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Only friends

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Meet thousands of teenagers for only friends ,this is a group for meet people for only friends in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • want help with not being awkward

    18 APR   American Fork, UT, U

    Hello! I have my eye on this super cute guy at my work BUT I am extremley awkard and very inexperienced (aka never hugged anyone of the opposite gender). Proably due to my being both hideous and awkward. Anyways. Any help on how to start up a conversation with him would be great (we work in an office so it's hard to talk). 

    EpicBlast1 hey kik me EpicBlast1

  • looking for a friend in Bakersfield, CA

    09 APR   Bakersfield, CA, USA

    im looking for frieends in my area... im kinda shy but sometimes i can reallly open lol just dependes on how im feeling... and i love to sing and dance and eat and go to the park and play basketball and talk on the phone... ( not alot though).. anyways hit me up if u wannahang out.

  • Adventure Time is Ending

    04 APR   Richmond Hill, NC, U

    Helll if you click Ed on this post u must like AT it ending and I'm sad like hell I need strong fan of the show to talk to me and help start a conversation about it if your interested hit me on Kik or Snapchat.We may have things in common possible you may turn to be part of my friend ship cell community.So Warning.

    Colt15 Hey. How are you?

    02 APR   Madison, WI, USA

    Okay guys so for some reason I can do much on here besides make posts so I’ll make as many of these as I can lol, 

    I don’t care who you are, if you have Snapchat, and you are looking for new people to talk to, look no fututher. 

    Snapchat: sirjauregui ??

  • poem of the day( i wrote this )

    30 MAR   Colorado Springs, CO

    My mind is of the river jordan,

    For my heart is the vessel in which

    u sail upon as u read and hear the

    love and care that i have for u,

    My love is unconditional and

    Only given to u because u hold my heart,

    and take care of it when i can't bare the burdens of life,

    Im am urs and u are mine,

    my love,

    my life,

    my world,

    Hopefully till the earth's last light,

    My mind is of a river jordan.


  • want to chat with me?

    28 MAR   Seattle, WA, USA

    Super board any just want chat so text me if you do! :)

                      -with love ada

  • People for Snapchat (followers, or chats) for fun

    27 MAR   Genemuiden, Netherla

    17 year old boy, Nice body. (For the girls)?. I want To get as Much followers as I can, so i’l try To post daily for you Guys! ?

    Snapchat username: izzyboyyy14

  • To whom it may concern

    21 MAR   Fort Wayne, IN, Unit

    My profile is officially up to date. I am 15 years old. My height is 5 feet and 1 inch.

  • Looking for girls to talk to any ages just hmu

    07 MAR   Burgettstown, PA, US

    Hey my names Terrance I'm 14 i play football baseball basketball i wrestle and i box i like out door barely play any video ganes ride quads and dirt bikes i shoot gus to idrk if u dont do any of these him if u wanna talk i have Snapchat Instagram ( fastest way for me to respond) and kik him 

  • Hmu, at the house bored af

    10 FEB   Fort Lauderdale, FL,

    You chase girl you lose money, you chase money you get girl, real spill. But names La'Vell call me Vell, imma young hustla, chill, ion b on kik, but ill polly fuk with yall on it today, 

  • Just looking for friends.

    08 FEB   TN, United States

    Hello, I just recently moved and I don't have any friends. I don't care about your race, your gender, your beliefs, and so on.. As long as you respect me, I'll respect you. Now, I'll tell you a bit about myself. I'm 17, Pansexual, and from the USA. I'm basically what people would call a "Drop-out", I don't go to school, though it wasn't really my choice, so that means I'm available to talk most of the time. I have very low self esteem, I'm not very positive and I get super depressed so I apologize in advance. I own one dog, six rats,  and two cats. My animals mean the world to me. If anything were to happen to any of them,  I'd be heartbroken. I'm willing to listen to what anyone has to say, just please don't be disrespectful. I just want someone I can trust, someone I can talk to. If you have any questions about me or you'd like to talk, feel free to message me, I'll reply as soon as I can. :)

    (I'm not looking for a relationship, also sorry about my profile picture, I don't like taking pictures of myself so enjoy my baby instead.) 

  • Friends only. Nd no boyz don-t know y yall stay texting me ?

    31 JAN   Fort Lauderdale, FL,

    You chase girl you lose money, you chase money you get girl, real spill. But names La'Vell call me Vell, imma young hustla, chill, 

  • Here to make friends

    31 JAN   Riverdale, UT, Unite


    Peeps call me Luna or Doll. I'm 14years old, bisexual land taken. I'm mostly here to makes friends with anyone who would like to be my friend. I'm pretty chill but random and some might say crazy lol. I really don't mind anyone's age or sexaulity, just your personality.

  • Read this before you even think about add-in me on sc.

    27 JAN  

    Hey I'm Samantha, add me on Snapchat. But if you just wanna sext, want nudes, or want to send nudes. Don't add me, because I ain't it that, and will block you and or diss you tf out. So a clean friendship will suffice.

  • Bored and lookin for friends to talk to

    22 DEC   Harrisville, PA, Uni

    So, basically im lookin for nice non perv people to add me on kik and snapchat. 

    Any pervs will be blocked. 

    Just know i have a boyfriend and i do not cheat or do shit behind his back. 

    People need to stop being perverts and grow the hell up. Reality is real not a game. 

    My snapchat; autumnwilliam24

    Kik; autumnwilliams421

    Anything else message me for: facebook, gmail, skype, etc.. 

  • ISO a BestFriend to call my very own!!

    19 JAN   Lillington, NC, Unit

    FEMALE ONLY and must be my age (16-17) and taller than me (im 5'3) Someone who loves to go riding in the car blasting our fave songs, Chilling at the house watching netflix, Facetiming eachother, Take cute pictures with, dressing up together etc. I want someone who will always have my back no matter what and aint fake! I want someone who i can vibe w and thats local to my area. If you are interested in becoming my bestfriend pleasefill out this survey so i can know more about you:

  • Hey you seem cool

    19 JAN   New York, NY, United

    Youre cute marebear420 and i also smoke weed lol

  • Just friends and meeting up in real life

    15 DEC   Málaga, Spain

    Hi, im Zach im 16 years old, I'm inlove with animams, i have an amazing life and future ahead of me I've got 4 amazing jobs, I love doing sports, i just want to find a true good amazing and trusting bestfriend??  I don't mind a boy or a girl I'm not looking for relationship just hmu for friends I have 6 types of social media i want  to know you before giving it to you

  • add me on the snap @laylahestanol

    04 DEC   Round Rock, TX, Unit

    hey I'm laylah :) I'm really outgoing and reserved. I'm just here to make new friends and meet some cool people. I'm taken so I'm not looking for anything serious other than friends. I'm bisexual too, so add me on the snap &' insta @laylahestanol

  • My Boyfriend is mad at me

    23 NOV   Birmingham, AL, Unit

    So my boyfriend is mad at me cuz he saw my post, so now I need some advice to make it up to him, cuz I don't want him to be mad at me forever over something stupid that I did....

    Queen_Bitch_Lovie_ really upset right now tears running down my face
  • im looking for friendship maybe more i like girls 2

    06 OCT   Málaga, Spain

    Hi I'm Zacharah im 16 in 1month I love animals, i  also do sport, I'm open minded, I laugh at times, hmu if u wanna chat I don't do nudes so don't ask plz.. oh and I love taking pics of animals, nature n people I'm a singer dancer photographer ride horses animal lover I love music I play piano.... hmu or say hello

  • Looking for a girl best friend & boy best friend

    10 NOV   Birmingham, AL, Unit

    Hi, my name is Takeria, I'm 18 years old, me and my ex boyfriend Jai just recently broke up yesterday he got expelled from school, so i'm just looking for a guy who's single. The type of guy im looking for has to be the following things that i'm finna list; Cute, Smart, Funny, Loving, Caring, Adorable, Trustworthy, Honest, Loyal, Faithful....

    chief hi gal here I am for you
    Queen_Bitch_Lovie_ Jay Hailey i see ur comment on my post
  • just a little about me

    21 OCT   Sydney, New South Wa

    Hi I'm Tyson:) I'm looking for some friends who are from the country and I do get lonely so I just want someone to talk to// someone reply please

    Bre Hi, im bre and im 13. I live in NSW
  • Looking for a friend

    11 NOV   Phelan, CA, United S

    Hi my names Aurora!I'm bisexual,and usually pretty open about myself.I'm more of a quiet person,and you'll usually find me reading,drawing,or writing when I'm at school.I'm a huge tomboy and I'm not really into girly stuff at all.I love to play video games like Fallout or Skyrim but I'm also a sucker for the classics too.I'm not afraid or at all embarrassed to admit that I'm obsessed with anime and that if I'm not reading or on YouTube,I'm most likely watching anime.I spend most of my time inside on social media,mainly YouTube and Tumbler,but I love to go on hikes and nature walks too.I'm a HUGE nerd and if you ask I can tell you several facts about different video games and shows,even just about a whole bunch of random knowledge that I got from one place or another.I'm really just looking for a friend and not a relationship.I don't care if your a girl or a boy just so you know.Message me if your interested in possibly becoming friends!

    Helper Wrtie a commenthi can we be a friend ?
    Helper I want to be your friend
  • Want to make more friends

    09 OCT   Sydney, New South Wa

    hi I'm Tyson just want to make more friends I like to talk to boys and girls I don't care and add me on snapchat -tstapleton24404

  • Hey everyone listen up!!!!

    04 SEP   Bellevue, WA, United

    I have a boyfriend! K? I wrote a post writing I wish I could talk to someone but what I meant was to become friends. If y'all okay with me having a boyfriend and you guys wanna be friends that's cool! But don't add me on snapchat to send me nudes and hate on me. Got it? Good.

    dehaKomigo I can be your friend
  • Looking for someone to talk to

    23 SEP   Germantown, MD, Unit

    I like video games, reading, drawing, looking for funny puns, music, theatre, and I'm little bit of a nerd on the inside. Message if you are possibly interested to become friends (nothing more).

  • Friends challenged me to play truth or dare

    02 SEP   Austin, TX, United S

    You guys got tricked!!!!! ??? I already have a bf. My friends challenged me to play truth or dare and I chosed dare. The dare was " to on a dating website and post a post on finding a bf". ( my bf knows this, he was playing truth or dare too) so hahaha!!! ????

  • Meet people for talk

    28 AUG   Accra, Greater Accra

    Am Solomon. Searching for anyone who can hook up for texting..Ermm I like WWE, music and movies so anyone can hmu

  • Looking for Friends?

    22 JUL   Allentown, PA, Unite

    So I'm looking for Friends on snap my snap is thequeen1300 

    Looking for Friends only!!

    BigDaddy Levy Ill be on Snapchat myself
    Sourpatchny.ny U are really pretty
    Amy No nudes or inappropriate talk at all just friends please add me
  • Already have a boyfriend

    17 JUL   Brooklyn, MS, United

    Hit me up but just hope your not a freak hope your also not the type of person

    to text me down if you do I won't respond putting that out there

  • I-m new here any friends :)

    04 JUL   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is ashly bored like hell.

    I breath for living..I want to make new friends and want a long relation too.

    I'm 19 by the way.

    milea Hey Ashly, welcome to site that there are many pervert guys:)
    Cold Hearted 77 well how do u do hmu on snap if u wanna chat? SC: Sketchme7
  • Meet new people :)???????

    28 JUN  

    Hi there I'm jeriece,15.looking for a male besties age's 15-17 so feel free to HMU

    Sniperzduty Im not old enough feelsbadman
  • Leaving love to the side

    07 JUN   Boise, ID, United St

    Feel like i'm not going to find no one here on this site so fuck it why waste my time. :(

    Luíca Arroyo Dont read girls :(
    Robert paul Hi.. Im looking girl like u hot and sexy
    Luíca Arroyo U guys Im lesbian 😑
  • Rawr :3

    16 JAN   Apple Valley, MN, Un

    Hi Im 18 Im looking for friends Im not on here Alot but message and ill see if I can get back to you :) thank you for taking your time to read this :3

    Nishad Well I know u will reply soon
    Jesse16 Hey lets be friends