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Meet thousands of teenagers for love ,this is a group for meet people for love in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for GF or BF

    20 MAY   Manchester, UK

    I want someone to watch films with and someone hi can cook as well as me ?

    Bcarty41 Hey here’s my snap bcarty41
    2 days ago
    Connerkennedy02 Hmp on snap if you want @ connerkennedy02
    14 minutes ago

  • Looking for anyone.. (Ages 14-15..)

    12 JUL   Tomah, WI, United St

    Hi! I see you've stumbled onto my profile.. If you did, I guess you're intrested. Hello, I'm Jordyn. Nice to meet you. I'm looking for anyone to like, I guess.

    I like:

    - The Hamilton Musical

    - Drawing

    - Animating/Animations

    Ace im 15 pm me plz i had no luck so far
    Samuel johnson Hey I know this is old but Im close to you. I live in sparta
    1 day ago
    Thefarns1326 heyy add me on snap @thefarns13
    43 minutes ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 MAY   Buffalo, NY, United

    Looking for a girlfriend 16-20 would be fine. Let's get to know each other add me on sc

  • Any girls or guys who want a relationship

    02 MAY   Brampton, ON, Canada

    I want a serious loving relationshi, if that's what you want as well, hmu on Skype (kaity12341)

    Reggie65 I also want to be in seeious relationship as well. Can i hook you up on akype please respond im very lonley
    12 hours ago
    ClydeMoney360 Im single and. Need a girlfriend if you want to date just text me
    12 hours ago
  • Heey need girlfriend only so hit up ??

    23 MAY   Texas City, TX, USA

    Heey need girlfriend only no boys please In y’all hit up Snapchat it’s cuteboi480 but yeah looking for loyal girlfriend who sweet in nice so see u ??

  • Looking for a gf 13-15

    23 MAY   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    hey looking for a gf 13-15 message me for more info about me I want a girl who is nice trustworthy and loyal also who wouldnt mind getting dirty once in a while

  • Possible girlfriend 15-18

    23 MAY   Polokwane, South Afr

    I'm Mapula I'm 15 I'm looking for someone to love that special girl I live in polokwane which is in South Africa. I can't find anyone I like because most lesbians here are tomboys. I don't have anything against them I jst want a girl girl (if tht makes sense ) I'm very complex, I want who is more artistic than me someone to love sm1 who can throw me of my game, hit me up if u want to know me. Girls only plz. I don't want nudes I'm just looking for my one.

  • Hey everyone I met her

    23 MAY   West Chester, PA, US

    I met the most amazing girl I could ever ask for. She is smart, beautiful, strong minded and one all around amazing girlfriend. I wouldn't leave her for anyone or anything in the world. She isn't everything so please refrain from messaging me at all. Thank you.

  • i found the person that i was look for

    22 MAY   West Chester, PA, US

    hey guys i just want to let you know to stop messaging me please i have a boyfriend now and im very happy and luck to have him

    hope everyone has a wonderful dayy!!

  • Looking for friends or gf

    22 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hello I'm Joshua. I'm looking for a girlfriend. I like drawing music  singing and singing. If you want to be friends that's fine

  • Dating. (I-m pan so I like all genders)

    12 MAY   Shelby, NC, USA

    Hoi I'm oynex and I'm more on the alternative side. I don't really have a type but no hoes. That's about it . ??

    XCD51/Flash HMU, I’m a Non-binary Demisexual, private message me Also, you should join the group chat
    Will Thirsty mf s lol hunny you do know pan dose not mean like all genders the word your looking for is bio sexual
    2 days ago
    TheAcras hi message me
    2 days ago
  • Hi looking girlfriend pleas

    22 MAY   Texas City, TX, USA

    Hi y’all Snapchat me at cuteboi480 I don’t really be on this but hey I need girlfriend only no boys aloud thank bye ??

  • Teen girls 14-17 only

    22 MAY   Hartford, WI, United

    hey I’m Andrew and I’m 17, I’m looking for a girlfriend hmu if u are interested 

  • I-m looking for that one girl who makes me happy

    15 MAY   Blacksburg, SC, USA

    I'm 14 and of course a weeb that's why I don't have a girlfriend I watch anime too often but I need that one girl to change that for me and like me for who I am.

    Mariah13 Hey u can talk to me i dont judge i am looking for a bf and I am 13 this year looking for a way to get out of the house Im in now bc of things my moms bf is doing to me
    nattalie.03 You can talk to me
  • Yes I am real believe me

    22 MAY   Sunnyvale, CA, Unite

    I’m Makayla yes I’m real I may not look like it but I am looking for a loyal relationship shit long distance is fine ?? I’m goofy and funny asf ? so hmu 

  • I never been in a relationship but I want to tbh

    21 MAY   Marion, VA, USA

    So, I never had a gf before. So, thats why I'm here. Feel free to message me. I'm usually always online sooo. 

    Mikayla Im confused bout ur profile? Dont take this the wrong way jw but are u transl?
    1 day ago
  • Looking for friends or gf

    21 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey Im Joshua I'm looking for a girlfriend who is 13 to 15 and also cute funny amazing and loyal. I like to draw sing music and writing or we can be friends

  • Looking for a loyal country girl 13-18

    17 MAY   Blacksburg, SC, USA

    I need me a loyal country girl who doesn't mind a guy who dips tobacco and is looking for a man who works and has money to blow.

    Biospu Heres a little advice for ya mate, try actually showing your face instead of hiding it behind sunglasses and a hat.
    3 days ago
    Kathryn McDonald How are you doing ?
    3 days ago
  • Got cheated on months looking for a girl that loves me for me

    21 MAY   Bellevue, NE, USA

    Hi im jonah, 18

    Im looking for a girl who will not cheat on me love me for me

    Shes wild, not shy or shy, caring

  • Looking for friends or gf

    21 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hello My name is Joshua or you can call me Aries as most people call me. I'm looking for friends or gf I like music, singing, drawing and writing. I also draw people like friend or animes.

  • looking for gf who wont cheat on me

    21 MAY   White Bear Lake, MN,

    Looking for a new girlfreind who wont lie to me and cheat on me Looking for Girls who are between ages (14-16)                                                                                                           

    About me





    Hanging out with my freiends

    video games

    huge anime fan





    Being lied to


    pepole suffering/Crying



  • Looking for a Relationship

    28 OCT   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend thats aged between 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested. Preferably someone who lives close to where I live but can do long distance in UK

  • Finding a serious relationship

    19 MAY   Newport, MN, USA

    Ok my name is ahna and I'm looking for a serious relationship with no nudes but with someone that loves me for how I am so don't add me for nudes bc I won't send any. If u are interested add me on snap chat gamergirl153443 

    Dsutph You seem like a nice yet cautious person those are nice attributes
    AJ Hey there Ahna I’m AJ and I would like to get to know the real you and by your snap name I’m guessing your a gamer ? What do you play on ? Maybe we could play together
    2 days ago
  • I-m ugly af....ill understand if u don-t wanna talk to me

    26 JAN   Kennesaw, GA, United

    My life sucks bf cheated on me with another girl and tried to say it was okay to do that.....I know I am ugly af but if ur interested in just talking abt whatever hmu...

    Sammie! See John understands....but thx to the rest of u guys
    Huntermax65 Did you have kik
    3 days ago
    Mariah13 Girl stop letting urself down u e beautiful on the inside and if u dont see it u need to think about who and what u r and wanna be!!!! Bc look at me for an example, I used to run the streets from the ages 10-12 my mother tried getting me to stop so I told my mom to send me off somewhere so she did and me going away for a few weeks it helped even tho me and my mom dont talk to each other we live in the same house Think about it
    2 days ago
    Nba young boy Add me on kik genemason 1212
    2 days ago
  • Hi looking for a gf (13-16)

    19 MAY   Sacramento, CA, USA

    Hi I'm Miguel I really like video games, I also like sports like basketball and boxing I'm looking for a relationship with a nice Nd sweet girl so text me if u think that's you

  • find a new boyfriend

    19 MAY   Jacksonville, FL, US

    Hey, I'm Nicole

    -im 14 and am looking for a boyfriend who doesnt just want to send dick pics and actually likes me and doesnt screw me over like most people do. Also i wont send nudes so if thats all you want then bye otherwise text me

    Kamran4lyfee hey. I think youre really cute. Im 15. insta is mrstealurgirl_1 and my snap is kamran4lyfe. Thanks
    3 days ago
    Will Lol I am right here lol I am 16 got a truck a job love to work all the time when nun to do I work um I would love to get to know you so if your interested text me
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a girl who is caring and loving

    21 MAY   Broken Arrow, OK, Un

    Hi there I’m tired of being left alone and not cared for. I’m looking for a girl to treat me right. My names Caleb, I’m 17 and my Snapchat is huseman11caleb . Add me if you want to be friends or a gf 

  • Looking a girlfriend

    21 MAY   Petersburg

    need a girl thats loyal and I can talk to

    for a long time. What im trying to say is im single 

  • Looking for people in london

    21 MAY   Great Dunmow, Dunmow

    If anyone's is interested in me texts me on insta also I play ps4 and what changes anime 

  • Single guy looking for girlfriend (13-15)

    20 MAY   Callaway, FL, USA

    My name is Aidin. I'm 13 single and looking for a girl who is sweet, funny, smart, and cute. Ask me any questions if you want to know me.

    rhernandez_05 hmu on snap @rhernandez05
    3 days ago
  • i need online girlfriend

    20 MAY   New York, NY, USA

    hi there im havres they call me have i like music and writting and i need onlne girlfriend that she loves me

  • Looking for girlfriend I guess

    20 MAY   America

    Hey, I'm Matthew, I'm looking for a nice girl to talk to, so HMU if you're interested!

  • I need someone who cares

    27 APR   Hershey, PA, USA

    Hi I am Emma I am 14 I live in Pennsylvania and I am in color guard, dance, and marching band I love band also I love music I want a real and serious relationship.

    silver reach me on instagram ananiopeyemi
    3 days ago
  • Girls 17-18 talk to me

    17 MAY   Buffalo, NY, United

    I'm shane i am very caring not here for sex, I'm a country boy, I'm looking for a girl with a nice personality and who is very caring 

    Makayla hi i am 16 my name is makayla and like hunting and fishing and lots of other things
    Kathryn McDonald Hey text me if you feel like it :)
    3 days ago
  • amosc: t_gemlove2645

    19 MAY   Vandergrift, Pennsyl

    hey guys just looking for some new ppl to talk to and im also looking for a long distance relationship ages 15-17 ?? hmu for phone number 

    Griffin Hey hmu, your cute
    3 days ago
  • Sick of being single and relaitonships not lasting

    19 MAY   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    Hey, my name's Mitch and I'm looking for friends or a girlfriend between the ages 12 and 17. HMU if you're interested in either. No bots please. If you just wanna leave a troll comment go ahead.

    Mitch (Retook) yup. figured no comments
    Biospu Mitch, Id really hate an a-hole here but um. Try adding a more flattering photo, That should work!
    3 days ago
  • finding boyfriend(15-18)

    19 MAY   Antipolo City, Rizal

    Hi guys who is using KIK here? Chat me there guys just search Kdae_love05 thats my name there hahaha see you there

  • Hi looking for girlfriend only

    19 MAY   Texas City, TX, USA

    Hi wats up looking for aye girlfriend who sweet loyal sweet in kindy in nice all tht so any girl need bf hit up Snapchat cuteboi480 

  • Dating and friendships

    19 MAY   La Puente, CA, USA

    Hi there I am Josie and I am 13.Like to play soccer and football  looking for love 

    trying to find a cute 13-15 year old boy 

    So come find me if u think u r this guy 


  • Looking for a girlfriend single 14-17 years old just text me

    19 MAY   Petersburg

    I need a girlfriend and a long relationship. Want a girl can't text for a long time

  • finding boyfriend(15-18)

    18 MAY   Antipolo City, Rizal

    Hey! Im bored who want to talk to me? Im free....?? Im not snobish person i really want to talk to someone who can?

  • A little about me, in a forum post

    19 MAY   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    I am a 17 year old junior in high school with a 3.8 GPA, am 6'4", and I like to think I look good. I have a lot of interests and enjoy grunge and alternative music. I am currently looking for a girlfriend from ages 12-17, must be pretty (no supermodel, but good enough), smart, love me for who I am, and interesting. In return, I will reciporicate. Minority girls preferred, as well as shorter girls. IDK Why. If you're interested, hmu. If not, what are you doin here?

  • Lookinf for a girlfriend

    18 MAY   Brampton, ON, Canada

    Hi im Reggie. Im 14 years and love to have a good laugh. Im looking for a beautiful 14-16 years old who is snart, sweet, and is single

  • Just got rejected by a girl

    16 MAY   Blacksburg, SC, USA

    The girls on here are not serious about relationships love is not based by looks it's based on how much the person cares and how much that person would do for you and all the pain he/she would go through with you don't use this site I'm warning all the guys here. 

    Gandalf the grey in case u think i am an hypocrite- i am here bc i have friends and three sisters here
    Mariah13 Yall need to stop different ppl have different beliefs and different personalities. I mean look at me Im just a 13 year old girl who was rapped at age 12, was adopted at birth, abandoned by my dad, has never had a real relationship with my mother, have 15 brothers and sisters total and 1 of them is my twin!!!!! Im not going to say any more about what Ive been thru but yall should get the basics so think about it!!!!! and THINK HARD!!!!!!!!
    Charles What does this have to do with being rejected?
    XCD51/Flash Good question Charles, anyway, rejection happens, especially if you are a perv
  • Hey, want to chat about different topics? Just hit me up.

    18 MAY   Verona, VR, Italy

    Hey, my name's Natalie, 20. I'm open for new friendships, I love to laugh and have a good time. I love music, history. Feel free to contact me and have a nice chat. So I guess hello and see you :)

    natalietti097 Kik - natalietti097
    Sarthak Can I get your snapchat Id?
  • Hello guys! My names mono!

    27 APR   Osaka, Osaka Prefect

    heyyy! I’m momo. My name is peach in Japanese so my name is pretty much peach. Well I’m 4’11(incredibly short), I’m 16, I love fashion, and I love makeup. I’m from Osaka Japan and I’m homeschooled. You can talk to me and get to know more about me!

    HUSSNAIN AHMED hey did you wanna boy friend if yes there is my life story if cant then we can be friend hey beautiful i am an actor and youtuber and my anger was just like you i am one of the richest and smaller in age you tuber in Pakistan want long distance relation ship id love your photos you will be more beautiful in real life and i think you will be perfect as my girlfriend till 18 or 19 then we should marry and i want you as my life partner
    Mike4097 hey :D wanna chat?
    Anthony789 Hi I would like to talk to you
  • Look for friendship or a relationship ?

    14 NOV   Chicago, IL, United

    hey people . Tha names abby and there’s not much to say...I just want a committed relationship or friendship??

    JT Hey Abby I would be committed in the relationship
    Timmy Samson Hi beautiful damsel
  • Bisexual girl in Dublin <3

    31 JAN   Dublin, Ireland

    Hiya so, I'm 13, girl,bi,dublin,geek,fandoms and I make a lot of puns that you will have to put up with XD And I'm really sorry but I'm only interested in other Irish people ):

    Nishad I am not from Irish but yeah still if ubwant to hit me up
    james03power im irish im from mayo wanna talk
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