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Hello meeting new people

05/APR Teen Singles

Heya I'm Laura, 16, I'm small (very small) and single. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but I'll see where things go. I am also an identical twin. And please no creeps who are much older than me  much appreciated x

Jax Hey you can text me if you want
Matthew720 Hey, I know what your thinking another perv, Im not Im 16 and generally want to get to know more people, if you wanna know more add me on Insta Matthew 939
Jace i wanna say let’s be friends but you probs consider me too old so 🤷🏻‍♂️
Walker Hey-skype?
Kory Add me on sc I’m 16 also and single: xXkory_harkinXx
brad818 hi im 14 but ya know theres nothin ring there is there