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Meet boy teen

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet boy teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet boy teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I-m looking to meet guys 14-17

    18 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hey I'm Maddie and I'm looking to meet guys 14-17. Don't be afraid to message me because I'm really easy going. I hope to meet some of you soon! Also I will not under any circumstances give you nudes so don't ask.

    Social media:

    Snapchat: @maddie_forney

    Instagram: @madelineforney

    Diamondluv What your facebook username pretty
    9 hours ago

  • Meet People Around My Age

    20 NOV   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey, my name is Aniya. I am trying to meet people who genuinely like me as a person and don't want to stab me in the back or get into my pants. I live in Texas, and love music. I am kind of a fan girl, but it depends in what kind of stuff. 

    Imma.lonelywayne hi u have a cute name I like your hair your eyes are as beautiful as a crystal diamond or a red blossoming rose
    SupremeKarti wow ......u looks gucci bbg
    12 hours ago
  • Meet teen boys (15-16)

    14 JAN   Granbury, TX, United

    I’m looking for a guy (15-16) that has blonde or brown hair, blue eyes, a 6 pack, will protect me, kind, funny, and will care about me.

    Rick Sanchez Wait did i comment here before?
    Ehard I don’t have a six pack but I am blonde and I have blue eyes
    12 hours ago
    John T I’m don’t have a six pack blue eyes but I have brown and I will protect you and be kind and care for you and I’m from Austin Texas
    12 hours ago
    Countryboy67 hey add me on snapchat its dve124
    12 hours ago
  • I?d like a bf plz read this first tho

    14 FEB   Omaha, NE, USA

    I’d like a nice sweet guy 13-15 not stupid people plz I’d like a guy that doesn’t judge me and that doesn’t cheat thx

  • i m still single and I m looking for a boyfriend

    21 APR   Turin, Metropolitan

    hi i m louis from italy but not completly italian it s difficult to explain. i m looking for a boyfriend funny nice and also romantic but not to much 

  • Looking for some good boys

    17 JUN   The planet earth

    hi, I’m looking forward to meeting some boys just don’t be  cringy or asking for nudes and we’ll get along fine, btw I’m Mormon 

  • Looking For a Boyfriend

    17 JUN   Ldjdhdjdjndjd

    Hey there x

    I am a 14 yr old gay male trying to find some people to talk to or try to find a relationship.

    I am very shy and this has taken a lot of corrage for me to come onto one of these sites haha. 

    Thank you for reading x

  • Looking for a boyfriend who lives in Australia

    12 MAY   Sydney NSW, Australi

    I am looking for a boyfriend in Australia 

    i like to horse ride 

    I ride in rodeos 

    please no one older than 17

    Jake bennet I wouldnt even try guys
    Dan Gow Hey I live in Australia which part u from?
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a bf in ny to chill with and have fun with

    13 JUN   NY, USA

    Im looking for a bf in New York my name is Lloyd and im bi and just looking for a bf in ny thats all dont msg me if all you want are nudes

    jasiridanjou message me plz we should make plans to meet up
    1 day ago
  • add my snap (i?m gay)

    29 MAY   San Antonio, TX, USA

    i’m jesse kinda bored just tryna find more gay ppl add my snap @jtm1477 or dm my insta @jesse.tyler.m no one over 18

    taim_ly im gay I added you on insta
    1 day ago
  • I need a guy to date( 13-17)

    14 JUN   Abbeville, SC, USA

    I want a really cute guy to date. I don't like to send or receive nudes. Hmu up Snapchat @cali_girl4l.

    cr_sal7 Hey Anne hmu Im interested snap @saleh_abdulla8
    3 days ago
  • Find a Loyal Boyfriend

    14 JUN   Wayne, PA, United St

    Hi, im 14 and im looking for a loyal boyfriend ages 15-17 around Pennsylvania only!!

    Raine You look beautiful
    2 days ago
    Sam Ray hey i live in southeastern PA
    2 days ago
  • snapchat: xwizhead123x

    16 JUN   Mahopac, NY, USA

    single gay guy here looking for a boyfriend. preferably someone who lives in my area. add my snap :) xwizhead123x

  • Meet boy because I want a boyfriend

    12 JUN   Princeton, TX, USA

    • very very awkward 
    • nice(kinda?)
    • no NUDES
    • ig..... smart
    • you have to be nice
    • cute (you don’t HAVE would be nice though ?)
    • 13-15 ONLY ???
    • long distance is ok 
    • LOYAL???

    Kar I’m not into girl but u seem someone cool to talk to hit me up
    Jordan Hey hmu on my snap: jords071598
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a BF in New York

    14 JUN   NY, USA

    If anyone wants a BF and lives in new york hmu on my snap x3-neo 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    30 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Looking for a boy 13-14. I usually go to a sports complex that is called Rose Mofford Sports Complex. There, i play volleyball, basketball, and other things. Maybe if you're a guy that likes the park and doesn't live that far, maybe we can meet up! besides the park, i like to chat, have fun, gaming, and whatver. 

    Owen Hall Do you have a snapchat
    Rass Bounty Hi gorgeous If your dont mind Im Mc Bounty on Fb so will to chat with you
    Nick i have some advice RUNNN
    Savage_boy_oscar Hey there if you have snapchat message me
  • Any guys out there down to talk

    12 JUN   Florida City, FL, US

    Hi mane is Anna I’m Latina, I’m a fun but also shy person, I like hanging out with my friends and working out. People say I’m a sweet person hahaha for a fact yes I am. Anyways for right now I’m tryna look for a guy who cares and respects and also a nice personality 

    Khylerwrdlaw Hey im that thoe of person and if you wanna talk hmu on snap khyler.wardlaw
    RetroCollin hey msg me plase
    Josh Hey, message me
  • Im looking for a nice NY BF

    12 JUN   NY, USA

    Add my snapchat account x3-neo just send me a msg if your bi or gay and wanna be my bf im 15 and live in NYC (New York USA Only)

  • Im looking for a bf in New York

    12 JUN   NY, USA

    Hiiii im Lloyd im 15, i live in New York, im Bi, and im looking for a boyfriend. Msg me on Snapchat if your interested my user is x3-neo

  • Relationship/friendship

    11 JUN   Montreal, QC, Canada

    looking for some kind guys/girls to talk to 13-15y. Canada pls?

  • sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    10 JUN   USA

    welp, here's the thing...

    1. dont call me babe or baby or shit like that if you don't even know anything other than my name, user, and face.

    2. dont ask me out if we've only talked for two seconds.

    3. no dicks. just no.

    John Hit me up then 😉
  • Hello I looking for a nerdy boyfriend

    02 APR   Richmond Hill, NC, U

    Hello I looking for a boyfreind who willing to send me some nice photos and loves adventure Time and nerdy stuff cause I'm a nerd.Im looking for someone who I into having fun and loves to flirt and hopefully do some other stuff in the future ???.

  • Meet new people for relationship

    08 JUN   Auburn, NY, USA

    Hi :) I’m Shannon and I’m looking for an honest and respectful boyfriend. 

  • looking friend or more around my age

    06 JUN   earth

    Hi i’m looking friend, or more, maybe if i like u. So hmu on my snapchat, i got kik tho but i’m too lazy to check it. Don’t be so annoying, we can talk about all things, but not dirty talk. I’m not adding back fake account, so if u wanna be added back, snap me ur face^^

    Marion If you got memes and food recipes to share then sure. 😂 do ya?
  • Looking for new friends and maybe a relationship

    09 MAR   Tulsa, OK, USA

    Hi, my name is Ady and I'm 13, I'm looking for new friends and maybe a relationship, looking for ages 12-15, if you are interested add me on Snapchat: aneeley785

  • Looking for boyfriend

    08 JUN   Miami, FL, USA

    I’m dale and 15 years old and I’m feminine gay guy, looking for a boyfriend in the Miami area only 15-17 hmu on snap daledurog

    Paul am also looking for
  • Looking for someone to call mine

    29 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Looking for a boyfriend some who is cool and not controlling. I love to laugh and to make ppl laugh. I also like to try new things and I am very adventurous. Looking for someone loyal. If ur looking for the same hmu.

    Shawn Well I might not be able to offer much but ill give u all my heart then some
    Jay.aramburu_31 If u want to get to know each other hmu on snap its jay_aramburu31
    Tonysmith I really need you dear meet on skype TONYSMITH
  • Looking for a gf and I?m desperate for any cute girls

    07 JUN   Earlsboro, OK, USA

    Hey I’m looking for a gf 13-15 year old girls if u like meh add me on snap chat at gfiegener9 I’m athletic smart my hobbies is basically being outside lol 

  • Meet someone maybe a bf

    20 MAY   LaSalle, IL, USA

    Heyy I’m Maddie and I’m 14! I’m kinda shy at first but once I’m comfortable with you I’m way different aha. I love baseball, music, writing, drawing, and photography. I’m looking for someone with similar interests and would love to joke around and have fun. I love watching The Office US and Gilmore girls! 

    Forest.of.logs Not looking for a relationship or anything bad but if you wanna text Im game
    Drummer229 You sound alot like me, want to talk 😀
    Tonysmith Hey i need you darling message me let chay on watapps
  • Meet new boys/Girl?s

    16 APR   Chicago, IL, USA

    I would like to actually meet people on here ..maybe even to date but I would prefer boys age of 14-17 :) HMU open for friendships too!!

  • Find a boyfriend who would be like a best friend.

    04 APR   Kingstown, Saint Vin

    My name is Akayla and I'm from the Caribbean. I'm 14 years old and I love to laugh. I'm looking for someone who would love me for who I am. Someone who would be my boyfriend and my best friend.????

    Harrison01 single and can we know each other because here is a social media where different people meet.
  • looking for a guy friend, and hopefully lives near or around Point la

    04 JUN   Point, LA, United St

    Hi there :) Im Sage, 16. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, fishing, and other stuff. ) hello at me :)

  • 6Ft 17 M straight Kik @Dramafreeplez I?m down ANYTHING

    04 JUN   Laguna Beach, CA, US

    Bored and faded. Looking to bust a nut with help of a female. Idealy looking to sext/have some naughty fun. Kik @dramafreeplez

  • finding boyfriend(15-17)

    02 JUN   Antipolo City, Rizal

    Hey! Im back who want to talk?its if you want to talk with me Hit me up guys!

  • I need ppl to talk to so HMU plz

    02 JUN   Marquette, MI, USA

    Hey, I’m Madi and I am just bored out of my mind atm. I really want someone to talk to. You have to be in High School and have to be a guy and have to be the ages of 14 - 18 no older and no younger than that!!!!! 

    KingPogan(SINGLE) Im a junior in high school
    David Fernandez Mx Well how you wanna talk to someone when you dont even qant to talk to them lmao
  • some fun with girl sc : dcoco.34

    31 MAY   Rome, Metropolitan C

    hi im marco 18 i want some fun in sc with girl add me on snapchat : dcoco.34

  • Relationship and relationship

    30 MAY   Arkansas City, KS, U

    Single and i want somebody to talk too who will givee there all. I need somebody who is not afraid to show me their true feelings, show courage, and show me how they can love a person.

  • About me and what I do ??????

    28 MAY   Columbia, SC, USA

    Hi there :) I’m Kate I’m 15 I am open minded with a positive attitude. I am a model and singer. I love meeting new people I’m looking to meet people that don’t judge people a lot be sure to add me on snapchat ??

    AlonIsHere hmu on kik :)
  • finding boyfriend(15-17)

    28 MAY   Antipolo City, Rizal

    Finding for serious relationship HMU on KIK and SKYPE if you want to talk with me

  • Girls hit me up on Snapchat

    28 MAY   Vancouver, WA, Unite

    Hmu on Snapchat. I'm usually up for anything. I'm not looking for a relationship, just people to talk to. I have a big secret ;) no guys sorry

  • Meeting new boys for a friendship and maybe relationship?

    27 FEB   Hanover, PA, USA

    I’m Nettie. I love music and the concept of it. I’m only thirteen, so I wont date people over 15.  I love to talk and need some new people to talk to. I am willing to stay up til midnight talking, and please be kind. I can be sensitive, so if you are rude it makes me mad and sad. Nothing inappropriate please. Like I said, I’m only thirteen.

    Darrian (remix luigi ) hi im darrian you are cute
  • Be my partner? Friends are cool too xD

    24 MAY   Austin, TX, USA

    Hey I'm Tai I'm a gay trans guy looking for a boyfriend. It would be cool if he lived in Austin, but I don't really care where he's from too much. Not just looking for a boyfriend tho, I just like meeting people so if you wanna be friends I'd be down. I like languages and music, among other things. I mostly use discord and my tag is Mari #3406. I'm a pretty chill dude and I'm easy to get along with so if anyone wants to hang hmu

  • Looking for a boyfriend broskis?

    24 MAY   Conyers, GA, USA

    Hello!!! I’m looking for a bf if your interested hmu. I like music,takis, and vines. Ummmm I’m not going to show my face on here so if u do want to see me ask for my insta. (Only guys 13-16)

  • Hello, looking for a girl to chat

    18 MAY   Miami, FL, USA

    Hey, am 17 m from miami. looking for a girl to chat and have fun;). idc what we talk about, just hmu

  • Still single need a bf

    11 FEB   Home

    Hey, I'm shay I'm 14 and looking for a boyfriend I don't mind long distance as long as people stay faithful. I like reading,playing the flute, art, sports, to try new things, and being funny I enjoy making people laugh. 

    IsaacNewton Hey there Id love to talk
    AJ Hey there Shay I’m AJ and you sound like a cool person I’d like to get to know you so plz message me if you are interested so we can make each other laugh all day :)
  • 16m bi snap jakeisbi16

    21 MAY   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    hi im jake 16m bi snap me at jakeisbi16

    add me lets chat and become friends and have some fun

  • Looking for 17-19 year old boy that-s buff??

    21 MAY   Ga,USA

    I'm looking for a nice gut thats mildly buff and  had a fuuny personality that will make me laugh and is bettween 17-19

  • Meet guys for a relationship

    21 MAY   Auburn, NY, USA

    I’m looking for a nice guy to have a serious relationship with. A guy who I can trust and who trust me. A loyal and honest relationship. If your a cheater, liar, or want nudes don’t hmu. K? Thanks  

    Shane Hi message me on snap chat or here my sc is shanebrain64
    Sam beach Msg me Minecraftgoalie
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