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Meet thousands of teenagers in our general forum for teens ,this is a group for meet teens in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Anyone who isnt spamming

    21 SEP   Portland, OR, USA

    Basically my experience so far with this site has been people catfishing. So if you're not catfishing and can prove you're who you say you are hmu

  • Meet people an u know stuff

    21 SEP   Glendale, AZ, USA

    Hey guys what is up I hope everyone is having a good Day an every ones getting wins in fort nite lol

  • Oh nooooooooooooooooo

    20 SEP   Private

    I woke up today and my body feels like it's trying to kill itself. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. What a great start.

  • question that i need answered

    19 SEP   los noches, hueco mu

    why am i not able to access the general chat someone please help i have no idea what i did cause to my knowledge i havent done anything wrong

  • Meet new people/maybe more!

    19 SEP   Spartanburg, SC, Uni

    ayooo, I’m crazy, and try to be funny but hah. I think I’m easy to talk too, just nothing sexual please!

    Kassidy Add me on my kik^^
    2 days ago
    Braden Hi I add you
    2 days ago
    Braden My kick is prrdator118hunter
    2 days ago
  • Any bronies/guys who like mlp? Looking for boyfriend or just friends in gen

    19 SEP   no

    prefer guys. Honestly, i just want friends; people to talk to. Girls usually don't like me, so. Just don't be a dumbass and ask for nudes cus that ain't gonna get you anywhere lmao :^)

  • Looking to meet new people on snapchat

    11 SEP   Seattle, WA, USA

    Heyy! Im Elle and im looking for new people to add me on snapchat. Guys and girls add me and we can get to know each other better ;)

    KingYasin Sounds cool👍
    creativeKid Add me back, user name is Meek Meals
    2 days ago
  • What-s it like in your country?

    18 SEP   Honiara, Solomon Isl

    Just wanting opinions on where you live and what it's like (yes you , the one who's reading this rn ?)

  • No one likes me and i havs no friends

    18 SEP   Detroit, MI, USA

    Im lonely unwanted and honestly feel like i have no friends and no one cares

  • Advice Needed!!!!!!!

    14 SEP   Meredith, NH, USA

    I have a crush and I know he likes me back but he knows I like him. I don't know how to approach him or anything nor do I know if he wants a relationship. I need advice!!!

    Braden Be brace follow your heart and go for it ask him but show confidence
    Vargas935 Start a convo and get to know each other and then have a date or something and idk lol
    3 days ago
    Jose Take the chance let him know if youre interested and just chat with him. You never know when you are going loose this chance so take some risks
    3 days ago
  • Why would someone add another person in Snapchat if they don-t want to talk

    17 SEP   Independence, OR, US

    Like.... Some people added me on snapchat, and then I send them a message saying "hi". Why add me if you don't want to talk? Does anyone else find that weird? Does anyone else have this happen?

  • Random Comment that will probably be ignored.

    11 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    I just think emo ppl are so brave. They display their inner emotions like a flag and endure all the hate that gets throw at them. They don't use masks to cover and hide how they truly are, they display themselves for all to see and judge.

    Braden I know Ive down but I can never be myself anymore
    Nerd@5 Whats so cool about shatteredglass ? I know atleast 10 ppl with the same username on some stupid social network
  • Want to talk? I-m nerdy, adventerous, bored, and want to have fun.

    16 SEP   Independence, OR, US

    Hey, I'm Eli. I love Music, playing guitar, and nerdy things such as History, comics, and sci-fi. I also love to travel and learn about science, people, cultures, and the world.

  • Anyone wants their edited/Photoshoped?

    16 SEP   Honiara, Solomon Isl

    Yeah practically bored so need practice editing photos ??

  • Need people to talk to. HMU

    15 SEP   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    Hey. Name's Mitch. If you want to talk, I'm bored, so I'll be glad to. HMU on insta, Snapchat, or Twitter.

  • Friend ship or more :P

    15 SEP   Airdrie, AB, Canada

    Hi, I'm Lauryann I'm 13  I'm looking for friendships that could become more if I'm interested in you. I have Instagram and Facebook might be getting snap soon. I don't do sexual stuff or nudes, stuff like that.:P

  • Been a while. What happened?

    15 SEP   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    It's been a while since I was here IG. But I've been thorugh a lot. The only thing I'll ask someone is what happened while I was gone? Any drama?

    Hachiko Any drama? U ask like this place was really less silent lol
  • Kinda hard getting new friends here

    15 SEP   Glasgow, UK

    Hey everyone, am Brainy 18yrs old. Loves surfing the internet, loves music of any kind and many more. Just want some cool friends to hangout with. I hope i get some


  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    14 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    Lookinng for a relationship I do not care about gender Im 13 I like Manga Video Games and anime cHaracters My favorite Singer is Billie Eilish belyace and you should see me in a crown are the best Im also noy allowed to show my facebefore you ask I ready for all the people calling me a pedo

    Braden I want to make you happy do you want to be in relationship

  • M-Kay...Sexuality is Weird AF

    13 SEP   Sanford, FL, USA

    SKSKSKS so I'm probably not gay.

    I'm probably very straight.

    I definitely like girls, probably since like fourth or fifth grade or earlier? (IDK, memory is kinda bad)

    But like...I've had "crushes" on guys before, and IDK if it's because I was attracted to them or to the idea of being them.

    If you want a full(ish) story, dm me.

    --Cayden Samuel

    heekin420 maybe both.. like maybe you are bi or some shit
  • OPENTHISPAL (Communismisgayasf)

    13 SEP   Birmingham, UK

    Good Whenever You Are Reading This,

    I'm bored of being a complete loner so fuckin add me init son.

    Snapchat: heekin420

    Instagram: nivxid

  • hmu on kik or snap (straight)

    13 SEP   Rochester, NY, USA

    my kik is GunnerJonzy, snap is justinjonzy

    I dont really have any preferences when it comes to looks, just bored

  • So movie recommendations . Watch em before u die !!!

    12 SEP   Jamnagar, Gujarat, I

    These are my favourite movie which I want you gys to see . If u want . 

    1. One of the best I ve ever seen 

          THE LORD OF THE RING whole trilogy is great . Greatest .

    2. One of my favourite superhero 


    3. Inception 

    4. Interstellar 

    5. THE HOBBIT trilogy 

    6. 3 IDIOTS . 

    7. Must watch this one !





  • looking for an online date or friend 13 to 16

    11 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    m looking for an online date age 13 to 16. I like The Last of Us, Persona 4, Danganronpa, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, twenty one pilots,Halsey, drawing, and talking to people. I can be annoying at times but I think im a fun person to talk to message me on kik 

  • Hi here to make friends or whatever ?

    09 SEP   California, USA

    Hi I’m looking for cool friends who wanna talk all the time. And I’m also looking for a bf/gf maybe so HMU !! 

  • Anyone, interested in memes?

    09 SEP   Kolkata, West Bengal

    Idc about much as long you have dank memes . Moreover, I wanna talk about random stuff ,patrician music , and argue if you're up for it. Ps- I'm an experienced debater. 

  • anyone wanna skype chat

    25 JUN   Gold Coast, Queensla

    hi im a 15 year old male i can be interesting and dirty so hmu if u wanna skype

    EDistin42 Im interested
    EDistin42 Snap: ellisdistin4
    Gyen yeah sure. what is your skype account name and picture
  • Just looking for friends

    23 AUG   My house

    Looking for people to talk to cause I'm bored way too much. If u wanna talk add my snap vslater234 and we can talk there. Don't be creepy or weird. I'm acc 13 and I don't do nudes so don't ask. If u gonna ask don't even bother. And preferably be between 13-15

  • Sup.................

    07 SEP   Meredith, NH, USA

    So if you really want to know my social media then you need to get to know me first. I have some I just don't use it much. So please don't ask right away, I would feel more comfortable getting to know you first.

  • I request the publics opinion on a certain matter.

    06 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    Am I a cunt if I have standards and say no to giving out nudes? Is it a bad thing to be against child pornography and a violation to my privacy?

  • I request the public-s opinion on a certain matter.

    06 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    Am I a cunt if I have standards and say no to giving out nudes? Is it a bad thing for me to be against child pornography and a violation to my privacy?

    EllieRose Its not bad or wrong to say NO if youre uncomfortable with ANYTHING
    DashRavens If you feel uncomfortable then say no. Its your choice in the end.
    Thedearpyshrimp You have a choice just cuz you dont want to send nudes doesnt make you a cunt
  • Looking to meet new people

    05 SEP   Seattle, WA, USA

    Im looking to meet new people on snapchat. Im 16 and I am from Seattle. Add me and hmu!

  • Trust issues I have with dating

    05 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    Normally when I am 'looking' for a relationship, I typically date my guy friends. I guess it's a trust issue or something. I just don't feel comfortable hooking up with a random stranger, rather than getting to know the person. To know if they are trustworthy, then I'm willing to date them. (Well I'd also have to like them, but let's just put that fact aside for now.) Then I'd be fine with spilling facts and stuff. I mean, I guess I'm okay with dating, but my parents don't let me, so I'd often lie about your identity. This is why I'm single and have no experience. Lol.

  • Trying to find my girlfriend Nikki

    03 SEP   Aurora, CO, USA

    Nikki, it's Aaliyah. My account wouldnt let me log back on. I swear i haven't been ignoring you. I swear. Im trying to put this on every forum. Please see this. I really want to talk to you again.

  • For everyone asking and wondering

    02 SEP   USA

    plz stop texting me bout my friend she is not looking for anyone to talk to anymore

  • Help from a random person please

    02 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    I'm doing an art assignment for class and I need some suggestions and inspirations.

    Thedearpyshrimp Draw something that is special to you
  • A message to people who will ask unneeded questions

    01 SEP   Cottonwood, CA, USA

    My profile has the information on where I live and how old I am. You don't need to ask me through messages when the answer can be accessed by common sense. I'd appreciate it if you at least read my profile before texting me.

  • Looking for friends and a relationship (bf or gf)

    31 AUG   Philippines

    I'm hoping to meet new friends and to find that someone... I am friendly and caring to everybody... I used to value relations with everyone!

  • I need writer friends :) and just friends :)

    15 AUG   Orangeville, PA, Uni

    Okay! So I have kinda clickbaited you here!!!! Muahahhaa! I mean the writer friend part is coming up later. 

    So I have been through some changes since I was last here. Those who knew me  beforehand probably know me as an ultra aggressive biatch with 0 empathy (if you offend my friends, family or me, I can still let her out of the cage). Well that was just my exterior. The part of me that I had shown the most. I did that irl too. To hide the fact that I was hurting on the inside. Well, a week at camp and a 8pm-4am talk with one of my best friends helped me realize that I don’t need to do that. Believe it or not, I am a kind person. I know what it is like to not have much. I know what it is like to be abused (in more ways than one). I know what it is like to have people expect more than you can offer. I am not looking for a bf right now (I am heterosexual ((straight)) but I am cool with guy friends. I grew up as and still am “one of the guys” In my group of friends there is a mix of guys and girls. I tend to hang with the guys because they do the fun stuff like sports and talk about superhero’s. I honestly am still a very picky person when it comes to guys but I realized that there is no one out there perfect for me because everyone has flaws. I mean my other long asf post still stands but my standards are lowered a bit. 

    Things You Should Know

    1. I just want someone to listen. I have my friends but having a guy who actually listens is nice. It debunks the stereotype that all guys are stupid
    2. i need someone to be there for me, literally through thick in thin. Don’t just say it. Mean it. I have days where I spiral into a big depressing hole and it takes forever for me to climb back out because there is no one to help me. 
    3. I am also super hyper and energetic. I am not exaggerating. I am really loud too. And obnoxious. And spontaneous. 
    4. I write for fun and I demand feedback on my stories. I need honesty. 
    5. I hate talking about myself but I will if it is what is needed to keep a conversation alive. You need to carry your weight in the conversation too. 
    6. I use emojis...a lot. Not because I am basic but because I am a very expressive person. I use my hands A LOT when I talk. I have actually hit people before 
    7. I text in complete sentences. Sometimes. 
    8. I am in the EST time zone 
    9. i am usually a happy person. I laugh and smile A LOT. My humor is twisted too. Lol. I have been told it’s noticeable when something is bugging me. 
    10. I jump around a lot. I’m bouncy. It kinda goes with the energy thing 
    11. I am a mix between a geek and a nerd. 
    12. HARRY POTTER!!!!

    I think that is it for now guys 

    Erika ^^ I think I skipped the Writer friend part. I need writer friends....there
    riley ,, i can do most of those things i write and love superheroes ?? yep !
    Erika ^^ Oof. Another long one 😂
    Cl053D So... what you saying is that you clickbaited youre post to get people read that long paragraph am i right?
  • .....can-t give a title

    10 AUG   Chittagong, Banglade

    Iam Zarin.Im a kpop fangirl so i like korean guys or guys who look like them??.but other super cute guys will also do for me.I hate pervs nd horny ppl.I don't like dirty chats.i want a bf but a decent one who dosen't talk dirty,by the way i don't like guys from bangladesh,india,south India nd not being a resist i just don't like them and I know i am not beautiful

  • Hi welcome to Chilis

    24 AUG   Fairfax, VA, USA

    I'm bisexual and would like a person to make vine references with. Friendship or relationship are welcomed

    Midnightwoods I love vine and danke memes
    Midnightwoods If you have hangouts you can look me up at
    Flash(taken) mines and who doesnt make vine refereences?
  • if you have hangouts, click here

    25 AUG   Girard, KS, USA

    i need someone to talk to during the day, so if you want to talk, just pm me on here for hangouts info

    Dee789 I have hangouts
    Flash(taken) ok, pm me for my email
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27 AUG   Chickamauga, GA, USA

    Today at school we found out that our american government teacher has been in a terrible accident and he is in the hospital for observations for 48 hours and we dont know when he will come back

  • Speed demon looking for someone who can keep up

    27 AUG   Keene, NH, USA

    People of earth, I am here looking for a rare kind of person. One who loves to dare to dream, go beyond their limits, and exceed the expected. One who sits back behind the crowds and just watches the world in action. One who lives their own life and lives it to the fullest. I'm  looking for someone who can ski, someone who likes boats, or just someone who can understand me as the different person I am. Must be 15-17 female. I am indifferent to whether you live close or far from me. Feel free to HMU anytime.


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24 AUG   Chickamauga, GA, USA

    it turns out that yeasterday there were 6 fights at my high school and this one girl is going to jail and this morning there was a fight in the large commons again and there might be more today at lunch

  • Do They Need To Fix The Mobile Site?

    25 AUG   Myrtle Beach, SC, US

    I just clicked on someone's profile saying it was someone else twice now. I clicked on a forum post and it sent me to something completely different that wasn't even on the page at the time. Is anyone else having this issue?!

    William (not gay) when I used mobile it do the same thing (you are not alone)
    Cl053D Ive experienced something similar to this but completely different, as to some of my comments from different posts would somehow randomly show up on the posts that only contains lesbians. i always wondered if someone trying to mess with my account or all those issues and bugs from the mobile version of the site (yet) that hasnt been addressed and fixed.
    1teenlesbian Its completely bugged, whenever click on a account it sends me to the account that was next to the one I clicked
    Jessica Admi n is working on it
  • Just here ?.I don-t care what we talk.

    26 AUG   Dallas, TX, USA

    I'm a bit shy. I can earn up really quickly, but still if you want to talk that cool.if not then ok.

  • Opinion abt this website

    23 AUG   mi

    Just share ur honest opinion... Cz I wanna know what u all think abt this site

    Cl053D You know what i think about this, whoever made this site are a joke... who cant filter out and remove the infestation of them sick perverted creeps, other than bots using fake accounts... not to mention, dont be fooled by someone who isnt normal otherwise youll get catfished, hurt, and played.
    lonely life @Cl053D....yeah maybe
    Cl053D @lonely life.... hows you my friend? are you awake eating your breakfast/dinner or sleeping... lol, and yeah definitely maybe.
    lonely life @Cl053D.... Lol
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