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Meet thousands of teenagers for love ,this is a group for meet people for love in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • 13 male, looking for some late night fun;)

    21 SEP   Pardeeville, WI, USA

    Im male and 13 looking for some naughty fun or a relationship idrk hmu

    Sc: Warnke_04 


  • 13 male, looking for some late night fun;)

    21 SEP   Pardeeville, WI, USA

    Im male 13 my parents are asleep but im wide awake if anyone wants to have some fun;) hmu

    Sc: Warnke_04 

    Kik: Addman108

  • Looking for a gf, im single and looking

    21 SEP   Pardeeville, WI, USA

    Im 13, male and single, hmu on kik or snap 

    Snap: Warnke_04 

    Kik: Addman108

  • Looking a a girlfriend

    20 SEP   Upper Marlboro, MD,

    I don’t really care about looks just looking for someone to love and want them to love me back.

  • Relationship OR Friendship

    12 SEP   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    I’m looking for someone (girl or boy) who DOESN’T just care about sex and that’s all. Someone who ain’t just gonna fuck with my feelings & lead me on or leave me on read! I want some long term / forever shit ya feel me !!! Be straight up with me! If ya wanna put in your application hit me up on snapchat: evothemuppet

  • Really want to talk to the right girl

    20 SEP   Rineyville, KY, USA

    Looking for a cute white girl to date .Has to be loyal ,ages 14,15,and16.Wanting a serious relationship and has to be romantic ,a freak,funny,good conversation starter ,and loves me for me .Hit me up if you meet this criteria .snap is itss_alexx15 insta Typically.niche

  • I need a girlfriend

    19 SEP   Princeton, NJ, USA

    I've tried to get a girlfriend in school but it never happens I got rejected twice and one girl who actually dated me only dated me for a month then she dumped me I'm looking for someone who I can love and care for but also have her do the same for me 

  • Looking for a girl to care about me

    16 SEP   Batesville, IN, USA

    I'm alone in the world and everyone at my high school hates me I just want to love someone I just want to be cared about 

    Braden If any of you intreased hit me up
    3 days ago
  • Meet new ppl friends maybe more idk

    17 SEP   Eatonton, GA, United

    I DONT do nudes I'm 14 I'm in 9th grade I love softball and ridin horses ,huntin and fishin and playin in mud etc 16 through 13 plz and no nudes 

  • Still looking for the right girl

    17 SEP   Buena Park, CA, USA

    I am still hoping to find the right Girl for me on here message me on here to get my number if ur interested 

  • My friend needs a gf/bf

    17 SEP   Beverly Hills

    Hey so my friend he is a sweetheart and he needs a girlfriend so hit him up on snapchat

    lakers082  he is the sweetest person and i really need him to find someone to love :) 

  • i am taken and im leavin

    16 SEP   San Antonio, TX, USA

    I have a girlfriend and im fucking taken !!!! IM LEAVING THIS SITE !!! BYE

  • Looking for someone my age to date

    23 JUL   Maine, ME, USA

    I like Korean pop and like anime and i draw and i love animals , nature and i am shy and i love BTS they are Awesome and i like cute boys and i am kind and friendly and etc .

    Jayar Yo Emma want to talk
  • Um... So it was just a phase

    02 SEP   West Valley, UT, Uni

    So I don't really like girls.. I thought I did because I was scared of guys.. I still kinda am. But yeah so no more girls. I still support lgbtq just not apart of it

    And this Is not a pass for you guys asking for pics or even sending pics . If you do, be ready for some bichy stuff . And if you send pics I will be even more of A douche and tell you how small you are and you can't a girl. Have a good day

    Bradford Phase....well atleast you got past the phase
    16/09/2018 Well guys shouldnt do that anyways
    Beatsnstreaks CI053D you look 30 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»Go crawl under a rock
    Cl053D @Beatsnstreaks, Im not 30 dumbass.... how about you crawl under a rock you pedo.
  • Looking for someone my age to date

    16 SEP   Maine, ME, USA

    I like to draw, watch tv, watch anime, listen to music pop, rock, Korean pop and I love animals and I like  to read and I am bisexual and I love BTS and I am single and I don't like my parents that much and I like to go out and I like to go adventures and I would love to visit South Korea  and Japan and China. 

  • Looking for 13-16 gf

    15 SEP   Upper Marlboro, MD,

    im a very nice guy that will treat you right and will never leave you

  • Looking for relationship

    15 SEP   Noveleta, Cavite, Ph

    Hi! Im johanne im looking for a new boyfriend who's gonna treat me with respect and who would'nt ask for nude photos

  • to meet my destiny and hopefully to find him/her soon .

    09 APR   Cebu City, Cebu, Phi

    Hi im princess khiim 21 years old im from phillipines and im looking for love not lust and wants to be with me . I dont mind if your a boy or a girl because i'm bisexual :) pm me if your interested thank you .

    Bhadmos I love you, you can add me on facebook. Bhadmos lookman damilare
    Jobs-Maswagga Hi Princess Khim, am ready to fulfill yo problem just chill it out with me.
  • Hi im johanne! Looking for relationship

    14 SEP   Noveleta, Cavite, Ph

    I want a boy who's around 14 to 15 years old. Finding a boyfriend who's loving caring sweet and loyal also someone that would treat me with respect. 

  • Still on my search for a girlfriend

    14 SEP   OK, USA

    Same thing as usual  preferably 13-15, 16 will do too, straight

    NO PPL LOOKING JUST FOR NUDES, if u came to talk a little bit that's fine

    Hope to see some new faces

  • Still on my search for a girlfriend ?

    14 SEP   OK, USA

    Same thing as usual  preferably 13-15, 16 will do too, straight

    NO PPL LOOKING JUST FOR NUDES, if u came to talk a little bit that's fine

    Hope to see some new faces?

  • Hey I-m looking for followers on my Insta and also looking for love

    14 SEP   Princeton, WI, USA

    I might follow and do something else in return ;)

    So again please help me achieve this

    Also looking for love

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    14 SEP   Clarksville, IN, USA

    Just wanna a dorky girl ^.^ so we can be dorks together. Obviously gonna wanna meet before dating and get to know each other but I do love cuddles and attention as well as giving them. Music is a big part of my life ^>^ and I love video games (I catch feelings really fast)...

  • Lemme clear something up

    26 JUN   Orangeville, PA, Uni

    My name does not mean  you have to be great looking, or have a great size, etc. It means you have a great personality. (Watch out I’m about to lecture y’all) A lot of guys believe that it is the size or the looks that count. I honestly could care less about “size” Dick pics gross me out. A get a lot of messages asking what I look for in a man. Well first of all: you have to act like a man. Not some tiny toddler who throws temper tantrums because a girl told him no. 

    To be Direct....The List

    • I am stuck between shy and outgoing. Shy is cute. Outgoing is interesting. Maybe somewhere in the middle? 
    • Independent. I am not your housewife. 
    • Understanding. I have a lot going on right now and I don’t need someone getting mad because I wasn’t on for a few days. 
    • Funny. I love to laugh. 
    • Nerdy/Dorky/Geeky Harry Potter is lit. If you don’t like him you don’t like me. Dobby is Life. 
    • Loyal. What girl doesn’t want that?
    • Comforting. We all just have those days when we want to just talk to someone and have them tell us it will be okay.
    • Weird. Like funny weird not perverted weird. 
    • Smart. With the friends at school I find myself with, I am the only one going into Algebra 2. I don’t want someone to put me down and call me stupid (already have one of those) I want someone to be able to help me out. 
    • A tad overprotective. Not too much but not too little. I have guy friends. Deal with it. But you will also kick their butt if they don’t leave me alone. 
    • Just downright cute! I watch too many Hallmark movies and read too many books. Iyiy
    • Creative. I love to write and I love asking people for ideas with my characters. I am also obsessed with getting feedback on my stories. 
    • Have a good music taste. No rap unless it is old school like Eminem. No music about misusing women and doing drugs. I listen to rock, metal, Celtic (sometimes), and Disney Soundtracks. 
    • Supportive. I don’t really have that many people like this in my life

    Looks aren’t everything but in case you think it is:

    • Eyes are important. Blue/green eyes or brown doe eyes. (Ryan Reynolds all the way)
    • No dreads or anything of the sort. Dark hair with blue eyes is a dreamy look. Only in a fairytale. 
    • Emo boys are cute, along with Skater Bois. 
    • No piercings. Guys with piercings is a turn off. Otherwise Jacoby Shaddix would be way hotter. 
    • Athletic. If we ever meet in person (fingers crossed) I want tons of hugs by atrong arms. Not bodybuilder though. 
    • I don’t date past 16. 

    klebbs i have dark hair and blue eyes
    klebbs also my hair is naturally curly
    Lucas Hey I’ve been looking for someone and saw what u have said I agree that looks aren’t the thing that men should always go for. I love Harry Potter! Funny story about that actually my aunt got me into that book and is absent with that and anything with English in it. I love to play sports. I play soccer and do pole vault on track and field. HMU sometime and we can get to know each other a little more! πŸ‘‹
  • A gf maybe or a friend

    12 SEP   NY, USA

    Maybe we can be friends or more tbh i i kw no one's gonna actually talk to me so rip .-.

  • Have a true love relationship

    10 SEP   Monticello, New York

    Too be with a girl for her love and feelings not for nudes or her body I want a girls trust and to never hurt her ever to truly be with her and comfort her when she needs me to show her I want to know her personality and not want her nudes I'm a guy who has been used and cheated on before and I just want a girl who we both can share love and joy with to embrace moments together and I would have that girl in my heart and mind as long has she would be happy I would be happy

  • Looking for a gf I guess

    10 SEP   NY, USA

    Welp if you do happen to talk to me congrats you made it past step 1 now step 2 is difficult: getting past my shit conversation skills

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    10 SEP   Clarksville, IN, USA

    Just wanna a dorky girl ^.^ so we can be dorks together. Obviously gonna wanna meet before dating and get to know each other but I do love cuddles and attention as well as giving them. Music is a big part of my life ^>^ and I love video games (I catch feelings really fast)

  • Looking for a relationship with boys or girls

    09 SEP   Castle Rock, CO, USA

    Hey everyone i am back i am looking for a bf or GF close or not, only  13- 15

  • looking for a bf or gf

    08 SEP   Acton, MA, USA

    hi im brenna im 14 a freashman in highschool im single lonley and heart broken and have no friends evreyone i dated eaither dumpes  me or blockes me im pansexuall so i want a bf or gf around 13-`16 i dont do sexuall or nudes if u do then dont add me 

  • I want a girlfriend that will be very happy in my life

    07 MAR   El Paso, TX, USA

    Hi, I'm Gustavo 15 yrs old. I want a girlfriend that can trust me and love me till the end of life. I am very positive and open minded, i don't think negative. I like to go out and not be inside for the whole day. I will love that i can be very lovely, nice, and loyal.

  • Looking for a nice bf or gf

    23 AUG   Vero Beach, FL, USA

    Im bisexual and i live in vero beach, florida. I am used to long distance relationships and dont mind waiting awhile to meet someone. I tend to be called too nice and i also talk way too much dispite my anxyity. if you want to hook up and talk, msg me ^^

  • Looking for a Relationship

    05 SEP   Anaheim, CA, USA

    I mostly play games on my xbox one.and watch YouTube when I get back from school but if your far away or nearby and don't want to meet up.Its alright when you want to meet when were older.That would be the best feeling for both of us.Anyway hmu and we might be soulmates.

  • Come and talk to me

    08 SEP   Hartlepool, UK

    If u are instressed in a relationship then text me via snapchat or instagram 

  • Any girls looking for someone to love

    08 SEP   Flint, MI, USA

    im looking for a girlfriend if a girl wants to hookup use the website to send me a  message 

  • Looking for a relationship (bf)

    07 SEP   Philippines

    I'm looking for a relationship with a guy who can understand, care and support me... Chat me if you're interested or message me on Instagram.... my Username in IG is calvin_143

  • Here are some of the reasons i only date girls

    06 SEP   Norcross, GA, USA

    1. Easier to talk to

    2. Boys my age that I like are either gay or don't like me. 

    3. I am proud to wear a rainbow

    4. Girls mature faster so no more babyish toys

    Hmm If interested I would love to get to know you! ?

    Cl053D How about your reason that you only desperate from your last previous post.... lol
  • Looking for a fun loving girlfriend.

    06 SEP   Mulberry, FL, USA

    If you live in or around Mulberry florida, girl who likes girls, funny, beautiful, likes rap, smokes/vapes, has a country side, and who wouldn't mind a clingy gf HMU x)

  • I like all girl and I love everyone for who they are

    03 SEP   Columbus, IN, USA

    I need a girlfriend now message me if you are interested and have a good night 

  • Decent girls attractive

    03 SEP   Hartlepool, UK

    I want someone to snap me who is attractive and who is a girly girl 13-17

  • Everyone talk to me, especially women

    03 SEP   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    I would be happy to talk to anyone, looking mostly for girls, Hit me up , rate me , or give me a tbh , let’s do something!!!! 

  • Trying to find my girlfriend Nikki

    03 SEP   Aurora, CO, USA

    Nikki, it's Aaliyah. My account wouldnt let me log back on. I swear i haven't been ignoring you. I swear. Im trying to put this on every forum. Please see this.

  • Looking for someone from Fort Wayne indiana

    03 SEP   Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    Only message me if your from Fort Wayne indiana. I am a trans male to female girl and would like to not be harassed about it. I’m up for whatever but only if your local

    Jacqueline My number is 2605152354
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    02 SEP   New York, NY, USA

    Few facts about me:

    -I don't cheat with anyone (I'm ugly)

    -I care

    -I listen

    -I'm not a "bad boy"

    -I love animals

    -I don't lie

    -I like to make a girl laugh and feel loved

    Most girls reject me because i'm ugly.

    If you wanna know more about me, follow me on instagram @vladmarco

    please no older than 16

  • hey looking for boyfriend girlfriend or friends to talk to

    02 SEP   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hi my name is Joshua. I'm looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend who is cute loyal fun and a little weird. I'm kind fun artistic and weird. Hope to me you

  • Hey really need a Bf age only 13 and boys only

    25 JUN   San Luis Obispo, CA,

    Hey my name is mali, And am 13 and love love love ?? soccer, swim, ?, and love running. And recently I broke up with my boyfriend bc he was being really rude so want to start a new relationship I love a meeting people prefer online dating And SO OT LIKE SEXUAL boys so HMU 

    knight raider but what if im 14????
    Mali Its fine if your 14
    Lucky_m hey i cant find u so hmu kik: lakshan_00
  • looking for a friend or something more

    01 SEP   Philadelphia, PA, US

    im looking for a longdistane realtionship.

    any age

    hmu on sc : lwalton467

    skype : live:helaboju

  • Looking for someone in fort wayne

    01 SEP   Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    Just read my profile. If your still interested in me then hit me up. On here first. Fort Wayne Indiana only!! I want local. I’m looking for friends or maybe more??

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