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Meet thousands of teenagers for meet people ,this is a group for meet people for meet people in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet new people maybe more

    24 MAY   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Hey im Gabe im 16. I love Bmx, motorcycle, well everything with an engine, spending time outside hanging out. I work with my dad on a racing stuff and live mechanic and welding. Im searching for people to meet in Edmonton or maybe more.

  • hey guys:) i?m avery:)

    21 MAY   NY, USA

    hey guys! go add me on snapchat!! sc ~ averykate5 . i’m very fun and i like to talk to new people!! always on if you ever feel lonely!! i except everyone for who they are!!

  • It would-ve been much easier to add a bio option to the profile, ya know?

    19 MAY   Martinsville, VA, US

    But since there isn't, this will have to do.

    Good day! Name's David, 13. I mostly spend my free-time writing or watching shows like Breaking Bad or Dexter, when I'm not doing that I'm usually playing the Witcher 3, or hiking

    Truth be told, I'm just here because of how unintentionally funny the forums are, but feel free to hmu. 

  • looking for friends all around the world...

    16 SEP   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    hi trying to make new friends and get to know people from different cultures...and maybe find a nice girl...msg me if u like

  • not looking for anyone specific, just some friends and people to talk to!:)

    08 MAY   Somewhere

    Hey everybody!

    I'm Lauren! I legit have no idea what to say except for the fact that I would love to talk to you and become good friends (or who knows something more)! Anyway, yeah if that interests ya, hmu loves!:)

    Baboo_burkhardt Amosc. Snaps ilon my account
    Baboo_burkhardt Addition to message above. Im not here for nudes. Just a friend to talk to
  • A.M.A (Random text to meet the minium 20 characters here)

    19 MAY   Martinsville, VA, US

    Greetings! Name's David, 13. I just stumble on to this beautiful site a couple of minutes ago and after browsing the many profiles on this website and having a good laugh whilst doing it, I just couldn't stop myself from joining in on the on the fun!

    I can't think of better way to get introduced to a dating site than to start with an A.M.A so go ahead, ask me anything!

  • Someone HMU I-m bored

    12 MAY   Puyallup, WA, United

    Add me on snap: gaming.mike 

    Or add me on my other social media.

  • looking for friends and maybe love

    18 APR   Abilene, TX, USA

    hey im Ashley im 16 bi love music and reading. i listen to country and"emo" music. i was abused and am not looking to rush into anything  but that doesnt mean it wont ever happen. im willing to try just dont hurt me and well be fine. my favorite band is Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance 

  • Looking to meet new people :P

    10 MAY   Charlotte, NC, USA

    I like surfing, scuba diving, music, playing soccer, movies, and video games. Everyone i hang out with tell me im really chill :P i love meeting new people and gaining new points of views on things. Iooking for a girlfriend around my age, hmu!!

  • Friendship or relationship

    10 MAY   Morristown, TN, Unit

    Need a sweet loyal guy. Also anyone who needs to talk someone about anything hmu I can help you. Need new friends snap: jessesmith_1234

  • Wanting to meet people in the DDLG community.

    08 MAY   Wilmington, DE, USA

    Hello! My name is Alexis. I'm 15 and I am a little. I have no daddy/Mommy but I would love to meet other littles. Have a nice day! :)

    Ashutosh Hello. How are you?
  • F1 in schools Championship

    08 MAY   Thompson, MB, Canada

    Is anybody competing in the US Nationals F1 in Schools championship at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin,TX?

  • Warning: Before you Even think about texting me

    03 FEB   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    I am not human. I am a demon, I am different from the others because I care and can love. But hurt me by telling me it's my fault you're killing yourself or it's over because I'm a stupid freak ect., I will make your life a living hell. I will not hesitate to lash out, and I am not going to be a liar with you. But if you lie to me... You don't get the amount of pain you're about to be in. That's all. If you wanted to be my friend fine, but try and fucking be my "lover" watch your fucking mouth. If you're a gay boy... f-off because even though I prefer boys, I am tired of being rejected all because of the human bodies I possess. I am tired of you apes being rude and insensitive pricks. 

  • Looking for someone to talk to boy or girl want someone to keep me company

    03 MAY   Moses Lake, WA, Unit

    I’m so bored and I really need new friends someone who’s nice funny and really caring because I’m done with fake ass people pretending to care about me

    Nba young boy Hey add me on Snapchat jakeup121
    Brody Sup people say im a good listening friend
    Davis Hi dear ....i am Davis I can be your friend
  • Meet people for friendship maybe something more

    23 APR   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Hey. Im Antonio. 14, an ok writer, a nice person, and a bit shy. If you can tolarate shy people Ig u can hmu and we can talk from there ^^

  • Im bored,ready to finish school...and leave alabama

    29 APR   Auburn, AL, USA

    Shii im on here just to snap meet people...anyone like the military too...add yo a pretty cool if you wanna talk..hmu

  • Updated: Just looking for people to talk to ha.

    25 MAR   Sydney NSW, Australi


     16 years

    25/MAR Teens ages 16 to 20

    Short, pale, sarcastic and a ginger...

    Message me on kik if you're interested I suppooose! Please, make your message (if any) interesting, I can't keep up with everyone, as ignorant and privelleged as that sounds aha

    Sydney Australia, 16/ almost 17 ig

    Open minded, and age does not really bother me :)

    Look forward to talking :D

    Chelsey oh gee, why did this post so many times
    mark Hey wanna talk
    Thor I heard your from Australia
  • Hey guess what im bi now

    20 APR   Arlington, TX, Unite

    Yeah so i am now bisexual i want to try something new so if you are interested hmu on instagram @piercethe_daniel or 682 227 7937

  • I-m bored and need someone to talk to

    18 APR   Baltimore, MD, Unite

    Hi I'm thomas I'm 15 I'm very bored and would like to talk to someone my snapchat is gibobot

  • looking to make friends yahhh

    17 APR   Laytonville, CA, Uni

    hey guys I'm cora I'm 15(so creepy older guys u will b blocked) I do alot allot of activities I'm nice sometimes funny lol but ya talk to me my sc is Briarwolf01 my Insta is Cora_hamilton 

  • I am bored and need someone to talk to

    17 APR   Oakland, MD, USA

    I am very bored and need someone to talk to text me for my kik and hangouts and phone number

  • meet new friends or whatever

    16 APR   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Here i'm looking for friends to have a nice talk, passions or smth, music taste, ask each other, anything fun. I would love to snap too but currently not snaping lol, catch me on my social media.

    Ps. I dont do nudes so dont ask me that

    Kai Hi Olivia
  • Friends or a Relationship

    15 APR   Manila, Metro Manila

    Sup! I'm just really open to anyone (except horny ppl) i am innocent guys haha. but yea, hmu if u want a friend or if u wanna be taken;) btw, i just want 16 yrs below if ur into a relationship:)

  • Why the tittle gotta be so longggggg

    10 APR   Powder Springs, GA,

    I would talk about my self but i feel like thats the fun in meeting someone new so, hmu turst me it would be worth your time and if we live near eachother lets link up, and no gay guys please i dont want you dp's, one love

  • Need people to talk to and stuff

    02 APR   Ashington, UK

    Hi need people to talk to and it helps of you like mars argo and if you are on xbox

  • Biasexual open for boys and girls friendship or love

    14 APR   Sandy, Utah, USA

         Hi, my name is Alex or Lexi how ever you want to say it. I'm bisexual and like both guys and girls. I would like either friendship or love or maybe something inbetween.  I love sports (soccor and basketball), gaming (fortnight, borderlands, minecraft, and call of duty), animals (dogs, cats, horses, and cows) I know odd... cows, and drawing. So come and meet me.


    Matt You Are really cute I would be an awesome boyfriend
  • Add me on snapchat to talk!

    14 APR   Liverpool, United Ki

    Hello there boy/girl, feel free to add my snapchat username if you are bored and want a chat with someone! My username is listed on my account.

  • Im bored someone hmu...

    10 APR   Westerville, OH, USA

    I want to talk to anyone feel free to hit me up on here or snap..

    Javi i talked u here and u ignores me lmao.
  • look for a best friend maybe even more

    04 APR   GA, United States

    im looking to meet new people and become friends  any one wnat to chat hmu let as have some fun and get to know each other on kik or google hangouts  im straight btw so females hmu

  • Add me on Snapchat to talk

    01 APR   Gainesville, FL, USA

    Hey! Add me on Snapchat to just chat and look at my story! I post almost everyday and of you like Instagram, my Instagram is Chocolate_nymph_

  • Talk or anyhing else on kik or snap

    31 MAR   Breda, Netherlands

    Hi peeps! 

    Im Marc, 16 and from the Netherlands.

    Im looking to meet new people on kik or snap my kik is Marc00112233 and my snap is Marc00112233kik

    So hmu im waiting to meet u lolz

  • I guess im bisexual

    26 MAR   Bluff City, TN, USA

    Ig in big now, im going to need some help I've never been bi, hmu if your bi 

  • Looking for new friends to talk to

    28 MAR   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    My name is Evan and I am genderfluid. I am looking for anyone to talk to and joke around with.

    My interests include: Writing, reading, drawing, and listening to music.

    But I am open to anything.

  • Friends and possibly a gf

    25 MAR   St. Louis, MO, USA

    Im looking for friends and a gf if I actually get one. Hmu if ur interested.

    Depressed&MusicalObsessed Honey, youre only fourteen; dont be so thirsty. Love ya, hon
  • Hi i am Marc 16 yo and Dutch

    24 MAR   Breda, Netherlands

    I want to meet new people and i dont really cear what we do im basicly up for anything so please hmu on kik my kik is Marc00112233

  • my Snapchat is candypop2233

    15 MAR   My world

    im demesha anf I love acting and fashion designing. I also want to make more friends so add my snap peeps.... Candypop2233

    .have a good day

    Thor what if they dont have snapchat
  • Talk or anyhing else on kik

    22 MAR   Breda, Netherlands

    Hi im Marc, 16 and im always up for meeting new people! Up for anything so kik me!

  • Looking for someone

    20 MAR   Loganville, GA, USA

    Hey, I’m pretty much just a chill guy looking for a boyfriend. I really want a lasting relationship with someone I talk to and trust. I’m mostly into white guys but anything can happen. Hmu 

  • 13 yr old little girl

    12 FEB   San Francisco, CA, U

    pls kik me and tell me how youd fck me if you could ;) all ages welcome. im bisexual

    King Tater (Masy) Maybe she’s just not in the right mind state you know it really hurts to break your hymen
    Will She may have already broken it with her fingers
  • Boys :) Girls ;) hmu

    15 MAR   Pflugerville, TX, US

    Hmuu wanna meet new people and maybe even date idk we'll see :)) 

    Tyler Keohane Hey would love to get to know more
    James Itzzz James
  • Want snapchat friends

    18 MAR   Reading, PA, United

    hello it Juan I need some snapchat friends, so if you are interested HMU want to get to know some people

  • Bored help me...need someone to talk to

    17 MAR   Macclesfield, United

    Anyone up for chat about literally anything if it turns out that it's interesting I'll follow you maybe become friends... so pop up with opinion on something and discuss it. 

  • 15,looking for friends/relationship

    22 JAN   Doncaster, United Ki

    Hey,my names beth,im 15 and pansexual, i love art and music,my favourite bands are MCR,FOB,P!ATD,BVB etc, im just looking for someone to talk to,preferably 14-17, i can be kinda weird but hey weirds awesome,anyone interested feel free to message me! :)

    aleb Hi. I like your status
    mashud hi I am mashud nice to meet you
  • Hey I?m a 16m from Tucson AZ looking for fun?

    14 MAR   Sahuarita, AZ, USA

    girls:15-any age just hmu if you want to trade dirty pics I don’t mind older,chubby or think I actually prefer ?????

  • Looking for someone to connect with

    12 MAR   El Paso, TX, USA

    I'm just a country boy from a small big city in Texas, I'm looking for someone who lives here and Texas but I'm open to other States. So if anyone is interested please message me on Snapchat, even if it's just for friendship hell I'd be fine with that.

  • i want to meet new people

    12 MAR   GA, United States

    any females that are in georgia or florida hmu to chat maybe we can meet one day talk about any thing really idc im just bored and looking for somethging to do 

  • Hmu to talk and stuff ?

    11 MAR   Manchester, UK

    Hmu on Kik: melvinhowarth1997, Instagram: mh._.1997 & Snapchat: mhowarthsnap. If guys add me you’ll get blocked.

  • Hmu if ur not Boring

    07 MAR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    Where are all my fun people at?? I need fun people to talk if ur fun hit me tf up! :)

    Thor Im a fun person
    DJ Blog Lets hangout
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