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Long Distance relationship. Cute guy around 15 to 19

21/NOV Teenager Dating

My name is Lacey, I am seventeen. Half Native American, one quarter Italian, and one quarter Welsh. Somehow very white xD. 

So im looking for a cute and nice guy. I love koalas and writing and music. So just message me or email if you’re interested <3 

Artie Hey add me On snap
Smith Alex Inbox me dear..
Wolfsbane Well i am also looking for at long distance relationship and im 17 too
The Awkward Nerd Hey. You like Koalas? Did you know that they dont drink water? I thought that was interesting. Anyway... I may not be the cutest cupcake in the bakery... But if you want to message me, you can. I mean... I guess I should make the move and message you first, heh. Well, be sure to expect a message from me.