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  • I-m a musician looking for validation.

    26/JAN Oak Ridge, TN, Unite

    Hello, I am a musician from Tennessee.

    I've been making EDM music for around 2 years now, and the only people who actively want to listen to it are my parents.

    I love having Internet validation from my friends, and I would like for anyone to visit my clip profile.

  • im just looking for another punk/ metal head to date

    15/MAR Brighton, CO, United

    im punk...and i like metal. so i want to find someone who enjoys the same style/ music as me. so ya just wanna find love :) 

    Nishad I love metalking tooo
  • Hi, I-m like not wanting to talk to anyone but...

    15/MAR Lakewood, CO, United

    Life my dude, it sux, especially the people in it. I'm not on here to look for love, friendships, anything. I just can't dlete my account. But whatever I'm done with ppls bs.