Looking for a serious relationship

28/JAN Love

I'm Kimberly, I'm looking for a serious relationship. Someone who is honest, kind, caring and a guy. I want someone older so 16-17. I'm a shy person in real life (you'll understand what I mean if you see me). I want someone who doesn't care for appearance but personality, attitude, etc. Someone who is open indeed, won't judge, appreciate me & what I try to do and try to understand me or make the effort to. In return, I'll try to love them with all my heart, try to be open when times are difficult and be there for them when needed.

StormDragon Hey Im everything u just said the the post and if u like let get to know each other here is my instagram account lets chat stormdragonx
Nishad Well I can be that guy about whom u wrote above .Cause I m just like that ,after reading ur description I found it like me and I really wanted a girl who thought of me like that
Nishad we can talk if u want just reply to this comment and I will give my email ID or fb username or anything else so that we can talk
R. Ben Hi Kimberly, I think I will meet your requirements. Message me?
samlong you can WhatsApp me on this line 233248024648
Leo Heyy Hmu check out my profile
DelphoxtheChao hey if u r interested hmu