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Meet boy teen

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet boy teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet boy teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    24 APR   Perth WA, Australia

    <3 Hi, I'm Caitlyn, 15. I am looking to meet a guy, between the age of 15 to 19 . I want a guy who is kind (but not overly kind), caring and respectful, doesn't want or need nudes, Pls don't ask. Message Me.<3

    No Girls, 


    AK Heya but have just talked to ya
    3 hours ago

  • Girls hmu rn for a really fun time ;)

    23 APR   Calgary, AB, Canada

    Hey I’m hayden I’m looking for some fun girls to snap or kik with ;), might be looking for a relationship if we get to k is eachother better so Hmu rn!!

  • Looking for a girl to have fun with

    22 APR   Plymouth, MA, USA

    Hey I'm ben, 13. I'm 5' 8" and I'm looking for a girl I can have "fun" with, from ages 12-14. If your at all interested hmu on snap. Girls only please and thank you. 

    Ben Mahoney Also Ill send a face pic when u add me I just dont have any pictures rn lmao
    1 day ago
  • If your gay hop in and chat we trill chill bad vibes can roll down the hill

    17 APR   Charlotte, NC, USA

    Hey, just looking for someone to talk to. If things go good then maybe more. open your eyes and see the world as somewhere good. Good Vibes to you. JOIN

  • Meet boys for a relationship

    20 APR   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hi I’m genesis I’m trying to find a boyfriend that lives in LA 

    Nischay Im interested in you
    3 days ago
  • i m still single and I m looking for a boyfriend

    21 APR   Turin, Metropolitan

    hi i m louis from italy but not completly italian it s difficult to explain. i m looking for a boyfriend funny nice and also romantic but not to much 

  • boyfriend?!!?!?!?!?!

    15 MAR   Statesville, NC, USA

    Im Delaney. Im 16 years old. Im from St.Louis Missouri. I like to have a good time....expecially cuddling and watching movies. I love Hockey!!! St.Louis Blues all the way!! Im very lazy. and you can never go wrong in watching spongebob haha

    Drake Grim (Jarl of WolfRun) I got skype if you are interested and I love spongebob XD
    Mykael Lmao ever notice how it says wrtie instead of write a comment? O yea and if shes writing this she wants you guys to stop being little bitches and hit her up not the other way around lmfao
    Luis Castillo Spongebob is a god. Cuddling is amazing while watching movies even better!!! HMU if you want to talk.
    Hunter31 Add me on snap hunterowens147
  • Looking for friends or maybe more ?

    20 APR   Vandergrift, Pennsyl

    Im Back! sorry to anyone who tried to hmu while i was gone i got super busy again with sports and stuff but i have a break from that for a little bit so ive finally been able to loga back in! So if you wanna be friends or maybe more please hmu (i normally answer snaps first)

  • Meet new boys/Girl?s

    16 APR   Chicago, IL, USA

    I would like to actually meet people on here ..maybe even to date but I would prefer boys age of 14-17 :) HMU open for friendships too!!

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    07 JAN   Bulacan, Central Luz

    Hey guys. My name is Beatriz and I'm looking for a boyfriend who doesn't mind long distance relationship. I m nice, kind and sometimes funny. I am also looking for friends who won't leave me when I need them. I promise to be there to when you need me :) thank you. 

  • relationship wanted badly.

    13 APR   Menifee, CA, USA

    hi, i’m jenna. i’m a huge fangirl of stranger things and riverdale. im 13 and i love hockey, football, and a bit of baseball but not as much. i just want a guy who isn’t a total douche and won’t ask for nudes and shit :)

  • looking for a boyfriend

    10 APR   Menifee, CA, USA

    im looking for a boyfriend that i can call mine. 13-14 years old, loyal, not a douche lmao, late night talks, facetiming, texting 24/7, etc. add me on snap xx.j3nna or follow me on instagram jcnnachristinee if anyone is up for it :) and also gotta have both social medias :)

    Triston Hmu my name is
    Triston Not joking and Im not a douche
    Lsdtabb lmao no1 in that age range is loyal hahahahahah
  • Looking for some fun ;)

    10 APR   Penn Valley, PA, USA

    Looking for guys who know how to have a good time ;) HMU using the accounts on my profile, I dont plan on using this chat much. Guys 15-18 please.

    Camden Hey nobody hit her up that’s a fake account of her
  • Wanting a relationship close by

    09 APR   San Antonio, TX, USA

    my names jasmine I’m 15 and I’m looking for a boyfriend close by

    isaiahtheicon Hey. I live in San Antonio to! Hope we have the opportunity to talk.
    EpicBlast1 kik me EicBlast1
    Saurabh Hi Im new here can I be ur frnd
    coreymansfield hey im looking for a girlfriend
  • Gay boys 13-14 to talk

    07 APR   Copenhagen, Denmark

    I am a little bit shy normal boy who want to talk or date with same age boy. I can give Snapchat if you ask 

  • any bad boys on here?

    03 FEB   Plattsburgh, NY, Uni

    I'm looking to get with a guy that is quite dark. Like, Goth/emo/etc. Message me if you are like that, my chat doesn't work at the moment. I know I look like a prep but looks can be deceiving.

    Gryffin Can I bang you
    ns_322 Our thinking was same i think we can be gud buddies
    Sarthak M there darling
    Arnold Am here can I do it here
  • Meet boys to date!!!!

    03 AUG   Lincoln City, OR, Un

    Hi! I'm 14 and I'm looking for a boyfriend thats around 14-16!! my Snapchat is kassie5903, and my google hangouts is

    Yaboyskylar6 Im 13 if dat ok
    BrysonN I’ll add you on snap
    Mikhail Will text u on hangouts
    Mikhail Actually I will kik you
  • Find a boyfriend who would be like a best friend.

    04 APR   Kingstown, Saint Vin

    My name is Akayla and I'm from the Caribbean. I'm 14 years old and I love to laugh. I'm looking for someone who would love me for who I am. Someone who would be my boyfriend and my best friend.????

  • Have a bf and like him

    03 APR   Norwalk, OH, USA

    Looking for a bf gotta be sweet nice and love most of the things I love I gotta relate and like him

  • I-m looking for my king

    25 MAR   Carlyle, IL, United

    I'm from southern Illinois. I like hunting, fishing, books, music, drawing, and animals. I work on my family's farm. I'm 13. I don't send nudes so if you want them, you might as well skip me. I'm looking for a guy 14-16. If you treat me right. I want to start as friends and see where it goes from there.

    Prime syed Ok well look no further because the prime is at ur service
    TheOneAndOnlyChris3173 hey im chris. im 15. wanna chat?
    Jesse Im 13 and play guitar and bass
    Andy I would like to be your friend
  • Hello I looking for a nerdy boyfriend

    02 APR   Richmond Hill, NC, U

    Hello I looking for a boyfreind who willing to send me some nice photos and loves adventure Time and nerdy stuff cause I'm a nerd.Im looking for someone who I into having fun and loves to flirt and hopefully do some other stuff in the future ???.

  • Just looking for guy friends that live near my area. Maybe a girl or two.

    27 FEB   Loyalist, ON, Canada

    My name is Dave. I just turned 16 yesterday. I'm looking for guy friends that live near my area as i have very little guy friends mostly "girl friends". I am easy going but just want to meet new guys in my area as I'm down on friends. I like to try new things and making new friends and making our own stories to tell people later in life or to remind ourselves what it was like to be young. You know what they say 16 going on 30. Sorry girls not for grabs as I have a boyfriend already  it wont work out so dont try or read my previous post. I am not judge mental at first.

    Dave Not looking for girlfriends just friends who are girls
    Dave And I dont deal with any kind of homophobic bullshit and bashing.
  • I-m lonely so love me god damn it yo.

    29 MAR   asdfghjk

    hey there. there's not a lot to me, but I kind of want a boyfriend? I'm not the most social gal in the world, but if you pop in to message me, I'll try to keep an open mind.

    I draw in my spare time, I play piano and attempt to sing, and I like to think that I'm a pretty quirky individual. if it's anything to add, I am an INFP, and I'd love to speak with some like-minded people around my age.

    I'd like to find somebody that's outgoing [at least in text], and relatively intelligent. if you're humorous, have an unusual hobby, or just a really cute smile, then I'm all yours, boo.

    given time.

    Paul clemens Hey I’m paul txt me on any of my social media’s if I look like someone you would like to talk to (:
  • Meet a cute boy who want to be my best friend or boyfriend

    28 MAR   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hi there I’m Elizabeth I’m 17 years old I want some one who respect women should be romantic and be able to make me happy 

  • Looking someone to be my friend or my bf

    27 MAR   Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo R

    Im shafa, 17.

    Open minded with positive attitude, and like to laugh and have a good time with someone who want like me lol ?

    Interested with music, movie, and animal.

    If you're interested with me, you can text me

    Prime syed Well I am interested
    Mitchell not taken I’m interested and I’m 17
  • I-d like to meet you all! :)

    25 MAR   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Hi. My name is Caitlyn. Im really shy.. and awkward. I play video games. But not popular ones. I love reading and I love photography. 

    AJ018 Hey I messaged you
  • boyfriend to chat with

    24 MAR   Seattle, WA, USA

    hi my names ada i'm looking for a boyfriend i can just chat to each day.

  • Im looking for a guy to talk to and maybe date

    15 DEC   Denver, CO, United S

    Hi  I'm Zoe and I'm from Colorado I'm looking for a guy around 14 15 or 16 I'm really shy and awkward I'm depressed I love video games memes  and YouTube  I'm also weird 

    Legobuilder15 Hey girl what’s up
    Ethan $ Hey same colorado’s pretty chill!
    abner hey whats up
  • looking for a cute boy!!

    11 MAY   Griffithville, AR, U

    yes i am 13 1/2 and i want a boyfriend that is cute but only 13-16 can ask so every cute boy send me a meassage if you are in the age limmit 13-16

    Henry Chafton(looking) Lol im henry im cute and funny lol and im a sweet guy a very sweet guy and im a gamer and im a football player
    Devon hey Im wantin to find a pretty girlfriend Im 14
    zach W im 16 and pritty
  • looking for a bf (15-18 yrs)

    31 JAN   Lincoln, NE, USA

    hey i’m gloria and i’m nearly 16; looking for a good bf so hmu on sc if you’re interested ;))

  • The name-s Ashley, and I-m looking for a boyfriend age 13-15

    05 MAR   Elgin, IL, United St

    Hello! I'm a good girl, I like Twenty One Pilots, P!ATD, and MCR. I like to watch YouTube a lot and I love talking to people. I'd perfer a guy with a Christian or Jewish belief, but it's totally fine if you're not either. As for race, it doesn't really matter, although I'd like a white-skinned guy. Again, it doesn't matter so I'm cool with whoever you are :) I'm not going to meet with you in person, though - it'd be a long distance thing. If you're interested, shoot me a message :D

    Thomas Greer Im 13 i want you to get to be able yo get to know ne and want to get to know you and i would love a long distance relationship and i am christian Would you like to date?
    V.godara Hy im 16 ..i would be like to know u
  • Trying to find a boyfriend

    20 MAR   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Hey! I’m Anahi I’m 15 yrs ildnim teying to find a nice sweet guy to be my bf hmu if ur interested:)

    Quaker Im Interested
    Prime syed Well look no further princess because the prime is at ur service
    Tse Quince am interested too
    Andy Hmu if you wanna talk
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    22 FEB   Manila, Metro Manila

    Hi! I'm Kim, Open minded with positive attitude, I like to read, watching movies and listening to the music. I looking  for a guy that will love and accept me of who I'am. P.S "I hate Horny and Rude guy."

  • I would like to meet guys who enjoy playing or watching sports

    09 JAN   San Francisco, CA, U

    My favorite sport is soccer though I also enjoy cross country and track. My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid.

    R. Ben I like soccer and can appreciate all teams. I also do Track and Field. Lets meet sometime.
    larry54 hello how are you doing today l am looking for the girl who l will love her this me email add me
    Will If u consider video games sports than that works plus we live nearby
  • Hope To Meet My Someone here ?

    13 DEC   Mati, Davao Region,

    Hi ? I'm Joan and I'm from Philippines ? 16 Years old (obviously) So I'm Here To Meet Someone that can lead to a Relationship ? i like partying in typical friday night ? Chat Me Anytime if you're Okay about What I'm doing in life . Lol 

  • looking for friends and maybe a boyfriend

    14 MAR   Brighton, CO, USA

    hi there im tessa im 14 and positive caring and loving person with depression. im single and looking for  friend and maybe a boyfriend

    Gunars text me in whatsupp 37126659328
    Paul Smith Do you by chance go to BHS? Wassup, greetings to a local individual.
  • 17m looking for teen guys to expirement with

    13 MAR   Bowling Green, OH, U

    Hi! I'm new here and don't really know what to do haha. I'm looking for a guy in Northwest Ohio to expirement with. I'm willing to drive to you as long as you aren't too far away. 

    Im a 17m, white, tall, skinny, and a bottom

    You can message me on my kik as I'm on it a lot, or on here but it might take a bit to reply ?

    Mas(dont even bother with me) Good luck hope you find someone -Mas
  • Looking for a relationship with a smart funny and sweet boy

    12 MAR   Stafford, UK

    Hey there.. I'm Kyle . I'm 17 and from the UK.. I'm looking for a relationship with a smart funny and sweet boy) I'm gay)  ages 14 to 17..i don't have a pic on my profile sorry just make me feel like I'm on market.. I like video games and am currently studying animation... Looking for a guy preferably from UK but if ur Mr right distance is only a number 

  • What would you rate me out of 10??

    09 MAR   Minot, ND, USA

    I don’t know what to put here xD but it says a minimum of 80 characters

  • I just want to make friends and hang out

    22 FEB   Beltsville, MD, Unit

    Hi I’m kitty I’m 18 I’m very shy looking for a relationship or friends Kik me on Kittykatthearts yes I am a girl I just want friends to hang out with who live in beltsville Maryland or just in Maryland and I like to smoke and party hopefully I get in a relationship 

  • Looking for new friends and maybe a relationship

    09 MAR   Tulsa, OK, USA

    Hi, my name is Ady and I'm 13, I'm looking for new friends and maybe a relationship, looking for ages 12-15, if you are interested add me on Snapchat: aneeley785

  • Boyfriend I DO NO NUDES

    19 DEC   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

    I name is Miranda I am 13 Old and I’m looking for a boyfriend that’s super funny has a great personality just like me laugh a lot and who will love me for who I am that’s all I want in  A boy . I don’t like nudes And I’m looking for a play friend between 13 and 16

    Miranda And you could add me on Snapchat or Instagram
  • Looking to meet new people

    06 MAR   Huntington, NY, USA

    Hi I'm brigid and I am 16 years old. I like photography and my hobbies r dancing, drawing and taking photos of nature. I am looking to interact with anyone. I am very creative. Im not picky with boys too

    Terrance Id love too talk to u i really think we have a lot in common :) your very beautiful
    Thor (taken) Add me on Instagram
    Thor (taken) My account name is shawry626
  • Wanna Bf!!!!!!!! I-m Cute

    07 MAR   Jersey City, NJ, Uni

    I'm Nick and I'm gay. I am a fencer, swimmer, basketball player, and a soccer player. I'm the best at all. I'm very active and athletic. I want a guy that will make me feel wanted and the best. I also don't mind a long-distance relationship. As long as u are cool. I also like cute and hot guys. Hit me up on my number if your interested
    201-906-9563. Only use the number if you are interested, cute, hot and gay. Don't be afraid to text or call I don't bite. Lol. By the way I also sing. 

  • DeMarco in a nutshell

    06 MAR   Springfield, MO, USA

    Hi! I'm DeMarco Anthony Jones. You can call me Mark. Anyway, I'm 14 years old and a big fan of anything food, music, art, or nature related. I'm a gamer and a nice guy. I'm Bisexual but I'm more gay than I am straight. I hope to enjoy this place. If you wanna talk or anything just slide into my DM's and HMU. Thanks and bye!

  • Looking for a boyfriend :)

    01 APR   Chicago, IL, United

    I'm Alexis I'm 16 and from Chicago. I'm into alternative pop and Spanish music. I like Netflix and memes. Looking for a nice boyfriend.

    J.Jones Alexis, youre pretty cute.
    Matt Hey. I live in the north suburbs of Chicago and wouldnt mind chatting. Hmu at kik: chisoxball0424 or (847) 737-9871
    Anthony I gotcha sc: Olanthonyo
  • Someone please hmu?

    02 MAR   Aurora, CO, United S

    I'm so bored lol. I don't discriminate so hmu. I won't bite I promise.

    Roman1032 hey if you wanna chat you can always call me
    Cedric Hit me up on snap dunkincedric
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    25 FEB   Evesham, NJ, United

    I would say that that I'm a good person but if you piss me off I can get aggressive and violent. I'm 15 looking for people 15-17, good personality, not just looking to be freaky but for an actual relationship, someone who is cute and probably a couple of other things I can't think of right now

    Sam I can be the one
    Jason Levine I would love to be yours
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