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Meet thousands of teenagers in our general forum for teens ,this is a group for meet teens in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I?m not wanted here

    24 MAY   Drummoyne NSW, Austr

    Hi everyone I feel like I’m not wanted on here because I have adhd and I’m not in the right place right now thanks 

  • I wanna meet people

    24 MAY   San Jose, CA, USA

    I'm Gabriel, i like to sing, if you'd like to hear it check out my insta. I'd appreciate it. Other than that I'd like to meet new people. 

  • Sorrow and depression

    21 MAY   Norton, MA, United S

    I just recently lost my best friend who I knew for 13 years. She knew everything about me and I knew everything about her we did everything together. I have never felt so sad in my life I feel lifeless and I really need some people to cheer me up and just be there for me , I’m going to take a long time or recover and I need people there for me . I apologize if you try to helo me and I get pissed easily or I ask for something that’s out of your comfort zone in just very very broken rn and I am struggling.

    Gandalf the grey i wont say anything bc i will be banished if i present my views
    2 days ago
    emo218 Im so sorry messenge me anytime
    1 day ago
    Jaiden.Maddox I also lost a friend recently that I knew for my life, its hard... :(
    1 day ago
    Matt /Matthew I just realized ans sorry for the confusion they didn’t die they out of the blue decided to want nothing to do with me
    1 day ago
  • Sorry girls but I-m taken lol

    23 MAY   Blacksburg, SC, USA

    Hey guys I must have found the right one she's the best the thing that ever happened to me but we're just internet dating not irl yet

  • Meet new people for friendship and relationship

    23 MAY   Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Hmu peeps... i love meeting new persons... Including:




  • I need someone to get me through these tough times

    23 MAY   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I just recently lost my best friend which I bought has a pup. Her name was Lupo and she recently passed just yesterday and I’m really sad bc I’ve never been a this sad. She was my baby she would lay in my bed when I’m not home or if I’m sick I would keep my door shut and the only thing that would come from the hallway is scratching and it would be her. I’m just so pissed I just want to end my life.

  • Need to talk to people, Bored

    22 MAY   Detroit, MI, USA

    Hey, I am bored AF and looking for people to talk to. HMU on kik (Boys OR girls), my username is ArielFan15. I am on my schools swim team so you get the joke

  • Any other nerdout fans out there

    22 MAY   Dallas, TX, United S

    I love their Deadpool song Maximum effort! these guys are underrated and unappreciated, their work is amazing and really catchy, can’t wait for the next song

  • Well... I guess it?s worth a shot...

    21 MAY   Girard, KS, USA

    Hey, you! Yeah... you. Come to the chat room, it’s lots of fun and you get to meet new, amazing people. Fair warning: it happens to give me a headache sometimes, but I’m still there. I’m no good at writing this kind of stuff, but just come to the general chat room!!

  • Anxiety; Loneliness; Depression

    21 MAY   Calabasas, CA, USA

    Hi People :) I'm Jaiden, 13. I was wondering if anyone has a few tips on anxiety, depression, and loneliness. I'm homescholled and was bullied at school, so I don't have many friends :/ Any usefull info is welcomed. Thanks! :D

    Mariah13 Hey I have really bad anxiety to and my mom put me on medications but there are many more ways of controlling it so if u want u can email me
    3 days ago
  • To whom it may concern...

    12 APR   Redmond, WA, USA

    I don’t now why I joined this site; It was probably because I felt really alone. I still do, I guess.

    I dont know why I’m writing this, I’m just being an attention whore.

    I hate myself so, so much. I look into the mirror and down at myself in pure distain and shame for what I have become. I am not the pretty one, I am not the smart one, I am not the talented one. 

    I remember a few days ago, I saw these children at a horse camp. They were so passionate and good at what they did. I do die horses, but I feel no joy when I do. It just feels like another thing I have to do. 

    I don’t have anything I am particular passionate about, and anything that does bring me joy to do, I have never been good at. I love singing, but when I hear my voice, I only hear the echoes of the people around me who tell me I am awful at it.

    I have friends, but it almost hurts to be near them, because I am nothing compared to them. I have no talents, and nothing to be proud of. 

    My friend Maya: Sweet, humble, an incredible artist, hardworking, incredible at gymnastics, amazing danger, lovable, and intelligent.

    My sister: Outstanding Piano player, plays many other instruments, incredible musician and composer, artist, got one of the highest SAT scores in the state, pretty, 

    My friend Sydney: Has have many people like her, Training to be an Olympic swimmer, great artist, friendly, sweet, confident, a leader

    My friend Sorrel: The best singer I have heard for her age, Played the lead in every show she auditioned for, plays guitar and piano, has 4.0 GPA, great sense of style, amazing hair, incredibly beautiful, outstanding dancer, flexible, already has started her singing career

    Me: Cries too much, very sensitive, average at art, not pretty, tries to hard, rude, attention whore,  cuts herself, isn’t smart, overly loud in attempts that someone will pay attention to her, the only person to have “genuine” crush on her was her stalker, has a good life and still complains

    I dont want to kill myself, I just want to stop living.  I am afraid of a lot of things: electric shocks, pain, torture, being buried alive; I am not afraid of death however, just the ways I could die and the pain that comes with it.

    My greatest fear is living.

    I’m scared of the past. I’m scared of the present and I’m scared of the future.

    If you try to message me on here, I likely wont reply. I lied about my antidepressants working just because I feel I deserve the sadness, but now I have no one to talk to it about it because I don’t want my parents to know, since when they figured out the first time I heard my mother say, “I was hoping I would get at least one daughter right”. 

    I only wrote this on here because I cant talk to anyone in real life who actually knows me. I don’t know what I hope to gain from this, I just wanted to say it.

    Micky Your poem its beautiful. Explain your self so in way that no one else would. Showing how you judge yourself in a way of calling help that no one understands is impressive. I would like to get to know you if you allow me to.
    Daniel I’m gonna be honest, I don’t care how much you hate yourself or how much you feel like you haven’t achieve in life, I want to get to know you more.
    3 days ago
    KingP I respect you a lot
    3 days ago
    Sam Smith That’s an interesting post. If you want to become better at something, then practice at it. And I’m fairly sure that a whole lot of people on this site qualify as attention whores, guys included.
    3 days ago
  • Greetings fellow romantically interested human of planet e... you get it

    21 MAY   Woodinville, WA, USA

    My name isn’t Sam, it’s Winston. I enjoy martial arts, school(especially homework),  too many puns(people tell me it gets old, so if you hate puns...), the internet, and would like to talk to someone online before meeting them in person. Please send a message, as it will most likely get a response. My Myers Briggs result is INTJ if anyone cares.

  • Meet new people for friends or more

    20 MAY   Detroit, MI, USA

    hey , I’m straight and republican ( figured I would say that , last thing I would want is to start hurting feelings because we don’t see eye to eye.) 

    im joining law enforcement ( hope you don’t mind dating a cop) 

    i would prefer men that are 17 to 18 ,   Text me if you feel like it for friendship or more.

  • Please stop deleting my accounts

    19 MAY   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    1. I'm looking for a gf. PM me for details


  • hey super bored looking for someone to talk 2 or become something more

    18 MAY   Chicago, IL, USA

    hey super bored looking for someone to talk 2 or become something more. Snap me kik me or just message me here ?

  • Message Me Please...

    20 MAY   Tyndall AFB, FL, USA

    Heyo! I'm Savanna, though most people call me Vanna, and I'm 15 years old. Just looking to meet a guy with similar interests as me. I love to sing, read, write, and a lot more. If you wanna know more, message me.

  • bored af hmu on Snapchat

    19 MAY   iowa

    hey im bored af so add me on snap kaden_white4 so we can talk and yeah so hmu?

    kaden anyone idc
    kaden im down for anything btw
    kaden hmu people
  • Looking for some to spend my life with

    18 MAY   Outerspace

    Hey, I'm 18, and very open to new things. I'm a eagle scout, I wrestle, cycle, & rock climb. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching tv. Feel free to ask me anything else you wanna know.

    About my type..........

    I have a lot of things I look for, but just because you don't have any of these doesn't mean I won't talk to you. Now of course I look for personality first, but These are the physical attributes 

    Age........ 12-20

    Gender........ doesn't matter 

    Ethnicity.......... White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, islander

    Sexuality........doesn't matter 

    Height.......... 4'0"-5'7"

    Smoke........... doesn't smoke

    Drink............. doesn't matter 

    Kids............... doesn't matter 

    Want kids....... doesn't matter

  • Hey you....idk just open this :p

    12 MAY   Mars

    So either most of you dont know that there is a general chat or u just dont join it. lol but you should go on there sometime. Theres not many ppl on rn and could use more ppl to talk.... haha well this is the second time were trying this so if u see this then go in general and type Apples and bananas :p

    Gandalf the grey Anyways, potatoes are amazing
    Gandalf the grey hey court- addictive
    rizhuzaifa Hey guys Ive created a group on Snapchat of our general chat members

  • Hi need some one who isn?t ashamed to date some one fat

    17 MAY   Madison, WI, United

    Need someone to talk to on snap that is cool funhy and isn’t ashamed to take to a fat person 

  • New friends in England

    13 MAY   Stafford, UK

    Hi im Zach, im probably moving to England for some time and i want to meet new friends around there and hang out I'm 16, and happily taken, Im so inlove with animals,  leave a comment down bellow<3 

    gem gem Pm me where abouts in England
    gem gem Thats miles from me lol
  • Meet new people. Up for anything

    13 MAY   Nowhere

    My names nick im super outgoing and nice im single. Im looking to meet new people. Im super down to earth uo for anything. So hmu

    al nair are you a cinematic marvel fan?
  • About me and maybe some rambling.

    16 MAY   Doniphan, MO, United

    So I like anime and animals. I dunno what else. I'm pretty calm and chill most of the time, I do like being more active in the summer but the computer is where I truly belong. I have kik snap and discord if you ever need to talk because I like trying to help people to avoid thinking about my own problems. Know that I like to voice chat when I first meet someone because it actually makes talking to you in the future easier for me. Don't be alarmed if I sound high when we talk because that's just how I normally talk and I'm not really high. Just friends is all I really look for and even though I get along better with guys I prefer talking with girls recently. I don't really want to talk to anyone below 15 because I'm 16. So just talk to me whenever or don't it's your own life have a nice day or night depending on where you are.

  • hey im bored so come talk to me

    13 MAY   iowa

    hey im on my game console so I can't take pics but I can talk and receive pics so yeah hmu ig

    kaden im so bored lol
    kaden hey im bored so anyone can talk to me but I cant send pics i can only receive pics
    kaden my Snapchat is kaden_white4 hmu
  • OK i take back being taken

    14 MAY   NY, USA

    Aight so yea i'm a single pringle again and yea but tbh i am not mad about it so yea #singlelifeeeeee

    kaden Try me if you want
    Jessica that was so weird i didnt say that second comment XD..... and haha im calm already :p
    XCD51/Flash Jess, roasting people wherever she goes, I’m proud of her 😂
  • Want people to talk to

    15 MAY   Meyersdale, PA, USA

    Hi! I’m looking for anyone to talk to... HMU on SC or on here, I’ll reply to either one!

  • Finding girls around 18 to chat

    15 MAY   US

    Like i said, i want to talk to people around 18, but i'm having a hard time finding people who aren't fake, my kik is dude59990, im bored all the time and would like to talk. So hmu if you want too, thanks. :)

  • Looking for people to have fun on snapchat ?

    14 MAY   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hey looking for people to have some fun  on snapchat? add me johnwill1313 we can have lots of fun ???

  • comment if u would date me or nah

    10 NOV  

    juss wondering bc like ik im ugy lmao so im curious idc lmao jus comment

    AndrewPlayz 1 you are not ugly, your beautiful and 2 I would date you
  • Sheer boredom wins again

    12 MAY   Asheville, NC, Unite

    On here again from sheer boredom. So like hmu w a convo and yeah. Preferably a girl js but yeah. Let’s chat, or I’ll listen to your rant idc. (:

  • Add me abyyy.yyy, 16 bored

    12 MAY   Dallas, TX, USA

    Add me on Snapchat if you wanna talk or something like that!! Maybe a relationship.Im pansexual idc who texts me ok bye 

  • Girls only; HMU on snapchat

    04 MAY   Henderson, TX, USA

    Girls only minimum age of 15, HMU to talk, trade pics, etc. Snapchat: kolej_8

  • correcting my last post

    10 MAY   Bangkok, Thailand

    I meant 18 THINGS, not peoples ages. I don't mind ages, in fact, I like older guys,  even more. Hmu if you like my rule.

    Oh, and I am up for friendship, too.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    10 MAY   City of Angels, Pamp

    Hi there :) Im Dharelle, 18 Gay. Open minded. Im looking for friends. And Srsly looking for a boyfriend? If so. HMU

  • Looking for a Girlfriend.

    10 MAY   Díli, Timor-Leste

    Hi there :) Im Zubi 13. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out.

  • someone sent me a chat

    09 MAY   Thompson, MB, Canada

    someone sent me a chat. I cant see who it is. if the sender is reading this post please comment below and ill try to respond to your chat.

  • Almost that time of year again

    07 MAY   Norton, MA, United S

    It’s crazy  I’ll be 18 

    in about a month ??? THATS terrifying considering I don’t look it whatsoever. Still getting the kids discount, the free meals but I’ll soon be able to do Whatever I want ??? 

    Madi (...) hmu to talk if u would like bc i always respond back.
    Ashley hey, I have the concern especially since I am graduating high school. Feel free to hmu.
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    07 MAY   Lusaka, Zambia

    Looking for a guy who is funny, not hormonal ? and kind hearted hmu on sc

  • Hey! I?m 15 years old and bored. Looking for friends. Somebody text me.

    07 MAY   Brighton, CO, USA

    Anyone pls. Maybe we can be friends or maybe more. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi. I don’t care?. Hope to see you soon 

  • Who a hockey player?

    07 MAY   Houston, TX, USA

    I’m just a girl who really finds hockey players attractive and would like to date one or just talk to! I like music and hockey and I can be crazy :))

  • I would want a relationship, wether a friendship, or otherwise

    30 APR   Woodland, WA, USA

    Hello, my name is


    And I enjoy playing video games and drawing in my free time. Some of my favorites include stuff like the Maw, and the tell-tale games pre-walking dead (like the two sam & max ones, and back to the furture). And I'm a huge nerd when it comes to comics, tv shows and anime. I also love music and enjoy recomendations. In my relationship, I don't care if you're a guy, gal, or a non-binary pal. Just so long as you're into it. Sour out!

    Omary hi inbox me WhatsApp 255679229033
  • About Out To My Dog Jessica/Squinch

    05 MAY   Miami, FL, USA

    I want to thank Jess for helping me get through alot. I got total respect for You girl. Hope to meet you for real

    Goof-Ball 😕😐😑😶😯😦😮😲🙄
    Jessica Im sorry but I dont recal who u are Jake.?... Did u change ur name and pic r something?
    Jessica Welp ok thats weird I swear it just said Jake XD.... Lol Im 100 sure it did
  • Just trying to chat so hmu

    05 MAY   Asheville, NC, Unite

    Usually on here bored probably like you so let’s chat so hmu (: I’ll talk to whoever so yeah just let’s keep a chat going, don’t be afraid to msg first I don’t bite...sometime 

  • Message me i won-t bit

    04 MAY   Alice Springs NT, Au

    Hii I'm new here....just looking for friends maybe more.Message me I won't bit

  • im bored hmu to talk or something

    03 MAY   iowa

    hey im bored and wanna talkto somebody hmubon snapchat kaden_white4 

    kaden anyone vetween the ages of 13 to 17 please
  • Umm im totally normal so why not read this XP

    18 APR   Mars

    Soooo you should come into the general could use more ppl that will actually talk and not lurk oh also ppl who arent thirsty pervs. so yeah

    Jessica Haha I dont think it worked
    Jessica nope it definitely didnt just brought more train trackers :p
    Courtnee C. Well Round 2 lets try again
  • Meet new friends for friendship

    30 APR   Chicago, IL, USA

    To My Boo Who's Not Really My Boo But Should Be My Boo:

    Hmu When You Tryna Get All My Faithfullness and Love & Affection...

  • Hey someone message me :)

    02 MAY   Dunfermline, UK

    Hey whats up everyone imm really bored so anyone feel free to message me. Im 17 from Scotland amd open minded. I like sports and gaming but im happy to talk about anything

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