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Meet thousands of teenagers in our general forum for teens ,this is a group for meet teens in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet some new people!

    24 FEB   Taylor Mill, KY, USA

    I'm here to meet new people, make new friends, and possible find someone to be in a relationship with! So if you'd like to chat then just stop on by! ^~^

  • I like to talk to people and I unfortunately dont have a phone, so yeah...

    23 FEB   Narnia

    I would like to meet people that like to talk, have a sense of humor, and are cute. Also, I like talking to people that are at least 14.

  • Hey. Looking for conversation... perhaps my better half too.

    22 FEB   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey. Looking to talk with People. looking for  lively conversation I guess. Quite bored and lonely. Hey, anyway HMU.  And not to sound terrible, like many guys here, but I’m also looking for my better half. A woman I can live and cherish... 

  • I am a boy so get it right

    21 FEB   New York, NY, USA

    For those guys who have been adding me on snap read my profile first I am a boy it's annoying I just have long hair and stop asking for nudes of my titties and pussy if I had one I wouldn't send it to u either way u freak

  • HEY... super bored and lonely. HMU on snap. isaiahtheicon

    20 FEB   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey... pretty lonely and desperate right now. Looking to talk with anyone in my age group I guess. Looking for a friend I guess. 

  • I forgot to Tell you

    19 FEB   California, United S

    My snap is down due to personal reasons please use my Kik or Instagram to get in touch with me

  • Looking for someone to talk to

    25 JAN   Bloomington, IN, Uni

    Hey making friends and trying to progress in this crazy world I am 13 and single but readjust wanna talk

  • Anyone is welcome to add me!

    17 FEB   Liverpool, United Ki

    Feel free to add me on snapchat, im not looking for anything or anyone specific. Im just here if anyone wants to talk or make friends, maybe more!

  • My Last forum post. I will be leaving the site permanently as of Feb. 11.

    11 FEB   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    First of all, to Mandy, I'm so sorry. I've made my mistakes and apologize for everything I've done. If you want to message me, my email and google hangout is

    For everyone else, good luck to you all, including Lyssie, Nya, Bhar, Brx, Stag, Kota, Zach, Liam, Liv and anyone else. Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or just want to talk. And to dan, please leave my account up so everyone can see this post.

    And to Damian, the beef's over. There's no point, it's done.

    I'm leaving the site permanently, because I've made mistakes, and hurt a lot of people, and I'm ashamed. To everyone I've hurt, especially Mandy and Nya, I'm sorry for everything. I can't hurt anyone else any longer, so I will be leaving shortly after this forum post is up.

  • Add me on snapchat.. talk

    11 FEB   Denver, CO, USA

    Hmu on Snapchat and we can become friends and talk. Let’s try to get a streak too. If you want to be in a group chat then just tell me because we need more people in it. My Snapchat is Jakewall26

  • Tired of guys who are asking for nudes

    04 FEB   New York, NY, United

    Im just tired of guys asking me for nudes all the time. Do I look like a prostitute? If u are one of those guys plz never text me cause my answer is gonna be no and I won’t change my opinion. Plus, stop sending me nude pics as well. 

  • A message to the Admin, or others who may know him/her.

    08 FEB   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    I would like to know why my accounts have been kept on being deleted for no apparent reason. I have many friends, including a significant other, whose only way to contact with me constantly is through this site, am not a spam bot, and have never posted anything sexually explicit on the side, hence I have no reason to be banned. I do use a VPN occaisionally at school. If the admin is reading this, can he/she whitelist my account/IP? Thanks.


  • Im really bored ( stupid minimum word shit?)

    08 FEB   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    Im looking for someone to talk to, feel free to hmu im really chill and will talk about anything, if i don't text back i am a firefighter so always busy

  • I wanna spoon. Spooning-s ace!

    26 JAN   Manchester, United K

    Hello fine people! I know I've put this before, but I'm gonna keep trying. Persistace pays. Anyway, I'm looking for someone, a girl of any age for, well, anything. Whatever sounds good for you. I really miss having someone to cuddle up to in bed with, so if you want to be friends with benefits (not my jam, but I can roll with it) or maybe a friend who just likes to be affectionate (Stopping the night and getting nice warm hugs from my big, warm self and that sort of stuff), it's really up to you. I only ask that you be smaller than me (I'm 5'10) and preferably pretty slim. I don't mind chunky, not at all, it's just easier for me to spoon and looks cute. Also, if you could live near me, that'd be pretty cool. Anyway, that's all the boring stuff we can figure out if you get in touch. Bye for now!

  • Meet new people. Date and/or make friends.

    06 FEB   Shanghai, China

    Heyyy Im here to look for some friends and perhaps date. Im bisexual and Id like to be friends with people of all kinds!!! Message me if your interested :)))

  • why do these have to be so long

    06 FEB   North Plains, OR, Un

    To single guys here. Do not message me please I'm taken and that final please leave me alone I only would like friends nothing more. Thank you

    -Aniela kenie

  • Hello im Joaquin. Who got kik or hangouts?

    05 FEB   Tucson, AZ, United S

    If you do message me on one. hangouts is í don't care for gender age or looks í just wanna talk or trade if you want to.

  • Would anyone honestly care If I disappeared?

    04 FEB   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    I'm a self-loathing demon. Strange right? I used to be quite sweet but now I just can't stop being an a to everyone. And I'm sorry I guess I've just been hurt one to many times. I mean I'm not even allowed in hell anymore. I'm so f-ing done being called a walking abortion and being blamed for suicide, being contacted then lied to only to find out later when it matters. Anyone I've hurt I'm sorry. I guess I just don't belong and I will never belong. I found the one way to kill myself and call me pathetic but I just want to feel something other than pain. So I want to feel nothing in the abyss. Farewell and don't f-ing try and stop me. I know there will not be anyone anyway. I'm not trying to get attention, but in this, I am saying sorry that's pretty much it. 

  • One follow 25pushups

    04 FEB   Burlington, ON, Cana

    If you follow me i have to do 25 pushups and if you view my profile i have to do 40 situps and if you comment you can make me either do 50 squats or 300 calf raises. Dont abuse your power of torture please lol

  • I-m looking for a nice guy friend.

    29 DEC   Harmony, NC, United

    I would like to say I want a boyfriend, but that kinda makes me sound thirsty, lol. I want a guy friend, I want to get to know his for at least a couple of days before we even start to talk about dating. I'm socialy awkward, but witty. I find offensive humor funny and I have a lot of pets. 

  • Quiz Game: If you Pass 100 then Feel Free To PM me.

    04 FEB   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    Passing is in parentheses.

    1. Do you believe in demons? (Yes)

    2. Are you scared of demons? (No/A bit)

    3. Do believe one could ever be different than the rest? (Yes)

    4. If so would you want to know him/her? (I'll see/ Yes)

    5.  Are you looking for a bisexual romance?/ Do you want friendship with any gender? (Yes)

    6. Do you want to meet them? (Yes/ I'm curious enough)

  • Bi male looking for no commitment fun!

    02 FEB   Chicago Heights, IL,

    Hey, I'm 15 Bi guy looking to trade, talk or just say hi to people. I am more active kik than snapchat so go there to talk. My kik: sn531

  • Don-t give up the fight, you are loved

    03 FEB   Aberdeen, MD, United

    To those over us that are lost and wondering who are we, why do I matter, is there really someone who will love me, or is wondering if your relationship is true, just take a moment to breathe. Here we are teenagers with lives that is as complex as our vary own anatomy, as something breaks wither it is in our hearts or emotionally it will eventually heal with time, and as it heals it shall grow stronger. We might feel lost and broken but we aren't even close to be done living we all have a story to be told, some will be wide open for all to read others bound by lock and key but no matter the book therest something for all of us to learn, whether it's about a new culture, or bands, or how perverted some people could be. But just remember you are loved, someone will be there to love y'all for you, even if you don't see it now but all stories gotta have a happy ending.

  • lucky4uiamingoodmood

    12 AUG   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Put them on and rock it, give me a beep if u wanna :P k1kme@ sophia.x0x01

  • A Notice For Those in Pursuit of the Following:

    02 FEB   Silverhill, AL, Unit

    If you are in pursuit of any mlw (man love woman), man seeking woman, or explicit photos from either gender, please do not contact me on Kik.

  • Any Snapchat users wanna talk just ad me

    28 JAN  

    im will in to talk to anyone but no jerks my snap is  deathpenalty42 be careful what u say I’m emotionally unstable so I’ll block u if u go to far

  • Girls any age hmu

    27 JAN   Norwich, CT, United

    Girls hmu for anything like talking or something more age doesn’t matter.                            

  • looking for a gf online

    27 JAN   St. Catharines, ON,

    Im looking for a gf online. Can be from anywhere in the world. Im a single 17yo that is home schooled so I dont get out to meet new people often. HMU if you wanna chat

  • Welp I-m Board any one a Banana

    25 JAN   Ruidoso, NM, United

    Hello Humans im here, alive, well.... idk.

    I love animals, some food, and pandas xD

    I like painting, art and decor 

    I love to DIY and create things form my room and other things

    and i would love to meat some poeple 

  • Please don?t do what I did the pain through this was unbearable

    26 JAN   Dallas, TX, United S

     I got at most 2 hours of sleep per day everyday (this happened for an entire school semester and the weekends) I felt as if I was dying, I ended up having splitting headaches everyday with some getting so painful i would actually be willing to scratch myself till I bled (thank god it didn’t get to that point) at the time I  thought it would numb the pain (I was horribly wrong) 

  • Single, looking for someone 13-15

    25 JAN   Porterville, CA, Uni

    I'm looking for a female 13-15  that would care for me. I like to do a lot of different things.

  • Any airsof warriors I?m a big fan of fighting

    25 JAN  

    I’m a warrior I’m ready to fight I need a squad and stuff hit me up for airsoft lark ect 

  • need friends for chatting

    24 JAN   Mombasa, Mombasa Cou

    hey guys am Kevin but I prefer been called Kevo ,am talkative and I like to chat .am single and ready to make friends

  • someone who-s down for fun?

    14 AUG   Toronto, ON, Canada

    bored asf ...HMU 18f wild and fresh bae, fancy if u wanna :P k1kme@ laureaV18

  • General info about me

    22 JAN   Newton, IA, United S

    HI I'm Fazer! I'm a lonly 14 year that like horror, cute things, and technology, I want to start a relationship with someone that would care for me and love me so I can do the same back >W<. Don't be shy to message me I like to talk to people and loves to make new friends! 

  • cant copies be allowed sheesh....

    18 JAN   UK

    Im not sure, who I define myself to be, I'll try my best to describe myself It may take a while sit back and enjoy. 

     I feel I'm different from others, I like to program and I want to study in the field of Ethical Hacking for a very specific purpose...

     I'm an introvert and deep thinker, I think I'm a good listener and I try to consider others' feelings.

    I can be very complex, and  I'm VERY far from your average teen, but I'm ok once you know me. I'm looking to find friends(maybe more idk) and someone who I can vibe with

    I love many shows, anime and video games. I like to take walks, and swim sometimes too

    That's all your getting. If you like what you hear, feel free to message me.

  • Well, just an introduction of who i am

    21 JAN   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Hey! I'm Chelley, 15. I'm looking for a relationship, and a best friend. So if you're wanting to be either of them or just friends hmu(: always open for good conversation

  • To all the people who have been talking to me for the last 10 weeks

    20 JAN   Delhi, India

    The person you would have been talking to for the last 10 days wasnt me. My exams have been going on for the last 10 days and all the devices through which i could have accesessed the internet had been confesticated. I got all my devices back just now.

    I would like to tell everyone and especially mitch a, zacaharah 2211, hisbrixegirl and prince zian that the person you had been talking to fof the last few days wasnt me but my ex best freind with whom i have a little fight going right now.

    Any message you recieved from me over the last 10 days werent from me but from my best friend who has been trying to destroy me.

    I also wasnt able to acceses all of my old chats(can someone tell me why?)


    I apologise to everyone for any inconvience my best friend cuased to you. And i am espicially sorry to zach for what my best freind did to zach. I dont know what he told you, but from what i have read, it must have been horrific. I apologise from his behalf.

    So guys, this is my new account, and im back!


  • IDFK why does this have to be 20 freakin characters

    21 JAN  

    Send me a msg on kik irdc. Cvcv don tv wjd hnb hz ajm ocz gjgn dmyx dh yjdib ocdn ajm ncdon viy bdbbgzn

  • Omfg someone got into my acc

    20 JAN   Moore, OK, United St

    Someone got into my acc and chsnged my pro pic and my name and my gender. For real. Now it looks like im gay and dirty

  • Omfg someone got into my acc

    20 JAN   Moore, OK, United St

    Someone got into my acc and chsnged my pro pic and my name and my gender. For real.

  • Almost forgot about this...

    19 JAN   Sri Jayawardenepura

    My kik username is ShyOne Unit02. If you want,please message me.Oh also I like anime,manga and lots of other things.

  • I-m looking for whatever really.

    19 JAN   Sri Jayawardenepura

    Oh and  I won't mind if you're autistic. If you are interested message me please.

  • I-m looking for whatever really.

    19 JAN   Sri Jayawardenepura

    I'm am honestly looking for whatever.I would really like a friend.If you are looking for a relationship,I'd like to get to know you.I won't mind if you're straight ,gay or bi.

  • I look like a whole ass 90-s mom

    14 JAN   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Im manda and I like to get slump??? 

    I'm embarrasing myself what even is this site

    i just wanted sc names


    but i signed up for a teen dating site um is this even legal yall

  • only read this if u blocked me on snap

    19 JAN  

    this is directed to someone who obviously said he gave a crap and didn’t bc u didn’t obviously ik he is gonna read this but thanks once again for hurting me like y didn’t u warn me u we’re gonna block me like wtf like u actually are a very shi.tty person and i’m not saying if to be rude but u made me truly feel amazing i was really happy talking to u like wtf and then u block me and u wonder y i hate my life honestly i wish u the best bc u were amazing and all but ur honestly so rude like i can’t even like was i really that terrible of a person i don’t get it honestly like i tried my best not to be anything u didn’t want but no still not good enough so thank u and people if u wanna know who i’m not gonna tell u most likely 

  • Interested in Talking and maybe getting a relationship. Looking for Humans

    06 JAN   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Incredibly Bored Teenager Aristocrat. Very depressed after being dumped. Add me on Snap.

  • tbh im done with life

    18 JAN   Huntsville, TX, Unit

    i honsetly wanna die like whats the point of living if we r all gonna die. this world is so fuked up it does not need me im just a mistake a wasted space i dont deserve 2 be here someone better does someone whos gonna change the world 

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