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  • need a boyfriend who doesnt care about age

    19 SEP   f

    Hi there :) Im hickson. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

  • Meeting new friends

    05 SEP   Santa Rosa, CA, Unit

    Tapppp in with the kiiid for some fun n pics or FaceTime me 7073664766 , hurry I'm only answering the first 5 people to call or add me on snapchat liliaaanxaaa 

  • Single living in california

    19 SEP   Escalon, CA, United

    Hey, my name is Kevin, I'm pretty chill, just looking to see if any girls wanna talk, I'm not about to rush into a relationship with a stranger but if you wanna maybe get to know one another and move from there that would be cool, you can message me here or on snap, my Kik doesn't work and sometimes snap is hard to see so if you snap me and I don't repond msg me here and I'll check it again, thanks

  • Still Looking For A GirlFriend

    25 JAN   Houston, TX, United

    Is there any single good looking girls that is needing a boyfriend message me 

    zachary4824 hey looking for gf that is 16
    Dylan nicole no I dont I loved u
    nicole ok Dylan x
    3 days ago
    Dylan Hey Nicole
  • I-m ready to love again

    18 SEP   NG

    Háyy my name is Fiona, and I searching bf who is cute, funny, romantic and loves music. Please I don't need a guy who is gonna brake my heart cuz I don't think I can take it. I love music and any thing related to it.(if u wanna know more about me please don't be shy to ask) I'm also open minded and understanding.

    Fiona My name is Fiona, and I am searching for a bf( stupid auto currect)
    12 hours ago
  • meet lgbt friendly people for possible relationship

    18 SEP   Midlothian, TX, Unit

    Hi im Madison im 15 a pansexual trans girl (no hormones yet maybe soon) looking for a caring loving relationship maybe slightly sexual i love music and bands such as Top, Mcr, P!atD, etc i play the euphonium (a brass instrument) hit me up if interested

  • Meet For Making Strong Bonds

    18 SEP   Ahoskie, NC, United

    I'm looking for a girl to build a strong bond with. A girl to haven fun with. Im in search of a girl whose willing to listen to my opinions and suggestions. Im looking for a girl that doesn't always have a pissy tail attitude.A girl who likes music,fitness, martial arts, and filming and editing, and skateboarding???????. Someone to be their by my side as I journey the rest of teen life.

  • Im looking for a girlfriend who has the same interests as me!

    17 SEP   Mission, BC, Canada

    Hey! I am a 12 (13 in October) year old straight guy looking for an online relationship. I love anime such as Sword Art Online and Dragon Ball Z. I also really like Nintendo video games. My favourite series is Legend of Zelda! If you have Instagram, message me there @sao_jun_the_saiyan

  • Relationship Goals and About Me!!!

    17 SEP   Grand Haven, MI, Uni

    Haii there im Kaylynne :) ill be 17 in 2months.  im openminded and pretty goofy. im a sucker for piercings, tattoos, awesome hairdyes and styles, im very affectionate and i can jam out all day or just chill out and cuddle. i like when guys ( or girls ;) ) can keep up a conversation and be themselves with me.  i love it when we can be cute with eachother no matter where were at and not care what other people think!! NO NUDES PLEASE!!!  

    Preston Hey hit me up on here or Snapchat jhawk103 Im 17
    2 days ago
    brad.j Hi Kaylynne, I am Brad.. I live in the Grand Rapids area, we should chat. Lets SC mine is emalt7
    2 days ago
  • It hurts getting rejected for the billionth time

    16 SEP   Chicago Heights, IL,

    Don't you feel how it is to get rejected by someone you loved so much? Someone you spent almost everyday and every night thinking about? Then time after time, they keep texting you talking about do you still love them? It hurts you try each time but you either fail or get friend-zoned. You keep asking yourself, Why do I scare people away. Is it because I'm not social or is it the way I am or Is it because I'm just play ugly. Then, you finally realize something, each time you go to someone youve know like forever but they just make fun of you or laugh. It hurts so bad to the point you are all alone and this is something that continues to haunt me sometimes. Tolerance and Respect is something that you earn, not get. All people do is talk behind my back and make me upset everyday. It's to the point where I can't try nomore. But day after day, I shall keep fighting, fighting because everyone has a rough time but the next day, we all just bounce back.

    nicole im sure u will find that perfect person if u keep searching
    2 days ago
  • Get a girlfriend and tell her things about me I don-t tell others.

    15 AUG   Marshall, TX, United

    I am really trying to find a girl I'm interested in and who's interested in me. I'd like to get to know a girl and get her to know me. My friends don't know much about me cause they assume I'm a loser but I can do things most people can't and know things most people don't. I want to have a relationship with a girl and I know how to treat a girl, with respect and kindness, I know more about dating than most people who are dating so I know how it works and what to do in any situation in dating. p.s. sorry for making it so long.

    Rosie Im looking for a guy like uu
    22pilots (Lead Singer & Guitarist) Im sure your not really a loser…
  • Looking for someone to hang out with and to love.

    16 SEP   Resaca, GA, United S

    Looking to hang out with someone and maybe more. Hopefully they live close to my area. Hopefully you're around the age 13.

  • Meeting new people and possible dates

    14 SEP   Amber, NV, United St

    Hi there stranger , my name is Lucy Marr. I'm looking for friends and maybe a relationship. My hobbies are play piano and skateboarding around.I'm also learning to play the viola.

    I'm interested in guys / girls who are 15 - 17

    med im 16 if thats good
  • Still looking for a gf

    15 SEP   Cairo, Cairo Governo

    I am searching for a girl-friend that is willing to enter a relationship  , I am 14 , and I searching for girls 13 and above.

  • Looking for a girl to call mine

    15 SEP   Tulsa, OK, United St

    Hey I'm Adam my Snapchat and Instagram is human528mh if u want 2 talk but I'm looking for a girl to call mine so yeah hmu

  • Ready for all that and forever?

    14 SEP   Aurora, CO, United S

    I'm so tired of games and bs! I'm ready for true love and to start a long term relationship and a family? If serious hit me up.

  • Need a bf around the age of 13

    03 SEP   Resaca, GA, United S

    Need a boyfriend around the age of 13. Looking for someone to love and hang out with.

    Phanton um im not 13 but can we still try it?
    MorganofBway Around.. Up, down, left, or right?
  • I-m looking for a girl that help a lost lonely depressed guy

    29 MAR   Walnut Grove, GA, Un

    Like I said again if your interested post comment or add me on kik: benbruce4life

    Malay hey im not emo but i luv emos and manga and anime. Hope we can be friends.
  • Looking for a gf that might continue till a relationship

    13 SEP   Cairo, Cairo Governo

    I am searching for a girlfriend, to support me in my life (at least), She has to be smart and confident and ready to try new things

  • Gaming is good because gaming is great. Isn-t that what Clinton said?

    12 SEP   Birmingham, AL, Unit

    Hello, I guess. So, now that I hate almost everyone at my school, I need some friends. If anyone's on Xbox, hit me up. But I'll also chill an Skype or Gmail. Yeah. That's about it. Hope to see someone around.

  • looking for a relationship

    11 SEP   McKinney, TX, United

    hi im shanaiya and m looking for a relationship with a guy that won't break my heart.!!!

    Enigma You wont find anyone here. Im willing to offer my friendship, but trust me when I say that all these guys are just after one thing and that is not your heart. Take my advice and find a cool guy in real life.
    Imma.lonelywayne trust me all Im actually here is to find a decent chill and interesting girl Ive been looking around but nobody barely texts me, they just scroll rite pass me
    teddy Hae,text me my phone number 0731807562 am in kenya
  • Is anyone willing to date me

    16 FEB   Springfield, VA, Uni

    Hi I'm fyodor I'm 13 and male looking for a girlfriend I do have some down sides I have depression and anxiety and I am transgender (not looking for a guy) but this is what I'm into :vore video games anime monster girls and robots

  • looking for girls in my area

    11 SEP   Cowplain, United Kin

    hi im josh just looking fora girl in my area that likes me for who i am

    14 to 16

  • A girl living in Murfreesboro TN

    11 SEP   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Hello I'm Kaleb and I'm 15 I look younger due to a birth defect in my lower spine it's called Spina bifida and I've been through a rough life. Bullying, abuse, violence, surgeries and more. If you want to talk or date hmu

  • Introduction and Past

    11 SEP   Crest Hill, IL, Unit

    Hello there, my name is Kyle Frain. As I look depressed in my profile picture, I am. This is because I can't get a girlfriend. Everyone I know has one and they continuously brag about it. Everytime they mention it, I spiral into a deep depression for a couple minutes. Can a girl get me out of this depression? Or will I be a virgin forever and die alone? I have never had a girlfriend before, so I am a little shy around girls, but I always overcome my anxiety and keep moving forward. 

  • Want a loving boyrfriend who loves me for me

    13 JUN   Lexington, KY, Unite

    Hi, I'm Alyssa, I'm looking for a boyfriend who is 13-14 years old and can do long distance. dm me and we can talk. I love sports, but I also like theatre and visual arts

  • Bisexual Girl Looking for Guy or Girl

    10 SEP   Springhill, LA, Unit

    Hi, my name is Lauren.  I'm 17 and I live in Louisiana, USA. I've been single for two years, and I'm ready to date again. I'm 5'6, my hair is a dark brown, AI have blue eyes, I'm bisexual, I'm large, but not fat, and I'm still in highschool.  I love playing video games, sketching, playing my instruments (Ukulele, Trumpet, and Clarinet), and exploring.  I love nature and animals.  And I want someone to share my interests with.

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    28 JAN   Milpitas, CA, United

    I'm Kimberly, I'm looking for a serious relationship. Someone who is honest, kind, caring and a guy. I want someone older so 16-17. I'm a shy person in real life (you'll understand what I mean if you see me). I want someone who doesn't care for appearance but personality, attitude, etc. Someone who is open indeed, won't judge, appreciate me & what I try to do and try to understand me or make the effort to. In return, I'll try to love them with all my heart, try to be open when times are difficult and be there for them when needed.

    R. Ben Hi Kimberly, I think I will meet your requirements. Message me?
    samlong you can WhatsApp me on this line 233248024648
    Leo Heyy Hmu check out my profile
    DelphoxtheChao hey if u r interested hmu
  • Feeling lonely. Looking for a sweet girl

    08 SEP   Ballymena, United Ki

    I would really like a relationship. Any girls who like, think I'm cute or something. Text me, add my snap or kik. I just want girlfriend really

  • Wanting to be in a Relationships

    12 JUN   Booneville, KY, Unit

    Hey! Looking for someone that is sweet, nice, loving, and cute.. I love to cheer and play volley ball..  I'm 13 bout to be 14...

  • Looking for someone whos around my area

    28 AUG   San Juan, Puerto Ric

    Ive been having a lot of trouble when it comes to dating and I was hoping this would be the site where I can find someone serious. I'm not one to get sexual so if your into that im sorry but aint no way I'm doing that lol. Someone around the age of 17 - 19. I'm a bit shy at first but I do promise that I open up very quickly. 

    samlong hey can we chart on WhatsApp please I am also serious about you dear and I promise I will make you happy no Mather what.
    BigDaddy21 Where do you live?
    alex4654 All this people weird lmao
  • Any girls out there that wanna guy like me

    08 SEP   Riverside, CA, Unite

    My Name is Rogelio I'm a Hispanic teen looking for that special someone. I want a girl who knows how to have fun and knows when to just chill and enjoy life. I want a girl with a good sense of humor and loves stand up comedy. I don't want no nudes or anything like that I just want someone I have most of the same interests in and overall I want someone who's loyal.

  • Hi girls do you like me

    07 SEP   Lorain, OH, United S

    I just want someone to do a little dirty stuff with and hang out a lot 

  • I-m fahad and I-m from Uk, 16y/o and just looking for a girl that-s my type

    05 SEP   London, United Kingd

    I'm here to find the right girl for me. I just wanna have a decent chat with a girl around my age. I'm not gonna be like the boys out there that are just asking for nudes or shit like that. I'm a really interesting boyfriend and I love treating my girl like a princess! So just hmu! ? I have all my pics on Instagram: and my snapchat: fahadmalik77 ?

  • Need a girl to love. Idc what u look like.

    05 SEP   Knoxville, TN, Unite

    I wanna girl who I can stay up and text with and flirt with. Ill be 100 loyal to u. Idc what u look like or how old. But I also what a girl who can be sexual with me. But I would MOST LIKELY WANNA TALK AND NOT SWAP. I play baseball, race motocross, and play football. Im 6 ft brown hair blue eyes and nice body if ur into that. Hmu ONCE I FIND THE ONE IM DELETING THIS POST.

  • lookin for at least some nice girl that would text me

    05 SEP   Chicago Heights, IL,

    I don't even know what to write cus everytime I open up or express how I feel I get the same response Idk what I'll write Ive said too much on my previous posts so, if you like pls hmu havent gotten a single message in a while

  • Feeling lonely af. Looking for a nice girl

    03 SEP   Ballymena, United Ki

    I would really like a gf so if there are any girls who think I'm cute (Which I highly doubt) or looking for a bf. Hmu. I'd really appreciate it 

    Tayla You are cute!
    Alyssa Hey, hmu if ur interested
    Alicia Hi your cute really cute
  • i-m looking for girlfriend

    24 MAY   Zephyrhills, FL, Uni

    if there is any girls whos looking for a boyfriend i would love to be your boyfriend

  • Need a bf around the age of 13 that lives near dalton

    04 SEP   Resaca, GA, United S

    Need someone to love. Looking for someone that lives near Dalton. Hopefully we're around the same age.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    04 SEP   Sacramento, CA, Unit

     i would like a girl who is open to talk and  open to try new things  between the ages of 13-15

  • Someone hit me up ;) (girls)

    03 SEP   Phoenix, AZ, United

    My name is Brian, I like to go to the gym ? It's a passion, message me and get to know me better ;) don't be shy.

  • Hey, my name-s Keagan

    02 SEP   Cape Town, Western C

    So what should I say...I like playing games (#1 on my list is the Stanley Parable) and reading books (Non-fiction and space). I think pizza is the best food in existence. I have ADHD. My favorite movies are Marvel, DC Universe,true stories and comedy. The only time I am close to being funny is if I am sarcastic (I am not like that all the time). I love space and I am also currently learning Swedish (boredom does stuff to you). I am looking for someone who likes the majority of the stuff I just mentioned here. To anyone else that is reading this, have an awesome day!

  • Meeting new boys and boyfriends

    03 JAN   Loveland, CO, United

    Hi I'm skye, 14.  I love nature and I'm very positive and caring.  I am looking for some who loves hiking music and art.  I also love to skate and draw. Also I am looking or someone to cuddle with too

    CherryDude261 Im looking for a girl to love forever,are you interested
    Rodgerjay Hey same interest im 16 lets chat
    Emmanuel Hey am Emmanuel am an African. would love to know you
  • Wanting to talk to someone

    28 AUG   Miami, FL, United St

    I need some new people to talk with, I don't really mind what we talk about it :)

    Mason__17 Hmu and we can talk
    RogerN64 Im down to chat
    Rodgerjay Hey lets chat
  • Looking for a girlfriend?long distance

    30 AUG   Space

    Hey i am kenan 

    16 yo

    Just wating for love i guess

    Hmu mabey u match ??

  • I need a girl to hmu

    30 AUG   Riverside, CA, Unite

    I'm looking for a girl who knows how to have fun and get into a little trouble from time to time a girl who has the same mindset I do a great sense of humor to

  • Dont you hate when the person you love doesnt love you back? :(

    26 AUG   Chicago Heights, IL,

    I remember one time where I met this girl, she was so cute and beautiful, I really liked her. I liked her so much I even wrote poems about her and I wrote letters. But, all she does is not accept them. She instantly disses me everytime. Her sister was even mad at her for rejected me cus I am nice, loyal, respectful and wonderful young man. I remember the time I asked her out, she said she'll see but never talked to me again. Is it I'm not aggressive or is it the way I am cus no matter wat Im not finna fight or change over a girl that disrespectful and heartless. Some need to understand that the way I look isnt what effects me getting a gf, it's the way a man is suppose to act. I want to find the one, I know I'll find somebody soon a girl I can be a gentlemen too.

  • Looking for relationship with a gamer girl

    25 AUG   Wareham, MA, United

    Hi I'm Logan and I'm lookin for a relationship with a girl that also like me plays video games I play Xbox 360 and is hopefully buying a Xbox one soon

    Alex/AJ Im a gamer girl and single my names Alex, but sometimes I go by AJ Im 15 Im getting a Xbox 360 soon
    Alex/AJ Do u have skype or Facebook
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