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Manga fans

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Meet thousands of teenagers for manga fans ,this is a group for meet people for manga fans in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I-m looking for someone who likes anime,cosplaying,cuddling,and friendly.

    16 NOV   New York, NY, United

    Hey :) I'm Athena. I'm creative and friendly. I'm hopeing I could find someone similar to date.Plus I'm pansexual. I like anime , cosplaying , art , photography , and more. 

    joseph sup, my favorites include fairytail, and sword art online
    V3 Anime is for Noobs
    Christopher peyton hi im chris and i love anime. My favorite is Dragon ball super. I cant wait for the new movie to come out. I have to wait until January of next year for it to come out. It is the new Broly movie. I am a kind guy. I like videogames. I am creative too! I write books. And i like a lot of other things, so if your interested just message me.

  • looking for a gf(ages 13-14)

    14 NOV   New York, NY, USA

    so, yeah i'm on my school football team, and ya know, want to know if there's anyone out there who wants to gve it a shot with me so ya know just call or email me

  • A girl looking for girlfriend

    19 FEB   Pasig City, Metro Ma

    Hi there :) I am Alex, 14. I liked to draw, sing, and dance (not really much) I am into sports, music and games. Everybody calls me Bro cuz' I am such a tomboyish but a lesbian who is very cheerful and friendly I am too much hentai. I am lookin to chat or meet people with similar mindset like playing games, takin pics, fun, adventure, and etc...I used to hang out reading wattpad or reading manga.

    Thedearpyshrimp Why does life like to shoot me in the knee caps
  • Hello Manga and Anime Fans

    21 OCT   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi, I am looking for to build friendships with people who are into anime and manga. I want to be able to have fun conversations with others about stuff. Please let me know if you want to be friends.

    Alex;IsACoolName I would totally love to become friends
    Mr.T LOL! Same! Would love to be friends with you!
  • Looking for girlfriend that likes manga

    20 OCT   Munich, Germany

    Hello, I’m 16 and a bisexual girl. Here is my presentation:

    Hair: Light brown

    Eyes: Hazel

    Likes: manga (mainly D.Gray-Man, Tokyo Ghoul, Magi and more), JRPG games (Draknenier series, Stella Glow and Persona), cats, jewelry (I’m an aspiring Jeweler) and cosplay

    10elisa10 can we all talk about how much i cried when ken kaneki carried hides dead body like Im dead inside and i felt things.
  • Anime/manga Kik Group xD

    01 OCT   Shepherdsville, KY,

    So I started a Kik group, and we can talk about anything anime/manga related on there. And I mean ANYTHING. xD So yeh, this is a haven for all the anime fans that have no life. Or just join if you like hearing about anime/manga xD. Here it is folks : AnimeislifeamIright. I may not be on a lot, so yeah xD I have a pretty busy life, but I need people to talk to when I'm bored lmao

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    17 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    I'm looking for a relationship I'm very annoying but I like Manga, Billie Eilish , Persona 4 and more.

    wereto776 i love anime and manga
    Gustavo Hey im interested
  • hello ^-^

    04 JAN   Belleville, IL, Unit

    hi! im sophie, 13 and bi. i love anime and manga. im looking for friends and possibly someone to care for, but i doubt ill find either cause im forever alone haha

    ~cayden~ Hey youre super cute and you sound like youre super sweet and nerdy which is just my type, so if you are interested hmu, and Id love to get to know you:)
    Phoenix Hi, Im Phoenix, Im pansexual and I love anime! Im okay with either friend or relationship.
    Christopher peyton hello i love dragonball super
  • Looking for a relationship dont care which gender

    12 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    looking for an online date age 13 to 15. I like The Last of Us, Persona 4, Danganronpa, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, twenty one pilots,Halsey, drawing, and talking to people. I can be annoying at times but I think im a fun person to talk to message me on kik sriser

    Kole Hey, hmu id like become freinds and see how things go
    wereto776 Love your profile anime pic
    Daniel Yo if you have a snapchat you should hmu, the last of us is dank as hell and possibly the best game of all time.
    1teenlesbian Add me on snapchat: karrossnaps
  • I was just wondering if...

    03 SEP   Illinois

    I was wondering if anyone was a fan of the manga/anime Assassination Classroom. It's my favoite anime and I'm just looking to talk to someone.

  • Just a weird Otaku post haha ?

    17 AUG   Manga city, Anime Wo

    Hey guys I'm a Crazy Otaku who likes to meet new friends and read tons of manga?...I can be weird and very friendly (lmao). You can hmu on kik•, Snapchat or ask for my number or WhatsApp they're all on my profile? it'll be nice meeting you.

  • A free look of my anime drawing

    18 JUN   usa

    This is an anime drawing I made    I finished just ten minutes ago. I want you to see that do you think about it 

    J.Jones lol. sure.. I am a bit of an artist myself.. lol nice to meet u though...
    Pruewriter Oh! I do art too! Lets see it
    Itsyaboitris I do art als mostly dragon ball anyone want to see its like my profile pic
  • Okay okay, hold on. I NEVER KNEW THIS TAG EXISTED

    13 MAY   Detroit, MI, United

    Literally this is THE tag that I’ve been looking for. Can we please have all the decent lads and lasses come forward and text me? It’d be nice to meet new people with the same interests as me. Manga, anime, light novels. I do em ALL.

    Give me an anime that’s decent I probably haven’t watched. I have no life (haha) and I’ll finish it in a few days and report back to you. We can talk about how sad we are that the season or series ended ^-^ (even if it’s coming back)

    Itsyaboitris Do u watch dragon ball I need someone else to talk about it with
  • Konichiwa! Hajimemashite!

    15 JUN   Detroit, MI, United

    Hey! No, I'm not a weeb. I speak conversational Japanese and I love to draw. My goal is to actually teach Japanese or art. Or English in Japan. Something like that. Anyways, I'm looking for someone to just talk to about anything anime, manga, or Japan related. I think it'll be fun. No romance just yet, but if you are wondering, I am bisexual. Anyone want to chat?

    Abdul What anime/manga do you like
    fdaklssdfjfsdafasd If you still even use this but i want to go to school for teaching english in japan if you want to talk about that kind of stuff
    Itsyaboitris What anime do u watch I watch dragon ball z and super sword art online naruto attack on Titan kill a kill and a bunch more
  • A Question For all otakus

    20 JUL   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Does anyone play Bleach Brave souls? If so add me as a friend. My username is Black Ichi. Also join my guild. You should see it when you look on my profile. Hope to see some new friends/ members ^^

    P.S. : I am always open to co op so if u ever need someone to co op with just dm the room number to me on my IG 

    Thx guys :^)

  • Meet new people for friendship

    08 JUN   Johannesburg, South

    Sup(^.^) im Jonathan, 19. Mostly keep to myself. I love art, drawing and anime. I like listening all kinds of music. Id like to meet people with similar interests and maybe hangout

    Vijaydalvadiya Hiii i am vijay an i am from india
    Quophie brown brown form ghana
    Antonio Williams Your pfp is awesome. White ichigo is savage! #SupportBleach
  • Meeting new people ........

    05 FEB   Aptos, CA, United St

    Hey! I'm 18, a bi female and just looking for a partner. I'm really shy but trying to break out of my shell, and once I get to know you I'm upbeat and cheerful

  • Looking for a good friend, not boy

    13 OCT   Delhi, India


    I am Rishi. I am looking for a friend who is interested in tons of anime and manga like me.

  • Looking for someone interesting to talk to

    30 SEP   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Hey there, anyone wanna talk? Basically about anything haha I'm just bored rn lol, anyways I'm into basketball, manga and art so if you're interested in any part of that then please send a message haha

  • Anime and manga lovers

    19 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hello the name Harley Quinn how you doing jk actual name is armie just looking for people who is interested in anime and manga and I guess a little bit of rp how to meet someone ?

    Cold Hearted 77 More Tokyo ghoul fan or your lie in April or spice and wolf?
    Deku Shingeki no kyojin
  • Love this stupid song Senpai

    16 JUN   United States

    Ecchi till i die all these lolis call me (senpai)
    Rubbing on her thighs she stay wet for her (senpai)
    Shawty so kawaii, and would die for her (senpai)
    Ride and watch hentai, all the time with (senpai)

    My soul is tormented by a succubus
    Call her sis
    Pantsu drippin from the way I spit
    Fell in love with this
    Sis con music now she in my grips
    Wanna take a sip, of her onii san's essence
    No questions asked , always let onii smash
    Trying up my sis con team, get a foot off in your ass, boooy
    I ain't talking bout that DOA
    But shawty's jiggle physics on the level of Ayane mane

    Okay, okay we actin out them eroges
    Shout out to tämä for them tags they sounding sexy
    Tell your nii chan come and test me if that nigga wants some beef
    In the sheets an ecchi guy, but in the streets i be the (senpai)
    Chillin watching hentai with other niggas kouhais
    Like her skirts mini sized and socks pulled up knee high
    A cup is just fine, with onii (shhhsh) close your eyes
    Promise you will love it, just relax tonight with (senpai)

  • Athletic geek who-s single who wants a gf.

    04 MAY   Littleton, MA, Unite

    Hi, my name is Kyle I'm a 14 year old otaku who's about to turn 15.

  • Looking for a girl who is a manga lover ;)

    16 MAR   Angeles, Central Luz

    Okay, to be honest, I'm looking for a girl who also likes reading manga, watching anime, and a music lover like me ;) (I really don't know what else to post here hahaha :P)

    SiennaRose hiya :) i love all of those things!
  • Just started reading mangas

    29 APR   P

    I just finished nanatsu no taizai, awesome manga btw, and soon plan on reading berserk.msg me fellow nerds.

  • Tuh my fellow manga

    02 APR  

    Hi,I am Joe and I like mangas. I think it's one of the forms of art ever created and.........

    Yh......I think that's it. I really like Bleach by Kubo Tite,Death Note art by Takeshi Obata, The Sword and the Stranger by Yuske Nakamura and of course......



    Ummmmm, I love drawing mangas and maybe I am a mangaka myself. 

    I think that's okay.