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Meet boy teen

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet boy teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet boy teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Want a bf who can care about me

    11 OCT   Denton, TX, United S

    I want a bf who is their for me to tell me im pretty and to love me But theirs something you need to know first

    Rush247 Add me back on Snapchat I added u
    Brady U guys. This is a year old, she probably has a bf already. Sorry bros. But she may not respond
    Heckty I just saw that too lmao 😂💀
    3 days ago
    TIsb Hey snap me TIsb9
    12 hours ago

  • Maybe get a BF but prolly not lol

    25 SEP   Cañon City, CO, USA

    looking for a boyfriend but prolly wount get one bc im ugly asf so yeah and hopefully maybe some friends but prolly wount get any of them either

    TankNate (im a guy) one: what he said and two: wanna talk a bit and see where it goes?
    2 days ago
  • Looking for Someone special and wants to be treated special

    17 FEB   Cedar Hills, UT, USA

    I am just a simple geek who loves to talk and cuddle and will be there for you no matter what 

    j.sam Hay txt me
    Oliver Hey, are you still looking for someone?
    TankNate (im a guy) hmu if youre still looking for someone
    2 days ago
  • any bad boys on here?

    03 FEB   Plattsburgh, NY, Uni

    I'm looking to get with a guy that is quite dark. Like, Goth/emo/etc. Message me if you are like that, my chat doesn't work at the moment. I know I look like a prep but looks can be deceiving.

    25thBaam Man stfu nigga u guys damn well know youre not bad like seriously youre not fooling anybody
    Gryffin Can I bang you
    ns_322 Our thinking was same i think we can be gud buddies
    DEvil boy praneeth hi ican satisfy ur needs
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    15 OCT   Kuala Lumpur, Federa

    Okay look for a boyfriend anyone but don't cheat on me any age is cool

    Rush247 Hey add me on Snapchat and lets chat there..
    Vishal Add me on Snapchat vishalmani000
    TankNate (im a guy) im down, add me on snap chat
  • looking for an otaku bf

    29 SEP   Hamilton, ON, Canada

    hey im 14, do cosplay and adore anime. I am looking for a bf who shares one of those interests. My favorite musicians are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len aswell as Slipknot. If u wanna chat just message me >///<

    Cosmic Mhmmm back off Add me on Snapchat @el_xpanda
    Jack505 Hey I watch some anime hit me up
    Dawson Hey add me on snap @dawsongregory5 cant wait to talk to you😁
    Animeboi16 I just heard anime, cosplay, and mike, and slipknot
  • Meet a cute boy who want to be my best friend or boyfriend

    28 MAR   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hi there I’m Elizabeth I’m 17 years old I want some one who respect women should be romantic and be able to make me happy 

    Dawson Hi im dawson message me 😁
  • Hello my name is Lauren

    29 SEP   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    hello my name is Lauren I'm a plus sized woman, If that's a problem... bye:)

    • You can chat with me anytime:)

    Stephen Lamborghini Hello, Im Stephen. How are you? :D Im 66, im a nerd, I like to read, draw, Im really nice and fun to talk to.
  • looking for boyfriend

    13 OCT   London

    hi just looking for a boyfriend preferably who lives in the uk so if thats you meassge me if u want. thanks 

  • Have a relationship with a guy 13-17

    30 JUN   Decatur, IN, USA

    any guy that wants to talk or be friends or more hit me up on Snapchat is geggers28 

  • Meeting new people to talk to!

    10 OCT   Snellville, GA, USA

    Add me....I am a really fun person to talk to and a huge goofball

  • new people on Snapchat

    07 OCT   Modesto, CA, USA

    Guys add me on Snapchat @nataliermz...........

    I'm 18 btw so yeahhh.....................

    Baboola1 hi my Angel.. Im 18 lets be friends
  • Fake love fake love ~ BTS

    30 AUG   City of Angels, Pamp

    You said you love me yet youre a lover of nudes? Hungry for nudes dude?  Don't you dare to chat me. I don't need a guy like you. What a fuckboii.

    Dawson Nah i dont want you for nudes
    Shairah Its not you. Im pertaining to coglie
    NicoleV Omgggg armyyyy spotted hereee!!! 💜
  • Looking for someone to be a weirdo with me

    07 OCT   Wild Rose, WI, USA

    I want to be friends, maybe more? idk I like BTS they all hot, so you better be bringing something to the table if you wanna match up to Jungkook XD. I like anime, and k pop if you can't already tell. I like to voice act, draw, cosplay and write stories and songs. My favorite anime is Mha and Inuysha i've watched a lot more animes though. I've read manga's meh favorite is probably Tail of the Moon by Shojo Beat. I'm pansexual, and idk yet if I want to be a boy or girl i'm weird. I think im genderfluid for now. But my friends call me Luke and my family calls me Ella. Long story short i'm whatever you want me to be. XD I like BL, sorry lol i'm a fujoshi and an otaku. Also, just gonna get this outta the way i'm going to be talking alot about K pop dudes, and anime dudes hope that doesn't bother you lol. Sorry this was kinda long, hope I got my point across.

  • Still trying to find a boyfriend

    06 OCT   Austin, TX, USA

    Hey its me again everyone just wanted to let everyone know that I'm looking for someone who lives in Austin tx so if you live in Austin just let me know on here and I will look again whenever I have time okay that's all again bye!!

  • looking for a relationship

    26 AUG   Penns Grove, NJ, USA

    14 yrs old lookin for someone cute and sweet but lowkey bad and freaky i cheer and use to play football

    manish029 HMU I’m interested yo
    Jack505 I play some sports I don’t know if I’m cute though but you can hit me up
  • I-m a 16 yes old teenage girl looking for a nice guy to talk to

    04 OCT   Independence, OR, US

    I'm looking for a really sweet guy to talk to. Perferably someone who responses fast.  15-18 years old. 

    lil_michael2002 Hi Im 15 almost 16 in a few days
  • I want a boyfriend ??

    03 OCT   Rome, GA, USA

    I’m single I’m looking for a goofy tall chill boy to

    fw ?????

  • Meet new people from Stockton California

    02 OCT   Stockton, CA, USA

    I'm 17 I'm from Stockton California I'm looking for a boyfriend who is loyal who doesn't cheat and honest

  • New boys for relationship

    05 SEP   California City, CA,

    He has to be kind,smart, want to listen to me sing,possessive of me,funny, and amazing ? message me if interested 

    twinter1492 id like to get to know you
  • Can I be your princess?

    24 SEP   Fellsmere, FL, Unite

    I’m looking for a boyfriend that will treat me like his princess.

    If that sounds like you, message me. ?

    No nudes or sexting!

    Santos Morgado I will i am not sure if you would date a white person
    twinter1492 its me for suree
  • Looking for a committed relationship

    31 JUL   Antarctic Great Wall

    hey I’m eloise pronounced (Ella-wees) I’m 13 and hoping to find a guy my age or older my limit is 15 tho. My friends say I’m funny,caring and reliable.

    Just so you know I don’t want my parents to find out cause they will freak so this will have to be a secret from my family especially my sisters they’re so nosey anyway yh bye.

    Gustavo Hmu on me Instagram we have some things in common
    MADNESS Hmu on me Instagram we have some things in common
  • Meet interesting people

    06 FEB   USA

    Tbh not really sure what I'm looking for. But a fanboy I'd a good place to start. 

    Fade (taken) star wars forever!!
    Irish21 hey there love you and i have the same interests, wanna chat and also excited for when doctor who starts back up again
    Dayton Add me on snapchat at ilovedayton8
  • Meet new people possibly a boyfriend

    24 SEP   Charlotte, NC, USA

    Im looking for an hot boy friend im into white or Hispanic people. hmu if your hot and play sports but and no ugly people to.

  • Looking for girls to talk to

    24 SEP   Norfolk, NE, USA

    I'm trying to meet some girls so hmu if you wanna talk. I love soccer and talk about it a lot. I like to write peoms and I love 90's rap. Not sure if im looking for a relationship yet, we'll have to see. Respect is a big thing for me, but don't worry I also have a little freaky side. But if that's not what your looking for, I will have no problem with just talking.

  • Want to hang bored asf don-t know what to do

    18 SEP   Canton, OH, USA

    Hello guys, I am looking to hang out with some guys bc i am super bored asf rn so please hit me up so we can hang out I live in canton.

    Caedemmicus Sure. I might not live near Canton, but I think we can manage something online.
  • Seeking bf close to my area.

    19 SEP   Post Falls, ID, USA

    Want a bf (14-16 years old) no nudes! hmu on skype. My username is ccbear33



    Must meet age limit.

    Must be a boy.

    No spam texting!

    soupgirl11 chill out why everyone need to be in a fucking relationship just enjoy yo life while ur young, damn
  • Friendship or boyfriend

    11 NOV   Des Moines, IA, Unit

    Hey. I am looking for a guy that is honest, kind, and not just talking to me for picks. I'm looking for someone that is wanting a relationship. 

    Michael Am chosen right? 233573494594 whatsapp
    Asif khan Maybe u can give me a shot at friendship first ... what do u say ?
  • A Little About Me?????????

    11 AUG   Pennsylvania

    I'm Sierra, I'm 13. Im living in Pennsylvania. I can describe myself as someone who is caring, loving, and a little shy. Boys have used me as a way to make themselves look good. So I'm here looking for someone who wont treat me like that. I'm pretty active most of the time. I'm looking for someone who's caring, loving and is not a " player " .


  • Meet a guy bestie and/or bf!

    12 SEP   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Hi! If you are a Korean (13-16) and is bilingual (or just speaks English) and loves BTS M, hit me up!

  • Meet boys for relationship

    29 AUG   Auburn, NY, USA

    I’m looking for teen guys ages 16-17 to talk to and get to know and maybe start a relationship.If your Latino that would be a bonus.

    Nerd@5 Hi, hmu <3
    Braden Hi hmu on insta
    Dawson Hi id love to talk to you!
    Jackl210 Hey. Hmu sometime
  • Mkkk...will try boys again becauseeee why not?

    16 JUL   Aubrey, TX, USA

    So hi, I’m Keely, and yes I know I’m ugly so that’s why I’m just looking for friends. But I’ve noticed I get along better with guys (unless they’re jerks or ask for nudes) rather than a good guy friend that I can talk to or perhaps meet up with would be great haha. Add me on Snapchat: kiwitequila1390

    and I’m not sure if this actually posts since my previous post won’t let me access it make sure you message me on here saying you added me (if you did)

    Cheyanne Hey Im cheyanne. Are you single?
    Sobhan Im horny boy that u want
  • Part of last post!!!!!!!!

    16 JUL   Stow, OH, USA

    I also want someone who is a gentleman and is sweet and kind and caring. 

    HUSSNAIN AHMED and also I like your photos
    Loving guy101 Im very sweet kind and caring i loved all my other girlfriends with all my heart and they just broke my heart so Im looking for a nice and pretty girl like you to see and also we can just talk to get to know eachother before anything serious if you want
    Loving guy101 And we could make it work for a distance relationship
    Braden Hi im not going to brag about about self I very caring
  • tired of being single. (boys 13- 14 only)

    17 AUG   Sioux Falls, SD, USA

    Hi, i'm Jasmine and if you want you can call me jaz. I am 13 and 5'1". I have brown hair and eyes. love to sing, and would like to learn how to play gutair. I am shy when it comes to talking. I would like a boy that is living in or close to sioux falls SD (but can make that change) unless you live outsid of the US. I love boys with talent like playing gutair or singing. I also like jocks. I would like  blond and tall boys. please if you fit any of this you could have a chance!  I might be shy but get to know me and we could be friends or ... more. 

    Omer Paz im 14 and i play the guitar
    Benji Hey, I’m blond and tall and play guitar and banjo and I sing👍
  • Looking for 17-19 year old boy that-s buff??

    21 MAY   Ga,USA

    I'm looking for a nice gut thats mildly buff and  had a fuuny personality that will make me laugh and is bettween 17-19

  • Guy friends, maybe boyfriend?

    13 OCT   New Orleans, LA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Maddy.  I'm 16 and I'm just looking for a witty open minded guy who can be chill and sometimes a bit freaky, but still respect my personal boundaries (they are not extreme or unresonable either). I love to dance (like party dance not pro dancing) and I love metal and all rock music and my dream is to design video games or work with technoloy in some way.  pls don't contact me if you're younger than 15. Any takers? don't be afraid to hmu!

    Jackl210 Im 16 and a total tech nerd. I think i may be what youre looking for. HMU?
    Amiyanand You are exactly my type!!
  • Yea never mind about the last post

    02 SEP   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Over dumb boys. 

    You know the drill

    guys in Australia. Preferably in NSW

    no one over 17

    and don’t add me on Snapchat for nudes it’s getting annoying 

    dan_11 Message me if you want
    Talhaqurehi497 I’m moving to nsw from Act , so I might be able to date you?
  • Meet cute-ish boys NOT HORNY!!!

    04 SEP   Marshfield, WI, USA

     I'm not on here much, so the best way to reach me is my hangouts:

    I'm looking for a cute, nice guy who (is not horny)  wants a real relationship (If we talk enough and i get to like him enough) and 14-17 yrs old. So, if any guys are out there like that, text me on hangouts! ?

    Cl053D This site is always crawling with horny fuck bois and perverted creeps, they dont care about any real relationship... they only know how to use girls/woman as objects getting what they want.
    ash Yes exactly!!! Thank you for seeing that!!! :)
  • looking for a guy to love me heh

    18 AUG   Elgin, IL, USA

    hey, im a 13 year old girl and im looking for a guy :D im really shy and awkard so...sorry about that! but if you like a cute nerdy girl well here you go! heh heh

    Caedemmicus Heya. Feel free to message me if youd like. My kik and Snapchat are both Caedemmicus if youd like to message me.
    Samuel dennis I am ready to be with with me on facebook as dennis samuel.Love you
    Finley993 Hey text me on my Snapchat
  • Decent guy attracts me a lot!

    03 SEP   City of Angels, Pamp

    I just want to talk a person who's not up for nudes and that attracts me. Yeah srsly. So chat? Just don't send nudes and i'll be good to you.

    Nerd@5 Dont fall for her, she only will talk to you if u arE good looking as per her standards
    Jaldzu So she cant have standards?
  • Meet new boys for a realationship

    06 SEP   Tacoma, WA, USA

    im just looking for a guy I can talk to everyday and maybe meet one day ages 13-14

  • Are You Boyfriend Material?!

    31 AUG   St Austell, Saint Au


    I have recently broken up with my boyfriend and would like to start a new relationship with someone. I'm into musicals ( and get OBSESSED with the songs) Photography, cooking and much more! 

    If you think we could be a future couple please don't be shy to message me!! ?


    Ben x

    Ben D I also have SC and Instagram so when we are talking we can talk more on there!!
  • Nice respsectful boyfriend

    01 SEP   Johnson City, TN, US

    I am looking for an nice  careing loveing not that would love me for who I am .

  • Looking for a relationship (bf)

    01 SEP   Philippines

    I'm Claude, 15 years old and I'm looking for a guy whose kind, caring and loving. If you feel you hit it, don't hesitate to message me.. follow me also in IG (@claudevincentocasla).

  • hello there. this also needs to be 20 characters huh

    31 AUG   Nicosia, Cyprus

    honestly up for anything. hmu lol

    snap is :stefanos782

    oh this must be 80 characters huh

    Stefanos im not gay lol
    Stefanos sorry guys but im not gay im interested in girls
  • Looking for a BF from Fort Wayne

    28 AUG   Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    I live in Fort Wayne indiana and am transgender male to female... I was wondering if anyone local would like to chat and maybe more...

  • trying to make some friends near meh maybe something more idk

    27 AUG   Fort Myers, FL, USA

    Heyo TyTy had to make a new account lol anyway if you live near Fl near Cape Coral or Fort Myers HMU on kik no older then 17 please 

  • HMU on Kik or something. Check my profile for my medias

    27 AUG   Fayetteville, NC, US

    I don't trade nudes, I don't cam nude, I will block you if the first thing you try to bring up is my bra size or anything sexual related. Genuinely just looking for someone to talk to. 

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