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  • I-m looking for a loyal boyfriend

    06 DEC   Warsaw, MO, United S

    Hey im Chelsea. I like to play videogames and listen to music. I usually sit in my room all day. Im pretty short I'm 5'4" so, and I like tall guys. Hmu if you like me

  • I just want to make friends and hang out

    22 FEB   Beltsville, MD, Unit

    Hi I’m kitty I’m 18 I’m very shy looking for a relationship or friends Kik me on Kittykatthearts yes I am a girl I just want friends to hang out with who live in beltsville Maryland or just in Maryland and I like to smoke and party hopefully I get in a relationship 

  • need to find a guyyy

    20 FEB   Toronto, ON, Canada

    how am i suppposed to find nice, caring AND attractive guys on hereeeeeeeeee helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • looking for a cute boy!!

    11 MAY   Griffithville, AR, U

    yes i am 13 1/2 and i want a boyfriend that is cute but only 13-16 can ask so every cute boy send me a meassage if you are in the age limmit 13-16

  • Looking for Someone special and wants to be treated special

    17 FEB   Cedar Hills, UT, USA

    I am just a simple geek who loves to talk and cuddle and will be there for you no matter what 

  • Innocent, sweet, shy, nervous, excited, curious! LET-S PLAY!

    14 JUN   United States Air Fo

     I only like to keep this lifestyle behind closed doors, lastly I'm a lioness behind that door. Let's see if u can match My high sexual drive. U may only reach Me on KlK got Me? add me there @ izsandy. I'm always online on KlK so feel free to leave Me a message.

  • I-m looking for a loyal boyfriend

    22 OCT   Warsaw, MO, United S

    Hello, my name is Chelsea and im new here. I am 13 years old and I just recently like two weeks ago, gone through a really tough break up and that relationship lasted 5 months. I'm Loyal, kinda clingy, I love to play video games and go outdoors. Yet I spend most of my time in my bedroom. I pretty short I'm 5'5" and I'm really into tall guys. Hmu if you wanna talk. 

  • Sick of all the fuck boys where are the emo boys at?

    16 FEB   Usa

    I got a valentine but I don't like them I wanna talk to some one as emo/scene as me I wanna listen to music with them I'm tired of all the fuck boys I wanna be happy again so someone can get to know me ?

  • Looking for a boyfriend :)

    01 APR   Chicago, IL, United

    I'm Alexis I'm 16 and from Chicago. I'm into alternative pop and Spanish music. I like Netflix and memes. Looking for a nice boyfriend.

  • If your a Japanese boy from 16-19 hmu

    15 FEB  

    Yeah, If you are a nice Japanese guy that knows English please hit me up. You will get an automatic free pass on my other standards. So please message me 

  • Just wanna talk to people

    12 FEB   Chadds Ford, PA, Uni

    Hey im adam, im nice and 18, i like rugby abd football, im building a barn rn, and i am kinda tall, hmu if you want to talk :)

  • I?d like a bf plz read this first tho

    14 FEB   Omaha, NE, USA

    I’d like a nice sweet guy 13-15 not stupid people plz I’d like a guy that doesn’t judge me and that doesn’t cheat thx

  • any bad boys on here?

    03 FEB   Plattsburgh, NY, Uni

    I'm looking to get with a guy that is quite dark. Like, Goth/emo/etc. Message me if you are like that, my chat doesn't work at the moment. I know I look like a prep but looks can be deceiving.

  • Hey boys I-m Leah. Looking for a bf. HMU!

    13 JUN   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey I'm Leah

    I'm 15 and from Durham in England. I'm looking for a boy who really cares about me and that I can have a good time with. I am a fun energetic person. If u think that's u please message me!

  • Meet interesting people

    06 FEB   USA

    Tbh not really sure what I'm looking for. But a fanboy I'd a good place to start. 

  • Looking for an amazing guy

    05 NOV   Syracuse, NY, United

    Hi! My name is Mackenzie and everyone calls me Kenzie. I'm a dancer and i also love working out. I love listening to country music, fishing, hunting, and hiking. I'm looking for a guy that lives near me and is loyal and would like to actually hang out and cuddle. Message me if you're interested. Must be in NY state plz. Thank you????

  • Boyfriend,Best Friend, ect.

    15 JAN   Wells, VT, United St

    The names Mikayla, 13.

    Looking for boy who can respect a girl for all she is worth!

    Love all my crazy ppl, Mikayla

  • Need a boyfriend who doesn-t cheat!

    13 FEB   Salina, KS, USA

    I need a boyfriend who stays loyal. Also they need to not change me . I love to read, cook, play uno.

  • Lol!!i just want a boyfriend

    21 JAN   Aurora, CO, United S

    Im new here but I want a boyfriend you can add me on snap and also clean chats plz


    11 FEB   Kota, Rajasthan, Ind

    I need a gf anyone intrested can message me i am a cool guy who  

    will make you happy forever and relationship should be serious

  • Still single need a bf

    11 FEB   Moore, OK, United St

    Hey, I'm shay I'm 14 and looking for a boyfriend I don't mind long distance as long as people stay faithful. I like reading,playing the flute, art, sports, to try new things, and being funny I enjoy making people laugh. 


    08 FEB   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Are you from the UK then English fellow...MESSAGE ME!!! LOL XD

  • Not tryna be single this Valentines Day lol

    03 FEB   Aurora, CO, United S

    I literally dont ask for anything but food and attention lol. I'm loyal af bc I don't see the point of cheating. I'm ugly but I'll love you to death lol. I'm crazy af so good luck tryna handle me. And don't hmu if you not tryna get freaky lol

  • hey looking for a fwb and a date to my school-s sadies dance this weekend:)

    05 FEB   San Diego, CA, Unite

    ny names megan im a sophmore in hs i like dogs, the beach, and chocolate i do gymnastics so i guess that makes me a little more flexible than ur average girl and im just looking for a nice boy to treat to my school's dance and have a good time so just hmu:)

  • Looking for a friend serious relationship

    04 FEB   Noida, Uttar Pradesh

     Hi there I am utkarsh I live in India well I wanted to make a friend i want long term relationship with a friend I wiwi be glad to have a frfrie who is kind friendly opop minded  and has  sense of humor I like to play cricket and I have  interest In cars I don't care about country I will  be happy to make a friend you are very welcome to dodsoD i am interested in a long term relationship anyone intrested  ????

  • Meet a boy for a relationship

    04 FEB   Caloocan City, NCR,

    Hi there,im shana, 14 open minded with a good attitude. I like sports and music and also i realy love to have a good time and hang out with people. Im looking for a boy with a good attitude and has a has a good humor.

  • Gay, 16 Teenage Boy Here :D

    17 OCT   Rogers, AR, United S

    I'm Gay :) I'm very talkative and friendly so hmu :) Looking for friends and maybe something more if it comes along aha :)

  • Get a boyfriend or freind

    27 JAN   Mbabane, Hhohho Regi

    Hi, I'm lookin for a nice guy who is uhh 14 to 17 years old. I dont wznt somebody who will wanna sext or any stuff like that. I prefer someone decent. I dont know if there are any out here, or are there?

  • looking for a bf (15-18 yrs)

    31 JAN   Lincoln, NE, USA

    hey i’m gloria and i’m nearly 16; looking for a good bf so hmu on sc if you’re interested ;))

  • Need a Loyal Boyfriend

    12 DEC   Manhattan, New York

    HI! I'm Danielle, 14. I'm a dancer, pretty adventurous, humorous. Loves Cuddles :)! Hella Silly <3 Looking for a loyal boyfriend with a great personality.

    Hit Me Up

  • Im looking for a guy to talk to and maybe date

    15 DEC   Denver, CO, United S

    Hi  I'm Zoe and I'm from Colorado I'm looking for a guy around 14 15 or 16 I'm really shy and awkward I'm depressed I love video games memes  and YouTube  I'm also weird 

  • hello , howdy, hi, wsup

    27 JAN   Vilnius, Vilnius Cou

    Hi all, male, 19, caucasian. Pansexual, loving and really active. Waiting for all people on my kik - loplop22. see you

  • I would like some guys to talk to.

    27 JAN   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Hey, I'm Glenne. I would like a guy that I can have a little fun with but it has to be strictly internet. If you're cool with that hmu I guess. If not then boy bye. I don't need you in my life if you aren't going to treat me right. 

  • Looking for a relationship

    26 JAN   Claremore, OK, Unite

    Hey, I’m Adrienne but I go by Dede! I’m a trans female, male to female, I am pre-op, I’m 14 I live in Claremore Oklahoma, my date of birth is May 5th, I would like a Caucasian male, preferably lives in Oklahoma. Snap me! 

  • Meet teen boys (15-16)

    14 JAN   Granbury, TX, United

    I’m looking for a guy (15-16) that has blonde or brown hair, blue eyes, a 6 pack, will protect me, kind, funny, and will care about me.

  • Meet new friends and probably a little more than friends

    29 DEC   Tucson, AZ, United S

    Hey guys I'm single anybody from Arizona that wants to talk hit me up guys only 15-17 thanks 

  • Meet boy teen for love

    10 DEC   Reykjavík, Ic

    Who would love a suicidal freak.....? Nobody i just wish some boy could save me I'm not looking for an asshole i want someone who actually cares.......

  • just bored :)):)):)):))

    12 JAN   DeRidder, LA, United

    I'm a good girl just looking for someone to make me laugh so hmu I will reply fast :P

  • what i look for in a guy

    04 JUN   Summerville, SC, Uni

          So my life was almost perfect, there was just one thing missing. A boyfriend of course, I just wish I could find the perfect boy. He has to be tall, hot, plays sports, kind, protective, supportive, funny, strong, and texts me every day.

  • Talk on social media

    01 OCT   Ansonia, OH, United

    Add me on snapchat or kik to talk... Do NOT send me any pictures of yourself uncovered (You know what I mean!)

  • Looking for a bf, the real thing

    17 JAN  

    Hi, my name is Lexi Im 15 years old and looking for a loving caring bf that likes to cuddle and video chat once in awhile. Long distances dont matter to me. Just looking for the right one, have major trust issues due to some past experiences but if youre willing to give it a go and see where it takes us hmu. Snapchat:lexmolina6 kik:fireball147 Also have a phone number

  • im 14 and lonely want to chat hmu

    09 JAN   Norman, OK, United S

    hey lookin for a guy 14-16 that is funny and thats not just looking for nudes

  • New To This, Would Like To Meet Other Boys

    09 JAN   Piscataway Township,

    Hey. I don't know what I'm doing at all with this, but hopefully I can meet someone nice. Preferably not too old like around my age. I'm interested in boys, also anime, games, manga, art, and food.

    And could someone teach me how to take better selfies?

    (Snapchat: mrpotatorc)

    (Tumblr: chained-angelboy-raze)

    (Kik: Shady2Cool15)

  • I what someone friends and love in my life

    07 JAN   Ashford, United King

    Hi there I am annabel 16 I am looking for some a friendship or relationship if your interested please add me on Snapchat annyyugin16 and we can get to known each other and have fun 

  • Hope To Meet My Someone here ?

    13 DEC   Mati, Davao Region,

    Hi ? I'm Joan and I'm from Philippines ? 16 Years old (obviously) So I'm Here To Meet Someone that can lead to a Relationship ? i like partying in typical friday night ? Chat Me Anytime if you're Okay about What I'm doing in life . Lol 

  • Friendship or boyfriend

    11 NOV   Des Moines, IA, Unit

    Hey. I am looking for a guy that is honest, kind, and not just talking to me for picks. I'm looking for someone that is wanting a relationship. 

  • Still waiting for a guy 14-16

    23 DEC   Denver, CO, United S

    Im Zoe and I'm weird depressed and nerdy I like emo bands and no matter how much bullies I have I'm staying the same 

  • need a better talk ? icome with me in my place K ! K me

    18 MAR   Alberta Beach, AB, C

    hey there if your bored and want to talk im angel of yuors is waiting for you here for you k ! k me

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