hey ;) I-m bi and looking for a girl to talk to

27/JAN Lesbians

I'm Danielle, and I'll be 14 in less than 2 weeks. I honestly don't like guys in any way except as friends. I'm very quiet,  but once you get to know me, I talk a lot ;) I have a lot of problems with confidence and trying to be happy, but I'm getting closer to figuring it out. when I graduate, I will be buying a van to live in so I can travel. I'd love to find another girl who likes me and would go with me, even just as friends 

_.kxng_.liyahhh Hey! You should hmu sometime.
Tombraider Hey Im bi want to talk.
Alex If you want to be friends, message me
~cayden~ Hey youre super cute you should hmu
TigerPrincess Hey you are adorable iam free to chat :)
Ellierose Hey Im Ellie also 14 so I geuss yeah if you have kik mine is boobearandbigpayno or snapchat is Niallerandfiend
Cassidy Hi I am Cassidy if you ever want to talk pm me
Juliadegala hello baby text me
abster3456 Hey Hit me up