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Meet thousands of teenagers for love ,this is a group for meet people for love in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a relationship with boys or girls.

    19 JUL   Colorado Springs, CO

    I don't want to be played ... No sending nudes.... There is some gross ass people.... I just want a gf or bf or just a friend

    KILL$TREAK Theres mostly creeps on this website basically you get played or not find someone to date
    7 hours ago
    salt.tier sent you a message on insta
    7 hours ago

  • Looking for a gf i could do long distance but prefer near me

    19 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hey my name is miguel im 14 in a half and looking for a cool girl 13-14 and who would love  me. hmu on any of my social medias to get to know me better and talk

  • Wanna meet new people

    13 JUL   New York, NY, USA

    My Name is nick I'm 15 years old and I Want to meet new people. So if interested hmu

  • I?m looking to smash

    18 JUL   Taunton, MA, USA

    if you live in Massachusetts and your looking to smash my Snapchat is squirtlegamingy HMU and we can 

  • Meet new people as friends or something more

    18 JUL   Tignish, PE, Canada

    Near my age, a woman who won't cheat on me, loyal, understanding,trustworthy, funny, loving, animal lover, I will love her until I die, she won't judge me, cuddler, talkative, kind but a little bit defence, respectful, it doesn't matter where you live eventually we would reunite in the end

  • Looking for gf or bf...

    09 JUL   Denver, CO, USA

    Hi I'm timber, I'm bisexual and I'm 13 I'm looking for someone who's fun kind and sweet. I'm kind sweet and single ovi. I'd love a o meet a few people and become friends and something more.

    sharath madi hii chat with me
    Nikoratsu14 Hi I’d like to chat and get to know you
    Alex Hey Hmu If you want !!!
  • Reopening the search for love I guess

    17 JUL   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    Looking for smart, pretty, nice girl who has feelings for me between ages of 14 and 16. Make sure your parents are ok with you dating at this age. Guys also welcome although I have higher standards for them. Don't be shy, message me, and I'll talk.

  • Hii everyone Looking for a friendship, relationship

    17 JUL   Surabaya, Surabaya C

    Hi there. My name mulfi hidayat, i'm from Indonesia. I'm 178 cm weight 56 kg. I'm here for looking a girlfriend. Bestfriend. Friendship. Relationship. And anything. If u interesting about me. Just chat me on

    Snapchat : rapxboyz

    Instagram : mulfihidayat or rapxboyz

  • Hi there im Sebastian

    06 APR   Massillon, OH, Unite

    Im looking for girlfriend around my age im 5 i love to draw listent music i love nature woodworking y hobby is makeing candles

  • Kind of a freak, and want someone to be a freak with

    15 JUL   Cottage Grove, MN, U

    So hi, I'm just a plain old male that's straight but when it comes to kinks, I consider myself a freak, I got a foot fetish, which is kinda hard to talk about since this website has some baits on here. Generally just looking for a girl who actually seems interested in my fetish, the only requirement is the feet gotta be well kept. None of that gross crap. Thanks for reading this, hmu on snap or kik.

    Connor S What’s your Snapchat sorry about two nights ago
    2 days ago
  • Hi this is about my self

    16 JUL   Karachi South, Pakis

    I am muhammad usman and i am a 6'2" cool buff guy u girls wanna absolutely talk to , m also really kind anf have a good heart and for sure who ever wanna try me , I am jist not fake.


    16 JUL   Clarksville, IN, USA

    Looking for a partner of my life ^.^ , I'm a sweet, but very protective person.

    I have a big passion for music

    I love Video Games




    Helping people mentally and physically ^.^


    Sara Oml, lemme just say, I love your hair!👌
    2 days ago
  • looking for a cute girl

    08 JUL   American Fork, UT, U

    its been more than a week.i just want someone whom i can kiss her on hand and hug her tightly and make her smile all day and tell her that she is the most beautifull girl i have ver mer

    Antonis at least you put the correct title
    ali haha then give me one
    Serena or cici That’s so sweet
    3 days ago
  • hey im angel i need love

    15 JUL   Redditch, UK

    hey im angel taylor22, well on here im angel taylor22 my real name is chloe im 15 from redditch in the uk im not very confident so yea i like music ,art,drawing,anime,youtube and my friends i really want love after my last bf dumped me for not a good reason 

    Jacobdunkan Hey Angel hmu on SC jacob24701 I like talking so yea lets talk
    3 days ago
    Kyle if you would like to talk just message me through messages i will message you also
    3 days ago
  • girlfriend in kolkata

    15 JUL   Kolkata, West Bengal

    I need a girlfriend in calcutta,west bengal...text me if u wonna see my pic...

  • Meet new people and develop from there

    15 JUL   Birmingham, UK

    I wanted to see what this is all about and so i joined and im lookin for new people to talk to.

  • Cute Jacksonville boys

    09 MAY   Jacksonville, FL, US

    Looking for boys in Jacksonville to be my boyfriend, I am 14 and am looking for someone who is cute and doesn’t think all girls want is dick pics

    mal123 I feel you girll
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a relationship!

    12 JUL   Hell, MI, USA

    Looking for a cool outgoing girl 14-17! I don’t care your long distance or local I have no preference. I have my snap on my profile so you can get it from there and add me and we can start chatting!

    djjames1602 Hey there I’m down to hyu. Could I get your Snapchat?
    djjames1602 Ok never mind idk why it had me text you sorry
  • Lookin for a girl friend

    15 JUL   Newport, NE, United

    I am 14 and single wanting a girlfriend. I support the second amendment and i hunt if you do not like me then so be it just dont spam me with your views

  • Looking for a girlfriend 15-16

    13 JUL   White Bear Lake, MN,

    I'm looking for a girlfriend who won't cheat on me

    Likes: video games YouTube anime drawing music hanging out with frends reading 

    Dislikes: bullying yelling people being upset people being hurt 

    Hit me up at


    Or at Kik:BAD_ASS69_420

  • Dating girls or just friends is fine

    13 JUL   Vineland

    My names angel n I Tbh don't care who I talk to as long as its a chick...hmu doe lets start a convo and get to know each other. Maybe become even more

  • Need a Photographer GF

    10 JUL   Anaheim, CA, USA





    ColorguardRiley I love photography 😂
  • Looking for a someone

    12 JUL   Tomball, TX, USA

    Im looking for someone a boy or a girl that lives close and we can get to know each other and be more then friends and if we can maybe even send a little something to each other 

    scottie Hey I’m interested, my Snapchat is snicholson_01
    Luke kelly Hey I am perfect
  • True love relationship to actually love a girl heart and not ask for nudes

    11 JUL   Monticello, New York

    To not be a boyfriend that hurts or ask for nudes but to be loyal and there for whoever may be my girlfriend to know her and trust her and earn her trust and respect to show her I loved soul a d heart and not her  body I don't like nudes or will ever ask

  • True love, relationship

    11 JUL   Monticello, New York

    Want a special love relationship no I didn't ask for nudes just for a girls heart and trust I would love to have that feeling of really having a girlfriend.

  • Looking for a gf that I can talk to

    11 JUL   Florida City, FL, US

    I’m looking for a gf that is nice and sweet I’m not picky a guy that won’t judge you for who you are that will care for you I do anything you want. I don’t have a age that you have to be I just wan a fun gf that I can talk to and do stuff with. 

    Bibou Or it can be friendship just someone to talk too
  • Looking for a relationship ...

    04 JUL   Commerce Charter Tow

    So I’m trying out dating again. I finally and able to confirm that I bisexual. I am more sexually attracted to women though. Feelings wise I go toward men. I am 14 and am looking for friends or someone to start a relationship with. If you are interested HMU on my snap. @ckositski 

  • Looking for friend then love

    11 JUL   Hell, MI, USA

    Hey! I’m 16 and I’m a pretty chill and relaxed person, but I am also outgoing and love going out on adventures. I play video games and play guitar. I’m looking for a girl - friend. Sorry but I feel kind of weird dating people straight away. I love making friends though and if we end being really great friends then we could definitely date!

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    10 JUL   Lagos, Nigeria

    Looking for a girlfriend who doesn't mind a long distant relationship

    I don't mind your looks

  • I need a boy around 13 or 14 to date

    16 MAR   Granbury, TX, USA

    Hey, im Talon and im 14 years old and i am going through a hard stage in lif ewith my family and i just need a boy to talk to and soon maybe date.

    If your interested jus tlet me know and you can always texat me at 817-776-7223

    Thanks for your time,


    Will I think i can help out here. And whats wrong?
    gusara hello talon
  • Looking for a gf thats 13-14

    10 JUL   Tucson, AZ, USA

    Im looking for a girl to date one that is chill funny and loving (you can send nudes if you want to you dont have to) so yeah just hit me up on snapchat

  • Met an AMAZING girl!

    10 JUL   Richmond, NSW, Austr

    Finally am dating someone. They have exact same interests as me, and are sooo hot. The shame is I’m now off the menu... ?

  • Looking for a special relationship

    09 JUL   Monticello, New York

    I want a true love relationship and I'm not those guys who takes a girl love and emotions and puts that all asides for her body. I just want a bond which I can know that special girl for who she is inside so please know I want your heart your trust and the beauty which is on the inside and not your body, so if your looking for that type of real love I'm here.

  • Looking for a long distance

    05 JUL   Pittsburgh , Pennsyl

    Hey guys im looking for a guy preferably 15-17 who would want to be in a long distance relationship :) if you’re interested hmu so we can get to know each other and ask for my snap so we can talk on there too ??

  • Meet new gays or bis for friends

    07 JUL   Philadelphia, PA, US

    Hey, Name's John LGBTQ $upport all the way almost 14 in a month $ingle homo in the lost town of fish LOL ? (FISHTOWN) 

    Looking for a guy o' gal ta get to know "I'd love a relationship" 

    Mostly always boredom need friends family ditches!?

    Looking for someone sweet, kind, friendly,$oft spoken, and loveable

    Listens to what I have to say! :) 

  • looking a boyfriend and bestfriend

    07 JUL   Surabaya, Indonesia

    i would love someone i can talk to about anything then makes me comfortable, and we can video call or voice call.

    hmu on snapchat; nabilafatmawati 

    Anne You have kik so i can be ur best friend
  • To find a bf to date

    07 JUL   Maine, ME, USA

    Hi i am Emma and i am 13 and i like to read , draw , sleep , color , i love animals and nature , i like to adventure , watch movies , cuddle , not to be cheated on , i like anime , etc.

    rbomb02 heck yeah anime and art are amazing!
  • My French Crush.. I hope you-ll notice me

    07 JUL   Cebu City, Central V

    So I found his profile.. Yes profile. He's from France and I'm from Philippines, and yes I have a crush on him. He's also handsome (maybe slight) but in fact I can't help myself but to have a crush on him. I'm hoping that he'll notice me and we could be friends. (Yup just friends.. My parents gonna kill me if I'll be having relationship while I'm still a studying. Lol. They're strict.. kinda strict.) 

    And to my crush! Ayyiiieee I just want to say BONJOUR! I'm hoping to meet you someday. 

    Julie from Philippines

    juliedivine63 HIS USER NAME IS ART/ART ;)
  • poly means i can have one of each

    06 JUL   Satsuma, AL, USA

    pansexual genderfluild looking for a girl from 16 to17 and I believe in poly-relationships so i have i bf

    Daniel Wtf does that even mean umm what?
  • Lemme clear something up

    26 JUN   Orangeville, PA, Uni

    My name does not mean  you have to be great looking, or have a great size, etc. It means you have a great personality. (Watch out I’m about to lecture y’all) A lot of guys believe that it is the size or the looks that count. I honestly could care less about “size” Dick pics gross me out. A get a lot of messages asking what I look for in a man. Well first of all: you have to act like a man. Not some tiny toddler who throws temper tantrums because a girl told him no. 

    To be Direct....The List

    • I am stuck between shy and outgoing. Shy is cute. Outgoing is interesting. Maybe somewhere in the middle? 
    • Independent. I am not your housewife. 
    • Understanding. I have a lot going on right now and I don’t need someone getting mad because I wasn’t on for a few days. 
    • Funny. I love to laugh. 
    • Nerdy/Dorky/Geeky Harry Potter is lit. If you don’t like him you don’t like me. Dobby is Life. 
    • Loyal. What girl doesn’t want that?
    • Comforting. We all just have those days when we want to just talk to someone and have them tell us it will be okay.
    • Weird. Like funny weird not perverted weird. 
    • Smart. With the friends at school I find myself with, I am the only one going into Algebra 2. I don’t want someone to put me down and call me stupid (already have one of those) I want someone to be able to help me out. 
    • A tad overprotective. Not too much but not too little. I have guy friends. Deal with it. But you will also kick their butt if they don’t leave me alone. 
    • Just downright cute! I watch too many Hallmark movies and read too many books. Iyiy
    • Creative. I love to write and I love asking people for ideas with my characters. I am also obsessed with getting feedback on my stories. 
    • Have a good music taste. No rap unless it is old school like Eminem. No music about misusing women and doing drugs. I listen to rock, metal, Celtic (sometimes), and Disney Soundtracks. 
    • Supportive. I don’t really have that many people like this in my life

    Looks aren’t everything but in case you think it is:

    • Eyes are important. Blue/green eyes or brown doe eyes. (Ryan Reynolds all the way)
    • No dreads or anything of the sort. Dark hair with blue eyes is a dreamy look. Only in a fairytale. 
    • Emo boys are cute, along with Skater Bois. 
    • No piercings. Guys with piercings is a turn off. Otherwise Jacoby Shaddix would be way hotter. 
    • Athletic. If we ever meet in person (fingers crossed) I want tons of hugs by atrong arms. Not bodybuilder though. 
    • I don’t date past 16. 

    Erika{Inactive} Reading too Yash lmao
    Hasud Wow now thats call informative statements😂
    Erika{Inactive} I was tired asf and that’s when the truth comes out lmao
    Erika{Inactive} THE TYPOS AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES! 😤😭😭😭
  • Why can?t people have a real relationship?

    06 JUL   New York, NY, USA

    I’m looking for the love of my life! I just want a real relationship without nudes. If your interested HMU 

  • Get a girlfriend and make new friends

    05 JUL   Palm Coast, FL, USA

    Im 16 looking for a girlfriend or just a friend. Long distances don't matter. Hmu if ur interested. Insta is fine too. Im lonely and never had a gf before

  • amosc: t_gemlove2645

    19 MAY   Pittsburgh , Pennsyl

    hey guys just looking for some new ppl to talk to and im also looking for a long distance relationship ages 15-17 ?? hmu for phone number 

  • I-m looking to find a girlfriend

    05 JUL   Orange, NJ, USA

    I'm looking for a girl between the ages of 12-13 the type a girl I like she has to be funny kind and open and a girl who plays games time to time if you interested Hmu flame_games snap hat

  • Looking for an athletic Colorado girl

    23 MAR   Parker, CO, USA

    Hello I’m razublerry and I’m looking for a girl from Colorado 13-15 I like to play games, play sports like football, and like anime/ watched YouTube memes

  • Get a new girlfriend (I?m single hmu)

    05 JUL   Orlando, FL, United

    Alright so I’m alex I play football I’m 6’3 I used to do mma fight shit umm I’d like to get a new girl 

    I’m not a bot and I need someone who’s loyal that won’t cheat smh ?‍?? anyone who is interested and wants to hear more HMU 

  • Looking for a Loyal BF

    02 JUL   Cagayan de Oro, Misa

    I’m looking for a loyal bf who’s up for a serious relationship. Ages 16-20 

    Andercyn Hey let chat this up on Whatsapp if u are interested heres my no: 2347061627115
    Lord certified Hello gorgeous can I meet you if you dont mind Im Smith
  • Looking for Boyfriend or girlfriend! (15-17)

    04 JUL   Ahoskie, NC, USA

    Hey! My name is Ta'Nyia but call me Wheels because I AM in a wheelchair and it makes sense to call me wheels! I am 14 turning 15 this august! Looking for a person that's kind, gentle, has common sense! :) and knows how to make a girl happy! And loyal, sweet, knows what to say! And you can be yourself, be funny, and all that haha! I'm very interesting once you get to know me! Just text and we'll talk! Don't be shy! And you can be a boy or girl because I am Bisexual! Hope to speak with you soon!

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