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  • Im looking for someone to flirt talk to (guys 13-15)

    21 MAY   Conway Springs, KS,

    hi im esa i like to be flirty and talk to people so guys hmu only 13-15 no one older than 15 r i will ignore you kk ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ kisses. BTW I DONT have social media only this and Echat my name on there is EsabelaAKM but nothing else so plz dont ask!

    EsabelaM k guess no one likes me lol XD
    1 hour ago
  • Hello World, Looking for something special

    23 MAY   Temple City, CA, Uni

    Hello, I'm Aeon, and I'm out to find love.  I personally love Video Gaming (Primarily Nintendo), Anime, doing one of these with a girl, or doing all four at once.  I'm just going to give a quick heads up, I'm very shy unless you let me open up to you, but only special people can get me to open up.  Message me if you ever want to chat, whether you are interested or just want to talk as friends, I'm available, Ciao.

  • Know more about me and message me people :)

    19 MAY   New York, NY, United

    In addition to loving women I also love singing, I am really good at it and if anyone wants to hear me, just request any song, give me ur name and I'll sing it to u Personally <3 :) ;)

    batmanprincess21 theres nothin holdin me back by shawn mendes
    3 days ago
  • Is anyone willing to date me

    16 FEB   Springfield, VA, Uni

    Hi I'm fyodor I'm 13 and male looking for a girlfriend I do have some down sides I have depression and anxiety and I am transgender (not looking for a guy) but this is what I'm into :vore video games anime monster girls and robots

  • Hello! I-m Nova, as you may know

    22 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey! Nova here! I might be single again! But I'm looking for someone cute,sweet,caring and loyal! Let me know down below! Must be between 16 -18!

    Captain1 Heyya sup with you A cool fun guy here
    alex Hi im 16 message anytime nova your gorgeus gas any body told u that before? Hmu sometime
    11 hours ago
    11 hours ago
  • Still Looking For A GirlFriend

    25 JAN   Houston, TX, United

    Is there any single good looking girls that is needing a boyfriend message me 

    Grace Wait u r fake
    Grace Do not ever talk to me again Liar
    nate Tip: go to someones pic long press and click search Google for image if shows the pic on another site then you know its fake
    Nova_Reign Can you just leave my boy Dylan alone? G0D, whats wrong with people!

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    15 FEB   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Im 17 ftm transgender Im bisexual and looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hmu for more details.

    20yrold Hi there Im 20 wanna chat give me a text sometime (909)225-8047
  • Looking for love and friend

    20 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi there I'm William 17 I love gaming I play on Xbox one I'm looking for a girl around my age just someone to have fun you know I'm a shy guy don't talk much hoping to break my shyness though love animals like reptiles I have a leopard gecko his name is leo message me if your interested.

  • Looking for love and friendship

    20 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi there I'm William 17 (: I love gaming I play on Xbox one I'm looking for a girl around my age just someone to have fun you know I'm a shy guy don't talk much hoping to break my shyness though love animals like reptiles I have a leopard gecko his name is leo message me if your interested.

  • Looking for the girl of my dreams

    19 MAY   New York, NY, United

    What up I'm jeremiah I'm 6'5,16 years old, half African-American and Puerto Rican and I'm looking for all u single girls put there. Hmu ;)

  • love is the key to an amazing life

    19 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    hey there guys, im 18, 6ft6 and im a guitarist. I am just here to find someone special, i prefer a goody girl who dreams big, but anyone is welcome :)

  • boys up to 15 years old are welcome!

    09 MAR  

    hello my real name is allysia
    i talk english and spanish
    because i'm half english/half spanish.
    most of the time i'm live in the UK.
    and the other times in spain barcelona.
    my hobbies are swimming, walking on the beach, horse riding, go cycling, giving body massage, walking on the beach, and walking the dog.
    my favorite colors are yellow, blue and purple.
    and i would make new friends here and talk with them.
    i love the nature and the 4 seasons.
    And i have skype.

    !!! guys not older than 15 years please !!!

    see yu <3

  • I-m just a guy hoping I would meet somebody new

    13 JAN   Lancaster, CA, Unite

    I really like to meet new people and get to know them its pretty fun and just so you we dont have to flirt or anything like that if you just wanna a friend or somebody to talk to thats fine with me but I dont really have rules or anything so long as your a chill person well get along just fine but I am looking for a girlfriend around my age and lives nearby and all I want in a girl is just for them to be a caring and understanding but whether you wanna be my friend or girlfriend it would great to meet you

    Martin Collins Jr Dylan my friend... if you have excess girls give some, am new!
  • Looking For A Boyfriend

    17 MAY   Torrance, CA, United

    • Heya. Uhm. Im looking for a boyfriend. Preferably near me. If not thats cool too. Uhm. I wrote a short bio fo myself becuase you cant exactly put one here. so uhmm here it is ....

      Heya. Im Andrew. ( weird girls name but whatever ) I like writing, music and bad memes. I’m 5’3 and dye my hair every other month. I have snapchat, kik and skype so message me on there and/or here. 

      Kik: HipsterShitz


      Snapchat: HipsterShitz

    Lammania Ill do my best to try and fill the spot
  • New here and am looking for someone special and has similar interests.

    18 MAY   Temple City, CA, Uni

    Hello, my name is Aeon, I'm here to search for love.  Not just any love or a simple relationship but one that lasts.  My interests include Gaming (I LOVE gaming!), Anime, and just laughing with somebody (I feel one needs to laugh at least once a day).  Fair warning, I'm not skinny but I'm not chubby either, think of me like a Teddy Bear: Perfect for Hugging.  I prefer somebody close to me but if you are far, so be it, Fate works in mysterious ways...Thank you for viewing my profile, Arrivederci!

  • Looking to have some fun on snapchat

    17 MAY   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hey everyone I'm looking for someone to talk to and have some fun with on Snapchat add me my  name is ranaygotzsweg 

  • Meeting new boys and boyfriends

    03 JAN   Loveland, CO, United

    Hi I'm skye, 14.  I love nature and I'm very positive and caring.  I am looking for some who loves hiking music and art.  I also love to skate and draw. Also I am looking or someone to cuddle with too

    DocTorFreckles02 Roses are red violets are blu I get to hot when im around you
    Singh Hi I am Singh and I am 15 and I would like to chat with you
    Singh And this is my fake photo
  • Im looking for a man ;) 13-15 ONLY!

    14 MAY   Conway Springs, KS,

    My names Esabela im 13 im looking for a guy whos age 13-15 ONLY and who doesnt cheat and whos super lovey dovey to me and dont ask if i have any social media I don't so hmu on here and it would make it better if he didnt live so far away cuz  i live in kansas so yeah byee ; <3.

    Nishad i messeged u XD
  • I-m crushin hardcore...hmu if you think it-s you

    11 APR   Lakewood, CO, United

    Im totally in love with someone! I don't think they know If yet. But I want them to know soon. I can't hold it in anymore. I'd do anything for this person. Just wished they lived closer...

    Tatum Simone =^.^= Yea I bet you do J.Jones πŸ˜™πŸ˜›πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šβ€β€β€
    Tatum Simone =^.^= Much love cutie !😊
    Kevin Omg😱
  • Hello everyone! I am NOT a sex-toy:)

    07 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi everyone,

    I have recieved multiple messages, even dick pics wanting or asking for sexual interaction. I am not into that, and im not a slut. So, if your looking for nudes, sex, or even a bj...DONT MESSAGE ME!! 


  • Looking for 16 or under girlfriend or wife palmdale California

    10 JAN   palmdale

    Hi I'm randy older white male in palmdale California want to find a 16 or under girlfriend or wife close to palmdale California pnp friendly 661-998-7340 any race

    dallas this is creepy as hell dude
    Loving_Him I think he needs to be reported-
    Ellierose Youre a totall creep no one would marry a gross old perv like you
    Rosie_babe You look like 50. Looking for girl 16 and under thtd be like a pedophile
  • A 15-16 teen girl that I can meet

    24 JAN   New York, NY, United

    If there's a girl who's 15-16 years old,I'm down to hang out and get to know you.Maybe something more,who knows?

    wolf girl Hey I like to talk soon if you like to
  • Straight and Looking

    04 MAY   Greenville, PA, Unit

    Hiya! As you can see, my name's Bryce. I'm 6 foot tall, and im very artsy. I love to draw, and fiddle around with games. I'm currently woring on a project using a dead old game as the base, to completely redo the entire game. I love to listen to music, watch anime, play video games, make video games, and watch movies, as well as snowboard and golf. I'm 17 years old, and would prefer a girl one year younger than me or the same age. I am not racist, but i would prefer someone who is white or asian (again, im not racist, its just a personal preference. nothing at all against blacks i promise :D). I also love eating at restaurants. I'm a very nice and funny guy and one of the most liked students in my senior class. Contact me on Skype, Discord, or Kik (Preferably Skype or Discord), and my username is the same on all of them: Chewshoe988.

    wolf girl Hey I like your file hop we might get to talk soon
  • Meeting people for a relationship!!

    08 MAY   Grand Haven, MI, Uni

    Hai there :3 Im Kaylynne, 16. Im bi-sexual and im all about being young and having fun. Im looking for a honest, loyal, loving and true relationship. Im not here for sex or nudes. If anyone has the same midset and wants message me. Thanks! X0X0

    ty.schadler what kind of music do you listen to
    JC Marantal Are you open for a straight guy like me?
    Cassidy Hi how are you btw you are cute
    Singh Hi I am Singh and I 15 and I would like to chat with you do you like
  • Looking For Girlfriend in Ma or close

    15 MAY   Springfield, MA, Uni

    Hi I'm Imani, 15. I'm 5'7, I play basketball, and guitar. I love music. I'm obsessed with purple. If u want to know more about me hmu?

  • Looking for boys and girls to chat with, become friends, and maybe more.

    13 MAY   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hey there my name is Lacey. I am looking for guys and girls to chat with and be friends and maybe more later on. Normally I only date girls younger than me or the same age as me (I'm almost 16) and the youngest I will date for a girl is 14. For guys I normally date guys that are the same age or older than me. The highest I will date is 19. I love reading, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, skate boarding, roller skating, excersising, hanging with the fam, goofing off, playing video games, and watching Rick&Morty. I hope to talk to some of you soon! :)

    Loving_Him Read this before attempting to talk to me: If you are rude to other people, especially when they dont deserve it, dont talk to me. I dont have time for selfish people and people that dont care about other peoples feelings. Dont talk to me if youre a bully. Kind of goes with the first one. If you are going to talk trash about other people behind their back or call them ugly or other rude names, you can just go away. If you cannot spell or use proper grammar dont talk to me. If English is not your first language I totally understand and you are fine. Also, dont come to me on your All Holy HighHorse and try and tell me to stop cursing and shit. Because I have only one thing to say to you. Go fuck yourself in the ass. Mkay bye
  • Friends, love, happy, respect

    11 MAY   New York, NY, United

    Let's be close friends and see wat it's like to Love each other, cuz me and u might be the missing pieces to solving this Love puzzle.

  • Need someone to be an idiot with

    09 MAY   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hey I'm Lacey. I'm almost 16 and have a really big heart and a really big love for being stupid around people who know and understand me. I would love to get to know you and talk and maybe let it advance itself. Have a nice day

  • Looking for a guy between 15-16 who is possessive

    07 MAY   Oakfield, NY, United

    Hey I'm April and I'm 14 years old turning 15 in a couple of months. It really turns me on when a guy is really possessive over me, especially when he gets aggressive while doing it. ;) 

    Baytat Hey hmu on kik or somthing so we can talk my kik is baytat1
    Jacob117117 Im 17, but if youre still interested​ hmu on Hangouts
  • Looking for someone nearby

    18 FEB   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi I'm William I just turned 17 I'm looking for someone nearby I'm a shy guy it takes more time to get used to others but looking forward to meetyou

  • Hello everyone around here

    04 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    Honestly, I'm sick of being alone. I kinda just want to find someone I can comprehend. I can love and stuff. I've been having stress lately so I feel talking will probably get me outta it. Lol I won't post a pic of myself, I think it weird for now.

  • looking for a loyal girl.

    04 MAY   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is freddy. Im colombian im came to the united states back in 2007 to live a better life. Right now im currently living in New york Queens. I speak three different languages (english,spanish,russian). I play for pro not to known soccer club here in Ny . Im a very nice person and helpfull. When i not playing soccer im playing video games or doing school work. When i grow up i want to work in micrsoft or even try full time soccer and joining LA LIGA. Im in to girls that are chill and care for people. I like girls for who they are. I dont like gilrs that like me for what i have. If your instreasted in me you could message me. Im going for girls that are 13-14. You could give me a call if you want (347-798-4114) message me as soon as you can and ill get back to you. Mesage me on kik if you want.

  • search for a carx n lovx gf

    02 MAY   texas,richmond

    hi am called fabrice am 16 almost 17 am lookx for a carx and love girl and fun too so if u think we ar right for each other leave a comment

  • What-s up girls looking for a friend or someone to hookup wit

    15 FEB   Kissimmee, FL, Unite

    Sup the name's Ace and right now honestly I'm bored and don't know why I made this account lol

  • Hey I-m Devon I-m 14 6-1 220 I-m from ohio

    07 JAN   Fairborn, OH, United

    I'm single I get lonley and it sucks I miss cuddling and telling someone I love them it bothers me I want and need a gf. 

    Ashlegh Ahh I like you
    Makayla Robinson i might be just message me so we can talk and mabe be bf and gf xoxo bye
  • Looking for love and willing to do anything!!

    02 APR   Dayton, OH, United S

    Hi!!! I'm parker and single obviously. Apparence doesnt bother me it's all about whats inside. i'm 16 and trying to find some one to date or talk to that's near. Im a massive nerd that loves comics and im a very funny person.

  • single looking for love . Looking for someone between 14 to 17 or 18

    26 JAN   Johannesburg South,

    I am a body builder .I love treating women thry way i see them(like goddeses) I work at a vet and i build my own tables and stuff . 

  • i am gonna be 16 in this year .I always been sad till now .read post

    16 APR   Delhi, India

    i am searching for a girl who can be my friend best friend and my love . I always been sad and i am little sensitive . I searching for someone with kind heart . I am not handsome yet. A girl who is just like me or senstive can contact me in 

    Suraj in 100010014526339
    Suraj this mine fb ID
    Suraj so girl who interested in knowing contact me on this ID
    Suraj knowing me
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    08 APR   Ontario, CA, United

    Hi I'm Caleb and I am looking for a girlfriend to talk to and I really like to play video games and I love to watch tv and other kind of stuff and I'm also 13 but about to be 14 years old.

    KekeM36 Im 15, wanna date?
  • Hey I-m Mia I-m 16 Im looking for a handsome sweet loving caring guy

    05 JAN   Dayton, TN, United S

    If you wanna reach me you can reach me on here or message me at I like to fish swim hike Im a outside kind of girl I like horse back ridding and dancing singing hanging with friends and family I like to travel and see places Ive never seen before I wanna go to Paris and Grease maybe china to see the great wall I love listening to music I like rap some country music I like some pop and r&b I like watching tv and movies and I like YouTube Im on there all the time lol I like action movies i like scary movies but I like to cuddle with someone while Im watching scary movies and I like drama movies and I like going to see plays I love history and learning about history history is probably my fav subject in school and Im homeschooled which I kinda hate and love but its ok I guess my fav time of the year is probably holloween and Christmas and new years I cant beileve its 2017 already lol Ill be 17 this year which is crazy I live in a small town everyone knows everyone I wanna move to a bigger city I wanna go to California and Las Vegas I might move to California I wanna be a makeup artist or maybe do something with desining Im not really sure lol Ive thought of so many things on what I wanna do and then I change my mind Im not even sure on what collage I wanna go to but before I go after homeschooling for high school I wanna take off a year or two and travel I also wanna go to england I forgot to add that in my bad I hate how long this has to be I dont think I can think of anything else lol why did they make it this long

    Ladiesman217 Im almost 18, but Im sweet
    Anton Morrow 16 years old, wanna chat?
  • I need a girlfriend who will treat me right

    29 APR   Springfield, GA, Uni

    I wish I can be with a girl that will text me every day and love me for me is that too much to ask for

  • how deep Is your love

    30 APR   Chippewa Falls, WI,

     I'm looking for love girl or boy but It Has to be real love I have mild depression I Want someone cares I'm 13 So look for people Ages13-15 

  • Newly single and looking for a guy aged 15-18

    20 APR   Poplar Bluff, MO, Un

    My last relationship didn't work out, but that doesn't me ours can't ;) I love cuddling, watching scary movies, and romantic moments <3 if you're interested message me and you just might be the lucky one ;)

    Martin Collins Jr wow! can i be the lucky one!
    Jonny price A will 16 be good
    Mikeyj Hi Hallie this is Michael if ur still looking for a boyfriend let me know Im still looking for a girlfriend
  • looking for a boyfriend

    23 FEB   Evansville, IN, Unit

    hi there :) im destiny , 15 Open minded with positive attitude , i like to laugh and have a good time . i like to watch movies and hang out with my friends and family . i like to play soccer and volleybal and basketball and i like to go shopping all im looking for is some boy that is loyal and kind and honest and caring and honest and respectful and wanting a long lasting relationship 

    Christopher kinman My number is 502-525-8568
    Jonny price Sup Im new my name is Jonny price
  • Looking for love, single guys from ages 15-17 hit me up if you want to c

    14 MAR   Poplar Bluff, MO, Un

    Hey I'm Hallie I'm looking for a romantic relationship Xoxo :) so if you're interested hit me up. I love sweet guys and to laugh. Also like to find a guy willing to wait for me, if you know what I mean. Other than that hit me up!  ;) 

    Sexycutieboy20 Hey if you wanna get to know me text me (909)225-8047
    Sexycutieboy20 Hey there Hallie I got your message but can you please text me if you want Ill reply to you over text Ill love to chat with you please text me (909)225-8047
    Mikeyj Hi Im Michael and Im from poplar bluff as well
    Jonny price A Im 16 Im new
  • Looking for a girlfriend ?

    01 MAY   Cardiff, United King

    I'm looking for a girlfriend ? I play football and I code as a job . Shorter girls are Helland cute sooo, yeah lol.  Drop me a message ? between 14 and 16 ?

  • U should hmu and text me I-m lonely and single

    30 APR   Springfield, GA, Uni

    Girls that love to fart and would like to try with me hmu and join gruveo to get ahold of me cuz that's why I use to chat with

  • Wanna meet a girl that will actually care about me.

    30 APR   Cumberland, RI, Unit

    pretty lonley lately, and id like a relationship with someone. i really dig dyed hair on girls, idk y but i do. kind of an otaku and gamer. 

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