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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet people ,this is a group for meet people for meet people in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hmu girls and guys.

    20 OCT   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Not looking to date anyone at all, just someone to mess with. Hmu. I like girls and boys. This has to be 80 characters, so again, looking for someone cute to mess with. Short or long distance, both r Gucci, but 14-17 only 

    rina.mayet I FEEL YOU HAHHAH boredd aff
    11 hours ago

  • Looking for people to chat with

    19 OCT   Prosper, TX, USA

    Hi! So my gender is fluid

    I don't know what else to write here ahah, message me on snap chat

    Snapchat: Lking5612

  • Anyone up for a chat?

    17 OCT   Meredith, NH, USA

    I'm so bored. I wanna chat with someone. I'm looking for a relationship but also friendship. Inta guys and girls. So yeah.

    shavon84 hey hit me up
    3 days ago
  • Looking for Xbox one buddy-s

    03 JAN   Ashtabula, OH, Unite

    I'm Alec I'm 15 years old and I need Xbox one friends I like wwe battle front 2 COD ww2 and others my gt is greatlhali1022 add me!

  • hello it me ryan here

    14 JAN   Hornell, NY, United

    yo its ryan if u want to chat just contact me on ether snap,kik,or skype.

  • Looking for Friends and Maybe a little more

    11 FEB   Valley Stream, NY, U

    Hi my name is Christian, But you know that already. I am looking for new friends and maybe something a little more. I dont care what gender we can still be friends. But for the little more part i'm looking for women. Sorry, But we can still be Friends.

  • Im bored.who wanna chat with me ? I want some friends

    08 JUN   California City, CA,

    I like meet New peaples.and talk with them.  Get some funny. chat with friends from aller the world. I hope fond what i looking for. Have à Good Day. And thanks

  • Heres my number and my snap

    11 OCT   Keller, TX, USA

    Heres my number and my snap

    Number: 817-723-8704

    Snapchat: legomaster87544

  • Add me on Snapchat ? at ashai7

    06 OCT   City of Dayton, OH,

    New friends slide up ? Or wateva I don’t do nudes no moe ???‍?? but what’s poppin y’all ? I’m bored ??‍?? but I someone slide up please like forreal  my life boring like I need friends that live in Ohio or some ??‍?? But Heyyyyy and some of yall niggas AINT SHIT ALL YALL WANT IS SOMEONE THAT GOT ASS OR SUM  BUT FUCK SOME OF YALL ??‍?? YALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE PERIODT  ? .

  • A Post in Which I Try to be Clear

    06 OCT   Sewanee, TN, USA

    I've always found that saying hilarious. "Have I made myself clear?" Uh, no; it's physically impossible for a person to become totally transparent, silly.

    I know. I'm not funny, sorry.

    Moving on. I felt it important to share the real reason that I'm here, dismiss any rumors. (Kidding, kidding; I'm not that popular.) I'm kind of completely terrible at making friends and building relationships in general; I'm very awkward. Shocker, right? Therefore, I was hoping this would help. I'm searching for friends from all over the place first and foremost, but a girlfriend or boyfriend near me wouldn't be too bad. I'm a bi-romantic ace, so keep that in mind. Don't like it? That's cool. Do like it? That's cool, as well. Thanks for another piece of your day!

    scottie Hey let’s be friends
  • I would like to hangout with someone, bored out of my mind hmu

    18 SEP   Decatur, IN, USA

    Hey just text me if u wanna hangout ur we can just text, I'm just bored asf, so someone hit me up on snap its geggers28

    Lovehawck I added u it jamesbond5142
  • To find a loyal bf and friends

    24 SEP   Paxtonville, PA, USA

    To find loyal people.  Bf and friends ages 14-17 pa only plz we can do fun things go places do whatever you can't be to nice and you can't be to mean if you date me you have to be protective over me 

    Ang17 Hey hun lets talk and see where things go
    Trea add me on snap sneaky_trea
    Trea but im 17
  • please Everyone read

    02 OCT   New York, NY, United

    Am Drake John moving to NY soon am looking for  friends I can talk to OR play some games with  Am 16 single looking for a girlfriend am nice and honest, shy .... Just want someone who would understand me and I would understand a real relationship..  Don't want liars cause am not one and no fake people  I don't really care about age 13 -18 ..... Just got snapchat drake_John541.... Or send me an email first 

  • Looking for emos to talk to (14-15 yrs at least)

    29 SEP   Aransas Pass, TX, US

    Bored, looking for friends or a bf... i also have social anxiety.. bye I guess. I also allow gays

  • Anybody from Kearns?

    28 SEP   Kearns, UT, USA

    I live in the buttcrack Kearns, and looking to see who lives out here too.

  • Meet everyone for any reason

    28 SEP   Houston, TX, USA

    Pls hmu for whatever reason, doesn’t really matter, i just need attention lmao pls give it to me

  • Any JJBA fans wanna meet a (decently) cool dude?

    27 SEP   Guadalupe, CA, USA

    I need to talk about JoJo with people and maaaaybe a partner, but only if you know Rivers Cuomo

  • Looking for inspiration

    27 SEP   Honiara, Solomon Isl

    I photoshop/edit pics as a hobby
    Currently looking for any photos I can edit ...with your permission of course ...lacking the inspiration got any ideas hmu

    Can't promise I can edit them depends on the pic's editability(not even sure that's a word) 


  • i would like to meet new interesting people

    25 SEP   Ely, UK

    hi, i would like to meet new people.

    i like music, art, history and reading

  • Where can you hmu?:3

    28 FEB   Jenner, PA, United S

    here are some SoCal areas where we can talk. (Tell me who u are btw)

    here:you can message me :3

    fb: my fb is twoo dee

    chatous: my chatous is @MoistMuffin

    google : my google is Moist Muffin, but I don't have hangouts

    any questions just ask and I will be more that happy to answer :3

    Anonymous_grape You close to Newcastle?
  • meet new friends or bf

    27 MAY   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hey guys:) i’m Mia ,15.. I like to play music and sing bc music is half of my life..and ofc i like to laugh and play games. I’m looking to meet a new friends or bf that’s respect me as a girl (polite and no nudes) and i never been in a relationship lol..(clean chat only)

    Nisa Sarwana Hello, Miaa..Im 15 yo. too. What your country, Mia?
    Mia (clean chat only) Hai Nisa Sarwana nice to meet you
  • I?m still active! Add my snapchat!!

    23 SEP   Lubbock, TX, USA

    Add my snapchat @im-annaleigh i am 16 no DICKPICKS (thats gay) add me streaks or talk idk lmfao add me thooo

  • Hi I?m looking for friends and also a girlfriend

    22 SEP   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey my names Ryan I’m 15 straight I’m looking for a girlfriend and new friends to talk to so hit me up! Snap ryanmcmeme.

  • Real me fake life

    14 SEP   Lagos, Nigeria

    Just trying 2 hangout on here, meeting new friends and been cool and straight forward is ma life..ummm we'll love 2 have a girlfriend tho

  • meet new people for friends

    18 SEP   Pagadian City, Zambo

    hello everyone add me on Snapchat Lynnette116 i want to meet people here. if its that okay

  • Kik friends? Maybe a boyfriend/girlfriend?

    17 SEP   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Hey so I'm alex. I'm bi Latina and from new Orleans. I kinda am looking for friends or more idk yet. Kik @alex_rojas_11903

  • Meet new ppl and make new friends

    04 SEP   Newport, MN, USA

    Yo I'm bored and I want to meet new ppl I don't do dirty chats so olz don't ask but other then that im opened to any type of chats just hit me up

  • Tryna find anyone down for some fun

    17 SEP   Hoschton, GA, USA

    Is anyone down for some fun??? I’m not picky so guy or girl is fine with me;) message me on here or on snap to let me know

  • Looking for someone to just chat with

    15 SEP   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Just bored as crap right now so someone hit me up to text for a bit 

  • Friendship maybe more ...

    15 SEP   Boynton Beach, FL, U

    Hmu looking to have fun and live life to the fullest. Lifes to short to be boring sl lets LIVE IT UP.

  • Looking for girls down for anything

    12 SEP   Kearns, UT, USA

    Just looking for a girl down for anything, anywhere, anytime.

    like takin' a nap under a shady tree while on a hike.

  • I want to talk to people

    08 SEP   Dayton, OH, USA

    Anyone on here want to chat ? Let me know cause I'm getting bored. And this site is going to free me from boredom

    twill33 Hey, Id love to chat
    High_5_ghoust Wazup 😁✌️
  • Looking for a girlfriend or friends

    06 SEP   Holland, OH, USA

    Hi my name is curren I'm 15. I'm looking for a girlfriend or some really good friends 13-18 I'm nice I'm careing if your there for me I'll be there for you no matter what. but yeah I have my issues but I don't let that get in the way of a good relationship so yeah hit me up 

  • I want to make good relationships with people and maybe even fall in love w

    06 SEP   Westville, IN, USA

    I want to meet new people and maybe even find a girlfriend that will love me.

  • Looking to meet people and just chill

    05 SEP   St. Louis, MO, USA

    I’m hella bored rn and want to meet some new people. If you wanna talk or whatever add me on snap. I use Kik too but rarely check it 

  • Looking to meet new people on snap

    03 SEP   Seattle, WA, USA

    im looking to meet some new people so add me on snap and dont be afraid to talk to me

  • Hit me up on Instagram

    04 SEP   Newport, MN, USA

    Hey I'm looking for new ppl to talk to and make new friends im kind, loving, sweet, honest, truthful, and loyal hit me up if u want to talk to me

  • Hit me up on Instagram

    04 SEP   Newport, MN, USA

    Hey I'm looking for new ppl to talk to and make new friends im kind, loving, sweet, honest, truthful, and loyal hit me up on Instagram if u want to talk my inInstagm is ahnamay5691

  • I need someone to talk to

    01 SEP   Wherever I want

    If it's too much to ask, I'd like to make friends with someone. Of course I'm too chicken to ask someone to talk so...

    ShatteredGlass8 Well, I dont need it, I merely prefer it.
  • Looking for people to talk to

    01 SEP   Hoschton, GA, USA

    yall someone pull up tonight at my house. Nobody will be home so?‍?? So now I’m just going to spam letters to fulfill the 80 character minimum. Fhajakdbdjsksnsjckdnwjxjdnfnsjsnfnrjsjskdnfnfndj

  • I need new people to talk to on snap

    30 AUG   Detroit, MI, USA

    Just need some new people to talk to on snap so send me your usernames or just add me and well start talking right away can't wait to meet you

  • Hmu. Everyone is welcome;))))

    25 AUG   Hoschton, GA, USA

    Down to meet and hang with anyone guy or girl. Add my snap @lil_rhea80 Fr like anyone down to hang I’m a chill guy;)

    Cl053D You cant fool anyone Saying that youre a chill guy Is that your lame excuse to trick any guy or girl to show em your 7 dick... yeah theres something totally wrong with you... perverted creep.
    Ironman his dick probably isnt even 7 inches, its probably only 7 mm
    Cl053D I guess that makes you a creep as well for bragging about how disgusting @Ethan??s 7 inch dick is.... am i the only sane one here whos normal? unlike you other people that are perverted disgusting creeps.
  • Who want my chicken?

    25 AUG   Hoschton, GA, USA

    Add my snap if you want my 7”. Guy or girl. Hmu on snap tho. @lil_rhea80

    Ironman no one does you thirsty perv
    CrimsonDroplets (Single) Seriously, go somewhere else. You disgust me.
  • I need some friends

    23 AUG   Maine, ME, United St

    Someone hmu idc what about lol just something. I can be a little weird just saying now. But yea I'm normally on my phone when I'm not working so hmu pls

  • Yo hmu plz I-m bored need friends mabe more (only gitls)

    20 AUG   Massillon, OH, USA

    Wazzzz up I'm funny Happy love fortnite football and sprots in general great sense of humor with lots of jokes so if ur a girl hmu and we will talk sooooooooo esh get it and hmu if u want to do duos I stream!

  • existence is overrated

    18 AUG   Roanoke, VA, USA

    i’m a lonely ass bitch with that anxiety and depression yo

    needa get me a freak thatll date me lmao

    uhhhh words n shit i’m lowkey drunk rn and i get tired and clingy like this lmao 

  • Anyone want 2 talk about anything?

    18 AUG   Perth WA, Australia

    hey, i was wondering if anyone wants to talk about anything and if u do just talk. how life 4 u guys?

  • I need to make new friends I guess

    15 AUG   Hogwarts

    hmu I’m friendly and nice also funny I like horror movies and going to the beach also don’t be a pedo I’m 16 years old y’all if you 18 hmu I don’t mind that but other than that I’m zoomin p.s. don’t be a weirdo please 

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