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  • Totally new here. Looking for someone to talk to. Hmu

    18 SEP   St. Louis, MO, Unite

    Hey my name is Sean. Message me I'm always looking for someone to talk to. Currently not in a relationship. HMU. 

  • Looking for a freindship or a relationship

    16 SEP   Oujda, Oriental, Mor

    Hi im amine im 16 year old want to find freinds or event more fell free to message me ans yeah thats all (age between 13 and 17)

  • looking for friends all around the world...

    16 SEP   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    hi trying to make new friends and get to know people from different cultures...and maybe find a nice girl...msg me if u like

  • Looking for friends who love to sing just as much as I do

    13 SEP   San Diego, CA, Unite

    if you love to sing I will have a club on here so we can talk about all of our favorite songs and to one day be there when or if we addition for ether the voice or AGT 

    Winston Hey Im down I like to sing sometimes but not as much
    Amir G. cool what are some of your favorit songs
    3 days ago
    Winston I have old song like hanging tree or lost boy mostly
    3 days ago
    Winston Im not that good at it though
    3 days ago
  • Just trying to meet new people

    15 SEP   Havertown, PA, Unite

    My name's Kamaya. 13 years old about to be 14 in December. I'm just looking to meet new people, nothing more.

  • 15,looking for friends/relationship

    22 JAN   Doncaster, United Ki

    Hey,my names beth,im 15 and pansexual, i love art and music,my favourite bands are MCR,FOB,P!ATD,BVB etc, im just looking for someone to talk to,preferably 14-17, i can be kinda weird but hey weirds awesome,anyone interested feel free to message me! :)

    Valentine am 14 cool,young and good girls only.
    DeWayne Curry Add me on snapchat: kingcurry742
  • Im bored.who wanna chat with me ? I want some friends

    08 JUN   California City, CA,

    I like meet New peaples.and talk with them.  Get some funny. chat with friends from aller the world. I hope fond what i looking for. Have à Good Day. And thanks

  • Looking For A Friend Or A GirlFriend.

    10 AUG   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hello my name is James, I am looking to make a few friends or maybe a girlfriend in my area or other areas I enjoy Bike Riding,Walking,Playing Video Games, Also Binge Aatching Tv Shows please msg me if you are interested.

    awkwardpanda hi. I enjoy the same activities other then biking and walking xD Im a slightly lazy gamer girl xD I am currently watching Santa Clarita diet on Netflix btw
  • Make friends or maybe more that friends

    11 SEP   Anderson, MO, United

    Hi. I'm new here. My name is Kaleb. I'm 14 and a freshman. I love to watch movies, anime and YouTube videos. I also like to draw, play videogames, and listen to hard rock, heavy metal, or classic rock. I'm bisexual so I'm looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I lean more toward girls that guys. If you want to chat, hmu on Kik


    08 SEP   Virginia Beach, VA,

    HEY YALL. Looking for different types of people to add and talk to. Woyld like to make new friends. Tell me where you from.

  • Introduction of me. :)

    16 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON WHEN YOU VISIT YOU, FINALLY OR YOU VISIT MY PROFILE ..! Ah yes! If you add me in 'friends' it is to discuss, otherwise I see no use adding someone to make' beautiful. So, to start with my name is Julien, but call me "J". I was born on October 8 in Russia (Do not forget to wish me my haha birthday). My heigh 5'7. Concerning my character, I am very, very nice to see too often sometimes, I am shy, jealous, possessive, funny, generous. I attach myself quickly and sometimes it is done well .. Excuse me of the term, we do well . I am also very frank and not pleased with everyone, but I prefer to be frank than a hypocrite. My style of chicks? His interest you eh. So physically I do not care a bit, but I like girls with shapes, after the rest of the physique it does not matter to me. Funny, kind, intelligent (a little bit anyway!), And who loves cuddles! 

    Well I think it's enough at the moment, do not be afraid to come in private I do not eat humans yet, go, kisses kisses! 

  • Just looking to see where things go.

    31 JUL   Pollock, LA, United

    I'm Josh, I'm 20 laidback ex-military and I'm real quiet which makes it hard to meet people so I'm on here to try and do just that. Hmu if you feel like talking I'm always down for random conversations... I'm open-minded and accepting but not gay no offense intended but females only please.

  • Meet new people/// teens

    19 AUG   NYC, NY, United Stat

    My name jose. And i wanna chat wit any1 on this network. Im 16 yrs old livin in nyc. Hmu and add my kik ;)

  • Hey How Yieeehaaaa ???

    29 APR   Rizal, Calabarzon, P

    Hi Bradley Here ???

    I joined here to look for people who can laugh at my corny jokes ??

    I like to watch movies and TV ?? and i am also frustrated singer, I, also like  to read books especially fantasy books..So that's all i can say for now

    I hope we became friends ???

  • Looking for an intresting girl to chat with??

    17 JUN   London, United Kingd

    Hi names zach,17 and really looking to find a girl that will keep up a conversation. Not looking for immature girls.

  • Ayy, add me on Instagram

    27 AUG   King George, VA, Uni

    You know you will because I have that way with people. You see me and you want to know more about me. You get to know more about me and you want me. It is okay. You are no different than anyone else. Some of you will be blessed with getting to know me more in a different ways. Some of you will watch from the outside and wish you were someone else. That's life.

    ig// xavier_brown6

  • Ugly 13yr old girl with nothin to do but be on the internet

    26 AUG   Riverside, CA, Unite

    Hey I'm Ivette (ive). I'm looking for friends and possibly a bf but I don't really care much (btw no I won't send anyone nudes so don't even bother). I have very  (VERY) poor self esteem, like drawing, listening to music  (Panic! At the disco, twenty øne pilots, halsey, nightcore), and kinda annoying from time to time, idk. Message me if u r interested and not a pervert:).

    cr_sal7 hey babe @cr_sal7 kik if interested for bf
    khalifa777 Well I think u are not that ugly as u said, coz u even got ur self some one who likes u with out a
    Aron Hi Im not a pervert just want a gf
  • Meet new people maybe for relationship

    05 MAY   London, United Kingd

    Hi I'm crystal 12 interested in cute boys just wanting to muck about a bit 

    Mark15 Hi Cjpassmore message me
    Alex prado Hi Cjp my name is Alex and I play football and lacrosse and will help u and talk with u when I can
    Alex prado If u have any have any interest in me
    Josh Clark Can I get a message because I want to go out with you Im 15 very sporty and Im loyal
  • Meet friends/relationship

    08 AUG   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hi I'm Megan. I just turned 16 and I'm just looking for people to talk to. I have blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. I'm a little shy at first but I can be extremely outgoing and I love to party! Hmu!!!

    James_davidson1 Hey Im 16 too lets talk
    Aric Lets talk
    nadal Hi lets talk

  • Just a lil somethin- about me

    25 AUG   California, MD, Unit

    Hi i'm samantha but I go by sam. Im a single teen mommy to little Miss Briella Grace. I promise i'm a lot of fun. Message me if you want to talk!

    Neurok1d Heyy can i add ur snap?
  • I need to meet a girl and have a relationship

    15 AUG   Marshall, TX, United

    I'm 14 now and I've beentrying to get a girlfriend ever sense I was 10, that's 4 years!!!, I'm starting to think I won't get a girlfriend before I graduate. I'm looking to have a relationship with a girl, I just feel alone all the time, even when I'm in a cramped room. All I want is a girlfriend is it to hard to ask.

  • Looking for a relationship

    22 AUG   Pollock, LA, United

    Well I'm Josh, I'm looking for someone to maybe develop a relationship with so if your a single female just hmu whenever. We can talk and see if we hit it off.

  • HI I-m levi. Wanna chat? (Girls only)

    13 JUN   Bismarck, ND, United

    Hello I'm levi and I am just looking for new people to kik or text...just been a little lonely lately, kik- twistedklownn and ask me for my number.

  • just looking for someone to talk to

    24 JAN   Hillsboro, OR, Unite

    Names Alex, Im a senior. a little about me is that Im an athlete, musician, gamer, and Im involved with the community

  • Meeting people, maybe more.

    17 AUG   Kansas City, MO, Uni

    Heya. I'm Dennis, just turned 18 from MO. Mostly looking to make a new friend or two, but I am single so it might turn out to be more, who knows. 

    I'm open minded, love the little things in life. Huge tennis fan and total nerd in astronomy. Add me, let's talk and have fun, I don't bite.

  • Trying to meet new ppl

    20 AUG   Magnolia, TX, United

    Looking for someone that's willing to exchange nudes only girls 

  • Introduction of me. :B

    15 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    - Baptiste. (Without the "e" in English I think)
    - 17.
    - No girlfriend (but i know cook, who want to me?)
    - I'm French. 
    - 6'1
    - I have kik and Instagram.
    - I just coming in the us (for the work of my dad)

    So.. Come in private and talk!

  • Introduction of me. :B

    15 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    - Baptiste.
    - 17.
    - No girlfriend.
    - I'm French. 
    - 6'1
    - Kik : Bm1909299
    - Instagram : baptistem1909299
    - I just coming in the us (for the work of my dad)

    So.. Come in private and talk!

  • Add me on snap or kik

    14 AUG   Nowhere

    Bored trying to meet new people up for anything I'm really chill and nice Hmu 

  • meet new people for friendships

    12 AUG   Team swizzy

    Looking forward to meet good people in here.... I'm a guy of determination and high positive thoughts.... Hitme up 2347031262806

  • why do u have to put this?

    11 AUG   Topeka, IN, United S

    Hello.... my name is Lexi. Im 12 (13 in a couple weeks). Im a seventh grader. I like to laugh, hang with feiends, listen to music, and sleep. I would like to meet people who have some of the same intrests as me.... so yeah... hmu of you want

  • Looking for friends or boyfriend

    09 AUG  

    • friendship
    • boyfriend
    • love movies and music
    • like to eat :)
    • live in Thailand

  • hey hmu im b o r e d

    09 AUG   Chicago, IL, United

    Wanna meet peeps from chicago.

    i play music and i like yugioh

    thats pretty much all come hmu

  • Looking to chat with someone thats very Interesting...

    06 AUG   Boston, MA, United S

    Girls that aren't fake, More or less But looking to chat still anyone? Hmu I'm bored 

  • Sorry for late responses!!

    05 AUG   Dayton, OH, United S

    I keep forgetting to check this site... So, if I respond to any texts late asf, I apologise ?. I'm trying my best. & I don't even respond to half of you. I do respond to people who look like they could be nice people and not catfishes/pedophiles. HMU if you're not perverted and looking for a nice person to speak to bc I'm the one lol

    Josh Hey Im 18, if thats too old for you then I wont message you. Im not a physchotic pervert or a creeper like most of the dudes on here. Just a normal guy tryna to meet new people, so hmu if you feel like talking.
    khalifa777 Oh ok then am gonna do that right away
  • Bored and up alone at night

    03 AUG   Houston, TX, United

    Looking for a fun chat. No weird people and I'm straight. I like to draw and I like horror and stuff like that. I'm not a weeb but I like anime

  • Looking for a fun chat. Nothing weird

    01 AUG   Houston, TX, United

    I'm straight, am nerdish and I like horror. I'm a night person and like to draw. Ill talk about anything with almost anyone. Let me know if you want dirty. You can request a pic if you want as long as you send a live one

  • Looking for fun and I have a pic of me on kik.

    31 JUL   Houston, TX, United

    Looking for a fun chat with anyone. No weird people. I'm straight. I'm 5'10" an am nerdish. If you want to chat dirty then let me know first. You can request a pic of me if you want

  • Add me on Snapchat

    28 JUL   Gastonia, NC, United

    Add me on Snapchat at inkreborn4elgin. I'm looking to meet new people

    Seairra About to add lol
  • looking for new friends to chat, date, or whatever

    24 JUL   Pharr, TX, United St

    Hey whats up peeps im new on this and wanted to get to know new people so hmu if ur bored as f or whatever.... God Bless ;)

  • Here to meet people so Hi.

    18 JUL   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hello,  I'm Cameron. I am looking for friends and maybe a girlfriend on here because I don't get out much. I am very shy until I've known you for a bit but is something I am working on. I love music, old school rap and EDM, and am a casual gamer. I am really friendly and would love to get to know anyone I meet.

  • Meet knew people of age

    20 JUL   Richland, IA, United

    Hi I'm jessica 13 years old I like to run cross country and track my parents are seporated love with my dad I like to listen to music I love animals and photography, I am a vegitarian... if wanna know more ask questions.. NOT a huge fan of alot of inappropriate stuff... talk to guys between 13-15 of age.. thnx

  • lookin to talk to anyone, hmu on kik

    15 JUL   Hartford City, IN, U

    im hella bored and wanna talk to someone, doesnt matter who really, just as long it isnt some dude lookin to do some gay shit

  • Want a cool a girl 15 to 19 or 21

    17 JUL   Berkeley, CA, United

    I like girls that have great sense of humor and personality and a girl that will also likes to get naughty.

  • Text me if you-d like ??

    14 JUL  

    Hey my name is Narine, hmu on kik or add me on snap (same username for both). Only girls no guys!! 

    Kik- Narine.singh 

    snap- Narine.singh 

  • Yo, looking for some interesting peeps to talk to. :D

    13 JUL   United States

    Heyo! I'm a person. I like anime, cartoons, video games, YouTube, Hamilton, fictional books, memes, and trying new things. I'm one of those people to do something out of no where. Let's chat.

  • meet new people from 16-19

    11 JUL   Denton, NC, United S

    Bored asf so someome hmu. Just no dumb shit like frfr no joke or ill cuss yo ass out 

    Preston Hit me up on Snapchat or kik jhawk103
  • Someone wanna hmu..?

    10 JUN   Logan, UT, United St

    Hai, I'm Kadan, I was just wondering if anyone wanted to talk.. It can be about anything, I'm a great listener tbh.. So, just hmu and we'll see from there.. ^°^

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