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  • I-m looking for friends or relationships

    19 JUN   Deptford Township, N

    Hey, I'm Gio and I really love music and drawing. I play guitar and piano. Looking for friends or to be in a relationship. Bi 14

  • My favourite band of all times!:))

    14 JUN   Thunder Bay, ON, Can r5EXKDlf44M


  • Sex, drugs, and money

    30 MAY   Dededo, Guam

    What has our society turn to. We were once great making new things, exploring the deepest depths, soaring through the highest skies, touching the stars. Now people be deep into greed, soaring through the highs, and seeing them stars after fucking so much. We ain't so great anymore. With everyone on there new portable entertainment called our tablets or phones. With the corruption of our children's mind with internet and shows. With 12 year olds fucking in a school. To a child losing innocence to an uncle who knows. The world is messed and there is no redemption to it. Our rulers taking us for granted and maybe some up coming war. Everyone had gone soft and we aren't who we are anymore. I'm only 16 for fucks sake and I have a classmate trying to sell me weed, and a friend stealing money, to random strangers sending dick pics. Have people gone mad and have no sense of dignity. No wonder I've gone insane and tried leaving this messed up would cuz nothing will ever get better in this damned planet we live in. I am sick and tired of all this shit. I'm done with this rant and it's not like anybody would read this so goodbye

  • I-m good at finding forgotten musicians

    22 MAY   Warrenton, North Car

    I have foudn good rock,electro, and Chrsitian singers so if you guysask i have many songs for ya! even nightcore and some rap or hip hop. I enjoy country as well except I don't listen to it during gamign and work etc. Here is a great band but common called SKILLET:"I want to live" KQcY1aj9XTI&index 17&list PLPiEItkS_Se21BqT29taHR_gnt7mVmtZO

  • Die hard radiohead fan

    29 APR   P

    I love progressive music, lately I have been listening to a lot of radiohead music. any good suggestions for me?

  • Hi my name is Aliza I-m 16

    09 APR   Merced, CA, United S

    I love to read and write but also have a good time. I love the shade black and my favorite food is pizza

    DELETED Hi... My leisure work or hobby is to read the detective books and to write my heart out either in short poems or in small stories.😌 I love the combination of red and black.😊 But i dont know which Pizza I like.😖
  • I-m a musician looking for validation.

    26 JAN   Oak Ridge, TN, Unite

    Hello, I am a musician from Tennessee.

    I've been making EDM music for around 2 years now, and the only people who actively want to listen to it are my parents.

    I love having Internet validation from my friends, and I would like for anyone to visit my clip profile.

  • Hi, I-m like not wanting to talk to anyone but...

    15 MAR   Lakewood, CO, United

    Life my dude, it sux, especially the people in it. I'm not on here to look for love, friendships, anything. I just can't dlete my account. But whatever I'm done with ppls bs.