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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet people ,this is a group for meet people for meet people in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • I?m bored text me if you want welcome to anyone

    09 DEC   Kansas City, MO, USA

    Hey so I’m bored kinda ran out of things to do girls and boys are welcome ?

  • About meh memey self

    08 DEC   San Marcos, TX, USA

    Hi! I'm Glitch or Berry. I'm 17 and bi. As you can probably tell I'm an Undertale, or any fandom nerd. I'm a freelance artist and writer, I love to sing and overall a meme. Get ready for a Skele-ton of puns too ;3 

  • Hi im Olivia so happy to meet you

    06 DEC   Chicago, IL, USA

    Im Olivia 

    Message me

    Im so happy to be alive hope y'all will welcome me!

    So um yea im 15 years old and female and yea

    I am who i am Hello Olivia. ☺️☺️
    3 days ago
    Undisagreeablyifying Heya. Id like to message you, as you seem like a cool person. Uh... Yeah. So, expect a message from me!
    3 days ago
  • I don-t really know what I-m doing ^

    05 DEC   Denver, CO, USA

    I'm Rise, I'm Pansexual, I like cartoons, movies, music, art, joking and really just looking for anyone friend or more :•)

  • Those who have cars and aren?t too old

    04 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

    If u r 16 to 17 I’ll make and acception if you are able to drive and see me since I can’t date someone very far away if ur kinda close but can drive here we can hang 

  • To all of the girls who check my profile out

    02 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

    I do date girls too lol and if ur wondering if I’m a guy I’m not but I will date a girl so hmu girls I’ll accept y’all 

  • Meet friends and cool people

    03 JUN   Union City, CA, Unit

    Meow! I'm Raven, 15 years old and I'm looking for friends or cool people to talk to..i love reading, anime (fairytail, kill la kill etc.), playing music on the piano or marimbas, listening to music and sleeping ^~^.I dont like liars or people who want to do dirty if thats what ur here for then don't text me at all...if u wanna talk more then just send me a message! Have a wonderful day! ??? also if u older than 18 then please do not text me....

  • Hi

    30 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    I’m looking for friends or relationship nothing else . 14-17 girl or guys . 

    Don’t hmu with weird shit. Not interested in trades with strangers 

  • Trying to find new people to talk to

    30 NOV   Baton Rouge, LA, Uni

    just looking for new people to talk to. I’m on snap and kik. I’m a 100 normal guy and wont try to get you to set nudes. I’m not gay btw. 

  • Add me on Snapchat to talk

    29 NOV   Sylacauga, AL, USA

    Hmu on Snapchat @seth_clif

  • Haven-t Been On In A LONG Time! Lol

    29 NOV   Clearwater, FL, USA

    Haven't Been On This Site For A while. But I'm Back. Message Me If U Wanna Be Friends Or Even More. Thx! :)

  • Need someone who cares and is funny

    26 NOV   Hesperia, CA, USA

    I just want a good friend, or bf, who will love me for me. And can help me through the bad days. Bc so far, no one is helping.

    Volcanictide If you need someone to talk to I’m always open
    kabu its all about positive acceptance
  • Please help through these tough times

    26 NOV   Hesperia, CA, USA

    Someone please help me out of this dark hole I'm falling into. I just need someone who cares, and idk maybe a bf. I really need someone.

  • Hey y?all everyone should hmu!

    25 NOV   Newark, DE, USA

    everyone should add me on snap I’m new on this site and want to meet as many people as possible! 

  • cute girls from sydney australia

    19 NOV   Liverpool NSW, Austr

    hi does anygirls wanna date me, i live in sydney australia.

    if you are interested and wanna be my gf and wanna meetup ,comment

  • Meet new people or something more or chats

    19 NOV   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    hey im looking for a gf or just someone who wants to have a good chat with I would like to make new friends or even start a streak add me on sc:Rohan.hall3875

  • Looking to meet new peeps and maybe something more

    19 NOV   Houston, TX, USA

    Heyy! I’m looking for some online friends to spam my Instagram and I’ll spam yours! I’m from Cuba and I’m 14 . I’m bisexual ;) and pls no one older than 19 hit me up thanks byee <3

  • Single and looking for a girlfriend as well as friends

    19 NOV   Colbert, OK, USA

    I'm a pretty straight forward guy who loves to laugh and have a good time, I'm hard headed as well as ornery, I'm open minded to almost everything, I love to go to new places amd learn new things. I'm 6 ft tall, slim/fit, brown hair, blue eyes. I enjoy hanging with friends and family, gaming, traveling, swimming, skateboarding, playing my guitar, and riding my ATV. I'm looking for a relationship with a female who have intentions of a long lasting relationship either long distance or even near by. I'm looking for a female who is kind, honest and loyal who loves to laugh and and have a good time and loves animals. I'm also looking for friends to chat with and possibly hang with in real life.

  • Bored af so hit me up

    17 NOV   Newport, MN, USA

    I'm bored so hit me up and plz don't ask for nudes or that kind of stuff bc I will block u ok and I want to meet new people so don't be afraid to text me I don't bite

    Justin (straight) Ill take you up on that offer

  • Add me on snap nathen765

    18 NOV   London, UK

    If you wanna talk hit me up on snap my snap is nathen765 and let’s talk there 

  • wats up guys snap me for today

    11 NOV   Denver, CO, USA

    Wud up guys add me on snap and snap me just for now . I'll be snap anybody who snaps me but don't snap me nudes

    james doyle hey can i add you??
    Luis amador What’s ure snap
    Luis amador What’s ure snap
  • HMU, We can have fun doing whatever you like!

    20 OCT   Santa Monica, CA, US

    Snap me lmk what you down for we can cut to the chase. Guys girls whatever let's have some fun ;P 

    Luis amador What’s ure snap
  • Want to meet some new people

    17 NOV   Halifax, NS, Canada

    Bi guy here, I’m bored and want to chat with anyone close to my age so hmu on snap :)

  • Lol I just want new people and friends to talk to

    10 NOV   Elba, NE, USA

    So I like to play games and talk with people just looking for friends I have been really bored lately and if you want hmu plz

    Dionysus_Darc Hey, Dionysus pleased to meet you, hmu @bluediamond1232
  • Lookin for some fun (bi)

    14 NOV   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    I’m looking to have some fun with a guy or a girl, it doesn’t matter which one 


    12 NOV   Tulsa, OK, USA

    Closeted transgirl here. (MtF) Looking for chill people to talk to. I'm into dumb anime and video games so if that's your thing hmu. I'm mostly interested in girls romantically but I don't mind just talking to guys. 

  • I?m really bored send me a message )

    12 NOV   Kansas City, MO, USA

    I’m really bored...... and that’s really all I have to say 

    ps. Don’t message me if your trying to get pics.

  • hit me up if you wanna talk

    09 NOV   Houston, TX, USA

    hey so i’m back here again, i’m kinda looking for a relationship but i always love making more friends, so text me on kik or on here and ask for my snap if you want to talk. i don’t send nudes so don’t hit me up asking for them. i am bisexual, so boy or girl text me, it doesn’t really matter. this post kinda makes me seem kinda bland or whatever but i’m just tired soooo just text me and get to know me i guess. also i’m fine with long distance but i kinda want to talk to someone who lives in or near tx. 

  • Ello all Im Marya.....Idk why

    08 NOV   Pawtucket, RI, USA

    Ello all, Im Marya . Im 15 and live in Rhodeisland . Um not really like nasty people so please dont. Might look for someone specil MAYBE I SAID SO CALM UR SELF SIR!!! Oh also Im Bisexual. Bisexual: When you like both gals,and guys....But I like mostly gals but sometimes guys... Ok welp byes

    Agent Kram (straight) Interesting will consider
  • need people to talk to :)

    05 NOV   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    looking for people in australia mainly, guys or girls idc, need people to talk to

  • I am literally so lonely

    05 NOV   NY, USA

    Hi everybody. I'm honestly bored most of the time, I don't have friends:(. I am hoping to change that. If you want to hmu, check my profile for my socials. PS- I am a nice person

  • looking for relationship/hookup

    02 NOV   NY, USA

    I'm 17 and live in NY, I'm bi (but lean more towards girls). i'm down to talk or hookup. I like alternative music, reading, and sleeping :)

    Wilma Dm on WhatsApp. 264814425833
  • Yo this just heads up if u wanna text me

    02 NOV   Houston, TX, United

    Lowkey I'm not the best at texting 

    So if we start texting and I'm kinda dry tht doesn't mean I don't wanna talk to u

    It just means tht i don't know wht to say

    But if u can keep a good conversation plz hmu

    Cause I stay bored 

  • Wanting to chat with people on kik.

    28 OCT   Gatlinburg, TN, Unit

    As you can see by the.title I'm chat with people on kik. For friendship and maybe.more. I don't know yet. My username on kik is xploringthunder. I'm 14 and I'm open to a lot of stuff. So come on and chat with me! ?

  • Looking for guys in my area

    25 OCT   Croydon, PA, USA

    looking for guys that are in my area to have some fun ? and can drive ages between 18 on up hit me up if ur interested 

  • I wanna meet some new people

    21 OCT   Salt Lake City, UT,

    I'm bored and just wanna meet some interesting people, hopefully we can get to know each other!

    Deao_riela Im there to keep away your boredom if you are interested
  • Add me on Snapchat for some fun ;)

    22 OCT   Houston, TX, USA

    Add me on snap @dylangivens01 just looking to meet people and have a good fun time ;)

  • Meeting New People and A Little Abot Me

    21 OCT   Portland, OR, USA

    I’m Bi-Sexual. Hispanic and White. I’m Talented. I live sports, I’m a 4.0, student and I’m looking for a relationship, I want someone I can connect with and rely on when I’m feeling down or when I’m hyped. I like cuddling and cute texts.

    Austin 4.0 student and just started highschool? Yeah right lol
  • Hmu girls and guys.

    20 OCT   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Not looking to date anyone at all, just someone to mess with. Hmu. I like girls and boys. This has to be 80 characters, so again, looking for someone cute to mess with. Short or long distance, both r Gucci, but 14-17 only 

  • Looking for people to chat with

    19 OCT   Prosper, TX, USA

    Hi! So my gender is fluid

    I don't know what else to write here ahah, message me on snap chat

    Snapchat: Lking5612

  • Anyone up for a chat?

    17 OCT   Meredith, NH, USA

    I'm so bored. I wanna chat with someone. I'm looking for a relationship but also friendship. Inta guys and girls. So yeah.

    shavon84 hey hit me up
  • Looking for Xbox one buddy-s

    03 JAN   Ashtabula, OH, Unite

    I'm Alec I'm 15 years old and I need Xbox one friends I like wwe battle front 2 COD ww2 and others my gt is greatlhali1022 add me!

  • hello it me ryan here

    14 JAN   Hornell, NY, United

    yo its ryan if u want to chat just contact me on ether snap,kik,or skype.

  • Looking for Friends and Maybe a little more

    11 FEB   Valley Stream, NY, U

    Hi my name is Christian, But you know that already. I am looking for new friends and maybe something a little more. I dont care what gender we can still be friends. But for the little more part i'm looking for women. Sorry, But we can still be Friends.

  • Im bored.who wanna chat with me ? I want some friends

    08 JUN   California City, CA,

    I like meet New peaples.and talk with them.  Get some funny. chat with friends from aller the world. I hope fond what i looking for. Have à Good Day. And thanks

  • Heres my number and my snap

    11 OCT   Keller, TX, USA

    Heres my number and my snap

    Number: 817-723-8704

    Snapchat: legomaster87544

  • Add me on Snapchat ? at ashai7

    06 OCT   City of Dayton, OH,

    New friends slide up ? Or wateva I don’t do nudes no moe ???‍?? but what’s poppin y’all ? I’m bored ??‍?? but I someone slide up please like forreal  my life boring like I need friends that live in Ohio or some ??‍?? But Heyyyyy and some of yall niggas AINT SHIT ALL YALL WANT IS SOMEONE THAT GOT ASS OR SUM  BUT FUCK SOME OF YALL ??‍?? YALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE PERIODT  ? .

  • A Post in Which I Try to be Clear

    06 OCT   Sewanee, TN, USA

    I've always found that saying hilarious. "Have I made myself clear?" Uh, no; it's physically impossible for a person to become totally transparent, silly.

    I know. I'm not funny, sorry.

    Moving on. I felt it important to share the real reason that I'm here, dismiss any rumors. (Kidding, kidding; I'm not that popular.) I'm kind of completely terrible at making friends and building relationships in general; I'm very awkward. Shocker, right? Therefore, I was hoping this would help. I'm searching for friends from all over the place first and foremost, but a girlfriend or boyfriend near me wouldn't be too bad. I'm a bi-romantic ace, so keep that in mind. Don't like it? That's cool. Do like it? That's cool, as well. Thanks for another piece of your day!

    scottie Hey let’s be friends
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