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Meet girl teen

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet girl teen ,this is a group for meet people for meet girl teen in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • My phone number an all that good stuff.

    21 SEP   Glendale, AZ, USA

    hey everyone yeah it’s me again an no I’m not addicted to posting if that’s what u think or desperate. Just wanted to put my number out there. When u text don’t say ur from ourteennetwork. 4802347205

    Elijah Rhone My Isra is pie3975
    1 hour ago

  • 14yo strait male cute girls HMU on snapchat

    21 SEP   Charlotte, NC, USA

    looking for cute girls HMU. I live in charlotte NC  and want some people to talk to, hella bored. Please just girls add me tho

  • Looking for a gf (bigger is better!)

    21 SEP   Mount Clare, WV, USA

    Looking for someone to date. I'd prefer someone in my area, but I'm good with long distance. Hmu!

  • Any single redheads?

    20 SEP   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Looking for a cute redhead to text or to date hmu if interested 

  • I am looking for a girlfriend

    20 SEP   Cape Town, South Afr

    I am looking fr a girl that's skin colour is white and athletic, i want a girl that won't mind going for a run with me, and a girl that looks after herelf. I don't want a bitchy girl that moans all the time, i aam fine with talk about problems but yeah. I want a girl that would love me to bits, she should care for me, basically i sjudt want a girl, get to know her, and then maybe go out.

  • Bored 13 year old boy

    20 SEP   Florida

    IDEK. Uhm 13, Boy, like Harry Potter and stuff. HMU I’m bored. I’m willing for whatever, but like just be my age. I’ll talk to other guys just most the guys on this website are rude and look fake so I made it looking for girl ?? Yea that’s all :)

  • Meet a nice girl future girlfriend

    20 SEP   Glendale, AZ, USA

    i want to meet a girl who is very   Accepting an likes me for me an who likes to have fun 

  • I am looking for a girlfriend who really cares about me

    19 SEP   Cape Town, South Afr

    I am just looking for a girl around my age who would care for me and love me. If I date someone, I really care about them and make sure that they are fine, please if someone is interested, go follow me on Instagram send me a message. But anyway, I am very loyal and also want a loyal girlfriend. I would like to get to know the girl first so yeah?

  • Bored asf and need someone to talk to

    19 SEP   Raleigh, NC, USA

    Hi my name is Dekai and i'm looking for a girl best friend, so i could have someone to talk to basically all the time and idk might lead to something ig, hmu on either instagram or snapchat and lets just become friend:) ages(14-15)

  • Looking for loyal girlfriend

    19 SEP   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Not really looking for anything dirty just looking to text and chill and see where it goes 

  • Just looking for a girl my age

    18 SEP   Cape Town, South Afr

    I am looking for a girl who actually wants to get to know me and who's actually interested in me.

  • Snap streaks and meeting new people

    18 SEP   Lincoln, UK

    Hey I’m 15. From Lincoln U.K. I need more snap streaks but I’m down for anything. Preferably girls as I don’t know why I can just keep a conversation flowing with them but not lads. Anyway hmu on snap or kik x

  • Meet girls maybe even get a girlfriend

    18 SEP   Collinsville, IL, US

    Hi my name is Lucas I’m 16 and I am a very interesting person 

  • What a country boy to do

    17 JUN   Elkhart, IN, United

    Im a country boy that loves drawing,singing,lovable,and look for a girl near me message me

    King._.Sammie Hey! I love to draw, give hugs, listen to music, and Im very kind :) message me some time
    Mya Shrum I live near you, and I love to draw and sing! message me sometime
    2 days ago
  • Looking for my little princess

    11 MAR   Chicago, IL, USA

    Looking for a teen girl (ages 13-17) that I can talk to and possibly become close with I dont really know, I am kind of a nerd and I am trying to be more comfortable talking to people 

  • Looking for Loyal girlfriend or just someone to text hmu on snap or kik

    18 SEP   Jacksonville, NC, US

    I'm a guy 17 years old. Ill be 18 in 4 months I love my music and friends About ass much as I play Xbox with the bois (hmu and we will see where things go) ?

  • Looking for a good looking girl?

    18 SEP   London, UK

    Looking for a girl to hmu and chat could get a bit freaky if that’s where u want it to go ?

  • Looking for some fun!

    18 SEP   Leakesville, MS, USA

    Girls hmu on kik if you wanna “talk”. I’m really sweet and like to laugh. And I need someone to text. 

  • Open minded friendship

    16 SEP   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Just looking for a friend who loves talking about nerd stuff and also who wouldn't mind having hot conversations once and awhile. Trade  steamy stories. I'll also answer any questions thrown at me.  No hookups if you're uncomfortable with the idea. I'm open minded to it though. Sooo lets have some fun 

  • Looking for a girl to go on a date with

    15 SEP   Draper, UT, USA

    Just a guy looking for a girl. 16 and up, willing to go out with me. Hopefully find something more, you know? Also preferably near by. Like, 15 20 minute drive tops. However that is flexible. I respond best to Snapchat or Instagram so dm me there 

  • looking for a nice girl

    15 SEP   Buena Park, CA, USA

    Hi im just  looken for a nice girl on here to get to know and stuff.

  • Tryna get dat right gal ;)

    23 AUG   Gainesville, FL, USA

    6’0 182 and buff, tbh I don’t mind exchanging pics but you’ll be the one to bring it up. Funny and entertaining to say the least. Any y’all gals want some muscular shirtless pics I gotchu lmao. HMU mate

    Natasha Ohk am into that
    CherryBombshell i think that you look like an amazing person, and i think any girl would be lucky to know you
  • Looking for someone who

    14 SEP   Baltimore, MD, USA

    Looking for someone who wants me for me and nobody else so yeah hit me up on kik

  • Looking for friend or relationship

    14 SEP   Media, PA, USA

    Looking for a girl. Hoping for a relationship for someone loyal. Pretty simple so HMU on here and then maybe on snap.

  • Need a girl to talk to on snap;)

    13 SEP   St John, IN, USA

    Need a girl to talk to on snap maybe get a lil freaky but who knows ;) add me @josh_crowe22

  • Add me on sc or text me

    13 SEP   Princeton, MO, USA

    Really board someone hmu I'll do what you want to do I'll really have nothing to do been stuck at home my sc is cameronleegriff and my Instagram is camcamrocks88

  • Looking for a loyal girlfriend

    13 SEP   New Oxford, PA, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend through 14-17 and someone who's loyal and who wont leave when things get hard so if that is you hmu on snapchat or Instagram 

  • I-m lonely and I just wish there was someone who wants to change that

    13 SEP   Detroit, MI, USA

    I'm lonely and I just wish there was someone who wants to change that if you do please message me

  • Looking for friends or maybe a girlfriend

    02 SEP   Bradford, UK

    hmu girls :) I would like to make new friends but mostly would try to get a bit more that. Message me or comment on here if your interested :) 

  • If any girls want to hit me up please do so

    12 SEP   Louisville, KY, USA

    Unlike most other people, I don't nesicarilly judge you off of what you 

    I'm just looking for someone I can really talk to and sometimes vent to, and vice versa, and maybe form a relationship, Who knows.

  • Any girls wanna talk

    11 SEP   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    im just looking for gf that’s funny sweet caring and would be there for me 

  • Add me on snapchat . ruthlessdee9

    11 SEP   Newburgh, IN, USA

    Add me on snapchat dont add me and not text me im not a creep lmao ian gonna be asking for nudes thats that thirsty shit im just tryna have conversations lol we can start streaks and talk all day im funny af i can keep a conversation and if you tryna text add me 

  • Meet a girl that will treat me right

    11 SEP   East Bernard, TX, US

    I really don't care how far the relationship is. I just want a girl to treat me right. I have depression and I get down a lot. If she could be there for me at these points in time i would love it. I will show the all the love i have to give. At first I'm shy but if you get to know me I'm a great guy

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 SEP   Iowa

    Hey I'm Karen and I'm single and looking for a girlfriend if interested message me here or on snap kaden_white4 thanks 

  • Looking for a girl near me

    11 SEP   South Plainfield, NJ

    Hey I’m Conner

    im looking for a girl that’s down to be more of friends with benefits or if they wanna go farther be my girlfriend.


    5’10 or 5’11

  • Looking for a thing called love, sounds nice

    11 SEP   NY, USA

    You won't respond but if you do that would be nice just ask some questions I'll respond honestly I'm just not a good talker

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    10 SEP   Princeton, NJ, USA

    I'm looking for a 14 year old girlfriend to chat with on kik and maybe meet in real life and have an actual date with 

  • Looking for friends or maybe more

    10 SEP   Alice Springs NT, Au

    Hey there.I'm harry 16 and straight...I don't spend much here so add me on sc@harryhathy.....or just message me here,later on I'll catch i'll be waiting guys byee

  • Any girls wanna talk bored asf

    10 SEP   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    Looking for a girl that will be there for me and won’t judge me. I want a girl that is funny sweet caring and is cute on the inside and out. I’m more into girls that have blonde dirty blonde or brown haired and is caucasian  

  • Any girls to talk to

    10 AUG   Golden, CO, USA

    Hey im sam and im not sure exactly what this is lmao but if thers a girl who wants to talk that would b awesome idc age j anyone lol but hmu

  • Looking for 14-16 year-old girlfriend

    10 SEP   Mechanicsburg, PA, U

    Hey. I'm interested in meeting girls 14-16. I also want you to know I don't care about outside looks only what's inside 

  • Looking for a female friend to chat with

    10 SEP   NY, USA

    Hay I’m jack and I’m looking for a nice gf or just a friend who’s a girl. I like sports and just hanging out. HMU if your interested.

  • Looking for a girl to role play with I-m very bored

    10 SEP   Corpus Christi, TX,

    I'm very bored and want someone to talk to and role play with I do play games I am a gamer I play on Xbox cause PlayStation is trash I probably just offended a ton of poeple but who cares

  • looking for a girl to talk to and call mine

    10 SEP   Liberty Hill, TX, US

    I’m looking for a girl that I can be with I’m more in to girls with blonde or brown hair and I’m in to caucasian. I just want someone that would be there for me and won’t judge me and likes country guys. I want a girl that is loyal cute funny and sweet.

  • Looking to talk to girls on snap

    10 SEP   Louisville, KY, USA

    I'm bored and single and looking for females to add me on snap, just want to talk and make friends or maybe more

  • Looking for a nice girl to talk to

    09 SEP   Orangeville, ON, Can

    I’m Nathan I’m 14 chill guy looking for a nice girl long distance is possible 

  • Snapchat buddy wya hml drop your snap

    09 SEP   Newburgh, IN, USA

    Im tryna get a snapchat buddy who can reply fast and isnt lame and can hold a conversation 

    Im 18 btw

    Drop your snapchat do i can add you wassup  

  • Add me on snap - ruthlessdee9

    08 SEP   Newburgh, IN, USA

    Hmu and start a conversation. Dont be just trying to meet new people and i want a texting buddy 

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