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  • You should really read this post

    06 FEB   Lincoln, RI, United

    How in the hell are you supposed to find attractive guys on this site?! I need heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp.

  • Good chat with good people, or fun people

    19 FEB   Louisville, KY, Unit

    so I don’t care if you’re young, old, in the middle, gay, straight, bi, guy, or girl... if you’re wanting to talk or get to know each other on higher levels, let me know. Would love to know more people or just one. Be you and it’ll be great! Message me or leave a comment but definitely medsage me :)

  • Looking for a friend or a Relationship BTW I-m gay

    19 FEB   Syl, NC, United Stat

    Hi, I'm Thomas, Nice to meet you... Well I guess you can't respond so I'll just talk. Or write. Anyways I am a child at heart but I know the things and I find ways to make new friends. I love animals and would adopt them all if I could. I'm Gay (and a holo trashcan) you probably saw that tho. YouTube is my life I know many YouTube's (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, SimplyNailLogical She's funny, Joey Gracceffa, SHANE WHO IS AMAZING, Ect.) So I hope we can be friends or more than freinds. (Who in they're right mind would want to be "more than freinds"...) XD :D <3

  • I am looking for people to get a chat with.

    16 FEB  

    Hi there :) Im Norman, 16. Trying to have good days and hanging around, having fun and helping out where possible. I m looking to meet people. (likes: almost every kind of music, art and drawing, walking around, exploring the city..). Have a nice day.

  • looking for friends all around the world...

    16 SEP   Tehran, Tehran Provi

    hi trying to make new friends and get to know people from different cultures...and maybe find a nice girl...msg me if u like

  • Meeting new people want friends

    12 NOV   Charleston, WV, Unit

    Hi name tiyonna 18 wanting friends or streak some one new to talk to no nude or anything just a simple Convo to have an want to find a guy best friend and no older men plz I will block 

  • Looking for weird people

    10 FEB   New York, NY, United

    1. Hey! Just seeking for weird people. If you think u are different or some kind of special, pls contact me.

  • 15,looking for friends/relationship

    22 JAN   Doncaster, United Ki

    Hey,my names beth,im 15 and pansexual, i love art and music,my favourite bands are MCR,FOB,P!ATD,BVB etc, im just looking for someone to talk to,preferably 14-17, i can be kinda weird but hey weirds awesome,anyone interested feel free to message me! :)

  • I want a new boyfriend.... basically a new dream guy

    11 FEB   Hammon, OK, United S

    It' tacky but my ex left me and went for some other girl just proves how ugly i am I have sc and kik now so. I want the emo kid ok? Or the goth kid I'm wierd like that. I am very heart broken I have most of my pieces back together. My friends say i have to start dating again or this ex thing is going to eat through me... but anyways I'm Lindy 15 I really want someone who can come see me and someone not over 18 I love music and my favorite band rn is MOTIONLESS IN WHITE WHO I GET TO MEET IN MARCH YASSSS!!!! I was going to take my ex with:/  anyways have a nice day/night :) ps I live in Oklahoma 

  • Tell me what u think :3

    26 SEP   Joppa

    Hello I'm just wondering what u think of me and be honest please. I'm 6'4, I'm athletic, I play football, wrestling, lacrosse, soccer, and I do track. my favorite things to do are hunt, fish, play sports, watch sports, hike, hang with my friends, draw, and learn new things about people. Maybe I can get to know u.

  • Looking for Friends, I Guess

    14 FEB   Sanford, FL, USA

    Hi, I'm bluemusiclover3. I'm kinda awkward, crazy (in a good way?), and a fangirl on many different topics. I guess I'm searching for like-minded people. IDK.

  • ~Daddy Hurt me~ :-( ~But who wants to be friends?!?! :D <3

    08 JAN   Clio, MI, United Sta

    Haiii!! <3 I'm Sam!!! I'm 15, a little, I'm a bookworm, Game nerd, Pastel weirdo, I draw, And I am youtube trash.  D&P, Troy and Chase, Tyler Oakley, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, RobertIDK, Etc.  I'm Pansexual, I watch anime, JUST ASK ME THINGS!! I am the most open friken book ever. I will tell you pretty much anything <3 (I like hearts) <3 Just hmu if you wanna talk. MuSiC iS lIfE!1!1!1!

  • Ready to chat and make friends

    14 FEB   Woodbury, TN, USA

    Hey, I'm Kyber (it's cooler than my real name. Hmu if u wanna guess my real name lol) I like chatting about lots of things. I get along with girls better than guys but I'm friendly to all. I'm totally straight so girls if ur

  • 13 yr old little girl

    12 FEB   San Francisco, CA, U

    pls kik me and tell me how youd fck me if you could ;) all ages welcome. im bisexual

  • Looking for Friends and Maybe a little more

    11 FEB   Valley Stream, NY, U

    Hi my name is Christian, But you know that already. I am looking for new friends and maybe something a little more. I dont care what gender we can still be friends. But for the little more part i'm looking for women. Sorry, But we can still be Friends.

  • looking for someone to talk to bored asf

    12 FEB   Raleigh, NC, United

    i need someone to talk to so if u wanna talk then hmu cuz im bored as hell

  • I only have instagram

    16 JAN   San Jacinto, CA, Uni

    Hi I'm bella  I'm bisexual and wanna meet boys and/or girls however i don't send  nudes or suggestive pics 

  • Im here to talk to if you are bored.

    09 FEB   Liverpool, United Ki

    Hey there people! Feel free to add my snapchat if you have nothing to do so we can talk for a while! I hope to make sone friends too!

  • Im lonely anyone wanna talk

    05 FEB   Pleasant Hill, CA, U

    Just looking for anyone to talk to preferably ages 15 to 18.

  • Looking for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

    03 FEB  

    Hi there! I'm New here and I am Bi and Looking for either a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend. I like Music ( all kinds ), Anime, and Generally Just having fun. Looking for Open Minded, Happy people.

  • Looking for A female to cam with!

    29 DEC   Bossier City, LA, Un

    hi, I'm horny male,so can we please masturbate together? Cam with me on google hangout or kik with me @wk40 . I need to masturbate badly!! please cam with me! I just need to cum.

  • Meet some new people

    08 JAN   Granbury, TX, United

    Hi I’m Jocelyn!  I’m so bored and I would like to have some new friends or a relationship.  I’m in crosscountry and track, play basketball, and I’m in the marching band.  I also like to go hunting.

  • just relaxing make a friend or two

    04 FEB   albany, GA, United S

    im bored and dont got any thing to do so i guess ill meet a person or straight ill talk mostly about any thing.i like sports, and i like to ask personal questipns once in a while to see how you will react/what your answer is.

  • Warning: Before you Even think about texting me

    03 FEB   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    I am not human. I am a demon, I am different from the others because I care and can love. But hurt me by telling me it's my fault you're killing yourself or it's over because I'm a stupid freak ect., I will make your life a living hell. I will not hesitate to lash out, and I am not going to be a liar with you. But if you lie to me... You don't get the amount of pain you're about to be in. That's all. If you wanted to be my friend fine, but try and fucking be my "lover" watch your fucking mouth. If you're a gay boy... f-off because even though I prefer boys, I am tired of being rejected all because of the human bodies I possess. I am tired of you apes being rude and insensitive pricks. 

  • Relationship or Friendship

    01 FEB   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    Hi, I'm Charlie. I happen to be bisexual. So either gender will suffice. I'm a big fat fu k up and as long as you don't mind me ruining everything with my stupid self we're cool.

    I tried, but hey. I suck so if anyone wants to talk to a depressed insecure guy who attempts to be cool but isn't. And who hates bullies and doesn't care about looks. Hit me up. 

    The truth is I'm so f king done, someone help me... please. 

  • im just bored got non else talk to some one i guess

    01 FEB   albany, GA, United S

    bored just trying to chill relax and talk to new people and make a friend or two dont care what to talk about just pick sum and im a straight guy. 

  • im bored and like to talk about about any thing

    28 JAN   albany, GA, United S

    hi im 17. im straight.i am opened minded with an positive attitude,i like to laugh and have a good time. 

  • Just want a meet up near me

    19 JAN   Rugby, United Kingdo

    I’m just looking for someone to meet me who lives close, and to have fun, I’m bi 

  • I would like to chat in the chat section

    17 JAN   Nashville, TN, Unite

    Hello Logan here. I would like to talk in the chat section. I promise to treat everyone with respect. All I ask is to be treated with respect and to not get asked anything personal like my number. 

  • Wasssssp wona make new friends

    15 JAN   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    Wassssup hmu im just tryna make new friends n meed new people sc-Raul_378        




  • hello it me ryan here

    14 JAN   Hornell, NY, United

    yo its ryan if u want to chat just contact me on ether snap,kik,or skype.

  • meet new people for friendships

    12 AUG   Team swizzy

    Looking forward to meet good people in here.... I'm a guy of determination and high positive thoughts.... Hitme up 2347031262806

  • Yo what up lol chat with me ya know

    10 JAN   Winfield, AL, United

    Know don't judge till u talk to me ask for my photo but don't run and block me I'm not that ugly lol Same with my last two posts. 

  • Yo I-m isaih just looking for something idk yet

    10 JAN   Winfield, AL, United

    Looking for something or someone.  So uh yeah hmu. And uh don't be shy age range between 15 to 17.

  • Need new people to chat with

    03 JAN   Glasgow, United King

    Hi, I'm Caelan, 13. I'm agender and pansexual, I'm really weird. My hobbies are photography and dying my hair mental colours ahah, I like to think I'm easy to talk to. I have my demons. Just message me ;)

  • There-s probably nobody like this that exists but screw it I-m gonna search

    06 JAN   Romeoville, IL, Unit

    Just looking for a specific type of person to see if they actually exist or if my imagination needs to take a break and go ---- it'self. Is there anyone out there who's a guy? A tall redhead with long hair and a heavy french accent? Lean yet muscular. Not extremely but just a little.

    Anyways if you feel like blowing some random girl's mind with disbelief, and you fit the description well, message me.

  • Meet new friends and probably a little more than friends

    04 NOV   Tucson, AZ, United S name is Izzy i am 15 and I'm looking for a single guy around my age that lives in Arizona and wants to hang,get to know each other, and maybe down the road from that start dating.text me if you want to be that person. I love to listen to music take walks with people and I've always wanted to do two things with people but that one I will tell that person if they chat with me. I really hope I can find someone who likes these things to .???

  • Looking for a fling, 15-18 preferred, guys or gals

    06 JAN   Upper Darby, PA, Uni

    Hi everyone! As you can tell from the title I’m looking for a fling. My name is Vie, and I’m a 17 year old genderfluid (biologically male), and I’m about 5’9 and pansexual. If you would like more details on this either message me on here or on my other social media that can be found in my profile. Have a nice day! ^~^

  • Hey does anybody wanna chat?

    04 DEC   Dacula, GA, United S

    Hey I'm Aubre! I'm into both boys and girls. If anybody wants to be friends and maybe more I'm really open minded so I don't really mind who I date as long as your respectful and nice. 

  • hi!! my names kaylie (:

    13 DEC   Athens, GA, United S

    honestly i’m here looking for some friends but also if u could hmu w some money i’ll love u forever ???

  • Before you contact me

    04 JAN   United States

    if you are going to talk to me for sexual purposes, go away. 

    Thank you :)

  • Looking for Xbox one buddy-s

    03 JAN   Ashtabula, OH, Unite

    I'm Alec I'm 15 years old and I need Xbox one friends I like wwe battle front 2 COD ww2 and others my gt is greatlhali1022 add me!

  • Hit Me Up If U wanna Cuff Dis

    20 DEC   Rapid City, SD, Unit

    I wanna meet someone that wont fuck with my feeling's or mah Hart ???. I wanna meet someone who know's how to make a girl smile and laugh .i Dont wanna send or Recive Nudes ?.

  • Yo, looking for some interesting peeps to talk to. :D

    13 JUL   United States

    Heyo! I'm a person. I like anime, cartoons, video games, YouTube, Hamilton, fictional books, memes, and trying new things. I'm one of those people to do something out of no where. Let's chat.

  • Meet new people for friendship

    21 DEC   Roseville, CA, Unite

    My name's Kaitlin, I'm 18 years old, and I am cute and cool asf so hmu anytime you want idc. I also sell nudes on kik so be sure to hmu too if interested in buying. My kik is Slaykaaay 

  • Meet new people around my age :)

    18 NOV   Apex, NC, United Sta

    Just wanna meet new people around my age and location, and hey, if a relationship happens out of it, then that's a bonus! :)

  • Looking for a girlfriend or friend doesn?t matter

    17 DEC   New York, NY, United

     I’m just looking for someone to talk to    Right now maybe if we like each other enough we can become more but let’s get to know each other first I’m really fun to be around I’m a little shy at first but you can determine if you like me or not so let’s chat  kik me at RazerX08 or Snapchat at Angelstorm77  don’t be shy 

  • i screwed up on last post i need a gf though read below if interested

    09 JUL   Smiths Station, AL,

    hey its justin again i do need a gf that likes hollywood undead,wwe,video games,etc etc im 12 hmu if you are interested my snapchat is justinthegrt

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