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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for possible girlfriend?

    26 APR   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Hey there, Im Hannah. I am bisecual and Im looking for a relationship or friendships in my area preferably (Edmonton, Alberta). Im not into nudes, so please dont ask. I like riding horses, motorcycles, and basically anything with an engine. I like to fix cars. I love animals. I also like to sketch. Im kinda shy, but if youre patient you will see my wild side. If you are interested msg me??

  • Looking for my soulmate.

    07 OCT   MI, United States

    I'm Renee. I'm 17. I'm looking for a girl to call mine, and be her one and only. I want an ldr until I'm 18. Message me if you're interested. Girls only 

    Shannon Hi, I would love to get to know you, message me :)
    Alex OMG another human who lives in the same state as me even MORE impossible!
    1 hour ago
  • Hi, looking for a girlfriend near me

    20 DEC   Leslie, MI, United S

    Hey, I'm Shannon, and I'm looking for a girlfriend to call my own. I'm the protective type and I would treat her well. I like breaking the rules sometimes, horror movies and walks in the woods. I also like Video games and shows like Supernatural, and Stranger Things. I honestly don't know what else to put down. Let me know if you want to get to know each other. Ok bye!

    Momet (lesbian) Hi..! Would you be interested in chatting..?
    musicmelody16 Message me maybe?
    Alex Hey! We live in the same state! I had NO idea it was possible to meet other Michiganers on here
    2 hours ago
  • Looking for a girlfriends

    26 APR   Houston, TX, USA

    Hi my name is Paola I’m 14 I am looking for a girlfriend some one who can love we and can satisfy my needs ????

  • Looking a for a Girlfriend

    25 APR   Texas

    I'm bella and I'm really looking for a girlfriend that lives in Texas.

  • Looking for my soulmate

    09 OCT   MI, United States

    I'm looking for a GIRL who:

    Is super clingy and overprotective, who will make me their princess and someday maybe their queen. I'm looking for someone who will be there for the good times and not leave my side during the bad. I want to be her one and only, and listen to her all day and all night long. I want a girl to love me completely and endlessly, and I will do the same for her. I want to be her #1.

    Requirements: at least 15/16 but not older than 19. Has to be okay with long distance because of my strict family, but will meet up after I'm 18 or after I graduate (I'm a senior this year) 

    About me: I love scary things, rock music, science, space, and cats. My favorite show is Supernatural, I'm obsessed. I do have depression, I struggle with that a lot. If we have things in common, send me a message. Look forward to meeting you!

    musicmelody16 Skype me please.
    Yupyup Hey Snapchat me would love to talk to u @sabina34el
    3 days ago
  • Looking to make friends, maybe more. (Lesbian)

    24 APR   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Hey there, i'm sarah and i am 16 going on 17 years old. I'm looking for friends then maybe a relationship. Just wanting to take things slow and get to know someone. Message me :)

  • Can you be my girlfriend?

    21 APR   Philippines

    Yes. I'm looking for a girl who's willing to have a relationship with me. If you don't mind noisy and quirky people, we can talk haha.  I'm serious when it comes to relationships. Everyone is against me because  I'm a lesbian. I'm not ugly and I can sing for you. Wish you're interested lol

    Nightmarebuddy Dude lesbian means girls only not guys, get it though your head and bother someone else.
    2 days ago
  • Hi~ I-m looking for a girl

    22 APR   Philippines

    I'll make you feel speacial. We can be friends but if you want we can date. I'm a bookworm. I love chinese novels and k-drama.

  • Looking for a relationship with a girl

    06 JAN   Gaithersburg, MD, Un

    Let me start over. 

    Hi, my name is Aelita, I'm 16. I love talking to new people and making friends. I love anime like Attack On Titan, Naruto, One Piece, etc. I usually watch YouTube or work playing games on my phone. And I love coffee. If you like to talk, message me! :)

    K.Nicole Hi, love to talk sometime
    3 days ago
    Paul clemens I’m not a girl but I have a proposition for you message me on anything on my account
    3 days ago
    Ohtht Hi , you can text me
    2 days ago
  • Idk what to put as the title

    02 JUL   Accrington, United K

    Hi my name is natanya I am 13 and looking for a gf I like people who are nice and who don't care what I look like I like listening to music and I love to sing and dance I also like to take pictures of clouds and the sun xx

  • Dating a girl or trading

    12 JAN   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hi I'm Brianna and I'm look for a gf or girls to chat to.I'm a into girls n talk about anime also if your into trading I don't mind.

    Jay_Kay! Hey, Im bisexual and needing some too talk too.
    Sparks15 hi im also bi also looking for gf
  • looking for friends/gf? single :)))

    17 APR   London, UK

    Hi! My name is Amber. I'm 16 and main hobbies include music, youtube and thats pretty much it lol. Haven't had a relationship so don't really know what to expect. Just like to chat :)

  • Looking for a fun lesbian

    22 APR   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hey y'all I m looking for a lesbian partner to talk to for a while dm me for Snapchat or something

    message-to-trade-nudes hey add me on snap jordanrobert954 im a lesbian
    3 days ago
    Paul clemens Hey I’m not a girl but I have a proposition for you message me on anything on my account
    3 days ago
    annie heyy im 16 but we can chat
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a Girlfriend or friends ^^

    23 APR   Manta, Ecuador

    Hello~~ I'm Tiga/Tigs.. I'm pan, Looking for a relationship. I like to draw, watch anime and kdrama, read books and play games. ^^ Feel free to message me

    message-to-trade-nudes hey im lesbian my names jordan i love anime my snap is jordanrobert954 ignore my profile it was my friend
    2 days ago
  • I-m looking for a caring gf

    23 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Hey my names Makayla I am 13 and I'm looking for a girl who cares about me, who will love me , and cherish me with there heart someone who loves to hug, cuddle and maybe kiss but be clingy basically.  Also who cares for my feelings. Also kinda take it slow And that's basically it. Message me if your interested

    SamanthaJo hi i think me and u will get along great if u wanna talk
    3 days ago
  • Bi looking for a girl

    22 APR   Milwaukee, WI, USA

    hey, I’m looking for a friendship and/or relationship someone who can do ldr. Someone who is loyal and funny. 

    I like sports, music and art. I like anything outdoors but sometimes I want to stay in and cuddle. 

    Hmu on snap if you want to talk @sabina34el

  • Looking for a relationship with a girl

    06 JAN   Gaithersburg, MD, Un

    Hey guys. I don't wanna be rude or anything but boys, please stop texting me. I only like girls, Sorry about that. 

    If you like to have my kik, just ask me though, 

    kate123 Hi, Im Kate 15 from Canada. You can kik me @Coolkate989 and maybe we can chat more :-)
    Yupyup Hey text me on snap @sabina34el
    3 days ago
    Yupyup Hey text me on snap @sabina34el
    3 days ago
    Yupyup Hey text me on snap @sabina34el
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    24 OCT   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Deedee. I'm a Lesbian looking for a girlfriend. I am awkward, loving, caring, and loyal. I would like to date someone 13-17 years old. I love Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Youtube vids, Gravity Falls, singing, and drawing. I am a good listener and I am an introvert. I'm pretty open minded. I'm for a serious romantic relationship. I live in LA and I don't mind a long distance relationship, but I prefer something closer. I can be a little clingy and I love to kiss and hold hands. I also like listening to music and acting. I'm very disorganized and all over the place. I don't care much about appearance. If you're interested, message me.

    Kalianna do you have any social media? (:
    KiSuga777 Hey, I’m Kishi and we have a lot in common. Wanna message sometime?
    Kiki Kira hey, we like a lot of the same stuff. wanna chat?
    Makayla:3 (taken by an amazing person) Hey Im Makayla wanna chat sometime?
    3 days ago

  • Looking for someone who will love me.......

    18 JAN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    So, I've been thinking for a while and I've thought about this a lot. To the boys out there who want me.. you can't cause I've actually figured out my sexuality. I'm lesbian and now looking for a girlfriend. I will care for everyone and especially the one that I trully love. I've been dealing with depression and aneixty since the end of 7th grade. I prefer people between the age of 14 or 15, but I am okay with people who are either 13 or 16 too. <3 <3 <3

  • I would like a girlfriend.

    06 JAN   Ithaca, NY, United S

    Hi, Im Harmony.  I am looking for a girlfriend, but I'm fine with friends.  I like music, I love to listen to it. My family means a lot to me. I am kind, I will treat you with respect.  I will not cheat, I am loyal, and selfless, I would give you everything I own.  I also have Snapchat my username is hniemi10. I ask that you please don't take advantage of my kindness, because most people do.

    Kerry Hey . Can we chat ?
    CamilaAkira Hey! My name is Camila. Can we talk?
  • Looking for the special girl.

    16 FEB   Snellville, GA, USA

    I’m Katie and I love most music and musicals. I’m a huge geek when it comes to Marvel and several other series. I’m a huge book worm and not to social. I’m looking for a woman my age with similar tastes to me. 

    EllieRose Ahh we the like the same things
    Zhariid HeyπŸ™‚
    Sierra hi, i to am a bookworm and im not to social either. im a geek and i know some marvel. i would like to get to know you so please message me back.
    Kaitlynn Dusenbury Im in a relationship but its kinda open so I can have a girlfriend. Its a complicated thing that we can talk about if your interested.
  • Is true love out there?

    11 APR   Aurora, CO, USA

    I'm the quiet person in most scenarios. I keep to myself and avoid conflict. I'm the type of girl who you remember going to high school with but know nothing about. 

    I observe people for what they truly are. I'll be as straight forward as needed but what I really need is someone to understand that. I need a girlfriend who will love me for me not my looks(that's just a bonus) a girlfriend who I can talk to because I know she'll listen and she'll care. I want real love. The type where I ache to talk to her every second of every day. I need a girlfriend who I can call mine and be proud to be called hers. 

    If you wanna try something out, I'm here. I'm fine with long distance.

    EllieRose Hey maybe we can chat sometime
    NerdyWarrior Hi! Maybe you would want to chat sometime? I understand because Im around the same personality type to people in school. My Friends know me but no one else really does.
    Haleybug I would love to get to know you. Im looking for the same thing. 😊
  • Looking for a good girlfriend

    21 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    So I'm not a fan of guys and I'm shy and awkward. I like more of dominant person I guess. I want to take it slow, I'm pretty self-conscious and looking for people around 13-16 maybe oh and I'm 13

  • Looking for a girl to chat with:)

    21 APR   San Diego, CA, USA

    Hi there:) I’m Mia 14 i love anime,art, and manga I’m not really looking for a relationship I just want a girl to talk to about the things a like and I don’t mind trading;)hmu on Kik (btw I’m bi but just interested In girls right now NO guys lol)

  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    04 APR   Bushkill, PA, USA

    Hello thanks for taking a look, im chloe i have glowing (not joking) gold eyes and gold hair, im open minded yet i can be unable to change in some areas. Im looking for a girlfriend nsomeone to listen and care for me as much as I'd care about them. if your intrested please feel free to message me on here or on one of my many sites on my profile. Im hoping for someone between 14 and 16 and nice to others

  • I?m Kailyn. Meet me. (Looking for partner/girlfriend/boyfriend)

    02 APR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I’m Kailyn, I am 13. I am pansexual looking for a partner/girlfriend/boyfriend. ??

  • Girlfriend I guess? It-s difficult right now

    19 APR   Waukegan, IL, USA

    Hi, im Yari and Im 14, bisexual and really great to talk to, I swear. I lean more to girls because they're amazing. I feel like Im a dominant person, but I don't really know. Message me on here if you know

  • Meet new people for friends.

    18 APR   Orangevale, CA, USA

    Hey, I'm a cancer with scorpio traits~

    I'm sarcastic and witty. I tend to tease and joke around a lot to lighten the mood. Don't worry I can be serious and quiet. I'm a girl but I'm also genderfluid (just for your information) I'm also bi-curious. I like anime, manga, kpop, bands, and astrology.

    Please no negative people and hate. I only want good vibes (:

  • Friends are great not weirdos

    14 APR   San Antonio, TX, USA

    I’m really just looking for a friend so please don’t send any of that nasty stuff


    01 APR   Fairhope, AL, USA

    Attention to my fellow lesbians! I am trying to make a public lesbian chat on Kik, where the massaging is much smoother and you get notifications easier! Look on my account for my Kik if interested!

  • Possible girlfriend

    17 APR   Kansas City, MO, USA

    hiii I'm Alex I'm 14 and I was wondering if anyone would like to possibly be my girlfriend if so pm for more details 

  • Meet new people and possibly a love interest

    16 APR   Athol, MA, USA

    Hey I'm Isabella. I am a lesbian. But I'm cool with guy friends. I love music and art. I also love being active and having fun. I love taking risks or just sitting and watching movies. I'm very outgoing and I love cracking jokes hmu ??

  • Looking for teen lesbians

    15 OCT   Glenburn, ME, United

    Hey, my name is Alissa. I'm 13, and I love music, animals, and I can draw. I am looking for a girl in between the ages of about 12-19. I am a good listener and don't like cheaters. I want someone that can make me smile, and feel aprishiated. Message me??

    luna hey everyone
    luna also im pan so i hope thats fine
  • Looking for a GIRLFRIEND :-)

    17 APR   Everett, MA, USA

    I there :) Im Kerry 13 . Im open minded with positive attitude.  I like to have fun , watching netflix, takin pictures, singing, dancing , laugh, and hang out. Im looking for a GIRLFRIEND.  I dont care about the distance. So if you're interested just text me :) . 

  • Friends and maybe something more

    17 APR   Houston, TX, USA

    Hey guys, Im tori. I am very outgoing, nice, fun, clumsy, and for the most part i dont sleep a lot. I love writing music, drawing and skateboarding. I hope im not too much of a handful. 

    Mr. Kk999 Hey can you make me your friend?
    Haleybug I would love to get to know you
    Isaiah I would love to know you more
  • Looking for friends or more

    28 JAN   London, United Kingd

    I don't like sending nudes or receiving them so I want a real relationship so please be I  for the long run and not just "hey I wanna nude, " 

    Helper Im perfect for youπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Haleybug Hi my names Haley you are really beautiful and seem very funny from what Ive read so far. I would love to get to know you.
  • wanna talk to females

    05 APR   New York, NY, USA

    hi! I’m 16 & a lesbian. I’m looking for female friend or maybe someone to flirt with(?) I’m not sure yet, but kik me @IamSh00k :)

    Isabella_mcdonald13 Hey Im in the same position girl Hmu 😊
  • Hey, totally a lesbian here

    15 APR   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Hey, I'm a girl who likes girls who is looking for a girlfriend, don't really care about distance. I'm talkative and like lots of things. I know lots about lots of things so I probably have a tidbit of information about what you like. I like metal as well as love songs, and rap, and musicals, and pop, and swing and jazz. I also love the use of words. So. like writing.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    14 APR   Phoenix, AZ, United

    I'm 15 I live in Arizona. I'm looking for a girlfriend who hopefully lives close to Arizona or even the Phoenix area. I like reading and writing listening to music. I'm open to anywhere in North America. I prefer the person have some form of social media like Snapchat, Instagram ECT. I'm looking for someone who likes some of the same things as me. I'd prefer close to Arizona but like I said anywhere in North America is fine. I have most social media. I DON'T have discord or whatsApp. 14-17 ONLY please

  • I-m a pan girl who wants to find someone

    10 APR   Canton, IL, USA

    I want to find someone who wants to get to know me, not just try to have sex and/or just hop into a relationship. If anyone's interested, message me :)

    Lcoonis Add me on snap and I can do that lcoonis
  • Lesbian looking for a bestfriend/girlfriend

    09 APR   Aubrey, TX, USA

    Looking for a cute basic white chick like me, I love roleplaying, I am caring , loyal, respectful,honest, and more hmu

    Lcoonis Add me on snap lcoonis and we can chat bby girl
  • Looking to meet a new friend / girlfriend

    14 APR   Anchorage, AK, USA

    Hi! First off, I'm lesbian and looking for a girlfriend (and a friend if you just are looking for friendship)! I really only want to date people from 15-18. I am a introvert and have bad anxiety but I am also optimistic and very charismatic. I am open to holding hands and kissing. Long distance is cool but I get busy sometimes so don't think I'm ignoring you, I will just get with you asap. I love to draw and play video games. I especially love anime and YouTube. If you like what you read than hmu. And yes, I have a half shaved head with Rainbow hair. It's kinda my thing. 

    Shawn U dont want bf?
  • Looking for a Girlfriend ?

    14 APR   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    hey :) im kira, 13, and i love singing, drawing, kpop, dance gavin dance, steven universe, ans voltron. i love to laugh and im pretty clingy. im looking for a girlfriend who doesnt mind me having strict parents, and me being my weird ass self. 13-15 year olds only lol

  • Looking For A Girlfriend or Friends

    02 FEB   Fairhope, AL, USA

    Hi! My name is Jenn, I'm 14, and I am a freshman in high school. I enjoy reading, listening to music, watching movies, and looking at memes. I'm a bit of a square when it comes down to it I guess. I am currently looking for a significant other, but finding a new friend would be nice, too. :)

  • Meet New Peeps or Relationship

    13 APR   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey gals, I just wanted to say that I'm very happy to meet you all. You guys seem to be really nice people. I don't mind having a great friendship or a relationship. Some things I would like you guys to know about me is that I enjoy sketching, photography, playing music on my guitar, maybe some videogames, some reading, I enjoy traveling or just staying at home (depends on my mood). I would love to know more about you guys. Like I said in my old posts. It depends how well we get along. I would love to be buds or in a relationship. I would like a slow steady relationship. You guys can text me on my instagram if you just feel like talking. I don't mind. ^_^ 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    08 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    I'm looking for a girl who is between 16-18 who is nice, sweet, and loyal. Who is willing to have a long distance. And to love me for me. 

    Daisha Can I be that one
    Sarah Hey! Id love to get to know you! Hmu?
    des hmu and i would love to know u hon
  • hook ups in cincy wanted

    12 APR   Cincinnati, OH, USA

    hey so like this is an odd one

    everyone on here wants real relationships and I mean I do too but I’ve had really bad luck so far and i kinda just want a friends with benefits or a hook up kinda thing. 

    Soooo yeah idk it might turn into more or maybe someone will change my opinion but for now if you’re in Cincinnati Ohio and are open to that hmu 

    im bi but I have an overwhelming preference to girls

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