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Meet people

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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet people ,this is a group for meet people for meet people in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Yo hmu plz I-m bored need friends mabe more (only gitls)

    20 AUG   Massillon, OH, USA

    Wazzzz up I'm funny Happy love fortnite football and sprots in general great sense of humor with lots of jokes so if ur a girl hmu and we will talk sooooooooo esh get it and hmu if u want to do duos I stream!

  • existence is overrated

    18 AUG   Roanoke, VA, USA

    i’m a lonely ass bitch with that anxiety and depression yo

    needa get me a freak thatll date me lmao

    uhhhh words n shit i’m lowkey drunk rn and i get tired and clingy like this lmao 

  • Anyone want 2 talk about anything?

    18 AUG   Perth WA, Australia

    hey, i was wondering if anyone wants to talk about anything and if u do just talk. how life 4 u guys?

  • I need to make new friends I guess

    15 AUG   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    hmu I’m friendly and nice also funny I like horror movies and going to the beach also don’t be a pedo I’m 16 years old y’all if you 18 hmu I don’t mind that but other than that I’m zoomin p.s. don’t be a weirdo please 

  • Bored add me on snap @seth_clif

    14 AUG   Sylacauga, AL, USA

    Hmu on Snapchat. I’m bored. @seth_clif


  • Looking for someone to chat to

    10 AUG   Hull, United Kingdom

    currently bored as I’m on holiday, looking for someone to chat to to pass time when I’m not doing anything, will talk about anything and more, hmu 

    Emmanuel Hmu on Instagram @Emmauskid.. Ill add you to group chat
  • Lonely, looking to meet new people

    23 JUL   Loveland, CO, USA

    Bored and lonely as shit, looking to meet some new people and maybe a significant other if you're in my local area.

    Sam1997 Do you wanna talk with me
  • why do u have to put this?

    11 AUG   Topeka, IN, United S

    Hello.... my name is Lexi. Im 12 (13 in a couple weeks). Im a seventh grader. I like to laugh, hang with feiends, listen to music, and sleep. I would like to meet people who have some of the same intrests as me.... so yeah... hmu of you want

    Sean8309 Hi add me on snap chat seanmichaelew you have same interests
    Aditya I have the same interest as u
    Caden Hey id like to talk
  • A bit About me I guess

    27 JUL   , CA, USA

    I'm a weeb I like anime,food,music

    Types of guys I'm into weeb lol (weeb are the nicest kind of people you can meet honestly ) 

    Chris doshna what is your favorite genre of music. 0w0
  • Want to meet happy people

    31 JUL   Engelen, Netherlands

    I am looking for happy people to talk to.

    My hobbies are:




    And I like Netflix off course

  • Lowkey just want to do stuff boys or girls it dm

    30 JUL   Manchester, UK

    Message me for my insta only if u want to do stuff? Boys or girls idc as long as ur not frigid and don't have a disease?. Will be fun looking forwad to meeting new people. Message me for my insta

    Mattwc Hey bro hmu
  • Does anyone feel like going for a little chit-chat?

    29 JUL   Chrzanow, Poland

    Hello there everyone. I'm looking for a few people to talk to. When it comes to my intrests they are:

    - Music (I love pretty much every genre of it, except for pop)

    - Video Games (I like mainly singleplayer experiences, but i enjoy multiplayer as much with the right company)

    - Swimming (Occasionally)

    What about you? I would like to get to know you better. Text me on here or pretty much on any social media that i have listed on my profile (I'm mainly on Discord, but than again skype or whatsapp are fine too.)

    Memes Who doesn’t like pop come on bruv 🤦‍♀️
  • I need nice friend to snap with

    28 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    someone snap me if ur weird and send me inappropriate pics I will block u 

  • Lookin for relationships, i guess lol

    26 JUL   Wisconsin Dells, WI,

    Yo, what up, it's ya boi. Uh, hi, i'm akward as you can see. I'm looking for any type of relationship from friendships to romantic. I'm pansexual so I dont mind dating girls or boys, trans or not. But I won't lie, I lean a little more towards girls. I'm into art, conventions, cosplay, anime, cats, ect. Hit up my insta, and you'll see all of my art. The pic is from my Quince which was 2 years ago and I look a lot different. My phone is broke so I cant take any good pics to post on here. Hit me up if you have any questions lol.

    DrFranky All I have is Kik and Skype ;-; wish I had more but my parents would stalk me ;-;
  • Just want to meet new people

    26 JUL   Oregon City, OR, USA

    I just wamt to meet new people see whos out there idc what you do or want i just want to meet you

  • Who?s in California

    24 JUL   Corona, CA, USA

    Who is in California and wanna hang I am down for anything 

    it has to be people in Southern California and would like to meet a girl I am 100 straight

  • add me on snapchat for an answer back ;)

    30 MAY   Newark, DE, USA

    Hi! My name is Lieu and i’m 16 years old. I’m open to any male female or trans person looking for friendship or fun talk. I really want someone I can just open up to and make lifelong relationships with. :) If any of that applies to you, please add me on snapchat or dm me on instagram because thats where i’ll most likely see your message ?

    Ian Added. Im brussia00
    Jackl210 @jackl210 hmu
  • Looking for a guy to have fun with.

    21 JUL   Hamburg, NY, USA

    Same as before just freinds with benefits. I ask u be able to drive. Please when u message me go ahead and say where u are from. I live in NY so if u live outta state dont bother texting me. My kik is darkness1433. Please state asl.

    Matt What part of NY do you live in
  • Looking to meet new people

    28 JAN   Oakland, NJ, United

    Hey, Im Ashley, I am 17 years old. I am a christian. I love to cook and bake, i went to a culinary school for the past 3 years. i love marine biology and hope to major in either that or culinary arts. I play many sports including volleyball, softball, bowling, soccer, basketball etc. I Love helping those less fortunate. i am adopted and currently live in a family of 7 kids 2 parents. I love music and being outdoors and hope to one day be very successful.

  • I-m just looking for someone who wants to have a good time.

    19 JUL   Hamburg, NY, USA

    Dont judge me yo we all like sex??. Looking for a guy preferably driving age (that can drive). And who lives near me to drive to me. I am 15 but been with older guys before. (19yrs). If u interested message me on here or my kik darkness1433.

  • Jeez nobody talks here xD

    21 JUL   St. Louis, MO, USA

    There must be a lot of pervs and guys here because girls get more comments than anyone xD. Then there are the popular accounts that get noticed too. When u get to small accounts like mine, no comments or anything xD

    Cmon yall 

    Im a 9th grader lookin to make friends and a girlfriend if there is a girl here interested in me 

    I have an instagram and a kik 

    Hit meh up 

  • Idk whatever i guess

    20 JUL   Southampton, NY, USA

    Just hmu. I'm straight tho. Just thought i should get that one out there.

  • Anyone hit me up for some Snapchat stuff

    19 JUL   Maastricht, Netherla

    If you wanna talk to me add my Snapchat and Just snap me or chat me. 

    I Will talk about everyting you want to.

  • Looking for people to Snapchat me

    19 JUL   Winston-Salem, NC, U

    im looking for people that are genuinely interested in me. Maybe we could have some fun every once in a while ;). I’m bi

    Erockjjjensen I’m actually not bi. I don’t mean to put that there. I’m straight
  • Looking for something fun, but not a game.

    19 JUL   Lockport, LA, USA

    I am the textbook definition of a huge nerd. Quite literally. I'm 6'7" and I might come across as mean and intimidating, but my nickname is the jolly green giant XD. I love writing and drawing, rather than sports. I spend a lot of my time thinking about random stuff, that I doubt anyone else would understand XD. I'll have a conversation with anyone who wants one, and I don't want anyone to do anything they aren't comfortable with. Also, if anyone needs me to prove I am who I say, just ask. Just know I'll want proof in return. Have a good day! 

  • Need new friends and meet online people

    18 JUL   Sioux City, IA, Unit

    Names mariah, quite bored at the moment so I'm requesting new people to talk to. I'll try to be interesting otherwise I'm quite boring. But that's just me. So hit me up on snap or instagram and I'll try to maintain your interest. Later ?

  • Don?t bother messaging me if...

    16 JUL   Gulf Shores, AL, USA

    if you don’t have a profile picture that is of you on kik or don’t send me one that is actually you and/or don’t send a face pic on snap don’t even bother to hmu. 

  • A new subreddit for teens to meet that-s not dead r/Teens4Teens

    15 JUL   Brampton, ON, Canada

    Hey I'm Jessie and I just made a subreddit called r/Teens4Teens where you can make friends with similar interests. It's not shallow you can add photos of yourself if you'd like but it's not required also people are on it often so you'll likely get some sort of reply on your post. It's also heavily moderated so you won't have any pedos in your inbox and if you do we'll make sure to ban them and add them to a watchlist so you can block them from messaging you. It's really new only 30 subscribers but we've tripled our growth since this morning and that will keep on rising so feel free to sub and make a post. SO far there are two girls, one MTF transgender girl and one guy. This is all on reddit. Here's the web adress.

  • meet new teenagers people

    13 JUL   Tunis, Tunisia

    I am looking for chat with teenagers people

  • Just another nerd looking for people to talk to.

    12 JUL   Plešivec, Slo


    Some basic info:

    • First name: Tom
    • Location: Slovakia - Okres Kosice - Roznava - Plesivec
    • Lang: English, Hungarian, Slovak
    • Hobby: Gaming and procrastination
    • Interested in: Girls

    Not necessarily looking for a relationship, just stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to meet new people. Send me a message if you feel like it!

  • Meepy Meepy Meepy Meepy

    07 JUL   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Im a nerdy awkward emo creative rock music loving snake boy who is looking fir new friends and relationship

  • Looking for people to talk to

    11 JUL   Singapore

    Heyyy, I'm a nerdy amateur artist looking for people to talk to about anything. I'm also a nonsexual little so hit up my kik if you wanna talk :) 

    Robbin hello pretty..
  • 15, Asian, find friends and date...?

    09 JUL   Bangkok, Thailand

    Hi, I'm freshy.I from Thailand and looking for someone to talk to.And practice my English for my exchange test! Good luck!!

  • I swear Im not a catfish I just have an overprotective mother

    03 JUL   Carmel, IN, USA

    I have no phone rn i did something REALLY STUPID

    I have no snapchat my mom doesnt trust me on social media same goes for insta, twitter, facebook, tumblr, kik, and so on

    I am not a catfish I simply used pictures my friend took with his fancy camera and he is very talented he made me look semi atractive (also profile pic is from last summer i will admit that)

    I am an animal lover

    also if something upsets me odds are I went vent on post or in messages so be prepared for that

    I also dont ignore people unless they are rude or trying to make me "sext" as they call it or if they are flirting and are 18 for I am a minor and pedophillia is not my kink I do not endorse minors and adults in a relationship

    also im not exactly looking for a relationship especially a long distance one sorry about its :))

    I also have social anxiety thats why I turn to the internet

    and i will only ignor elegible people if the conversation dies, you make me uncomfortable or ask me my cup size an please read my profile before contacting me cus i dont like answering questions that can be foun with a single click

    thnk uuuuuu!!!!

    Akash Hi.. If U need long distance relationship then I can be your bf
    Aaron Hey if you want I am up for talking to someone. I do also live in Indiana so it wouldn’t be long distance relationship.
    Joe Perna Hey, hmu itd be great to get to know you better.
  • Hmu if you want to date or just be friends

    05 JUL   Lexington, KY, USA

    I you want to hmu u need to have a phone bc I prefer to text. I don’t send nodes so don’t waste my time.

    Trevor spradlin Hi do u have kik, SnAp or insta, if so get back with me
    Trevor spradlin Kik tspru Snap tspradlin667 Insta bro_skii
  • Trying to make new friends

    29 JUN   Seattle, WA, USA

    Also dm me if you want my number to message if you don’t got no social media 

  • wwwaaaasssssssuuuuuuuup

    28 JUN   Vilnius, Lithuania

    hey i'm awga and i really like listening to metal and i really like cats

  • I like speak with a girl..,

    28 JUN   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    Hi every body...

    i interested in speak with a girl for friendship or mor...



  • Hmu(guys/girls/anyage)

    27 JUN   Portland, OR, USA

    Hi there my names Trevor and I'm up for anything if anyone wants to hmu I'm looking for friendship, relationship, or just somebody to mess around with if youget what I'm saying. 

    I'm fine with any ages but the one thing that I ask is that you're honest with me from the start and that you dont randomly ghost me. 

    If you dont like me or you're getting annoyed tell me first please. 


  • Looking for people to talk to about random ish

    25 JUN   Knoxville, TN, USA

    Uh yea so I need people to talk to. Doesnt matter it you’re a guy or girl. I just want friends. Maaayyyybbee a relationship with a guy but I just wanna talk rn. Sooo some things about me are, I like the beach, I like memes, I LOVE Netflix, I have an insta and will only give it to you if I trust you, I play the ukulele, I’m reeealllyy tall (5’7-ish), and blah blah blah. So on. So yea. Hit me uppp. NO ONE OVER 15 THO BC THEN PEOPLE GET WEIRD AND I AINT INTO THAT ISH. I REPEAT. N O  O N E  O V E R  15

    Jae ~bi~ Haii Im 13 Im a gamer and an extreme need and very awkwardness pluzz only 54
    Trevor (T) Hey Ill talk with you if you want I dont have many friends so add me on snap chat and we can talk
  • Make new people and friends

    23 JUN   Savannah, GA, USA

    Hey,I'd like to meet new people and make new friends,may get a girlfriend if things seem like they're right (I'm completely straight) and finally find a new preson to play PS4 with(cause I'm a gamer)

  • ---------------------

    21 JUN   Westby, WI, USA

    I drank 3 rockstars and I've been listening to Moonlight Serenade on repeat while lying on the floor. The aliens are close. I can feel it.

  • Like Harry potter? Add me on snap or follow me on insta

    20 JUN   Kolding, Denmark

    Hey hey hey I Loooove Harry Potter and if you do to add new on Snapchat it's: sofiegrau123 or follow my insta luna_potterhead_fan 

    Thanks guys cya

    Ali Hi Harry potter movie is beautiful... But you are natty than Harry potter😊😊😊
    XxOpAssasinxX Hey! Iike Potter films
    XxOpAssasinxX I already added u add me back my sc is OceanWaves05
  • I-m 13 and live in Atlanta and want to meet new people

    07 APR   Atlanta, GA, United

    I like a lot of outdoor stuff like hiking and camping and going to the beach but I like indoor stuff too like watching movies or just hanging out and having fun. I can get along with anybody.

    Mikey1917 Hello I seen this and no one reply so I did
  • Before you add me on my snap and inst read this first

    18 JUN   Junction City, KS, U

    You should tell me your name..Im only looking for friends not boyfriend and girlfriend. I already have girlfriend don't asked me to send you pic.. is I'll send you pic if you tell me your name,age and your account here! 

  • Im feeling so lonley..

    17 JUN   Breda, Netherlands

    Hi hmu on kik: dutchguymarc.

    Im 16 dutch and single. Feel lonley for some time now..

    Angelanguyen can give me your google hangouts
  • Add me or hmu les have a convo im bored asf

    15 JUN   Forney, TX, USA

    Need someone to talk to kuz ya boi bored dan a mofo rn YU DIG! SO HIT YA BOI UP!!!!

  • Just looking for anything

    13 JUN   Lexington, TN, USA

    Hey, I'm new and im gonna be hounest im bi and im open for any relationship.... Im also 15 not 17

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