Friendship  31 Dec 2021

hey its willow and im looking for friends well maybe a boy best firend

hey im willow and jakey is co fronting rn bc well tbh we havent been really in a good state of mine with it being the holidays season and all and we are looking for firends maybe boy best friends and some one who understands we have issues and not call us crazy and out of our minds. if u want to get to know me and the system plz hit us up and all just really want to have some firends also the sign off emotcon will come soon for us as a system any ways happy new years guys ~💕🥀

hey its jakey im the care taker of the system um so what willow was saying is that she beening having a hard time bc this time of year is not the best for her and all and she wishes she had her brith mom her (may her rest and peace] but if u want to talk to her and get to know us more feel free dms are open any time we love meeting new ppl and all ~🐺