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Looking for a long relationship

15/APR Teen Singles

Hey, guys! (Now to hope I’m doing this correctly)

So, I’m a straight woman looking for a serious relationship. If interested, shoot me a message. 

I do have a few requirements due to personal preference, however. Sorry if you don’t fall within requirements-

1. Must be Caucasian. Sorry. Just a preference thing
2. Must be a straight male who was born male. 
3. Athiest 
4. Have job prospects. I’d like to be a housewife in the future, so I find this highly important. I would preferably teach my future children at home instead of having them go to public school. 
5. Be intellegent and mature
6. Be masculine. Sorry, but I’m not interested if you shave your legs or wear skinny jeans. 
7. Have a long term relationship in mind. Don’t start this with the mindset it’ll end. 
8. This is a big one. DONT BE PC OR LIBERAL. I personally dislike that. 


So, message me if you fit into this! I’d love to here from you!

Tyldr Hey I think I am what you would be looking for
lucas422 i fit perfect in the requirments shoot me a msg