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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet new people for friends with benefits

    22 JUN   Joliet, IL, United S

    Bi curious looking for a girl, I'm 17 latina I have a boyfriend but I want to experiment with a female

  • 17 and searching for you

    26 MAY   Cleveland, OH, Unite

    Hello, I'm Z, A wacky, lovable Girl. I'm currently looking for a partner, If Interested please don't be afraid to message me.

  • Looking for people to talk to

    21 JUN   Yale, MI, United Sta

    Heyo - I'm Alyssa, I am 17 and am looking for girls to talk to (maybe end up dating). I love music, reading, soccer, dance, and writing. I'd love to get to know some of you. <3

  • Lesbian looking for girlfriend

    13 JUN   Phoenix, AZ, United

    NO GUYS I don't want you or your gross dick so don't even mesage me. Girls 13-17 only. I'm 14 turming 15 in December I like lots of things. I live in Arizona so if you live close to there that would be fantastic. I pretty much have all scial media but only willing to give out my Kik,Snapchat,Instagram,Skype, and twitter. I love readding, writting and listening to music. If you want any of my scials or phone nummber  message me 

    Ellierose Keykey message me and I will give either my KIk or my Snapchst
    Vale im intrested too :)
    1 day ago
  • Looking 4 Love (Girls Only!!)

    19 MAY   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hey what's up my name is Veronica Nicole, I'm a latina who also is lesbian (Girls Only!!) So Guys don't message me. I'm single and looking for love, someone who I can treat like a queen, someone who can love me, adore me, want me, and text me (Kik:LatinLesbian415) feel free to kik me, I'll be happily accepting gf applications 

    LesbianLatina415 @Michxllx I Kikd U ;)
    1 day ago
    Luíca Arroyo I have Kik now
    1 day ago
    Vale hey hmu u seen really chill and your beautiful
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    Hi I'm Luíca I'm looking for a girlfriend and a long time relationship So if u want to get to know me ill be glad to chat with u so leave a comment thanks ;)

  • Where is my diamond ??

    21 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    Hey I'm Jasmine I'm looking for a special girl to be mine princess and I'm very sweet, kind, understanding, I'm a caring person so if u want to get to know me ill be glad to chat with u thanks so leave a comment ??

  • Meet new people for friends or maybe more

    14 FEB   Loudon, TN, United S

    hi I'm Katie. Im 14 and I'm bisexual. I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend but I would love to have a girlfriend 

    navsam Kik me at navsam
    alex hey im bi
    abster3456 Hey Im bi too hit me up and youre pretty beautiful
    Snapit177 Im bi mostly girls ill chat with you
    1 day ago
  • I-m Looking For a Gf ?

    19 JUN   Raleigh, NC, United

    Hey there im 15 & Im looking for a gf , so LADIES dnt hesitate to hmu . 

    Snapit177 Hi there how are you
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a gf or friend

    20 JUN   Raleigh, NC, United

    hey, I'm Violet :) I'm looking for a relaxed friendship or relationship and I'm a super open person so message me here or on Kik!

    Ellierose Hi Ill be your friend Im 14 and live in Arizona
    2 days ago
    James Hi Ill be your friend Im 14 and live in Virginia
    2 days ago
    Violetcosplay No guys looking for anything more than friendship so dont even message me if you are βœŒοΈπŸ‘
    2 days ago
    Snapit177 Hi how are yiu
    1 day ago
  • Lesbians only for dirty sex chat

    20 JUN   Kolkata, West Bengal

    Hey..only lesbians  pm me and we will have fun in Kik Snapchat  or anywhere else

  • In the market for a gf

    15 JUN   Ca

    Hi I am 13 and am looking for a gf I like sorta of geeky things like Doctor who, izombie, superheroes and more I love straight up zombies as well . If you are looking for someone like me send me a message!

    The stitched cat Haha thanks i didnt even need to post this turns out its just about be at the right place at the right time and now I can change my Facebook status lol
    Valarie Hey love your picture snap ?
    TotallyAlien I LOVE IZOMBIE YOU ARE NOW MY BFF and Im also looking for a gf weird saying it but its true though ヽ(*>βˆ‡<)οΎ‰ lol
    2 days ago
    Vanessa Uh hey Im kinda shy but Im looking for a gf too Im 13 and Im looking for someone sweet who wont lie who will be there for me and Ill be there for you if you date me well if so heres my Kik @vanessa_alonso123 id be happy to chat and see where this goesπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
    2 days ago
  • hey ;) I-m bi and looking for a girl to talk to

    27 JAN   Lynn, IN, United Sta

    I'm Danielle, and I'll be 14 in less than 2 weeks. I honestly don't like guys in any way except as friends. I'm very quiet,  but once you get to know me, I talk a lot ;) I have a lot of problems with confidence and trying to be happy, but I'm getting closer to figuring it out. when I graduate, I will be buying a van to live in so I can travel. I'd love to find another girl who likes me and would go with me, even just as friends 

    Cassidy Hi I am Cassidy if you ever want to talk pm me
    Juliadegala hello baby text me
    abster3456 Hey Hit me up
  • Lesbian girl looking for relationship

    17 JUN   Longmont

     I am lesbian and would like to have a relationship. We can hangout and stuff like that. I live in longmont Colorado

    Ellierose Hi Im Ellie I live in Phoenix Arizona so a little far from you
  • Girls tryna entertain me?

    22 MAY   Raleigh, NC, United

    All the girls 15 and up hmu , lets talk get to know each other and see where it takes us. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    17 JUN  

    Especially if your into drawing or watcning anima/cartoons. I just turned 15 recently so I'm only looking for14-16 yr olds. 

  • 13 yo lookin for a gf

    14 JUN   Norfolk, VA, United

      I'm 13 and I'm a gamer. I like movies, games, anime, and fabulousness. I'm looking for a 13-14 year old who is into anime  and or games. Girls hmu if you are interested but boys don't please. I've been messaged with so much spam so... yeah..

    Gigi I dont have a kik sadly.. but salutations my fellow awkward person!
    T_Queen_123 Im looking for a girlfriend
    Beauty_yonce Im lookin for a gf too .
    Gigi Yay hello fellow lesbians :3
  • Lesbian looking for girlfriend <3

    15 JUN   Menifee, CA, United

    I'm 13, from california. I'm a lesbian looking for a kind, loving girlfriend. Message me if you're interested. :3

  • I-m not looking for boys right now!!

    13 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey, I'm not looking for boys right now because a lot of them are fu ck boys! If your one of them done message me! I'm looking for a girl that I can treat like a princess! Lemme know down below!

    Shame I cant just go to my profile lol
    Sarah Hello! Im looking for a girl to treat like a queen too. Hmu?
    Shame Hi Sarah hmu in Sc btw nobody treat me like a queen so Ill try to treat like my queen lol😊
    Mixedgirl321 Hey hmu id love to talk you

  • Wanna meet for long distance

    10 JUN   Hallandale Beach, FL

    Hi im crystal I'm single i want a girlfriend who is 16 and into long distance she can ask for my kik im real i just joined here and im kinda shy i want a sweet real lovely girlfriend im black. Thats it im not into guys never.

    Ellierose Oh well Im a little to young for you then because Im 14 not 16
    Sarah Hey! Id love to chat!
  • Looking for a girlfriend for a serious long term relationship

    12 JUN   West Saint Paul, MN,

    I'm TaTi and im looking for a serious and cliongly girlfriend that i could possibly form a life with one day

    Ellierose Am I to young for you or no. But anyway hello
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    08 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    I'm looking for a girl who is between 16-18 who is nice, sweet, and loyal. Who is willing to have a long distance. And to love me for me. 

    Shame Hi Im bi and im girl hmu in SC if u wanna know me more😊
    rebbecca treat me like sombody-Tink
    Daisha Can I be that one
    Sarah Hey! Id love to get to know you! Hmu?
  • Friend, FWB(?), Girlfriend(?)

    03 JUN   Cedar Park, TX, Unit

    Hi, my names Sidney, I'm 17 :). I'm looking for a girl that I can start talking to, I'm fine with being friends but I'd prefer a little more. If your interested, please let me know! ;) 

    Shame Hi Sidney Im jhunie, wanna be my friend btw Im bi
  • Looking for a female partner

    10 JUN   Amarillo, TX, United

    Hey, I'm Bree. I'm 15 and I adore dogs. I'm really shy and quiet but I try my best to interact with people that aren't my siblings. 

    I live near Dallas Texas and I own a pure copper pitbull/doberman mix named Jax. I'm looking for a female partner but I'm not on here much anymore. Anyway hmu if ya want. 

    Ellierose Uh Hi Im Ellie
  • Meeting my queen in Cali

    10 JUN   Fairfield, CA, Unite

    Hey if anybody lives in Cali and is looking for a girlfriend totally HMU bc I am lonely and age range is 14-16

  • 15 lesbian, looking for fun

    05 JUN   Chicago, IL, United

    Hey, I'm Gabby, I'm 15 and I will reply only to girls, no one over 18, thanks. I'm a butterfly ;)

    DELETED!!!!! Hey, Im a guy but looking for fun. Wanna hookup?
    Ellierose Hi Im Ellie um message me if you want my kik or snapchat
    Crystal_is_baby Hi Im crystal im single im 16 also
  • Looking for a girlfriend or just friends

    31 MAY   Norfolk, VA, United

     Hey girls. I'm Gigi and I am bisexual. Rn I'm looking for a 13 year old girl to meet irl and talk to . Hmu if you are interested..


  • Finding the right girl

    09 JUN   Melbourne, Victoria,

    Hi, I'm Madisyn. I'm 16, 17 in 22 days. I am looking for a girl who shares the same love as me of music, books, tv shows, etc. I am looking for someone who can both help me determine whether I am into girls and become a great friend. If you don't want to be in a relationship, that's cool, we can just be friends. I'm awesome like that ;D Can't wait to hear from you :) 

  • Looking for friends

    08 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    I want to be ur friend and get to know u better i'm sweet and repectful i'm very understanding  when you have problems or when u need some advices and i'll be there when u need me also I'm very patient and hopefully some day we can be more than friends.

    Ellierose I might be a little young for you but hello anyway
    Luíca Arroyo Ya im 17 it wont work por but we can be friends
    Ellierose That works for me being friends
  • Bi girl want a bi girl or any girl that-s sweet

    08 JUN   Mansfield, TX, Unite

    hey I'm Marissa I'm 17 I like supernatural thing i also like hang Out With friends and listening to all kinds music and i like to sing even if I can't I like to laugh 

    Lizzard HMU if you want to
  • hey im looking for a lesbian girlfriend

    06 JUN   Westchester, IL, Uni

    I can sing dance love all music im black and porderecan and love kid u have to be 16 and up 

  • Looking for WLW from PA

    06 JUN   Tampa, FL, United St

    Hey, the name is Bri! I'm a bisexual girl just looking for some other girls (lesbian, bisexual, etc.) to chat with about what's it like to be with another girl. I'm open to chatting anytime, so hmu!

  • Girls only no boys please

    06 JUN   London, United Kingd

    I am interested in girls only any girl feel free to chat with me please thank you girls from the ages 13 to 17 please and is interested in a real relationship no boys plz because I will not reply to you guys girls only lllllfkfjfjgjjgjgjjjjgjgjgjgjugugjgjgjuuhjfhgjgjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhufhhf

    Sid i wanna chat wid u baby
  • Any bi gay or pansexual girls looking for a girlfriend?

    31 MAY   Champlin, MN, United

    I'm 16 and a lesbian who hasn't had a girlfriend in a year and is super lonely. I love watching youtube listening to Hamilton and emo music and am a musical theater major at Main street school of performing arts.

  • Bi sexual 13-14 year olds ?

    26 MAY   Norfolk, VA, United

    hello again!! I am about to turn 13 and I am about to break up with my bf.. I need someone nice and not clingy that I can meet irl and take to the movies.. Preferably a girl tho..

  • Exchange pics? That would be cool or something

    30 MAY   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hi, im Eva . I am a lesbian soo if you're interested hmu. I like alternative music, photography, theatre, reading, writing, drawing, singing and playing the cello. I'm really smart and i have a big butt

  • Lesbian looking for a girlfriend

    19 MAR   Cortland, NY, United

    Hi there ? im Amber ,15 turning 16 in 3 days im from cortland NY  im lesbian so girls message me! Im interested in finding someone who lives close and likes to go out and do stuff and go on dates and just hangout!

    Ellierose I dont live in Newyork but Im interested
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    12 MAR   Morgantown, WV, Unit

    Hi i am taylor i am looking for a girlfriend and would be in to talkong to anyone hit me up if you want to talk. 

  • LESBIAN.. looking for girlfriend in NY

    18 APR   Perry, NY, United St

     have to be close to me. Have to be able to see you 

    Don't do long distance?

    Noah i on otherside of bridge new york bby?
  • I-m looking for gf between the ages 16-18

    28 MAY   Dallas, TX, United S

    I like Supernatural, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titian. If you are interested and want to know more about me message me here, kik me, or comment below. Girls Only Please.

  • Meet my future girlfriend

    26 MAY   Piedmont, MO, United

    I just want a girl who's cute and shy. Someone who will be goals with me and steal my hoodies and let me spoil them. Someone who's herself and she loves me for me

    Cleopatra Add me on snap cleopatraramon2
  • Meet my future girlfriend

    25 APR   Piedmont, MO, United

    Looking for a shy, sweet, nerdy girl that's cute and will be goals with me.

  • Looking for a Long-Term Girlfriend

    22 MAY   Jackson, KY, United

    Hi, I'm Hayley and I'm bisexual but I lean more towards girls. I'm looking for someone who will spoil me and will love me for who I am. Distance doesn't matter but if you're close, that'd be awesome!! If you're interested, message me on here or on Snapchat. romanwonder_121

    Juliadegala I added u on sc
  • Meet new lesbian friends

    20 MAY   Lancaster, TX, Unite

    Hey, I go by joe. I'm lesbian and I'm looking for more lesbian friends to get to know. I'm very funny as I beeen told and I'm just looking for a good time.

  • Looking for a girlfriend that loves me for who I am.

    25 MAY   Phoenixville, PA, Un

    Hi My name is liz. I'm 14 years old and I know im a lesbian. I want a girl that can show who she really is and cares for me the way I am.Snapchat me at lizzard1738

    Ellierose Hi I would put my snapshat here for you to add if I added you but I wont so message me if you want it
  • I am here to meet the person of my dreams

    07 APR   Dallas, TX, United S

    Hi, I'm Kierra and i am 17 years old. I am funny when you get to know me. I'm looking for girlfriend with the same interest as me. I enjoy making other people smile and laugh. I plan to travel in the future to different places around the world. Games, movies, food, and talking are some of my interest. Kik me if you want to talk

    Delta Wow. what is wrong with you?
    Delta lol I look crazy cause someone spammed the comments and now all the other comments were deleted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Juliadegala id be PERFECT bc I want to travel around the world too
    Delta Thats cool Julia
  • Looking For My Girl Lesbian

    11 APR   Humboldt, IA, United

    Hi I'm Laney, 16 and im looking for a girl who will understand me and hang out with me. I play sport, write stories, listen to music, and drawing

  • Meet new hot girls my age that are 14 to date

    30 APR   Thornton, CO, United

    I like girls and I hope they like me and I hope they live in Denver or Thornton co

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