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Here to possibly find someone to date...!

09/JAN Teenager Dating

Hi! I’m Aiyannah, but people usually call me Aiy. I am 15 years old. 

My hobbies include:


-Music (listening, writing, and playing)



-Writing Stories/Poems

I’m pretty chill, and a very good listener. I love late night discussions and deep conversations. 

Also, I am a Little. I’m part of the DD/lg community. If you want to know more, you can ask or look it up for yourself, lol. ? You don’t have to be into it, though. It is simply a lifestyle I choose. 

Anyways, I hope I didn’t scare anyone away by my usueless information! Just hmu if you wanna talk!

(yes, I copy and pasted this from the friendship forum that I posted on because I really don’t wanna write another thing that sounds good, lol)

cr_sal7 Hmmm I would love to be with you HMU on kik @cr_sal7
Zain Hi aiy i love to start good friendship with you dear plzz reply me if you want too
404 You sound interesting. We can talk sometime. My description of myself on my profile is a little like yours
Isaac Hey I’d like to talk