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  • Looking for girls 12-19 for chatting and stuff

    23 MAY   San Francisco, CA, U

    No guys please. I'm only interested in girls. Your baby penis isn't going to change my mind sorry not sorry. I do love women of all shapes and sizes.

  • Looking for gf hmu if interested

    05 MAY   Bradenton, FL, Unite

    Looking for a nice girl who can love me for who I am who's loyal pretty funny smart and has great personality

    Allie Hey Im allie
    Juliadegala Hello i will be the girl who treatds u like a good fuckin girl
    5 hours ago
  • Meet new people or maybe something more

    10 APR   Dallas, TX, United S

    Hi my name Kierra and I enjoy making people laugh. I like food games,music, and some tv shows. So message me if you interested.

  • dm me,,,am handsome and loyal,,I love Skype

    22 MAY   Lagos, Nigeria

    Am a handsome guy am loyal being single is actually my hubby for the past 2year I actually need a girl to rest all my life on,,am a Nigeria but I don't like dating in my country,,any girl in outside countries???

  • Looking to meet new people.

    22 MAY   Leesburg, VA, United

    Hi. I am Mason. I am outgoing, friendly, and always have something nice to say. I am new to this site. Looking for 13-16 year olds preferably, but I love any conversation.

  • Meet new people to talk too

    21 MAY   Corona, CA, United S

    Lookin for 14-15 year old that are in to older 90s rap... ill really buy her anything she wants lives in Riverside/corona,california area 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    12 APR   Poplar Bluff, MO, Un

    So hi I've been on this site but still no luck looking for someone close to my home town but my names Michael I'm kinda avarge in weight I'm 5.7 and 16 about to be 17. So if u want to talk let me know

    Mikeyj Hi juiadegala
    1 day ago
    Mikeyj Tell me a little about yourself juliadegala
    1 day ago
  • Trying to get gf stay on south st louis

    21 MAY   St. Louis, MO, Unite

     Trying to find black gf no racism text me on here  or something similar 

  • Looking for a someone nearby

    20 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hello I'm William 17 I'm looking for a girl 13 to 17 straight love lizards and dinosaurs also love gaming hope to meet you (:

  • Meet girls but probably won-t happen

    18 MAY   Dunlap, TN, United S

    I'm just looking for a girlfriend or female friend smart kind small or tall and likes me for who I'm am

    Domenic Pick No its fine Ive been busy lately for tests and stuff
    Kaynight So have I sorry got a little impatient I have kind of been stressed lately how about you
    3 days ago
    Domenic Pick Your the only girl wholl talk to me
    3 days ago
  • hi cute girls

    19 MAY   Cambridge, United Ki

    no one speaks on here message me cute girls                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Hey how-s it going??

    18 JAN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Message me on Kik at boltz2 if you're interested in me, don't be shy.                                                                                        

  • Single and not loved alot

    17 MAY   Dunlap, TN, United S

    Am domenic looking for a kind sweet hearted female friend or maybe more eventually msg me or ill msg you

    Kaynight I am so sorry if I didnt text you sooner we had to leave everything in our lockers even my phone which is what I text you on my school was on fire
    Domenic Pick Nobody likes me :(
  • I am new here and am hoping to find a relationship.

    18 MAY   Temple City, CA, Uni

    Hello, I am relatively new here and I frankly am hoping to find love.  Not just a simple relationship but a special one that lasts and holds true meaning behind it.  I don't care about looks as long as they love me for who I am.  My interests include Gaming, Anime, Doing one of these with a girl, or all 3 at once, XD.  Anyway I should give a small warning, I'm defintely shy but I open up fast if a person shows interest in me.  Thank you for taking me into consideration <3

  • Have and relationship with a female

    17 MAY   Dunlap, TN, United S

    Hey I'm domenic pickett I'm 14 boy currently looking for a girlfriend who's nice kind and likes to cuddle

    Kaynight Also yes I would like to chat with you
    Kaynight Also yes I would like to chat with you
    Kaynight Yes what about that
    Domenic Pick Hey would you like to talk on a different app I dont think its best to talk here sorry
  • hi my name is alec and i live in england

    16 MAY   Cambridge, United Ki

    is there any real girls on here or are they just fake hi cute sexy girls message me and tell me where you are from                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Looking for people to talk to and maybe a relationship btw im straight

    10 MAY   Alvord, IA, United S

    Im 16 but going to be 17 in september.  I play the trombone in my schools band. I enjoy music, video games, reading, watching movies and following god.

  • Hey i-m Conner wanting to talk to girls age 14-17

    05 MAR   Alvord, IA, United S

    Im turning 17 this year. Im open to try new things, I like to hang out with people, play in band, and im kind of a geek.

  • I-m bored and lonely hmu people

    12 APR   Chicago, IL, United

    Hello everyone I don't know what to say, if you want to talk hmu and message me I love music and airplanes and I'm a songwriter and I play piano 

    Nishad damn u recked them @EsabelaM and @Wild_Child #Respect
    Loving_Him Thanks @Nishad. I dont deal with douche bags. Ive been pushed around all my life and I am not going to let some bitch that I could poke and break or her ugly ass, disrespectful boyfriend push me around :)
  • I am looking for a gf 12-15

    13 MAY   Hayesville, NC, Unit

    I need a girl who is like a gamer and is passionate long-distance or close distance doesn't matter please text me

  • 15year old black teen in need of a girlfriend

    12 MAY   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hi! I'm a 15 year old guy looking for a girl for a long term relationship. Doesn't matter where you live, as long as you're fun, and nice. I'm quite nice and respectful. You can trust me for anything and I like a girl who can keep a secret. If you like me wholeheartedly I'll do anything for you.

  • Looking for a girlfriend!!!

    12 MAY   Cornwall, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm Bethany and I'm looking for a girlfriend that is into sports,  listening to music and other stuff like that. If u are interested message me and we can get to know each. ONLY GIRLS!!!!!

  • Meet new people or girlfriend

    12 MAR   Orlando, FL, United

    Hey, I'm looking for a friend or any girl who is nice and pretty and is funny?

    Lll Hey Im Maria
    Britney hey im britney
  • Looking for girlfriend

    12 MAY   Brookline, MA, Unite

    Hey I'm James, 19. I love anime, videogames, cartoons, animated movies, and sometimes skateboarding. I'm looking for a girl who is crazy about anime as much as I am.

  • Looking to meet someone. :P (Straight Female, 13-14)

    09 MAY   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey! I'm Ryan, and I'm 14 years old, almost 15. I can be a tad bit stubborn, but I'm open to any good ideas. I'm a caring individual who can't hold a grudge, and I tend to laugh allot. I'm also pretty weird when I'm not in a negative mood, and I'm empathetic towards those having a rough day. I tend to like listening to what other's lives are like rather than talking about my own, although I do share about myself. I'm looking to meet others who enjoy walking, talking, and just being weird.

    Kayjenics If you want, hit me up on my cell! 719-644-3131
  • Hey ;) my name is Dyllan i am 17 looking for a girl to care for

    09 MAY   Johannesburg South,

    Looking for a girl who will care for me as i would her . i live in South  Africa JHB . 

  • I-m in Cheshire looking for gf

    05 FEB   Winsford, United Kin

    I'm in Cheshire looking for gf I'm 15 and play football I'm very sporty and want to be in police when I'm older I always say it's not about the looks it's the personality that matters if ur interested text me on here or my   Number 07413200407 I'm in Cheshire btw 

    DolphinGirl hi im single, loyal,and always happy you are hadsome.nice pictures
    Mae Hi Zack , my name is Mae I am single and am fifteen
  • Looking for gf or someone to talk to.......................................

    07 MAY   Oscoda Township, MI,

    Message me on snapchat if you want to talk. Looking for someone 14 to 16 to talk to please message me on snap if you want...................................................................................................................                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Looking for a decent 15 year old girl

    05 MAY  

    Hello, tech cunt here, im looking for a decent geeky, gamer girl that is 15! Pls reply if you are a geeky gamery girl! (Sorry for the standards, its just because MOST of the girls in this site are just... well... whores, no offense though) I just want a decent girl that could understand my language which is geek language.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    04 MAY   Cornwall, ON, Canada

    Hey everyone looking for a girlfriend. I like watching dramas and comedies. I live playing sports such as basketball ?, cricket and rounders. If u like any of those sort of things text me and we can talk.

  • looking for a gf 13-14

    03 MAY   Netherlands

    Im 5'11 mixed boy looking for a relationship with a girl. If u wanna get to know me send me a message or add me on snap :)

  • Mikewithamouth0 bored and looking for fun people

    02 MAY   Raleigh, NC, United

    16 and Down to earth. Love just being fun and weird. Hmu if you want on snapchat

    ToniaLewis i like this person
  • Looking for Nice Girl, around 15

    23 MAR   Redlands, CA, United

    Seth-15 yrs old. Looking for a nice girl to talk to, maybe evolve into a relationship. Hopefully someone with similar hobbies and preferences, but most importantly, hopefully someone relatively local for me.

  • Want to meet girls that wanna hangout

    17 JAN   Houston, TX, United

    Im looking for a girl who wants to date and are rlly pretty

    Dylan Who r u called Bae
    Stevie Hey looking for love
  • I want to meet new people and maybe eventually get into a relationship!

    19 MAR   Hockessin, DE, Unite

    My name is anthony

    I live in the U.S.

    I loove music. Im a songwriter/guitarist for a band called Liquid Amity

    Hit me up if you wanna chat!!

    Emo_Dinosaur shakes hand sup dewd
    savsavage17 hey you seem cool you can message me if you want :)
    Phoenix noting much u
    EmmaC Hey when you wanna talk write me a message
  • Meet a girl (13-15) to talk to over Skype or WhatsApp

    22 FEB   Voorhees Township, N

    I'm Joey, 14. I have mild depression and mild anxiety, somewhat suicidal but I've only tried it twice. I like to listen to music and solve puzzles (mainly Rubik's cubes). I'm looking to talk to someone 13-15 years old, preferably around New Jersey or states close to it. I'd also like to start a relationship if that is possible. 

  • Hello! I-d Love A Girlfriend Who Is A Nerd At Tech, Average Body.

    13 JAN   Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hello! My Name Is Ink, And Im 15 Years Old. Looking For An Average Body, White Or Latina Girlfriend Who Will Love Me, And Has Kik. (You Have To Be Smart Too, Lol)

  • Hey there..... Looking for ne people to meet..

    28 APR   Gurugram, Haryana, I

    Hey there...My name is Sean n I'm looking for new people to meet...maybe forge. Friendship....maybe a relationship....

  • Going Crazy, sexually frustrated, halp

    30 APR   Oroville, CA, United

    Hey, I live in Oroville, CA and this is my first time with one of these things. I don't have any irl people cuz my parents don't let me out the house. So yk maybe if you're a sneaky girl that would like to see me then text me. I'll add a picture maybe tomorrow or kik/sc me for one.

  • looking for a girl thats in to me

    01 MAY   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    if your interested message me here or on Facebook im a really nice guy and my profile picture is old i look better now

    mya shrum what is your facebook, mine is 100016492696337
  • Lookin for someone to mess around with

    01 MAY   Morenci, AZ, United

    Hey, my name is Adrian. I am looking for someone to talk to, flirt with and just.mess around. Not looking for anything long term but not opposed to it either.  


    29 APR   Sydney, New South Wa

    Hey,i need a cute single girl who will be active n really like me(no love online) i cant tlk here so ill be on facebook...will be waiting for 1

    SydTay16 hey kik me at squirt102000
    Rachael Hey I Just Send You A Frind thing On Facebook
  • Meet new person for Friendship

    02 MAR   Torrance, CA, United

    Hi! :) I'm LiberalLiberty, 18. I'm considering a friendship with a girl teen who might eventually become my girlfriend if we have the same interests and beliefs! I enjoy politics and having civil discussions about them. I'm rather shy at times, but do speak up when I need to get my point across.

  • Hi, I-m Blake,15. I love to have fun and laugh I-m also occasionally quiet

    26 JAN   Central Coast, New S

    Hi, I'm Blake,15. I like to have fun and love to laugh , I'm occasionally quiet I'm looking for someone on the central coast:)

  • A change of scenery.

    09 MAR   Wichita, KS, United

    I'm getting a little annoyed with having to do the CAPTCHA thing everytime I try to send a message. Lol so here's what it is: if you want to talk to me, I'ma give 2 options: 

    • Skype: mynameisdk125
    • E-mail:

  • This is a question-------

    26 FEB   Carrollton, KY, Unit

    Who is a virgin (me)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Heeeyyy yooh guuuuyyyyysss

    19 MAR  

    Heeeyyyy I'm Kenwannaa but yooh can call me Shanta....I'm bisexual and not rly looking XD.....but if any girls wanna hmu feel free.....I'll reply....I dnt judge others??

  • Looking for a cute gf.

    19 APR   US

    Im 17, I haven't done the whole saying thing and I think id like to give it a try!

    Its hard for me to get offended, im nice but shy.

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