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  • looking for a girlfriend ages ( 13-15)

    22 FEB   Weirton, WV, USA

    Hey my name's Terrance I'm looking for a gf I can text and her text back almost instantly I like football outdoors and really anything if you would like to talk hmu on instagram/ snapchat/ kik or on here !

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 FEB   Eugene, OR, USA

    Hey my name is Andrew and I'm 17 looking for a girlfriend 15 and up I'm pretty athletic I'm 6ft tall 150pounds but I'm a gentle giant once you get to know me so girls just hit me up on kik:andrewjm19, snap:amauldin01, or insta:mauldinandrew it's up to you.

  • hi im darren im 15 and would like to find someone that will be there

    21 FEB   Little Suamico, WI,

    i would like to find someone that will be there threw thick and thin if we get into a fight you wont leave im very shy and will warm up the more we talk im 6'5 i have a very low voice and i dont have many friends i need the comfort of someone of the oppsite sex im a gamer and will do anything for you and will treat you like my queen i live in the usa and will not do out of the country 

  • Girls girls. Just looking for girls to have fun with

    24 JUL   Brawley, CA, United

    HI I'm sofia. I'm 15 n I'm bi. But I only looking for girls 12-16 only at the moment. Hmu on kik. I'm laid back enjoy swimming.  Blah blah blah blah blah c lah 

  • Looking to get a girlfriend or a friend hit me up on snap

    21 FEB   NY, United States

    Looking for a girlfriend or somebody to chill with I just want a vibe.hit me up on snap

  • Im adam and im 6?5 and jacked

    12 JAN   Chadds Ford, PA, Uni

    Hey im adam, im 18 and 6’5. I play football and rugby, im also a construction worker. Im generally nice, i think. I like to cuddle and just looking for a nice girl to talk to. 

  • Trying to find a girlfriend

    12 JAN   Greenwood, DE, Unite

    Hi I am 14, I am looking for a girlfriend who is nice, fun, and maybe a little crazy but I don't judge by the way people look or act.

  • Anyone wanna be friends and/or chat

    17 FEB   New York, NY, United

    im interested in girls around my age, if anyone wants to talk or be friends, add me on Snapchat because I use it the most

  • Need a gf of 13 to 16 using instagram

    20 FEB   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Hi I m Maaz , minded with positive altitude. I like a beautiful girl who can feeindship with me I need a beautiful, kindness,loyal,etc 

  • Hey looking for a girl to talk to

    16 FEB   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hey I'm looking for a girl to talk to hmu on Snapchat trapstud if you r interested

  • Read only girls ages (12-16)

    20 FEB   Weirton, WV, USA

    I am looking for friends or maybe even more hmu I have snapchat/kik/and Instagram or just hmu on here pm me

  • Looking for a girlfriend. Trans is even better

    03 DEC   Cornelius, OR, Unite

    Hi! I'm Ell. I am a non-binary 15 year old. I want to meet someone in Cornelius who cares for me. Preferably if you go to Forest Grove High school. I'm single and not looking for sex yet. I have to trust you first. I'm trans supporter and I am also AFAB. Message me if your interested. I have Insta, snap, fb, discord, Skype, kik

  • Anyone girls wanna hang and play overwatch ?

    20 FEB   Florida City, FL, Un

    Hey im just looking for  a female or femboy to play overwatch with being playing with my other male friends and i just want a change for a bit 

  • Meet 13-15 year girls ig

    20 FEB   Soddy-Daisy, TN, USA

    Well I’m 14 9 th grade I play football and wrestle I’m honestly not the best at talking to girls so ig I’m hoping this helps me 

  • im just bored got non else to do. some one hmu snap,kik,skype

    20 FEB   albany, GA, United S

    hi im bored and cant sleep rn so i guess i can try to make a new friend or a straight guy,i like to talk to all types of females, i like to play sports,and you should enjoy life the best you can  

  • Meet new people make friends love listening to music

    20 FEB   Anchorage, AK, Unite

    Hi I'm Mike. I love to play video games and take long bike rides hangout with friends.

  • Add me on sc or text me 4232437411

    20 FEB   Soddy-Daisy, TN, USA

    Well I’m 14 9th grade I play football and I’m one of the best wrestlers in Tennessee I’m honestly not the best st talking to girls but I might as well give it a try so yea ?

  • I need a nice cute smart girl

    01 FEB   hfjfjdkd

    I am a boy that is 13, and I am looking for a person to chat with. I am 3 grades ahead in math and love learning 

  • wanting to find a girl

    20 FEB   Imboden, AR, USA

    Hi im Devon im a guy and im 14. Im looking for a girl from age 13 - 15. I live in Arkansas USA im looking for someone round there. i like reading (sometimes), Gameing ,music ,hangin out and ,walking around. im looking for a girl with the same entrists


    19 FEB   Weirton, WV, USA

    Hello I'm looking to make new friends Id love too get too know melee people! Hmu on Snapchat/Instagram/KiK/ or on here

  • Looking for relationship with a cute girl

    20 FEB   Fort Wayne, IN, Unit

    Hi, Im jake, Im a straight guy just looking for someone to talk to or someone that i can call my own and preferablly not far from where i am. Message me :D

  • I want a girlfriend..............................

    19 FEB   Kumasi, Ashanti Regi

    My name is Wilford from Ghana and I am 16years old I don't really mind the age of my girl but I am single and I will accept any girl who wants to be with me. I play piano, guitar and trumpet. I also play violin as well as a programmer I also sing and I would love to compose songs for my girl I like to crack skme jokes 

  • Please READ I am looking for a girlfriend ages 13-15

    19 FEB   Weirton, WV, USA

    I am almost 14 the 27th is my birthday HMU if you are a girl ages 13-15 I have 3 social media accounts Snapchat/Instagram/ and Kik If your out there let's talk!

  • Heyo, My Names Matthew

    19 FEB   Auckland, New Zealan

    My name is Matthew but call me Matt! I'm 15 I live in New Zealand and, aside from being really nerdy I'm pretty chill. I love to meet people so say come say hi!

  • Looking for someone to talk to

    19 FEB   Craig, CO, United St

    I want some girls to talk to and get sexual with. Snapchat, kik or instagram. 

  • I want to have some fun

    18 FEB   Marine, IL, USA

    I want someone to message me on Snapchat(pussyslayer0970) and we could have some fun with each other.

  • Hey im adam and im 18

    18 FEB   Chadds Ford, PA, Uni

    im 18, nice, and athletic. I lived in england for a while, im a carpenter. Oh and im 6’5 if that makes a difference haha. So ya hmu. 

  • Add me on snapchat Jason_2290 really bored

    17 FEB   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey hmu on snapchat if you want really trying to get more friends on there to have people to talk to so yeah?? Add me on snapchat because im not always on here.

  • looking to have some fun

    17 FEB   albany, GA, United S

    im bored and dont really have any thing else to do so im here to meet new people to have some fun with only females tho any female hmu to talk 

  • Finding a sweet girl

    15 FEB   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    hey im back and I’ve been feeling kinda lonely recently so I’m looking for a cute sweet girl to talk to and keep me company and possibly start a relationship with. I’m a nice guy who cares about people and wants to make you happy ?. Hmu if you want to talk. 

  • Meet New People For Friendships

    16 FEB   Atlanta, GA, United

    Any Bisexual Girls Who Wanna Chat?  Just Text Me On Here Or On My Snapchat I'm A Chill Person And Very Goofy 

  • Just wanna make conversations with girls

    17 FEB   London, UK

    Look I'm tired of boys. I need some feminine positivity up in my dms or whatever. I'm from London so yeah and I'm quite nice? on I love food, my bed and money (obvs) so if you wanna talk to me, TALK TO ME GIRLL I don't bite? ( I'm so extra omfg.I'm not like this in real life TRUST ME.)

  • Looking for gf a real relationship if you want Snapchat: rashedmaidur10

    20 NOV   Dubai - United Arab

    If you want a real relationship I’ll put on Snapchat come their and let’s talk together I’ll be waiting Snapchat rashedmaidur10 

  • Need friends/girlfriend

    07 JUN   Torrance, CA, United

    Hai Im Jesse a 16 year old emo guy xDD. I like gaming/anime/some sports/pretty much all music and am open to anything. Would love to meet some friends or find a relationship on here soo hmu plz :3

  • I need to find someone that will like me for me

    16 FEB   Castile, NY, United

    my names Richard and I’m looking for more friends on Snapchat and also I’m looking for a girl that will love me for me and only me and idc what age 

  • Looking for girlfriend that supports or is fine with bisexuals

    14 FEB   Lansing, MI, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend that supports  bisexuals that is very nice 

    some things I like are soccer surfing the web and playing video games. I'm  bisexual I have a boyfriend and anyone would be nice.

    anyone would be fine if interested message me at

  • Idk what I want but friends to begin with?

    14 FEB   Sydney, New South Wa

    hey I’m looking for friends and if things turn out good then who knows what xx

  • hay.. wana meet to gf

    14 FEB   Peshawar, Pakistan

    Hay I am hare for gf. Who understand me and I understand her. we will be friends for ever...

  • Chat and meet new people

    14 FEB   Omaha, NE, USA

    I’m just looking to talk to and to get to know some new people, preferably girls but idc

  • looking for a girlfriend

    14 FEB   Clemson, SC, United

    I know how to treat a girl right and I don't cheat. If you are wondering where my picture is it in my profile.

  • a boy from Czech republic

    14 FEB   Stafford, TX, United

    I'm single....I like videogames and sports. And I'm nice

  • Hmu I wanna talk and meet new girls, anyone is welcome

    20 JUL   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Hey, I wanna just meet and conversate w/ girls. Sc @ John.r52 or kik @ John.r52. I'm a 17 year old kid who lives in Long Beach, California. I obviously like the beach and I would really want to meet new people online. I'm kinda new to this 

  • Hey there I-m Rudy Garcia, very positive attitude and I love to laugh?

    05 FEB   Sacramento, CA, Unit

    I'm an Interested in sports...I play football, soccer, and run track?????I am freaky asf so I'm fine with sexting ??? Hmu and you'll see?(Add and send message)

  • Looking for a reason not to be depressed on valentines day

    13 FEB   Weston-super-Mare, U

    Yes look at the clique im looing for the one girl to spend my eternity with. Some interests of mine are anime, video games and star wars msg me uf you wanna start talking

  • meet a Girl for a Relationship 13-16

    13 FEB   White Plains, MD, US

    I’m Amari. I’m 14 and looking for a girl who will love me for who I am and hopefully can meet one day. I like to read,cook,hangout  with friends and play games go to beach or pool and watch movies. It can be long distance but closer would be better. I don’t care if you be freaky or not, just want a real relationship 


    sc: shadowthiefhut