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  • Im looking for long engaging conversations

    20 MAY   Waterville, ME, Unit

    I'm not looking for anything serious yet nobody has showed me different yet. I don't like perverted guys at all go away. I'm all up for any random conversations to talk about .

    Arnel.c Well speaking on a term of getting out of a relationship were in the end she ignored me, I have alot to talk about so if you want to CHST you can find me on kik or ig. Kik: A.Casimir Ig:phxntom.menace
    1 day ago
    Arnel.c Sorry spelling error chat, lol.
    1 day ago
    nate Feel free to HMU if you want to talk about anything
    1 day ago
    Quevin Pm me or kik: sobraliti. Cant promise you a long conversation cos dunno what your interests are but can try :)
    1 day ago
  • Looking for someone to snapchat. That-s all really.

    14 MAY   Manhasset, NY, Unite

    Looking for someone to get to know better . Make some new friends... maybe more

  • Does anyone know the movie Super Troopers?

    23 MAR   Hemet, CA, United St

    So far I haven't met many people who know this movie! Which is upsetting since the sequel is being made and it's super great movie. Making references is getting on my nerves meow, because no one gets it. 

    If you know this movie please let me know or do a shout out of some kind! I have only met 8 people in my community that actually know it.

    Phoenix Starship troops yes that no
    Loni Keep the good work up sparrow
  • Lets talk about anything

    02 MAY   Portland, OR, United

    Hello! my real name is not Laneoss( it was just a nickname that stuck, unfortunately) But I´d love to talk to anybody who wants to talk. It can be anything and I'll add a little game. Let see if you can guess my real name, 20 questions style. There might be a prize for our lucky winner.... GOODLUCK TO YOU ALL! ( p.s. I've told only one person on this site, you know who you are and you are automatically incapable of winning, thanks!)

    Music4Life I did ask if it was another spelling of lane...
    Laneoss maybe it is, all I will say is that your starting on the right track
    Conner Llayne Llaine
  • relationship or friendship

    02 MAR   Seoul, South Korea

    hi there, i'm looking for some people to talk to & any long term friendships or relationships. feel free to message me :)

  • Meet new people maybe for relationship

    05 MAY   London, United Kingd

    Hi I'm crystal 12 interested in cute boys just wanting to muck about a bit 

    Evan03smithy Hey my name is evan and I would like to get to know u if thats ok?
    Mark15 Hi Cjpassmore message me

  • Getting in touch with me

    23 APR   Taylorsville, NC, Un

    I dont get on here much, message me through hangouts- or sc-punkautumn15 or mylol-punkautumn15

    elkasimm I Im interested in the friendship
    Sujit Impressive
  • Hi, I-m looking for a relationship in the Los Angeles California area

    22 APR   Pasadena, CA, United

    Looking for a relationship with a 14-16yr old girl in the Pasadena Ca area, im 15 M & White

  • looking for emo/punk.scene gils or boys

    23 APR   Taylorsville, NC, Un

    message me on hangouts or sc  look at my previous post to find them 5

  • Looking to date or make new friends

    28 APR   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested. here's a biography I made:

  • Hey How Yieeehaaaa ???

    29 APR   Rizal, Calabarzon, P

    Hi Bradley Here ???

    I joined here to look for people who can laugh at my corny jokes ??

    I like to watch movies and TV ?? and i am also frustrated singer, I, also like  to read books especially fantasy books..So that's all i can say for now

    I hope we became friends ???

  • want to know the truth

    07 JAN   Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi am kayles i was on this site still is but i want to see who really likes me without all that ass showing 

    txt me if u want to know who i am oh am bi sexual by the way and am really nice

    Savage Hi 😁
  • Where can you hmu?:3

    28 FEB   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    here are some SoCal areas where we can talk. (Tell me who u are btw)

    here:you can message me :3

    fb: my fb is twoo dee

    chatous: my chatous is @MoistMuffin

    google : my google is Moist Muffin, but I don't have hangouts

    any questions just ask and I will be more that happy to answer :3

  • Looking for a bf or a friend

    03 JAN   Montalban, Calabarzo

    If u have kik this is my I'd htalia1020 let's chat I'm kinda bored and depressed 

    sophie just curious but do you like hetalia?
    Michael If ya like to chat text me (909)225-8047
  • In need of help!!!! Read this post!!!

    24 MAR   Newnan, GA, United S

    I am looking to learn Japanese,Chinese,and Korean. I need someone who will help me learn any of these languages please hmu or comment if you can!!!!!!

    Kryptik What age does your have to be?
    TakengirlSierra Any age I just need to learn them
  • Looking for friends and love

    14 JAN   Methuen, MA, United

    hey there I'm Tiffany. I'm 13 years old . I love dancing and swimming. I'm looking for an African guy (preferably Nigerian)   Who is mature , good looking and good hearted. 

    Im also looking for a best friend. She must be at least 5'7  and must like or know how to dance 

    contact me on my Snapchat: ztyffa

    elkasimm Im interesting in the friendship
    elkasimm Im interested in you
    Martin Collins Jr what if i am not a nigerian and i the feeling of love towards you?
  • 15,looking for friends/relationship

    22 JAN   London, United Kingd

    Hey,my names beth,im 15 and pansexual, i love art and music,my favourite bands are MCR,FOB,P!ATD,BVB etc, im just looking for someone to talk to,preferably 14-17, i can be kinda weird but hey weirds awesome,anyone interested feel free to message me! :)

    Mardi It would be great to get to know you, if youd like, you can find me on snapchat @mastermardikola
    Thakshak I can’t figure out if I should start this conversation with a compliment, a horrible pick-up line, or a simple β€œhello.” You choose.
    elkasimm Im interested in the FRIENDShip
    Cassidy Hi how are ya
  • Just people to chat with ?

    19 JAN   Gainesville, FL, Uni

    Honestly, Im just down for a good chat. Im not looking for anyone specific. Im a pretty chill person. ? Anyone can hit me up on my skype: chezzer_chez

    elkasimm Im interested in you
  • make friends, anyone 28 and below hmu

    12 APR   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Hello anyone 28 and below can msg me, im open to almost anything.


    talk about music

    i go with the flow of almost anything

    when u first msg tell me if it is going to be PG or Rated R, or purpose of chat 

  • Need financial help for my friend from Philippines.

    11 APR   Hamburg, Germany

    my friend from Philippines need some help. She needs to pay her school bills. somebody can help me? please.


    08 APR   New York, NY, United

    Im from Philippines, im looking for a good friend who can help me in my problems.


    08 APR   NY, United States

    Im looking for a boyfriend who can do whatever I want <3 kik me @ zel161

  • I-m 13 and live in Atlanta and want to meet new people

    07 APR   Atlanta, GA, United

    I like a lot of outdoor stuff like hiking and camping and going to the beach but I like indoor stuff too like watching movies or just hanging out and having fun. I can get along with anybody.

  • Just trying to meet new people

    07 APR   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    I'm really bored so if you wanna talk text me on kik and I really mean talk. No sexting or nudes...

  • 14/F/Looking for friends 14-16

    23 JAN   Destin, FL, United S

    Hiya! My name is Bella, Im 14 and Im looking for friends 14-16. Im really just looking for friends, but if we end up really liking each other, then sweet. I am not here for dirty talk or pic trading and all that stuff, just here for something real, and genuine that really means something. Please message me if you are interested in having a clean chat that could lead to us being good friends! Thanks, have a good one!

    David444 Hey wanna chat some time and maybe we can be in a relationship
    Sam any girls in this group message me
    Zezmiia Hit me up on kik then lol Im 15 and nice. πŸ‘ My kik is : DHGoTaja.... just tell me its you.
    EmmaC Hi Im very interested in international friendships Im 15 years old
  • I want to meet new people

    01 FEB   Marietta, GA, United

    Hi. I'm fourteen and looking forward to meeting new people. I'm not necessarily wanting to immediately jump into a relationship. I am pansexual, which means I will date any gender if I like the person.

    Music is really big in my life and I listen to many types, including rock and metal. School is very important to me and one of my top priorities. Many people call me a nerd for the fact I throw myself into books and schoolwork, but I don't mind it. I would like the person I'm in a relationship with to care somewhat about their education.

    Also, I like drawing, even though I'm not very good. I also like rain, cats, books, and many other things. 

    If you want to talk or ask me anything, feel free to shoot me a message. 

  • You should really read this post

    06 FEB   Lincoln, RI, United

    How in the hell are you supposed to find attractive guys on this site?! I need heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.

    Shen lee This site sucks....
    Shen lee Why dont u get a boy in ur place....
  • I-m just bored soo yeah

    24 FEB   McAlester, OK, Unite

    Hey so Im sorry I havent been on. I want friends or whatever. Im panaromantic asexual soo yeah. Oh another thing I only date people that are 13-16 because Im only 14. Yeah and I....uh I wont talk to you ID you dont have a profile pic. Cause safety duh.

    Tristan Hi can we be friends
  • Looking for people around my age, for friendship or maybe more.

    14 MAR   St Andrews, United K

    Hey, My name's Logan and I'm 16. I'm interested in archery, reading, writing, certain types of gardening, and gaming. I usually get A's and B's. Don't have the best body, kinda let myself go, but I definitely intend on improving myself as soon as my leg heals. I like various types of rock, some indie and some alternative music, my favourite band is The National. I can seem a bit strange but I just wanna be friends.

  • Looking to meet new people.

    20 MAR   Hope Mills, NC, Unit

    Hey there, My name is Nyronna. I love to have fun, play video games, hanging out with others, listen to music, I play a instrument, and I also read manga. I'm in the 8th grade, I workout, and I am half-American, half-Russian. I'm looking friendship and maybe more.

    Hello at me on Snapchat.

  • Anyone wanna message little ole me ?

    07 MAR  

    This is weird lol but anyone wanna message me ? I'm single now ?.....if yooh wanna tlk jst message me or txt me @ 769-208-67 (gotta message me 1st).....IK I'm ugly but damn can I get at least one comment ??

    Cuteboy20 I tried to text you several times oh well
  • email me or give me you phone # we can talk

    08 MAR   Newnan, GA, United S

    I just need people to talk to i love anime and hardly have any friends. talk to me maybe a friendship could blossom into a little more?????

  • Looking to meet new people

    28 JAN   Oakland, NJ, United

    Hey, Im Ashley, I am 17 years old. I am a christian. I love to cook and bake, i went to a culinary school for the past 3 years. i love marine biology and hope to major in either that or culinary arts. I play many sports including volleyball, softball, bowling, soccer, basketball etc. I Love helping those less fortunate. i am adopted and currently live in a family of 7 kids 2 parents. I love music and being outdoors and hope to one day be very successful.

  • Looking for friends and maybe love as well

    12 FEB   Watford, United King


    im 19 years old and I live in Holywell which is a little place in Watford, Hertfordshire. I've only just moved to my flat around 2 and bit months ago. But I've been struggling to find out if there's anyone nearby who'd like to talk to me and maybe hang out with me as well. Also, I've felt lonely for quite a while knowing that there isn't many females I know around Watford who I could possibly have something with in the future.

    its been sorta tough for me and I feel I should post this to see if anyone would be interested in talking to me. I live all on my own at the moment and living life in a way where there's problems you have to put up with isn't amazing by any means. 

    So I hope there's someone out there who could message me on here and add my Facebook profile so that we communicate more. 

    Hope you can understand ?

    matthew hi I message on fb
  • Bored af someone talkkkkkk

    09 FEB   Manchester, United K

    Im bored so come talk to me plz. Im looking for friends and maybe even more so someonr slide in my dms :D

  • Hello fellow human beings

    09 FEB   Atchison, KS, United

    Hey everyone. I am Parker, I prefer to be called Dylan. I make games and youtube videos. I like to laugh and have a good time. I am looking to meet people who have similar interests.

  • Bored anyone want to hmu

    06 FEB   Manchester, United K

    Bored anyone want to talk. Just want to talk to new people so hmu 

    Kik: cal_reid1234

    Sc: reidy_owns

  • just looking for someone to talk to

    24 JAN   Hillsboro, OR, Unite

    Names Alex, Im a senior. a little about me is that Im an athlete, musician, gamer, and Im involved with the community

  • Hey this my new account :(, but meeting new people

    10 JAN   Huntsville, AL, Unit

    hi this my new account apaprently ourteennetwork soemhow done remember my email... but yeah im looking forsomeone that can handle my sweetness, and freaky ness, loves to be silly, goofy, n funny. <3

    Grace hi am all of that and more