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  • I-m new to this dating site trying to find something new

    06 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

     Want to get to know me hook me up with Facebook?? (Jasmine Arroyo Roman), Snapchat?? (Sexy JR Pieces No More Love ), and Instagram?? (sexy_qeenjr) thanks ?

    21nattractive Hi I messaged you on Facebook but youre not answering my name is Michael Garcia hopefully if youre interested you can text me (909) 225-8047
    smith7602 Hey message me on sc smith7602
    Luíca Arroyo Im lesbian guys lol u guys are cute but I love girls sorry
    5 hours ago

  • Want a gf that-s near me in texas

    07 JUN   Springtown, TX, Unit

    I'm looking for a beautiful and sweet girl that likes me for me and will date me for a while

    Claudia Hey i live in Austin
    Cady Hey I live in Houston
    9 hours ago
  • Need a girlfriend, who really cares about me.

    24 JUN   Accra, Greater Accra

    Hello! I'm an African and I'm hoping to get a girlfriend from any American or European Country. Any girl who might be interested can comment or message me.

    Cady Hey! Im 14 so there is an age difference but I believe that it doesnt matter. I would love to get to know you!
    9 hours ago
  • Looking For Girlfriend in Ma or close

    15 MAY   Springfield, MA, Uni

    Hi I'm Imani, 15. I'm 5'7, I play basketball, and guitar. I love music. I'm obsessed with purple. If u want to know more about me hmu?

  • Hmu im really bored

    22 JUN   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi everyone, any girl here? Im bored

    No guys please. I like rock music and play soccer too.

    Im Canadian but i just moved out to argentina. 

    Jeremy Kik me: JeremyRub
    2 days ago
  • Meet a nice 13-15 year old girl who is loving and caring

    22 JUN   Syracuse, NY, United

    I am a very active person and I love gaming. My hobbies are: Hockey, Racing (I race a go-cart called a Quarter Midget), Cross Country, Track, and I love to game on pc and Xbox. Im looking for a 13-15 year old girl who is very caring and loving. 

  • boys up to 15 years old are welcome!

    09 MAR  

    hello my real name is allysia
    i talk english and spanish
    because i'm half english/half spanish.
    most of the time i'm live in the UK.
    and the other times in spain barcelona.
    my hobbies are swimming, walking on the beach, horse riding, go cycling, giving body massage, walking on the beach, and walking the dog.
    my favorite colors are yellow, blue and purple.
    and i would make new friends here and talk with them.
    i love the nature and the 4 seasons.
    And i have skype.

    !!! guys not older than 15 years please !!!

    see yu <3

  • single looking for love . Looking for someone between 14 to 17 or 18

    26 JAN   Johannesburg South,

    I am a body builder .I love treating women thry way i see them(like goddeses) I work at a vet and i build my own tables and stuff . 

    M@NDY Hey sup can we talk
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend nearby or whatever

    21 JUN   Macon, GA, United St

    If any girl wants a guy who treats them write hmu on Kik at youngkck or text me at 478-292-0418

  • I wanna talk openly to girls

    21 JUN   Jalandhar, Punjab, I

    Hey ,  I am Naman ,17

    Any girl who iz looking for true love and and can text me openly can message me . I am a true guy who is really looking for a true love.

  • The one perfect person that one perfect guy

    21 JUN   Palm Bay, FL, United

    I'm looking for that being of a new start to an awesome relationship I'm so ready are u if so hmu 

  • Looking for a true relationship :)

    20 JUN   Gold Coast, Queensla

    Hi. I am a 17 year old male from Australia. A little about me: I am very shy and i was homeschooled. I have no friends and i've never dated although i really value friendships and relationships. I am looking for a relationship that is based only on personality and not on appearance. I would consider myself a nice person, and i am hoping to find someone who is a nice person too, someone who is understanding and caring, someone who i can feel a special emotional connection with :) If you want to talk to me, don't be afraid to message me here or better yet message my kik, which is somebody1231234 :) 

  • Hi im Joel and im 19 and need a girl from 16 to 17

    19 JUN   Tema, Greater Accra

    Im a very simple young guy,im am cute yh..i love to go to the mall at my spare time ,i aswell as im a musician and i love what i do..i want a serious life partner now not a joker or one who flirts if intetested whatsapp me on 233263035759....Thanks

  • im looking for a girlfriend that is very pretty, caring and thoughtful.

    18 JUN   New York, IA, United

    hi if your intrested and you think its really really going to work out hit me up im a really nice guy

  • Have a good girlfriend

    18 JUN   Shiraz, Fars Provinc

    I love have a girl friend that love me and start a love life with me and i will support her always and love her

  • Finding a romantic lover

    09 JUN   Cochran, GA, United

    Hey Amber, just looking for a guy out there who actually cares for me and who will stay with in times of need and I will do the same.  :) 

    Spirallover Hi my number is 843-735-4542 and I always stay by my gf side
  • looking for a girlfriend

    17 JUN   New York, NY, United

    My name is freddy. Currently living in new york, Queens. I wnat a girl that is loyal and beautiful. Im 5'7 in height. I play soccer , Im love rap. I hit the gym alot. Call me 347-798-4114

    Nevaeh I play soccer to and just find me on here and we can chat :)
    Nevaeh Just feel free and txt me
  • Want a loving boyrfriend who loves me for me

    13 JUN   Lexington, KY, Unite

    Hi, I'm Alyssa, I'm looking for a boyfriend who is 13-14 years old and can do long distance. dm me and we can talk. I love sports, but I also like theatre and visual arts

    Jacob33 I only live three hours away
    Zachary Im looging for a gf who I can talk to whenever and about whatever. Snapchat is zachisawesoms
    Joe kapalka Good luck. Ull probably find someone
  • Need serious relationship..

    16 JUN   Garland, TX, United

    im MARK, new to this i dont know much about this site i would like to know you more by exchanging of emails if you agree? email me at or  add (hangout chat) 

  • Need a nice girl as my girlfriend

    15 JUN   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi, my name is Tommy, I am 16 and a virgin. I need a girl who is kind, not very gentle, not a racist and will love for real.

    I in return will be loving,caring, nice,protective but not over-protective. I like a relationship where there is trust,humor and love. 

  • I-m looking for a girl that help a lost lonely depressed guy

    29 MAR   Walnut Grove, GA, Un

    Like I said again if your interested post comment or add me on kik: benbruce4life

    KrystalKat2904 Hi Im 13 and emo af so yeah
    People.hurt.people.fade Message me privately and we can talk more there
    Abby Hey Im kinda emo I LOVE anime and I LOVE metal (fave band MCR)
  • follow me on kik, shannenvills

    14 JUN   New York, NY, United

    hello! im shannen BORED and FEELING LONELY right now, btw im new on here looking for fun :) hit me on kik and lets talk on there right now, shannenvills

    James Alright same I just started a week ago all Ive done is fight some 12 year old but hey you cant win they dont die its funny to watch them rage
    J.Jones Hey... I hope u dont mind if I kik u... I would love to talk to u...
  • I-m single again ???

    14 JUN   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey everybody once again I've come back to this site to find happiness but what I've come to notice is that a lot of girls go for the more athletic type of guys with six packs and shit even if they are complete jerks(not all girls tho) maybe u should give other people a chance and u may find them to be even better

  • I have the one and only

    14 JUN   Averill Park, NY, Un

    im here to say that I probably won't be on here much anymore since I have one. So if I don't respond obviously its cause I won't be on 

    Ladiesman217 Congrats. Miss u
  • Looking for a Serious Short Distance Relationship

    13 JUN   Parker, CO, United S

    Hello, my name is Donovan, I'm 16, 6'1", have green eyes, brown hair, weigh 130lbs. I'm an outgoing, kind person, who just wants a real relationship, and not just some internet hookup. Just message me if you're interested, and thank you for your time.

    I say short distance because all my long distance relationships never worked out, but if you live near Pittsburgh, I may consider, since I go every year.

  • looking for a relationship

    13 JUN   Tateshi I Eperm, Mac

    well I want a committed guy and a long lasting relationship perferably with some close by 

    Gary Hey hmu your really cute πŸ˜‰
    akash Hey I can be
    Alessandro Wow this line tho
  • Wanting to be in a Relationships

    12 JUN   Booneville, KY, Unit

    Hey! Looking for someone that is sweet, nice, loving, and cute.. I love to cheer and play volley ball..  I'm 13 bout to be 14...

    James Im going to be 15 very soon so I just classify myself as 15 but I am as well looking for a relation maybe I can get more people to be friend me once I lose my acne and once I dont look like a psychopath but hey message me if your okay with me or dont thats okay
    countryboy460 hey im 14 if you want me
  • What I am looking for in a female

    12 JUN   Emo, ON, Canada

    I'm looking for someone thats not hateful won't judge me someone more positive than I can imagine and has almost no anger and well comfort me when I need it most as I well do all the same how ever I look like a psychopath and I know I have no chance all I ask is for one I'm not a bad person in fact people say I get better so tell me about you don't say hi I just want to talk 

    Badboy360420 Bro do not put yourself down like that i would say that u are most definitely one really cool an awesome young man when someone else finally gets to know the real you wish you the best of luck in life young man.
    James Thanks but Im not a sad guy like I said Im a happy person probably one of the most positive in my town and thats pretty great
  • Im looking for someone to flirt talk to (guys 13-15)

    21 MAY   Conway Springs, KS,

    hi im esa i like to be flirty and talk to people so guys hmu only 13-15 no one older than 15 r i will ignore you kk ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ kisses. BTW I DONT have social media only this and Echat my name on there is EsabelaAKM but nothing else so plz dont ask!

    Braden riley Im Braden Im 13 I think u r sexy Im looking for a loving girl to make my queen
    Valic Hi I Valic I live in Texas I play guitar and Im not a f-boy I would like to meet and know you.
    Gary hey hmm if youd like
    James Its a dating web just find a loser not horrible and win its too simple I have horrible acne but HY in about a week or two I wont so eh make ya move
  • haiiiii im lucifer or dj

    12 JUN   Charleston, SC, Unit

    my name is lucifer or dj, im 15 and im a switch who is looking for a princess who can also be a mommy. i like games, anime, music, and cuddles my skype is dewanderingbeat

  • Hi, Im Sara Lynn, Call me Sara!!

    31 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hi, Im Sara, Im looking for a good looking, sweet, kind,caring, loyal boyfriend whos between 16- 18, comment down below!! Have a good day! :)

    Gary Hey Sara, Im 16 so if your intrested hmu on here or snapchat πŸ˜‰
    gero hello☺
  • wanting to date a cute nice guy

    11 JUN   Louisville, KY, Unit

    hey I'm Jessica. I'm 14 years old looking for a nice cute tall guy that knows how to make a girl laugh and smile...I like guys with piercings and I know I'm not Emo by any means but I like Emo guys...umm you can kik me if you think your the one...kik:emo_hipster1234 

    i like indie music, some rock music, I like to read,draw,sleep, etc. 

    if u wanna hear more thins about me text me..

    cjbeast Hey I could be that someone
    James Im positive but I feel confident
  • Hi I-m Merrick im lonely and looking for a gf

    12 JUN   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    I'm funny like music and can listen if you're sad so if you want to talk just text me with this site

    James You dont need to post that on a dating web site unless this is an rp website but I read dating so Im confused now and Im Going to go ahead and bash my head with a rock till I can get on what dating means
    Charolet hello how are you?
  • I-m not quite sure what I-m looking for....

    09 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hi, I'm Adylyn... TBH I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for in a guy, I guess they have to be funny, smart,sweet, caring, and idk what else, I'm a quiet person, very quiet, and that's it ig

    Daveon That sounded scripted dude lol
    LesbianLatina415 Hey adylyn, im that kind of person and also im someone who can treat you like a princess.
    James Hello please read this I have all of those but hear me out Im almost 15 Im not so tall Im around 5 foot 5 I put friends first almost all the time I care too much Im loyal Im smart and Im funny but idk if im the best person to be with but it would be perfect to talk to you and im super shy as well but hey we could all get better but text me sometime dont be scared
  • love in my area 13-14

    10 JUN   Crawfordsville, IN,

    Hi my name is Jacob I am a big geek and my PS3 username is puprilou  

  • Hey Guys, Call me Matti!

    24 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey Guys Im Matthew, Im looking for a kind,sweet,trustworthy,loyal girlfriend, I know people worry about age but for me, it doesnt matter, comment down below if you want to be the lucky one! :)

  • I am into both boys and girls 14-16.

    09 JUN   Yuba City, CA, Unite

    Hi, my name is Nicole. I am bi. I love to play sports, I want a long relationship. I am playful, goofy, funny, love to laugh, and when I am hurt I cry a lot. (Sorry) I love dogs and going on adventures. I am also a good listener. I have a big heart, I care about other peoples feelings. 

    Ben wilcox Hey your cure
    Ben wilcox Hit me up on snap chat
  • I-m Looking for a Lasting Relationship

    03 APR   Price, UT, United St

    I hardly get on here, if you want to meet me or just talk, message my Kik: kornsilk or visit 3059990.

    I'm looking for a lasting relationship.

    Bill Hello message me
    EMOWOLF Message me beautiful
  • 16 year old male looking for a gf

    28 MAY   Albertson, NC, Unite

    I'm looking for a nice girl to be my girlfriend. I'm 16 years old and i am nice, gentle, sweet, caring, respectful, and much more. If you are interested hmu.

    Evelyn hi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • I-m crushin hardcore...hmu if you think it-s you

    11 APR   Lakewood, CO, United

    Im totally in love with someone! I don't think they know If yet. But I want them to know soon. I can't hold it in anymore. I'd do anything for this person. Just wished they lived closer...

    Tatum Simone =^.^= Much love cutie !😊
    Jonathan Hello while I am certain it is not me I believe that everybody should always find love.
    Lewis Harper How the fuck are you all saying no to her shes beautiful
    Will_ I doubt its me. Hopefully it is tho.
  • Looking for GF age 15-18

    08 JUN   New York, NY, United

    I'm 16 I'm a preety good person had my Harare broken but I'm want to meet a princess that I can care for and worry about every minute and every second a girl that can make my heart beats when I talk to her just to know that I'm there  a girl I can grow with love and respect hopefully lol 

    GG2900 Heart idk y it said harare
  • 17 yo male looking for a good girl in nc

    07 JUN   Morrisville, NC, Uni

    im looking for a gf in nc.  must be willing to put up with some mood swings. I am very loving and will answer anything about me asked.

  • Just looking for love or friend

    07 JUN   Pretoria, Gauteng, S

    Hi im oteng aka young savage i live in looking for a chick to love...or just a friend, u know what im saying?

  • Looking for a Relationship

    01 JUN   Avondale, WV, United

    Looking for a nice, polite girl. I can spend some time with and relate too, if you don't wanna date. it's cool, we can become friends

  • Meeting girls all over the site

    07 JUN   Houston, TX, United

    Hello my name is Juan and i am seeking for a women in H.TX 14_17 to date and have sexy sex with condoms

    Juan And if you want to kik right hereπŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ juan_m_manuel
  • Looking for girls to send nudes

    05 JUN   I don't know

    Hey girls, send nudes here and we can talk to each other. I like naughty girls

  • looking for love nice lads

    22 FEB   London, United Kingd

    Hey guys.... looking for some serious love from a serious...or not... relationship. Message if you would like to get to know me 

    Singh Hello my name is Singh and I am single and I need a girlfriend so you can message me
  • Hey, I-m looking for a new boyfriend!

    30 MAY   Thunder Bay, ON, Can

    Hey! I'm looking for a hot, sweet,kind,caring boyfriend! And one who doesn't cheat! Let me know down below!??

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