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  • Looking for some fun

    19 SEP   Richmond, CA, United

    Just looking for some girls who wanna get a bit dirty on snapchat. Just looking to have some fun and if you're interested hmu on snapchat.

    SC: Evilpanda510

  • Looking for a gf to spend time with

    18 SEP   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    Looking for a gf to spend time with, I like to have fun, play games, watch movies, and just want sombody to talk to, who is nice and funny. hmu lol

  • Meet new people for friends or more

    18 SEP   Culpeper, VA, United

    Hey I'm israel, 18, looking for a girl to talk to and maybe show a little of my bad side to if you're up for it. Open to mostly anything you want to do I'm not picky. Kik me at irm178

    Dylan Hey my little sister is 10
    1 day ago
    Israel Hey not interested man
    1 day ago
  • Girls 13-14 talk about ananything hmu

    17 SEP   Brisbane City, Queen

    hey my name is josh I am looking girls 13-24 to talk to please feel free to chat to me. Can't wait for you to hmu

  • I need someone to love and to call mine

    16 SEP   Castile, NY, United

    Looking for a girl that I can call mine idc if it's long distance or not I just want to video chat with them so I can see them so girls hmu

  • Looking for friendship / girlfriend and maybe more

    15 SEP   Chicago, IL, United

    Hey i'm Mike and 17

    Looking for friendship / girlfriend and maybe more 

    If anyone lives in Chicago that would be great if you're long distance that's okay to

    I don't have much to say since i'm new 

    Please message me if you are interested.

  • looking for people to chat with. Probably even a girlfriend

    15 SEP   Woodland, CA, United

    Hello I'm Jacob. I'm 19 and currently in college. I attend Woodland Community. I love piano and soccer and rock music. I'm looking for friends so if you wanna hmu

  • Looking for someone beautiful and fun

    09 AUG   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hey im Angelo, 14, (Straight) im just looking for someone witty, sarcastic, and fun. Someone I can text late night, someone with a personality. Im truly open for anything so don't hesitate to message me.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 SEP   Chicago, IL, United

    If nobody has seen my recent post than this is a waste of time knowing there's more  (Fakes) instead of real person.

    Lea Im sure people seen it. I saw your last post
  • This is me and my bio for you?

    13 SEP   Clearwater, FL, Unit

     Hey, there if your reading this I might be stalking though seeing who's my next victim it might be you... Just Joking my name is Justin and just wanted to make friends and get in to a relationship with some lucky person out there ??. I wanna maybe , no I want to meet someone and go more deep in the friendship more then just friends mostly talking to the ladies ?! Ps I might be a ?? but if your a guy I'm your guy your brother in arms ?

  • Just stop by and say hi haha. Hmu if I seem for if I don-t, just stop by

    12 SEP   OH, United States

    Hmu for pretty much anything lol. I don't mind if a chat is clean or dirty, and I really like getting to know people! Regardless of what kind of chat haha. (I'm a little sub if you're into that). I'm also from Ohio and I'm 18. I'm always on Kik so contact me anytime you want. Also give me a try haha, just hmu even if you don't think we'll get along idc

  • Girls 15-16 only in Murfreesboro TN

    12 SEP   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Hi I'm Kaleb and I'm single and live in middle Tennessee and bored I've never had a girlfriend that has lived in Tennessee I can no longer do long distance relationships anymore so if you live near me please hmu

  • Looking for a relationship

    12 SEP   Athens, GA, United S

    My name is Evan and I'm 15. I live in Athens,  GA,  take martial arts,  skateboard,  like metal/rock music (some country and a little rap), watch Game of Thrones and a lot of other movies (Marvel/DC/scify/fantasy/action adventure).  

    I'm looking for an honest girl,  14 -17, that is loyal, funny,  and looking for a relationship. 

  • any interested at all please let me know

    11 SEP   Buffalo, NY, United

    hello is there anyone out there for me just message me or email me at 

  • Im Looking for a friend and maybe more.

    17 MAR  

    Im looking for someone kinda like me to hang out with. It doesnt matter if its online or not. I like video games, music,drawing though not well, and rooster teeth stuff. I preferably someone 14 to 16. I have my kik on my profile if youre interested in getting to know me at all.

  • Looking for a girl to talk to

    10 SEP   Denver, CO, United S

    looking for a girl to talk to. I can be your best friend or more than that? Hmu on on sc or kik

  • Hey looking for a cute girl

    09 SEP   Gardner, KS, United

    Hi I'm Connor I looking for a girl that I could talk to and maybe more then friends

  • 14 to 17 girl to meet message me i need a girl to hang out with me

    07 SEP   Pittsfield, MA, Unit

    i need a girl 14 to 17 age i need a girl too hang out or having fun i love girls have leggings on makes me want to kiss them and hot girls with blonde hair plz message me i am alone i need a girl to have fun message me on my kik its on my profile i will respond the text on my kik if i dont i am at school until 2:20 sometimes i have church on Fridays i will respond soon as i can

  • Meet a girl for relationship

    07 SEP   Plymouth, United Kin

    Hey my names James , I'm looking for a girlfriend that's funny , happy , athletic but also romantic.

    my hobbies Are climbing, surfboarding , rugby and also combat sports 

    If your interested hit me up:) 

  • Meet new girls open to anything

    07 SEP   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 15 my name is Erik and id love to talk to meet some new girls and maybe become friends and family there's any that r a little naughty I can help with that too. Either message me on this website for my snap or hmu on kik ejones543

  • Meet new girls to do anything

    07 SEP   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 15 fit would love to meet new girls for having a friendship or will satisfy u if u a dirty girl if interested hmu on kik ejones543

    Claire S. Im dirty and interested
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    07 SEP   Heredia, Heredia Pro

    Hi, I'm looking for a girlfriend. I am a shy boy. Jorge0998 my kik :)

  • I want a sweet, nice, and a funny girl who shows affection.

    07 SEP   Danville, CA, United

    hey, my name is Jake, im 13, live in Danville california, I like to scooter, skateboard, BMX bike, wake surf, wake board, water ski, inner-tube, basically anything that will get my adrenaline pumping, I hope to meet a girl that shows affection, is nice, funny, and also active, I also like to go to starbucks and hang out anytime a can (which is usually all the time) and be with someone that will be there for me too.

    Jake Chimpky oh btw my instagram is Jake.C.2017 and if you want my number, let me know more about you!
  • Looking for relationship /girls 14

    07 SEP   Plymouth, United Kin

    looking for a chilled out relationship with someone that's understanding .

  • looking for friends

    05 SEP   Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

    hi my name is Micheal love ? making friends and good at bringing lovers together

  • Hey ;) my name is Dyllan i am 17 looking for a girl to care for

    09 MAY   Johannesburg South,

    Looking for a girl who will care for me as i would her . i live in South  Africa JHB . 

  • Meet some girls down to Skype. Or FaceTime, whatever.

    05 SEP   Eugene, OR, United S

    Hey, my Skype is coolhunter17, I'm looking for some people to chill with, and whatnot, I give my number in private msg, so pm me or reply your Skype below.

  • Hmu girls only see what happens

    04 SEP   Spencer, MA, United

    I'm 16 and really down for whatever my snap is thorner21 (girls only)

  • Looking for girls who just want to meet someone new

    27 AUG   Montgomery, TX, Unit

    Hi I'm just looking for someone who wants to talk and have a good time. I'm open to trading pictures and other things if that is an interest we both have. Not gonna be to pushy or pervy 

    Alicia Hi Im looking for an older boyfriend
    Sophie Hey I am the person you are looking for
  • Anyone wanna be my harley quinn?

    04 SEP   Tupelo, MS, United S

    Hey, i'm very open minded, need people to connect to, grow close to, maybe have a little fun.

    I tend to like emo/punk/goth girls, but i'm not too picky. I'm honest, open, and nice, but i can be brash, kinky, and take control when i need to.

    send me a message if you wanna talk ;-)

  • Meet new people//girls

    04 SEP   NYC, NY, United Stat

    Any girls wanna talk? Lmaoao im valid vibes ??? Just hmu here and ill give u my kik and snap ;). Name is jose and im 16.

  • Single and not loved alot

    17 MAY   Dunlap, TN, United S

    Am domenic looking for a kind sweet hearted female friend or maybe more eventually msg me or ill msg you

    Alelelele Dont say nobody likes you. Someone does like you for being you. Look on the bright side you know.
    Esabela (taken) Dominic dont worry youll find someone ok wmile :D
    Elynn Dont worry Dominic, theres someone out there who likes you. We can talk if you want to though. Keep smiling, and dont give up 😊
    Jerseymh If you dont have a pencil to write someones happiness, then use an eraser and erase their sadness
  • Looking for a girlfriend near me

    03 SEP   Evergreen Park, IL,

    I like anime,gaming, youtube, and Netflix also I am some what a perv so yeah also I'm looking for a cute,adorable,hot idc just don't look bad I want s girl who takes care of herself also braces are so cute I want a kind caring girlfriend who likes gaming maybe  anime is cool and if your a perv or some what a perv perfect match

    Jaceycakes543 Hey jaylen Im not a perv but I likbgaming and anime
  • Meet a girl that chilled out maybe relationship

    03 SEP   Plymouth, United Kin

    Hey I'm James I am 15 I'm a sporty person I enjoy basketball,climbing,running and have been doing taekwondo for 8 years. I also enjoy watching films and playing games. I'm looking for any chilled out girl. I'm also caring 

  • Any girls hmu I-m bored asf

    03 AUG   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Hi my name is Robert Age 17  and i am confident, arrogant, proud, athletic, intelligent, well-spoken, funny, a people person, sarcastic, friendly, warm hearted and generous and happy to be your friend 

    Robert Hmu Im bored asf
    Zacharah2211 Wtf r u doing take this shit down now
  • I am not guy btw i love girls

    01 SEP   Baldwin Park, CA, Un

    And text me for whatever, bc your bored or bc your horny or whatever i will talk to you girls ugly or cute i will talk to you

  • Meet a nice girl to start a relationship with

    01 SEP   Plymouth, United Kin

    Hey I'm James I am 15 new to this stuff . I'm a sporty person I enjoy basketball,climbing,running and have been doing taekwondo for 8 years. I also enjoy watching films and playing games. I'm looking for a chilled out girl to maybe start a relationship with pls be 14 :)

  • hmu on snap and i aint the nigga 2 ignor

    31 AUG   Somerset, MA, United

    Add me on snap and i wont ignore u, ill hit u up quik and i aint gonna block u unless u some ugly ass hoe or being a fucking annoying nigga

  • Looking for a girl to talk to

    08 JUL   Chrzanow, Poland

    Hello, Im Charles 15. I'm looking for a girl to talk to. I'm pretty shy, but i can be pretty open about diffrent stuff. Feel free to message me on kik. 

    Zacharah2211 Hey I dont have kik but talk me on mobile chat if u get a min
    angie255 I dont have kick but I do have instagram @anjolia246
  • Mainly someone to talk

    13 AUG   Friedrichsdorf, Germ

    Hi, I'm Ole (14 atm). I don't want attention because of my depression but that's mainly why I'm looking for honest and helpful girls to talk to, who really care (age 13-15 prefered but I don't mind any age). I respect everything someone says and a long distance relationship is imaginable. Hmu on Kik, or Whatsapp if noone bothers.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    26 AUG   Bangkok Thailand

    Hi i am Suleman, i love sports as well as studies, looking for a girlfriend.

  • Hey there I am looking for some girl friends, not girlfriends for jolly cha

    02 JUN   Salem, Tamil Nadu, I

    Hey guys :) I am Bhupesh,14.I need some friends to do jolly chats between the age of 13 to 15.I like to watch movies.

  • Meet a girl to have a relationship with

    29 AUG   Plymouth, United Kin

    Hi I am 16 years old looking for a relationship with a beautiful girl . I love to doing sports such as basketball,climbing, basketball and I'm a black belt in Korean taekwondo and I love watching films and playing video games :0 I'm looking for someone that is chilled out ,funny and has a good personality. I don't really have a type. Feel free to message me :)

  • looking for girlfriend

    27 AUG   Zachary, LA, United

    Hey, my name is Julian and I am 14 and looking for a girlfriend between 13 through 16....:) 

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend ages 13-15.

    12 AUG   Evanston, IL, United

    Hi there my name is Sam and I'm 13 years old. I'm looking for a gf ages 13-15. I just broke up with someone and I'm looking for someone new. Hmu if you are interested. 

  • Meet a friend or a girlfriend

    28 AUG   Wilson, NY, United S

    Hi I'm 15, looking fun a gf to have fun with, laugh, etc.... But that's not all, want a girl to talk to who cares about me and someone I can care about.

  • Looking for a relationship

    25 AUG   Planet

    Hi, I'm Dan, I'm 13 years old and I'm looking for a relationship, 13-15 year old preference. I like to play video games and also experiment with technology. I also run Cross Country. I want to meet a girl who is nice, physically healthy and into video games and or technology.

    Feel free to message me on this website or on my Snapchat.

    Snapchat: daniel_ayyee

  • Looking for girls to snap @chris.glatzz

    27 AUG   New York, NY, United

    Hey I'm looking for girls ages 13-15 anyone to snap me just go ahead and add me @chris.glatzz on Snapchat 

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