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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • What im not looking for.

    05 DEC   Monroe, IN, USA

    I am panromantic asexual which means I am only looking for a romantic relationship. Nothing sexual.

  • I would like a girlfriend.

    06 JAN   Ithaca, NY, United S

    Hi, Im Harmony.  I am looking for a girlfriend, but I'm fine with friends.  I like music, I love to listen to it. My family means a lot to me. I am kind, I will treat you with respect.  I will not cheat, I am loyal, and selfless, I would give you everything I own.  I also have Snapchat my username is hniemi10. I ask that you please don't take advantage of my kindness, because most people do.

  • Introductions are in order

    07 FEB   Islamabad, Pakistan

    hi I’m maya(nickname) I’m 17 and in school. Basically looking for an intellectual fun person to talk to. I’m not sure about my sexuality yet lol. Girls hmu or guys whatever 

    just don’t talk dirty and be civil and generally want to be friends.

    i love to swim, paint and sing. I also write and would love to talk with any writers on here. 

    Sahil I am also 17 please hangout me
    12 hours ago
    keir.a Hey, im also a writer! :3
  • Looking for someone to love that special girl sm1 I can spoil, give my ? to

    19 MAY   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    I'm Mapula but u can call me M, 15. Open minded positive honest kind and caring but don't take advantage, I love to laugh and having fun I'm very protective of those I love I'm a bit wild but most of all in complex but get to know maybe you'll get though the complexity. I'm look for sm1 athletic sm1 who is artistic e.g photography dancing writing acting painting singing ect. I want sm1 I can truly love no joke sm1 who can hold me wen days are dark sm1 who wants me to hold during dark times sm1 responsible honest caring better then me in any way sm1 emotionally strong forgiving never gives up great listener smart sense of humour supportive healthy outdoorsy animal lover fashionable self discipline loves themselves big dreamer hug lover beautiful eyes understanding focused loves reading committed helpful adventurous neat inspirational trustworthy generes not forgetful self confident faithful pure of heart and can see me in ways i never could and most of all can throw me of my game(if u can do that it my one).

  • Looking for someone nice

    10 DEC   Key West, FL, USA

    Hi I'm new here and looking for someone to chill with.. whether in friendship or relationship. I'm a nice person so don't be shy, that's my job. I want someone between 14-18

    Btw I'm a femme and I'm actually big so yahhh

    Noona Correction I meant to say bi
    3 days ago
    TankNate (im a guy and single) do you want a relationship off the bat or wait and get to know each other first?
    3 days ago
    Ranagirl123****lesbian or bi girls Y ou u can sc me if you want to
    3 days ago
    Joe Shimk Am here free
    2 days ago
  • ~Guys, I-m a Lesbian~

    10 DEC   Sanford, FL, USA

    Hi! So, I posted a coming out thing under General, which did Jack, but whatever. I'm single, I like girls, and I guess if you have a cool personality I'll like you.


    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
    2 days ago
    keir.a Hi, message me of you want :3
    2 days ago
  • I would love a girlfriend

    07 DEC   Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Hi there, I'm Kate. I'm actually looking for a fun girlfriend around my age and maybe someone who's not too shy, like a bit daring so that we can chat and enjoy ourselves maybe :-) can add me here or on KiK coolkate989 ^_^

    N_gonzales Hey you should add me on snap nevaehgonzales1 i would love to talk to you
    2 days ago
  • Experience new things

    11 DEC   Independence, OR, US

    Im not not gonna lie I kinda wanna try being with a girl. Ive never been with a girl. But I would be lieing if i didnt say im not curious.

  • Love to talk to some girls (:

    04 OCT   Salt Lake City, UT,

    Love to talk to any girls around my age. <3 I wanna talk/chat/whatever. Please hmu, hahaha. 

    Sunshine Hey! Id love to be friends and chat!
  • lesbians or bi girls.

    08 OCT   california

    Hey, im ash. I like boys and girls but i just want to talk to a girl thats potentially in my area. I love art and music, and am 16. hmu if you want

  • public service announcement hmu :)

    09 DEC   Oakland, CA, USA

    I'm big gay. And all these boys are messaging me. Since I can't put it on my profile Ig I can say it here. 


    Okay Ty. 

  • Looking for a gf or friend

    20 JUN   Williamsburg, VA, Un

    hey, I'm Violet :) I'm looking for a relaxed friendship or relationship and I'm a super open person so message me here or on Kik!

    amaya326 if you see this message me
    Brooke789 Hi hmu if you want to chat Kik lesbian9879
    3 days ago
    Brooke789 Ik I look like a guy but I promise I’m not.
    3 days ago
  • Any girls wanna talk?

    19 JAN   Crowley Lake, CA, Un

    Hey, I'm a small town girl who wants to meet more people in LGBT community due to the little one that my town has. If anyone wants to introduce themselves that be great and we can see what happens from there.

    Ella hiya im Ella its nice to meet you im bi
    Ranagirl123****lesbian or bi girls You can sc me if you want to talk
    3 days ago
  • looking for some help, preferably a lesbian

    09 MAY   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hey y'all it's Sarah I'm wondering if I was lesbian or not again and if any of you reading this are could message me that would be great thanks!

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    09 DEC   Sudbury, VT, USA

    My name is Brooke. I’m looking for a cute girl to get to know and get into a relationship. I know I look like a male but I promise that I’m a girl. I’m looking for a girl 13-16 .So hmu if you want to chat. 

    Instagram: betrand_brooke

    snapchat: giraffe9878

    kik: lesbian9878

  • Need/want a girlfriend hmu

    15 NOV   Tulsa, OK, USA

    Looking for a girlfriend who is between 13-16 and I naughty if you are follow me and him on Instagram @ady_12005

    Ranagirl123****lesbian or bi girls I was looking for other lesbian to talk to
    Ady Neeley I have Instagram
    danai? Im already following you so we could talk if you want
    3 days ago
  • Hey I?m lesbian and looking for a girlfriend because I?m lonely af

    09 DEC   Denver, CO, USA

    hello I’m 14 years old my name is spelled Kinda pronounced Kendah ( weird but unique ) I’m looking for a gf ages 13-16 I’m funny and I like to draw and write stories from my imagination I also love coloring I like riding bikes and walking I want a girl that will be loyal and nice and kind to me and that will love me for me I’m 5’3 and I’m fat but eh anyways anyone interested text me on snap kinda1599 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    09 DEC   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a girlfriend thats aged between 16-18. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal and honest. I need someone understanding and supportive. Preferably someone who lives close to where I live but can do long distance in England

  • Interested in girls only

    24 OCT   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey. My name is Dallas and I am 15 years old. I like polaroid, Lady Gaga, SZA, Rihanna, tattoos, and piercings. I describe myself as a very gay person. I live in Florida and I am only interested in florida girls. I am open to any culture, religion, and nationality. I dont care if you are black, latino, asian, haiwaian, or indian. message me if interested

    yvng papi i live in North Carolina
    Asia.02 Wats ur insta

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    04 SEP   Shepherdsville, KY,

    I love anime, games, drawing and things like that. I guess my favorite anime would probably be Soul Eater. I'm just looking for someone who's interested in the same things as me, and support me for who I am :-)

  • Hey talk to me bored

    26 OCT   Fort Myers, FL, Unit

    I'm 13 and I'm home schooled lol so I'm kinda sheltered lol just looking to talk to Girls tho :)

  • Lonely Gamer Lesbian

    21 NOV   Istanbul, Turkey

    Heyy, I'm Hannah! I'm 14 and a very awkward person :")  I'm here to make some new friends from my area. I would love to be in a relationship but I have major trust issues, depression, and anxiety. Not to mention my parents are homophobic. I want a girl who won't get tired of me and "fall out of love" with me. I'm not trying to be rude but I get attached easy. I don't really have any sexual desires and I'm very self conscious about my body.

    Anyways! Other things about me!

    Height: 5'2

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    I'm a gamer 

    I like anime/manga

    Amandathepanda Hello, im Amanda, im taken but I have a friend who wants a relationship
  • Hey I?m here for a girlfriend!

    06 DEC   Chicago, IL, USA

    I’m 14 years old and I want a girlfriend. Hmu to chat and we’ll see where things go! :3

    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
  • Girlfriend girlfriend

    07 DEC   Bowling Green, KY, U

    1. Im 14. Looking for a gf whos fun and silly and i dont care about looks. I love anyone who will be there for me and who^ll be mine 

  • Girls! Girls! Girls!

    03 SEP   Boston, MA, USA

    Hii! I’m bisexual but mostly into girls, so girls pls hit me up! I’m into art, writing and anything nature related. I’m 15, and a pisces! So pls hmu if you’re interested in talking! 

    katy121234 Hey I messaged you inbox
    GraceAmelia<3 hey so Im kinda shy and not gonna judge u by one pic but id love if we could talk
  • I?m looking for a girlfriend

    04 DEC   Sudbury, VT, USA

    My name is Brooke, I love to read, look at memes, rock climb. I love science and hope to be a mammalogist (studies mammals) I’m looking for a cute girl between the ages of 14-15. If you’re interested my instagram is bertrand_brooke on here or on Kik lesbian 9878

  • Genuinely Get to know someone

    30 NOV   Charlotte, NC, USA

    Hey my names Katelyn. I’m from North Carolina. I’m new to this site, but anyways I’m 18 and looking for some people to talk to. I am lesbian (sorry guys)  and I’m honestly just looking for a girl to talk that will put up with the fact that I’m really stubborn and I play fortnite a lot. 

  • looking for a good gf

    04 DEC   Elizabeth City, NC,

    I'm a gay girl so just looking for a girl basically...I'm hella dominant.

    15-17 at least  

    (I'm 15)

  • Im looking for a gf 16-18 yrs old

    05 DEC   Fishers, IN, USA

    I'm 16, sophomore. I like photography. I'm kinda a workaholic. I enjoy long deep conversations. I like to get to know people.  I like to get to know the real you of a person and why they're the way they are.  

  • Girls like me? - I-m 17 Bi x

    06 DEC   London, UK

    Hey! Im 17 and I'm bi from London! Im looking for a girl simmilar to me thats from the U.K. thats sweet and thats fun to talk to. NO GUYS! 

    My Snapchat's in my profile if you want to add x

  • Looking for a girlfriend...haha

    27 OCT   Quarryville, PA, USA

    Heyy! Just a lonely lesbian here looking for some cute girl to spend some time with :)

    I am very socially awkward and pretty shy most times, so don't feel bad if I don't reply to you right away haha...I also really like games (I play ps4 hehe) If you're interested in chatting, shoot me a message! <3

    DashRavens (Pansexual) Hey, we should talk. Message me if you wish
    keir.a Hey message me if you want to
    Cece Message me💕
  • i wanna find a girl 4 me

    05 DEC   NY, USA

    sooo im a lonely lesbian and all

    my friends have partners. hmu if you're interested lol

    Sharde I’m interested
    regina I’m interested
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    05 DEC   Monroe, IN, USA

    Im panromantic asexual and looking for a gf. I like to draw and read. Im looking for a kind person. Please hmu if your interested.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    09 NOV   Geary, OK, United St

    Hi, I'm Hailey. I like drawing, reading, writing, and listening to music. I have 6 pets.

    Catrina_kat Hello u are really cute I was wondering if you want to get to know each other??
  • Girls only no boys please

    06 JUN   London, United Kingd

    I am interested in girls only any girl feel free to chat with me please thank you girls from the ages 13 to 17 please and is interested in a real relationship no boys plz because I will not reply to you guys girls only lllllfkfjfjgjjgjgjjjjgjgjgjgjugugjgjgjuuhjfhgjgjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhufhhf

    🌈grey🌈 (butch lesbian) Hey we could talk if you want😘
    keir.a Wassup willing to talk just send me a message ;3
  • I want a girlfriend so hit me up

    20 OCT   Salt Lake City, UT,

    I’m looking for a girlfriend so just hit me up if you are lesbian and want be my girlfriend 

  • Looking for someone to date

    30 NOV   Prefer not to say

    I haven’t had much luck irl (because I come from a small town so there’s not many people to date, especially gay people lol). I’m bisexual but would currently rather date a girl at the moment. I’m 15. I love animals, watching tv, reading, and talking. Hit me up if you’re interested lol

    lesbianteen88 Hi your very cutee
    Good Christian server I think it was you saying you were Bi
  • Looking for a girlfriend 16-17

    03 DEC   Mansfield, CT, Unite

    Hey my name is Domink, and I'm 17. I'm looking for a girl that won't take me for granted and doesn't mind my awkwardness and nerdiness. Once you get past that though I'm a super caring and cuddly mess.

  • Meet a girl like me

    03 DEC   London, UK

    Hey! I’m looking to meet a girl like me. I’m bi and I’m 17 from London in the U.K. I don’t really have a preference just as long as you’re good to talk to. No guys sorry. If you’re up for a chat my snaps on my profile. Hope to talk Soon!

  • Any girls like me? - 17 Bi x

    02 DEC   London, UK

    hello everyone. I’m 17 from the U.K. and I’m bi. I’m looking for girls who are the same as me because all guys seem to want is the same thing. 

    My Snapchat’s in my profile if you wanna chat x 

    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
    keir.a Hey, Im bi as well!
  • Looking for a girlfriend 13-15

    16 OCT   Leeds, UK

    I’m 13, 14 in a month. I’ve never had a girlfriend before but I’ve been questioning my sexuality ever since I was 7  so I’m looking for a girlfriend, hmu if you’re looking for a gf aswell an if you want to take things further we can add each other on fb,Sc,messenger etc

  • To make new friends/Dating

    22 OCT   London, UK

    Hey, I'm Caryse. I'm 15 and queer, but more into girls tho. I really want a relationship, so hmu?

    Katie12 Send me a message Hun if your interested 😉 haven’t seen a girl in a while on here that actually seems worth talking too
    Amy Hi Im Amy 😊
    🌈grey🌈 (butch lesbian) We could chat if ya want also your really pretty;)
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    25 NOV   Bridgeport, CT, USA

    soo I’m Amanda, I’m 17 and live in Connecticut. I’m a senior in high school. I came out as gay about 5 years ago. I’m really looking for a girl I can ride with, no bull shit. I’m loyal, loving and hella protective. You give me a chance, I got you babe, forever. Hmu 

    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
    Riley “Tom” C.
    katy121234 Just did @T Ricciuti :-)
    luk3 a_johnson01.1
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    27 NOV   Burtchville, MI, USA

    im cheyanne. I’m 15. Looking for a girlfriend (ages 15-18) add me on snap if you’re interested. Snap: @cheyanne_payne

  • Letting y?all know (specially ladies)

    29 MAY   Federal Way, WA, USA

    Just letting y’all know I’m not only interested in men sooo ladies HMU as well

    flyhighfaded girl i am 18 in your area, add me on snap (: vrianna01
  • Looking for a girl I can treat right :)

    26 NOV   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    I’m lesbian and I just want a girl I can make smile and laugh. 

    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
  • I-d like a girlfriend :-)

    25 NOV   Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Hi there, I'm Kate. I'm actually looking for a fun girlfriend around my age and maybe someone who's not too shy, like a bit daring so that we can chat and enjoy ourselves maybe :-) can add me here or on KiK coolkate989 :P

  • Want to find a special girl

    12 NOV   Bucksport, ME, USA

    I want to find a girl that is 12-14, I want a girl that is loyal, supportive, doesn't cheat, and an overall good girlfriend

    ChilledSflower Im up for a relationship, whats up^^
    ChilledSflower Im up for a relationship, whats up^^
    katy121234 Hi there, I would definitely would be interested to chat with you :-) do you have KiK?? You can message me there: coolkate989 :-)
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