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Meet thousands of teenagers for love ,this is a group for meet people for love in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I want to have fun, sooooooooo come on

    25 FEB   Hanover, Germany

    Hi, I’m nico from Germany ?? I’m 17 years old and looking for a girl. i have brown hair and blue eyes, maybe abs?

    write me on Snapchat : nico19094 send me a picture of you 

  • Found my lover on here

    25 FEB   Denver, CO, USA

    i thought this website was shit but I actually found my babe on the website now we’re a happy couple that’s on a long distance relationship but we make it work love u babe witch is Brent ??

  • Looking for a girlfriend pleaseee

    25 FEB   Joliet, IL, United S

    I’m 14 and I’m looking for a gf. I like video games and like to talk to random people 

  • Meet people for relationship

    25 FEB   Denver, CO, USA

    Hi I’m Timmy, I’m looking to love and date someone that will love and date me too! I’m kind, sweet, caring, I take relationships seriously, I’m loving, machure, and single for now.. I’m hoping to meet someone on here soon so hit me up if u like me or may want to se where things go

  • my future sweetheart

    25 FEB   New Columbia, PA, Un

    Im looking for a sweet loving girlfriend to live in cali with me  by the beach i like to read travel swim learn new things. I will treat u like a queen and hold u im friendly and will always be there for u. add me on snapchat:tshill17

  • Looking for a boyfriend...

    15 JAN   El Dorado Hills, CA,

    Heyyy;) I'm looking for a cute couple relationship. I like to laugh and do things that I probadly shouldn't do. HMU to hang out or to get to know me. 

  • a little about me, and looking for a serious relationship

    22 FEB   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    just to get it out of the way, I don't sext I'm looking for a girl or guy around 14-16 yrs old, I live in thunder bay, Ontario, Canada and I'm an amateur strongman, a boxer, and I know how to wrestle also I am within the top 20 strongest people in the city at 15 years old (my profile pic as proof) and if you've gotten this far and wanna chat! ill be here

  • Needs a girl that likes me for who I am

    22 FEB   Moore, OK, United St

    Any girls HMU. I like singing, but I'm not very good lmao, idrk if I'm funny, and I just like having fun.

  • Looking for relationship or friendship

    22 FEB   Evergreen Park, IL,

    I'm a 16 year old goth girl who enjoys video games, comics, horror movies, zombies, and my vinyl recorded player. I'm looking for guys or girls my age who are weird, funny, and chill like me. I don't care for looks and i know im not the prettiest but chat me up if looking for a friend or relationship.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 FEB   Southampton, United

    Im looking for a girlfriend that wont fuck me over and wont cheat on me. I am a country boy i live on a farm i jave 2 tattoos and getting more and want some girl to love