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Looking for a bf .....................

06/MAR Gays

Hi I'm Arsen. I'm 16 y.o. and Im looking for a bf.i don't do nudes.Hmu if you want to talk my kik is Arsen710

Alex1824 I hate doing nudes. I feel like if I do that its going to end up all over the internet. Im sorry though cause my parents took my iPad and I have no phone cause my parents are cunts and want me to be perfect in order to get a phone.
Alex1824 I have Kik, but my parents wont give me iPad back, unless i either be perfect like my brother, or I trade my computer for my iPad. However; if I do that then wont be able to talk to people like you.
Christian oH hey there
Jaafar02 Hey do you have Snapchat mine is jalbazooni8 talk to me on there