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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    09 NOV   Geary, OK, United St

    Hi, I'm Hailey. I like drawing, reading, writing, and listening to music. I have 6 pets.

  • Interested in meetin some gals to get to know

    20 NOV   Escondido, CA, Unite

    I'm sawyer, a queer, nonbinary- androgynous teen, I'm 16, single, and really interested in getting to know some girls in the San Diego-escondido area? Romantically would be pretty wonderful, and having some common interests too. (I for one like to cosplay and do SFX makeup). I just really would like someone to be with that's local.  

    Young Gravity I must be tired because when I saw the word androgynous I thought ambidextrous lmao
    3 hours ago
    Young Gravity Are you straight up lesbian or bi
    3 hours ago
  • Looking for a girl who i can connect with

    08 OCT   Austin, TX, United S

     I'm Isabel im looking to meet someone who is intresrested in similar things as me like Photography,manga's,anime,drawing,music and exploring .so yea anyway if you like these things you should talk to me maybe we'll become friends or who knows more.

    ericchan add me on snap: ericchan2003
    angieee heyyy msg me
    11 hours ago
  • Looking For a Girlfriend/Friend :)

    20 NOV   Nashville, TN, Unite

    i'm 15, looking for a girl younger than me. I'm Pansexual, but I lean more towards girls. I'm very open minded and not judgemental at all. just kik me if you're intrested in the slightest and we'll get to know each other!! <3 

  • Meeting new friends and maybe a girlfriend

    20 FEB   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hey guys I'm a L girl, 16 single at the moment, looking for people who are honest, reliable and someone to hopefully be with.

    Maddie Hi! Why dont you have a picture? Show your pretty face.
    Sunshine Hi lets get to know each other. My instagram is @12_sunshine_34!
    1 day ago
  • My first post on anything social media.

    19 NOV   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hewo! My name's Amanda. I'm 14 turning 15 in January. I love animals and my favorite is the African Wild Dog, they're really pretty. I draw a lot and am currently working on a book. I have been drawing and creating things for as long as I can remember. I'm looking to meet people with simular intrests as me. Stuff like music, animal/biology games, Marvel movies, shipping gay stuff, memes, and YouTube. So yeah, hit me up :3

  • Looking for a lesbian gf (non sexual)

    19 NOV   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hi I'm Anna, I'm 15 years old. I'm looking for a girlfriend. Someone from age 14-17. I just want a cute cuddly kind of relationship ya know? :) My fav color is Purple. I like to draw and read and watch TV. If you're interested comment of message me! Thanks!

  • Maybe we can have a little fun?

    13 MAR  

    My name is Cristina.

    I'm bisexual. Yes, we exist. So do unicorns, and mermaids. Don't try and tell me otherwise.
    I like to:
    -kiss girls in front of people filled with years of deeply sated homophobia
    -ask misogynistic guys to make me sandwiches
    -question authority
    -watch Supernatural(I can talk about it for hours)
    -encourage other beautiful people to express themselves with my full-fledge support
    -confuse people with the power of sarcasm
    If you would like to enjoy a colorful gay conversation, be sure to hit me up.


    Sexycutieboy20 Text me (909)225-8047
    Caitlyn text me. 503-676-5904
    2 days ago
  • There-s Gotta Be Somebody For Me

    20 APR   Seattle, WA, United

    "Ooh you can't give up when you're looking for a diamond in the rough. Cuz you never when it shows up, make sure you're holding on, cuz it could be the one, the on you're waiting on..." Sorry, listening to a song about not giving up when looking for someone to love, and for them to love you back.

    I am still looking for, "the diamond in the rough", but I won't give up until I have found her. <3

    Katia Hey. Im Katia.
    2 days ago
    Caitlyn txt me @ 503-676-5904
    2 days ago
  • Any Lesbians in NY (Ages 15-16)?

    17 NOV   New York, NY, United

    Hi, I'm Jillian, but you can call me Jill. Let's make this simple:
    -I'm 15 and like to date ages 15-16.
    -I like to date in person.
    -I live in New York (not New York City).
    -I'm a sexual person, but I don't want that all the time.
    -I'm a romantic.
    -I don't go for looks, I go for personality.
    -I'm lesbian.
    -I'm scared to fall in love again.
    -I don't develop a crush easily.
    -I like to wait to date.
    -I'm a depressed, self-harming, suicidal, negative thinking girl.
    -I'm a creepy person, I'm into emo or goth shit.
    -I'm an athiest. 
    -I'm a shy, awkward person. I have awful anxiety.
    -I'm a nerd.
    -I love to read, write/edit books, and make poems.
    -I love video games, but don't play them myself although I'd love to.
    -I make edits and quotes/quote edits.
    -I love to sing and I write songs.
    -My favorite music genre is rock or country, but I also love pop or rap.
    -My favorite movie genre is horror, but my favorite movie is Titanic.
    -I don't like sports.
    -I'm not a nature or an outdoor person.
    -I tell sexual jokes.

    Billi Im 14 nearly 15
    3 days ago
    JillLove14 (Lesbian) @LiamClarkin - Are you looking to be friends? Because this is a lesbian post.
    2 days ago
  • Looking for teen lesbians

    15 OCT   Glenburn, ME, United

    Hey, my name is Alissa. I'm 13, and I love music, animals, and I can draw. I am looking for a girl in between the ages of about 12-19. I am a good listener and don't like cheaters. I want someone that can make me smile, and feel aprishiated. Message me??

  • hii im new here and looking for a relationship with male or female

    09 AUG   New York, NY, United

    i like to meet new people from around the world even from  where i live , im sometimes shy and stuff but anyways im new and wanna see and hang with others thats a lil older and around my age

    Jess13 Hey Im 13 and pan
    JillLove14 (Lesbian) Hi, Im 15 (almost 16) and I live in New York. If you wanna know more about me, I made a post. :) If youre interested, hit me up - I dont bite.
    3 days ago
  • Please i need any girls too talk too im bored

    06 NOV   Spokane, WA, United

    My name is Lilly lor. i like to watch anime, draw, and make flower bouqets. just message me because i need a girl too chat with. Trying too meet new girls :) My Favorite food is Pizza and chicken. 

  • Looking for Teen Lesbians

    14 OCT   Mississauga, ON, Can

    I'm Emily, and I'm looking for someone who isn't a straight guy messaging me then saying I'm lying about being gay or something.  Preferably someone who's 14 and is willing to listen to me talk for extended periods of time. 

    Winston Im a straight guy but Im not looking for a relationship, I just want to make friends on this site so I dont care, I get bored sometimes so I would like to talk to you for a while.
    Emily I meant over 14 yikes
    Kayla {Taken by Amber Lexi Rodgers} Well Im 17 about to be 18 in November and I would love to get to know you better💕😏 Im a good listener if u ever want to talk
  • Best friend and girlfriend? 15-18. I-m 16 turning 17 this December 4th :)

    15 OCT   London, United Kingd

    I need someone who I can talk to 24/7 and someone who's real! If you read my recent post, you'll understand what I mean :(

    I knew she wasn't worth it from the beginning, but I still kind of hurt from it. I just need someone with me. Someone who only wants friendship and another someone who wants to be in a relationship. Someone just as gay and fangirlish as I am. You have to prove to me that you're real though. I really don't want to fall into another wormhole again. Message me if you want my snapchat or even my number if and only if you prove that you're real. I'll do all that i can to make you happy chica <3. So long as you do the same on your part.

    No NUDES! Unless we are very comfortable together. But that will be a long ways away when I feel ready okay?


    Babygirl2 Hey I’m interested... I’m dayna and you can txt me or Facebook me... I’ll give it all to you on pm
  • Girlfriend or Friendship?

    13 NOV   Lueders, TX, United

    Heyy!! My name is Alexandra. I am from Texas, I am 17, and I am bisexual. I am a huge animal lover and I love to play basketball. Some more hobbies of mine include reading, painting, and writing. My favorite color is icy blue and my favorite number is 2. I am looking for someone I can have a connection with and someone who can hold a conversation because I am really bad at it lol. Just feel free to shoot me a message! Hope to talk soon!!

  • Looking for someone to hang out with and maybe something more

    27 OCT   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey, Im Haley. Im a 13 yr. Old nerd who loves anime, reading, and food. Ill be willing to give it a shot if you will.

    EllieRose Hi can we talk sometime
    Hayden Phillips (Hayo,CheeseCake) I will be ur friend I love anime too
    Hayden Phillips (Hayo,CheeseCake) and adorable profile pic btw love it!
  • looking foe a new girlfriend.

    11 NOV   Burns Lake, BC, Cana

    I am a Gemini. I love to sing, write, and voice act. I'm into girls. Some games I like are Undertale, Friday The 13th, and Dead By Daylight. I have finished Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club, and I just started Fairy Tale. I ask perverts to stay away. I'm not into that. :P

    EllieRose I love Ouran and Death Note ! Maybe we can talk sometime about those or things were writing
    Lee erickson Hell yes Death note! And Ouran and Ft13! lol. anyways, I have similar interests, needless to say. hmu if you want :3 Im a saggitarius and I like most anime, Im a lil post punk emo kid, and I like animals and i literally worship nature. lmao
  • Hey ladies, its a pleasure to meet you

    10 NOV   Union, NJ, United St

    Hello, I’m here looking for friends and maybe a relationship ;). Hmm Im 14 and sporty. Im a swimmer and volleyball player mainly. I can play the guitar and a piano. Im rather shy at first but once i get to know you a bit, expect random topics and flirting. Im a sexual person bu i can hold myself back (most of the time). I love cuddles! So just message ;)

    Laneoss friends maybe? :)
    Isaac junior yeah we be friends
    Echo17 I can be your friend.

  • Looking for a friend (possibly more ?)

    11 NOV   Appleton, WI, United

    I'm Alexis, I'm 16 and I live in Wisconsin. I finally decided to get into dating because I'm finally comfortable being lesbian.

    I'm looking for friends first, and maybe something more after I know you. 

    My interests are art, books/writing, singing, anime/manga, running, nature, photography, all things occult, Stranger Things(I just started it, no spoilers!), Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy, and Heartland. That's all I can think of right now.

    Ideally, I want friends in the 16-17 age range, with at least 5 of the same interests listed so we have things to talk about.

    Just a reminder that I'm A Gay ??‍?

    Moonlightshiver Thats so crazy. I love books and writing AND singing and freakin everything you mentioned on top! :D
    Echo17 hello. Ill be your friend.
  • Looking to me my future girlfriend!

    31 OCT   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Hey I'm Sara 16 and I'm looking potentially for a new girlfriend. I don't know if anyone on here is real but worth a shot I guess lol so hmu!

  • Hello im malay and i am a marshmallow

    11 SEP   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hi im malay and im 15 turning 16 soon, i need something who can have faith in me and will talk to me non stop, i need somebody who can not cheat on me and leave me and call me cute shet and deal with my bitcheness because i am a bitch. Also i kinda into guys so i need one who can except me for that. 

    DelphoxtheChao im also willing to accept u
    Master J message me and well talk
    Nathan we can talk
  • Boys stop asking me out!

    01 JUL   Truro, Cornwall, Uni

    I'm not interested in going out with a guy.  I'm a lesbian. And lots of the guys on here are horny and I'm not interested in a horny person.

    Young Gravity Yeah but be aware that a lot of lesbians can be horny too, I’m rn just looking for friends because I got my heart crushed in 5 days sooo yeah
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 NOV   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Bisexual or lesbian girls only. I'm 14 turning 15 in a month, preferably a girl between 14-17. I like reading, writing, listening to music, and stuff like that. I'm hoping for someone who likes some of the same things as me. I don't mind long distance but I'd prefer in Arizona or the South West area. I have Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Wattpad. So message me to talk or for my socials

  • Hey talk to me bored :p hehehehhehehehe

    26 OCT   Fort Myers, FL, Unit

    I'm 13 and I'm home schooled lol so I'm kinda sheltered lol just looking to talk to Girls tho :) hehehehhehehehehehehhehehhehehehehehhe

  • Hi im new at this so yeah

    18 OCT   Sayreville, NJ, Unit

    hii im Jordan. i like making friends, and maybe have a girlfriend (im a lesbian) so hmu any time

  • Looking for girlfriend

    06 NOV   Blaine, MN, United S

    Sup. I'm Lee, looking for people to talk to or a girlfriend. or something. Lol. Anyways, I'm gender fluid, kinda pansexual, guys just aint my thing. I like anime, food, animals, drawing, wood carving, gaming, and volunteering. My dad has stage four lung cancer and I have six siblings, two left in our house. I live in Blaine Mn, and I'm 13, turning 14 next month. Also I have like no friends lmao.

    Hmu at puffleship@gmail.com

  • Looking For My Girl Lesbian

    11 APR   Humboldt, IA, United

    Hi I'm Laney, 16 and im looking for a girl who will understand me and hang out with me. I play sport, write stories, listen to music, and drawing

  • Looking for a LD girlfriend (good looking pls)

    17 SEP   Boise, ID, United St

    Heyo! Im 15 years old and i am bisexual, although im more into girls. I am very outgoing and i love music and riding horses. If you want to contact me, please do it through Snapchat because i am not aloud to be on this website lmao! If you want a pic, get to know a girl. 

    Shame Hi I would love to talk to u,Im bi girl hmu n Snapchat 😊
    Maddie_Hani message me on facebook. Madison Rebecca Hani
    Katie hmu @kt_gymnasts
    Leia You should hmu on snapchat. I saw your message and would like to get to know you
  • looking for friends & maybe a gf :)

    30 OCT   Townsend, MA, United

    hi everyone! I'm Calista, 17. I am bisexual, but I say lesbian just to make the creepy teen boys away haha! I love nature and culture and finding the beauty in the little things. Don't be afraid to message me! I wanna have someone to text throughout the day, and I promise I am nowhere near intimidating!:)

  • Looking for Lesbians to talk to and perhaps date?

    29 OCT   NYC, NY, United Stat

    I’m an incredibly protective person who loves life and (almost) everyone in it. I enjoy hiking, going to the movies, walking around book stores, walks through parks. I’m a horror movie fanatic, my favorite movie is the original Carrie. Message me!

  • lesbian trash, 0$, get it now

    02 NOV   Ladson, SC, United S


    I'm Lara and I'm a lesbian little heck. I'm 13 and looking for a relationship since my crush doesn't love me back, aha rip.

    I don't use text typing (ex: R u at ur house). I typically try to spell everything right and use the right grammar, and I want someone who does the same.

    I can be open to some boys but I'm very picky, you could almost say I'm pansexual, but I prefer girls.

    I like to draw and shit, and I have a morbid sense of humor.

    i like some animes but I dislike weaboos and such, like please don't "kawaii" and "sugoi" over and over around me.

    I'm a quarter Korean and I love the Asian culture.

    am trash furry, send help.

    I do use things like lmao, wtf, etc.

    I hope to find someone close to me, but its not a big requirement.

    I sound a bit sassy I'm sure, but really I don't bite, don't be afraid to talk!

    deviant art is @demnneko129

    BleedingTears (lesbian) Sorry, I dont got a snap, but I have a Instagram. Its bleeding.aesthetics
    Zacharah2211 ( im sorry ) I would say I am but idk
  • Meet lesbian girls for hookups

    11 OCT   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    I'm lesbian I'm not on here just to write back & forth I actually want to fuck lol

    larry54 hello how are you doing today l am looking for the girl who l will love her this me email add me sinelg.lovely61@gmail.com
  • Meet New People: Relationship

    11 JUL   West Valley, UT, Uni

    Hey. My name is Lexi Rodgers. I am from utah and have lived her my entire life. I am 15 years old and i am lesbian. i really want someone to call mine. i am loyal and i dont cheat. hmu if you are intrested. 

    amree burton Hey hmu! Im 15, Im from Idaho but I visit Utah a lot
    Kayla {Taken by Amber Lexi Rodgers} i wish you didnt live so far way and wasnt 15 :(
    Zacharah2211 ( im sorry ) Hey talk to me Ill be right girl for u
  • Shy girl looking for a good gf

    01 JUL   West Sacramento, CA,

    I honestly don't know what to write here, but I'll try my best. I'm 15, my name is Liliana. I'm looking for a nice girl who won't judge me for who I am. A few interests of mine are: Anime, cooking, music, comedy, gaming (not to good though), and helping others out. If you don't care, sorry for being a bother.

    SuicidalBish hmu i wanna talk to u
  • Looking For Friends Or More

    24 OCT   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    Hey! My name is Alice. I am a 14 almost 15 year old lesbian looking for friends and a girlfriend (preferably around my age range 13-16). I like photography, music, watching anime, and being outdoors. But I’m also fine with staying indoors cuddling and watching a movie. If you are interested in becoming friends or more than that feel free to contact me.??‍??

    Kik- younglindmac
    Tumblr: lesbian4eternity

    Izoa ;P (taken) Hey you’re pretty cute,
  • Meet girls in or outside Ny

    29 OCT   NYC, NY, United Stat

    Hey! I’m Samara. Looking for a girl in preferably in the NYC area(Manhattan) but outside is fine. A few things about me: I love theatre(broadway), swimming,reading,AHS.

  • Looking for my soulmate

    09 OCT   Flint, MI, United St

    I'm looking for a GIRL who:

    Is super clingy and overprotective, who will make me their princess and someday maybe their queen. I'm looking for someone who will be there for the good times and not leave my side during the bad. I want to be her one and only, and listen to her all day and all night long. I want a girl to love me completely and endlessly, and I will do the same for her. I want to be her #1.

    Requirements: at least 15/16 but not older than 19. Has to be okay with long distance because of my strict family, but will meet up after I'm 18 or after I graduate (I'm a senior this year) 

    About me: I love scary things, rock music, science, space, and cats. My favorite show is Supernatural, I'm obsessed. I do have depression, I struggle with that a lot. If we have things in common, send me a message. Look forward to meeting you!

    Rainiedear Im really interested in you. Your so beautiful.
    Samara567 You look incredible.
  • I?m bisexual looking for a partner

    03 OCT   Colorado

    Hi I’m a bisexual so I like boys and girls. I don’t like when people ask me for nudes I WILL NOT send nudes don’t even ask.  We can talk on Snapchat and text each other.  I prefer girls but I like boys too I doesn’t matter though. So leave a message at the beep.     BEEP!    ; )

  • Looking for my soulmate.

    07 OCT   Flint, MI, United St

    I'm Renee. I'm 17. I'm looking for a girl to call mine, and be her one and only. I want an ldr until I'm 18. Message me if you're interested. Girls only 

  • Hey talk to me bored

    26 OCT   Fort Myers, FL, Unit

    I'm 13 and I'm home schooled lol so I'm kinda sheltered lol just looking to talk to Girls tho :)

  • i want my love to be caring

    24 OCT   Geneva, NY, United S

    hi im talicia im 16 im looking for the right one who would love me forever and wouldnt cheat on me also who loves me for me. 

    Trajan hey talicia how r u ? u want to talk
  • Lesbian girls Wanna chat? :)

    16 SEP   Buffalo, NY, United

    Hi, I'm jeanine and I'm looking for a gf around my area and I'll show you all my love and call you mine <3 I have so much love. I love cuddling and just holding someone in my arms <3 message me if your interested and maybe add me on facebook? message me for that 

    Renee Hey if you wanna chat hmu c:
    Kayla {Taken by Amber Lexi Rodgers} if youre interested, message me. :)
    TheDecoysExcuse. (Lesbain) Srry Im late. I dont be on Here much Dm me @TheDecoysExcuse
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    24 OCT   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Deedee. I'm a Lesbian looking for a girlfriend. I am awkward, loving, caring, and loyal. I would like to date someone 13-17 years old. I love Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Youtube vids, Gravity Falls, singing, and drawing. I am a good listener and I am an introvert. I'm pretty open minded. I'm for a serious romantic relationship. I live in LA and I don't mind a long distance relationship, but I prefer something closer. I can be a little clingy and I love to kiss and hold hands. I also like listening to music and acting. I'm very disorganized and all over the place. I don't care much about appearance. If you're interested, message me.

  • Seeking a Lesbian or Bisexual Girl

    07 APR   Seattle, WA, United

    Hello there! I am Willow, (just a preferred name rather than my bio name). I am 17 years old and will be 18 in literally, 7 days! It says, "Lesbians", but I am more bisexual, with a strong preference for females.

    I am a female, and I am looing for a girlfriend who is in Washingtn State, around the Maple Valley/Covington/Renton/Kent/Black Diamon Area, but will make exceptions if there are any interested girls, who are not within that area. 

    Some of my interests/hobbies inlcude: Culinary Arts, Writing, Volunteering, Non-Profit Work etc.

    If any girl is interested,(bisexual, or lesbian) do not hesitate to reach out! And even if it does not end up working out, I would still like to see if it is at all possible to just be friends. :)

  • Meet new people for friends

    22 OCT   Decatur, IL, United

    hi, my name is Shaalla, I am openminded, nice and everything else. I am looking for a girl is who is like me but not to much like me. I love sing, so music is a big part of my life. I love acting to. talk to me and add me on snapchat. i am pretty chill. 

  • Meet new people for friends with benefits

    22 JUN   Joliet, IL, United S

    Bi curious looking for a girl, I'm 17 latina I have a boyfriend but I want to experiment with a female

  • Lesbians or bi girls

    08 OCT   Philadelphia

    im lookng for a girl who i can talk to and be myself around  i just wanna get to now you better and take message me to get to know me better

    Daniel Zulu am not a girl but I can try to get to know you.
    Ana4life im bi hitme up
    Abraham hello kayla..i have something to tell you..well..nice to meet you
    Abraham can we stay in contact if you do not mind ?
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