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  • a guy who wont break my heart

    17 SEP  

    i am looking for a loyal 14/16 year old guy who wont hurt me or break my heart i dont mind long distance but the closer u are the better so hmu

    Stephenson If you are my bae i wont break your heart but if you are not I will just play with u
    1 day ago
    fabrice deco lol interested
    1 day ago
    Josh I would never do that
    1 day ago

  • Meet that one guy.....

    18 JUN   Littleton, CO, Unite

    Hey:), I'm 15 years old and im looking for someone who is up for a fun relationship. Someone who will be able to just sit and cuddle without doing anything sexual at first. Haha text me ;)

    000 Guy mesange me
    Jmedinajuarez Hey message me were in the same state text me if ur interested
    Alexis Heyy message me I can be your guy I live close to you
    sean U r breathtaking
  • Guys I can talk with

    03 SEP   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey I'm Megan:) I really want a guy I can talk with about my day and just random things! Hmu if you also want something like this. Thanks!!!

    Jake Hey were the same age so we have probably similar things to talk about lol
    Levi tiler Hey we can talk
    Angelafaitha Is this only for gay guys?
    Angelafaitha Oh nvm Im new sorry
  • Some guys that are bisexual or gay

    05 SEP   Falconer, NY, United

    Please just send me a friend request on Facebook and well chat on messenger

    Caleb Your good looking
    alabamaboy16 i am 70 gay 30 bisexual
    alabamaboy16 but i am looking for a nice looking boyfrined
    alabamaboy16 i date 13 and 14 year olds
  • looking for a cute boy!!

    11 MAY   Griffithville, AR, U

    yes i am 13 1/2 and i want a boyfriend that is cute but only 13-16 can ask so every cute boy send me a meassage if you are in the age limmit 13-16

    Kaleb waggoner Im fifteen years old message me
    Ajax86 Hey, Im 14
    Logan312 Hi Im Logan message me Im funny and not in the mood to prove myself
  • dang accounts somehow getting deleted

    03 JAN   Wells, MN, United St

    so idk what happened but my account from before got deleted. idk if anyone cares but just thought people would want to know.

    sexyman12345 hi u look cute and i would want to take the time to know u
    Tyler Hii if ur bored and want to talk then hmu 😊
    Gays only HI girl Im here
  • Meet a boy to nudes

    29 JAN   Saint Cloud, MN, Uni

    hey I want to meet a boy to Snapchat but I don't take dirty pictures so don't even ask... 

    Singh Hi I am from Afghanistan I am 15 years old and I need a girlfriend or friend
    Nic Hey hru .. u seem down to earth and ur really cute Im down for clean chat
    Leo Sup Im chill and Im a true country boy
  • Making friendships and maybe a relationship

    05 SEP   Johannesburg, Gauten

    Hi there :) I'm Janae. I just joined today which means I'm new. I would really like to make some new friends...maybe even a boyfriend. Message me please.

  • New boys for relationship

    05 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    He has to be kind,smart, want to listen to me sing,possessive of me,funny, and amazing ? message me if interested 

  • Hi there:I am Sophie

    04 SEP   Romford, United King

    I am Sophie and I am looking for a boy friend ages 13-15 I live in romford and I go to school in rainham 

    David hey i want to be your bf HMU if you think you would like it
    Prodogunwanoe1 Hey Sophie, Ill make you a princess
  • Looking for Boyfriend

    03 SEP   Burr Ridge, IL, Unit

    Hi I'm justin and I'm looking for an boyfriend. Preferably people from the state of illinos. If you want to talk then just add me on snapchat at piourt5273 

  • Boyfriend preferably near me

    03 SEP   Prescott, WI, United

     Looking for a guy to snapchat with (15-19). (Not trying to be racist but I'm not attracted to Indians or asians, sorry??)

    0V3RTune Hello. I dont live near you but...
  • Someone with a foot fetish?

    02 SEP   Cochabamba, Cochabam

    Hii I'm bi 17 years old boy and I have a foot feitsh... so if u wanna chat u can add me on kik: andrewch. 123 
    Thanks for read and have a nice day :3

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    25 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend aged 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if you are interested

    Adam1401 Hey not trying to be cocky but I tick all you boxes that your looking for in a guy and Im interested to get to know you more
  • hit me up if ur not gonna b a jackass

    23 AUG   Union Beach, NJ, Uni

    if u r a jackass dont hit me up

    hey <3 im madeline im almost 14. i like to laugh n have a great time. im lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out takin pics, walkin around, and more. gimme a hey if u can

    Anthony Hmu on snap. Ur cute
  • looking for a boy teen

    10 MAR   Gardner, KS, United

    Hi I'm Kennedy and I'm a little. I love Music and bands. I'm open minded and quriky and very dorky. 

  • Trying to find a funny 13/14 yr old guy ?? or just a new friend ?

    23 AUG   Miami, FL, United St

    Mildly funny, kind of shy at first, love meeting new people. Add me on snap ?

  • 13/F- I-m looking for guys age 13-15

    17 APR   Orlando, FL, United

    Hi I'm Hanna. I'm looking for a boyfriend around age 13-15. I want a guy that is caring, funny, loyal, and treats me awesome. Looks don't matter. Only personalities. Message me if you want to know more about me! ?

    Christopher kinman Hello message me for number I dont like the texting on here because mine is always glitching out and sending two of one message
    Colby Im 14 and single
    samlong Am 17 if you dont mine let chart on WhatsApp 233248024648
  • Looking for a friendship that might turn into something more

    21 JAN   Scarborough, Western

    Hi Im 17 and looking for love. This would be a long distance relationship. Message me if you are interested in getting to know me

    ras015 i will be ur bf and im 15 yrs old
    R. Ben Hi My Dream Girl. If your not already taken, I would like to get to know more about you. Msg me back?
    samlong hi dearie you can WhatsApp me on this line 233248024648 so that we can chart. thank you

  • Looking for nice and caring bf

    02 MAY   Tallinn, Tallinna li

    I'm looking for caring and nice bf. I want that he got interesting hobbies. Write to me if you are interested. :)

    Solar liver cell Im a fish from across the world and I do fish stuff like separate oxygen from water and get hooked on a fishing line only to make a daring escape then tell all my friends at the university of school of fish about. A pretty normal life
    luka15 Hi im luka I love drawing, sports, music and cartoons. Im from Croatia
    Andrew why keep ready for yah
  • tryna find a heart and someone to talk tooo

    20 JUN   Williamsport, PA, Un

    Hey I'm Jada I am 13 and I'm on here to find someone I can connect with bc theses other people just waste what's left of me.  (bisexual)

    Bgan95 Right add me on snap bgan95
    Jacob_1294 Hey hope i can help
  • Relationship/Looking to date

    18 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend aged 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Message me if your interested. 

  • Online and romantic relationship (15-17)

    04 MAR   Wilkes-Barre, PA, Un

    Hi, my name is Lauren. I would like an online relationship that is not fake. I don't want a relationship that has sexual orientation of any kind. I want a guy who treats me right. I love romance, horror movies, children. I plan on attending university for degree in teaching, I would like to teach kindergarten.

    Af123 If u like to
    Mike hey cutie 233557379357
    Mitul Hi there :) Im mitul Im 14 and and I like romantic,horror,funny movies and I dont do anything sexual or anything like that. Im not that good looking and yeah if youre interested hit me up.
    Nicholas Hey, how are you?
  • Looking for a Relationship

    15 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend aged 15-17. I love sport-watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me.

  • Dating ??(Male) Or Friendship (both)?

    15 AUG   Aurora, OR, United S

    My names Ime (e-may) i don't want to sound desperate cause I'm not but it would be nice to meet someone preferably a guy but we can start slow or whatever and if your not looking for a romantic relationship (boys/girls) we can talk and be friends or whatever 

  • Looking to chat with a guy that isnt closed

    15 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    Hey I'm Genna I have brown medium length hair , 5'2 , sporty , currently attending highschool. I love meeting new people I mostly am looking to talk with guys not girls. I'm not looking for way guys that's creepy no thanks. Anyways send me a message if you'd like to get to know me .

    Josh Hey, what are your intrests
    dice so cute wish that were me
  • Looking for a boyfriend or friend

    16 JUN   Huntersville, NC, Un

    Heyy. I'm 16 and want to meet someone that's athletic and fun and love me for who I am. Just message me it'll be fun. Snapchat~ ameer4ever376

    Bgan95 Ok I am fun I am 15 boy
    Bgan95 Add me on snap bgan95
  • Doesn-t want to be lied to again

    04 MAY   NYC, NY, United Stat

    just left my ex of 2 months for cheating on me with surprisingly 4 other girls and now want someone to talk to.. I'm not upset I'm just bored now.

    xi Message me in private , bc we have to talk lol
    Poptartkitty We have no such thing to do. If you want to find his lies then go on google and call his supposed work and ask if hes employed.
    xi And he played this same game on you
    Bgan95 Ok add me on snap bgan95
  • I want to get a boyfriend

    26 JUL   Metairie, LA, United

    I'm Madelyn. I'm 13. I love to play volleyball. I'm kind and I love helping others. I am looking for a boyfriend. I do have some qualifications though. Um first off this is not to be mean to anybody but just to state what I want   I'm an athlete so I want to date someone who has good shape. He has to be good looking of course. I want him to treat me like I'm his one and only. So if you feel like you fit this discretion plz send me a message with a picture of you. Thanks   Oh and also the age limit is 13-14 thanks

    Jaden hey im 13 and my snapchat is jaden.latil
    Bgan95 Add me on snap bgan95
  • New here looking for a bf 13-16

    12 AUG   McMinnville, OR, Uni

    Hi my name is Quetzali im 13 looking for a 13-16 yearold boy nothing serious really cause im young i dont like cheaters but im not looking for serious i love making paranormal videos with my friend can find me on insta at paranormal_lover and snap at Quetzali.2004 and at paranormal_lover and my YouTube paranormal lover 

    Asad Oh um...Hi thereπŸ‘‹
  • Hi i am dasha looking for a bf or frienship

    01 JUN   Space,earth

    Hi i am dasha 12 years old looking for a boyfreind who will love me and respect me can be in differnt state or out of state relationship

    Shawndean28 Hey im shawn and i would love the chance to get to know you better and see what happens πŸ˜ƒ
    I Rap Yo Hey im Aj. I like skateboarding, playing lacrosse, rick and morty, fam guy, and the simpsons. I also love making raps and doing challenges and telling life stories on utube. Im 12 soon 2 b 23.
    I Rap Yo Soon to b 13 lol
    I Rap Yo Soon to b 13 lol
  • want a relationship

    09 AUG   Omaha, NE, United St

    Im looking for TEEN BOYS. Some people on here are really nasty and from my last post I said I like getting down to dirty and that took it on another level.. So now I want someone who DOESN'T ask for nudes and would have a nice convo with.. You have to be cute.. If you're not its cool I'll judge by personality.. So pm me if you fit what i would like.

    Kaleb waggoner Same hmu Kik:Text_me_100 or on here
    Perazathomas Hey add me on snapchat peraza_thomas I know I dont have a picture but trust me Im hot so dont worry about that, or text me back and give me your snapchat, dont like me? Just unadd me but cmon its worth a try
  • im looking gf 15yr old

    11 AUG   Springfield, MO, Uni

    hey im 15 age autism adhd boy i cant show my self because im on xbox one ;-; comment and chat to each other please help

  • Meet new people and possible relationship

    06 JUL   Lyman, SC, United St

    Hi im Michelle 18 looking for some people to talk to. I like to have fun and listen to music. Bored and just want to chat and have fun

    Caleb3557 Hi how are you text me at my number its 573- 310- 7903
    Patrick1997 I wanna chat with you
    J Message me :)
  • Looking for a nice guy

    14 MAY   Virginia, MN, United

    I'm Alex I'm an outgoing girl who loves to smile and have a good time I'm just looking for a sweet guy I am the kind of girl who wouldn't lie to someone or hurt them in anyway I'm not a hoe either 

    adityanatha7 hey hmu i am interested in the same
    Bogdan Kodak fuck all these pussy ass mens I will fucking date you right now baby
    Bogdan Kodak Alex you are a girl right?
    J Message me :)
  • I would like to meet people.

    20 JAN   Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hi I am 13 years old and I want a bf that is funny, sweet, and chill. I would like to text once in a while and sometimes video chat.

    Nishad I am funny lol idk why I am typing this but u can hmu
    Mike2390 Hi im Mike do you have skipe or sna p c h a t or ki k
  • Meet a guy friend who won-t try anything(if you know what I mean)13-15

    08 AUG   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hi! My name is Jennifer, Jenny for short. I'm just looking for a guy friend, ages 13-15, to talk too, and maybe a bit more, but I don't want any nudes or anything like that. Hmu?

  • Looking for a guy maybe even a country boy(must be 16-17)

    27 JUL  

    I'm looking for a guy that will treat me right an will love me. Maybe even a little country. Hit me up on here or on kik or snapchat tlacourse7. 

  • Looking For A Guy Friend

    18 JUL   Saint Augustine, FL,

    I need a guy who I can talk to, 13-16 only. I don't send nudes, and I don't have a preference, hmu on Snapchat or Kik. I'm kinda shy until I warm up to you. I'm STRAIGHT.

  • Meet boys to date!!!!

    03 AUG   Lincoln City, OR, Un

    Hi! I'm 14 and I'm looking for a boyfriend thats around 14-16!! my Snapchat is kassie5903, and my google hangouts is

    Jakerennels Hey message me I added your Snapchat too Im single and 14 cant wait to talk
    Austin Hi im 13. I sent you something on hangouts
  • Looking for a boyfriend ages 14-15

    05 JUL  

    I'm Tori, 14. Looking for a relationship with boys. Shout hello at me if u think I am worth a shot!!!!

    AddisonB Ill be in a relationship with you.
  • Hi, im new to this whole online thing.

    05 JUL   Ohio, United States

    So uh, im just looking for someone who is close to my age and lives near me.

    To be honest i just got out of a 4 year relationship that was pretty serious and im missing the companionship. To beable to talk to someone comfortably and stuff. I dont have many friends... i tend to be awkward with new people...

    I want someone who will challenge me intellectually, is comfortable with crazy/weird/all over the place people and introverts, enjoys a good laugh, enjoys nerdy stuff (like MTG, anime, video games, D&D), and is actually real. None of that fake fuckboy shit.

    thanks, i, uh, guess...haha?

  • what i look for in a guy

    04 JUN   United States

          So my life was almost perfect, there was just one thing missing. A boyfriend of course, I just wish I could find the perfect boy. He has to be tall, hot, plays sports, kind, protective, supportive, funny, strong, and texts me every day.

    kenz hey its kenz, so what i like to do on my free time are riding bikes, riding horses, cheerleading, playing sports, hang out, playing with my dogs, and hanging out with my friends.
    Anonymous730 You scarily close to my cousin. Its actually insane how similar you two look. Sorry, I just had to mention it, because seriously, it is ridiculous.
    Dominic Hey I am 12 I am looking for a girlfriend who is nice and kind like u. U look cute hmu sc: t3k_d3stroy3r
  • Forget my previous post

    26 JUL   Atlanta, GA, United

    I'm looking for a boy 13-15 who is into music and into games so hmu if you're interested

    Alex Hey Im 16 but just think your really pretty and want to know you better
    Faris Hi..Im 15..
  • Looking for people with kik

    30 MAR   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hey Im Riley. Im 14 I live in USA FL. I love the country I like mudding and fishing. Im great at playing and writing music. And am great at photography. If you want someone to talk to on kik messages me. My kik is ann3215. Hit me up if your a boy. And I love abs so message me guys if u have abs lol. Im just being weird now.

    Jars Hey whats up
    Arnel.c Not the most athletic but I let my charm make up for it.
    Jakerennels Hey 14 love sports and also live in Florida text me 😘😘
  • Hey boys I-m Leah. Looking for a bf

    13 JUN   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey I'm Leah

    I'm 15 and from Durham in England. I'm looking for a boy who really cares about me and that I can have a good time with. If u think that's u please message me!

    imtiyaz Heh leah i am from india And i really promise that i am take of you
    G Hey hmu
    smith7602 Hit me up plz
  • Looking for a bf who loves animals

    06 MAY   Kirkland

    My name's Paige and I ride horses. I've been riding then since kindergarten. My favorite sports are softball, volleyball, and basketball. I am also in cheerleading and basketball.

    Ollie89 Lmao I think she forgot to mention the reason she loves animals so cause she is one(a dog)this might come off as super rude but Im only talking about the filter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Hayden I have a dog and a cat. My dogs name is Otis and my cats name is Kane. Hit me up on snapchat or instagram @onlytakesw
    Blake Parks Hi I am 16 and single and I have a dog named Molly.
  • Hello my name is Brooke! I-m single so hmu?

    04 MAY   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Hey y'all! I'm Brooke, I'm 14. I'm an open minded person. I'm a Christian. I play 3 sports (softball, basketball and soccer). I'm 5'11 1/2. I've grown up wearing boots but I don't live in the country (I wish I did), I have Snapchat, kik and just about every social media except Skype.

    Sexy21 Hi text me (909)225-8047
    Blake Parks Hi Brooke I am 16 and single. I am a Christian, I am 57. I worn boots when I was growing up. I do not live in the country, but I wished I could have lived in the country. I have Snapchat.
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