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  • Looking for a bf 14-17

    25 JUN   Laurinburg, NC, Unit

    Hey I'm Zymeria, I'm 14, 5'5,mixed,goofy,fun to hand with,nice

    I'm looking for someone taller, goofy,sweet,fun to be with,likes video games,play sports, and likes me for me

  • what i look for in a guy

    04 JUN   United States

          So my life was almost perfect, there was just one thing missing. A boyfriend of course, I just wish I could find the perfect boy. He has to be tall, hot, plays sports, kind, protective, supportive, funny, strong, and texts me every day.

    kenz Hey guys cant wait to meet yall 😘😘
    2 days ago
    kenz Just posted another forum on my profile
    1 day ago
    kenz Hope u read it😘😘
    1 day ago
  • First Friends then Relationship

    22 JUN   Cave City, KY, Unite

    My name is Katilyn. I am looking for someone who would like to get to know and become friends and then later progress into a relationship

     Now if your one of those people that want nudes or are just dirty minded don't bother trying to get in contact  with me. I'm not that kind of girl. Just want a friend that can progress into more than a friend in the future and will always have my back. Thanks to those of you who respond if you do... BYE?

  • any guy want to date me that is 16 or yougher

    21 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    im nick and bi and looking someone to talk to maybe more start as friends and go on but im 14 so 16 or yougher guys ;)

    Nick sorry i missed type i mean be friends and more but only guys
  • tryna find a heart and someone to talk tooo

    20 JUN   Williamsport, PA, Un

    Hey I'm Jada I am 13 and I'm on here to find someone I can connect with bc theses other people just waste what's left of me.  (bisexual)

  • Hey boys I-m Leah. Looking for a bf

    13 JUN   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey I'm Leah

    I'm 15 and from Durham in England. I'm looking for a boy who really cares about me and that I can have a good time with. If u think that's u please message me!

    DOUPCONON hello dear how are you l saw you in this mail l put interest to decuss with you about relationship which can bring treamenduous things in our life please here is my mail please as soon as you see me in the next mail respond to me so that l tell you more details and show some of my pictures which l attach best regard conon
    smith7602 Hit me up plz
    Willdy17 hi guys, looking for a gf... message me
  • Looking for a teen boyfriend

    19 JUN   Omaha, NE, United St

    Hi im Jay im 13 looking for a sweet caring boy. Looks dont matter neither does distance if interested pm me or add me on google hangouts @

    idris3 hi im willing to date u if ur okay with it
    Vito Hii u r very pretty but Im interested add me on Skype if u have
  • Meet that one guy.....

    18 JUN   Littleton, CO, Unite

    Hey:), I'm 15 years old and im looking for someone who is up for a fun relationship. Someone who will be able to just sit and cuddle without doing anything sexual at first. Haha text me ;)

    SingleNSearching Text me youre cute (909)225-8047 😘
  • Any non fukbois out in this world ages 13-15

    29 MAY   Conway Springs, KS,

    Hi im Esa.13.Single.Flirty.NO SOCIAL MEDIA umm yeah private chat me on here or mssge me on her byee : btw if ur older than 16 im ignoring u

    brody hey im 13, wanna chat
    Junior Hello,im thirteen wanna be friends?
    Grant H Hey Im Grant 479-597-6688
  • 13/F- I-m looking for guys age 13-15

    17 APR   Orlando, FL, United

    Hi I'm Hanna. I'm looking for a boyfriend around age 13-15. I want a guy that is caring, funny, loyal, and treats me awesome. Looks don't matter. Only personalities. Message me if you want to know more about me! ?

    Mike2390 Hi Im 15m single wanna chat
    Christopher kinman Hello message me for number I dont like the texting on here because mine is always glitching out and sending two of one message
    Colby Im 14 and single
    Grant H Hey Id love to talk 479-597-6688
  • Meet new people for friendship

    18 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hi I'm Jahzara I live in las Vegas u can text me on snap.

  • Hello my name is Brooke! I-m single so hmu?

    04 MAY   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Hey y'all! I'm Brooke, I'm 14. I'm an open minded person. I'm a Christian. I play 3 sports (softball, basketball and soccer). I'm 5'11 1/2. I've grown up wearing boots but I don't live in the country (I wish I did), I have Snapchat, kik and just about every social media except Skype.

    Grant H Hey my name is Grant and Im 14. Ive always been the tallest kid in the classπŸ˜‚
    Sexy21 Hi text me (909)225-8047
  • Looking for boyfriend

    17 JUN   Robbins, TN, United

    Hi im Shania and i so tired of being single Im kinda heart loving for someone who will send me good morning mesaages. And will love me and talk to me that's about it 

    akash i would like to
    rohit will i fit you message me
    Michael21 Hi Shania Im Michael its with gratitude I introduce myself I am Michael I hope maybe if its a possibly if youre interested in finding someone I would be more than glad to talk to you feel free to text my my dear and we shall see where things soar (909)225-8047
    danny23 I would like to be ur
  • looking for a boy teen

    10 MAR   Gardner, KS, United

    Hi I'm Kennedy and I'm a little. I love Music and bands. I'm open minded and quriky and very dorky. 

    Alzno Txt me 8164066151
    Gary Hey Im Gary,Im 16, and Im a nice and sweet guy. You sound very cute and Id like to get to know you better see where it takes us. So if your interested hmu and message me
    Grant H Hey Im grant, Im 14 and Id love to talk to you.πŸ‘πŸ»
  • Looking for a boyfriend or friend

    16 JUN   Huntersville, NC, Un

    Heyy. I'm 16 and want to meet someone that's athletic and fun and love me for who I am. Just message me it'll be fun. Snapchat~ ameer4ever376

  • looking for a cute boy!!

    11 MAY   Griffithville, AR, U

    yes i am 13 1/2 and i want a boyfriend that is cute but only 13-16 can ask so every cute boy send me a meassage if you are in the age limmit 13-16

    Domenic Pick I have no chance with any girls on here Im to ugly
    Tiberius Hey Im 14 and at least like to think Im handsome
    Ydahg hey im with in the age limit and I have been called cute before by past exes so hmu on hangouts
  • Looking to chat with a guy that isnt closed

    15 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    Hey I'm Genna I have brown medium length hair , 5'2 , sporty , currently attending highschool. I love meeting new people I mostly am looking to talk with guys not girls. I'm not looking for way guys that's creepy no thanks. Anyways send me a message if you'd like to get to know me .

    Josh Hey, what are your intrests
  • Looking for a loyal guy friend :)

    30 MAY   Columbia, MO, United

    Heyy ;) Im Sierra 13, and im looking for a funny, weird, honest, loyal guy. I like to go out and hang with friends or be online and call people. So anyone with the same intrests and talk all the time. I can be dirty at times but only thinking im not that kind of person to do that stuff, and i curse sometimes too. But id rather have you get to know me. but hmu :) <3

    rev.ant Hey hmu check my profile for my kik or snap, whichever one. Im funny and are bdays are close. Hmu
    Joshua Thaisananikone Hey we can be friends
    Ydahg I would be honored to be your friend my hangouts is
  • Innocent, sweet, shy, nervous, excited, curious! LET-S PLAY!

    14 JUN   United States Air Fo

     I only like to keep this lifestyle behind closed doors, lastly I'm a lioness behind that door. Let's see if u can match My high sexual drive. U may only reach Me on KlK got Me? add me there @ izsandy. I'm always online on KlK so feel free to leave Me a message.

    J.Jones lol.. challenge accepted...

  • Someone to have some nice convos with

    14 JUN   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    Heyyyy, i am looking for someone to have a nice conversation with. Hit me up if you wanna have one. 

    Crimson7 Im down if u wanna chat.
    Jeremiah Snapchat me ill hit you up give me your Snapchat
  • Hey boys I-m Leah. Looking for a bf. HMU!

    13 JUN   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey I'm Leah

    I'm 15 and from Durham in England. I'm looking for a boy who really cares about me and that I can have a good time with. I am a fun energetic person. If u think that's u please message me!

    James Im fun but XD Puberty is hitting me like a train but if your okay with me than thats good I feel confident
    Crimson7 sup im up if u wanna talk and see where it goes from there.
  • seeking a guy that will actually pay attention to me

    27 JAN   Delhi, India

    I'm looking for a boyfriend who will actually care for me and want to spend time with me and look past my flaws and be willing to put up with me. I love drawing, and modeling, painting, music, and i am very athletic. I like swimming, sprinting, archery, football, and horseback riding. I also do 4-H.

    Ydahg hi im willing to be ur friend
    fabrice deco am single n 16
    Noah Just want a friend, someone who respond when they can, even if they cant respond right away.
  • I-m kind of a tomboy...hope that-s ok!

    06 FEB   Lyndhurst, OH, Unite

    Hi there :) I'm Tyauna but people call me Tay. I'm 13, I love softball, yellow, kissing, cuddling, and hanging out. I also love to sing and I like music in general. I'm looking to meet people with similar things or maybe even different. As they say, opposites attract lol.

    Tori Hello my friend Avi has cancer and hes looking for a girl. Please mesage him. Thank you
  • Looking for boyfriend

    08 JUN   Everett, WA, United

    Hiya! I'm Nicole, 13 and looking for a boyfriend that's 13 or 14. If you have snapchat or instagram add me!

    Snapchat: violet042104


    Ben wilcox Hi im ben, im 15 but im nice and not a cheater
    Teh_Justin May I hit u up on Snapchat
    Ydahg my computer wont let me Snapchat but my gh is and ill date you
  • Meet Nice People and maybe a Boyfriend:))

    09 JUN   Teresina - State of

    My name is Thalles (Talis), I live in Brazil, 19 years old and I'm looking to make new friends and maybe meet a special boy, a boyfriend :)

    Widnerlandon Hey my Kik is Landon 17.38 hmu
    Badboy360420 Hi Thalles u have a really cute hot an sexy body on u i like really cute hot an sexy young man that is skinny an really cute hot an sexy hope to hear back from u.
  • Talk to someone

    12 JUN   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    Heyyyy, hit me up if you just wanna talk to someone. I am really board, lol

    Ford Hey what are you looking for
    Ford Message me
    Lucas HI there <3
  • Need someone that-s made for me

    08 JUN   Bucyrus, OH, United

    I need someone in my life. I am lonely and empty, emotional. I want to find true love.

    Ajbrault I am also a Cristian and I have anxiety and slight depression
    Ajbrault I am also a Cristian and I have anxiety and slight depression
    brody if youre looking for a guy, im open
    Tori Im taken now sorry
  • Meeting teen boyfriend 14-16

    11 JUN  

    I just want to meet someone who is loyal, doesn't lie, doesn't let me down, and if we're close, we can meet each other in reality someday...

    cjbeast Hey I could be that someone
  • Doesn-t want to be lied to again

    04 MAY   NYC, NY, United Stat

    just left my ex of 2 months for cheating on me with surprisingly 4 other girls and now want someone to talk to.. I'm not upset I'm just bored now.

    Poptartkitty He messaged me 20 minutes ago and tried to call me and he posted new photos on FB. He tried to pull the he died shit on me too it didnt work obviously because it is complete bull. He is 16 living with his parents and goes to HS in warren county. You can google him in his schools photos. He graduates next year and doesnt have a job. You have to have an associates degree to be a nurse, he doesnt even have a HS deploma. So if your going to byed into his BS; well, be my guest. However, its on you. Oh and he knows how to use photoshop very well.
    xi Message me in private , bc we have to talk lol
    Poptartkitty We have no such thing to do. If you want to find his lies then go on google and call his supposed work and ask if hes employed.
    xi And he played this same game on you
  • Meet new friends on KIK - Only BOYS.

    12 MAR  

    Hi guys if you know my KIK name? to visit my profile please.

    Thank you.

    OWENXDANIELS Hey whats ur kik name
    denny dennyyeezy911 is my kik username
  • Looking for a bf who loves animals

    06 MAY   Kirkland

    My name's Paige and I ride horses. I've been riding then since kindergarten. My favorite sports are softball, volleyball, and basketball. I am also in cheerleading and basketball.

    Jordan lol me too i lke animals
    Jordan i also like basketball too
    ConfederateRebel101 Hey Names Sam, I love animals and love country girls i own a farm and i would like to get to know you.
  • Hi i am dasha looking for a bf or frienship

    01 JUN   Anchorage, AK, Unite

    Hi i am dasha 12 years old looking for a boyfreind who will love me and respect me can be in differnt state or out of state relationship

  • Not looking for a relationship

    25 JAN   Newcastle, New South

    Hey I'm not looking for any sort of relationship I just want to have some fun with some sexy boys tbh I have a really big ass lol so boys give me a text yeah? ???

    Sexycutieboy20 Hey there cutie please text me if ya want (909)225-8047
    Zeddd Sweet well come talk to me ! Im down for friendshipπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  • GUYS ONLY 15-17 years old

    21 MAY   Troy, IL, United Sta

    hae guys board asf so hit me up my hangouts is

    fabrice deco
    Mason Hey. You may not be interested in a schlub like me, but give me a chance. I wiil grow on you.
    bobby Add me on Snapchat Bobston97
  • New friends and possibly a bf hopefully

    27 JAN   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hmu I'm really fun to get to know I'm 15 and I'll keep it real 24/7 so you could text me to know more about me :)

  • Uh hi I don-t really have much to say

    26 MAY   Joplin, MO, United S

    Hey y'all my names Madison I'm a Christian I've never really had someone to be there for me I'm 17 never been in a actual relationship I've talked to a guy but never really got with him so well that's all I have lol not much to say. 

  • Junkid RSA pretoria north

    26 MAY   Johannesburg, Gauten

    Fun loving Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city

    Ellierose Mmh try a real dating site this is for people 13-21 and youre 27 so go try tinder or christion mingal not here though
  • hi im jonah im kind sweet and understanding hope you think so too!

    26 MAY   Canton, GA, United S

    Hi im jonah and i want to try to be unlike most boys and instead be kind sweet and understanding. i will treat any girl i meet with respect and revrence i will try to be as loving as i can.

    Im looking for any girl with a open mind and a kind heart if thats you please respond.

    Jonah i was going to but then i saw you could post a form and did that before i did
  • Hello I-m Charity I am 14

    22 APR   Fort Pierce, FL, Uni

    I like hanging out soccer and food... Before you talk to me plz note that I can't stand racist people, and I don't talk to people OLDER than 17... I like all types of boys but I seen to have a thing for country boys and Latino boys... I am mixed my mom is full Italian and my dad is African american and native american...

    Zman1232 Howdy darlin arnt you pretty
  • Looking to date a boy or girl.

    23 MAY   Providence, RI, Unit

    If it isn't already obvious, I'm bisexual. That being said, I'm hoping I could find someone on here I can date, or at the very least hookup with. That doesn't mean I'm throwing the idea of an relationship out of the window, because I am open to one. Just not focused on it. As of right now, I like guys more than I do girls, so... yeah. If you wanna know more about me, check out the bio  I made on my profile. 

  • Looking for love. In my age limit please. (15-17) Pretty Please

    27 JAN   Clarksburg, WV, Unit

    OK I'm bad a these, but here we go. I'm me. I have a weird personality. I geek out about TV shows. I like cuddles and sweet things. I don't change for a damn person. I did that and got hurt. I'm obsessed with Kawaii Potatoes and identify with them more than people. I'd love to have my name changed to Potato to be honest. XD Doctor Who is my favorite show. Honestly I'm still mad at Netflix for taking it off. IT WAS ONE OF THEIR MOST WATCHED SHOWS!!!!! Sword Art Online or SAO is my favorite anime. I don't watch a lot, but I need to watch more. XD Supernatural is amazing. So is Sherlock. I WANT SUPERWHOLOCK!!!!!!!! Also watch Big Bang Theory ad South Park. Getting back into Yu-Gi-Oh. Don't laugh. Black Veil Brides were probably the first band I ever truly loved. They're aren't my favorite, but I still love them. Saint Asonia are probably my favorite. I listen more Breaking Benjamin than anything anymore to be honest. Five Finger Death Punch is great to. Sick Puppies, Drowning Pool, Shinedown, and Three Days Grace round out my music. Well may the Potato be with you. XD

    I'm also a potato. XD

    wolf girl Hi potato hope we might get to talk soon
  • hey guys im nany,am new here ...looking fo friends/bf

    26 APR   Addis Ababa, Ethiopi

    Im 17,i like movies(no horror) music and im about to die out of me plzzzzzz.....

    heart Haha ow nice t meet u AGAIN!!....
    Martin Collins Jr Thank God, am here for you... my feelings and your feelings are head on, thats Real Love Accept Me, Heart!
    Officialporlow Hello am Paul can we exchange contacts?
    mart i wish i could. But if we can talk about it leave me yo email.
  • Meet gamers to play with

    11 MAY   KYS Land

    Hey there.  Looking for a person to game with. I am a funny outgoing ,individual, A and B student and I am obsessed with videogames. I am looking  for anyone who plays Overwatch, GTA V and any other fps games. 

    merrick I play PC games
    merrick Do u like anima or fnaf
    Boredomking yeah what systems are you on
    Christian I have a Xbox, PlayStation, etc., and tones of video games. So I too want a person to games with me.
  • Looking for a nice guy

    14 MAY   Babbitt, MN, United

    I'm Alex I'm an outgoing girl who loves to smile and have a good time I'm just looking for a sweet guy I am the kind of girl who wouldn't lie to someone or hurt them in anyway I'm not a hoe either 

    Redneck32 Well Im interested we should talk some more though
    OG khalifa hey Im interested follow me so we can talk more .
    nate Hey hmu if you want someone​ to talk to
  • I-m Ashton

    09 JAN   Elmore, OH, United S

    Im Ashton Im 17 and Im sweet and kind and a great person?

    Stilleen Hey what up lets talk more
    C.J. :P Hey. Sounds amazing! message me
    OG khalifa message me lets talk
  • Meet a boy to nudes

    29 JAN   Saint Cloud, MN, Uni

    hey I want to meet a boy to Snapchat but I don't take dirty pictures so don't even ask... 

    Christopher kinman I only have kik and fb
    Ben My names Ben Im 14 (nearing 15) and Im Irish Im a kind and honest person and I want to make some good friends ......maybe more. I honestly think your really cute. Maybe if you see this we can chat
    Singh Hi I am from Afghanistan I am 15 years old and I need a girlfriend or friend
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    10 MAY   Gravette, AR, United

    Hey my name is Austin, I'm 16 rn and there's not many people in my area that I trust,  so I came here to see what I come across. Hit me up on snapchat: austinholland01. I'll only show my face there and I'm straight so girls only. Btw looking for someone who I can laugh around and someone who is trustworthy and loyal and maybe some what local, I've heard that long distance relationships tend not to last.

    Sammmy Boiiiii It is not a child. Now hear me, sir. In the sight of the congregation butshe were twice this year put out of this meetin house for laughter during prayer
  • Looking for a friend and maybe more eventually.

    09 MAY   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hey. My name is Lacey. I'm 15 almost 16 and I have many passions. I play Roller Derby. Its like football on skates. I love writing, reading and drawing. I love tattoo's a piercings. I watch anime occasionally and I am very social when I want to be. I am a big flirt even though I suck at it and I love making new friends!

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