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  • Bored Teens

    25 JUN   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Meet Bored Teens (Girls) Mostly so HMU on kik or message me on this                                                                        

  • hey guys am teecee from africa a

    25 JUN   Lagos, Nigeria

    hey guys am teecee from africa any one who likes sex should text me on whatsapp with±2349026686496 i would also love to hook up too cos i gat dick too

  • This has to be 20 characters but it doesn-t say what they have to be

    25 JUN   Redford Charter Town

    Honestly I'm not expecting a single thing out of this, I'm terrible at starting/making conversation, meaning at the beginning there will be a lot of awlward moments. If you ever decide to bother and give me more than a week of your time you will come to find out I can get talkative. I am looking for a real relationship that will last, I never got the opportunity since I never decide to talk to anyone, too hard for me. Anyway I am a nerd persay, AP classes whatever they are just school so I take them, I'm more of a tech nerd, I have built 5 pcs from scratch and people end up coming to me if they don't wanna spend a lot of money on repair. I also like coding and fraphic design, yea yea whatever. I play soccer and work out. Now on to the side that anyone who actually wants to talk will read, there is a soft side I hide. I love cuddling, holding hands, hugging, sweet stuff...ok now that is out of the way. I'm ugly but smart, so, a nerd, I'm a scorpip if that means a lot to you but sometimes it is overrated.

  • Look for a girlfriend

    19 JUN   Garland, TX, United

    Hi I'm Dylan, 14.  I play basketball, I'm very funny and have a good time. I'm looking to a girl with similar mindset for hanging out ( hip-hop, movies, basketball games or basketball tournaments , events and different things

    Cady Hey! Im 14 and I am looking for a relationship..I would love to get to know you
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    22 JUN   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi there I'm Francisco, 13.  Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet people with beautiful body

  • Meet new people to talk to

    23 JUN   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Hi I'm D'Angelo and I'm 15 years old. I play basketball and I am very athletic. Just looking for a loyal girl. 

  • Just want to meet some nice girls

    13 JUN   Tallahassee, FL, Uni

    Hey guy, the title is pretty self explanatory but over I'm looking for any nice girls ages  13-16. If you are interested just be ready to chat when you meet me and maybe something else.just comment and I'll message you back if I'm interested.

    DMD14 Leon has a ton of girls
    3 days ago
    KatKit Hi 😊
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a relationship

    18 JAN   Lexington, KY, Unite

    Girls i need a relationship i really feel kinda down after i lost friendship with my friend and i need a girl to help me back up. I want to snuggle all day and date someone who will dot that and is 14

    natcat14 hi im natalie and im 14 :)
    nickx kush Write a commentcute
    2 days ago
    nickx kush Write a commenthey am single and looking for a honest chic
    2 days ago
  • Mikewithamouth0 bored and looking for fun people

    02 MAY   Raleigh, NC, United

    16 and Down to earth. Love just being fun and weird. Hmu if you want on snapchat

  • I wanna chat with girls 13 or younger

    26 MAY   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    I just turned 13 this saturday. Want to have some fun. I want to chat or talk to girls 13 but u could be 12. I live in LA area

  • Looking for girls 12-19 for chatting and stuff

    23 MAY   San Francisco, CA, U

    No guys please. I'm only interested in girls. Your baby penis isn't going to change my mind sorry not sorry. I do love women of all shapes and sizes.

    Galaxygirl ? Message me if u would like to talk
    Shame Hi Im bi girl,but I mostly like girls btw ur cute
    Shame Hmu on SC if u want
    TotallyAlien Hiyeah my name is that chubby bunny girl-Jenny!
  • Looking for new friends

    21 JUN   Portland, OR, United

    kik me im bored
    hey dirty
    hi clean
    if you dont have kik snap me
    Send a nude dirty
    Picture of randomess clean

  • Names tracy looking to meet girls mostly. Ask if yiu want my snap

    21 JUN   Rincon, GA, United S

    Looking for fun open minded girls. Guys dont be disrespectful plz i love to to talk and gossip I love every one and love to know the next best thing happening.

  • Homer Simpson Bart Simpson Liza Simpson Maggie Simpson Marge Simpson crusty

    20 JUN   Dublin, Ireland

    It said I could do 20 characters and I only had enough space for five and a half wat is this world coming too.THE HUMANITY

  • Meet a IZOmbie live lol

    20 JUN   Healdsburg, CA, Unit

    If you love IZOMBIE message me I'm so bored and why did Lowell have to dieeee whyyy(pretty much a hot dude in this show lol)

  • 14-18 hmu so we can talk

    20 JUN   Snow Hill, NC, Unite




  • Meeting a teen girl 13-15

    18 JUN   Elkhart, IN, United

    Im looking for a smart,funny,lovable that loves longes chats post if interested 

    Taryn Hey Im interested
  • Looking for a girl to chat with and hopefully more I-m male 16 London

    18 JUN   London, United Kingd

    Hey girls I'm very sporty I play boxing basketball football and many more I'm looking for a girl to chat with and hopefully more don't be afraid to message me I will message anyone don't care who you are see you soon

    DOUPCONON hello dear how are you l saw you in this mail l put interest to decuss with you about relationship which can bring treamenduous things in our life please here is my mail please as soon as you see me in the next mail respond to me so that l tell you more details and show some of my pictures which l attach best regard conon
  • Add me on snap chat

    14 JUN   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    All I want is someone to add me on snap chat. I want to talk to a girl and get to know her. Someone who is a little on the dirty side but also fun to talk to. And I can text them whenever. So if u are that person go ahead and add me on snap chat. - jstanley4656

  • What a country boy to do

    17 JUN   Elkhart, IN, United

    Im a country boy that loves drawing,singing,lovable,and look for a girl near me message me

    abster3456 Hey! I love to draw, give hugs, listen to music, and Im very kind :) message me some time
  • I-m looking to chat with only girls

    07 JUN   Casa Grande, AZ, Uni

    Can't sleep right now and just looking to talk to any girl online right now on my kik. I can be about anything they want doesn't really matter for me clean or dirty doesn't really matter it's all your choice. And trust me if you want proof I'm real I'll show you what you want but you must do the same

  • I am looking for girls that is 12-14

    17 JUN   Wauwatosa, WI, Unite

    My name is william and I am 12 years old. I am looking for a girlfriend that is chatty and not controlling. I'm looking for a girl that likes to hang out in the summer. If this is you please message me

  • hi my name is alec and i live in england

    16 MAY  

    is there any real girls on here or are they just fake hi cute sexy girls message me and tell me where you are from                                                                                                                                                                                             

    Keilly Conte im real lol wanna find out lets video chat today on
  • single and need a gf

    05 JUN   St. Petersburg, FL,

    hey im new to this so if any girls can help me out that would be awesome. i play baseball and like i said im single and im new to this so help me

    Audi_Lynn Like send her a message
    Brit. taylor y do people argue on a freakin post ?? i dont get it
    Alessandro Wow a lot shit went down on this post
  • My friend Avi needs a girl

    13 JUN   Bucyrus, OH, United

    He has cancer and he needs love. He won't be here long. So please message him.

    Alyssa Give me his Snapchat or something so I can talk to him
  • Girlfriend needed.

    15 JUN   Riverton, WY, United

    Nice 13-16 and has a great sense of humour and will stay with me for a while.

  • Looking for a girlfriend, someone I can cherish and protect

    03 JUN   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    Hello there, I am Ryan, Im 16 and honestly, im longing. I long for that person I can hold dear, sure im young and most likely foolish, but I want these foolish dreams to become reality before my very eyes. It's odd to here the desire of love from someone like me but is it such a stretch to want affection and the ability to make another feel safe and cared for. I don't ask for much, just a simple online relationship to give me warmth inside to melt a frigid heart. I am a metalhead,  a gamer, and an undead king without a queen to rule a land most dreary. I request of thee the love I desire

    Bri Hey my kik is bri_love_softball ☺️
  • Meet a girl for a serouis relationship

    07 MAR   Walnut Grove, GA, Un

    I'm Cameron I'm 14 Im looking for a gf age 13 to 15 I don't do nudes so don't ask 

    Branton Hi hw u I am interested in u pls message me
  • im luke n im looking for a gf

    03 JAN   Georgetown, TX, Unit

    Im looking for a nice girl who i could talk to n be more than a friend .I like to listen music ,play soccer etc

    Secretgirl03 HiπŸ˜„ Do u want to chat?πŸ˜„
    Tombraider Hi Luke Im Katie
  • Looking for gf hmu if interested

    05 MAY   Bradenton, FL, Unite

    Looking for a nice girl who can love me for who I am who's loyal pretty funny smart and has great personality

    Juliadegala Hello i will be the girl who treatds u like a good fuckin girl
    Brit. taylor nvm im taken :P
  • I am looking for a good hookup

    14 JUN   Pasadena, CA, United

    Hello, I'm blake and I'm 15 M, I currently live in the Pasadena California area, I am looming for a hookup with a girl under 18, please kik me if you are interested in playing with my dick

  • Long term relationship

    14 JUN   Tucson, AZ, United S

    Hey im in Tucson looking for a girl friend that will love me like I love her, if you want to hook up is love to talk

  • 16 male looking for female friend

    08 FEB   Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm 16 years old and just looking for somebody to talk to, bit necessarily a girlfriend. Anyway hmu if you're interested.

    Daisha Can I be that friend
    Yvonne can we be friends?
    Lis 😝
  • Looking for gf age 14-15

    21 MAR   Anderson, IN, United

    Hi I am looking for a gf. Here is a little about me I love all kinds of music ,movies,and shows. Also I love animals

  • Im Looking for a friend and maybe more.

    17 MAR  

    Im looking for someone kinda like me to hang out with. It doesnt matter if its online or not. I like video games, music,drawing though not well, and rooster teeth stuff. I preferably someone 14 to 16. I have my kik on my profile if youre interested in getting to know me at all.

  • Meet nice cute girl or hot horny girl

    09 JUN   Latrobe, PA, United

    I would like to meet a nice girl or a girl thats hot and horny- hit me up

  • Friends or possibly a girlfriend

    08 JUN   Riviera Beach, FL, U

    My name Travon I'm 16 I'm a graphic designer and artist When I'm not busy Drawing or just being me I'm mostly be playing video games. I'm a pretty cool guy my "friend" say I used to live on a farm with my grandma but I'm living with my dad in the city, im home school so I don't really to talk with people as u can tell.

  • meet girls for pic&vid swap and cam

    08 JUN   Pretoria, Gauteng, S

    here to meet girls in order to swap pics and vids and maybe cam in the nude on skype...

  • Need to meet a nice girl

    04 JUN   Latrobe, PA, United

    Im looking for a girlfriend that is nice open caring trustworthy cute and understanding 

  • Meet girls but probably won-t happen

    18 MAY   Dunlap, TN, United S

    I'm just looking for a girlfriend or female friend smart kind small or tall and likes me for who I'm am

    Domenic Pick Your the only girl wholl talk to me
    Grey Careful lad, might be a catfish. maybe IM a catfish? Who the hell knows, its the internet!!!
  • I-m looking for a gf in my area.

    08 JUN   Colorado United Stat

    I'm a pretty loyal guy. I'm looking for a girl friend with a similar mindset as myself. I like to laugh a lot and do fun things. I'm also pretty active, but I can be lazy sometimes which isn't bad imo. I like to walk around, ride bikes, longboard and drive around. I want someone to love and be happy with. If you want to give being my gf ago you should message me. :)

  • Meet girl teen to be Ina relationship

    07 JUN   Leesburg, VA, United

    Hey I'm David and I'm looking for a girl to be in love with. To be in a relationship with me 

  • Need friends/girlfriend

    07 JUN   Torrance, CA, United

    Hai Im Jesse a 16 year old emo guy xDD. I like gaming/anime/some sports/pretty much all music and am open to anything. Would love to meet some friends or find a relationship on here soo hmu plz :3

  • Fun guy looking for female friends

    03 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    hey my name is John I'm looking for some female friends to talk to. Add me on snap 

  • Girl who can keep a conversation

    03 JUN   New York, NY, United

    im just really looking for a good girl that can hold up a conversation. We can literally talk about anything. I love talking and getting I you. HMU..

  • Trying to find a girlfriend

    04 APR   Gahanna, OH, United

    I like to have a good time, want someone with a positive attitude and like to play dirty

    Grace Okay u got me how about u email at
  • Looking for a nice girl

    15 MAR   Marion, IN, United S

    Hey I'm looking for a good girl who loves to talk all the time.

    One who loves good morning love texts

    who loves to flirt 

    one who loves nicknames 

    i hope its you ????????????

    Kmreeves02 heyy i love nicknames and goodmorning texts
  • Trying to meet some new people

    01 JUN   Chillicothe, OH, Uni

    Lol... This sucks.. But I'm just like looking for friends and maybe more who knows. Just a simple country boy... If that sounds good feel free to send me a message

    Sam painter Baby what is going on with u
    vanessa Awesomeness!!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
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