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  • I-m lesbian, and I-m in a relationship

    26 AUG   Rogers, AR, United S

    Listen boys stop texting me pics of your penis, IM LESBIAN FOR GOD SAKE, I don't want boys fuck texting me

    Dylan Green Uhhhh if they did jail timeeeeeee just so u know and Iโ€™m normal lol

  • All about me, looking for someone

    10 JUL   Eaton, OH, United St

    Hey, I'm 17, pansexual, and very open to new things. I'm a life scout, I wrestle, cycle, & rock climb. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching tv. Feel free to ask me anything else you wanna know.

    About my type..........

    I have a lot of things I look for, but just because you don't have any of these doesn't mean I won't talk to you. Now of course I look for personality first, but These are the physical attributes 

    Age........ 12-20

    Gender........ doesn't matter 

    Ethnicity.......... White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, islander

    Sexuality........doesn't matter 

    Height.......... 4'0"-5'3"

    Smoke........... doesn't smoke

    Drink............. doesn't matter 

    Kids............... doesn't matter 

    Want kids....... doesn't matter

    Jordyn Bowers Hey where do you live I live in Kentucky
    Alex Hey im Alex, feel free to message me
    Hanna Murphy (taken) Hey honey! I have all
    1 day ago
  • I-m looking for friends maybe a bf but I don-t send nudes

    05 NOV   Carlyle, IL, United

    Hey ppl I'm from Illinois, USA. Don't text me if you don't live in the United States. I like to hunt, fish, read, write, and play sports

    Helper Wrtie a commenttoo young
    Foxtheman Hi, how are you
    Zach fantom sup im zachery
    2 days ago
  • My Account Got Deleted (Twice)

    17 NOV   New York, NY, United

    Okay so, I learned recently you can delete your account. For people who do want to delete their account: Just contact the people who run this website and ask for your account to be deleted. I didn't ask for mine to be deleted, I was just saying they should put the option in (along with other things) for people who want theirs deleted. A lot of people most likely won't know to contact the creators to delete their account. But anyways, I told them how I didn't want mine deleted and had already created another one, but they only saw "delete" so maybe these are machines and saw that word so they thought that's what I wanted. So I ended up having to make this account again - it's my third time. 
    To any of the people I was talking to, I hope you can find me again. I can't remember your username or if I do, it won't find you in the search bar. There is about two good things about all this: I learned how to delete my account if I need/want to and I get a fresh start on here. 
    I doubt peope will see this or even read it, but if you do - hello! If you could, would you mind reading my other post? That gives you information on me if you're interested in being friends or more. Thank you. (:

    Dan For delete your account, only send email to and request to delete your account, sorry for the previous error
    3 days ago
    Bill Good to know, ty
    2 days ago
  • New on here and bored

    01 NOV   Hampden Sydney, VA,

    I'm super bored so hmu and I'll probably answer. I have to get to 80 characters so imma keep writing about random things to meet that very unrealistic goal.

    jose()¤-¤() hey welcome just remember tyler advice we can be friends anyway
  • If you cared you think more

    15 NOV   Greenville, GA, Unit

    For everyone out there who believes that seeing a girls body is everything get your life checked bc the womans body is hers unless you married but dude stop begging for nudes it’s disrespectful and wrong hmu anytime for my opinion on anything im a straight up person

  • comment if u would date me or nah

    10 NOV   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    juss wondering bc like ik im ugy lmao so im curious idc lmao jus comment

    Gavin Yes i would
    AndrewPlayz [Taken by my beautiful AthenaC] 1 you are not ugly, your beautiful and 2 I would date you
  • I have the best gf!!(Amber Lexi Rodgers)

    12 NOV   Philadelphia

    Baby you dont understand how much u make me happy. I am so glad that you came into my life. I love you Lexi? You are mine and im yours forever and always.  10.29.17??

    Lexi I love you so much baby! no matter what i will always love you. youre mine.
  • Hey you know what we both want if you look at this

    13 NOV   Indianapolis, IN, Un not going to play around with this...theres no point...the chance that im gonna find a girl to actually meet in person is hmu for friendship, just to talk about your bad day, or if you just need a release and have fun...and if ur wondering about the pic...well just talk to me and you'll see it...just him plz.... (girls only plz)

  • Need people for my band

    12 NOV   Arlington, TX, Unite

    I need people boy or girl near Arlington to join my band it is a rock band called legal at ten I am a singer and play guitar I need a drummer and bassist and mabey a second guitarist and another vocalist 

  • Y R all the cute guys gay or fake?

    24 OCT   NJ, United States

    tell me y all the cute boys gay, fake, or extremly horny?? like fr, y cant yall just b normal, sweet dudes

    Gin scythe damn 140 comments GGWP
    Lexi Slightly hurt by the thing with people saying its annoying that more people or homo but thats because it is now where people dont get bullied as much for being homo. Its starting to be a normal thing now
    Dustin when it shouldnt be. as i said, you brain wash people into thinking it is normal. its disgusting. yeah yeah go ahead and call me a homophobic, and a hater and all that crap. heard it all. how am i afraid of gays if i just dont like them? i dont have to like them, but your short minded selves have such limited vocabulary, so thats all you can call someone who doesnt like queers.
    SwogerTagz yes things like being gay is not suppose to be normal,its such a shame even companies like YT support them
  • Looking for fun girls to talk with

    09 NOV   Flowood, MS, United

    Hey name is bryce I'm just bored looking for some fun girls who would want to talk. Snap chat me my username is c_hedge

    Samanthalovesgirls16 I will hun Kik or Snapchat
  • To some people, dont hate me for it but I love it

    12 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    I love it when Dawning421 doesnt answer me, I just like to say that his photos look fake, and he also broke my friend Adylyn's heart, Im going to go after him personally. Well thats all and Im looking for a boyfriend so hmu

    Averytheginger Hey Sara want to talk ?
    SingleNSearching Text me (909)225-8047
    Brody Im single and looking for a girlfriend we should chat Im 16 as well.
  • Meet new friends and up for a long distance relationship

    30 AUG   Planet earth

    Here's the thing

    I'm open minded and up for fun. I love chocolate books, and I'm ready to listen to anyone. Leave a comment at message me if ur interested,  I'll give u my kik.

    I live in Asia.

    Both guys and girls can message me (please don't ask for nudes )

    Thank you! 

    Marquis Im interested
    Sam I am interested
  • And also quit saying mean stuff

    07 NOV   California

    I also hate when people say mean stuff on here if you have things to say don't say anything at all 

  • I-m fine I promise ?

    07 NOV   California

    Don't worry people I'm fine I'm just lost and have a lot of problems people just keep messaging me to just die if I'm feeling like this I'm sorry to any of you I hurt or I offended 

  • My life is hell how can i make it better

    04 NOV   Pittsburg, KS, Unite

    How can I make my life better instead of me being a stupid no body and feels like dying

  • Meet new people/Just talk or something

    11 OCT   Calgary, AB, Canada

    I'm up for whatever, I'm not the best at convorsations but I'm a good listener. So if you got something to get off your chest, feel free to just message me.

  • Hey need to leave here coz its of no use to me.

    01 NOV   Accra

    Hey guys um I dont know how to go about this. I wanna delete my OTN account permanently coz am not seeing any importance of being here. I couldnt locare anyone. So can someone teach me how to delete this account permanently? Hmu if you can

  • hapi new month to everyone on OTN

    01 NOV   isolo

    Hey there ppl i was sent 2 tell you Happy New Month i wish that everyone finds whatever they nid either bf or gf if you want 2 find any bf or gf reply to dis new month luck of mine nd someone u shall find........ ITZ JOSE(JOKER) hahahahahaha

  • Where-s all the attractive and conceited ppl

    31 OCT   Madera, CA, United S

    Prove you got a nicer face structure than mine , not bragging just facts 

    Kendyl Hey!๐Ÿ’•
    Jtโค๐Ÿ˜˜ Hahahaha lol ik lits a boys with cuter faces too
  • I just wanna talk about problems....that someone might understand ?

    31 OCT   Gay , Area 51

    My life's depressing after my grandmother's passing my life has been harder and my crush wasn't interested in you wanna help me just message

    Kahmari 1735 I love helping others
    Kish Katrina Hey Kahmari...just message me ....
  • @ people who are interested in

    28 OCT   Mullins, SC, United

    I'm 15 and in South Carolina, if you don't actually look at my profile and just add me on Snapchat and start sending dick pics and asking for nudes do not expect a good response or one at all. This sites name is outTEENnetwork not our bunch of 20-30 year old network to see if we can get nudes from everyone.  Be a decent human being and I'll be one back ?

    Brainy Does anyone need a bf
    Danny Hey hmu I would like to get to know you and I hope the same the other way too
    Adamn_32 Hey hmu on snap
  • I need help with something. :p

    17 OCT   Falcon 9 Rocket

    Heyo It's Conner. I need help covering self harm scars. i dont want no shit saying don't cut and stuff i just need advice on how to cover them and how to stop. I'm looking for like stuff i could do at home without my parents knowing, i know its bad to hide things like that but i just need to for now. well if you can help pm me or comment below. thanks xxx 

    ._.NoNameKid._. Matt/Matthew its on my wrist :/
    Kristen|Trans|In Relationship Wrist bands... I dont know if you tend to wear them.. I used to wear long sleeved shirts since my cuts/scars run up and down my entire arm.
    Aiden Carolina y
    Aiden And u cant tell me its not u I know its u cuz of somethings falcon 9 rocet only u told me u wanted to live there and something else message me when u come online and I wilk prove its u cuz I got evidence its u
  • Hmu for a good time or don-t, up to you

    02 AUG   Eaton, OH, United St

    Hey I'm pretty much only here so I can get nudes. So if u wanna trade add my sc or kik at noah_towe. Any age, any gender 

    Benjamin hey ur hella cute
  • someone to talk with bc sad af. also looking for a boy friend/ just friends

    26 OCT   Auckland, New Zealan

    look for some frinds on this thing feel so longly and sad af, or maybe a boy friend if anyone would take a trashy person like me but any why message me if u want. aslo add me on instagram - @lowkey.benjamin, Snapchat - xoxbenjamin and ma back up account b-campbell03

    Collin Trummel Youโ€™re too young to be my bf but Iโ€™ll talk
  • any one want to talk ??

    28 OCT   Auckland, New Zealan

    just any gay bi idc anyone want to chat bc im bored af and dont really no how this websit works :)

  • A Female Friend Who I Can Cuddle and Chill With

    12 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

    I've been going through a lot of shit these past years. I don't have friends anymore and it is really really lonely. I'm nice and caring. I might not talk very much or I might talk a lot. If you don't like something I do, you can tell me. I respect wishes. I am not a touchy person honestly. I am not used to it. But when it happens with someone I am comfortable with, I'll enjoy it. I always ask if I want to touch. I suggest you do that too. I'm in to girls below 170 and aren't darker than tan. Sorry.

    Hanna (Happily taken) Im almost in exact mindset, you can pm me if u want
  • I-m really done trying

    18 SEP   Chicago Heights, IL,

    I'm gonna go ahead and just end my account on here. Everytime I am here, no one talks to me. I'm already stressed out a bit, I just need a break from everything. I'm done getting called ugly, I'm done with being made fun of. I try so hard to be perfect but apparently nobody gives a shit if I am nice or not, it always depends on if I am cute. So I'm done, goodbye hope someone reads this

  • Hi, I-m Katlyn and I-m new here.

    01 OCT   Hammond, LA, United

    I'm Katlyn, but you can call me Lynlyn, Lyn, or Lia. I'm a lesbian, 16, and would prefer to just look for friends. I'm new here, so not use to everything. But I will say this, if you only want to talk to me because of my looks, and not me as a person, just don't even bother. 

    Angelo 16 hey im always looking for friends hmu
  • Important Question 2 Be Questioned

    05 JUL   Sheboygan, WI, Unite

    Opinions needed below. When you ask someone "can I ask you a question?" is that your question right there because that technically counts as a question but in other circumstances, do you follow up that question with a question? What does that question fall into the category of within questions?

    go_suave My mind right now๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฅ
    Cold Hearted 77 But whoever said a question had to be one? Asking a question doesnt mean there is a boundary or limited to one question. The reason its asked is to open a door for more questions which that person has a basic understanding. So yes u are asking a question but the other person doesnt count it as a question. Such as thumbs arent considered fingers.
    Country (Taken) A question is A question. Not a few or even a couple. I would say that it counts as the Question. lol
    Ollie89 @Cold Hearted 77 if you ask can I ask a question then youre talking about one question
  • I-m bi need someone to talk too

    26 OCT   The Colony, TX, Unit

    Looking for someone too dump a conversation on whoever wants to do the same I guess I'm here 

  • Hey guys! Im not looking anything at the moment!!

    12 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey guys, Im looking for some friends( GIrls and guys) and maybe a girlfriend, Ha! Anyways hmu down below, 

  • feelings so ... sad and like a huge disappointment to my friend

    01 AUG   North Plains, OR, Un

    so I feel like I am a waste to any of my friends and I just wish that they would completely trust me and not think I'm not for real of who I am. my life is escalating down and it s not going to go up im guessing. I just wish that things wouldn't be like they are for me. I've come out of hiding and told people about myself but they don't believe or trust me meaning my friend. I have no idea why I thought that coming out of hiding would help me. ?

    Aniela161709 (????) thanks guys. really appreciate it
    Nameless73 Hey if you ever need to talk, girl to girl you can always message me. I know the general feeling and I might be able to help
    Nightmarebuddy Hey baby I just want you to know that things will definitely get to being a lot better. Trust me, you will begin to see things being so much better you will finally be more happier than you realized you ever would be.
  • Bored, Wanna talk to new ppl

    24 OCT   Alexandria, Alexandr

    Anyone's interested to be friends with a 19 yo guy ?

    I'm not really searching for love i just need some friends

  • Just the Basic stuff and more

    23 OCT   Bountiful, UT, Unite

    I'm Josh I'm a nice honest cute funny amazing person and a Video Gamer I play with One Hand just Read the Gamers thing I Posted and you will know I meant. Also I am trying to look for a Cute Girl and I'm single so that's about it for now. Kik is Joshyoung7000 if you wanna get to know me. So Bye for the Time being. 

  • Friendship/Relationship

    21 OCT   Hamilton, Bermuda

    I'm Shattered Moonlight and i was looking for friends or a girlfriend and just people to talk to on skype/kik/snapchat. I like My Little Pony, Undertale, Steven Universe and a whole other list of things that i enjoy. Message me on kik or snapchat im usually avalible to talk! (Im straight btw)

  • I just wanna talk....

    20 OCT   Gay , Area 51

    I wanna talk to a gay guy to know what im going through....cause im going through tough times now in my life so if anyone would like to talk...just msg me 

  • A little bit about who I am

    17 OCT   Dallas, TX, United S

    Hi guys, I'm Rose. I'm 14 years old and bisexual. I date men and women but I prefer women. Please talk to me 

    Lizzard Hey. Add me on snapchat if u have it. redrum144
  • Any age Girls hmu ;) 8 1/2 inches for you

    17 OCT   Troup, TX, United St

    Athletic body,  21 male, open minded, kinky, hard, snapchat, kik, hmu for number 

  • I?m lustful, trustful, and I?m looking for somebody to love ??

    12 OCT   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Why can’t you pick more than 1 category on this ?. Despite what the title says, I’m also just looking for some new friends who like video games, anime/manga, and music.

  • Sorry I had a moment XD

    11 OCT   Barrow upon Humber,

    Took me half an hour to figure out how to make a post, not realising I already made one :/

  • Okay boys listen and listen good

    23 JUN   Phoenix, AZ, United

    BOYS DO NOT message me. Why? Because 1 I don't date boys and no that's not grounds to say "My d!ck can change that" uhh no it won't 2 you will get blocked if it is through the chat and most deffenetly reported if it's anywere along the lines of "You wanna sext" "Hey sexy" 'Hi you wanna see my d!ck" and 3 I don't want to always have to say "Not interested" and you still ask if I want to sext or see your d!ck or send you nudes.

    Lyssie.t Preach girl! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ
    levi 2 and 3 are kind of the same and not all guys are horny basterds
    Aron She speaks the truth
  • happy birthday to me guys am now 17

    20 SEP   Buea, Southwest, Cam

    hey guys am so lonely on my birthday now am 17 am so dead happy birthday to moi thank God for adding me one more damn years

  • I think I found scammers on this site

    17 AUG   S

    Hi, I'm new here.  So the first day I joined, I get a pm from a girl saying hi & she needs my help, which is to sign in her dating site.  I didn't want to do it cuz I thought there might be a virus. She claimed it was safe, but didn't want to take the risk so said no.  Next day, another girl pm'd me asking me to do the same thing, & that made me feel very suspicious & said no. And right after, another girl said the same thing, & I was like ok this can't be a coincidence. Any guys been through the same thing? or girls?

    AnimeSamurai (18 male) really? dang, I didnt know it was that serious
    AnimeSamurai (18 male) did u click on the link & sign up?
    turntechGodhead That never happened to me
    TheFunPolice Happend to me a few times, but the administration is more concious about it and they ban those bots/scammers much faster.
  • Sending me random messages..Please stop

    02 AUG   West Chester, PA, Un

    Hey ppl who oare sending me random messages, and would ever plan to..

    Im Not intrested in knowing more about you, Expecially if you know nothing about me.

    Stop trying to rush things along. Honestly annoying af..I understand your single or something but no, I dont what ur snapchat, instagram or anything else!!!!!

    Jae McDonagh I understand you it happens to me too
  • Meet new friends/relationship

    26 SEP   isolo

    Hey there am jose 15 loves playing,music,can make any1 laugh and he is looking 4 friends,gf and every thing nice so hmu lets form a duo in comedy

  • Hi, anyone with kik here? My kik code is: Jeremyrub

    23 SEP   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    Im Jeremy, i like music, sports and food.

    Live pic first (security).

    Im 16 and im from Canada

    If you r a fake dont talk to me

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