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Idk broke asf rn just need someone read this or w.e

10/AUG Friendship

Alright look, I'm Nick, I'm 15 and I'm from Toledo, OH. All I'm asking for is a real relationship as in get to know eachother, love, caring, and when things get har we work them out, it sucks because girls I have dated recently like to think men have no feelings or on't have a heart, now I understand thats how you feel about them, but we are not all like that, look I'm a loving an caring person, I could never hurt a girls felings because it all comes back to me then makes me feel like the worst person on earth, all i want to do is bring joy and make someone feel loved and to find out if thats true all you have to do is get to know me take a chance, don't judge the cover of this book because if you read a couple chapters you will realize and understand what I can do for you. I can never hurt a female again, and yes I've done it before but it always has me sick to my stomach, I loved her so much but I was younger, stupid, reckless, and selfish an was too blind to see that someone cared for me or loved me, I don't wanna make a lose like that again, because it was my biggest lose in my life. Nowadays I'm losing my love and losing my confidence because girls like to play with my feelings and say they will stay or say this is forever but then a couple days later I'm not good enough, or there mad because I'm not always spending my money on them 24/7 then try to find someone with money, and look for something new. Even if I'm distant I could never cheat, it breaks my fucking heart to see people do that shit or to even think about doing that. I'm looking for someone 14-17. If you are willing to take a chance my heart is yours... I'm going to keep reposting this till someone willing to step up and let me give her my world. Look I got a lot to offer this only the preview let me love you and you get the full story.(prolly will date anyone I'm broke asf n so used to to get hurt, numb, or all this other shit I'm losing sight of wut love or wut relationships, it's almost a routine,get with someone, get ur heart broken, and hide the pain, then the next one comes. Maybe one of u girls can change it but idk just hmu ig...

Erika (Unofficially Un-Single) Hey I remember you! I get where you are at. I personally have had my feelings played with twice like that with guys. On my instagram I post these long asf captions on my pictures. Here is one of them Don’t judge a book by its cover; nor by its author. You are NOT defined by what you look like or who your parents are. You are defined by your personality. Remember that. Hope this makes you feel better :)
Elise I feel tge same exact way and if a gurl is using someone for tgeir money then dhe dont deserve ur heart u seem chill hut u left me on open and stoped talkin to me lmao hope we can get yo know each other and talk again
Nick kuehnle II Im sorry my mistake I just been outta it if just hmu then
Nick kuehnle II Sorry just been busy Im kinda going through some heavy stuff rn n just havent been feeling good but hmu ig.