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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Lesbian girl looking for relationship

    17 JUN   Longmont

     I am lesbian and would like to have a relationship. We can hangout and stuff like that. I live in longmont Colorado

    EllieRose Hi Im Ellie I live in Phoenix Arizona so a little far from you
    Kinda lesbian He hmu snap kandoosaa_159 kik kinda1599
    3 days ago
    NerdyWarrior Hey! Im Haley. I live in Colorado Springs! Would you like to chat?
    1 hour ago

  • Looking for trade partners lesbian-s only

    23 MAY   Manchester, UK

    I want some to get close to me and get to know them but still have fun in the process.

    Amy (gay) Hiya,Im Amy and Im 16. Wanna get to know each other?
  • Girls only no boys please

    06 JUN   London, United Kingd

    I am interested in girls only any girl feel free to chat with me please thank you girls from the ages 13 to 17 please and is interested in a real relationship no boys plz because I will not reply to you guys girls only lllllfkfjfjgjjgjgjjjjgjgjgjgjugugjgjgjuuhjfhgjgjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhufhhf

  • Looking for a girlfriend 13-14

    21 JUN   Hanahan, SC, USA

    Hey my name is lyric, I am 13 and I like to play soccer, listen to music, watch movies, and etc. I am looking a girl who will except and love me for me. A girl who loves to laugh and have fun maybe hang out. I would like us to build a bond so strong it would be unbreakable. I am really bad at this so yeah.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    20 JUN   Frankfort, IL, USA

    hey imma 14 year old who is looking for a girlfriend who likes kpop(bts,pentagon).and who is very loyal.i decided that guys are perverts and creepy ass mf 

  • Looking for Girlfriend

    19 MAY   Avon, IN, USA

    I have a boyfriend and me and him have an agreed thing because I'm pansexual and haven't really been with a girl before and I was looking to find a girlfriend that I can care for and love and be best friends with and hang out with and talk to. Message me on Skype or Insta if interested.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    14 JUN   Davenport, FL, USA

    Hello humans 

    This is my first time doing this so eek. Ok well I like watching alot of gay stuff apparently, i also like coloring, reading, writing, playing games, listening to music, and a bunch more I can’t currently remember hehe. 

    I also am very tomboyish and like to dress tomboyish and am planning on getting an undercut. But my parents won’t let so...

    One last thing is i am a junior in high school and am 17 years of age.

  • females hmu I-m interested in talking to girls between 16-18

    20 JUN   Inglewood, CA, USA

    well first off im bi. i like kpop, anime, the office, drawing and uhhh idk what else nothing really interesting about me lol. i spend most of my time watching netflix, napping and drawing.

  • New friends or maybe more

    20 JUN   Louisville, KY, USA

    My name is Emily. I turn 17 in October. Im kinda of a nerd. I'm looking for girls who would want to start a friendship or maybe something more. I'm awkward but very friendly.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    06 JUN   Oxford, IN, USA

    Hello! My name is Kyler, I’m only interested in girls. (14-18) I’m really shy, but I still wanted to give this a shot. I don’t have a phone right now because it broke. I’m looking for a long term relationship. Im petty much a geek, I love reading, and watching shows. Im super cuddly plus I love animals. I’m okay with long distance, but I’m not looking to play games. If you just want to sext, send nudes, etc. don’t bother even talking to me. 

    My Kik is - LittleWolf_WildWolf (feel free to ask me anything) 

  • Meeting some girls for friendship, perhaps more :)

    28 APR   Pontotoc, MS, USA

    Hello ;) I'm NightlyShadowed, 16. I'm a writer with an open mind, I like to laugh and make friends. My interests include video games, music, books, and much more! Sorry, guys, I like girls

    Addie Is that an Infinity War poster?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Lesbian looking for someone

    19 JUN   Belton, MO, USA

    Heya! My name is Vugg.

    Single Pringle ready to mingle. I'm an artist and a musician, I love villains and evil things, I'm pretty weird and an alien/space nerd.

    I have some family problems but dont we all?

    I love chocolate btw. And honey buns.

    I don't mind long distance ? girls HMU

    EllieRose Hunny buns and chocolate because same
    1 day ago
  • Looking For A Girl--

    19 JUN   NY, USA

    Looking for an amazing, fun girl to have amazing, fun adventures with. I love Harry Potter, DnD, and scuba diving; I'm pretty much an all around nerd. I came out to my parents about 2 months ago and I'm still woking on everyone else in my life.

  • wanna meet new people <3

    22 MAY   NY, USA

    hey, i’m dasha, & i’m 16. i’m a questioning lesbian and looking for lgbt friends or maybe something more. some things i like - a lot of rock/alt music, disney cartoons, winx club, dolls, politics, and psychology. i’m not interested in anything dirty

    anyone who’s interested and in the 14-18 age range feel free to hit me up on any of my accounts :) you can text me about whatever you want, like your favorite movie and what it means to you or about your pets - interesting conversations yield faster responses. btw, it’s kinda boring if all you do is talk about yourself, just saying 

    ps i’m a leo :p

    Gigi bower hey im Gigi and im 16, im a gemini and i would really like to talk with you. I also have a hamster named bandit and he thinks I should talk to you too :)
    Unknown Man a lot of people can not read this oh and @Raine... learn to read kiddo
    2 days ago
    Chris doshna Hello, I am interested in establishing friendship ^w^
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a potential girlfriend maybe

    19 JUN   Great Neck, NY, USA

    Hi! My name is Sam, I'm 15 but will be 16 on August third if you want to be precise. I live in NY and am comfortable chatting/being in a relationship with someone 15-17. I would love to build a trusting bond with another girl. I'm pretty affectionate! HMU if you wanna talk! :)

  • Hey, totally a lesbian here

    15 APR   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Hey, I'm a girl who likes girls who is looking for a girlfriend, don't really care about distance. I'm talkative and like lots of things. I know lots about lots of things so I probably have a tidbit of information about what you like. I like metal as well as love songs, and rap, and musicals, and pop, and swing and jazz. I also love the use of words. So. like writing.

    Alorna *lesbian* Hey, you still up for talkin? :)
    2 days ago
  • Hello it-s just your fellow Lesbian XD

    18 JUN   Nashua, NH, United S

      Hey so in this post I'm going to write about myself some: 

    I like to watch Aphmau and some anime's.  My favorite anime so far would have to be RWBY, but since it's American you might not concider it an Anime.  Secondly I'm in love with this comic called Unordinary on Webtoons.  It's about this school where everyone has powers and the main charecter John is the 'cripple' and he hangs out with his best friend Seraphina (Sera). 

    Yes, yes I am more on the Lesbian side more than anything.  But before any of that I would think it makes sense to just start as friends XD.  It's not like you can know you like like somebody just by looking at a post on the internet.  Like what if I wasn't the person you wanted me to be?

    I try to be kind and I get that I'm weird at times and can make no sense and I don't really call myself really good at helping people when their in need like depressed but I DO care.  I care a lot. I'm on here first looking for an online friend (Girl?) that I can do stuff with.  I like to play Minecraft PC too!  If you had that then you would catch me on there a lot. 

    I am 13 years old with a birthday in November.  Yay!    I love drawing yet i don't think i'm that good at it.  Same with Singing.

    But please leave a comment down below or message me on here.  (If you message me on skype first and I don't know about it yet on here I will NOT respond.) 

    :P :D :'D  heh ~I hope I get something back~ ~Also no pic of me bc well I have been having trouble with online people heh Like yesterday... 6/17... But I AM 13 I never said never XD~ I'm talking to much EEK

  • Looking for a female partner

    10 JUN   Amarillo TX, United

    Hey, I'm Bree. I'm 15 and I adore dogs. I'm really shy and quiet but I try my best to interact with people that aren't my siblings. 

    I live near Dallas Texas and I own a pure copper pitbull/doberman mix named Jax. I'm looking for a female partner but I'm not on here much anymore. Anyway hmu if ya want. 

    Grace Hi Im Grace and I just want someone to love
    Kinda lesbian He hmu snap kandoosaa_159 kik kinda1599
    3 days ago
  • Erm... Hi? I have no clue what I am doing.

    17 JUN   Savannah, GA, United

    My name is Kayla. I am 16 and I am looking for someone to chat with, and possibly find a girl for me. Clearly I am lesbian so no boys please. One thing to know about me, is I have very serious depression and can be seen as not fun most of the time. I have been hurt by so many people that i doubt this site will work. but when I am in a great mood, I can become so amusing and happy. I am also one of the most talkative people in the world. If you are intrested in a mess, hey hit me up okay? haha cri. 

    Kayla Goodwin I love Top Mcr P!atd, i love anime, youtube, and spending time with my doggos
    3 days ago
    EllieRose Hey maybe we can talk sometime
    2 days ago

  • Looking for a loyal gf

    18 JUN   Walterboro, SC, USA

    Hi :) I'm amber... Im bi but rn Im looking for a loyal gf who dosent want nudes.... I like to do pretty much anything I want a gf (13-17) hmu on snap if you wanna talk 

  • Looking For a Lesbain Girlfriend. ? (15-17)

    12 MAR   Birmingham, AL, USA

    Hi! I'm Ravin. I'm currently 16, will be 17 this year and though I am a bit iffy about this site I hope to find a gf or just a good friend. Girls only. No judge zone here.

    Mas(dont even bother with me) The site has a lot of pervs I will say but I hope you find your one!
    Kayla Goodwin still looking? i dont want to be a bother.
    3 days ago
  • Girls 13-14 to talk with me

    17 JUN   Dallas, TX, USA

    I want friends or gf. I play badminton and other sport too so i'm quite sporty.  I don't need older boys so don't write. Same age girls write to me......i will tell Snapchat then.

  • Looking for someone to hang out with and maybe something more

    27 OCT   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey, Im Haley. Im a 13 yr. Old nerd who loves anime, reading, and food. Ill be willing to give it a shot if you will.

    Hayden Phillips (Hayo,CheeseCake) I will be ur friend I love anime too
    Hayden Phillips (Hayo,CheeseCake) and adorable profile pic btw love it!
    Love4val I lover amine and reading
  • Looking for something real

    12 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hi there. I'm very new to this. My names Amber and I'm 16. I'm pansexual and it doesn't matter who you are. I'm looking for a female who is willing to talk to me. I don't mind where you are because I'll still be talking to you. I like cuddling and holding hands with someone .It's been a while since I've had that. So if you're interested, please message me.;) talk to you soon!

  • Looking For Online Friendships

    16 JUN   Memphis, TN, USA

    I'm Addie and I'm 15. I mostly want to meet other lesbians as friends, but if it turns into a relationship that's cool too. I live in West TN and I haven't talked to many lesbians like myself so i'm trying to see how this'll turn out.

    Kate Hi, do you have KiK Messenger, I,d be interested in knowing you :-) KiK is coolkate989
  • Ok everyone this is what I-m looking for

    01 JUN   Ridgeland, MS, USA

    So, first off I take time to build trust in friendship and im shy so if I like you don't expect me to be all "hey, I like you, let's date" cuz that won't happen most likely. I want to talk to you before you ask for my social information. At least a little hello. I'm a though nut to crack when it comes to getting me to like someone if I don' have an interest in them. So if I say no im a lost cause sorry. Just letting everyone know. :)

    Dalton Lol love it hmu up Ill always be here lol ;)
    Addie Hey. Im mostly here for a friendship.
  • I would like a girlfriend.

    06 JAN   Ithaca, NY, United S

    Hi, Im Harmony.  I am looking for a girlfriend, but I'm fine with friends.  I like music, I love to listen to it. My family means a lot to me. I am kind, I will treat you with respect.  I will not cheat, I am loyal, and selfless, I would give you everything I own.  I also have Snapchat my username is hniemi10. I ask that you please don't take advantage of my kindness, because most people do.

  • Hi I-m bi and interested in talking to a girl

    15 JUN   New York, NY, USA

    My name's Zaira (za-ra) I'm 17, live in the Bronx and I'm pretty free spirited. I love to dance and sing. I'm bisexual (genuinely am, not confused.) but I'm really interested in talking to females at the moment, so add me on my Instagram if you wanna talk @nayeli._.s

  • Warning: I-m just me

    01 DEC   Tampa, FL, United St

    Hi! I'm Ann, I'm 16 years old and a Lesbian. This is the first time I've ever tried this so I'm gonna be straight will you guys. 

    I take joy in reading, writing, drawing, being athletic, watching anime and other general things.

    For those people who aren't "my type", talking to the guys, I don't mind chatting with you or just being there for anyone who needs it. 

    Thx peeps

    Catherine gonna be... straight ,, haha
    Animeloverxoxo16 Me too I love to write read and watch anime!
    Devin500 Hey, this place is dead. Add me on emeralchat. Its way more fun.
  • Meeting guys for friendship and girls for relationship

    31 MAY   Pflugerville, TX, US

    Hi I'm letty? looking for friends and in lesbian looking for a loyal girl to talk to (clean).love photography and music.

    Devin500 Hey, this place is dead. Add me on emeralchat. Its way more fun.
  • Lesbian needing friends near Dallas

    31 MAY   Dallas, TX, United S

    I’m a lesbian who is 17 and need friends near Dallas Texas. If you’re near please HMU 

  • Looking for a girlfriend in my area (or not I don-t mind distance)

    27 MAY   Houston, TX, USA

    I'm pansexual, but I fucking love girls, they're so cute and soft and emotional. I've only had a gf once since I'm super fucking awkward around girls in person ?. I'm a really cuddly person, hugs and kisses are how I show my affection. I'm not gonna lie I do get jelly, but I don't really do anything but pout about it. I don't like cheaters so if you cheat on me I won't hesitate to drop you like Drake's next mix tape. 

    I'm an open book, but it's up to you to turn the pages. Don't hesitate to message me on any account (except for Skype and Snapchat I don't use those) I won't bite. Unless you want me to ?.

    EllieRose Hey, maybe we can chat sometime
    Miah Id love to
  • looking for a relationship

    13 JUN   Ann Arbor, MI, USA

    whts up ,IM Angel 16! im looking for a  gf who wants to be in a serious relationship. i love to play videogames watch netflix  and draw and go outside for walks or something  i love to play sports-basketball baseball volleyball etc. im really nice  so hmu if u wanna talk.

    Kate I dont have hangout, would you mind getting KiK?? >.<
    bbygirl16 cant get kik sorry what about skype
    Kate Ok, PM me your username :-)
    Kate You didnt give me your skype, only hangout and tumblr
  • Hook up with girl near Mansfield OH

    12 JUN   Cincinnati, OH, USA

    hi I’m maggie and I’m a girl looking for a hookup near Mansfield oh hmu if you are near and want to hook up also I AM A LESBIAN

    Kate Hi, do you have KiK Messenger? We could chat there and get to know each other. My KiK username is coolkate989
    bbygirl16 i do not have kik i have hangouts pm me and ill give it to you
  • Looking for a girlfriend??

    12 JUN   Gulfport, MS, USA

    Idk, text me if you're interested. Obviously friends first but I guess that's expected ya know? I'm really new to writing these... oof. Anyways, message me if you're interested and make sure to please PLEASE read my bio in my profile so I don't have to repeat anything lol

    Have a wonderful day!!! :D

    Kate Hi, Id like to get to know you. Do you have KiK?? we could chat there. My KiK username is coolkate989
    Kate Hi I saw that you followed me, are you getting KiK messenger so we could chat??
  • lesbians or bi girls.

    08 OCT   CA, United States

    Hey, im ash. I like boys and girls but i just want to talk to a girl thats potentially in my area. I love art and music, and am 16. hmu if you want

    larry54 hello how are you doing today l am looking for the girl who l will love her this me email add me
  • Meet new lesbians and get a girlfriend ages 16 to 17

    13 JUN   Ann Arbor, MI, USA

     Hi, My name is Angel im 16 and im looking for girls that live in ann arbor michigan

  • Looking for a GF 13-16

    12 JUN   Seattle, WA, USA

    Just looking for a girlfriend and some fun. :) SnapChat is camx2000 :))))

  • wanna talk to females

    05 APR   New York, NY, USA

    hi! I’m 16 & a lesbian. I’m looking for female friend or maybe someone to flirt with(?) I’m not sure yet, but kik me @IamSh00k :)

    Isabella_mcdonald13 Hey Im in the same position girl Hmu 😊
    Victoria Im looking for the same LMAO
  • I?m Kailyn. Meet me. (Looking for partner/girlfriend/boyfriend)

    02 APR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I’m Kailyn, I am 13. I am pansexual looking for a partner/girlfriend/boyfriend. ??

  • Looking for a lesbian gf (non sexual)

    19 NOV   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hi I'm Anna, I'm 15 years old. I'm looking for a girlfriend. Someone from age 14-17. I just want a cute cuddly kind of relationship ya know? :) My fav color is Purple. I like to draw and read and watch TV. If you're interested comment of message me! Thanks!

    Sunshine now im atually 16
    Sunshine Im actually 16 now, and Id like someone closer to my age. So probably 15 almost 16, 16, or 17. Thanks! :)
  • Hi, can you come chat with me?

    13 FEB   Goshen, UT, USA

    Hey, looking for people to talk to. I'm Elliot, 16. I enjoy photography art, film and music. I'd be interested in getting to know some more people so please message me!

  • Looking for some lovely ladies to talk to?

    30 APR  

    Hey y'all! I'm Sarah! I am single and lonely af.. So I would love to chat with some people. Distance doesnt matter. We can be friends or maybe more. Im pretty chill and easy to talk to, so hmu. I love to travel and I love music and hiking and alot more. Talk to me about anything! If you're interested.. Hmu on kik, snapchat, or message me. I dont bite?

    Sunshine Hi! Im Anna. Id like to get to know you and be friends.
    Why Hi add me on Snapchat Lamborghini465 so we could text
  • I?m hella gay, females hmllll

    21 MAR   Glendale, AZ, USA

    Girls should text meeee. I’m really gay and sick of all these nasty ass guys ?? hmu 

    Hiiiiiiiiiii hey hmu when u get the chance if you want to :)
    Why Hi add me on Snapchat Lamborghini465
  • Really looking for a relationship

    11 JUN   Lathrop, CA, USA

    Any girl wanna msg me go ahead lol. Only from California though, I can't do long distance 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    06 JUN   Phoenix, AZ, United

    I'm looking for a girlfriend, preferably in the South Western part of America so Utah, California, New Mexico, Navada, Colorado, and Arizona area. I'm looking for someone who likes reading and listening to music, who likes cheesey romance. I'm looking for someone who has 2 or more social medias or a phone number and 1 social media. I prefer in the age range of 14 to 17 but would be willing to go up to 18. I DO NOT send nudes, sext, or role-play DO NOT message me if that's what you want. I DON'T have WhatsApp or Discord. Only people in North America please

    adham i sent u her pic lol
    EllieRose Look dude I dont want your friend leave me alone
  • I don?t really know what to put here

    11 JUN   Bronx, ID, USA

    my name is Alisha, I’m 16, I’m pretty goofy and fun to be around once you get to know me , sometimes I’m weird at first but I just want to get to know some nice girls and hopefully have some friendships 

  • Meet new friends or more.

    03 JUN   Manassas, VA, USA

    Hey, I'm Carrie. Im 17 almost 18 and im a leabian(sorry boys?). I want to be a cop btw. Im pretty easy going, I love animals and the outdoors. Im not really sure what to say so if you wanna know more let me know. P.S. I live in virginia.

    Kate Hi, do you have KiK? We could chat there, Im from Toromto KiK is @coolkate989
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