my trumpet, singing(probably not very well?), writing lyrics or just random crap in my journal, reading, meditating or something like that, or getting fat while watching Netflix. I have a very unorthodox way of writing lyrics. Even though they aren't good, it's still a weird process.? Sorry rambling. I absolutely love the park. I love adventuring, whether it's nature or the city. I like trying new things, unless it's galaxies away from something I find interesting or too hdjghegegd like roller coasters. Anyway, if you think I would be interesting to talk to go for it and hmu. Ps: I'm not interesting to talk to truthfully?

  • Helloo, have you experienced something spooky?

    17 NOV   Singapore

    several months ago, one night, i went to bed late. I was watching youtube videos until around 1 am. After that, i went to sleep. When I woke up in the mornin, I had a sleep paralysis, I opened my eyes, but I can't move the other parts of my body. I was looking at my door, can't move, when I sensed there was something black on the left side of my bed. when I rolled my eyes, to check what's black, I saw a silhouette of a person sitting on the left edge of my bed. It really was a silhouette of a person, can't tell wether it's a guy or girl, because it's black. I was terrified. I was looking at it for a few seconds, then managed to close my eyes. suddenly i felt my face really tense, I closed my eyes and concentrate to ignore that thing. I tried to get back to sleep, and my body shivered just before I fell asleep. then I slept for about 1 hour. When i woke, i felt scared and anxious, hoping that silhouette is not on my bed anymore. Fortunately, it was gone. What a relieve. have u ever experienced something scary? tell me ur story!

  • Yay! I just got the sweetest bf today

    15 NOV   Menifee, CA, USA

    Yay! Thank my lucky stars (pun intended)! 

    Braden is so cute and sweet. And even if it’s super forward, I don’t really care. 

    I know you will see this ?

    V3 DAmn..... CHEader
    V3 You told me you loved me.....
  • im a living goddamn stereotype with a weird taste in music hi

    13 NOV   Redmond, WA, USA

    Dont mind me, just strolling along here, not talking to anyone and complaining. Im not eve sure why i post anymore im just bored i dont respond to shit. My profile pic is a mess (DUDE JUST LIKE ME) also I havent liked anyone in years so good like getting with my dysfunctional ass. Anyways, its been a year since i used this so I should updae what I like:

    kids shows, and movies, since im childish

    Cooking, and acting like a housewife


    Steam Powered Giraffe (DEM HARMONIES ARE ON POINT)

    old vines

    I have a puppy

    Did I mention I have a puppy

    I only listen to musicals and only watch Brandan Rogers, and act like an overly sassy tv character

    I have no confidence

    Halloween is the best and I work at a haunted house (dream job is a serial killer :))

    I dont have a best friend, or any really close friends tbh

    Im not talented at anything really

    I spend hours a day singing and listening to music

    Vocaloid is good fuck you

    Bai bitch

    MichiganLibertarian(straight) XDddddeeee ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    V3 Hey you called me a bitch XD
    terry king Sorry for the way you feel,but you know something???you got a talent-Singing,you could become a Singer if you love music that much,you could message me if you want to talk more.
    drake <3 I agree with 85 of what you said, we should talk
  • Interests and friends and crap

    13 NOV   Florence, AL, United

    I'm not really looking for a relationship atm but I'm good with being friends. I normally just go with the flow. I don't really make decisions unless they are absolutely crucial. I love reading, writing, listening to and doing music, gaming, skateboarding, and hanging out. I love horror, mystery, romance, action, and comedy movies. My career choices would be in order musician, csi, forensic scientist, and housewife. I have a few mental health problems but they aren't normally really bad. I love to sing although I'm not sure I'm even good.? That's about it. Congrats if you made it through this without skipping anything. I tend to ramble.

    Julie ovallee Letโ€™s givenit a shot as friends, and itโ€™s fine I ramble some times too
    Sbr388 Im a musician hmu
    joseph sup, i like art, sports, classic rock, and horror films, and i tend to ramble sometimes
  • Okay, so this probably doesn?t go here, but? it?s funny.

    15 NOV   Menifee, CA, USA

    This is so funny! Studio C is the bomb, so check it out. 

    It seems weird at first, but keep watching and it’s absolutely hilarious!!! 9VH8lvZ-Z1g

    the black crayon is just awesome. 

  • Breaking...................

    12 NOV   Meredith, NH, USA

    My friends are trying to kill themselves, school is a nightmare and all my hope is gone, They tell me it's going to get better in time but I've been waiting for years. I've hurt so many and lost so much. What do I have left family? Ha! Funny joke...I know not many people will read this and no one will care but I curse the world for everything it has done.

    Dalton Live that every day of my life wish I could help and help myself
    Julia (piece of shiat) Hey... based on your age im guessing your in middle school. Those were the worst years of my life, as you may be able to see from some of my much older posts. I cut myself, I was anorexic, I tried to kill myself. All my friends were depressed. No one was happy.But Im in high school now, and its SO much better. Im having fun every day, and Im so much happier. Talking to therapists and talking pills also helped me. I have things to look foward to now, I have something to live for. Of course, there are still dark days, but, everything feels so much nicer. Please just push though it, this is the most oversaid thing, and I didnt believe it... but it really really does get better.
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
    MichiganLibertarian(straight) My 12 year old self was a nightmare
  • Exposing AbbiM (FAKE PIC GIRL)

    20 MAR   Alicante, A, Spain


    Online now 13 · Woman

    Kansas City, KS, USA

    Insta: maxiandharveyofficial twitter @Max_Luca_Mills

    And this is she on Instagram maxiandharveyofficial maxiandharveyofficial

    annabelle my email stuff is being weird but i gotta ask... in the message you sent me, fake what?
    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Meet friends or maybe more

    12 NOV   Birmingham, UK

    Hey, I’m Taylor and I’m 15. I’m looking to talk to some people as I’m home schooled so I don’t really talk to other people apart from family. Or find a relationship. I’ll do long distance but only like in a England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I’m bisexual. And I’m NOT GOING TO SEND NUDES SO DONT ASK. Message me if you want to talk. 

    MichiganLibertarian(straight) I was homeschooled I hated it
  • Looking to meet new people

    13 NOV   Seattle, WA, USA

    Looking to meet new people and maybe start a relationship so hmu. Add my snap: ethan.a80

  • Let-s make something else clear

    11 NOV   Wichita, KS, United

    I don't beg for attention, I don't beg for anyone to call me, I don't beg for anyone to text me, and I don't beg to be liked. It's whatever. When I get tired of competing for affection and attention, I just drop you from my life 

  • Wanting to meet new people

    11 NOV   Miami, FL, USA

    Hit me up on snapchat or instagram if you trying to talk.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • LIFE in itself, have fun

    11 NOV   Auckland, New Zealan

    casuals? XD jks come fuck xD also joking, chats and chill 

    hmu if y’all want too ig 

  • Friends or a bf 15-17

    11 NOV   NJ, USA

     i play soccer,basketball,softball and tennis. I  like cooking reading and listening to music, I watch riverdale, on my block, the flash,13rw,etc. I also watch youtube (Dolan twins,Shane Dawson,David dobrik,etc.)I listen to rap and hip hop and bachata

    Deepak Khas Do u like to listen to 2pac,biggie and other legends like them?
  • Basically the nutshell

    10 NOV   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Hiya! I will not say my name but only to the people I trust! That is the same for the picture! Anyway, I am a bisexual girl seeking for friends and dates! Thanks!!!! Also I am ver aware of predators so I migh be a little over protective.

  • Lol I make lots of posts

    10 NOV   Wichita, KS, United

    But seriously, STOP following me and STOP adding me on my social media if you're not going to talk to me, or you're gonna leave me on seen. It's annoying and it's kind of a waste of my time. Anyone who does that from here on out will simply be deleted and/or blocked. 

  • Hmu (read description) Don?t be shy

    09 NOV   Somewhere

    Here to meet cool new ppl and maybe a bf if the right guy comes along. Don’t be shy to talk.

  • Talk cause Its the weekend and I-m bored

    09 NOV   Warren, MI, USA

    Hey anyone want to talk over email or instagram or mobile chat if interested mobile chat me and we'll talk

  • Apologies and other such nonsense

    09 NOV   New Meadows, ID, Uni

    I seldom remember if this websites existence and am deeply sorry to those of you who I have ceased to answer or reply. Also if you’re going to add my Snapchat, msg me your usernames first so I know who is who ig. Thanks

  • Hi I-m Gavin I-m 13 I play hockey and like sports

    31 MAR   Philadelphia, PA, US

    HMU if you wanna talk idc if it's guys and girls (for friends) or girls for a relationship. I'm not gonna ask you for nudes I'm not one of those guys. And yeah just hmu I'm bored add me on socials too that's probably better actually. But I'll talk to anyone.

  • Talk To Me On Instagram!

    08 NOV   Gaborone, Botswana

    Y'all, For Some Reason I Can't Reply To Messages, So Just Inbox Me On Instagram If You'd Like To Get To Know Me! ?

    @honey_andgold. Inbox Me Now ?


    08 NOV   Springfield, OH, Uni

    I would like to have a girlfriend who is 15-19 that lives in or near Springfield Ohio
    So message me if your interested

  • Let-s make something clear

    07 NOV   Wichita, KS, United

    I'm NOT sending pics or video chatting with guys or old people (if there happens to be any here). If you add me on my social media, you MUST have a WORKING camera and/or audio device, as I will need to make sure that you are real, plus I prefer vid chatting over just typing all day long. If you are against things like dirty jokes (which I make often), nudes, hook-ups, video-chatting/audio-chatting, and if you're racist or stereotypical, DO NOT add me or message me, because you'll be ignored. 

  • I-m bored and looking for people to talk to

    06 NOV   Warren, MI, USA

    Yeah I'm bored. Anyone want to talkin on the mobile chat or instagram?

  • please everyone read.......

    06 NOV   New York, NY, United

    Am Drake John moving to NY soon am looking for  friends I can talk to OR play some games (mobile RPGs)with  Am 16 single looking for a girlfriend am nice and honest, shy .... Just want someone who would understand me and I would understand a real relationship..  Don't want liars cause am not one and no fake people  I don't really care about age 13 -18 ..... Just got discord drake-John#1094.... Or send me an email first .. Want some who I will trust and really understand 

  • Can someone plz help me with navigating this website

    06 NOV   Warren, MI, USA

    Does anyoone know how the conversation ourteentwork works? Or when in the chat room it says that person is mobile? What do those 2 mean?

    Ash_:) The mobile part just mean they are active on here and the first part is either the post or the messages you get! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • What is going on here.............???

    04 NOV   Nkawkaw, Ghana

    I don't get something. Why do people here chat others with preference to their colour or sexuality or race or anything else? Im just trynna say its not fair so guys try and stop....

    If you chat without your own pic, you are good to go but immediately you upload your pic or send them your pics then they ignore you totally just because of your colour or what?

    Can someone give me an explanation???

    Brainy umm yeah thats right
    kjolly People are allowed preferences and if someone doesnt find a certain skin colour attractive, theyre allowed to. It doesnt mean you like them less as a person but you just dont see them as relationship material.
    kjolly You realise that people might not be into you based on your terrible grammar rather than your appearance
    Brainy lol grammar? umm do most people think about that? well i dont cos its not everyone who is fluent and can write well so i cant use that to judge
  • Looking for people just talk to ---

    04 NOV   Philippines

    Hey y'll hit me up in SC/IG/TW. But i'm not that active so expect late replies lmao. You clearly understand what i'm looking for so don't damn ask me nudes nor some shitty things coz i'm just gonna have some decent talks. 

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    14 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    Lookinng for a relationship I do not care about gender Im 13 I like Manga Video Games and anime cHaracters My favorite Singer is Billie Eilish belyace and you should see me in a crown are the best Im also noy allowed to show my facebefore you ask I ready for all the people calling me a pedo

    Braden (taken) I want to make you happy do you want to be in relationship
    Otaku_2018 BILLIE EILISH, HELL YEAHHHH HMU LOL XD, sorry for caps btw, we have so much in common lol
  • Hellooo I-m new to this site add me text me we can chat

    03 NOV   Istanbul, Turkey

    Let's meet text me here or add me on snapchat instagram whatever you want. I'm open to anything. Also you can add me on steam or epic games to play fortnite or else. 


    Epic games: EmBeeOh

  • Text my kik friendos

    02 NOV   Arlington, VA, USA

    I'm all about making new friends (maybe more) and talking about stuff like music, video games, and movie's. 

  • ian jones/

    01 NOV   New York, NY, USA

    i invite u to view my uploads on youtube on the above stated chanell or again my chanell is ian jones #support#

  • yet another new chat room

    31 OCT   Girard, KS, USA

    since chatstep is going offline, i created yet another new chat room, go ahead and join, it is

    Heckty Ironnannnn
    Heckty Ironmannnn ๐Ÿ˜‚ Whereve you beennn
    LinkXD busy man sorry
    Heckty Ahhh dudeeeee where else can I talk to you??? Just here or on that other chat thingy??
  • Someone talk to me on snap or kik

    26 OCT   Denver, CO, USA

    Im really bored and i want to talk to something idk yeah I'm really bored and in need of some money so if y'all have any ideas hmu

  • Nothing really but read it anyways

    27 OCT   Mars

    Hmm welp i got grounded and the only site that will work on my laptop is chatogo. Com........y'all should go on there it really needs more ppl......anyhow catch flights ? not feelings ?

    Wolverine There will be familiar gys Bcoz u figured out a way to bypass or just some new...
    Sid I also got grounded when i drank too much beer, i guess that was not a good idea but I enjoyed it.
    Groot15 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚I go on there and its simple
  • Looking to meet new people on snapchat

    11 SEP   Seattle, WA, USA

    Heyy! Im Elle and im looking for new people to add me on snapchat. Guys and girls add me and we can get to know each other better ;)

    KingYasin Sounds cool๐Ÿ‘
    creativeKid Add me back, user name is Meek Meals
    Markizard16 Your so beautiful
  • Im Looking for a girlfreind

    31 OCT   Oxnard, CA, USA

    Hey I'm 14 and looking for a girl that wont ditch me for another guy. Also I hope that they are kind, loving, and somewhat maintain good grades. So if that's you HMU on Kik.

  • Sup.................

    07 SEP   Meredith, NH, USA

    So if you really want to know my social media then you need to get to know me first. I have some I just don't use it much. So please don't ask right away, I would feel more comfortable getting to know you first.

  • Chatting about anything on kik/snap

    21 JUL   Anchorage, AK, USA

    Yo I'm a 14 y/o looking for teens no older than 16 to chat cause why not. I don't really care about the subject, just know I'm really self consious. If you want any kind of chats, clean or not, hmu.

    Jackl210 Hmu on snap @jackl210
    Xavier_BM17 Define a therblig
  • Looking for friends

    23 OCT   My house

    Just looking for friends to talk too cause I'm bored rn. hmu if your 13-15  If ur older you might get blocked 

  • Bianka is totally fake just so everyone knows

    26 OCT   Portland, OR, USA

    Bianka (I am a girl) is definitely not a girl, it was fun to troll the old man though

    Sith How the hell did you figure that out lol
    Lil Breeze Oh shes not๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Michael Peck She is real Iโ€™ve done live cam with her and she showed her self
  • Tips looking for a 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara?

    26 OCT   Joplin, MO, USA

    Anyone have any tips on trying to find and purchase a 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara? If you do, please let me know. Thanks!

  • If you message my Kik or Instagram

    26 OCT   Wherever I want

    Um... I'd appreciate you to message me on here instead jump automatically to my Kik or Instagram. It saves both of us time, energy and I'm less likely to block you since I've gotten the chance to slightly get to know you, rather than have a complete stranger on my list of chats.

  • looking for a bf/gf long distance relationship

    25 OCT   Poplar, MT, USA

    heya! i'm looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend to have a long distance relationship with :')

    let me know if you're interested haha

  • I-m looking for friends out there or the perfect one

    25 OCT   Philippines

    Hi! I'm Claude and I'm looking for a friend to talk with and probably know him/her much better...I'm a kind person whose good in handling things such as emotion and problems...I look life in a  positive way I can...I'm a bisexual and more likely to get attracted to guys... I haven't gone in a relationship before yet I'm looking forward for it..

    Claude (Bi) You can add me on my Instagram account calvin_143 and to my Snapchat account Calvin_8213
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