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Meet thousands of teenagers for love ,this is a group for meet people for love in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for someone special (no nudes)

    20 NOV   North Las Vegas, NV,

    So... Like just asked out this girl I liked but got rejected. But hey I'm a good man but hey maybe someone will find something they like about me.

  • Read this ya so u know and don?t ask ??

    09 NOV   Charleston, SC USA

    Yall I want a real city boyz I’m from the west so I kinda want a bad boy I do hang out with my west side gangs peps and I do love to get in trouble I’ll do anything... I want a real city boy not no fake boy either so if ur real  city boy HMU... man if u fake don’t bother me I know how ya work... and yes I’m still 17 years old 

    2way Hey. Add me on snapchat at cronalter. If u maybe just want to be friends or better friends.
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    28 OCT   Montreal, QC, Canada

    I live in Montreal and I’m looking for a boyfriend close to my age 13,14,15

    2way Hey. Add ne on snapchat at cronalter
    1 day ago
  • I need a serious girlfriend

    19 NOV   Lagos

    I need a serious relationship, a pretty girl between 16-18 years old, who will be loyal to me

  • looking for a girlfriend

    19 NOV   Stettler, AB, Canada

    well im looking for a girlfriend that will love me as much as i will love her and and for a girl friend i want them to be loveing of who i am not what i look like and not how i talk or anything i will do the same i will not love for a girls looks or for there hair or there eyes id be loveing of who they are not features of them for who they are inside i dont care about the out side i just want to be loved and ill love them so im looking for an honest girl and if theres any gamer girls id be up for that to but like i said love is not love if its for a part of the person u love the hole person or u dont its as easy as that so if any girls want to talk or chat hmu.

    Matt14 Ok mate I feel you but most girls only care about looks.
    1 day ago
  • Looking for serious relationship

    19 NOV   New York, NY, USA

    Hi i'm Frans 16 y/o , i like reading books writing books, I'm looking for someone who dont lie can trust each other ... 

    weird gay guy(single) i dont knowif your gay your bi but ypu can trust me
    2 days ago
  • I finally figured myself out.

    18 NOV   Canada

    hey so I was questioning myself before but now ik I’m bisexual with the help of my friends I’ve figured out who I truly am and am proud of being me.

  • Looking to meet new people

    18 NOV   Kansas City, KS, USA

    I’m looking to meet new people and a bf who will treat me right and will respect me and will always listen to me and to care for me and won’t make me jealous and some one who is cute as well

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    17 NOV   Omaha, NE, USA

    i need a boyfriend that is loyal caring love me for me loyal cute respectful. That dont ask for nudes or send nudes and that live close to me??

    John T Hey u wanna chat
    3 days ago
    alexf720 Hey amos aferraro2002
    3 days ago
  • looking for someone to love

    17 NOV   Upper Marlboro, MD,

    single guy thats nice and will care for you and never leave you so if anyone is interested just send me a message and i am not gay girls only please hope to hear from you soon 

  • I want a girlfriend. Just read this .

    17 NOV   Jamnagar, Gujarat, I

    I am Akash, 16 . Looking for ages 15-17 . I am interested in writing and can make poem for u . Also in Cosmology .

    I want u to rule over me, u r Highness . Order me and I 'll follow, if I do not u r free to leave . Give me a chance and u ll not regret . 

    And if a time comes when our self respect is in between, I will fall, always . 

    U 'll stay as my queen and let go whenever u want . I ll never question . 

  • Meet new Girlfriend or Boyfriend

    16 NOV   Weston, FL, USA

    YO! HMU on here but no message back until you follow! Boys and girls from all states and countries hmuuuuu

  • Starting to believe nice guys and girls don-t exist

    15 NOV   Yuba City, CA, USA

    I can not find one guy or girl in the world that is nice, doesn't cheat, actually likes you for who you are, and cares about you. All the people I have dated have either cheated on me or talked about my looks and made me even more self conscious than I already am and then blocked me. I'm just starting to believe that nice guys and girls don't exist anymore and am wanting to give up hope on finding a good person. If you are actually a nice guy or girl who doesn't care about looks, doesn't cheat, and will actually like me for me then add me on snap @emilaya013 so we can talk and be friends or maybe more. 

    Lucky Nooooo, Iโ€™m nice! Iโ€™d love to talk as friends, but sorry about my lack of sosh medes
  • Looking for a girl to care about me

    16 SEP   Batesville, IN, USA

    I'm alone in the world and everyone at my high school hates me I just want to love someone I just want to be cared about 

    Braden (taken) If any of you intreased hit me up
    Lucky How much younger you willing? 16 is my limit, so itโ€™s up to you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Oh come on why does nobody like me?

    02 NOV   Bakersfield, CA, USA

    Nobody likes me and I have been feeling I am not good enough so can you guys text me and give me advice on how to get one because I feel lonely without a girlfriend. I am trying to be good but nobody likes me and I want to scream on top of my lungs, it can be any age on this website and it can be a boy too. I hope I get one soon

    Matthew Please do it fast ๐Ÿ˜”
    Lucky It seems weโ€™re in the same boat ๐Ÿ˜‚. Iโ€™m Lucky. The girl who uses too many emojis.
  • I want to live a love story

    04 JUN   Oran, Algeria

    Hi there :) Im Andrea, 15. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Snap me sc-walt.adams443

    13 NOV   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Would like to have fun with someone.             ..............................................................................szzzzzzzz

  • relationship/friends bi

    13 NOV   Redwood City, CA, US

    looking for relationship or friendship, just want to overall enjoy each others company 

    Raydii Hi my name is ray..
    Raydii Need some to talk??
    MichiganLibertarian(straight) Yeah if you want to talk my email is
  • Aspects of this happsss

    12 NOV   Auckland, New Zealan

    Physically I want someone to cuddle with

    Mentally I need someone to think about me 

    Emotionally I need someone to love me 

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    12 NOV   Souk El Arbaa, Moroc

    Hi i am looking for a GF for a serious relationship if you intresred in me just inbox me 

  • Looking for a smart and sensible guy out there :)

    17 MAY   Columbus, OH, USA

    Hey there, my name is Hannah and I'm 14 going on 15 this summer. I'm looking for someone who's smart, probably a total dork and preferred robe taller than me (I'm 5'5") 

    Please, you gotta live in Ohio, I live in a small town in Columbus and I can't do long distance relationships (because I need my hugs and kisses) 

    Physically, lean is best but I generally don't care....but I'm 125 pounds just warning you now if thats too heavy for you.

    I love alternative rock, space and aerospace, I want to pursip a career in astronomy and I have my shit together.

    Also a scholar student XD

    mmallorysavge Hey beautiful hmu
    NateDoesStuff Damn it...You would be perfect for my friend, he wants to be an astronomist too
    jameson2002 I will love too but inbox me preety
  • i am a good guy looking for girl

    22 OCT   Prescott, AZ, United

    look im a kind guy, i enjoy doing cosplay, i hope to have a career in the military, i have never seen porn, i am a virgin and i am at my record relation ship of 4 days which was desroyed by the girll making out with another guy and stabbing me in the back. if you are cute nerdy and looking for a athletic down to earth nerdy gentelman then hit me up

    Haley Hi Iโ€™m Haley and Iโ€™m getting ready to turn 15 n 2 months and I wanna talk if thatโ€™s cool๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • i really want to meet a decent guy

    11 NOV   Harristown QLD, Aust

    hey, my name is annabelle and i havent had the best luck with boys. the fact that im up at 1:03 in the morning trying to meet someone probably sreams desperate. maybe i am. maybe i want to be told im wanted and loved. maybe i never have been. if your still even the slightest bit interested with being my firend and possibly more, please message me!

    Daniel58008 Hey messages wont work here for me but my snapchat is daniel58008
    Heckty Trueeee, and it ruins it for other guys
  • Here-s a random poem for everyone

    12 NOV   San Francisco, CA, U

    No matter what you do

    No matter what you are

    You'll always be my boo

    You'll always be in my heart

    No matter how hard you try

    No matter how bad it is

    Even if you're still near

    You're always the one thing I miss

  • Looking for a girl who can treat me right,

    23 MAR   Brisbane City, Queen

    Doesn't have to be tall doesn't have to be small I'm not a tall person and just so you know I'm 15 and am looking for a girl between 14 and 16 

    annabelle what about 13...? Ive been treated poorly by the fellas Ive dated and your post kinda struck me.
  • Add my snap chat nathen765 and let?s talk ?

    11 NOV   London, UK

    If anyone is bored or wanna talk hit me up on snap nathen765 don’t mind anyone

  • Loyal girlfriend???

    04 NOV   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Just looking for a cute loyal girlfriend with hopes of a good sense of humor and who loves music,movies, etc 

    Elise Hmu on snapchat if u want we can get to know each other elise1364
  • Meet new people or maybe more

    10 NOV   Az, USA

    I love baseball, I want to meet some new girls to talk to and just to be nice 

  • i felt like i needed to post this its an alright read.

    10 NOV   Calgary, AB, Canada

    understanding no one really reads the posts in the forums and most of my posts have been jokes. this world is to big not to have friends in it an i am confuesd on how im am loosing friends. is it because they were just their for me so they could get high and get free weed or is it that we all are becoming shuttins loosing touch with the world around us. i hope one day ill make more of those forever friends people we never get bored of chilling with.

    may i also find the one who will always be in my smoking rotation through thick and thin through darck and light the one who can roll it up and blaze it away that girl who can do mad bong rips and rip hard on a blunt the one who will bring me vision in the hazyest of hot boxes and who can bemy inspiration to keep going.

    i know thats alot to ask for and that is why my conquest does not look to be a easy one  but conquest i shall for the tresure is grand no matter the difficulty i shall prevail.

  • Add me on Snapchat I?m always on!

    10 NOV   Ogden, UT, USA

    I’m looking for dudes to talk to and maybe get in a relationship with. I’m 15, but I will be 16 in December. I have leukemia and I feel that it won’t hold me back from finding love ??

  • Meet a sweet girl or naughty

    09 NOV   Corpus Christi, TX,

    I'm looking to meet pretty much any girl out there just text me as long as you're in town

  • Dating. (I-m pan so I like all genders)

    12 MAY   Shelby, NC, USA

    Hoi I'm oynex and I'm more on the alternative side. I don't really have a type but no hoes. That's about it . ??

    RealeSpace Eh, hey. I think Id like to talk! My sc is linked, so just message me who you are on there if youd like to talk!
    Kaila Hey, im a lesbian! Were in the same LGBTQ SHIP! XD
  • Dating someone trustworthy

    09 NOV   New York, NY, USA

    I’m looking for someone nice, caring, and someone that I can trust. If you’re that someone, then feel free to hmu.

  • Dating (Looking for girl)

    08 NOV   Media, PA, USA and D

    I’m looking for a girl friend primarily near Philadelphia. I love soccer and track. I also love country music and the country life. Yee yee!!! 

  • Yes I am searching for true love

    07 NOV   Oslo, Norway

    like to find some true love on here because  doesn't  everyone is just a straight up wish to find someone who could be loyal and honest. And my favorite things to do

  • Looking for that special someone

    16 OCT   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    My name is maniyah , but people call me mani , I play softball and volleyball I'm really shy it depends on the person tho. I want a boyfriend that's cool and funny and loves me for me. As long as you can actually joke and laugh with me then we'll be fine. Just hmu if you want , I'm pretty chill. ( my other post sucked so that's why I'm doing another one.)

    TankNate (im a guy and taken) this is an amazing convo just waiting to happen
    Cooldude778 You sound like the perfect person for me
    Ande Vybz hmmm may be you and i can work smthing out
    Drake John Hey hey same here shy am 16 .... Love watching anime talk later have to sleep
  • Just looking for a girl to love from 14-16

    06 NOV   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    I’m a pretty nice guy Trying to find someone who I can love and be loved from. I like getting to know people and just supporting them for who they are and I don’t mind doing trying something new. Message me if you think I might be your guy.

  • I am looking for a girl that wants to talk to me

    05 NOV   Pittsfield, MA, Unit

    I am kyle I am 16 years old i am going to the army national guard i want to fight for our country if i what war is been going on for 17 years someone place tell that 

  • Meet new ppl friends maybe more idk

    17 SEP   Eatonton, GA, United

    I DONT do nudes I'm 14 I'm in 9th grade I love softball and ridin horses ,huntin and fishin and playin in mud etc 16 through 13 plz and no nudes 

    Nikhil Kumar Sharma Hi wanted to talk to u msg me if u want
  • meeting people for relationship

    05 NOV   Perris, CA, USA

    I want a guy who doesnt lie and who wants to get to know me. Someone who will love me for me. Someone who will appreciate me. 

    Nikhil Kumar Sharma Hi wanted to talk to u so msg me if you want
  • Looking for a boyfriend? (Girls only)

    05 NOV   Chaguanas, Trinidad

    Looking for a sweet, loyal girl who's a bit freaky. Hmu if you think you fit the description

  • looking for love and just the right one

    03 NOV   Upper Marlboro, MD,

    So im looking for anyone who will love me im only into girls so im a very nice and kind guy also try my best be funny and sweet but that opion is all up to you 

  • Someone hml im bored and wanna chat

    03 NOV   Calgary, AB, Canada

    Dm me for my insta or snap im super bored and wanna talk and have some fun

  • I-m ready to love again

    18 SEP   c.r.s

    Háyy my name is Fiona, and I searching bf who is cute, funny, romantic and loves music. Please I don't need a guy who is gonna brake my heart cuz I don't think I can take it. I love music and any thing related to it.(if u wanna know more about me please don't be shy to ask) I'm also open minded and understanding.

    Drilahhi hahahah nice..:P FIONA
    cr_sal7 Text me babe Iโ€™ll be urs
    Jnr Pablo babe let me be urs
    Anonymous_grape @luckyins how do you know how to speak urdu?! Ahah, and yeah Fiona, Im super into music too. Erm, visit my profile and if u wanna talk more just hmu... byee :)
  • Boyfriend! Boyfriend! Boyfriend!

    04 MAR   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    I'm single and looking for a boyfriend.Anyone interested? If you are,  then please messge me

    Xblackavatar IM looking for a girlfriend and im interested in meeting new people
    ritam Hlw i just requested u on insta so Dear accept it!
    ritam btw i m from delhi to!
    Rushil arora I m interested
  • day 5 of hmu (IM BACK FUCKERS)

    02 NOV   Columbus, OH, United


    still into guys

    obsessed with skyrim

    owns a horse mask

    irish, english, and polynesian heritage

    my favorite color is yellow

  • Looking for people to talk with near Clovis

    02 NOV   Reedley, CA, USA

    hey I’m looking for people to talk with on Kik, Snapchat or insta doesn’t matter if you are a girl or boy just live in Clovis or Fresno my number is 15596435252 

  • I really want a girlfriend right now

    02 NOV   Bakersfield, CA, USA

    I really want a girlfriend teens 13-14 and I want their hair to be blond hair or black hair

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