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  • I-m looking for a princess

    04 JUL   Chantilly, VA, Unite

    Hey my name is Yasser and I'm 20. I'm very shy until you get to know me and then I'm a funny weirdo. My hobbies include; Soccer, Practicing  hard for Soccer to be famous player, and watching both old and new movies. I'm new here looking for people to talk to and maybe even a relationship.

  • Looking for sombody to hook up with

    11 JUN   Riverview, MI, Unite

    Looking for someone to come hangout with me get to know me become friends maybe even more. I love sports being outside and just hanging out with ppl

    Cole1235 I am interested in hooking up
    gay james hey i am a gay and i wanna hookup with you
  • Kinda Bored on a Saturday Night?

    18 JUN   Miami, FL, United St

    There is no logic to explain the 'WHAT THE, FUCK AM IDOING HERE?' kind of feeling I am experiencing right now... btw my name's Glenn.

  • No one understands me

    13 JUN   Bucyrus, OH, United

    I'm a heathen I don't have any friends. The only friend I have is my dog diesel and my bf. I try to make friends but I end up hurting someone I don't mean to. I'm just a heartbreaker I don't have love. I tried to help people with love but it doesn't go to well for me. I lost everything, my family is apart. I'm empty, emotional.

  • meet people for slave dating

    13 JUN   Florida City, FL, Un

    I am a strict GODDESS but not a total sadist, I enjoyed being adored by My slave and I am looking for a slave who is totally devoted and totally obedient a slave.. kik me @ goddessjava or email me

    Brit. taylor ok so u wont find anyone here. its a teen dating site not adults
  • Meet 20 girls fun & more

    08 JUN   Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Hi girls.. i am 21 men, interested with 20 age girl !! for video chat for fun & more.. if you can feel free ,

    Tahbin Where the all girls
  • realationshipship with destiny

    19 MAY   Clarkston, WA, Unite

    hi my name is jacob adams iam currently in arealationship with someone 

    Esabela (taken) hey sassy whatever happened to bill hmm?
    takeme suck my dick peasants
    Matthew_Ray_ Your name really suits you Sassy! Haha! And dont call my fav girl a b!tch, she was helping him out, and your bf is fake as well! Nova has the real photo of him!
  • Looking for a sugar daddy

    04 FEB   Mississauga, ON, Can

    I know it sounds stupid, but I'm also looking for a sugar daddy, hmu if interested 

    Chris5005 Hmu if you wanna meet up
  • raleigh

    19 JAN   Raleigh, NC, United

    looking for a girl who lives by me