Music  27 Mar 2020

When the darkness comes poem

"I see it, this flame without a voice, this sky without stars, this kingdom without a king, can I go there? Can I feel it? I wanna fly away and this dream I embrace. I can hear her music. So beautiful, so pretty, so unreal. Calling to me... I slowly move hesitating towards this dark light, but proud I hear whispers soft, tender speak g about love, kindness and peace.and a land filled with stars and happiness. And I walk ignoring my pains and cries. But my pains grow and my fears and cries. And soon my vision darkens and my body. goes numb. All sounds disappear but her music, but her cries. And my mind shatters."

-When The Darkness comes


Blankets U should play the game I recommend it
Blankets alight how much h?
Not on here anymore I meant ok pretty much lmao
Alex Rider dang, so what-s the name of the game
Blankets When tfhe darkness comes its free on steam