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Meet girl teen

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet girl teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet girl teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Girls HMU on Snap or Kik

    22 JUL   New Castle, PA, USA

    I wanna meet new people (preferably girls) around my age and maybe become more and do some things

  • Anybody up for some ddlg?

    22 JUL   Thompson, MB, Canada

    I'm looking for a little girl who is need of a daddy. Hit me up if you want a daddy who will treat you right.

  • Text me! Good convo needed?!

    22 JUL   Atlanta, GA, USA

    Bisexual! And proud! Hmu! What y’all about? Keep it real with me? What y’all up too?

  • Girls hmu bored add me on snapchat

    22 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    add me on snapchat if down to talk or do just about anything cuz im bored my snapchat is Jason_2290

  • girls in southern California (Near Hawthorne)

    21 JUL   Hawthorne, Californi

    a little bit about me: hi i'm kaleb i'm sixteen, have spina bifida(a birth defect i have), born in arkanas raised in tennessee and single can't do long distance to well(just can't feel a connection), i was abused by my step father, my biological dad died before i was born. i am a gamer, i'm caring, and respect what a girl wants or doesn't want/ like. i like walks along the beach, i also am a junior in highschool. Hmu to get to know me more or if you want to meet. 

  • Any girl wanna date I-m really alone

    21 JUL   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    Girls plz I'm really alone I want girlfriend 

    Who wanna be my gf! 

    BTW age is not important

  • Who wants to snap I don-t send nudes BTW

    21 JUL   F

    I have a car ride tomorrow so that will be when mostly active have a nice day ?

  • Meet girl in Hawthorne California.

    20 JUL   Hawthorne, Californi

    hi i'm kaleb i'm sixteen, have spina bifida, born in arkanas raised in tennessee and single can't do long distance to well, i was abused by my step father, my biological dad died before i was born hmu on my soicals on my profile.

  • People just keep on snooping

    20 JUL   Deleted

    Don’t be scared to hmu on snapchat. If you have a question, HMU. If u just want someone to talk to HMU. If u just want me, HMU bcuz I don’t care at all. No matter who u are, don’t be scared I don’t bite....that hard???

  • looking for girlfriend

    20 JUL   usa

    i am looking for a white girl that is 13 to 15 years old that likes anime,youtube,music and likes to chat for a long time

  • Looking for girls to talk with and maybe a relationship.

    19 JUL   Beverly Hills, CA, U

    My name is connor and I am 16. I am looking for people to talk with on snapchat and maybe even start a relationship. Im really chill and pretty much down for whatever so hmu.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    19 JUL   Houma, LA, USA

    I am straight.

    I am looking for a girlfriend that I can talk to and have fun with. You can get to know more about me if we chat.

  • Any black wanna date

    16 JUL   London, UK

    Any black girl wanna date

    I'm looking for a black girl

    IAge is not important

    Tanisha Wilson I am a black girl an i Wanna date you i like ur pic u look nice
    Shawn I love blacks
  • Meeting Girls (13-15)

    26 JUN   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    Hi guys, im new here. Im looking for a girl that i can make happy and to talk to. Dont be afraid to message me, im really easy to talk to. I'm looking for a relationship, but we can just be friends as well if you want. I will never send nudes so dont ask.

    Adamxax hi Im boy. where do I meet girl teen? Earth?
    3 days ago
  • I want a cute gf

    19 JUL   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    Any girl who want a boyfriend text me

    I only want a girl and age and skin color is not important

    Girls text me

  • iimmmm nnnoooooootttttt gggggaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

    19 JUL   Rochester, NY, USA


  • Looking for friends or a GF (straight)

    18 JUL   Houma, LA, USA

    What's up people

    My name is Trinity and I am looking for friends and a Girlfriend of possible. Welling to chat with anyone. I love video games and track 

    Jason14 Hey man. I was looking for friends and I found you profile. I think you are cool and you like videogames! Thats nice because I also like videogames.
    Jason14 Well Im not exactly girl though but yeah Im willing to be friends with you since I also didnt find any girls yet (which makes it boring with no people to chat to)
  • Want to meet a friend or possibly even more than that (girl)

    18 JUL   Iligan City, Lanao d

    Hello. I want to meet a girl from ages 13-16 with a good personality. I also want to meet other friends, in case you were wondering. Cheers!

  • wanna meet new people

    18 JUL   Hornell, NY, USA

    Hi, I’m 16 and bi. I’m looking for some cute girls to talk to and to get to know better. I’m super open through the internet but can be shy at first in person. once you get to know me i’m very quirky and outgoing. If you wanna be friends or anything more hmu. btw i’m in a relationship but he is comfortable with me talking to girls

  • Want to meet someone special

    18 JUL   Iligan City, Lanao d

    I want to meet a girl thats over 13 years old and has a nice personality. I will be waiting. (Also, I'm just going to fill this message so that it will reach to 80 characters.ushdndkejbedjdjdjeieid dbdjnxnxjxjdjdndndndjdkdnndjdksnskskdkdnsnkskdjsjdndjdkdkdkdkkdkdkdkd)

  • Looking for a relationship with a girl near my age

    18 JUL   Tignish, PE, Canada

    Near my age, a girl who won't cheat on me, loyal, understanding,trustworthy, funny, loving, animal lover, I will love her until I die, she won't judge me, cuddler, talkative, kind but a little bit defence, respectful

  • Meet girls to chat with lol

    17 JUL   Poughkeepsie, NY, Un

    Hey guys!! 

    My name is Sean, and I want to meet new people! 

    Snap: kingyasin00

    Insta: kingyasin000

    Kik: kingyasin014

  • Look for a girl for my dream 15-16 read this

    27 JUN   Raleigh, NC, USA

    I'm look for a girl who like art, music, joke I want a girl who respect me  of who I am right now I just want a gf so i can talk on pm  because yesterday my gf broke up with and now I'm just a stupid , lonely 15 year old with no gf why everyone else have one or a friend plz any girl

    sabreena Hey Im 13 and I would love to date u
    Aitana04 (bi) Damn thats desperate af
    Jaiden.Maddox Sadly, Im only 14 :/
  • Single in California

    17 JUL   Hawthorne, Californi

    I'm Kaleb, I'm Sixteen live in California Born in Arkansas raised in Tennessee. I am nice, and i have Spina bifida but i can walk and all. hmu girls

  • Looking for female friends or possibly more :P

    17 JUL   Meridian, ID, USA

    Hello, my name is Carson. I’m 17 and will be a senior in high school next year. I’m fairly new to the site so go easy on me ;P I can be flirty sometimes so inform me if you’d like me to stop. I’m really looking for either female friends or a relationship, no males please! I’d prefer that you’re closer to my age as well, possibly ages 15-18? You can Kik me at Pizzarules12 (I made the account a long time ago XD)

  • Kik me or lets chat or instagram or heree

    17 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia


  • 17 male 5?11 looking for a nice girl

    16 JUL   Chicago, IL, USA

    Yooo I’m Luis! I wanna meet a great girl! Idc who you are, come HMU 

  • I want a gf who kind

    25 MAR   London, UK

    Hi I'm Shawn and I'm 16

    I want a girlfriend who kind and her skin color is not important just kind girl 

    Mikayla Thats sweet but I seriously doubt there are people like that, cuz of people at my school. I lost faith in humanity
  • Looking to meet a sweet girl

    02 JUL   Roy, UT, USA

    Hey im looking to meet a nice girl whos not gonna judge me and will do their best to make me happy. I will not judge you either and ill do my best to make you happy. This is for both girlfriend and best friend. Snapchat is best at jax12301, but if not email at Thank you!

  • In need of a girlfriend between age group of 13-15

    15 JUL   Hyderabad, Telangana

    add me in snap if u r a girl if u are between 13 to 16 i wanna talk with u  

  • I dont knowwww what to puttttt

    15 JUL   Emporia, KS, USA

    So um this is new never posted before lol I’m 16 my profile should say that I’m a guy obviously straight looking for more friends maybe a relationship

  • Hey im adam and im 18

    18 FEB   Chadds Ford, PA, Uni

    im 18, nice, and athletic. I lived in england for a while, im a carpenter. Oh and im 6’5 if that makes a difference haha. So ya hmu. 

    sgtcarlaanderson Hello Lucky that I came across your profile today, I feel you are a good woman and have a special feeling for you. I want to know more about you. Tell me what do you think of me after you read my profile, ok ? I am here to wait for my soul mate and life partner here with my 100 sincerity. I have read your profile carefully. After read your profile I found that we have something in common. Therefore, I am writing to tell you that I want to begin friendship with you first to know more about each other. Let me introduce myself first.I am an outgoing person who is also very understanding loving and caring. I my spare time, I like reading, listening music, watching movies and doing sports. How about you? Have you ever taste VN food? Do you like? If you like, i hope that i can cook for you one day. If you are also interested in me, please reply me on my mailing address: ( so that i can send you more photos of me and tell you more about myself. Thanks and best regards Carla Anderson.
    mal123 Damn Didny see that one comingg Lmao😂😂😂
  • Looking for love i am bi mostly girls

    15 JUL   Buffalo, NY, United

    I'm shane I'm 17 and single i am a country boy I like fishing, hunting, and mudding

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    13 JUL   L A, CA, USA

    looking for a girlfriend I can give my world, make her feel special, an spoil the fuck out of her with love. I'm looking for someone who's between 14-17. I don't mind long distance, I'm loyal as fuck and no one never Has to worry bout me cheating and I promise you never got bored while talking to me

  • Looking for a girl I can give my world am spoil tf outta her wit love

    02 JUL   Toledo, OH, USA

    Hi, I'm nick I'm 15 an looking for a girlfriend I can give my world, make her feel special, an spoil the fuck out of her with love. I'm looking for someone who's between 14-16. I am living in Toledo, Ohio. I on't mind long distance, I'm loyal as fuck and no one never Has to worry bout me cheating.

    Becky07 I would love to get to know you a lil bit and maybe I can become ur girl bcuz I’m 14 and your 15 so can we please give it a try
  • Online Teen Chat Free

    13 JUL   Tunis, Tunisia

    If you looking for chat with teen boys and girls

    Online Free Teen Chat

  • I really want to meet a nice girl

    12 JUL   London, UK

    Just want to talk to a girl dm who. add my snap as im not very active on here 

  • Need a person who I can trust and knows how to take pictures

    12 JUL   Anaheim, CA, USA

    I'm 5'5

    Not skinny

    But would like to meet someone 

    Cough cough...I'm not a fatass

  • Looking for a relationship (Straight)

    30 APR   Whiteville, NC, USA

    hey my name is will and I am looking for a relationship preferably in nc or sc 

  • Meet new girls to snapchat

    12 JUL   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I just want to find girls to snapchat and maybe get a little freaky with over snapchat

  • looking for a hookup/ relationship in Pasadena/ San Gabriel area

    05 JUL   San Marino, CA, USA

    looking for someone in the Pasadena, San Gabriel area to hookup/ relationship with. 

  • Don-t ask for nudes I just want a special relationship with a wonderful gir

    11 JUL   Monticello, New York

    Want a special relationship with a girl to embrace love with no I don't ask for nudes so don't worry

  • Looking for a relationship with a cute girl from denver or fort Collins

    12 AUG   Greeley, CO, United

    Hi my name is Jesus I'm lookimg for a girl to be with that can get pass with my looks. Around my age 14-16. it would be great for them to come over here so we can spend time to get to know each other. And I'm found as a little weird don't know why. Well ask me if u want to know about me personally don't be shy ah who am i kidding I'm also abit shy hehehe 

  • Looking for a loyal teen girl to talk to

    02 JUN   Phoenix, Arizona, Un

    I am looking for a loyal girl to talk to or possibly have a relationship idk just hmu anytime

    catherine Hi! My name is catherine and i am a very kind caring loyal and funny person and if you are interested in becoming friends, my messages are open:)
  • Meet a girl, for romantic relationship

    09 MAR   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    Hey girls trying to find a girl to connect with and get to know, maybe start a relationship  , so hmu :). I dont care about age.

  • Add me girls . Looking for a relationship

    09 JUL   Newton, NJ, USA

    hello. My name is Cody. I’m 15 I am looking for a girlfriend ages 15-17. Currently taking classes to be a State Trooper. Add me girls.

  • Looking for a girlfriend (13-14)

    08 JUL   Frost, TX, USA

    I'm Jordan I'm look for Latina's or black girl's I'm a caring guy my snap is jords071598 hmu

  • looking for people by my age to hmu

    08 JUL   Erie, PA, USA

    Looking for new friends or possibly more on Snapchat, girls hmu, my snap is LilYoshi1738

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