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Meet thousands of lesbian teens ,this is a group for meet lesbians in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a female partner

    10 JUN   Amarillo TX, United

    Hey, I'm Bree. I'm 15 and I adore dogs. I'm really shy and quiet but I try my best to interact with people that aren't my siblings. 

    I live near Dallas Texas and I own a pure copper pitbull/doberman mix named Jax. I'm looking for a female partner but I'm not on here much anymore. Anyway hmu if ya want. 

    Forever._.alone Hi im Emily im kinda anti social so you probably wont like me
    Grace Hi Im Grace and I just want someone to love

  • Transgender lesbian who passes seeking girfriend

    07 MAR   Marina del Rey, CA,

     I am 15 and live in Marina Dell Rey. I am pre hormone. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Cute20yroldboy Hi give me a text (909)225-8047 I dont judge
    mark transgenders dont use the term pass or passable its considered derogatory because you dont ask a naturally born female if she passes so why as a transgender who sees and identifies herself as a woman to say you pass means you are a crossdresser
    1 day ago
  • Meet my Mrs.right or friends

    17 SEP   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    16 lives in Texas looking for gf boys stay away interested in short older gitls...I like to sing dance draw play sports...if u think I'm the one for u hmu on the snap or kik

  • hey im anastacia looking for a girlfriend

    01 MAY   Joliet, IL, United S

    im lookng for a girl who i can talk to and be myself around i like music and books and movies i just wanna get to now you better and take message me to get to know me better

  • Meet New People: Relationship

    11 JUL   West Valley, UT, Uni

    Hey. My name is Lexi Rodgers. I am from utah and have lived her my entire life. I am 15 years old and i am lesbian. i really want someone to call mine. i am loyal and i dont cheat. hmu if you are intrested. 

    Winston Well Im not a girl but I want to become friends with you with that ok with u.
    Lovetohoop3 Hey hmu if interested Im 13
    Lemon hey im Leila if you wanna chat id be up for that (i dont do this much so if you dont want to let me down easy :p
    amree burton Hey hmu! Im 15, Im from Idaho but I visit Utah a lot
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a LD girlfriend (good looking pls)

    17 SEP   Boise, ID, United St

    Heyo! Im 15 years old and i am bisexual, although im more into girls. I am very outgoing and i love music and riding horses. If you want to contact me, please do it through Snapchat because i am not aloud to be on this website lmao! If you want a pic, get to know a girl. 

    Luíca Arroyo Hi hey message me on Facebook if u have one
    2 days ago
  • Im new here, glad to talk

    27 JUL   Meridian, ID, United

    Hi, I'm Shelby, and I'm lesbian.... I'm looking for girls from age 16-18 in the meridian/boise idaho area who would like to chat? Thanks :)

    amree burton dont know if youre still on here, but i close to meridian. Im 15, lmao hope that okay. HMI
    2 days ago
    Luíca Arroyo Im from Boise Idaho I live in Garden City
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    Hi I'm Luíca I'm looking for a girlfriend and a long time relationship So if u want to get to know me ill be glad to chat with u so leave a comment thanks ;)

    Luíca Arroyo Ill love myself so dont even bother reading this girls πŸ˜”
    Lexx Hey:) Im Alexxa, and Im definitely interested if you wanna chat
    Luíca Arroyo I need a new life
    amree burton Hallo! Im amree, we can chat if you want, you can message me or snap me. If you want more picture i can also send you some hehe
    2 days ago
  • Hi I-m gay but looking for a lesbian best friend

    14 SEP   Planet earth

    hiiiii I'm Brandon and gay so yeah..... but i really want a lesbian best friend because y'all are fucking awesome lmao but hmu if you wanna talk and fr fr I'm gay.... like I'm strictly dickly lmao I've never been so open but byeeee

  • Lesbian girls Wanna chat? :)

    16 SEP   Buffalo, NY, United

    Hi, I'm jeanine and I'm looking for a gf around my area and I'll show you all my love and call you mine <3 I have so much love. I love cuddling and just holding someone in my arms <3 message me if your interested and maybe add me on facebook? message me for that 

  • Bilesbian girls ABSOLUTELY NO GUYS

    14 AUG   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Looking for BiLesbain GIRLS ONLY ABSOLUTELY NO GUYS. See last fourm I did like this for interests and stuff. Will give out most scoial medas but not Facebook. Girls between the ages of 13 and 17 no girls older then 17 and no girls younger then 13. So message me if you want to get to know more and get other forms of talking

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    26 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a girlfriend aged 15-17. I love sport: both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Message if interested

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend

    20 AUG   New mexico

    Hi! I'm Xitlali,14. I'm opened minded, I'm looking for a girlfriend someone between the ages of 13 and 17. I like art, music, anime, video games, kpop, memes etc.

  • I like food nice to meet you

    11 SEP   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Im weirds and i love manga and anime Derp. I will say weird things so if u dont like it dont read or listen. ??

    xLyila Lol nice to meet you. Would love to be friends ??
    Malay Yes we can be friends
    Malay Yay, snapchat, kik?
  • Hello im malay and i am a marshmallow

    11 SEP   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hi im malay and im 15 turning 16 soon, i need something who can have faith in me and will talk to me non stop, i need somebody who can not cheat on me and leave me and call me cute shet and deal with my bitcheness because i am a bitch. Also i kinda into guys so i need one who can except me for that. 

    Enigma Im willing to accept you, Im the same way so I guess we have that in common to start off with. Im a bit of an ass hole but I know when I shouldnt say it do something so you dont have to worry about that.
    DelphoxtheChao im also willing to accept u
    Master J message me and well talk
  • Want A Cute Girl To Talk To

    01 AUG   Vienna, VA, United S

    Hi, im just looking for a cute girl to talk to and get to know better, soooo if you're bisexual or lesbian please message me :) I'd love to chat and see if there can be a relationship between us. Please no more horny guys 

    Jakerennels Yeah I feel sorry for u nameless73 makes a lot of huge points just like the 43 year old grandma on here lol
    Alex/AJ Yo shes cool, I think shes really nice, and thats coming from girl so boom, but I got a girl and I love her
    Phanton yo long time no see i see your looking for someone. dm me if you can later we havent talked in a while also sorry if you didnt want this comment here but i do want to talk with you
  • I-m looking for a girlfriend

    20 AUG   New mexico

    Hi I'm Xitlali, 14. I'm lesbian and looking for a girlfriend, preferably from ages 13-17. I like art,music, anime, video games, kpop,sports etc. I'm opened minded, I don't hate or discriminate against others.

    EllieRose Hello Im Ellie Im 14 turning 15 in December message me back for Kik, Snapchat, Ect.
  • meet new girls 13-15 years

    03 SEP  

    im looking for a girl 13-15 to snap/kik with 

    i just want some more friendships and stuff

    MariahLove hey message me.
  • Boys stop asking me out!

    01 JUL   Truro, Cornwall, Uni

    I'm not interested in going out with a guy.  I'm a lesbian. And lots of the guys on here are horny and I'm not interested in a horny person.

  • Looking to meet a girl

    27 AUG   Abu Dhabi - United A

    Hi there. Im talia, 17 and i am looking for a girl who can love me and entertain me. I am not interseted in guys. Only girls as i am more into girls. 

  • I guess I-m open to friendships

    06 AUG   Denton, TX, United S

    Sup, my name is Keely. Obviously 15 and lesbian. To be honest, don't amosc if your some guy or if your someone who wants nudes.

    Alex/AJ Im sick of guys send girls nudes
  • I-m looking for gf between the ages 16-18

    28 MAY   Dallas, TX, United S

    I like Supernatural, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titian. If you are interested and want to know more about me message me here, kik me, or comment below. Girls Only Please.

    Alex/AJ Giving Alex Im a girl and Im 15
    Alex/AJ I mean Im Alex
  • Just turned 16, want some birthday fun ;)

    21 JUL   Chicago, IL, United

     Looking for just 1 naughty girl who would like to have a like fun with me before I go to bed, I want to end my birthday with a bang ;) hehe... if you're down just send me a live pic of your boobs and get ready for a night you won't forget ;)

  • hii im new here and looking for a relationship with male or female

    09 AUG   New York, NY, United

    i like to meet new people from around the world even from  where i live , im sometimes shy and stuff but anyways im new and wanna see and hang with others thats a lil older and around my age

  • Do you want to be My girlfriend?

    24 AUG   Brooklyn NY

    Im jennifer or jenn and im 13 and single and i live in brooklyn im looking for a lesbian girlfriend through 12-14 and also lives in brooklyn i cant really do LDRs. I love music and make it too. I like to make covers of songs. I like bands like BVB or PTV. My style is tomboy and edgy. I like punk rock music or anytype but mostly punk rock. I luv to play video games whenever i get the chance. Maybe some girl would like to give it a shot? If you do you can add me on snap xblackcandy

  • 15 lesbian, looking for fun

    05 JUN   Chicago, IL, United

    Hey, I'm Gabby, I'm 15 and I will reply only to girls, no one over 18, thanks. I'm a butterfly ;)

    Crystal_is_baby Hi Im crystal im single im 16 also
    Jim Hey Im MarΓ­a Im 13 but I hope thats not a problem
    maddiehatter6328 hey im Maddie. im 15
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    17 AUG   Rogers, AR, United S

    Hey I'm Alex I'm bisexual and looking for a girlfriend age 13-16 message me if your interested in a relationship

  • Looking for my Beauty <3

    21 AUG   Winston-Salem, NC, U

    Im looking for a special girl who wants attention, love, and maybe a lil fun. ;) I want to build a relationship and spoil her. I kno shes out there i just have to find her.

  • Meet boy or girl of any age under 18

    19 AUG   Cartagena - Bolivar,

    hey I'm 13 but looking for a bang. If you're interested, send me a pic of your boobs, pussy, or penis. Id you want to be friends, I'm okay with that too.

    Alex/AJ Ill send u a tit pic
  • Girls only no boys please

    06 JUN   London, United Kingd

    I am interested in girls only any girl feel free to chat with me please thank you girls from the ages 13 to 17 please and is interested in a real relationship no boys plz because I will not reply to you guys girls only lllllfkfjfjgjjgjgjjjjgjgjgjgjugugjgjgjuuhjfhgjgjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhufhhf

    Sid i wanna chat wid u baby
  • Bi sexual 13-14 year olds ?

    26 MAY   Norfolk, VA, United

    hello again!! I am about to turn 13 and I am about to break up with my bf.. I need someone nice and not clingy that I can meet irl and take to the movies.. Preferably a girl tho..

  • Looking for and who I am:

    14 AUG   Watauga, TX, United

    Hello! I go by J. I am often described to be bubbly and happy. I like art, music, and am studying to be a vetenarian. I am looking for a girl who is in the same town as me, or goes to the same school if possible. They must also be a furry or a therian. Narsa is my sheep fursona name. Send me a hoi is interested!

    Alex/AJ Hi Im lesbian but I dont know where you live
  • Looking for a Relationship

    15 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a girlfriend aged 15-17. I love sport-watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. 

  • Wanna talk to new people, mostly girls

    09 AUG   Taunton, MA, United

    Hey, I'm Dallas, 15 years old. I love working out, doing karate, cooking, and chilling with my lizard, Lewis. Looking for gay girls or straight/gay guys 15/18 years. PM me if interested :).

  • Looking for new people to talk with

    28 JUL   Taunton, MA, United

    Hey I'm Dallas, 15. I love working out, cooking, going for long walks, and playing my guitar. If you're funny and caring, I'd love to talk friendly or flirty :). 

  • Meet new people for friendship and maybe some girls to date :)

    02 AUG   Lima District, Lima

    Hi, i'm Samantha, i'm 14. I like sports but i'm not fit at all, i'm just looking for friends or girlfriend, yeah... i'm a lesbian, I like memes and chicken nuggets, and boys u can hit me up too, but only as friend tho.

    If u live in Lima, Peru and u r cute, hit me up (girls)

    Max HMU on snap m1-b1
  • Meeting new friends and maybe a girlfriend

    20 FEB   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    Hey guys I'm a L girl, 16 single at the moment, looking for people who are honest, reliable and someone to hopefully be with.

    Maddie Hi! Why dont you have a picture? Show your pretty face.
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    08 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    I'm looking for a girl who is between 16-18 who is nice, sweet, and loyal. Who is willing to have a long distance. And to love me for me. 

    rebbecca treat me like sombody-Tink
    Daisha Can I be that one
    Sarah Hey! Id love to get to know you! Hmu?
  • Looking for a gf or friend

    20 JUN   Williamsburg, VA, Un

    hey, I'm Violet :) I'm looking for a relaxed friendship or relationship and I'm a super open person so message me here or on Kik!

    EllieRose Hi Ill be your friend Im 14 and live in Arizona
    James Hi Ill be your friend Im 14 and live in Virginia
    Violetcosplay No guys looking for anything more than friendship so dont even message me if you are βœŒοΈπŸ‘
  • Looking for a girlfriend or just friends

    31 MAY   Norfolk, VA, United

     Hey girls. I'm Gigi and I am bisexual. Rn I'm looking for a 13 year old girl to meet irl and talk to . Hmu if you are interested..


  • kik me im a pretty chill person

    16 JUL   Seattle, WA, United

    Hey im 16 and enjoy sports and gaming ive been kick boxing since i was 5 and i play varsity basketball and fastpitch. Im only putting this because it says min 80 characters. ? anyways kik me im bored asf @bhs12345 im pretty chill and laid back dude

    Shame Hi😊I would love to talk to u or know more about u...U can hmu on Snapchat and Im lesbian btw
    AK I have done but u arent replying
  • Where is my diamond ??

    21 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    Hey I'm Jasmine I'm looking for a special girl to be mine princess and I'm very sweet, kind, understanding, I'm a caring person so if u want to get to know me ill be glad to chat with u thanks so leave a comment ??

    Luíca Arroyo I wish I had the girl Im looking for πŸ˜”
    Lexi Im sorry..
  • Single and looking anyone

    15 JUL   Montour Falls, NY, U

    Hi I'm Taylor I'm 17 and love working on cars I love listening to music any kind any one wanna chat I live in new York and I'm very clingy and Talkative

  • meet new people and find love

    02 MAR   Rocky Mount, NC, Uni

    hey i want to meet people and find love and im a lesbian but i like guys also so text me

  • Hi my name is Gabrielle I-m gay, 16.

    02 FEB   Ruth, MS, United Sta

    Hoping to make some friends an possibly meet someone. Shy, very quirky, can make anyone smile. I like playing video games, listening to music. 

    C.J. Piper My names Carlie. Im bi, you wanna talk?
  • Hey I-m back and looking for love I-m a lesbian

    05 JUL   Rocky Mount, NC, Uni

    Hey I'm back um I'm a lesbian so girls 14-16 message me girls who live in North Carolina 

  • looking for girls slaves

    04 JUL   California City, CA,

    Mistress looking for girls to obey me do what I say hmu on kik also charlottewhitex

  • Hi I hopeing to make some friends maybe more

    04 JUL   Ruth, MS, United Sta

    My name is Gabrielle I'm 17 years old and I'm into both girls n boys. I'm hopeing to make some friends maybe something more 

    Cold Hearted 77 πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ»
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