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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet girl teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet girl teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for that dream girl

    24 APR   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    Hey I’m a country guy looking for that dream girl I want a girl that’s cute and is fun and will be there when when I’m stuck or need help

  • I-ll do anything for a girl anything

    24 APR   China, ME, USA

    Hi I'll do anything for a girl what ever she wants I'll do anything.

  • Looking for a girlfriend that has snapchat

    24 APR   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Hi. Im 16. I want someone who will be loyal. And wont cheat on me like my old girlfriend did?.

  • Fwb or long distance relationship

    23 APR   Walla Walla, WA, USA

    My names kaleb, I’m 15 and am looking for a possible long distance fwb sorta thing, I’m open to dating but have found that long distance relationships don’t work out to much but, again, I’m open to trying it again. Im looking for someone who is active and who likes physical activities, who is funny and can joke around about anything. Btw don’t even try if your a forty something yo man in his mother’s basement, that’s creepy and weird and I’m not going to fall for it-_- I’m watching you.

    Rhea_debutiaco šŸ˜‰šŸ‘ŠšŸ‘
    1 day ago
    LIAN hey Anthony.
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend that has snapchat

    23 APR   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Hi. Im 16. I broke up with my girlfriend 4 months ago. I want a girl who will be loyal. I like sports, food?, and music.

  • If you like county guys then HMU

    22 APR   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I’m guy looking for a girlfriend that is funny cute and would be there for me and I would there for her so if your interested hmu 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 APR   Saint Augustine, FL,

    I'm 17. I'm in a relationship but my boyfriend said I could have a girlfriend. if I find that special girl no she wouldn't have to have anything to do with him but at least try to be friends. Ages stay between 16-20 no older so if your interested just message me beautiful.

  • Officially turned 18!

    20 APR   Meyersdale, PA, USA

    I’m officially 18. Looking for a gf, anyone 16-18 feel free to HMU so we can talk. 

  • Looking for a girl to talk to on Snapchat

    19 APR   Duluth, MN, USA

    I’m a guy looking for a girl to talk to on Snapchat. We can just talk or we can see where it goes if you’re up to it.

  • Cute single girls hmu

    19 APR   Orlando, FL, United

    I'm Jake and I'm Looking for a girl to date and FaceTime with 

    Elizabeth heyyyyyy im cute and single
    Big Daddy Skank Cross out the cute part
    slytherinreader01 hey if ur gonna put others down keep it to urself everyone is perfect in there own way and shouldnt be judged by anyone other than god pls quit with the hate its people like u who make people consider suicide
    Elizabeth now my feelings are hurt :(
  • Willing to speak to anyone hit me up!;)

    19 APR   Hessle, UK

    Just looking for someone to have fun with I'm willing to speak to anyone hit me up if you want a good chat;)

  • New people to talk to

    19 APR   Houston, TX, United

    Hi I’m 17 just look to talk and chitchat perfer girls single or not it’s all cool HMU to talk and have fun 

  • In short, Im still single, But I also make a great therapist.

    19 APR   Merced, CA, USA

    Im bored people, y'all can talk to me on whatever, I expanded my social media for all of you. You can talk to me about whatever, weather it's about how much life sucks, or youre looking to be in a relationship with me, or if you have something else in mind (I wont say no.[girls only though]) or you just want someone to talk to, I'm here for you. I wont judge and your secrets are safe with me.

  • Bisexual Looking for friends/ flirt?

    17 APR   Utrecht, Netherlands

    Hi! Im Mia, Im bi. I like gaming and cartoons. Not up for creepy guys asking if I want to see their evil snakes. I won't be online a lot tho oof

    Mr. Kk999 Hey can I am talk with you if you want?
    Karsten Hall Hey i can talk if you want hmu my social medias are in my pfp
    sky i need a gf
  • Looking for a scene chick 15-19 for my 16m friend.

    17 APR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    Here's more about the guy-

    Name: Mihanito

    Age: 16

    Location: Indiana

    Looks- white boy, tall, long red brown hair, skinny, 

    Personality: Funny, quirky, adorable.

    He uses kik, skype, sc(sometimes), instagram.

    More info available upon request. 

    meganvanhoy what color r the eyes
  • My discord is ThatGuyStanding#4833

    18 APR   Crescent City, CA, U

    looking for a relationship with somebody near my age and no need for emotional avalability. ;)

  • Looking for relationship (13-14)

    03 APR   Brockworth, Gloucest

    Hey im Johnnie. I like listening to music. I dress like what some people call emo but i dont think that i never thought about being emo.

    Mikayla Whats sad is people call u emo
    AbbiM (Single) Ur cute Johnnie you really are and I am also looking for a bf/gf
    Olivia hi johnnie, im Olivia x
    mackybaby17 Hi johnnie, I added you on snapchat.
  • Looking for a serious relationship

    18 APR   Middletown, NY, USA

    Love, movies, drawing, gaming and film making. Looking for a girl to be real with but can have a little "fun" too. Someone who can Facetime or Skype. I'm 15, Puerto rican, and I live in New York. Just wanna be romantic with someone and treat her like a queen. BTW I speak English, French, Spanish, and very little Japanese.

  • Looking for a serious respectful relationship

    18 APR   Tucson, AZ, USA

    I'm a respectful guy that's wants another half message me if you want

  • Wanna have new people to chat to and having interesting talk.

    17 APR   Galloway, NJ, USA

    Hello everyone I'm Jason I live in New and the reason I'm here is BC meet new people, I also don't have friends so yeah. It will be great if someone live close so maybe we can hangouts sometimes, but feel for you girls to pm me also add me on. Snap, Kik anything. Hope to meet you soon :)

  • Still single, and lonely.

    17 APR   Merced, CA, USA

    The people who have added me so far only talked to me for a day or two, then completely stop. Im still single and it ain't fun. I don't care about looks, I just want a girl who is sweet and my age, 13 or 14.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    17 APR   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I want a girlfriend that won’t judge me and would be there for me. I want a girl that is cute and is in to country guys 

  • Looking 4 a girlfriend

    16 APR   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hi there ? my name is Ashton, 16. I'm looking 4 a girlfriend between 16/18 who likes 2 play videogames and hang out. I like (movies, music, videogames, adventure, and hanging out) if your interested message me ?

  • I really don-t even know what to put anymore

    16 APR   Chicago, IL, USA

    If anyone would like to talk just hit me up

    In case you are wondering, I am not at all attracted to males, and I only like specific types of females.

    If you would like to talk or more my snap is Jamjam1742 and my kik is Yato_the_king

    I also have an instagram but I don't really use it

    Becca U talk to me am I that type
  • Idk what to put here But I-m looking for a gf or just friends

    16 APR   Buffalo, NY, United

    My name is Shane, I'm country and I like to go mudding, hunting, and fishing, and i love to shoot guns. I don't care about to body type of girls all i look for is personality, my sc is shanebrain64, my instagram is sean_the_sheep121 

  • Idk what to put here

    16 APR   Merced, CA, USA

    I guess im now doing other stuff. Idk about age, as long as you're a teenager, and a girl, you can add me. I'll send what you'll most likely be asking for.

    Shadow I meant I dont care about age btw.
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    16 APR   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    Hey I’m looking for a girl that’s cute on the inside and out if your interested hmu on sc or insta let’s chat

  • new relationship with a sweet girl

    16 APR   Saint Louis, MO, USA

    hi im drake i know most people on here hate me but i am looking for a sweet girl to love me a wee bit

  • Looking for some fun!

    15 APR   Boston, MA, USA

    Looking for a fun girl.... ;) Add me on snap white.devon43. Looking to mess around and have an awesome time <3 preferably 18 or 19yo .Add me on snaochat and I will snap back always

  • Looking for some fun!

    15 APR   Boston, MA, USA

    Looking for a fun girl.... ;) Add me on snap white.devon43. Looking to mess around and have an awesome time <3 preferably 18 or 19yo

  • relationship people from UK girls 07928613873

    15 APR   Manchester, UK

    Hi yes my name is brad and I'm 18 like younger girls and older one 14 youngest I will go aha but if u you want to get to know me call me people from UK 07928613873

  • Looking for a gamer girl and kewl

    15 APR   Norcross, GA, USA

    Well I'm a kewl kid faceass but I'm a gamer looking for a girl to talk to and talk kinky shit or normal what every u want 

  • Looking for a nice fit gf who is easy to talk to but also has a fun (13-17)

    15 APR   Calgary, AB, Canada

    I'm a normal thirteen year old guy who loves to play soccer, workout, and hangout with friends. I am also part Italian, a drummer, and speak three languages. I am looking for a fit, nice girlfriend who is easy to talk to. HMU on snap if your interrested (Dont like nudes right away)

  • Looking for a girlfriend...

    19 JAN   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hey. I'm Cameron. I'm into music, and nerdy stuff like video games. I'm like old school hip hop, and some pop artists. I would like the ages to be 15-18 and anything around there. Hmu if interested.

  • Lokking for a girlfriend

    14 APR   Paris, France

    Hi i m alex i m 14 from Paris and i m looking for a girlfriend. I m looking fpr someone nice and cute which i can have fun with.

    Add me on Snapchat : alex_fun14 

  • Need people to talk to got really sad in the past 24 hours

    14 APR   Thorburn, NS, Canada

    Yeah so recently lost family my gf and just been having a bad week in general so please just be mindful

    Volcanictide Hey man Iā€™m here for you, any way I can cheer you up
    rhernandez_05 Im sorry dude hmu on snap if you need to talk @rhernandez_05
  • Hey I-m Camden I-m pretty chill lol

    04 APR   Dallas, TX, United S

    (Girls)Well basically I'm down for anything, like if you're horny I got you, if you need to talk to someone I got you, if u need to rant I got you???

  • looking to talk to new people and have fun

    13 APR   Anaheim, CA, USA

    im down to do anything, im funny and i like to have fun and talk too many new people.

  • hillbilly that doesn-t fit in looking for some fun

    13 APR   Batavia, IL, USA

    Hi! I'm Nate, 15. just another redneck that loves to be outside, go fishing and playing in the mud, looking for a girl to talk to and maybe share a laugh with, to hangout with and have fun with. I am a very protective person, meaning that I put everyone before myself, and also I'm not the one who backes down from a fight. very trust worthy.  

  • Looking for a girlfriend to love

    12 APR   Buffalo, NY, United

    I'm shane, im a country boy, distance doesn't matter, I'm very caring and loving, i will do anything to keep you happy 

  • Idk about this website but ima try

    12 APR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    18 yo male on the east side. I'm down for almost anything so just message me. My kik is active I use snap the most tho. I'm a good listener not the best talker but I try my best

  • Looking for people to talk or anything

    11 APR   Houston, TX, United

    Just looking for people to talk to and/or anything you wanna talk about. Open minded 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 APR   New York, NY, United

    Hey I am 15 and I am looking for a hot girl friend I like walking theater sports and music and I am good at diving advice. If your Intrested add me on snap.!

  • meet new girls on kik or hangout all over the world

    11 APR   Mymensingh, Banglade

    hey...if any girl wants to get connected with me...please add me on kik @ sharaffahim....or hangout @

    any age

    I am friendly,funny,cute and a little bit dirty ? or naughty...

  • I want to meet new girls and talk

    11 APR   Oakland, MD, USA

    Im bored and need someone to talk to. So girls dm me. So plz text me i wanna talk and to get to know more people. Any girls that are 13 throght 15 can text me. I really want to meet new girls.


  • I?m looking for a Beautiful woman who will show me love and affection.

    15 MAR   Felicity, OH, USA

    I am a 15 year old boy in rural Ohio known as Felicity. I have autism, but that never gets in the way. I’m looking for a blonde girl with a warm heart. I am not allowed to meet people I can only chat. I can go out on my first date at 18. Good to know people before then!

    James I have autism, but that never gets in the way idk about that.
  • Hi my name is Triston.

    10 APR   Beech Grove, IN, USA

    Hi my name is Triston and I would like to meet someone inside of Indianapolis but doesn't have to be I'm ok with long distance. 13-14 Girls only.

  • Looking for a girlfriend (max 16yrs) 5139820896

    10 APR   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hey, I'm looking for a girlfriend (max age 16)

    I'm kind and I just want to find someone that loves and respects me for who I am, not for who they want me to be.

    I haven't had much luck at school due to bullying and cliques.

    If you would like to contact me:

    Please text my second number: (513) 982-0896

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