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  • Jason is my name, 16 is my....

    25 OCT   New York, NY, United

    So, just signed up for this thing right... seen lots of guys that were just looking for girlfriends and like when guys do that you know the relationship aint going to end well.

    I aint looking for a girlfriend but if it happens then thats all good, just tryna look for a friend that is the gender of FEMALE. (sorry last time I did this kind of thing lots of guys posted...)

    I have discord, snapchat and ye

    (BTW I HAVE A NICK NECK) i dont lie

    Jayson (Taken) by just signed up, i mean just came back lmao
    Miyah Lmao I need a friend as well 😂 hmu to chat
    charlxtte hey, would love to be frds :)

  • So lonely on Thanksgiving day home alone

    23 NOV   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Girls Im lonely home alone till 2pm I have spina bifida in my lower spine and a virgin on thanksgiving so hmu I live in Murfreesboro TN my kik text_me_100 I would like a girl over at my place for fun times

  • Looking for a relationship

    23 NOV   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    hiya there.. I’m jason, JT, Jas, whatever u wanna call me lol.... I love love love music... I play guitar and sing and am sorta in a band.... ummm I like pretty much anything tbh... sooooo ya hmu!

  • Meet girls 13-16 looking for relationship

    26 SEP   Towson, MD, United S

    Hello, I'm Sherene and I'm 16 and looking for a relationship with a girl. I go to an online school, so it gets pretty lonley. I'd love to have a cute girlfriend to spend my time with and cuddle. Preferably someone close to Towson Maryland. Kik me @Faren329 if you're interested in chatting and getting to know each other. Girls only please. ?

  • Any girls wanna talk just message me

    05 NOV   Porter, TX, United S

    Hey just lookin for a girl to talk to ages 14-17 to chill with have fun talk to. 

  • Looking For A Girlfriend

    04 AUG   Elizabeth, PA, Unite

    Hi, my name is Barret. I need a girlfriend, please message if you wanna hang. I am 15 & I have a good sense of humor, and a good personality.


    16 AUG   Adoor, Kerala, India


    Am Joshua

    Friends call me Josh, therefore I prefer Josh

    I don't brag, or feel too proud

    I hope to meet someone special here

    I mean, a special girl I will never forget


  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 NOV   New York, NY, United

    13-17 years old i love open minded and dirty girls but i will take any girl and i want her to love me for being me

    drop your snapchats or add me abaacha_15

  • Hey I am Skyelre and i just really want a good gf

    21 NOV   Riverton, WY, United

    Hey im Skyelre or Sky however you want to say it and i have been through rough times and i think that it is time for change im going to be more active on my love life and im going to see how well i do and i hope it dosent crash and burn on top of me like in the me not fun

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    21 NOV   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    15-19 years old can be dirty or clean be cute af message me your snapchat

    Gregdabomb Hey emmalee add me back
    3 days ago
  • Looking for anybody.

    21 NOV   NY, United States

    Hi guys my name is john I am 14 and i live in Ny. I'm looking for a girl at the age of 14 who is a kind and loveable person. I am friendly nice funny and smart. Anyone tryna talk just hit me up.

  • Would love to meet someone around my area or could travel I need a girl age

    04 NOV   Hays, KS, United Sta

    HMU Snapchat 13-15 yr olds only I would take you out as much as I can and would always keep you company!

    Elise Where is ut area
    SunBeam24 Hey I live about an hour away from you hmu
    3 days ago
  • I?m looking for a cute girl I can care for

    21 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    looking for a cute girl so I can care for her and love her forever and clean or dirty idc13-15

  • Looking for a GF/someone to talk to.

    20 NOV   Oxford, England, Uni

    If you like me then add me on SP :) and I guess I need at least 80 characters soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Badly need some new friends

    20 NOV   Lucknow, Uttar Prade

    Hi I am new here I am here to make friends and to interact with new people

  • Looking for gf a real relationship if you want Snapchat: rashedmaidur10

    20 NOV   Riyadh, Riyadh Provi

    If you want a real relationship I’ll put on Snapchat come their and let’s talk together I’ll be waiting Snapchat rashedmaidur10 

  • Hey ladies wanna get freaky snaps

    03 NOV   Frisco, TX, United S

    Wanna share some freaky pics with me I'll send some to u.  snap chat plz ??

  • looking for a gf and if u want to talk add me on snapchat: aidanperry8602

    14 NOV   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    hey i am looking for a gf and if you think i am cute or anything text me but i am 15 and love sports and to hang out with friends. But what i am looking for is a girl who is funny and exciting to be around. but anyways add me on snap aidanperry86

    kayle_15 u are cute but even if i wanted to be ur friend i couldnt cuz u live LA
    Elise Im am ur girlfriend and btw he does not live UN LA
    nanabae Youre cute :)
  • Look for a girlfriend

    19 JUN   Garland, TX, United

    Hi I'm Dylan, 14.  I play basketball, I'm very funny and have a good time. I'm looking to a girl with similar mindset for hanging out ( hip-hop, movies, basketball games or basketball tournaments , events and different things

    Cady Hey! Im 14 and I am looking for a relationship..I would love to get to know you
    Elizabeth Alpha Hey Im interested

  • A girl could be cool

    19 NOV   Møldrup Munic

    Wants relationship (15 and down)

    just friends (doesn't matter)

    Fun ;) (mostly 13 but doesn't really matter)

    Oliver Looks doesnt really matter
  • im looking for a girlfriend

    19 NOV   Spring Lake, MI, Uni

     if you want to know what i look like pm me and ill tell you my snapchat

  • Moving to Hawthorne California

    19 NOV   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Single Girls I'm moving to Hawthorne California soon and I am a virgin so I am looking for a virgin girlfriend that is okay with someone with a birth defect called Spina bifida and is from 14-16 and likes me for who I am and understands me

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    16 OCT   New York, NY, United

    My name is dangelo I'm 18 and I love to anime and love video games my favorite 2 animals is Sword Art Online and Death Note want to find a girl who lovesaid video games and anime. I want a girl with a good personality who can make me laugh and smile

    Lizzard Hey! Not into video games that much only cuz i dont own any game systems. Dont know much about anime but u can teach me😊
  • Meet people anytime anywhere whe

    20 OCT   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    Hi I'm eryck I live in West Philly I'm 13 I am looking for a girl who cute pretty sexy and fine af! A girl who bout dat life. Idk want nobody who gonna hmu and then trip and then break up with me reel quick . So if u a girl who sooo cute and fine and pretty af ???? and u live in Philly then hmu asap

  • Down for anything. If you want to just hang out date or hookup let-s go!

    13 NOV   Lancaster, PA, Unite

    Mostly looking to find a girl I'm attracted too and have an intimate relationship with I'm not picky and will give you a chance if your be honest being a little slut isn't always a bad thing ;) so as long as your cute and what I mentioned right above we will get a long just fine 

  • Possible relationship

    28 JUN   Nicholasville, KY, U

    Hi I'm Danny and I would like a girl 13-15 I'm smart, I have skipped a grade and I am the MVP on the basket ball team.

    ashleigh hey message me
    Alyssa Hi message me please I want to talk
  • Want to meet girls that wanna hangout

    17 JAN   Houston, TX, United

    Im looking for a girl who wants to date and are rlly pretty

    Hn5717 (Taken) @Lexi he not gonna show you a pic, it really shouldnt matter to you what he looks like, cuz hes taken by me;)
    Dylan (Taken) shes right I am hers and im sorry but your not getting a pic of me and if u message me shes gonna find out before I reply
    Alyssa Then y r u on here if ur taken?
  • I want to have fun with a girl

    13 NOV   Springfield, MO, Uni

    Hi Im Hayden and Im looking for some fun if ya know what I mean I would like to do video so pictures cant be used against people cause im not a rude guy just messege me if ya wanna get down with me and we will go from there

  • A chat with a girl could be nice

    19 NOV   Møldrup Munic

    I'm 13 could be nice if there's a girl that was interested in having a little chat with me or more 

  • Looking to meet new people

    19 NOV   Donnelly, MN, United

    Just living life to the fullest I can and looking for a girl to call mine before I go off to basic with the army in June 

  • Looking for a cute gf (14-17)

    17 NOV   Farmington, NM, Unit

    hey i am looking for a gf and if you think i am cute or anything text me but i am 15 and love sports and to hang out with friends. But what i am looking for is a girl who is funny and exciting to be around. but anyways add me on snap dmoney3226

    Billi Hello Im 14 nearly 15
  • Hi I-m interested in meeting new people and possibly love girls 15-17 plz

    17 NOV   Guyton, Georgia, Uni

    I would like someone who is loyal, kind, funny, and pretty if possible but idrc about looks I care for the person on the inside so if interested plz snap me

  • Looking for a girlfriend 15-18.

    16 NOV   Milan, TN, United St

    I know I’m probably ugly but I’m looking for a girlfriend from 15-18 or close to that. Message me if interested. 

  • Looking for a caring girlfriend

    16 NOV   Forest Grove, OR, Un

    im looking for a girlfriend 13-16 that I can talk to and for me to know that I have someone that cares about me. I want someone to like me for who I am.

  • Im looking for a nice girl to be with

    15 NOV   Sevan Kheri, Rajasth

    Hey! I’m Linus, and I’m looking for a girlfriend. I like learning about languages, I like watching movies, sushi is delicious, and soccer is fun to play. I’m looking for a girl who is at least smart and funny, but anything more would be great. So yeah, hmu if you can!!!

  • Any girls hmu I-m bored asf

    03 AUG   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Hi my name is Robert Age 17  and i am confident, arrogant, proud, athletic, intelligent, well-spoken, funny, a people person, sarcastic, friendly, warm hearted and generous and happy to be your friend 

  • Looking for girls to talk to

    14 NOV   Eugene, OR, United S

    I'm Michael , 15. I like to run, read, and watch anime. I am hoping to find someone who shares my interests, or a girl that I can talk to.

  • Want relationship with girl

    13 NOV   Omaha, NE, United St

    I live in Omaha Nebraska and want a girl to talk to and laugh with. I love to game hunt and fish. Would like to meet someone close to me.

  • looking for a girlfriend that is exciting

    02 NOV   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    looking for a relationship with with a girl who is really intresting and i share at least on thing with but i am 15 years old. If you are intrested text me below 

    Elise Hmu if ya wanna talk . And be friends
    Aidan Perry hi girls it would be great if u messaged me to so we could talk :)
  • Looking for a girlfriend or just friend

    27 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    my name is jason and im single im looking for someone the age of 13-17 if its you then hmu on snapchat:   Jason_2290

  • Meet new friendly face

    11 NOV   Abu Dhabi - United A

    Girl gamers are awesome and if you are interested add me on snapshot I'll ad u back

  • I need a gf.

    11 NOV   Calhoun, GA, United

    Hi I’m Zane I need a gf                                                                                                      

  • Meet a little cutie to call my own ?

    11 NOV   Bliss, ID, United St

    Hey there, my name is Roy. I'm 17 years old almost 18 FML. But I'm here looking for a girlfriend that lives pretty close to gooding. I love hanging out, just talking or going the park or watching movies .I'm very friendly and I'm always open to conversation. So shoot me a text ?. 

  • I-m Looking For That Special Girl Ages 13-15

    10 NOV   Frederick, MD, Unite

    My Name Is Steven And If You Want To Date Me HMU And Just Don't Ask Me For Dick Pics And Don't Ask How Big My Dick Is Thanks :)

  • Looking for girlfriend

    10 NOV   Edinburgh, United Ki

    I'm a 17 year old boy from Scotland looking for a girlfriend.
    I like to have a good time and laugh with people. I want someone who is up to have fun and is commited to me. Please message or comment below if you want to get to know me

  • Looking for cute girl any age

    09 NOV   Saylorsburg, PA, Uni

    hey I’m greg I’m 17 looking for a cute girl to talk to message me on here or kik to get a faster reply pv_lacrosse

  • Looking for someone beautiful and fun

    09 AUG   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hey im Angelo, 14, (Straight) im just looking for someone witty, sarcastic, and fun. Someone I can text late night, someone with a personality. Im truly open for anything so don't hesitate to message me.

  • Hi my name is Gryffin I?m 14 years old and I?m looking for a friend or more

    22 AUG   Mumbai, Maharashtra,

    I am looking for a friend or more I am open to long distance relationship and I don’t care what u look like. HMU to find out more if ur interested 

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