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  • Looking for a Relationship

    28 OCT   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend thats aged between 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested. Preferably someone who lives close to where I live but can do long distance in UK

    Brainy Really? The best guy will come soom
    Brainy Really? The best guy will come soon

  • looking for a girlfriend 13-15

    23 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    im looking for a girl who i can love and care for and talk to. im 14 and looking for a caring girlfriend 13-15. hmu on snap: spencer.m420 or google hangout:

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    22 NOV   London, United Kingd

    Hey! Looking for someone to connect with and have a little fun :) I'm a friendly guy, that will always be there for you. Love helping people as much as I can. Feel free to hmu on sc: v_shah. For me it is all about the personality and you being you, that is what i'm attracted to the most!

  • Im still single I need a girlfriend

    22 NOV   Manhattan, KS, Unite

    I need a girlfriend that lives near by and has same similarities. I like music,sports,friends,and animals. But I need a girlfriend because I'm lonely and single. 

  • 15 y/o looking for Friends or a relationship.

    21 NOV   Guyton, GA, United S

    Hello my names Houston, I like to play games on PC and Xbox One, I love to write books and short stories and love to talk and joke with friends. Kik: houst64

  • Lookin for a good girl :/

    21 NOV   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    I just want a girl I can be dirty or clean with that's loyal and down for anything even emotional shit hmu if your interested just add me on snap 

  • Looking for girl near kansas

    21 NOV   Manhattan, KS, Unite

    I'm lonely and want a girlfriend I can call mine. Take to the park likes music and will be with me.

  • Need a perfect girl who likes me for me

    21 NOV   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    I need a girl who is yo for anything and down to meet sometime I just want someone who can be dirty but also someone I want to listen to their problems 

  • Hello there <3 I love y-all

    21 NOV   Washington, DC, Unit

    just a sweet, caring, depressed, weird (in a good way), Memefull, black 12 year old who just needs somebody to love, boy or girl :3 I prefer people to be at most of the age 15 ;) 


    Have a nice day <3


  • Looking for a cute nice girl

    21 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    Looking for a nice girl 13-15 that can be dirty or clean there choice but just looking for a girl to love

    lee lee im 13 😈
    1 day ago
  • Looking for love and a girlfriend

    20 NOV   Orlando, FL, United

    Hi there 

    I’m alex 

    im your average 14 year old guy loves football guns and cars but I might be different to hmu ???

  • Looking for a relationship

    20 NOV   Prescott, AZ, United

    Hey guys my name is Chris I am 17 years old, i like to have fun and play soccer a lot I work at a coffee shop ? meaning you have to like coffee! ? I'm always laid back and chill Snapchat me to get a faster reply!

  • Will I ever find love?

    20 NOV   Chelsea, MI, United

    I've been looking for a while now, but no now seems to like me. They just never give me a chance, I try to be nice as possible, I'd do anything for a lover.

  • Looking for a girlfriend (any age that would be reasonable to mine)

    15 AUG   Ballymena, United Ki

    I consider myself a nice guy and I've been really lonely lately. I don't really have a type so any girl just add my snap or kik. If you do add me, thanks, I really appreciate it

  • Bi guy Greater Vancouver, looking for bf, gf, casual, whatever

    20 NOV   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    Snap me : Ronantheseal 

    hey, I'm into video games, politics, current issues, loves to laugh, lives and dies for music, into serious relationships or casual.

  • i search for a girlfriend . who interested?

    31 MAY   California City, CA,

    im a new boy in this website. im 16 almost 17.looking for a girlfriend.who love me and love her.and yeah that is me search.

  • Get a girlfriend and tell her things about me I don-t tell others.

    15 AUG   Marshall, TX, United

    I am really trying to find a girl I'm interested in and who's interested in me. I'd like to get to know a girl and get her to know me. My friends don't know much about me cause they assume I'm a loser but I can do things most people can't and know things most people don't. I want to have a relationship with a girl and I know how to treat a girl, with respect and kindness, I know more about dating than most people who are dating so I know how it works and what to do in any situation in dating. p.s. sorry for making it so long.

    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) And congrats dude bro youre officially a chick magnet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but seriously im looking for he same thing as this guy
    3 days ago
  • This is a poem I wrote for my crush! Is it good?

    20 NOV   Chicago Heights, IL,

    The Only Person I Want Is You
    The Only Person I Think About Is You
    The Only Person I Can Call My Queen Is You
    The Only Person That I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Is You

    I knew the day I first met you it was you who was really meant to be
    It was you who was the only girl that was meant for me
    When I look into your very cute eyes, I see joy and happiness
    Those are the only two things I've been looking for so I can stop feeling depressed

    What matters most is how I feel in my heart, not what's on my face
    Everyone tells me to stop falling in love because it's all just waste
    Skip the haters they are tryna make my feelings go away
    No matter how hard you try to push me away, my love for you will always stay

    cici You crush is a very lucky girl and your poem is good
    3 days ago
    Disneylover Your poem is so cute and adorable.
    2 days ago
  • Bisexual female searching for love.

    27 FEB   Porter, TX, United S

    Hello, beautiful people! I'm Madi. I enjoy all forms of art (mostly acrylic painting and oil pastels), writing poetry and short stories (I am intense fanfiction trash), performing and listen to various genres of music, baking, and watching documentaries and crime shows such as Law and Order SVU. I am searching for a deep connection. Anyone just hoping for a virtual or real life bootycall, please do not message me. 

    Jr61612 Hey we live pretty close to each other
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Lol hmu oh wait where are my manors ill hit you up
    3 days ago

  • Looking for a dirty girl 13-15

    18 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    I’m looking for a cute girl who is willing to be dirty and talk13-15. Hmu on snap spencer.m420

  • Meeting new boys and boyfriends

    03 JAN   Loveland, CO, United

    Hi I'm skye, 14.  I love nature and I'm very positive and caring.  I am looking for some who loves hiking music and art.  I also love to skate and draw. Also I am looking or someone to cuddle with too

  • Im Henry i just turned 15 on octbober 30th i am looking for a relationship

    18 NOV   Walker, LA, United S

    Im henry im a sweet guy i am very lonely add me on snapchat at evaneye henry chafton and on kik at henrychafton

    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) And im looking for a girl and i dont care about age or looks
  • Looking for boyfriend

    14 OCT   California City, CA,

    Hiya! :)

    I'm looking for a boyfriend to chat with, love sports, music, dancing and pc-games. xxx

    Brody Hi candice i am also 13 and luke music dancing and pc games it would be quite incredible to meet you
    Brody Hi me again i just cant get over how beautiful you and wanted to ask yo whats your favorite music?
    Brody Hi candice its me again and i just want to let you know that if we ever start to date i will protect you from anything or anyone that comes in your way to harm you and i will always be honest to you and never lie thats how much im willing to take for you.
    Brody Good morning candice i would like to let you know that i really wish you would write back some people to let them know youre there and listening
  • meet new people for friendship and relationship

    07 NOV   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi there:)i'm nita,15yrs. I love  dancing ,singing,exploring and to be precise gymnastics .i'm looking to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out .am black and also like to have a good time ,um...and someone who will love me the way i am Hello at me:)

  • Want a boyfriend? Because I could be a good one.

    14 NOV   Sevan Kheri, Rajasth

    Hello! I’m Linus, and I’m looking for a girlfriend. I like learning about languages, I like watching movies, sushi is delicious, and soccer is fun to play. I’m looking for a girl who is at least smart and funny, but anything more would be great. So yeah, hmu if you can!

  • having a boyfriend would make the happiest bean alive

    06 NOV   Columbus, OH, United

    looking for someone who i can spend all night talking to him how amazing he is and how i'm grateful to call him my baby.  

    Espn4341 I need someone to talk to-only girls
    Caleb hmu im 15 my snapchat is calebbaxterrr
    DmonWolf im all of those
  • I-m looking for a relationship with someone that I can depend on

    14 NOV   Richmond, CA, United

    Hi there : ) I'm Rose, 16. I like to hangout with my friends and have a good time. I'm looking for a bf who I can trust and who will always be there when I need him. My favorite sports are soccer, basketball and football. I use to play soccer and basketball, but not anymore. I love to listen to music especially pop and hip-hop music. I'm on almost all social media sites. If you have Google Hangouts, then we should chat. 

  • Look for friendship or a relationship ?

    14 NOV   Chicago, IL, United

    hey people . Tha names abby and there’s not much to say...I just want a committed relationship or friendship??

    Imma.lonelywayne I want to get to know u please give me a chance
  • Who would date me?!?!? Girls

    13 NOV   Fayetteville, AL, Un

    I am 13 and single if you would date me leave a comment and msg me or I'll msg u! When you comment let me know if you like to game Minecraft! Girls Only

  • Looking for that special girl

    13 NOV   Hawthorne, CA, Unite

    Just tired of being alone lol. I mean yeah its ok but dont you think people need someone to share it with? I sure want that. I want someone to honestly spoil and just take care of and call her mine. If you want to chat and get to know each other than im always here lol.

  • Someone near Kansas or in Kansas

    05 NOV   Hays, KS, United Sta

    A girl that would love me for a good reason and that is around me so HMU if ur down to meet.

  • Girls add my Snapchat

    13 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    just looking for a dirty or clean girl 13-15 and that would be comfortable with me and like me for who I am. I want a girl that loves me

  • Just looking for a cute girl

    12 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    I’m looking for a girl who would like a long distance relationship and be comfortable with me. I’m just looking for a girl with a good personality and likes me for who I am. I’m loyal and caring

  • Looking for a girl who?s down for anything she wants

    12 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    im 14 and I’m loving and loyal and I’m looking for any girls 13-16 that would like to do anything with me. Long distance relationships maybe. Just a cute girl with a nice personality that would give me some chances

  • Meet new lovers around the globe

    11 NOV   Accra, Greater Accra

    Hi I am kurry from Ghana in Africa i am new here.i am a hot,cool and black guy single and ready to mingle. Add close or pm me ok.ready to travel to any part of the world to socialize and have fun with my partner. Hook me up and let's have some fun.

  • Meet the right girl to spend time with

    10 NOV   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    Hi I'm Brody, I'm 16. I love country music and others too. My favorite t.v. Shows would be Supernatural/The Walking Dead etc... I love cats and want to become a veterinarian. I love going to Nashville and traveling. I'm looking for a girl I can spend time with, love, kiss, and take her out. Follow me and message me to chat 

  • im just desperate to find love k

    08 NOV   Battle Mountain, NV,

    hey im just trying to find a nice girl to chat with and get to know and who knows maybe fall in love with so come on give me a chance ok please. 

    Lyle also if im never on give me a text 775-374-0051
  • looking for boyfriend black guys are my type

    08 NOV   Des Moines, IA, Unit

    Hi there :) Im elizabeth im 13 i like positive ppl jogging swimming and good vibes. i am into black guys but will be friends with anybody and i promise im NOT racist i just like black nice guys `and plz be under 18  thx and hmu whenever.

  • Looking for the love of my life!

    08 NOV   Chelsea, MI, United

    Hello, I am looking for a girl who is nice and has a great personality. Little about me, I like to program and I try to be nice as possible. I like to hangout with friends and swim! If you are interested HMU. You can add me on snapchat @jfetyko21 or kik @jfetyko21.

  • Artist looking for a girlfriend

    08 NOV   Mesa, AZ, United Sta

    I am looking for someone that likes to have long conversations about random things. Like all the most interesting artists I have a very dark past. I hope to find someone that can help brighten up my day and give color to my world. I like to make stained glass art, jewelry, and I like to do woodworking. Kik me if you are interested in getting to know me more. 

  • Looking for a Girl Friend

    07 NOV   Chelsea, MI, United

    I am trying to find a girl friend, I want someone who is loving and caring and has a great personilty. I try to be a nice guy and I love to talk. If you are intersted HMU.

  • Looking for a bae to spoil any volunteers

    05 NOV   New York, NY, United

    Just looking for Simone who can handle my sarcasms and jokes I’m a really nice dude and if you don’t believe me hmu and let’s talk kik RazerX08

    Patricia hello how are you doing you really sound good
    Raze Text me on kik let’s have a conversation 😊
  • Looking for a relationship

    07 NOV   Hulbert, OK, United

    Hey my name's Christian, and I'm looking for a relationship with someone who's loyal and compassionate. If you're interested HMU

  • I wish a girl actually liked me

    06 NOV   Edgewood, MD, United

    Im single looking for a girlfriend, I will love and care about you as long as u do the same in return. I am a very athletic person especially in football and I want somebody that will want to be with me, Every single girl that I have liked and asked out in the past 2 years has either said no or dosent like me anything would mean a ot just private message me please

  • Just add me if your looking for a guy

    06 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    I’m 14 and just LF a girl who’s like me for who I am. I’m loyal and I like to be myself. Add me on Snapchat spencer.m420

  • long term relationship

    05 NOV   Austin, TX, United S

    Hmmmm....wanna meet new friends are you. Ready for a real relationship just text me on whatsapp 2349068543377

  • Back again so hello to all

    05 NOV   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey everyone I'm back on and hopefully able to find a good happy relationship. For the past year I've been lied to and hurt over and over again I want to find someone I can love and trust that has an amazing personality and will understand. 

  • I want a great realationship with a boy

    13 OCT   Walbridge, OH, Unite

    Hi I'm Hailea I'm 15 years old and I'm looking for a good guy to love me

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